2016-03-19 (PostU) Singing in the Night

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Singing in the Night

Summary: Rayne arrives at the park and interrupts Casdy's song and show.

Who: Casdy, Rayne
When: March 19th, 2016
Where: Nowhereto Park


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Night has fallen, and Cas' has been enjoying a time when few, if anyone, would be at the park. Here, by the fountain, she has animated the water to perform for her. Well shaped figures of a man and woman dancing The Waltz, swaying to their own beat... ...one that is not at all akin to the sounds of music she has mustered. Using a spell known as 'Ghost Sound', she has filled the air with percussion (a drum set), strings (A non electric guitar), a piano, and on the occasion, a flute. While the spell plays the sounds in perfect harmony, it is she who provides the words. "Eye to eye they met that day. Hand in hand they walked that way. Heart to heart they chose to stay. Heart in heart for forever, and a day." Her voice. for the moment, is not held back in the usual low and whispered tone she usually is known for having. ...Rather, it is loud and clear...and her true voice, a bit high pitched.

There's a flash of light near the fountain and when it subsides, Rayne is there in her newer armor. She lets out a sigh and takes a step. Really, though, she's halfway through that when she, of course, notices the water and music show going on around her. "What the-" she lets out before covering her mouth, not wanting to interrupt whatever is going on. No, she doesn't recognize the voice... not even she has heard Casdy singing like this before.

"That day has come to be. A new beginning for the world to see. He will always be there for her. What-ever is wrong, he will find the cure. She will always treasure their love, and start each day with a glance up above. They will thank the gods each day, as I am sure they shall look down and say..." As she sings this more water leaves the fountain, and adds to the scene as it changes... A wedding, of course. Leaving the temple doors, and the happy couple getting pelted with rice, bubbles, and other forms of happiness. As she is about to head into the chorus, her eyes look over to see her owner....her dearest friend. A look of 'I have been caught!' crosses her face. Her ears go straight up, twitch a small bit, as does her tail. With her attention now on Rayne, the 'Ghost Sound' ends, and the music stops. As for the water, she maintains control over it, and forms it all into a tightly woven ball that hovers around her. "...!!"

Rayne blinks and looks around, frowning as suddenly everything stops. "S....Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt," she looks rather sheepish, and kind of ducks, moving a bit away before realizing who the particular cat-girl here is. Hey, it's dark, she's allowed to not recognize her at first, especially when cat-people are strangely becoming a little more common. "...Casdy?" As usual, Rayne doesn't use their link for confirmation of any sort, still rather distasteful of what it represents to her.

Casdy sends the water back to the fountain. Afterwards, she cups her hands before herself, and softly whispers, "As gentle as the winds of the elder plains, come now and light our way through night's darkest flames." Suddenly, countless orbs of light, each the size of a base-ball, and each a different color, rise up and surround the area, spanning a good 35-60 foot circular area. The light they emit is more than enough to a 'normal' human desirable light to see by. "Yes." she then answers with a bow. As she leans forward, her tail lifts straight up behind her, curling at the top, to maintain balance.

Rayne sits down on the edge of the fountain and smiles to the cat-girl. "Why don't you sing like that more often? You actually seemed embarrassed by it, I'd say. Taking a break from your..." she frowns, trying to remember the word. "I want to say Arcanum, but I'm also pretty sure that's wrong, sorry. Memorium? Hrm." She shakes her head. "Project, we'll go with that. My own project has gone relatively well, but it's a bit more mundane than yours."

Casdy giggles softly. Her eyes stay softened as she slips her hands behind her back. "...I needed too." she responds. "I used to sing all of the time." she further responds. "...my former master ordered me to stop, however. He claimed it 'senseless'." A sudden mew, and she sinks her head down, and darts her eyes side to side. ....almost as if she expected something. Recalling where she is, she is quick to relax, and regain the soft look upon her face. As for what she expected... ...Her sister, Tal'Rani, would have surely hit her for even quoting the idea of her former master on the act of singing.

"Well, I thought it was lovely," says Rayne as she stands up again, walking over to Casdy. She pauses a moment before... in her usual overly cautious manner, reaching over skritch behind Casdy's ears. Nope... she is still not used to doing that yet. At this rate, it seems unlikely that she ever will. "We all need breaks from time to time." She pauses again, laughing at waht she just said. "And I need to heed my own advice more often. I've been working myself ragged lately."

Casdy leans in to the scritching and purrs softly. "When I was little, it is how I would 'see'. I could hear my voice bouncing off of objects." She then nods an agreement, and gestures at, what she believes is armor on Rayne. A cold, grey form over her body, shrouding most of her life-force. "I can not see your armor, per say.. I just see something unliving around you... Something thick... Clothing has wholes, smaller than what the eyes can see... ...Clothing allows the spirit to shine brightly. Armor, not so much..."

Rayne blinks and looks down. "Oh... s-sorry, yeah... But I'm not... I don't...." She takes a deep breath before continuing again. "We've been having problems with some creatures, and I... haven't been feeling the safest of late. I never even considered how armor could block your sight...

Casdy giggles, and shakes her head. "Not block." she says softly, "I see non living things as 'shadows' in the dark. To me, it looks like a human shadow is wrapped around you." Her eyes look upward, and she explains, "The trees glow with spirit energy... A lovely silver hue. The animals within, smarter and stronger, show as a bronze-ish hue. Humans show as a golden to platinum hue, based on the strength of the human." Her eyes look at Rayne, and she reaches to brush her hand softly against the girl's cheek. "You have a rare hue... Soft white. It shows the care, and love that you have towards your friends, and the devotion you place on protecting people." As she brings her hand back, she brings back a 'trace' of soft white energy. An illusion, just to show what it is she sees. but, by no means is this Rayne's spiritual energy...It is just an illusion. The soft white light dissipates, and the cat-girl smiles as she relaxes her hand at her side. "Please know... ...Seeing this glow about you is something I respect. It shows much about you... ...but, it will never show what you truly look like. I would need a different spell for that...

Rayne flinches slightly with a sharp intake of breath as Casdy brushes her hand against her cheek. Hey, she is improving! "I, uh, um. Yeah... I've been told I'm all sorts of things since I've come. Sometimes I feel like other people can see what I am better than I ever could." She then frowns. "Even if I'd rather they didn't, in some cases. What do you see? Fire, from my phoenix heritage?" She then pauses a moment. "Something else from my latent draconic?" She then tilts her head. "What kind of spell would you need?

Casdy smiles, "...I have used it before. True Sight. I used it at the beach before." Though she maintains a smile as warm as a summer breeze, her ears flatten down into her hair, a uncontrollable cat reflex, showing some dismay or sadness, "I can't hold the spell for long." she then says softly. "...An hour, maybe two..." she then makes a guess. "...longer, if I had better materials." she then muses. She then shakes her head, and her ears flicker back up, "...I can see all I need to see." she then chimes, "...Spirit sight is a natural spell for me, and requires no reagent."

Rayne says, "Oh, I see now." No, she doesn't seem to realize the pun. "You can't make the illusion right without being able to see it." She skritches at the flattened ears, trying to cheer the neko-jin up. "What better materials would you need? Maybe I can get my hands on some, you never know, right?"

Casdy shakes her head, and then looks back up into the trees, "This sight is best for me." she whispers. "With it, I can see anything within the darkness where no-one else can." Her eyes now look back at Rayne, and then back up into the trees, "I do not need my sight to see the beauty of a person... ...The sound of their voice, the warmth of their 'light', and the heart that they show... ...that is the beauty that matters." Her eyes then blink a few times, and then she allows her eyes to look upon Rayne, "Mis...err...Rayne.. ...shouldn't you be resting?? It is late... Rest is good for your health." Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!! ....then again, she is a magical creature, and designed to only need sleep occasionally.

Rayne pulls her hand back and groans. "Uuuugh. Yes, I should, probably. Truth be told I've had some sleeping problems lately...." She sighs. "But you're right. I should be at least trying to sleep."

Casdy reaches down into her pocket, and pulls from it a single small stone. The stone emits a soft ringing sound... ...one that starts to lul some of the nearby pests (small bugs like moths, and what-not) straight into slumber. "It is called a singing stone. For humans, and cat-kin, we uncover one when we wish to sleep. It is said to ease the mind, and make it easier to rest... ...On smaller, weaker creatures, it just puts them straight to sleep."

Rayne peers at the small stone, a slight frown on her face that is quickly obscured with a yawn. "Ease the mind.... hopefully it'll keep the nightmares at bay, then..." She then winces as she realizes she said that one out loud. This is followed by a sigh. Too late now on that.

"....Nightmares?" questions Casdy. .o O ( ...an attack? ...or memories?? ...When my Zaria is finished... I will have an answer. ) she ponders. A look of determination, as well as a twitching tail, are as clear to see about her as the shine of the full moon. Even the rest of her fur on her arms, neck, and legs stands up a bit. ....who would attack her friend?!

Rayne groans, loathe to explain it. "There these things... Xenomorphs, they're called, that have been attacking from time to time. Nasty blighters, really, acidic blood, stealthy, claws, two mouths.... one inside the other... But... it's the little ones that are really scary." She shudders. "From the reports I've read, they... try to lay eggs inside their victims. And I... really narrowly avoided that." She shudders again.

"The Singing Stone should promote good dreams. Its magical essence is made from the tears of the Goddess, Lyria..." Casdy smiles, and rocks on her paws a bit, "...it is said, that she used to cry tears of happiness... ...That they would harden and fall upon the lands of Theozia. They became Singing Stones." Folding her arms over her chest, she looks at Rayne with a smile. Her eyes then look back into the trees, and her gaze hardens, .o O ( I MUST finish my Zaria. If something happens to her, I will need its help to make things right. With it, a simple parasite can be driven out, killed, and prevented.... ....easily. ...I.... ....should have been working on it. )

Rayne says, "May I... borrow it for a few nights? Just to.... get my sleeping back under control, caught up so I don't need quite so much coffee during the day." She frowns, hating to ask for this kind of help... But knowing she really could use it."

Casdy smiles as she reaches for Rayne's hand, "I have another. Keep this one. A gift." Once the stone is encased in the palm of Rayne's hand, and her hand closed around it, the singing stops. Well, she did say it would only sing when exposed. After this, she summons her leash, and tugs it, "...I am always near." she says to her, trying to help ease her mind. She then dismisses her leash, and takes a step back. Darkness reaches out of the shadow of a tree, and wraps around her, leaving only her features to be seen, "...I will return to my Zaria. It is almost finished." she whispers.

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