2016-03-13 - People Come and People Go

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People Come and People Go

Summary: Lunch at the Usual turns into a blast form the past when the former head of TASK shows up.

Who: Serenity, Minu, Silencia, Asato, Anne-Marie, Rayne, Satyrn and Steve the Bartender
When: March 03, 2016
Where: The Usual Restaurant

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Serenity waits a while after the disco dancing is done so as not to risk dunking anyone. The super-sized sea slug slides on past the dining room on the way to the exit, still twisting on some imaginary feet while headed out.

The door to the outside opens to reveal a bright-eyed Silencia. The priestess just finished restoring peace in the park and her mood couldn't be better. She quickly spots her brightly colored friend and waves smilingly. "Hey there Ren! You look like you just got out of the dance club, am I right?"

Asato's been in the Usual enough now that he doesn't have the urge to peek around the door when he enters. Instead he just walks on through. However, he does have his ears down at first. Then they perk forward, swiveling about to catch the sounds around him. He notices Silencia and Serenity, and sends a look in their direction. And this time? He approaches them. But he doesn't say anything, he just sort of stands to the side, kind of awkwardly. But the expression on his face is anything but awkward. There's a small smile there, as if in greeting, even if he doesn't speak up just yet.

Minu is hungry for fries and smoothies and a nice place to settle in and do some reading. The little elf has things all quiet and settled to the best of her ability at TASK HQ and her pups are off training with Kotal and so she has a little off time. The little lady in in her owl form with a rather large chemistry text book clutched in her talons. She is winging her way toward the UR when she spies Asato entering the restaurant. Flapping hard she arrows through the open door before it closes. A little hoot spills from her as she just makes it by a tail feather.

"Indeed I was," Ren rasps cheerily, flowing backwards into the restaurant to make way for Silencia. "And enjoying myself too much to test the hypothesis that Bollywood dancing might evolve the same way if disco and Indin classical were mixed again." Ren extends a pair of fins to offer her a pat on the arm. "You look well today." Ren offers Asato a smile and a wave of a 'wing' as he appears. "Hello!" Ren then 'blinks' as the bird passes with an oversized load.

Anne-Marie has quickly become a local. Also has been clearly testing the limits of a cybernetic liver, given the sheer amount of beer bottles she's stacked up. The good doctor turns at the sound of a commotion, and flashes a wide grin, her warm german accent filling the air.

"Well well well! The priestess and friends finally finds some time to relax! Good evening my friends! Can I get you anything?" She offers to the pair! Do fish-slugs drink? She's actually rather curious.

Welp, time for Mahou Science.

She orders one more pint, and is stumbling over to Serenity. "Open that fishy trap of yours! This is all for science you...hurp...understand?" Griiiiiiin!

Silencia grins at Ren and nods lightly. "I feel alot better as well!" Silencia had made great progress with her fear of being alone in the park and finally being able to work on her magic again helped her even more. Silencia smiles when she notices Asato standing near and waves at him. "Hey there Asato! Want to join me in getting something yummy to eat?" The little hoot draws her attention to the familiar little owlette. She giggles and moves closer to Minu, reaching out so the book could easily be dropped into her hands. "Want me to take that book from you for a moment, Minu? You seem like you're struggling a bit!"

Asato looks up at the hoot. It's Owl! Not really trying to hit her, he raises a hand to 'paw' at the book-holding bird in the air. He'll miss, even if she doesn't move. He'd been told not to eat the owl, so he has no intention of hurting her. And even he's smart enough to know that birds don't naturally carry books. But he can't help trying to bat at her a bit-- she's a BIRD and he's a CAT. He also nods to Serenity when she waves.

Anne-Marie's words get his attention, and his ears swivel towards her curiously. Though they soon swing back out and he steps back a little. The smell of the alcohol is sharp in his keen sense of smell, and he doesn't like it! Silencia's words get his attention then, and he nods to her, with an affirmative sound. He steps to the priestess's side.

Serenity offers Minu a smile and, as she makes herself known, Anne-Marie a wave. "I'm pleased to hear that," Ren remarks encouragingly to Silencia. Ren shifts out to an open spot as Anne-Marie comes closer, continuing to face her while rippling backwards and then in an arc about her. "I'm not inclined to find out exactly what dose of alcohol will poison me," Ren responds good-naturedly, extending a pair of fins from the water to pat her hand with the pint. "I'm afraid the process of getting to that point isn't as entertaining as it is for human people."

The little owl is not struggling with her book. Its a big book but its not the largest she has ever carried. That would have been an ancient grimoir that had been in the Grand Archive while she worked there. She does though greet Sil with a happy little hoot then offers a little hiss and beak clatter as the catman offers that swipe at her. Were she feeling rude she might drop the book on him but she is not gona chance hurting her book or offending the friend of her friends and someone who has attempted to protect those she is close to. She does allow the fae woman to take her book though, flying down low enough and back winging so Sil can take hold of the book before she releases it. The little bird does a wing over then flaps twice and shifts so that with forward momentum she lands in a little striding walk back toward Sil and her book. The little elf is dressed in her pretty ruffled red skirt and white off the shoulder ruffled blouse. Her hair spilling loose around her shoulders. Pushing her gold rimmed glasses up onto her nose she smiles "Hi Sil, thank you. Oh hey, Ren...Umm who is that and Is that a good idea I don't know if Ren drinks alcohol." She turns and looks up at the catman "Hello Asato"

Anne-Marie visibly wilts, and then gives the fishy one a pat on the head. "You are no fun, do yo know that? Bah! What physiology does not let you get drunk!? I feel sorry for you, Ren!"

Then, she turns back to the others. Her Device helpfully informs her that a bird just turned into a very pretty elf. There's a dumbfounded look on Anne's face.

"...Is this normal around here, or is this just one bird that decided to transform into an adorable person?" Pause.

"Hello. My name is Anne-Marie. Doctor. Nice to meet you, Miss Owl!" Smile! She's now offering the pint to Minu. She's getting /someone/ drunk tonight, darn it!

This all makes Asato's scan alittle easier to swallow!

"So many new persons! Hello! BARTENDER! A ROUND ON EVERYONE!"

Steve raises an eyebrow. "A round of what, exactly?"

Anne-Marie gives a loud sigh. She points at random. It happens to fall upon the highest proof booze on the shelf.

"THAT YOU FOOL! Do not question a Doctor!"

Silencia smiles as she carefully grabs the book before handing it back to the elf when she turns into the Minu she's more familiar with. "Looking pretty there, Minu!" She reaches out and gives Asato a quick pet between the ears. "See, Asato? Everything can be a person, even a cute little owl!" Silencia's attention is bouncing between Minu and Anne-Marie, Silencia smiling at Minu before moving to save Ren from a potential disaster. "That's Anne-Marie, give me one moment!" She quickly steps over to Anne-Marie and carefully pries the pint away from the medic, her movements always gentle. "Hey there, Anne-Marie! How about instead of getting drunk, we get some nice sweets and get all comfy? Would you like that?" She quickly gestures at Steve the Bartender to cancel Anne-Marie's order. She sets the pint she stole from Anne-Marie down and pulls the medic closer to gently pat the medic on the head. "Come now, lets find a nice place to sit, okay?" She leads Anne-Marie to a comfy little booth, gesturing for the others to come along.

Asato's blue eyes go wide as Minu changes. It's the first time he's seen her do that before. Bird is an elf? It seems to boggle his mind a little, given the expression on his face. But when Minu greets him, he nods. "Hello," he returns the greeting. And then he looks at Anne-Marie as she starts yelling. He blinks, looking to the bar and where Anne-Marie's pointing. though Silencia's pat between the ears gets his attention to her! His ears swivel outward again, to move out of the way of her hand, and he leans into the pats. Her words of anybody being a person gets a nod and an affirmative sound-- in Asato's case, "Aa." Then he follows Silencia to the booth. Anne-Marie will probably be sitting next to Silencia, so Asato slides into the booth opposite her.

"Anne is newly employed at the health clinic, too" Ren adds for Minu, "...presumably not on call at the moment." To Anne-Marie, Ren says, "I do hope that I am /some/ fun, though, even when not intoxicated." Ren follows the group partway to the seating and motions to the exit. "I need to be about some business now, but," Ren says, looking up to get Silencia's opinion, "I'd be pleased to join in some of the fun if you are still awake when I return."

Minu takes her book back and hugs it to her bosom. Her eyes dart from Sil to Anne-Marie and back making a little shake of her head "oh no, thank you very much. I don't drink. Learned that lesson already, its a bad idea for me too. I would love an Apple-Blueberry smoothie and some fries Steve please." She then smiles as Sil wrangles Anne "thank you both also, I think this is one of my favorite new outfits and, I think I am singular here in Twisted, only elf and owl. Though Rayne does the bird shift too but hers is way more spectacular." the little elf chatters softly as she follows the group toward the booth. So much for quiet study but hey, its important to meet new folks. Off duty though she is , she is of TASK and show a good face. When Asato slides into the booth opposite Sil and Anne the little elf blushes a little across her pert nose and cheeks and dips her chin "do you mind if I sit beside you?" she asks the catman.

Silencia is preoccupied with the obviously drunk Anne-Marie. She does manage to answer Ren before the friendly mollusc leaves. "You're always fun, Ren! And yeah, I'll probably be here, good luck with your business!" Silencia chuckles as she notices that Anne-Marie actually passed out, luckily they already arrived at the booth, so Silencia only needs to drag the medic into the seat. She leans the unconscious woman's head on her shoulder. She stops a passing waitress to ask for a blanket, one she could use to keep Anne-Marie nice and warm. Only after she's done with all that, Anne-Marie snugly wrapped and asleep, is she able to direct her attention to her other companions. Silencia does notice Minu's adorable shyness when asking to sit beside Asato. She smiles warmly at the owlette. "You are way too adorable, Minu!"

Asato looks up at Minu's question, tilting his head at her blush as if he doesn't understand it. But still he nods, scooting over enough so Minu can sit down next to him. Also, he puts in an order too, with surprising politeness. "...Can I have a plum smoothie and some fries, please?" So it seems he's learned how to do that, at least. He pauses then, to watch Silencia bundle Anne-Marie up in the blanket in the booth next to her. "...Anne-Marie is a burrito now?" he suddenly asks, with a straight face, with an innocent look at Silencia.

Minu slides into the seat beside Asato , scooting herself over and sitting her book onto the table. She watches quietly as Sil bundles the obviously passed out Anne in the blanket and her little nose wrinkles up. "so, who is this? I don't think I have seen her about. Ren mentioned a doctor at the clinic?" the little elf clearly looks concerned that a doctor would be in such a state. Sil's comment on her adoribleness makes the elf flush from neck to ear tips and she looks down and away "Sil.." comes her voice in a little breathy whine. Its amazing how one being who is clearly so bold and fearless in one form is so shy and uncomfortable in the other form when in social situations.

Silencia laughs lightly at Asato's question. "You could say that, yeah... I need to bundle her up like this, it's important to keep one's body warm when sleeping, especially when alchohol is involved..." Minu's little whine only makes the elf cuter, so Silencia grins at Minu. "Whine all you want, you're still adorable!" She shifts to allow Anne-Marie to rest her head on Sil's lap, the priestess' shoulder was getting a bit cramped. "Anne-Marie converged not too long ago. She seemed to be some sort of medic, or researcher back in her own world, so she went to help Johann at the clinic. Don't let her current state fool you, she seems quite capable from the way she talks!" Silencia then waves a waitress over and orders a chocolate cake for herself with a nice cold glass of iced tea. She felt like she deserved a treat.

Asato tilts his head at Minu again. "Your face is red. Are you sick?" he asks. Asato may be about to commit a massive faux-pas here. Because you see, a Ribika's ears tell their temperature. It's as instinctive as a human putting a hand to someone else's forehead. Except Asato goes for Minu's ears, trying to very gently take hold of the pointed tips with just the tips of his fingers to feel their temperature. He's listening to Silencia, really! He's just concerned about Minu, since he's not sure if she's sick or not. And hey, if Anne-Marie is a doctor, she might be able to look at Minu later! When she's sobered up, of course.

Minu wrinkles up her nose and shoots Sil a look then gasps and flinches away with a little flutter of her hands toward Asato as he reaches for and feels her ear. "n..no.no..I am not sick and...what are you doing?!" She blinks big golden eyes up at the catman rather surprised. The little owl would have boldly just beaked the guy, hell she has purposefully drawn blood on the great war god for just annoying her but here she just flutters her small hands and looks at a loss for how to handle this fellow trying to touch her. "its called a ..a blush..and it happens to some people when they get embarrassed." She says matter of factly, though her voice is a soft little stammer. Thank all the gods or fates or what ever when the food is brought over and two smoothies, two orders of fries and a piece of cake and tea are delivered to the table. Minu squirms and reaches for her smoothie, holding it in two dainty little hands, looking rather like a doll beside the taller feline fellow.

Silencia just giggles at the exchange between Asato and Minu. The kitty had caught her off guard with the ear-touching, but she knew that Asato probably had good intentions. She sips her tea calmly before speaking with a smile. "Asato, usually when people want to check someone's temperature, we touch the forehead, not the ears..." It seems Sil made an educated guess there. "And Minu, Asato is a very innocent little kitty. He especially likes being petted, as far as I've noticed. Theree's no need to feel uncomfortable around him!" Silencia holds back another comment about Minu being cute, she would hold onto that one for now.

Asato blinks again, tilting his head at Minu at her flustered reponse. "Embarassed? Why?" And then he goes right to his smoothie. Hilariously his ears wiggle a bit, with each draw on the straw. Then Silencia tells him about the forehead instead of the ears, and he nods. "My ears will tell," he explains. Not too surprising there. And he nomfs a few fries. Around a the mouthful of food, he offers innocently, "Silencia is right. Minu is adorable." Yikes. 'Innocent' may not be the word for it, if he doesn't quite get why that would embarrass her.

Innocent isn't a word she would attach to many people though naive might be more the term. She herself is rather both those things, though she might not seem so seeing as she knows so much about so much but thats a little different then being socially adept. "I am sure he is very nice Sil, I am just not used to well..you know." She shrugs a little and reaches for a fry and nibbles it then looks up at Asato "I was embarrassed cause I didn't know you well and sometimes I am shy and Sil makes me feel funny when she.." and there he goes...did HE just say she was adorable. The elf blinks those big golden eyes up at the catman and makes a little squeak and turns a lovely shade of pink. "ummmm thank you?" what does one say when folks insist on calling you adorable when you feel very clumsy and conspicuous.

Silencia just chuckles and takes a bite from her chocolate cake. "You are both adorable." Her tone is very calm, as if stating something obvious. Silencia grins at Minu. "You're an adorable little ball of fierceness. The perfect mixture of cute and dangerous. Feel all the funny feelings, Minu, because I'm only speaking the truth!" Silencia giggles and leans back, peeking down at Anne-Marie for a moment. "Now, on a more serious note, Minu, I haven't been able to properly thank you for your help last time... If it wasn't for you and Asato, I would've not been able to sit here and enjoy your embarrassed little face." Silencia's expression suddenly went from joking to serious. "Really, both of you, you saved my life and I am very grateful to be able to call you my friends..."

Asato offers a smile at Minu's thanks, his fangs peeking out a little. "There's a lot of adorable," he says. And then Silencia speaks up, and he turns his ears and his gaze in her direction. Now it's Asato's turn to be embarrassed, the look on his face sheepish as his ears lower. Particularly when she brings up the incident in the park. Asato actually feels bad about that, because he lost control of himself. "...It got loose," he comments dully, the table suddenly seeming like it's something fascinating. "...Sorry."

The little elf lifts her shoulders a little and dips her head at Asato's words. She giggles breathily and tilts her head giving him a little sideways look and a little smile. When Sil thanks them she straightens up and turns her eyes to the fae woman. "I didn't have much I could help with, but I couldn't leave you with those things Sil. Your a friend, and part of the team and...your welcome. I only wish I was strong enough to do more, at least you were able to get away." she feels the catman get small beside her and she looks to him and very shyly reaches out and lays her small hand on his arm "you were really brave. You faced a bunch of those things all on your own. Not many would have. I couldn't have distracted that many. With out your help they would have got Sil. I didn't have a chance to say it then myself but Thank You. I don't think you have anything to say sorry for. You did really good and even hurt you were brave and strong." She smiles so sincerely up at the catman and pets his arm.

Speaking of adorable... oh, wait, no, it's Rayne. Rayne is significantly less adorable than Asato and Minu. Maybe it's because the only thing that makes her look out of the ordinary from a normal person is her hair color... and arms and armor. At any rate, she's walking in right now! With said armor and weapons, too! She looks around the place with a slight frown that vanishes as soon as she spots the others at their table. "Hey, guys, what's up?" she asks as she approaches the table. She then frowns again, seeing the general mood and the passed out Anne-Marie. "...Okay, what's going on?" The first time it felt more like a general greeting... that time it felt more like genuinely questioning what's happening.

Silencia's expression softens as Asato so obviously shows his feelings about what happened. "It didn't get completely loose, right? You were still there and you helped me, shouldn't you feel happy about that? Like Minu said, you were really brave." Silencia was aware of the reason why Asato felt bad. She had been aware of the dark presence within Asato, but chose to ignore it as it seemed to be dormant. But when she rushed over to help Asato with his wounds back then, she could clearly feel that dark presence being very much alive and active. It retreated quickly enough, but it had been something worth worrying about. Not that she shows that worry though. Silencia then smiles at Minu, reaching out to grasp her hand lightly. "Don't underestimate the help you've given me. Your quick thinking saved my life, Minu. Do you seriously think I could've outran those things if you hadn't been there distracting them?" Silencia squeezes the little hand before releasing it. "Do not underestimate your strength nor its usefulness." The arrival of Rayne pulls Silencia out of the conversation at hand and she smiles as she waves. "Everything's alright, Rayne. Anne-Marie just had a pint too many and she passed out. I'll make sure to bring her home later..."

Asato seems to relax a bit at the petting on his arm. "They would have hurt Silencia." He knows that. "But it got loose." He's... not talking about the xenomorphs, is he? Rayne appears and Asato looks in her direction ears swiveling forward. He gives a smile and raises a hand to wave in her direction. Though he blinks as she asks what's going on. Looking at Anne-Marie swaddled in her warm blanket, "She drank too much." Silencia's words get his ears lowering again, though. "It's bad. If it gets loose... something bad will happen."

Minu dips her chin as Sil takes her hand and assures her that she was stronger then she knew. The elf blushes and giggles and her other hand stays on Asato's arm and she strokes the soft fur there. When Rayne arrives she looks up at the rainbow haired lady "Hey Rayne. How are things? You all done for the day? Did you see Kotal and the pups? Tell me they are not tearing up the habitation again. I swear Kotal forgets how much damage they can do, him and the pups, not to mention Ferra and Torr."

Rayne waves a hand at Minu's concerns. "Ferra and Torr are the greater threat to that." She shakes her head. "Okay, I'll have to say... you don't pass out from just one pint too many." There's a bit of a sigh. "May I take a seat?" she asks before... taking a seat. Well, she's apparently assuming a bit at the moment, but it's a safe, bet, right? She nods to Minu as she does so. "Finally done for the day, yeah... and tired as all heck."

Silencia says, "But we managed to keep it from coming out, didn't we? The bad things did not happen and let's hope that it won't ever get loose again, okay?" Silencia would have to look into this dark presence and how it is called forth. The girl frowns contemplatively for a moment, the conversation around brings her back to the present. "Oh... yeah, please take a seat!" Silencia shifts to move Anne-Marie on her lap, but Rayne already sits down next to Minu, so Silencia leaves the medic be.

Asato does seem calmed by Minu's petting of his arm, so there's that. He doesn't seem to be getting depressed or anything. Just a little wary of himself. The plum smoothie is also helping-- and it's pretty funny when he drinks from the straw, since his ears wiggle. He moves over a little more when Rayne moves to take a seat in the booth with him and Minu. Admittedly it looks like it'd be a bit of a hassle to shift the drunken Anne-Marie enough. Besides, she needs to sleep, right? Silencia's words get a nod. He's quiet for a moment, and then he notes, "...He said it was waking up a while back. It reacts to darkness. So I have to be careful."

The little elf scoots over to admit Rayne to the seat and as she does she bumps Asato from hip to shoulder. The elf bites her lip momentarily then just wills herself to relax. Not like she hadn't been petting the catman's arm. His words about darkness bring her eyes up to look at his face. Anyone paying attention might have notice the difference between the shyness she showed when dealing with personal things versus the quick and sharp tone and attention the little lady shows when discussing TASK and work. "well they were supposed to be training today and I am just hoping Kotal took them to the court yard or the arena instead of doing it right there in doors. We do not need scorch marks on the sofas and broken furniture."

Rayne frowns at all the talk of 'darkness'. "Okay... really, what are you guys talking about?" There's a slight pause before she looks at Asato. "Wait, is this in relation to when the xenomorphs showed up in the park? I remember something in the report about... Well, about Asato." She lets it be at that, but then groans slightly. "You know what? I think I'll have to be happy with them just... not going into the Welcome Center. That's the place we want to look nice the most at all times..."

Satyrn steps in through the front doors of the Usual. Her body has a light trail of smoke from either heat or steam wafting off of it and her tail is just winding itself around her waist. She brushes some debris off her left shoulder, then glances around the restaurant. Group of people, a few others scattered about. o O ( Hm. ) She heads towards the bar, trying to decide what to drink since they have everything here. She doesn't order right away, instead turning around to lean against the bar and eye everyone again, this time just feeling out their auras. o O ( Few more days... ) She thinks to herself.

Silencia nods softly at Asato's words, that contemplative look passes over her features once again. "If darkness calls it forth, then light should be able to keep it at bay, right?" If her theory was true, then Silencia could be able to help Asato with this problem, using the power of the sun she got from Kotal. She smiles reassuringly to Asato. "We will get to the bottom of this, right Asato?" Silencia doesn't seem to be aware of the unfamiliar female that just arrived.

Asato's eyes have a haunted look to them when Minu looks up at his face. There's a thoughtful frown there on his face, his ears pointed out to the sides. But then he seems to sense he's being looked at, and turns to look at Minu, his ears pointing forward again. He smiles. "It's okay. It's asleep again now." Rayne's question gets him to look up at her, and he frowns a bit, his ears flattening to the sides again. His answer? "...My father. He was a Meigi cat." As if that would explain everything. Of course, to him it does. "Those bug-things in the park made it start to slip. To wake up." He is really bad at explaining stuff.

Satyrn's entrance draws his attention, mainly from the smell of the smoke. And... is that a tail he saw before it wound around her waist?! His blue eyes go a bit wide. Notably, his aura is quite odd. As he is, he's not too terribly powerful. Definitely a threat to a normal person-- a number of normal people, in fact. The whole 'cat' thing probably helps with that assessment too. But there's something inside him... something more powerful, buried deeply and mostly inaccessible to him. Silencia's words draw his attention away from the other tailed person, and he blinks, as if he hadn't heard her. It takes him a moment to register what she's said, but he looks to her soon enough. He looks thoughtful again. "Maybe. I hope. Konoe was cursed. That was drawing it out. And the moons overlapping, and Riikusu's song too. So it's still there, but asleep."

Minu reaches for a french fry and nibbles at it. She shakes her head then sighs "yeah, we don't need the Welcome Center torn up again. There is only so much extra furniture and equipment that can be spared." When the new comer arrives the little elfs eyes flick over and watches that person. Is this another new person to Twisted. The little elf has not seen this person before. A little furrow creases Minu's brow and the nibbling pauses as she makes mental notes on the newly arrived woman.

While Rayne has never heard the term 'Meigi' before... she does get a bit of a feeling of what that might be like, having two bloodlines that could possibly be brought forth, as well. Thus, she nods, a bit slowly, but she thinks she gets a basic gyst of it. When Asato's reacts to something by the door, her own gaze follows... though she doesn't seem to see what Asato does. Noting a lack of any other reaction, she shrugs and turns back to the group, just in time to shudder slightly as Minu mentions the Welcome Center getting torn up /again/. "Well... It's good that it's back in hiding again... right?"

Satyrn gets a glass of water from the bar. Water. One of the greatest liquids ever. It was worth so much more to her once. Now, she can get it whenever she wants. She takes a drink of it then sets it down. She's noticed a few things, Rayne is a member of TASK, as is Minu. Kotal's minions then. And Asato has animal ears and a tail, but his aura doesn't say much more than that. Eavesdropping, it doesn't sound like the conversation is overly private. She leans off of the bar, her tail sliding down from her waist to wrap around her right leg as she walks. She knows she's interrupting. She nods her head at the group at the table, eyeing over the sleeping, or passed out person in Silencia's lap, then looks between Minu and Rayne, "You both work for Kotal?"

Silencia peeks over her shoulder, having noticed that the others seemed to be looking at something behind her. There is no reason for her to single out Satyrn though, so Silencia quickly returns her attention to the others. She nods at Asato's words, yep, she would definitely need to look into this. And then an unfamiliar girl walks up to their table and starts talking to Rayne and Minu. Silencia is curious. She doesn't speak up though, choosing to observe for the moment. She can always choose to reveal that she also works for Kotal after she's gotten to know who this person is.

Asato blinks at Minu's words. "I can make furniture if it gets destroyed again," he offers. Rayne's question gets a nod, and an affirmative sound. He too nibbles on fries, his ears perking when Satyrn comes over. He is quiet for the moment, eyes and ears turned to the tailed woman. He seems safe from her scrutiny for the time being, so he occupies himself with watching and seeing what's going on for the time being.

The little elf had been watching the woman at the bar, not staring, but noting her in Minu's usual scientific way. So she wasn't surprized when the woman came their way and spoke. When Kotal is mentioned the elf sits up straight and nods her head "Yes, we do work for TASK. Is there something we can assist you with Ma'am?" The little elf going all business, even though she is off duty.

Rayne looks like she's about to open her mouth to respond to Satyrn, but then Minu answers for the both of them, so she nods instead, Asato's suggestion that he can make furniture apparently not noticed.

Satyrn nods in response to Minu. Badges and lanyards. She'd never considered doing anything like that herself, but...there wasn't really a reason too, either. People knew you were from TASK by your actions. Still... she dips her head in greeting to everyone at this point, "I'm Satyrn Tarn, former Crow of TASK." o O ( Of course, Kotal doesn't use a proper ranking system either. ) She waves a hand, dismissing her own words, "Former leader of TASK under the old Council that Concordance ran." The tip of her tail twitches a moment, her left hand running through her hair, she only spent an hour on it today. It's easier now that she found her home again. She has other things to say, but wants to see if the others will lead the conversation or not first.

Silencia tilts her head curiously at Satyrn, there was something about this person that intrigued her, but she wasn't able to put her finger on it. She smiles friendlily at Satyrn and offers a small wave. "Nice to meet you, Miss Tarn, I'm Silencia, Kotal's priestess." She shifts and lifts Anne-Marie onto her lap, resting the woman's head on her chest while she's seated on Silencia's lap. This allowed for a place to open up, should Satyrn wish to sit down. She then peeks at Minu and Rayne, not knowing much about the old TASK.

Minu's golden eyes narrow slightly as the woman introduces herself It is a pleasure to meet you Ms. Tarn. I am Minu. I am Mr. Kahn's personal assistant and chief information officer. I believe I have seen your name among the older files of TASK. What is it we can do for you this evening?

Rayne takes a moment to soak in the way Satyrn introduced herself, then her eyes widen. "Aaaah, then allow me to introduce myself... I am Rayne Hurris, current Second in command of TASK." . o O ( /The old former leader of TASK?/ ) She's heard about the way TASK operated before, and while she has only a vague idea, what she'd heard wasn't particularly good. As such, there is that slight flash of fear mingling with a determination to make a good showing for herself. She offers a smile to Satyrn that's not entirely dripping with confidence, though. "It's a pleasure to meet you... I have to admit it's interesting to actually meet someone from back then."

Satyrn looks at the open seat Silencia provided for her. She hestaites a moment, "A priestess?" o O ( For ressurrections? If one of their members dies, maybe? Mental note. ) It's hard for her to feel at ease among this many new people, but she doesn't want to be off putting either. She unwinders her tail from her leg, letting it sway out behind her as she sits down, though she doesn't lean back or anything. She sets her glass of water on the table. She responds to Minu, "You don't use Gegoshi for information?" She scratches the side of her chin, o O ( Then again, Gegoshi doesn't seem active much at all anymore. I wonder if Diablo is keeping her more hidden for safety reasons. ) She turns to Rayne, "Thanks, may your well always be full also," in response to the pleasure to meet you, "From before?" She nods her head, "I'm of a handful who were around -and- remember the time before the history books were changed to fit a more idealized world." As far as what they can do for her, "I'm just....getting a feel for Twisted again, you might say."

Silencia nods lightly at the questioning tone from Satyrn. "A priestess, though I am still in training." As always, she holds a friendly and calm demeanor, something that usually helps put people at ease. She doesn't actively try to calm the Crow at the moment, the girl has a feeling that she might need to observe a bit before she acts. She raises an eyebrow and peeks curiously at Satyrn as she speaks. "The history books were changed, why?" It's not like she had been digging around the historybooks, but Silencia never thought someone would go as far as to change something like that.

Minu listens quietly but the little elf is highly attentive, watchful and absorbing tidbits of information. When she asked about Gegoshi the elf frowns "When I joined TASK, things were in a bit of disarray. There was no direct link to this entity. I still have not found a way to contact it. The past directors had not been particularly good at keeping files and so there has been a lot of organizing to do. Much of what I have found are sub files of originals. There are things I am still trying to get into. There was some manner of loss in the system for what ever reason...its been rather challenging."

Rayne does not seem at all happy when she hears that the history books have been changed. "...I'll just assume Diablo had something to do with that... But I can certainly understand a need to get used to this place if you've... not been here? Where were you, if I may ask?" She then glances at Minu as the elf elaborates on Gegoshi. "Yeah... I've had absolutely zero contact with this 'Gegoshi' entity, myself. And when we say previous directors, really, from what I've heard, the one that was around before Kotal could have done all that damage himself... We still occasionally find old pizza boxes."

Satyrn ahs at Silencia. In training, so maybe more like healing rather than ressurreting. She'll have to ask at some point. It's fascinating how the general population is kept in the dark about the past. She actually nods at Rayne, "As sure as the Elder's wisdom, Diablo had everything to do with it." She looks at Silencia, her tailtip twitching, "To cement his rule? He's got so much power now, he's afraid to lose it." o O ( Deathly afraid. I'm sure of it. ) And none of these people have access to Gegoshi. That would explain why her old G-Pad wasn't functioning. Of course, she has a new working one now, but she'll just not mention that at the moment. "The lost information might have been from the after effects of the war against Concordance, but I wasn't here for it. During the battle I got locked away in a pocket dimension." She looks to Rayne now, "Trapped, for years. It took..." She puts a finger on the table where soem of the water from her glass has collected into a small pool, "...a lot of thinking to free myself. Crux Caedon put me there." Her eyes narrow, her muscles tense, she slides her finger across the pool, drawing a line from inside of it, "I broke out through my own abilities, and then fought my way across hundreds of dimensions, mostly hell oriented, to finally get back here." She looks up from the table, then frowns, o O ( Relax. Calm down. These people don't even know the man. Unless Diablo recruited him as well. But I haven't been able to sense him. ) Not for lack of trying on her part though.

Silencia sighs and absentmindedly strokes Anne-Marie's hair, her expression showing a hint of annoyance. "Of course it's because of power... I should've known..." As she listens to what happened to Satyrn, Silencia's expression grows increasingly annoyed. She did not like what she heard. How could someone do something like that to a person?! She softens her expression and gently places her hand on Satyrn's shoulder, no longer able to hold back her instincts of wanting to comfort. "You've been through more than anyone should... I'm sorry for what happened to you..." Silencia peeks down at the still-unconscious Anne-Marie and sighs. "Please excuse me though, I think I should bring this girl to her bed..." She waits for Satyrn to give her room before she gets up with Anne-Marie in her arms, carrying her princess-style. She seems to have no trouble carrying the woman, even though Silencia's build would suggest that she was weak. She smiles and nods her head, unable to wave at the moment. "I will see you all around! And Miss Tarn, I hope to get to know you better!" And with that she leaves, off to Anne-Marie's apartment.

How did Asato get out of the booth, he was sitting next to the wall? But however he did it, he's most definitely not there. His smoothie's been drunk, though, and most of his fries have been decimated. He probably snuck out during the conversation. But exactly how he managed it without disturbing anyone is unknown.

Rayne leans back into her seat. "Hrrrm. Well, that seems to be matching everything else I've heard of him. I've always thought if someone was afraid of losing power, they shouldn't have had it to begin with. So you've fought your way across dimensions of hell, and now you're back here. Is it even the same place anymore? What do you plan to do next?" She blinks and waves goodbye to Silencia, then smirks lightly to Satyrn. "If you need help fitting in again, we recently opened up a branch that-" But then a beep comes from her communicator. "Uhhh, hold on, I've got to take this... What? Calm down, who? What do you mean Ferra and Torr raided the Welcome Center's vending machines?! How bad is the... through the wall?!" She sighs. "No, no, I'm still here, I'll be right over..." She puts the device away and looks apologetically towards Satyrn. "Sorry, we have some... 'officers' that have a tendency to be a bit... destructive. I've got to go help clean up the mess." She sighs as she stands up, then heads for the door with a bit more urgency than Silencia had. "Goodbye... and good luck!"

Minu makes a face as Rayne mentions the pizza boxes. "Don't forget the porn..Rayne. For a while there every time I opened a new file I would find a new magazine or video clip." She visually shudders and shakes her head "more then I ever wanted to knowabout some folks tastes." She listens to Satyrn's tale and nods solemnly there has been a great loss of information for many of us who came after. I have, unofficially been gathering storys and information from folks when they converge. I think, if your of a mind I would like to get your story also and what you remember before. It might be a helpful addition to what we have. If you know of some way to connect with this Gegoshi entity, I would appreciate help with that very much. She watches as Sil slips from the booth and carries Anne. "Can I help Sil? Here I will go with you and make sure she gets settled. You can only do so much with your arms full." She looks over again to the tailed lady. "I would like to talk with you further Satyrn, if you are willing."

Satyrn nods at Silencia and gets up to allow her and the sleeping girl to leave. It's late. Or is it? Well, with Twisted, time is generally hard to tell, though the weather seems more stable than from before. She nods her head in farewell to Silencia, "May your village wells never empty." Then looks to Rayne, about to answer her, but then she gets a call on a communicator. o O ( Lower tech than the G-Pad. But, if they don't have contact with Gegoshi, how would they get it? Hm. ) "Of course," she says in response to her leaving. This is what happens when you don't have Keepers, she guesses. She then address' Minu, "Gegoshi would have more information, but if she's out of contact..." She shrugs her shoulders, she's never been much for storytelling, but anything to help show the truth of Diablo's past actions would probably help, "As you wish." Then Minu heads off with Sil. Wait, there was someone else here before...she looks around first, probing with chi is easy, but one has eyes for a reason. Ah, the animal eared and tailed man has moved away from the table. She reaches down and chugs the last of her drink. That was at least a profitable conversation.

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