2016-03-14 - Your Blood is Mine

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Your Blood is Mine

Summary: Sae and Flandre finally run into each other in school, and the vampire girl makes good on her promise she did a while back at the Usual.

Who: Flandre, Sae
When: March 14, 2016
Where: Kohoku Academy


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With her arms straight up above her head, Sae streeeetched and pushed up onto her tiptoes, back arching forward, letting out a content 'nnnnn' as the blood rushed back to her limbs. Dressed in red gym bloomers and a tight fitting white t-shirt, you could even see her belly button as she stretched after a nice little nap! School was pretty relaxed here it seemed, nobody minding if she took an afternoon nap after her morning classes, which in this case happened to be gym! It was getting on in the day, though the sun was still bright outside, so she decided to go for a walk around the school and explore the campus. It'd be changing a lot recently with all the students, and that was something that made Sae smile! Even so, as she walked behind the school into a shaded area, everything quieted down, only the distant murmurs of students audible now. It was nice to have a private little place to relax like this, she thought.

Flandre Scarlet, the youngest one of the two remaining children of the Scarlet legacy, didn't get to interact with a whole lot of students due to her unique schedule. As a vampire, the school, now called an Academy, had to be flexible and allow her to attend her classes later in the evening when the sun isn't shinning as strongly. This allowed Flandre to go to her part-time job at the Occult Book shop in the afternoon and her classes after that. It all tied in nicely since after all, everyone knew it was better if Flandre kept her interactions with the public to a minimum, at least for now. Flandre wasn't truly naturally malicious, but she had very little if any morals at all, which is why she regarded most everyone around her as nothing but mere toys for her to play with or break at her leisure.

Yet another reason why students that also needed to attend night classes gave her ample berth, and most of them wouldn't be caught dead wandering around here knowing that Flandre is prowling about.

But of course, one girl known as Sae Nakata was none the wiser about said unofficial warnings.

"Helloooo~." A voice from above greeted Sae as she went into the shaded area behind the school. The shade blocked the sun which made it also a nice spot for the little Flandre to hang around. The vampire girl with colorful wings was currently sitting on a tree branch above and floated down to greet her friend properly. "I knew we'd run into each other at school eventually."

Sure, Sae had heard the rumors about Flandre. Vague murmurings about how the little vampiress is 'kinda' dangerous, and not someone to get close with. But Flandre was just so darn cute! Especially since she gave Sae some pets, and called her cute names, and was generally just a nice customer when she came into the UR! So she didn't pay such words any mind at all!

When she saw Flandre, Sae smiled ear to ear, eyes lighting up with a sparkle! "Flan Flan!" she giggled out, rushing over to hug the little vampire tight to her chest, smooshing her against the softness for a moment, even twisting a little each way while she hugged!

"Mhm mhm! It was bound to happen eventually, right? Even though I take morning classes! I kinda took a nap after gym today, so I'm here later than normal! How's you Flandre?", she asks with a giggle, hands on her hips, smile never faltering.

The vampire girl happily hugged Sae close and almost shamelessly buried her face on the other girl's ample bosom. It was hard to tell with Flandre if she was openly taking advantage of someone or if she simply enjoyed rubbing up on pillowy breasts because they were comfortable. Though knowing Flandre it was likely that both reasons where true here.

Sighing happily, Flandre looked up to Sae's smiling face and nodded gently. "Yes.. it was destined." Said the girl rather cryptically and gave a toothy smile to flash her tiny fangs at the human girl.

"I'm okay." Flandre answered and leaned a bit closer, audibly smelling Sae's neck before giving her a tiny lick. "A little.. thirsty."

Though she did blush as Flandre's head was trapped between those soft mounds, Sae didn't really think anything of it! "Destined..?" she repeated quietly, tilting her head. That did make her smile though! "Just like in my adorable yuri-" she stops midsentence and shakes her head, correcting "..romance comics! People are destined to meet each other all the time! Is cute!", clapping her hands together in a 'change the subject' kind of way.

"You're thirsty? Awww..want me to get some water Flandre?" Sae asked. With Flandre so strangely sniffing up Sae's neck, the vampire would notice she's a little bit sweaty after gym practice earlier, though nothing too much really. "A-ah! Lick? You must be /really/ thirsty then! Here-" she reaches into her gym bag to take out a bottle of water, holding it out for her.

Which is when she realizes something..Vampire. Thirsty? Flan mentioned that before at the restaurant! She'd almost forgotten! "W-wait..you don't umm..mean thirsty for water, right..?"

Flandre smiled again, but it wasn't a toothy grin this time, it was a full on grin that showed her razor sharp teeth. Less like a cutesy vampire and more like the predator that she really is.

Strangely though, Flandre wasn't smiling because of the succulent morsel that was before her. Flandre just found something Sae said to be extremely amusing. "Do you like yuri?" She peered at her with mischievous crimson eyes. "I know what that is~" Sae will have no such luck changing the subject. Flandre was well acquainted with those kind of things since its about the only thing she had to do when she was a prisoner in the basement. It was either steal manga from Patchouli or fight her clones. Flandre liked to mix it up a lot so she invested heavily on both.

That said, she does nod when Sae finally puts two and two together. "Mhm." The girl nods her head and walks closer to Sae again, ignoring the water bottle. "I don't want water." She whispered and stretched her hand out towards the girl's face, sliding her index finger across Sae's lips and down her chin. "I want.."


Still utterly convinced that Flandre was only some cute little vampre -if a somewhat strange one!-, that scary grin didn't phase her one bit! And honestly, even if such a smile could have tipped her off to the girl's true nature, she'd have had no time to dwell on it given how Flandre changed the subject right back. Blushing bright red, she turned her eyes to one side, then the next, trying to avoid her gaze.

"I...I..a little bit.." Sae admits. "Is just so cute seeing two girls all happy and lovey and romantic together and stuff..", toes pointing inward now, quite embarrassed about her secret hobby! Girl's love /was/ called 'forbidden love' for a reason, she thought! But Flandre's nice, so she doubt the vampire will judge her too harshely for such things.

Frozen still as her secret's made plain, Sae's only broken out of that stillness by the touch to her lips, yelping softly and jumping up a little, chest bouncing nicely in the process. "M-m-m-me...!", eyes wide again, gulping hard. They did agree to it in the UR, after all! It's just so embarrassing now that the moment's presented itself.

Still, she was a girl of her word! And Flandre was so nice to her! "I..I suppose I can umm..help you with that stuff.." she admits, idly tugging on the back of her tight fitting red bloomers. "Should I sit down somewhere, or..?"

It would be difficult for Flandre to judge Sae considering she herself partakes in such a thing. "I like yuri too~." She confesses with a mirthful sing song tone to her slightly infantile voice.

"But.." That childish tone changes immediately to a more mature one, almost sultry. "I rather do it than see it." She whispers closely to Sae and nips her earlobe lightly with her sharp fangs.

Pulling back, Flandre allows the human girl a moment to get ready before the vampire drinks her. "Sure. Let's take a seat~". Says the vampire cheerfully and leads Sae by the hand to a fallen tree trunk where they can both sit rather snugly. "Now all you need to do is close your eyes and relax~."

With a sharp yelp, Sae jumps again as her ear's nipped, not expecting the touch, again sending that ample chest of her's jiggling."Y-you do..?" she questoins, looking at the girl with shimmering eyes, mouth open. She hadn't expected that. "Never met someone else who likes that kinda stuff.." that got her smiling, if rather shyly, hands clasped in frnot of her hips.

Sae's head is spinning right now, barely able to make sense of what's happening around her, all these tingly, strange feelings flowing through her veins. Why does she feel so weird? Every touch Flandre gives makes her skin tingle more, in a good kind of way. Chalking it up to the girl's vampric nature rather than the actual reason -which deep down the blushing girl /does/ know- she follows her over to the tree trunk, sitting down on it and closing her eyes.

"I can do that..I can close my eyes and relax..it's easy..don't need to worry.." she repeats to herself, hands balling into fists on each of her thighs, taking deep, steady breaths in to remain calm. Each of those makes her chest rise nicely, perky enough depsite their size that they easily rise and fall. "Just relax.." she repeats like a mantra, gulping, nervous and excited all at once. One of her hands even goes over to grip Flandre's thigh for support.

While it could be that Flandre is pouring a bit of her magic onto Sae, she honestly isn't charming her. At the very least not yet. Although the vampire girl remains as dangerous as she has ever been, she truly has grown up at least a little bit ever since she arrived to Twisted.

The old Flandre wouldn't have given a second thought of ripping the poor Sae apart and feast on her innards. In fact, the old Flandre probably would have 'accidentally' blown the girl up and be utterly unable to fed on her at all. Such are her uncontrollable and devastating powers.

However, Flandre has acquired at least what passes for a conscience and doesn't blast people nilly willy as she used to.

Sure, she still thinks everyone is her toy or her playmate, but she understands now that when toys break she can't play with them anymore.

She's not planning on breaking Sae any time soon.

Flandre grasps Sae by her waist and pulls the girl closer to her. She leans into the crook of the human girl's neck and sniffs softly, enjoying her sweet scent. The vampire licks at the girl's flesh to coat her skin with numbing saliva so she won't feel the pain of her fangs, and slowly, gently digs her razor sharp teeth on Sae's skin. Letting trickle of blood pour from her neck, Flandre quickly presses her mouth onto it and begins to greedily suckle the crimsons sustenance.

It does hurt, a little, but Sae will feel herself strangely numbed through it all. As if she had been drugged.

Sae's blissfully unaware of the dangers that Flandre could pose. And really, it's probably for the best! She's already nervous enough with talk of 'doing' yuri-things, and the potential pain of being fed on by those cruel looking teeth. Her skin's tingling, hyper-aware of her sense of touch given that her eyes are closed and she's focusing so hard on what she feels, enough that the lick catches her off guard and she whimpers at it, even shivering.

But mercifully, the bite hardly hurts. She can feel it piercing into the soft skin of her neck, and it stings just a little, but that's it! That, and the weird sensation of having blood sucked from her. It's like a very soft vibration as it flows from the two pinpricks into Flandre's mouth, her fingers digging into the vampire's thigh as the sensation continues.

"F-Flan..a-ah.." she gasps again, and then Flandre would hear the sound of flesh slapping against flesh as the (slightly!) chubby girl's thighs slam shut, doing everything she can to ignore that strange feeling between them. It's like when she reads the more naughty sections of her yuri-comics, but many times more intense!

Strangely, as the feeding continues, Sae seems to relax. Her grip on Flandre's thigh loosens, and she lets out a gentle sigh. This really isn't so bad. She's mamking a cute person like Flandre happy, she's getting to spend some quality time with the girl, and that 'kiss' to her neck makes her smile. It's intimate and cute and very, very nice!

-Suck Suck Suck-

Nothing is heard in the secluded spot besides the faint voices of students in the distance, Sae's breathless gasps and the sound of Flandre lightly sucking the girl's blood.

Sae probably won't notice, what with her whole body being numbed up by the endorphins and all, but Flandre has vastly improved her feeding technique. She used to be quite a messy eater, even more so than her sister Remilia who is known as the Scarlet Devil due to her tendency of being splatted all over with her victims' blood.

However, nary a drop of blood is spilled by Flandre and the vampire continues to hold the girl tightly against her, mirthfully drinking the delicious nectar of life.

It doesn't take much longer than half a minute. Any more and Sae might run the risk of passing out from blood loss or worse. Flandre releases the girl after a moment and licks her two pinprick like wounds to close them up. Though no more blood leaks out from the girl's neck, those bite marks will still be seen on her neck for a while, sufficiently visible there that it might draw attention to her if she doesn't cover them up. From a distance, they might even look like hickeys.

Flandre then places a searing hot kiss onto Sae's neck. "That was delicious!" She exclaims now satisfied and licks her bloody lips, sighing and leaning on Sae's neck happily. "Thank you for the meal~."

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