2016-03-17 - Empathy and Cherry Blossoms

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Empathy and Cherry Blossoms

Summary: Jaune has the misfortune of running into Flandre and her thrall

Who: Flandre, Jaune, Sae
When: Month Day, Year.
Where: Kohoku Public Academy - Courtyard


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It's late afternoon, and classes have ended for the day! Jaune, of course, is wearing his school uniform rather than his armor(Really, how is it they managed to have pretty much his exact uniform from Beacon? Twisted is weird.) and it's... been a surprisingly similar day to the classes Jaune had back home! Which is to say, he was thoroughly confused for half the day. As such, he looks a bit exhausted as he steps out through the double doors and into the fresh air! The cherry trees in front of the school are in bloom, and Jaune can't help but be cheered up slightly by the pink petals as they sway in the wind... and slightly worried by the clouds blocking out the sun right now. "Aw, man. Is it gonna rain? I wanted to go explore more of this place today."

Sae's classes ended earlier that day, but like the good student she was, she didn't leave campus! Not because of any reasons that'd make her teachers proud, mind! She just liked looking at the pretty nature that surrounded the school. Especially the cherry blossoms! They were in full bloom this month, though honestly it wouldn't surprise Sae if they managed to stay like that all year round, given how strange this place is. She had to show her newest bestest friend, Flan! So she ran to whereever she thought the little vampiress might be, checking high and low until she found her. "Flan Flan! Look! I gotta show you something!". Taking the edge of the girl's wing like they were holding hands, she walked with her towards the cherry blossoms, presumably near where Jaune is!

Far from being a model student, Flandre was a bit early to her evening classes not because of she was compelled to start her studying early. Rather, she liked to zone out before her classes started and also snoop around for any potential victims! After all, she had learned that students are the ones who put the least amount of resistance to being drained of their blood and in some occasions even liked it!

Case in point, Sae comes out of nowhere and pulls her by the wing, yanking her out of her levitation spot. "Whoa!" The vampire flails her arms around before she comes to a skipping step next to the school girl. It looks like not even the vampire with the apocalyptic powers is a match to Sae's boundless energy. "What is it? Is it a present?? Is it candy!!?? I hope it's candy!" Flandre likes candy.

Jaune remains standing, looking up at the trees for the moment. He moves his hands into his pockets. Well, he can enjoy the sights while the weather remains on the dry side, at least. So far he's kept mostly to himself in school. It's odd, really... When the school's purpose isn't purely to train warriors, he doesn't feel the urge to show off nearly as much. Quite possibly because he doesn't need to overcompensate as much... I think I can do this. This is like a new start on life, right? Maybe I can find a cute, quirky girl to hang out with like Ruby, or a smart, beautiful girl like Weiss to woo... Or at least a good friend like Pyrrha. He frowns again as his thoughts are brought back to his lost friends- no, his friends aren't the ones who are lost, he is. With an annoyed sounding sigh, he turns around and takes a step back towards the dorm area - Right into the way of the charging Sae and the dragged Flandre.

Sae can't stop giggling. Flandre's skipping right next to her! How cute! Cherry blossoms, an adorable vampire who feeds and cuddles on her plenty lots, and a fun job waitressing in a place with the kindest -and strangest!- of clientele? What more could a girl want in life? "Nooo! Isn't either of those! Though I can get you some candy sometime if you'd like FLan Flan! What kinda candy do you like!?", still keeping her fast paced running/skipping with the girl as they head towards the trees.

"See See See! Loooook! Cherry blossom season!!" Sae exlcaims in a giggly voice, continuing to run as she looks at the trees! ..Which means she barrels headlong into Jaune! Thankfully the girl's quite small, and extra soft too, being just the right amount of chubby in most people's books, so she sorta bounces off Jaune without causing any real damage to either of them! "Ouchie! Sorry! I wasn't looking strai-" she pauses. "oh my gosh oh my gosh! I remember you! You were there when that big mean bear attacked, right? You were SUPER tough!"

"Aw! No candy??" Whines Flandre like the bratty girl that she can be.

Thankfully, even if the vampire girl is a very mercurial creature and is prone to fey moods, for the most part she does behave like a good little girl. Like Sae and Jaune, being in Twisted has changed her and she's slowly began adapting to a more civilized life. She doesn't live in a basement any longer after all. She has a part time job, goes to school, and even has made a few friends that love her for what she is! Things are definitely good for the vampire girl too. "I love 'em all!" She answers happily. "Chocolate, mint, jawbreakers, Turkish delights, cake and cupcakes! I could eat 'em all day!"

As they reach their destination, Flandre looks at the cherry blossom trees with some curiosity and tilts her head. Wait. Sae just wanted to show her some trees? That can't be it right?

Then Jaune is bumping on Sae and realization dawns on Flandre.

"Yay! Oh Sae! I love him!" Exclaims Flandre happily and flaps her wings, levitating a little. "This is the best present ever! He smells so good too! I bet he tastes great!"

Well.. Flandre isn't that well adjusted just yet! She seems to be under the impression that Sae is giving Jaune to be her next victim.

Jaune bounces right off Sae and stumbles a bit, but does manage to keep his footing. You know, having a tree there to lean against makes it much easier to stand. Sure, the hitting it face first was a bit painful, but he's had worse. He spits out a bit of bark and shakes his head. "Oh, no worries, it takes a lot more than that to hurt me! Oh, hey, Sae, right?" Cute, check, quirky, check, girl, check! Not sure how well she'd handle a scythe, though. "Who's your little frie-" He of course is cut off by Flandre. No, not the flying. But even Jaune can't help but notice that the younger(looking, at least) girl tagging along with Sae isn't really close enough to smell him, so she's already striking him as a bit... too quirky. "...Tastes?"

Sae gives Jaune a bunch of happy little waves back, giggling. She's happy he's not hurt, or made at her for bumping right into him! To be honest, the girl's even more glad about that last part! She doesn't handle people being angry too well! They scare her! And she's a big ball of sensitive floof inside, so meanness would be extra sad for the schoolgirl! "Mhm mhm! I'm Sae! I umm..I think I forgot your name though! Sorry!".

What Flan does next though, well..Sae's even less ready for it than Jaune would be. "You love him..?" she askes, quirking her head to the side. Huh? OH! Oh god. She's going to- "Flan FLAN! Wait! I don't even know him that well! I can't give him away as a present!". She's too late to stop her from sniffing and 'tasting' the guy though, something that makes her blush quite a bit. "I-I was um..talking about the pretty trees! I mean..umm..maybe you can have him? I super dunno! It's up to him!"

Flan. Wait.

Words that Flandre Scarlet often hears but seldom listens to. Fortunately for everyone involved, the vampire girl has been very well fed lately thanks to Sae and so she doesn't immediately tackle Jaune to the ground and digs her vicious fangs into his neck. She might have done so when she was still wandering the lands of Twisted aimlessly, but thanks to her new friends she's a lot better at controlling her impulses.

That said though, a girl's still gotta eat, and there's a tasty morsel right in front of her!

"Oooh? He's not yours to give?" Asks a puzzled Flandre, pressing the tip of her index finger to her bottom lip looking sickeningly cute. Big, crimson eyes stare at Sae momentarily before looking up at the bumbling Jaune, eyelashes fluttering. "Then who does he belong to if he is not yours?" Again, it seems Flandre still has trouble understanding that people aren't 'things' she can play with.

She sniffs Jaune's general area and smiles pleasantly. "Ah, I would very much like to have him. I can smell it from here.."

"There is fear in his heart."

Jaune blinks as the exchange "Give me as a..." He then shakes his head. "Look, I'm flattered and all, but you're really a bit young for me. I'm really more into girls closer to my own age." Well, if there's fear in his heart, it doesn't seem to have reached his brain. That said, he can't help but get a bit of a confused look at Flandre claiming to smell fear in him.

Sae was at a bit of a lose as to what to do! I mean, her Flandre was hungry! And she didn't seem to want to feed on Sae right now, but rather the cute guy in front of them! I mean, it's not like she could blame the girl! So she tried her best to explain things, and maybe help Flandre along in her plans! "Miss Fland's a vampire! She's actually probably older than both of us combined, if I had to guess and stuff!". She hmms. Though they hadn't discussed the subject directly, it was pretty obvious Flan was more than the little girl she appeared to be. Her true age did poke through every so often, after all. "So she's kinda..kindaaaaa..asking if she can feed on you a little? It doesn't really hurt or anything! Plus she gives the bestest cuddles afterwords!".

Giving the blond man a thumbs up. She still doubts he'd agree to it, but it can't hurt to try! She wanted Flandre to be happy after all! "W-wait? Fear? That can't be right! He's super super super strong! I saw him kick-butt a hear one time! A big, SCARY bear!"

Flandre nods as Sae helps things by explaining the logistics of the situation. She had learned well enough from her older sister Remilia. Never do something when you can have your thrall do it for you. It makes you look that more imposing.

As such, Flandre simply stays floating in the air and nod nods some more. Its hard to look imposing when she looks like a sugary little girl barely in her teens and acts like one too but at least she's giving it a go.

"Yep!" She grins, flashing her sharp canines. "I'm a vampire!" Her arms are raised and she makes a comical attempt to try and look spooky. To be fair, her eyes are crimson red as if they were bloodshot, and she does have very strange rainbow like wings. But then.. she still looks like a little girl.

Flandre no comment about her real age, being far more interested about this curious fellow that smells pretty tasty. "Really? Are you really strong?" The girl makes an O face, glowing red eyes blinking. "Are you a demon hunter? Those always taste the bestest!" She nods yet again.

Jaune looks between the two, his look of confusion still there.

And then it happens.

Jaune starts laughing. "Oh, man, you guys almost had me going there! Vampires!" He reaches over to ruffle Flandre's hair. "Oh, man, you're a cute kid, and you've got a neat semblance, but really, ditch the fake teeth." He laughs again for a bit, and wipes a tear from his eye. "Buut, no, Grimm aren't demons, just monsters." He pauses for a moment. "I think."

Sae giggles at Jaune. "I know! I had a hard time believing it at first too! But look!". The -somewhat busty- schoolgirl starts undoing the top few buttons of her blouse, something the might set Jaune a bit on edge, or confused, but it's certain to get some kind of reaction from the man! Fortunatly she stops before revealing anything much at all, tugging on the top of her partially unbuttoned top to show off two pin-pricks in her neck, red, but mostly healed by now. "See! She fed on me a few days ago!".

Trying to drive home the point even more, Sae crawls under the floating Flandre, then pushes her upwards as gingergly as she can! Then sidesteps so it really sinks in that she can fly! "See see! Could a normal human-y person do that?". Giggling gently, Sae runs over to ruffle Jaune's hair now! "You're silly! Thinking Flan-Flan isn't a vampire..she's a super good vampire!"

A confused look passes across Flandre's face when Jaune reaches to her and pets her head.

Normally, Flandre loves pets but this was different. This was clearly a demeaning gesture that dismisses her power.

Does this guy not know where she is? Even Flandre knows better than to think something isn't real. First rule of living in Twisted; don't ever jump to conclusions, that will get you killed around here.

Perhaps Jaune needs a little demonstration?

However, Flandre waits until Sae finishes undoing her blouse to show the pin-pricks where she fed from her and even lets herself be wiggled around in the air by the girl. If Jaune doesn't believe her true nature then it will be Flandre's turn to demonstrate her power.

And judging by the overly serious face that she's giving Jaune the result is not gonna be pretty.

The air suddenly feels very heavy, Flandre's shoulders showing faint hints of red fire on them as power begins to build inside of her.

"Wait, what are you-" He moves to cover his eyes as Sae does this... but it's the classic look like you're covering your eyes when you actually have your fingers separated and can see just fine. He removes the hand from his face as Sae gets to the point of it, though. Or rather the points. He then looks to Flandre, judging the distance between what he had thought previously were fake teeth. "Huh," he says. "I think I'd prefer not to be bitten, though, myself. Really, I just thought the flying thing was related to her semblance." There he goes, using that word again like they have a clue what he's talking about. Still, he seems to be taking this surprisingly well. He then looks around, up towards the sky where the sun would be if there weren't cloud cover. "Did it just get warmer out here?"

Jaune says, "Wait, what are you-" He moves to cover his eyes as Sae does this... but it's the classic look like you're covering your eyes when you actually have your fingers separated and can see just fine. He removes the hand from his face as Sae gets to the point of it, though. Or rather the points. He then looks to Flandre, judging the distance between what he had thought previously were fake teeth. "Huh," he says. "I think I'd prefer not to be bitten, though, myself. Really, I just thought the flying thing was related to her semblance." There he goes, using that word again like they have a clue what he's talking about. Still, he seems to be taking this surprisingly well. He then looks around, up towards the sky where the sun would be if there weren't cloud cover. "Did it just get warmer out here?"

So far it doesn't look like Jaune's terribly affected by the power Flandre's starting to exude. But Sae? She's just a normal, average human girl! And fairly weak for one at that, too. So as something builds in the vampiress it starts really overpowering Sae, body quivering, eyes wide, shaking in fear. Meeping out a shakey "F-flan..? Flanflan..?", biting her bottom lip, worried.

Sure, Flandre is getting pretty ABSOFREAKINGLUTELY livid at this boy, and were it any other situation she probably would have flown into a rage right now.

But there is a reason why she doesn't and it isn't her new life as a student or her part-time job or that Morgana told her to control her temper or anything. No, nothing like that.

That reason is simply Sae.

Just as she's about to unleash her Laevateinn on Jaune, Flandre hears those whimpers from 'her' girl and red eyes turn to face her. The moment she looks at Sae's face, her power instantly vanishes and she pouts.

Even in her madness she can't bring herself to scare poor Sae. Her first and best friend doesn't deserve it.

"Sorry." She apologizes for some reason even though for the clueless Jaune it may look like she hasn't done anything.

"I-I'm feeling kind of weird." Says the vampire rightly so, its the first time that she's felt empathy and she doesn't know what to do with it!

"I better get going, my classes are about to start." Says she suddenly and floats in the air again to give Sae a quick peck on her cheek.

"Bye! Love ya!" Then she's off flying through the air! Though she does give Jaune a partying glance.. ooh.. he got lucky this time, but wait until she finds him with no one around!

Could this be the beginning of a rivalry!?

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