2016-03-15 - Xenomorphs are Not Cute

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Xenomorphs are Not Cute

Summary: While in the Usual Restaurant, some members of TASK discuss the Xenomorph problem.

Who: Kotal_Kahn, Minu, Rayne, Sae, Silencia, Steve the Bartender
When: March 15th, 2016
Where: The Usual Restaurant

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Back to the same old, Silencia seems to have gotten over most of her fears of going out alone (especially in the park), this meant that she was back to training her magic all day every day. She was still far from being able to hold her own when something happened and she disliked that. Right now, she's sating her hunger with some fries, the girl needed them after the hours of focusing on plants. She looks a lot better than before, her cheeks rosy and her eyes bright, it seems like going back into training does her well!

More reports that those wretched beasts having attacking the populace and considering that even though the fog demons have been diminished in numbers they are still popping up every now and then that means its been a full schedule for members of TASK lately.

Not that Kotal Kahn seems to mind. After all, he relishes in this kind of stuff. It nourishes him as much as the sun and being worshiped does. In comes said god of war, covered in scars from being splashed by acid blood, his macuahuitl still smoking from having cleaved through many of those beasts, and on his hand is the severed head of a Xenomorph.

"Bartender!" He calls out, only to be interrupted by Steve.

"One Pulque coming up."

"Yes, Pulque!" Laughs Kotal and sets the chopped off head of the Xenomorph on another table before approaching his priestess whom he spies over on one of the tables.

Silencia was just about to eat some more of her fries when she saw Kotal come in. The sight of the severed Xeno-head is enough for Silencia to put down that delectable piece of potato with a grimace. There goes her appetite. She does greet Kotal with a smile, the priestess always happy to see the god, even though he was covered in scars from acidic blood. "It looks like you've had quite the fun, Kotal!" The girl slips out of her seat and steps to greet her lover with a light peck on the cheek, always careful of any stray specks of acid.

Kotal grins fiercely at the sight of his lover, the golden lines across his body glowing a bit brighter whenever she's around, as do his eyes. "Quite so! These wretches are ferocious opponents to say the least." He smirks and leans down to share a kiss with Silencia, the scars across his body closing up as if with magic, or perhaps with the power love!!

He straightens and picks Silencia up, carrying her bridal style back to her table where he sits, placing his priestess on his lap. "Forgive me for arriving in such a mess, my butterfly. I had just returned from work."

Rayne steps in through the doors to the gym, her laptop actually open in her hand in front of her as she seems to be reading something on it while walking. She's never figured out why the teleporter always drops her off in the gym. Maybe it's a bug in the system? Regardless, she of course glances up as she enters the restaurant proper and glances about for familiar faces. Really, it's even faster than usual this time, because Kotal is there! "Huh," she says, then frowns as she notices the xeno head, its juices slowly eating through the table. She pauses in her walking, her head actually retreating somewhat in revulsion. "Well... a successful day of hunting, boss?"

Silencia's mood had been quite a bit better lately, but nothing compares to the effect her beloved has on her. There is an air of serenity around her, much like the peace that can be felt in the park (thanks to Silencia's efforts), it appears that restoring peace brings peace to the priestess as well. Silencia lets out a surprised little yelp when Kotal picks her up, but quickly makes herself comfortable in his arms, especially when Kotal sits down with her in his lap. She had missed this closeness. She hasn't been able to see Kotal as much as she liked because he was busy with the Xenomorph attacks, so Silencia takes all the affection she can get! "All is forgiven, I'm already glad I could see you!" Yup, Sil's been feeling lonely. The arrival of a familiar face does make the fae retreat ever so slightly, embarrassed of her obvious feelings. She doesn't get off of Kotal's lap, but her posture is a bit less clingy, the girl actually sitting up instead of leaning into Kotal's chest. "H..hey there Rayne!"

The Aztec is less shy about public displays of affection. As much as Outworld can be a repressing and cruel world with plenty of punishing laws for seemingly petty crimes, it is quite relaxed on other things. A person only needs to take one look at Kotal to see that they don't care much for someone showing a lot of skin in public for instance.

With that said, Kotal has no qualms whatsoever of sitting his priestess on his lap whilst he addresses his friends and co-workers, this is all very natural for a warlord such as he. Kotal removes his helmet and rubs his nose with Silencia's just in time to see a familiar rainbow haired woman approach. "Greetings, Rayne." He raises a hand in salutations as Silencia awkwardly begins to straighten on his lap. "Well, yes and no."

"As far as being successful in our hunts our warriors have managed to slay quite a number of these Aliens." He motions to severed head on the table, now partially submerged due to its corrosive blood. "But according to Minu's research we won't be rid of these monsters until we can find their hive and eliminate their brood queen." He sighs in annoyance and leans back on his chair. "I long for the days where I could slay my foe in open Kombat and that would be the end of it. All this chasing around can be awfully tedious."

Then he extends his hand and catches the Pulque drink that Steve expertly hurls at him with nary a drop being spilled. By now they are like a well oiled machine.

Rayne doesn't quite seem as comfortable with the very public displays of affection as Kotal, and actually averts her eyes, looking down at her laptop screen instead. It doesn't quite look like she's really paying attention to what's on the screen, though. "That's another weakness of ours, I think. We don't really have.... detectives, trackers. If we needed to find out, say, who was stealing from someone's car, we'd be at a complete loss right now."

Silencia is torn between her need for closeness and her embarrassment. In the end, closeness won. She still remains awkwardly seated on Kotal's lap, but she also makes no moves to get off of his lap. She listens to the conversation with a thoughtful look. "Won't the Xenomorphs have to return to their queen? I mean, if you look at bees, they keep coming back to their queen, no matter what the task they have. Maybe following one would be a good idea?" Silencia has no idea who would be able to do a job like that though. The girl leans against Kotal once again, her back agains his chest, getting comfy in this position without even thinking about it.

The Warrior God rests his elbow on the arm of his chair whilst he holds Silencia's waist with his other, both enjoying the presence of his priestess whilst discussing tactics and strategies with his Second. Truly, Kotal looks too comfortable with a woman on his legs and a drink on his hand. This is pretty much how a leader of Outworld ought to look but it may be slightly off norm here, even for such a weird place like Twisted.

Nevertheless, he carries on either not noticing or not caring about the stares he's drawing. "Hmm." The Aztec muses as Rayne points out they don't have a tracker in TASK. "We could use the boys." He suggests. "Jackson or Buster ought to have a good nose for this type of endeavor."

Then Kotal's eyes widen in surprise at Silencia's suggestion. "Of course! Silencia, you are a genius!" He exclaims. "I was so focused on exterminating all of those monsters that it never occurred me to leave some alive to follow them back to their lair!"

Rayne frowns slightly, taking a seat at the table. She's already engaged in conversation with the two, after all. She sets the laptop down on the table in front of her and continues to have her gaze focused there once she's settled into the seat. "Well, with them, we might not need to have one escape... How are they at tracking by scent? Otherwise, perhaps Reptile would be a good choice to track one that's retreating... Or can they see through his invisibility?"

The stares leave Silencia slightly uncomfortable, but not enough to retreat from her comfy seat on Kotal's lap. Her sense of decency is the only thing keeping the priestess from being all over the god, so the onlookers should be happy with that. Kotal's enthusiastic response to her suggestion earns a happy smile from the girl, she was glad she could help. Silencia peeks at Rayne when she suggests Reptile for the job. "I think invisibility works fairly well against them. When they chased me, they seemed to rely on vision and sound."

Stepping inside the UR, say gives a soft giggle at what she sees. Dressed up in her waitress uniform, she smiles towards Kotal and Sil, the cute couple making her heart flutter. She adored stuff like that; public displays of cuteness and affection and the like. "Kotal Kotal! Miss Priest-incess! Sil!", running over to them with a smile. She gives the same to Rayne, though the girl does fidget a bit, resisting the urge to reach out and pet her rainbow colored hair. That's progress, for her! Turning back to the pair, she giggles again. "You two are adorable! Super super super cute!", doing a giddy twirl, skirt flairing up a little, excited as can be to see people being so adorbes. "Do any of you need anything? If not, think am going to just relax and stuff!"

"They can't see fully through Reptile's invisibility, no." Kotal answers whilst watching both Rayne and Silencia even while he's sharing cuddles with the latter and rubbing his nose with hers. "However, if I recall correctly, your invisibility is substantially better than that of Reptile's, Silencia. It also suppresses smell and even chi. Why, the only reason I could find you that day is because of the unbreakable connection between us."

"I've spoken with Reptile about this and it seems that the Xenos are vaguely aware of his presence whenever he is invisible, it is not completely fool proof. I've also discussed this with D'vorah and she tells me they are quite biologically different. They appear to be more like ants as opposed to D'vorah having more in common with bees."

Sae's arrival draws Kotal's attention and he chuckles softly when she calls them cute. This girl is.. unique.. to say the least. "Greetings to you, Sae. How have you been?" Says the Aztec and takes a chug of his drink. "I might bother you for a refill of my Pulque in a minute."

Rayne squishes her lips to the side of her face. "Hrrrm." She looks over at the head that's slowly dissolving the table it's been set on. "They don't have eyes... They might see via infra-red, maybe Reptile's invisibility doesn't hide that so well?" Her left eye twitches ever so slightly at Sae's entrance and overly bubbly greetings. Still, she greets the girl with a smile. "Hello, Sae. Ahh, I could use a chicken finger platter," she says. "Extra spicy, if you've got any back there." After placing her order, she looks back down to her screen. "I'm assuming D'Vorah's blood doesn't eat through tables, either."

Silencia smiles at the adorable waitress when she comes over to gush about how cute she and Kotal are. "Hey there Sae! I don't need anything, thank you..." Silencia pauses and grins as she quickly speaks, partly for the sake of pushing Sae's cuteness-buttons. "I have all I need here..." She nuzzles Kotal's jaw, allowing herself just a little bit of cuddling before returning to her more demure way of sitting. As Kotal explains that Reptile's invisibility doesn't work as well as hers, Silencia frowns. "If it's like that, then it would be a better idea if I did it..." Silencia would be a liar if she said that she wasn't scared, but stealth was something that was of the utmost importance in a matter like this. Again, Silencia shows great courage when it involves protecting others, not so much when protecting herself. Rayne's comment makes Silencia peek at that severed head, making a slightly disgusted face. "They don't seem to have ears either, but I am very sure of the fact that they heard me. Maybe their eyes are hidden? Or maybe their vision is based on a combination of both?"

Sae has some trouble not exploding at the cute display Sil puts on with Kotal. Those affectionate words, the adorable nuzzle-cuddles, it all makes the girl's eyes go REALLY wide, hands balled up in tight fists that are held to her chest, slowly pushing up onto her tip-toes and leaning in towards the pair. She's at least trying to make an effort not to be so forward with cute things, and not petting Rayne's head was the first step in that. The second is well..

"Chicken finger platter! Alcoholy stuffs! Got it got it got it!", talking as fast as she can, then dashing to the back. The trio would hear a 'SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE' coming from the back, the girl exploding with cuteness in a place where her loudness (hopefully!) wont make Rayne wince! "SO CUTE SO CUUUUUUUTE!", voice carrying well into the restaurant proper.

The waitress returns a few minutes later with some weird, cloudy-white alcoholic drink for Kotal. She had to ask the people in the back about it, who then directed her to that guy at the bar! "Here you go! And I'm doing SUPER awesome Kotal! Super super super awesome!". She takes it upon herself to sit down with them all, wiggling in her seat while she watches the two cuddlers. "Oh oh! Rayne! Your super-duper spicy chicken stuffs will be up in a bit!"

Its difficult to talk about business when a literal cuteness bomb explodes all over the place. Even the mighty God of War finds himself victim to Sae's cheerfulness, particularly when he's coaxed by the tender caresses of his butterfly. He grins cheekily and leans down to press a gentle kiss on Silencia's lips whilst she trails her index finger along his jawline.

Alas, that's when work comes a calling and Silencia makes the fateful decisions of offering herself to track the beasts. "Absolutely not!" Says the Aztec in resolute defiance. "I would never dare to put you in such danger, my butterfly. We will find other ways to track them down, I am sure of it."

"Perhaps Minu can find more of their weaknesses with her research."

Kotal finishes his drink and graciously accepts the next mug that Sae brings as he continues to smirk to the overly bubbly girl. "You seem to be in a particularly good mood, Sae. More so than usually even. Has something good happened?"

Rayne makes a bit of an uncomfortable face as Sil says her line about having all she needs, but still doesn't look up from her laptop. "That... doesn't sound like a good idea. What if they're in an unnatural area?" There is a slight sigh of exasperation at the sound of the squee from the kitchen. "...How does she have that much energy? Did I have that much energy when I was that age? Shouldn't I still, I at least have the same hormone levels..." She sounds annoyed by this fact, but does manage to offer Sae another light smile as the waitress returns. "Thanks, I'm patient." She then - very briefly before looking back down to her laptop - looks back to Kotal. "Maybe talk to Anne-Marie... She has some medical scanning device... possibly magical... that might help us figure out what exactly makes these things tick."

The excited sounds and exclamations coming from the kitchen earn a wide grin on Silencia's face. Oh how adorable that girl was! Her grin gets brighter as she recieves a kiss from her beloved, answering it happily. Her smile disappears when Kotal vehemently refuses her suggestion. She frowns slightly and crosses her arms across her chest as she questions Kotal. "And what if we don't? I'm not training my ass off not to help!" She lets a little smile break through her frown though. "I know you only worry about me, but I want to be of help however way I can..." When Sae returns, Silencia gives the girl a sweet little smile before peeking over at Rayne. "You are a different person, Rayne, no matter the age. No need to dwell on hormone levels!"

The door to the UR opens and closes, admitting a tiny elf with a rather sour look on her face. She pushes her glasses up on her nose and adjusts the notepad and book she holds clutched to her chest. Today her hair is up in a tight business like bun and she wears a neat little button down white blouse and a fitted knee length pencil skirt in a brown tweed. She looks ever inch the librarian today, just a miniature doll sized one. She pauses inside the door and looks around the spies the group of work associates and friends? Sitting together. With a small exhalation of breath she makes her way to the table. "Good Afternoon everyone." Her tone quite crisp and business like.

Sae's heart goes fluttering in her chest at the sight of those two kissing, the protective nature that the big Kotal has for the not-princess girl everything the girl loves in life. There's nothing better than love!

Kotal's question gets an answer that will probably be something that gets her weird looks, but she answers honestly "Mhmhmhmhmhm! Miss Flan-Flan nommed on me last night! See-!" she gently tugs on her collar, showing off the tiny pin-pricks from where the vampire girl fed. "It was soooo tickly! But cute too! She was super adorable snuggly afterwords! Flan-Flan's nice!

Giving Sil's hair an affectionate ruffle, Sae smiles back, then stands as the elven girl comes over. The waitress -dress in a serafuku uniform with a navy blue skirt and thigh-highs colored the same- gives a deep curtsy to her, giggling happily. "Hiya Miss! Can I get you anything?", smiling super big. She's yet to notice those elven ears, but really, it's only a matter of time before she explodes at the adorableness. Ticking time bomb, as it were!

Kotal sighs. He knows he's never been able to deny Silencia anything and this wouldn't be the exception from the looks of it. Resting his forehead upon Silencia and hugging her close he relents ever so slightly by saying, "If we truly cannot find a way to repel them.. then I might consider it."

To Rayne, the god of war nods in agreement with Silencia's admission that she should not worry of such things and also adds; "Actually, I have been hearing of this Anne-Marie character for quite some time and I have not had the chance to meet her. I even went through the trouble of capturing one of these Xenomorphs alive so she could study it. If you happen to see her, please direct her to TASK so she can see the creature."

As Sae might expect, her answer gets her very weird looks from Kotal. Though its not because he thinks her actions themselves are weird.. he just can't seem to understand anything she said. "Flan Flan noms?" He repeats sounding terribly confused and he looks to both Rayne and Silencia. "What is she talking about?"

And then Minu comes in acting a looking a little more pent up than usual. "Salutations, Minu." Kotal waves from his spot whilst he pulls the priestess on his legs closer to him. "Are you well today? You seem uneasy."

Rayne frowns and shakes her head. No, Sil's right, but it's Kotal's call in the end, so she doesn't speak up on that for the moment. She does, however, look up at the new familiar voice from the entrance, and waves to Minu with a light smile. Then her attention snaps to Sae as she says Flandre 'nommed' on her. She looks concerned, but Sae seems to be completely normal, so reluctantly, she doesn't say anything on that end, either. Well, until Kotal asks her what Sae meant, at least. "Uhhh, well, Flandre is a vampire, and... apparently has sucked on Sae's blood last night. You remember that candy obsessed girl from the Halloween event?"

Silencia nods acceptingly to her love, her smile back to it's usual brightness. Of course she got her way! "And I'll keep up the practice so I can use my invisibility more efficiently." She gazes up into the golden eyes of the god as his forehead rests against his. "Don't be worried, Kotal. I'll be fine..." Sae's little announcement makes the priestess tense up as she reaches out and quickly pulls Sae closer to inspect those little marks. It was a rather odd sight, Silencia on Kotal's lap while she examines Sae's neck, but Silencia is in no mood to notice things like that. "Did you follow the rules? Was there an adult there?" Her voice is stern, just as her expression. She uses this opportunity to check if the girl is healthy and well. "How did you feel afterwards? Were you dizzy?" Silencia's stern tone is, of course, because of her worry for the girl. When Sae goes to greet Minu, Silencia tenses up slightly. She peeks at Kotal and then at Minu again, trying her best to remain inconspicuous. She felt extremely embarrassed that Minu had to see her like this, so cuddled up with Kotal! She peeks around, looking for a reasonable excuse to get down from Kotal's lap without drawing too much attention to it. She actually didn't want to get down either, but the awkward feeling won over her desire for affection.

When Sae greets her, the elf nods her head politely then realizes the girl just asked for her order. She wrinkles her pert nose "Jasmine Tea please, hot. And brain bleach if you have any..." The little elf shudders and makes a disgusted face. Not at the girl, just in general, clearly she has been dealing with unpleasant things. When Kotal greets her she looks over and spies Sil in his lap. She gives the pair a flat look, no annoyance or judgment, clearly what is..simply is. She pushes her glasses up on her nose "I am fine thank you. I have been working on the alien creature project. I have a map with all the sightings and complaints. I have collected all the eye witness information and correlated it. Made notes on observed phenomenon and behaviors as well as perceived weakness." When she spies Sil squirming and trying to escape Kots lap she holds up a hand looking tired "just...don't. It not like I don't know you two are a thing, seriously...its silly to try to hide what everyone knows. I am not going to have some sort of melt down. He loves you, you love him, congrats and all that happy stuff." The little elf sounds more tired then upset and she pinches the bridge of her nose "those...things..are simply horrible. As someone who enjoys nature and animal life, I can see no purpose in their existence."

Given how much she dislikes fighting -but not fightERs obviously!-, Sae completely tunes out any talk of xenomorphs and fighting and capturing. It just doesn't interest her! And she knows if she listens too hard she'll just get all worried for them all. Rayne was WAY too cute to be fighting! Same with Sil. And even though Kotal looks like he could take a punch or two or three, the girl didn't even wanna think about it!

As Sil pulls the waitress over, Sae just smiles at her. At least at first! Anyone who'd seen Flandre had surely seen the girl's fangs, and they were a good bit bigger than the pinpricks, indicating some strange kind of accelerated healing going on. And given how Sae was 'normal' in basically every sense of the word, an astute observer would probably reason that Flandre had taken care of the girl in that respect. "I ummmmmm...Flan-Flan is an adult, right?". Sae's shoulders scrunch up, blushing, looking down, clearly a bit ashamed of not following the rule. "W-we umm..did it at school though! So there were lots of teachers nearby..ish..", worrying her bottom lip. "Was kinda dizzy, too, but Flandre rocked me gently and snuggled until I was all better! Promise!". Really, the girl doesn't look worse for wear; not one bit! Whatever magic Flandre was working on the girl hadn't done her any harm.

Sae runs off to the back, rummaging around for some brain bleach as she makes the tea. Everyone could even see her come out and bend over at the bar, butt wiggling as she looks there for it!

Kotal can't help but be worried! Even if Silencia now has fancy armor and is well on her way to becoming the imposing priestess of war that Kotal always knew she will be, to the Aztec, the girl is still a demure, tiny, frail butterfly that must be protected at all costs. Though the warrior did tell Silencia to not coddle him in public, it seems that the reverse isn't true, as Kotal is quite willing and capable of being greatly overprotective of the girl. He pulls her close to his chest and rests his chin on the top of her scalp. "I know you will be fine." Says he with a sigh. "For I will make certain of it."

Then comes Rayne's explanation of what Sea meant by Flan noms, understanding spreading across the warrior's face. "Aaah, yes. That vampire." Nods the deity before frowning profusely once he puts two and two together. "Wait. You mean to say you gave yourself to her? Willingly??" He tells Sae that with a stern voice, sounding like a very disappointed father. "Why would you do something like that?"

Of course, as much as Kotal is aware of all things around him thanks to his divinity, he is still, and may forever be, incredibly dense with other things. Namely when it comes to understanding the romantic feelings of others.

Kotal turns his gaze away from Sae and glances at Silencia who starts giving him very purposeful looks. Looks that seem directed at Minu.

Kotal glances at Minu, then back at Silencia, then back at Minu.

"Yes, Minu is here."

Yeah, he doesn't get it at all.

He returns to his business oriented mentality when his owlette informs him that she has successfully compiled a lot of data regarding the Xenomorphs. "Fantastic job, Minu. Please transfer those files to me post haste. I feel we are one step closer to finally ridding ourselves from this plague."

He purses his lips lightly when Minu expresses her utter disgust for the creatures. Hopefully she won't see the Xenomorph's head half melted into a nearby table that Kotal brought along earlier then.

"Why would you have a meltdown?" Kotal asks sounding awfully thick headed now. Even at this point he's still not getting it at all!!!!!!!!!!

Meanwhile, Steve pulls a heavy looking container from behind the counter and slides it towards Sae. The tag there reads 'Brain Bleach'.

Rayne frowns a bit at Minu's mannerisms... but downright facepalms at Sae's. "You.... adult supervision means adults watching." She looks up at Silencia, hoping that the priestess could tell if the girl was ensorceled or not... but immediately looks away again. While she's not jealous of who specifically is involved, seeing the two that lovey-dovey can't help but remind Rayne of her own lack of someone she can lean on to. Sometimes armor is more than metal or leather, sometimes it's emotional. And Rayne's seems like it's getting weaker. Her words, however, reflect only the business at hand. "Yes... the sooner those... things are gone, the better." She shudders slightly.

Silencia frowns at Sae's words. "No, Flandre is a child and so are you. And with adult supervision, I mean that an adult watches over you while this happens. You have greatly disappointed me, Sae." Silencia's tone has gone full mother right now. She's outright scolding the waitress. Silencia sighs and gives Sae a look, one that could make any child realize that they're in deep trouble. "You are not allowed to let Flandre do that anymore unless I'm there. No one else." Seems like Silencia's going to supervise them. Silencia has a look of discomfort on her face when Minu stops her from leaving Kotal's lap. She nods acceptingly to the elf, cringing when the dense war god proves his nickname once again. "It's alright, Kotal, it's something between me and Minu, nothing to concern yourself with." Despite Minu's words, Silencia slips off of Kotal's lap, with the intention of leaving. "I still got some more training to do, I will be in the park..." Silencia smiles at her friends and waves. While she walks to the door, she passes by Minu, pausing for a moment. "You might want to come by the park, I promise you that going there will help much more than that Brain bleach over there..." Silencia has spent the last couple of days restoring the peace in the park, allowing the place to have a serene aura. This affected everyone entering the park, especially beings who are more in touch with Mother Nature, like the fair folk.

Minu sighs softly and pinches the bridge of her nose again as Kotal proves to be utterly thick headed. She clenches her jaw to keep from spouting something thoroughly inappropriate. When Sil slips from the war gods lap and heads toward the door, she closes her eyes as the fae lady pauses to speak to her. "I might well do that. I can't look at one more case file tonight." The little elf watches Sil go and presses her lips together. She really does like the fae lady, no matter what anyone thinks. Returning to the safety of business she murmurs softly "I have a complete copy of all the information awaiting both of you, on your desks." this to both Kotal and Rayne.

"Why? Because Flan Flan's cute, of course! And she needed to feed! Was kinda fun, too! She gave me EXTRA cuddles afterwords!", flashing Kotal a big smile. As much of a stigma as being fed on has, Sae really does seem her usual self! At least, until Sil chastises her. The girl's head drops and she frowns, looking like a child in trouble with their parents as she pouts a little. "Yes Miss Sil.." she mumbles back. Maybe if Sil sees how nic Flan Flan is when she feeds, she'll change her mind!

Running off to get the tea and that thing of brain bleach the bartender gives her, she puts them in front of the elven woman. "There you go!". Standing there with her hands on her hips, that's when Sae noticed Rayne's expression change. "Awww, Miss Rainbow! Do you need a hug or something? Maybe some sweets! Candy cheers people up!". Sae was feeling a bit down, but the thought of cheering up TWO whole people at once brought the pep right back to the waitress! "And what about you Miss Elfy..?" she stares, blinking. She'd noticed the elven ears earlier, but they didn't really click! Thinking to herself 'Stay calm. Calm. Caaaaalm..don't wanna scare her like that kitty in the store!'. All the while, Minu would probably notice Sae's staring at her. "You're an elfy! A super cute elfy!!!"

It takes a tremendous amount of willpower for Kotal to not go cross-eyed and look even dumber than he is doing already tonight when Sae responds in such a simplistic manner. "You cannot simply feed a vampire for the sake of feeding them."

"They are not unlike wild animals. If you do not establish dominance quickly they will try to impose their dominance onto you." And Sae should believe Kotal in this one as he speaks from experience. The warrior god momentarily recalls his moments with Morgana when her taint controlled her so utterly.

Nevertheless, though 'father' doesn't have much of an effect on Sae 'mother' does and the girl goes crestfallen when Silencia scolds her. Kotal nods approvingly at this. "It is for your own safety, trust us." He assures her also acting like a parent.

The Aztec nods again as Silencia excuses herself and he gives her some heartfelt farewells as she departs. Then, he's clenching his fist in determination when Minu informs him that he and Rayne both now have full access to all gathered information of the Xenomorphs. "These are some excellent news indeed. I cannot wait to slaughter every single one of those wretched beasts!"

"They shall all become skulls on my throne!"

But of course, Sae goes and ruin his bloodthirsty speech when she all but squees at Minu's elfy appearance. Why, Kotal nearly falls over his chair when Sae bursts out like that and he has to hold on to the table in order to not fall over.

Rayne looks up to wave at Silencia leaving after she finally left Kotal's lap. "See you later, Sil..." She then looks to Minu. "I presume then that the small ones' goals have been confirmed?" She looks a bit disturbed as she asks this question. Slightly pale, even. She downright winces at Sae's attempts to cheer her up, however. "I'll... I'll be fine," she manages to get out before the girl is already gushing over Minu. She then looks up to Kotal and says, "I'd just as soon burn them all down to ash."

The little elf smiles as the waitress brings her tea, oh and there's the brain bleach. She was just being lippy on that one, who'd have thunk they actually had such a thing...but then...this is Twisted. When Sae starts to gush over her elfness and the little lady visibly twitches, over whelmed with all of that after she had spend the day with all that death and carnage and ..yuck. Its almost an instinctive reaction at this point, something shocks or threatens and you shift for quick exit and that is exactly what Minu does. One moment its an elf the next there is a tiny little nutmeg brown owl no taller then six inches on the floor where the elf was standing. The tiny owl beak clacks and makes a small hiss as she hops and fluffs her feathers then makes another hop and flaps her wings hard flying up to a shelf full of decorations on the wall above the table. She lands there and fluffs her feathers and looks at Kotal and hoots and beak clacks as if demanding he make a space for her to sit on the inside away from being handled by the well meaning waitress.

Sae hmmms! This clearly isn't working! Hands on her hips, Sae runs to the back and gets Rayne some..dark chocolate? She seems like a dark chocolate kinda person! Setting the candy bar down in front of her, Sae then sits down near-ish the girl, making sure to keep her personal space intact. "So so! Rayne! What kinda work do you do anyway? Protecting peoples and stuff?"

Rayne lets out a bit of an exasperated sigh. "Yeah, I guess you could say that." She looks down at the chocolate with a slight frown, but then sighs and takes it into hand. "Thanks. Yeah, I do my best to fight off monsters when they come... but lately I've been more of a desk jockey, and have the new Welcome Center on top of all that. So my plate's been pretty full." She takes a bite out of the bar and chews on it for a bit. "It's stressful, ya know?"

Sae seems even happier than Rayne is that the girl's eating the chocolate bar, eyes wide and leaning forward just a little as she watches her nibble on it. "Awww! Desk jockey! That's awesome! Can I come to one of your concerts sometime Rayne? You look like a DJ too! With the rainbow hair and stuff I mean!", totally misunderstanding what the girl does. "But yeah, I totally get that! Fighting monsters must just be like.." she frowns a little, looking down into her lap with a shudder. "Not so good.". For once the girl has a serious look on her face as she peers over the table at Rayne. "Know we're like..really different kinds of people Rayne, but you gotta let me know if I can do anything to help and stuff, 'kay? Prooomise?"

Rayne blinks at Sae for a moment before hanging her head in a sigh. "Desk. As in... where you sit and do paperwork. Not disk." She looks back up to Sae and tilts her head slightly. "Though I've tried that in the past. I... wasn't particularly good at remixes." As Sae takes a more serious tone, this seems to actually take Rayne by surprise. "Yeah... but my problems... I'm afraid there's really nothing you can do about them, Sae. Sorry." She offers the girl a weak smile. "Though maybe I'll keep you in mind if we have a newcomer that needs some extra welcoming care."

Sae hmms thoughtfully, shifting as she peers down into her lap. "Awww, okay! But you've gotta promise if you do think of something I could do, you'll tell me! People like you deserve an extra helping of happiness, and I wanna help provide that if I some day can!". The last part gets a giggle and a smile. "Mhm! I'd love that! Welcoming people seems like it be fun! I think I'm learning to control myself a lil better too! Did you see earlier with Miss Elfy?! I didn't pounce on her like I did the kitty boy!"

Sae seems very proud of this fact!

Rayne glances up at the shelf where Minu hid herself before deadpanning, "You... still could use some work, Sae. You... gush a bit too much still. Whatever you do, do not pick up a coffee habit." She sighs and shakes her head. "Gods I wish I had your energy. How are you so active after having your blood drained?"

Sae wiggles more in her chair, smiling! She's proud of being so bouncy, too! "I dunno, to be honest! I don't think I've gotta super fast metabolism or anything since I'm a lil bit chubby! And I wont! Juice is lots tastier than coffee anyways! Though one time I tried CHOCOLATE coffee! They called it a mo...mo..something!

Sae says, "ANYWAY! It was really good!"

Rayne says, "Ehhh, you look fine, Sae. Genetics bless some people and curse others." She pauses as the other girl brings up the one coffee drink she's tried. "Mocha? Yeah, they can be decent. When you go that far into flavored coffee, though, I say go all the way and start adding things like caramel and whatnot. Still... I fear what you would be like on a caffeine binge.""

Sae giggles, kicking her feet back and forth! "Oh oh! I forgot to answer that! Flandre gave me BOATLOADS of cuddles after she sucked some of my blood, so that helped lots! And hmmmm.." she looks around, stretching up in the process. "Wonder if we've got fancy coffee stuffs here.."

The little owl sits on the shelf and watches Rayne and the waitress. She makes a small hoot and flutters her wings. She looks longingly at her tea then at the over excitable waitress again. The little owl takes a chance and flutters down to the bench beside Rayne and shifts back to elf. "may I have my tea please?" She asks softly.

Rayne frowns. "I... don't see how that would put energy back into you, but..." She glances back upwards again as Minu flutters down. "Oh... yeah, and my chicken finger platter?

Sae blinkblinks as she sees that bit of transformation! "WHOOOOA! You are SO COOL Miss Elfy! And okay! Be right back!". She runs into the back, and returns with the extra spicy chicken fingers and the tea, along with a jar of 'brain bleach' from the bar. She really doesn't know what's in it, by that's what they gave here! "Here you go!'

Sae says, "Are you like..magic and stuffs? Or or or! A were-owl?"

As the waitress runs off to fetch things, Minu looks up at Rayne, "Yes, we know what the "huggers" do and why. I will show you in the files back at the office. Its not something you wana think of or see when your eating." When the tea arrives she smiles "thank you" she takes a sip and cradles the warm mug in her hands. She eye the jar marked "brain bleach" and after a moment she reaches for it and opens it then sniffs "oh my goodness, I think that must be pure alcohol" As she screws the lid down again and pinches her nose to ease the burning. When Sae asks about her ability to shift she looks up at the girl with those big golden eyes "It is a magical ability, I was gifted with by the Great Scribe when I was accept as a Keeper at the Grand Archives. My people, are able to do nature magic but I was never taught those skills. I prefer science to magic."

Rayne nods to Minu a bit grimly. "Yeah... one got on me, when they attacked the Welcome Center. We... got it off fairly quickly, but I could tell it was... doing something." She erases the grim look from her face as Sae returns, instead smiling to the girl. "Thanks! I'm starving!" she says, but as the plate is set before her, she frowns again. No, it's too late, and she bring a hand up to her throat. She's reminded herself of that horrible event, and her appetite is gone.

Sae giggles at the face Minu makes when she sniffs it, leaning in to do the same. "YUCK! I really dunno how people drink that kinda stuffs. Alcohol is just.." she sticks her tongue out, clearly not liking the drink. "But that's really coo Miss Elfy! Sounds like a super fancy job title! Is lots better than waitress!", flashing her a smile that shows she's quite content where she is in life.

With a tilt of her head, Sae frowns in Rayne's direction. She was smiling and hungry just a second ago! What could be up? This is usually the time when Sae would hug someone, but she knows enough of Rayne that such a things a bad idea. "Did you want something else Rayne? Maybe some more candy?"

Minu looks up as Rayne makes that face and touches her throat. She nudges the jar the rainbow haired woman's way "brain bleach?" she offers and lifts the big golden eyes. When Sae mentions her title "I don't have that job any more. I now work for TASK as Kotal's Personal Assistant and chief information officer. It sounds much more fancy then it is. I do a lot of paper work." The little elf pats Raynes hand "for your information and better feeling, fire is the most certain way of dispatching the creatures."

Rayne shakes her head. "No... I'm sorry, Sae, but... I'm not hungry anymore." With a glance at Minu, shakes her head 'no' to the brain bleach, but she nods to the latter part. "Fire. Good. I do fire." She sighs, then stands up, fumbling in the pocket of her armor for some money for a tip, despite not having eaten what she ordered. "I'm... I'm gonna go get some sleep. I'll see you two later, okay?"

Sae hmmms as she looks at the tip, intending to return it later 'cause that silly didn't eat her food! "Okies! Sweet dreams Rayne! If you need a stuffed animal or anything to help you snooze good, you can have one of mine!", smiling wide at the girl. She senses some sort of discomfort in Rayne; even naive as she is, the girl's worried about her friend having nightmares.

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