2016-03-14 - Burn the Cabbages!

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Burn the Cabbages!

Summary: Morgana gets strange cravings. Does she need to eat... vegetables? Luckily, the cabbage guy is there!

Who: Doommuffin, Morgana, Muradin, The Cabbage Guy
When: March 14th, 2016
Where: Zeku-Kari Beach

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The sun rides the horizon, making the ocean glimmer as if it had been sprinkled with gold dust. The waves lap lazily against the shore with a gentle whooshing sound as they roll in and draw out. Over head a fat gull slowly spirals on an air current and in the shallows a certain siren lounges. She flips her fins idly and one hand rests upon the tiny little bump that is starting to show at her lower belly. As a small silvery fish darts by, her hand snaps out and she catches the small wriggling thing on her talons and she bites it cleanly in half, crunching the head and fins first , licking a dribble of crimson from her lips. "do you think we will need a sign to tell the landed to use the pad thing now My Chosen. DM, do you know how to make this thing work? Will you be able to teach me so that I may answer it bellow?"

"Probably." Muradin grunts his answer as his siren reminds him of how clumsy the surface dwellers can be. Its almost strange really, Muradin had spent a fair bit in the surface in his adventures through Azeroth, but after spending such a long time with Morgana, he's starting to fall back on his gruff dwarven demeanor of always being underground. To be sure, he totally understands why Morgana doesn't look too fondly on the 'landed' as she call them. It's like, just because they can't see something doesn't mean it stops existing. Surface dwellers don't have the keen senses that mermaids and dorfs have and so he understands that they can't tell that the vibrations bother them.. but.. Muradin still thinks they are pretty stupid.

"I'll get ta working on that bloody sign as soon as we get these things figured out. I donna want these blighters to wake ye up when yer having yer naps, me luv." The Mountain King leans closer to the mermaid and kisses her growing belly.

Out to sea, a monstrous creature breaches! Okay, no, it's just Deathcake in his robot body, with Doommuffin riding on his back. A spool of cable has been welded onto the back of the robo-kitty, and has by now mostly become unspooled. "Ah, it's good to be back in the air agai-" and then they're back underwater again. DC's body was built with neutral buoyancy in mind... and with the turbines mounted as high as they are, they had no purchase in the water at all when at the surface to keep him up top.

Oooh yes, Muradin had actually heard of this one! "That's natural for yer condition, me luv." Everyone knows that preggy women tend to have really voracious and strange appetites. In fact, Morgana's frenzy might not even compare to the hunger she'll feel through her pregnancy. Thankfully, Muradin been mentally preparing himself for this and smiles up to his Siren as she caresses his bronze mane. "Juss tell me wot ye'll like and I'll run get it for ye!"

A glance is given to DM's way whilst she's ridding her robot cat around which causes the dorf to hmm thoughtfully. "Tha' machine is trustworthy enough. Gnomish engineering is one of the most reliable in Azeroth!" Though not quite as reliable as dwarven engineering, thinks Muradin without actually saying it. "It's the cat spirit that inhabits which irks me. I ain't no fan of Necromancy."

Its kind of ironic really, Morgana feels perfectly comfortable with the ghost cat but not with the machines DM builds and Muradin is exactly the opposite, being fine around the machines but not with ghosts.

"At any rate, DM is kin, me luv. I donna think she'll ever do anything to hurt yer or me." He gives his love's belly another kiss. "Or this wee one, right her."

Then, he straightens up and stands up. "Buuut, I do think she has quite tha' knack to hurt herself." He chuckles and follows the cable on their end of the shore so he can connect the pads.

The robot cat emerges from the waves again, shortly (ha!) followed by the undead gnome. This time they're simply walking to shore. "The cable has been successfully strung into your grotto. I cut the cable and wired the plug in the air, so I do not forsee a significant corrosion problem in the future." Once on the sand, she jumps up and down for a bit to get most of the water off of her, then wrings out her boar tails. Deathcake, of course, shakes off the excess water in a manner typical of any quadruped: shaking the body vigorously. He then sits down and the machine goes completely silent as the ghost emerges from the shell and pads over to DM's side.

As Muradin rises to go help DM with the cable the siren looks around the shallows and spies another small silvery fish. She holds very still for a moment then her hand darts down and she spears it on her talons. She makes short work of the little thing and sighs as it does nothing to relieve this yearning. "your efforts are much appreciated DM. It will make talking with the landed much easier." She watches Deathcake and its very true the odd little ghost cat bothers her not. In truth she would share fishy tidbits with the little beast if it still ate. "My Chosen, you will need to assure the holes you have been digging on the beach are filled or covered in some way as well. We have been getting many visitors and I do not wish any to be harmed because they fell in. Especially our hyena. He comes when it is dark and it would be a shame to see him wounded."

"Excellent job, DM!" Exclaims Muradin as he finishes connecting the cables on his end. "That's another step fer having some propa' communication 'round here." And yet another step so people stop banging on the pier already. Muradin was feeling like the person than banged on it was going to have their head banged on by his warhammer.

"Oi, already working on it." The dorf answers his Mermaid. "Imma be putting lids on all of 'em holes and then cover 'em up with sand. That way we can still access the tunnels in case the cables ever need repairing." He does chuckle at the though of Urus falling down on one of the pitfalls he made though but Muradin isn't so cruel that he'd leave them out just for that.

"So, should we go try them out now?" Ask the Mountain King to DM before glancing at Morgana. "Or do ye want me to hunt ye somethin' ta snack on, luv?"

"Of course!" calls back the gnome. "And it should be a minimum of effort now! I made sure to use this 'USB' cabling to ensure that there is no need to recharge the battery in the device underground. It should be continuously powered through the tablet that is positioned at the docks, which is in turn powered directly from Twisted's main grid. Therefore, so long as nothing undue were to happen to either device or the cables themselves, this should be fully operational already." She nods at her own speech, and turns to Morgana. "If the child in question is indeed half dwarven, then perhaps what you are craving is food of a more dwarven nature to assist in its development? Perhaps you actually might want to consider grains and vegetables?"

Morgana frowns a little in thought as Mura offers to go hunting for her. When DM mentions the babe being half dwarf and maybe needing something more land bases she looks horrified . "I have not consumed such things. My Chosen, do you think this idea of DM's has merit, should I be attempting to consume things other then flesh and blood?" What is a siren to do when she might have to...*gasp* eat vegetables! The siren looks perfectly perplexed and quite concerned. She shifts and pushes to her feet and steps onto the shore, water spilling over pale bare skin.

Honestly, most of the stuff DM often says goes way over Muradin's head. When she goes at length today to explain the intricacies of USBs and how everything will continue to work as long as the main Twisted grid is operational, Muradin sort of rubs his bearded chin and stares blankly until he's finally able to put it in layman terms in his mind. "Roit! That's wot I thought." He says trying to pretend he got all of it. Which he did! But probably not quite as much innate understanding as DM.

Morgana's concern and DM's next suggestion does bring a questioning look to Muradin. What does a half dwarven child eat?? "Hm, well." More chin scratches. "I remember me pops used to feed wee Brann some mushrooms and cabbages mixed in with fish oil and tha' like. We got plenty o' fish." He says looking at the sea. "Now I guess we juss need to add in tha' greens."

And as if on cue, a man pushing a cart passes by yelling "Get your cabbages! Fresh cabbages over here!-AAGH!" Then he trips on one of those holes Muradin had dug up and all his cabbages spill out as his cart breaks over.


Doommuffin shrugs. "It seems logical to me. I would image as half siren, it would need a much higher meat content than a dwarf would, naturally, but you can't ignore half the child's heritage while it's still forming. It's quite possible that your unusual hunger is not yours, but your child's." She glances over as the poor sap falls into the hole and proceeds to laugh at the man's misfortune. As a gnome, the laugh still manages to sound more like adorable giggling, however.

Morgana narrows her eyes as the merchant wanders past hawking his vegetables. When he falls into a hole the sirens eyes go wide and the strangest smile curls her lips. She offers a shake of her head "I am not eating those!" She points at the cabbages which amazingly look unharmed even though they hit the ground hard. "Urus said they are unfit." She turns away from the fellow and looks to DM and her mate "mushrooms? those do not grow in the sea. Where do you think we could find such things. I will try them if you think it would nourish my offspring and get rid of this hunger."

"Bollocks mate." Mutters Muradin. How stupid can a person be to just step into one of those holes like that? He could understand if it were night but this was plain day and those things were clearly visible! Do surface dwellers needed a sign for everything??

Despite his annoyance, Muradin goes try to help the merchant stand up and to pull his cart out of the pitfall.

"What?? There is nothing wrong my cabbages!" Argues the merchant as Morgana dismisses the quality of his wares. He picks one up and shows it to Muradin. "You'll never find cabbages as top quality as mine! I assure you!"

The dwarf holds the cabbage up quizzically and frowns. "Hmm.. something ain't quite roit wit' this one, mate. Feels stuffed with somethin'.."

And then cabbage opens like a blossoming flower, and a facehugger Alien jumps out of it with a SKREEEEEEEE trying to grab onto Muradin!

Doommuffin shrugs to Morgana. "Probably you can find some in that giant store, but checking a marketplace will always get you better quality." She blinks and looks up as the tiny thing jumps out of the 'cabbage' at Muradin. "Huh. I guess those won't do." She draws her oversized blade and points at the thing with her free hand, then motions towards herself as a tendril of dark energy shoots out at the creature to ensnare it and pull it towards her waiting blade.

Morgana stands there in her natural state looking distrustful of the merchant and his strange vegetables. When something lept from one at her mate she lurched forward with a snarl. She had seen those things before at the Welcome Center the night of the opening. She races toward her mate, summoning a large breath and lets loose a scream of pure rage. The discordant shriek spilling forth like a sonic punch toward the pale alien being.

Fortunately for Muradin, he doesn't have to rely on his reflexes to come out of this one. The dorf backs up when he sees the facehugger make a leap for him, but the nasty creature is instantly intercepted by the death knight's death grip which pulls it wiggling and screaming towards DM's cursed blade.

Funny thing is that the facehugger doesn't even get to taste the blade as it is blasted into tiny bits in mid air by Morgana's sonic scream.

"Wot tha' bloody hell!!?" Muradin finally has time to react. "Wot tha' sod are ye trying to pull 'ere, mate!!?" The dorf screams at the merchant who looks totally terrified.

"I-I sw-swear I don't know what that thing is!!"

Muradin scoffs and summons Troggbane to his hand to cleave another cabbage in half. Sure enough it splits open and reveals a dead facehugger that Muradin just split in half. "Och! Tha' whole sodding batch is infested with these things!!"

Quick! Kill 'em with fire!

Fire? Please. Doommuffin walks up to the pit where the 'cabbages' had fallen into, and raises a hand up into the air. Soon, roiling death raises from the ground around them, looking almost like blood boiling from the sand. Her eyes glow slightly brighter as she relishes in the pain inflicted upon the creatures.

The siren's head lowers and her eyes narrow as she fixes the merchant with that dark predatory gaze. "I told my warrior that he over reacted to your presence, that you were harmless. You have brought vile creatures to my shores, creatures who could infest my waters and harm all that are mine! I will eat your heart and offer your head to the War God for your transgressions!" Her voice rolls forth with the sound of nails on a chalk board. Her lips draw away from her lips and she bares that mouth full of sharp teeth. With talons exposed she stalks the merchant who backs up with wide eyes and the stench of terror spilling from him.

Thank goodness for Area of Effect spells.

The ground boils under the cabbages and the soiled veggies being to swell when they are subjected to the Death and Decay of the Death Knight. Soon, the popping noises are upgraded into a cacophony of horrifying screeches as the facehuggers try to escape their eggs only to fall victims of the spell and turn into dripping goops of flesh and insides, decomposed into liquids in mere seconds.

In the meantime, the cabbage merchant is subjected to that horrible sight and threatened by Morgana who claims she will now rip out his heart and his head.

"NOOO!! PLEASE!! I have no idea what's going on here!! I swear!" The guy is in tears now and probably had an accident in his pants now.

Which is pathetic enough to compel Muradin to do something. "Wait, wait. This bloke is far too pitiful to have orchestrated all this."

"Oi." The Mountain King calls the trembling man over. "Take us to where ye grow yer sodding cabbages. I have a feeling we can find wot's going on over there."

Obviously, the Cabbage guy is only too eager to comply if that means he gets to save his skin.

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