2016-03-18 - Blood on the Sand

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Blood on the Sand

Summary: A peaceful day at the beach is interrupted when Flandre wanders in feeling awfully thirsty.

Who: Asato, Mayumi, Flandre, Sae, Silencia, Serenity
When: March 18, 2016
Where: Beach


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Barefoot, and dressed in her dark-blue one piece swimsuit, Sae practically skipped down the beach, hands behind her back, eyes closed as she hummed a happy little tune to herself. Every so often she'd do a twirl, or pause to curl her toes into the sand, loving the feeling of it between her toes. She took a deep breath through her nose, floating up onto her tiptoes and enjoying the smell of the ocean. "Ah..so, so nice.." she murmured, looking out over the sea, content.

The black disk, irregular column of suspended water, and one giant serene sea slug slide over the hill from the street. Ren has a generally vertical posture while wandering toward the water, in particular the near end of the dock. After the spotted slug has spotted Sae, though, Ren reorients toward the girl and raises an aquamarine 'wing' from the cloak of water to offer her a cheery wave. "Hello," Ren rasps.

Too caught up in her own little world as she looked out over the pretty sea, Sae didn't notice Ren until she said hello, jumping a little in place! She quickly recovered from being startled though and dashed over to the sea slug with a big grin. "Ren REN REN! Hi!", sliding to a halt in the sand right in front of her friend. "Have you been here before?! It's SO pretty! I never knew the beach was this awesome here!", bouncing from foot to foot, then suddenly freezing and staring at Ren. "Oh gosh! I just realized something! Since I'm in a swimsuit and can get wet and stuffs, can I give you a SUPER gentle hug!"

Dun dun...

Wait, what's that out there?

Dun dun...

Is that... a shark?

Dun dun dun dun dun dun...

Actually no, false alarm. It's a furry cat tail, actually. It disappears, and then suddenly a head pops up in the water near Sae and Serenity. It's Asato. He flicks the water off his ears and swims a little closer. That's right, he's a cat, and he's swimming. Without flailing around, being afraid, and trying to get out of the water.

Serenity grins at the enthusiastic reply and shifts part of the tail end parallel with the ground to match Sae's height. Ren flutters backward just a bit as she comes running up, then drifts forward again after realizing that Sae is actually able to come to a stop. "Certainly. Just because my insides aren't armored like yours doesn't mean that I'm terribly fragile." Ren folds the left pair of fins behind the back and over the gills and extends the right pair toward Sae. Ren doesn't seem especially aware of sneaky approaches from the direction of the sea and so misses Asato's arrival at first.

Sae is far too focused on the cute sea-slug in front of her to notice the sneaky kitty, especially with her normal human senses! Her eyes go wide as Ren's body shifts like that, leaning within inches of the 'bubble' to peer closely at it. "You're super pretty Ren! Especially the colors!". With one more giggle, Sae takes an exagerated, deep breath in, chest puffing out and up. Then she sticks her head inside and gives Ren a big, firm hug, rubbing her cheek against the sea slug's body as she hugs, eyes still open despite being underwater. She can't resist giving a muffled "Sho cuuuuute!", air bubbles escaping her lungs as she talks and manages a muffled giggle beneath the water. Keeping up the hug as long as she can, her lungs start burning before she pulls her head out, still smiling. "And a good hugger!"

Asato might not have been noticed until he got very close, being that only the top of his head is underwater. And in fact he gets close to the piece of shore where Sae and Serenity are before he speaks up. "Two Canes can't breathe underwater, can they?" he asks, rather suddenly. He shifts, to stand up in the shallow water, and start walking out of the water. He shakes, flicking the water off his body as he leaves it. He's in just a pair of black shorts.

Serenity smiles at the compliments, looking back cheerily as Sae leans in. Ren returns a good 'one-armed' hug for the girl, though Ren's pair of fins is rather more like a blanket than an arm. "Indeed I'm glad for all the friendly contact I can find, as I'm accustomed to a shorter conversational distance, but most people here don't seem to walk about in waterproof clothing." Ren twists quickly to look as Asato speaks up. "Hello," Ren offers him, along with a wave of the 'wing'. As he shakes himself off, Ren peers curiously before raising eyes to his. "Two Canes? Sae is a human, no?" Ren says, glancing to her for confirmation. "Without breathing gear, human people don't seem to do well after a few minutes."

Sae pats her hair as she pulls her head out, curious. "I'm not even like, wet! Well, barely.." she hmms, so confused. To double check it, she sticks her head back in, then pulls it out! "SO COOL! Does your water bubble thingy do that automatically Ren?" she askes. That's when she sees the kitty boy now, gaspsing! "Mhmhmhmhmm! I'm Two Canes, I think! We can't! It's SUPER fun to swim! I've even gotta swimsuit! But I can't keep my head in water for too long, or I'll pass out! Here here! I'll show you how long!". Taking another deep breath, Sae leans into the water around Ren and gives her a warm hug, head against her body, eyes closed, squeezing her every so often. She seems to really like the feeling of the sea slug's body! Underwater, she mumbles "Even hugs are chuddly cause big fhin!", voice all distorted by the liquid.

Asato nods to Serenity's words. "Two Canes," he confirms. Just another weird nickname humans have, it seems. Sae confirms it. He looks between the two of them. "The library in Ransen. There were lots of Two Canes books. Sae could read them, maybe. If they were here." They aren't, though, because... well, Asato seems to be the only thing from his world that's here. He blinks as Sae puts her head back in Serenity's bubble, and tilts his head. One ear swivels outwards, as if in confusion.

"Yes, the forcefield also makes it possible to speak in a normal tone of voice without the sound being reflected from the edge of the air. But retaining all water, except that which is tightly clinging to you and your clothing, is just a side effect of keeping all the water from falling out." Ren looks curiously from one to the other as Sae explains her abilities, then nods in reply to Asato's explanation. "I hope your experience with the human library will prove useful I would caution against applying too much, though, particularly in the realm of culture." Ren relaxes a little, allowing Sae to partly indent the side she is holding, but not so much as to have the insides squished by her arm. Ren pats Sae on the back with the free pair of right fins, then smiles and extends the 'wing' to Asato. "Apparently today is free hugs day."

Ahh, the nice days keep coming and Silencia keeps getting distracted by thoughts of wanting to wander instead of train. The priestess did spend a couple of hours training in the park, but she stopped when she noticed her need for a break, for some wandering around. She is surprised to see the familiar people at the beach, especially the partly submerged Sae hugging Ren. Silencia can't help but laugh as she approaches, her cheerful laughter travelling far. "Such a delightful sight! Isn't Ren nice an squishy, Sae?"

Sae pulls back with a giggle, hands on her hips. "Free hugs day! That's gotta be like, the best day of the year! And huh! You're pretty high tech Ren! Did you make that bubble thingy yourself?", turning to smile at Asato. That's when she notices the ear swivel! Oh gosh. !!!. "AsatoooO! Oh my gosh! You can move your ears like that!", running over to him, peering at the ears as she stands on her tiptoes. "They're like, real-life kitty ears!". Then Sil comes. Turning her head, she rushes over to give the girl a big tight hug! "Mhmhmhmhm! It's like I'm hugging a super squishy pillow almost!"

Asato nods. "I know the fiction from the non-fiction," he assures Ren. "Non-fiction I can believe. Fiction is for fun." And then he tilts his head at the mention of 'free hugs'. "...Do they usually cost?" he asks. His ears perk forward, though, and he turns towards the sound of Silencia's voice. He smiles broadly when she appears. "Hello," he greets her. And then Sae asks about his ears. He blinks. "They're real," he assures her. To demonstrate, he swivels the ears back until they folded down against his head, and then swivels them back to a neutral position.

"They are usually limited," Ren replies to Asato, shaking out with no ill effect the pair of fins folded back by the hug. "The true sign of advanced technology," Ren replies to Sae with a smile, "is the lack of skill needed to operate it properly. I have only the vaguest notions of how the forcefield generator actually works." As Silencia laughs, Ren extends a 'wing' to offer her a wave. "Hello," Ren calls to her. "Jellyfish are 'squishy'," Ren cheerily corrects, "whereas I am flexible."

Silencia giggles at Sae's energy, wrapping her arms around the girl when she runs over to hug the priestess. "Sae, you're just way too adorable!" Silencia just keeps holding Sae while shifting her attention to the others, showing no intention to actually let the girl go. "Hey there Asato and Ren! I hope this fine day has been treating you well?" She pouts jokingly at Serenity when the mollusc corrects her. "But I like squishy!" Yep, Sil's in a good mood! Somewhere on the muck, Flandre has connected.

Sae replies to Asato first, still not wanting to break the hug she's giving Sil! "Asato Asato! Hugs are always free from me! No matter how many you want! Lovelovelovehugs! All the hugs in the world wouldn't be too many!". This is part one of 'get the adorable kittyboy to cuddle her someday' plan. "Whoa! Your ears are super cute Asato! I can't believe it!" . She bounces in Sil's arms, giggling the whole time. Since neither of them want to let go, this is really going to be a long hug! "Awwww! You're EXTRA adorable Sil! Extra Extra!"

The concept of 'limited hugs' seems to confuse Asato. But he does seem to have a point of reference. "Konoe. His face went red whenever he got hugged when other people were there," he remembers. As for the technology? "What if it breaks?" He seems to understand the problems with not knowing how to use the technology very well. Asato nods to Silencia's statement. "I was swimming," he notes. "It's fun." That might seem a bit odd for a cat to say, but he seems serious about it. He raises his hand to pat his ears, feeling a little self-conscious about them when Sae points them out. No real reason to be, but it's a little funny to see. He also tilts his head a little at Sae's bounciness, just observing her.

"Indeed today has been going well," Ren answers cheerily before looking to Asato. "I can be embarrassed easily enough myself," Ren responds to Asato's reference with a nod, "but Sae is just a younger person being friendly." Ren frowns at his remark about technology. "I'm afraid that the environment suit breaking would leave my social life impaired until someone managed to figure out the technology."

Silencia just smiles and pets Sae while the bubbly girl goes on about the priestess' adorableness. Her hug tightens, gently squishing the girl. "Yep, you're squishy too." Silencia has fun with the schoolgirl, her reactions were so very excited and happy that it made Silencia get in an even better mood. It helps that Sae's so adorably childlike and Silencia craves to take care of people. Silencia smiles at Asato. "She's very interesting, isn't she?" Silencia rubs her cheek against Sae's cheek with the intention to make the girl have another outburst of cuteness. The priestess seems to really like pushing Sae's buttons like that. Ren's comment earns a worried frown from Silencia. "Oh my, I hope something like that doesn't happen... Or we would have to make Ren's apartment the new Usual!" It is unclear if Silencia means that as a joke or if she's actually serious. She seems completely prepared to do something like that to keep Ren 'in the loop'.

Flandre Scarlet has been in a strange mood lately. She still can't understand why she didn't obliterate Jaune when he patronized her power like that. Concepts like empathy and mindfulness are completely alien to her and it seems that the girl cannot yet fully comprehend that she didn't hurt Jaune simply because she didn't want to scare Sae.

By the end of the day, Flandre figures that she just might be hungry, so she flies out of the school as soon as classes are finished and follows Sae's scent to the beach to have a little snack.

From the sky, a uniform clad Flandre is seen descending towards the group. Her colorful wings flapping a little as she lands and greets everyone with a placid wave.

Fortunately for Sil -and anyone else who likes cuteness- Sae's buttons are very easily pushed! The cheek rub gets her giggling like crazy, even kicking one of her barefeet backwards and shooting up some sand,thankfully in the direction of no one! "Oh gosh oh gosh! Cheek ruuuubs! So cute! People do that stuffs all the time in my adorable lil yuri-books and stuff!", bonucing up and down against SIl, even giving her cheek a chaste little kiss, twirling at that! "Asato Asato! Promise you don't needa be embarrassed! You should be proud of your ears! They're mega-cute!".

That's when Sae spots Flandre! "FLAAAN! Flan FLAN! Over here! Look! Sil and Asato are being SUPER cute! And I got to hug Ren! INSIDE her bubble, too!"

Asato nods to Serenity's words of Sae. But her account of what would be the results of the suit breaking gets a frown. "Somebody should figure it out before it breaks then," he notes innocently. Seems to make sense to him. A nod to Silencia's words of Sae, but the mention of making Serenity's apartment the new Usual gets a blink. Clearly he's picturing it in his mind, and the picture is an odd one!

Flandre shows up then, and Asato's ears flick. There's that weird feeling again, like something unpleasant inside of him is straining towards her. So he heads towards Silencia and Sae a little. Sae's words get a confused look. "They're... ears." He hasn't ever really thought they were particularly cute.

"I am usually better about planning ahead," Ren says to Asato, "Perhaps looking more intensively for a repair person would be worthwhile." Ren grins at Sae's antics and looks to Asato for his opion on the ear remarks. Ren offers Silencia's suggestion a cheerful nod. "The entryway might be a bit of a tight fit compared to a dining table," Ren observes. With Sae's notice of Flandre, though, Ren looks over to the vampire and frowns. "Hello, Flandre..." Ren ventures uncertainly.

Silencia grins happily when Sae seems so responsive to her little gestures. Really, this girl is setting impossible standards for Silencia's expectations for cuteness! There was something about all this affection that made Silencia feel so very energized and strong, but the girl is too distracted to notice. She just really likes the cuddles. She answers Sae's kiss with her own, a little peck on Sae's forehead. She peeks curiously at the girl though. "What's yuri?" Asato's odd look earns a giggle and she reaches out to pet Asato on the head with a wide grin. "Your ears are different from hers and she finds them cute, nothing to be embarrassed or confused about, sweety!" She then peeks at Serenity and winks. "We might need a little renovation that would allow a second room- one that's not filled with water, or maybe filled only halfway up, so people can walk and breathe- to be connected to your room! There, all planned out!" Silencia seems to be the only one, aside from Sae, that isn't at the slightest bit afraid or uncomfortable when Flandre appears. Silencia straightens and the hand that was petting Asato is now resting on her hip, her other arm still around Sae. "Well, hello there Flandre! I had been meaning to talk to you!" Her tone isn't anything different than usual, Silencia even smiling at the adorable vampire.

Quite the crowd tonight, it seems. Flandre's wide crimson eyes stare out somewhat creepily at the folk gathered here. Asato in particular gets an odd look. Something about the cat person resonating within Flandre's being, as if it made her own magic burn brighter.

She doesn't stare too intently for long as Sae is quickly making sure she has all of her undivided attention by being her usual bubbly self and ensuring she knows of all the wonderfully, cuddle people that are here. "Uh.. yeah." Responds the vampire not sounding like her usual energetic self. She's never been quite on par with Sae's level of energy, mind you, but tonight she just looks odd, and more so than usual.

She waves calmly at Ren before turning to Sae. "Sae, I'm thirsty." The girl says simply fully knowing that the school girl will know perfectly well what she means by that.

That's when Silencia gets the attention of the blond little girl in the school uniform. Flandre arches an eyebrow at the priestess and gives her a weird look. Eyes slightly narrowed and a slight pouty scowl forming on her lips. "What do you want?" She answers, not sounding like she's trying to be rude, she's simply surprised that Silencia wants to talk to her. As far as she knows there is nothing to be discussed between them.

Sae nods to what Silencia says! "Mhm mhm! Nothing to be embarrassed about! Ren-Ren is adorable and squishy, and you're adorable and soft and fuzzy in some places! Everyone's got their own kinda cuteness!", that broad smile of her's letting it be obvious she's completely sincere. When Sil goes to kiss her forehead, Sae leans into it, pushing onto her tiptoes with yet more giggles! "Awww! Forehead kisses!". The question catches her off guard though! She blushes a little and blinks, trying to think her way outa this. "They're umm..UMM..REALLY cute books I read about girls and cuteness and cuddles and loves!", nodding to that. That's a good answer, she thinks!

"Awww, you're thirsty Flan? You super look it, too!". Sae tries to move over towards Flandre, but ends up being stopped by Sil! "Siiil!" she giggles. "Can I go over to Flandre? She needs to feed! You're here after all!", remembeirng the rule the Sil made about further feedings!

Asato nods at the mention of a repair person. The thought of her being stranded is a scary one. He can think of a lot of bad things that could happen, none of them he wants to consider too much. Silencia's explanation of what the deal with his ears is gets a thoughtful look. Though all he says is, "Oh." It's true, he thought the devils' ears were weird, too. But not particularly cute. Then again that might have been because they were... well, evil. Speaking of evil... Flandre's look gets Asato to hunker down a little, his ears lowering. He knows what's going on, but that doesn't mean he likes it. But he keeps quiet. In fact he keeps so quiet that by the time Sae's done explaining her way out of trouble, he seems to have disappeared! Did he go back in the water? He's not visible there. Who knows? But anybody who knows Asato knows he has a habit of doing that, of appearing and disappearing without warning.

Serenity looks from Flandre to Silencia and back again as Flandre makes her request. "Hh... Perhaps I should go to check on the Welcome Center," Ren remarks uncertainly, already starting to drift landward with a wide berth for Flandre. "There might be someone waiting for assistance." Ren looks back toward Asato... or at least where he was... and then back to Silencia. "I did just now have an idea to share with you, Silencia, as a result of an earlier chat with Morgana," Ren mentions, motioning a fin edge toward her. "But we can discuss that at a more opportune moment."

Mayumi strolls along the path towards the sound of voices. Near silent footsteps are granted by her soft-soled boots, though the gentle bounce of the leather bag slung across her body makes a quiet jingle. Small beads have been woven into patterns on the fringe that hangs from the bags cover flap. As has become usual for her she has a cup of coffee in hand which she drinks from as she enters the beach. Spying the group she pauses a moment then makes her way to Silencia. "Hi Sil. Hello everyone." There is a slight question in her voice that asks if she is interrupting anything.

Silencia just keeps smiling her usual smile, her grip on Sae never wavering. She raises an eyebrow at Sae's explanation of yuri. "Cute books about girls and cuddles? Then why are you blushing?" Silencia's grip tightens slightly when Sae tries to move on over to Flandre. "No you cannot, Sae. I first need to talk to little Flandre." Flandre's words to Sae seem to confirm something to Silencia, something she had been a bit worried about. "Flandre, you fed from Sae." Not a question, Silencia's unwavering smile holds a rather dangerous air to it, like a ticking timebomb disguised as a teddybear, adorable, but menacing. "If I remember correctly, there was a little promise about that matter, right? Could you refresh my memory and tell me what that was?" Her tone is sugary-sweet, so very kind, yet something feels off. Something isn't right in Silencia's smile. Silencia doesn't even notice the disappearance of Asato and she waves a distracted goodbye to Serenity as the mollusc leaves. That was probably for the best, because Silencia has a couple of things to say to Flandre. It might be a bit awkward for them to be around that. But then a familiar face pops up. Silencia glances at Mayumi and smiles, that odd air momentarily gone. "Oh, hey there Mayumi! Haven't seen you around in awhile, are you well?"

Mayumi hears that tone in Silencia's voice and cannot hide the smirk that curves her lips. Watching Sae attempt to get away is adorable because it won't help. Once Sil has her mind set there is no stopping her. Poor Sae. May leans over to brush her lips across Sil's cheek in a friendly greeting. Then finds a likely spot to enjoy the fun. Folding her legs beneath her May slips into an easy resting position on the ground. Her bag is pulled over her shoulders and dropped into the sand while the coffee stays safely in hand. "I've been well, thanks. Doing a bit of exploring around Twisted."

People running away from her is nothing new for the little Flandre. She doesn't bat an eyelash when the tall, muscled Asato shrinks away from her and hides, nor does she say anything to Ren as she decides to make a quick exit. Fear in others is something that Flandre is quite used to. In fact, it so familiar that she lets them be and leave as they please. Had Jaune reacted in the proper manner and feared her she might not be so irritated as she is right now. Not to mention thirsty.

This is why it is with no small amount of annoyance that Flandre stares daggers at Silencia when she stops her thrall from coming to her. She exhales air from her nostrils like some kind of angry dog and clenches her jaw tightly.

However, Flandre has always been very weak to scoldings seeing as she still has the mentality of a little girl. She presses her chin to her own shoulder shyly, acting very much like a girl who knows she did something wrong "I was thirsty.." She says in an attempt to defend herself, pointedly avoiding saying that she was supposed to feed from Sae with adult supervision.

Flandre knows perfectly well what she did! She's just making excuses!

To make matters worse, this is the time when none other than the wayward Mayumi comes into view.

Normally, another person entering the area would be no problem fro Flandre, but she seems to take particular exception to this woman in particular.

"Hnngg!!" The girl visibly winces and shrinks away from her. "You smell awful!" Cries out the vampire.

Of course, Flandre being an undead and wholly evil feels greatly repelled by the holy magical girl that vanishes evil spirits.

Sae stammers as Sil continues to press her on what 'yuri' things are. "I-I-I..sometimes they umm..kiss and stuff..", shaking her head in such a way that says 'please don't ask anymore!'. And now Sil's stopping her from seeing Flan! Weird! Things must be okay though, since Sil's still smiling. Sae smiles right back at her, then over at Flandre. While the two of them talk, she even starts patting Sil's head, gently scritching the top of the priestess's head, oblivious to the seething rage(?) that's just beneath the surface.

As Flan's not too forthcoming with it, Sae chimes in "Oh oh! We weren't supposed to feed without adult super-vision! But don't worry Sil-Sil! It didn't hurt at all and I was a-okay! And now you're here! And Flan's here! So you can watch! Siiides, she looks SUPER thirsty!". Sae's totally sticking up for her Flandre, even if it's mostly because Flan gives her bajillions of cuddles after feeding! And she wants some cuddles! "Uuu! Hiya Miss!" the schoolgirl waves at Mayumi! "Haven't met you yet! I'm Sae!"

Silencia nods smilingly at Mayumi's words. "I'm glad you're doing well, to be honest, I was a little bit worried when I didn't see you around. I hope you didn't have troubles with the recent Xenomorph attacks? You should be careful, we still don't know where they come from..."

Aand now her attention returns to Flandre, Silencia doesn't seem to be happy with Flandre's answer. "I don't remember asking if you were thirsty, Flandre." Her tone turns icy cold while she keeps her smile on her face. "I was asking what promise you had made me." Of course Sae interrupts with her usual antics, but Silencia's focus never falters. "It's not about whether it hurt or not, Sae. Now please, go sit with Mayumi over there. She is a pretty magical girl and she is very nice. You'll like her." Silencia releases the schoolgirl to go sit with Mayumi, shooting her friend a look that says that she should keep Sae there. Silencia then crosses her arms and tilts her head while looking at Flandre. "Now Flandre, tell me. What did you do wrong?"

Mayumi arches her brow at Flandre then glances at Silence with a "huh?" expression. Lukily for the vampire Mayumi has calmed down a lot since she first arrived in Twisted. In those earlier days she might well have thought seriously about banishing the undead to where it belonged. But seeing as Sil is talking to it and it is doing no harm, she just smirks. As long as there is no trouble she will keep her demon banishing powers to herself. Biting back laughter May turns a smile to Sae. "I'm Mayumi. It's nice to meet you. And hello you to you, too... Flan, is it?" Tilting her head she glances between the two children(?) and then opens her arms to Sae, indicating that the girl should join her by sitting on her lap. Whatever Flan did to piss Sil off must have been pretty bad. "Whose reading yuri?" she asks. "My cousins love it, but I was always more of yaoi fan myself." Her arms drape about Sae, in a friendly, but firm manner. She isn't getting away easily.

Flandre is starting to resemble a cornered animal the more Silencia presses the issue. Crimson eyes glow red and she lowers her head as if she were getting ready to pounce. Silencia might notice that the vampire's nails have grown a little sharper as have her fangs, sure tell signs of a vampire getting ready to attack.

And yet, she doesn't act on those animal instincts. Much like Mayumi, being in Twisted for long has changed Flandre considerably. Before, she wouldn't have given a second thought of ripping the uppity priestess to shreds and feast on her blood. Or worse, make a thrall out of her like she has done to Sae. But Flandre knows if she flips a lid now she'll terrify Sae and she doesn't wish that for her friend.

Its not pride that makes this hurt, Flandre has no concept of that either. Its the fact that she doesn't appreciate being scolded by what whom she considers food.

The girl scowls some more, red eyes staring at Mayumi with burning jealousy as she touches Sae, whom she considers her property. Like an irritated little girl seeing another girl playing with her favorite doll.

"I was thirsty!" Flandre repeats her childish excuse. "Am.. thirsty.." Then this one becomes more desperate. "Let me.. drink from Sae.. I need it.." Suddenly, Flandre is looking mighty ill. As if she were in the verge of collapsing.

Sae often gets lost in cute things, to the point that she's barely even noticing the scolding Flan's getting. So as Sil 'sics' her on Mayumi, she gives a happy "Okay~!" and rushes into the girl's arms, giving her a big hug, giggling, squeezing, then giggling again! "Ma-yu-miii~! That's a cute name!". Hopping onto Mayumi's lap, she wiggles to get extra comfy, then leans back into the girl. "WAIT! Yaoi!? That stuffs cute tooooo! Yuri-stuffs are even cuter though, so I like that lots more! Tons of kissies and cuteness and love-loves! Boys tend to be all tough and rawry and stuff, and that's not so cute!".

Sae notices Mayumi's not letting her go, but for now she just thinks it's the girl giving her a great big hug! She even comments "Mayumi Mayumi! You give some really good hugs! It's nice!". At least, it's nice until she see's her Flandre looking all crummy and sick! Sae very much likes Flandre, and not just because she's been turned into the vampire's thrall! She's cute and funny and silly and gives the bestest of cuddles! So she tries to wiggle out of Mayumi's grasp!

Of course, she can't! But what she lacks in strength, she makes up for in..cuteness? Peering at Sil with big, wide doe eyes, shimmering, then pushing out her lower lip. She's pouting. Like, REALLY pouting. "Siiiil! Miss Flan's gotta feed! Pleaasssssse? Look how sick she is!"

Mayumi notices the looks she gets from Flandre and she understands, but it doesn't matter. "Thank you, Sae," she responds to the compliment about her name. Though whether Sae registers the response at she couldn't say. All the bouncing is treated with the same tolerance one would give to a toddler and May even goes so far as to rest her chin on Sae's head. So much chatter and most it in a single breath. Wait, is Sae breathing? She has to be in order to speak like that. So adorable. Not going to win her over into releasing her, but a really good try nonetheless. "I'll let you go when Sil says it all right. Flan will be fine for a few minutes. Now, why don't you tell me more about cute yuri girls. Do you like magical girls?" One of the reasons she absolutely stays away from yuri. It's creepy seeing people who are supposed to be like you being quite so cute and... well cute.

Silencia does notice the change in Flandre, but does not back down. Even if the situation might be getting dangerous, Flandre needs someone to put her on the right path. Being the motherly type, Silencia is the one who takes that role upon herself. No matter the price. Silencia slowly steps closer to Flandre, her arms uncrossing. "Thirsty this, thirsty that. I don't know if you've noticed, but you're starting to make a habit out of not answering my questions. I don't really like that, no one does." As the tone of the vampire grows desperate, Silencia reaches out and gently holds Flandre, supporting the weakening vampire. She uses one hand to lift Flandre's chin, forcing the girl to look her in the eye. "I know you need it, but I need you to understand something. And I will not allow you to drink from Sae without understanding it. Now, what did you do wrong, Flandre?" Her tone is calm, so very calm but also very cold. She ignores the pleas from Sae, the girl giving her full attention to Flandre. "Well? Are you going to answer me, Flan?"

The situation will no doubt turn dangerous. When Flandre Scarlet is involved, there is always danger. It is most certainly the reason why Asato and Ren decided to make themselves scarce, fleeing is the smart choice when dealing with this tiny terror.

Which just goes to show how utterly brave Silencia is. To approach a deranged Flandre like that and even lift her chin. The eyes that stare at Silencia back are not those of a 14 year old that Flandre resembles, they are eyes full of madness, bloodshot pools of violence, hatred, ravening hunger and chaos. Perhaps not unlike Morgana's own black pools when the frenzy still overwhelmed her. That is the curse of vampirism and no matter how adorable Flandre may appear at times, she can't truly hide the monster that she is.

Still, monster as she may be, she still wants to survive, and she recognizes the easy way out here.

She could flip a lid and destroy everything in her path and risk hurting Sae.

Or.. she could just apologize.

"Grrr.." The little girl growls, baring her fangs at Silencia, red eyes full of tears and hatred. As much as she dislikes the idea of appearing weak before her thrall, it looks like she has no choice.

"I.. drank.. without.. adult.. super-vision.."

"I'm.. sorry.."

Sae keeps pouting and wiggling in Mayumi's grasp until she realizes this really isn't going anywhere. Sil and Flan are doing their thing, and until they're done, she's trapped here! It's not so bad though. Not one bit! The chin-on-head thing is mega adorable, and Sae goes crosseyed trying to look upwards at Mayumi. And she gets to talk about yuri with someone! Eee! "Mhmhmmhmm! They're SUPER cute! They've got the prettiest outfits and super CUTE hair! Allota them are like Miss Rayne's hair! All colorful and stuffs! Is no fun when they get hurt though.." she frowns a little. "..but they're alway all better, so it's okay!".

Still dressed in her one-piece swimsuit, the school girl wiggles on Mayumi's lap even more, growing restless. She really does want to talk more about yuri-cutestuffs, but Flan's looking even worse now! She'd never seen her like that! 'Nnnnnn'ing loudly, she tries to push forward and free herself to go hug Flandre, but of course it's no good. Sae's an average teen age girl and easily the weakest person in Twisted. "Pleaaaasssse..she super needs me!". A loyal thrall to the end, Sae even starts kicking her legs back and forth like a child would, at least until she gets tired and calms down, giving Mayumi a big pout before looking back at Flan. Even though the girl's apoligizing, Sae doesn't think anything less of her! And it's not just because she's under the girl's spell! Flan's still the same cute, tough vampiress she was before! A

The look in Flandre's eyes does not strike fear in Silencia's heart, the priestess actually can't feel anything but pity for the vampire. Not because of the way she's obviously weakened from the thirst, but because one is not born with this kind of madness. Not even her vampiric nature explains for all of the madness within those eyes. It is something one developes while being treated terribly from an early age. Silencia gives a warm smile when the girl apologises. She even pets the vampire on the head while praising her. "Good girl, I'm proud of you for apologising!" That petting hand reaches down to grasp Flandre's cheek, her thumb gently wiping away a stray tear. "Don't cry now, you've been a big girl and you owned up to what you did! That takes strength!" Silencia knowingly ignores the hatred in Flandre's eyes, she was about to make it even worse. "I'm not going to let you drink from Sae today, Flandre." Silencia releases Flandre's cheek and smiles, the scolding tone completely gone. "I can see you care alot for Sae, but the way you are now will only end up hurting her, so I need to protect her until you learn what you need to learn. Are you willing to learn?" Silencia's demeanor is way too relaxed for the situation, it's as if she's ignorant of the danger she's facing! But she isn't, she knows exactly how dangerous Flandre is, but she's gambling on the slight chance that Flandre might have feelings for Sae that are more important than hunger.

Mayumi tightens her grasp just a bit to keep from being accidentally bruised by all the wiggles and squirms. With a bit of effort she manages to tuck her coffee off to one side to keep it from spilling over while still maintaining her hold on Sae. "So my hair isn't magical girl enough?" Mayumi asks while pretending to pout. Swinging her head makes her long dark hair move about. Though thick and luxurious it is plain when compared to Rayne's. "Does that mean I should dye it pretty colors?" When in doubt, use distraction tactics.

Upon hearing Sil's pronouncement that Flan will not be feeding Mayumi visibly winces. That is not a great idea. Not in any way. A hungry demon is ten times more dangerous because feeding is a basic needing. Control comes with time and in the case of vampires, regular feedings. With a loud sigh May 'tucks' Sae under one arm and draws the bone handle from its sheath at her side, letting the blade flare into a soft glow. Placing it against her wrist she lets a small trickle of blood begin to flow. "You cannot drink from Sae, Flan. But I will allow you to drink from me if you like. Enough to help you overcome the immediate hunger at least." She is far better equipped to deal with angry vampire than Sae. It is not that she does not trust Flan with Sae, but not wishing to cause damage and being able to stop yourself are very different.

Oh what now!??

Flandre apologized, so she really doesn't understand why Silencia isn't letting her drink. "Learn??" She hisses with barely restrained anger, tears pouring down her eyes and trailing down her cheeks even as Sil wipes away one. They are not petty tears. Those are the sign of a hunger so maddening that Flandre can't really think straight. In naught but a few moments she won't recognize friend from foe and not even her love for Sae would keep her from unleashing her demonic powers upon the world.

"I already know how to feed." She declares with her light grasp on sanity slowly slipping away by the second. "What else.. would you have me learn..?"

She turns to Sae who is still being restrained by Mayumi, extending a hand of longing towards her thrall. "Sae.. I need you.." She says pleadingly only to turn away when Mayumi offers herself to be drained. The vampire hissing as the magical girl's very presence repels her.

"No! Your blood smells bad!" Pesky holy magics getting in her way. Flandre's tongue would probably burn if she were to drink Mayumi raw.

At first, Mayumi's distraction goes just as planned! "Awwww! You could dye it, but it's still SUPER pretty still! Either way you're really nice! Promise!", those pouts clearly affecting Sae more than the opposite is true. Meyumi's cute, and Sae can't stand to let her think otherwise!

But there's one thing the loyal girl can't stand for even more, and that's a Flandre crying! The look of desperation and sadness on the vampire's face gives Sae a strength she didn't think she had, pulling hard at the hug around her. It's still less than what most people could do, but it's enough that if she keeps it up it'll probably hurt herself from the strain. "Siiiiiiil! You've gotta let her feed! You've gotta you've gotta! You're hear to make sure we're both nice and stuff and stuffs! So is Mayumi! If anything goes wrong you can stop it!", pleading with the priestess. Sae's usually a calm, happy girl, but seeing the vampire she loves bunches -not to mention one who's begun to enthrall her!- suffering so much hits her heart like she couldn't believe.

Silencia's smile fades away, the girl's expression one of sadness as she watches the young girl be tormented. She reaches up with both her hands and wipes Flandre's cheeks dry, her hands remaning on the vampire's cheeks as she speaks. "You cannot have her until you properly learn what she is, Flandre." Silencia sighs and smiles again, this smile a slightly sad one. "You can feed from me for now, but you should carefully think about what exactly Sae is for you before your thirst acts up again. Allow me to give you a hint, she is not food. Look at her." Silencia gestures toward the desperately struggling Sae. "Look how much she cares for you. Food and toys are not able to do that, you know?" Silencia offers her wrist to Flandre, looking the girl in the eye as she does, the look in her eyes showing the determination of the priestess. "You've been kept a child for too long. It is time for you to grow."

Mayumi nods her head in understanding. It makes sense that her blood wouldn't be all that appealing, but at least she offered. Painful as it is to watch May completely understands where Silencia is going with her words. She cannot help but agree with them as well. Despite being a food source, Sae is also Flan's friend at the very least. Though it would seem that there might be more to the relationship. The question in Mayumi's mind has to do with Flan's capability to feel anything like friendship or love; anything besides the need to feed and the satisfaction of being full. Her arms tighten a bit more around Sae, keeping her close and rocking with the movements as best she can to keep them both safe.

Silencia's words ring true within Flandre as do Sae's.

Never in all of her existence had Flandre had a thrall that have.. loved her? Toys, and food, and playthings, that's all that humans were to her and though she made sure they were happy in their servitude, they were all heavily charmed or worse.

"What she is.." Flandre repeats Silencia's words with a shuddering whisper. Somewhere inside her she knows what the priestess is talking about, though that sensation cannot yet push through the murky depths of Flandre's broken mind.

Whereas a normal person can think clearly, Flandre's every thought is foggy at best, erratic, unfocused. Its a struggle to her to even function normally.

But there are times like this where she has an epiphany. Pushed by hunger, Silencia's understanding and Sae's undying loyalty.

For a fraction of a second, Flandre pushes through the darkness and acts her age.

"For four hundred and ninety five years I've known nothing but darkness." Her eyes twitch in visible pain. Her childish nature is in part willing, every time Flandre acts her age she becomes fully aware of the solitude that she experienced and the thoughts hurt her.

"Four hundred and ninety five years of -nothing-." She shudders.

"But.. if you and Sae think I can overcome that.. then.. I can.. try.."

Try yes, but in order to do that she first has to feed.

There's no more talking for now. Silencia offered and that's enough for Flandre to act on her instincts.

Thing but monstrously powerful arms snake around Silencia and Flandre licks the priestess' neck, trailing numbing saliva across her skin.

As she does, she arches Silencia's back slightly so she can have good leverage on the slightly taller girl. Right before digging her sharp fangs into the girl's skin and drinking her succulent blood.

As she does this though, those red eyes of hers are focused on Sae. As if promising the girl she'll be doing to her what she's doing to Silencia now.

Sae really does love Flan! And it's coming from a true place, not one of brainwashing and thrallship. The girl's so cute and nice and cuddly, not to mention strong enough to beat up whatever monsters that might wish to prey on Sae. Thankfully, the diaster seems to be averted, Flandre's not going grow ill, and she's going to feed. Even if it's not on her, it's still good!

That said, when she watches the vampiress she adores feeding on Sil, it's almost erotic. She whimper softly, fidgeting with a blush, watching where her lips connect with Sil's neck. It's so weird. Like she's watching Flandre kiss someone! But those eyes let her know all's well. Before long Flandre will be back feeding on her, all adorable and cute and (to the ever-affectionate girl that Sae is!) more than a bit romantic. "Awww..phew..I was super worried about you for a sec Flan!"

Mayumi isn't sure if she ought to be blushing with watching Flan feed. It is rather erotic, but at the same time her instincts pull at her to stop it. The whole thing makes her skin feel tight. A shiver goes down her back as she keeps her hold on Sae until the feeding is done. Only when Sil is safely away from sharp teeth does she release the girl in her lap. Even then she keeps a wary eye for trouble caused by jeal... Never mind. Rolling her eyes she grabs her bag and coffee, then slips an arm about Silencia to help the girl up. "Come on, Sil. Let's leave these two alone for a bit and get you home to rest. Bye ladies."

As Flandre shows her true self, tormented by darkness and loneliness for so long, Silencia feels a stab in her heart. Her heart weeps for the poor little vampire girl. Silencia reaches out to pull Flandre into a hug, her warmth enveloping the one accustomed to the cold of darkness. "You will break free of that darkness and when you do, we will all be there with you to celebrate..." Silencia had lucky timing, as Flandre had grabbed her right after Silencia hugged her, so even during the feeding, Sil keeps hugging. She tries her best not to show any reaction as she feels the odd sensation of her blood leaving her so quickly. Finally it ends and Silencia stumbles back, her expression a bit dazed. She shakes her head and leans lightly on Mayumi. "Yeah... rest..." The priestess glances at Flandre one last time, giving her a little wink. "No feeding from Sae until you understand!"

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