2016-03-19 - Tiny Undead Terrors

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Tiny Undead Terrors

Summary: Flandre and Doommuffin, the shortest undead in Twisted, meet for the first time.

Who: Doommuffin, Flandre, Sae
When: March 19th, 2016
Where: Zeku-Kari Beach


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Yesterday was a very interesting day. It's not often than someone abruptly challenges like that and gets to live to tell the tale. What's more, no one had actually challenged her before without the use of brute force. Flandre was not infallible, she had lost in a fight before against Reimu and Marisa in legitimate danmaku matches. However, being talked down by Silencia was definitely a first.

It felt weird more than anything. Flandre wasn't even mad with the priestess since in the end she had allowed her to drink her blood. The vampire was simply beginning to learn that there is more in her existence than wrath and fury.

Deciding to turn a new leaf, rather than spend the entire weekend wallowing in some dark corner of Twisted being tormented by her own maddening thoughts, she decided to go out to the beach again with her friend Sae!

Flandre has her own red one piece bathing suit today and she's happily making a sand castle along with her thrall.

Dressed in her school swimsuit -a simple dark blue one piece-, Sae giggled as she and her vampiric Master made some adorable sand castles together! Sure, Sae was Flandre's thrall, but to any onlooker they just looked like a pair of children giggling and playing at the beach together! Which wasn't terribly far from the truth, so far as the schoolgirl's concerned.

"Flan Flan! Do you think you can be all sneaky and feed from me today? Miss Sil was SUPER not-nice not letting you drink from me last night! Not to mention it made me feel super.." she blushes, fidgeting, completely ignorant of the words to describe the different emotions watching Flandre feed from another, especially since it looked so intimate! She felt happy and content since Flandre was getting her much needed blood; but a slight tinge of jealousy too. And some other, more new emotions to the girl. It was all so "..weird watching you feed from Sil-Sil! I dunno how to describe it!".

That said, Sae's clearly not bothered by it in any meaningful way, just shrugging and giggling again as she gives her castle-walls kitty faces, because that's totally historically accurate!

A few hundred yards up the beach, in that small, makeshift-looking metal shack, that annoying banging noise like a hammer on metal has finally stopped! In its place can now be heard a high pitched voice... but in the distance, it's difficult to make out. It sounds like it might be echoey in that shack, though. Unfortunately that repetitive loud sound is soon replaced by more consistent loud sound, this one sounding like a high pitched whine, and it's even louder. Before long, this sound is joined by what sounds like a constant explosion, a sound that heralds what looks like a horizontal plume of flame shooting out the side of the shack that faces away from the sea. What the heck is going on over there?

Flandre's winsome expression turns to concern when Sae suggests she feeds from her later whilst Silencia isn't looking. "I don't know." She frowns a little, biting her lower lip with her sharp fangs, though surprisingly she doesn't draw blood from herself doing it. Guess she must be used to the sharpness of her own teeth.

"I don't want to antagonize Miss Silencia more." The girl scowls a little whilst still kneeling on the sand. "She.. reminds me too much of my sister. Always with that attitude that she knows better and stuff.." A sigh and a little clench of her fist follows her annoyed expression only to turn to Sae as she mentions that Silencia had been mean. If even Sae recognizes it then she should too.

"Yeah, she was super mean to us wasn't she? It wasn't like I didn't know what I was doing? Miss Morgana taught me how to feed and I don't need no stinking grown ups telling me what to do! I'm a big girl now!" Yes! Flandre stands up and gets a more resolute look to her eyes. "You're right, Sae! I should totally feed from you when I want! That's what a true vampire lord would do!"

And it seems that fate would challenge Flandre's new proclamations as a flames and loud noises begin to be heard from a shack nearby. "What's that noise?" The vampire girl turns abruptly to the creepy shack further down the beach. She instinctively moves in front of Sae to protect the human girl. "Stay behind me, Sae. It could get scary!"

Sae frowned a little at first. It looked like Flan was going to listen to Sil! That's no good! Well, sometimes at least. And this was one of those times! Sure, Sil had every right to be worried about Sae given that she's just a normal human girl and Flandre was a centuries old vampie, but she knew in her heart that Flandre wouldn't ever hurt her! She'd already seen the girl restrain herself for the sake of the younger one, and trusted Flandre beyond all measure!

But then Flandre agrees! "Mhm mhm! You should! I'll talk to Miss Sil and see if I can't get her to calm down about that stuffs. I trust you bunches and know we like each other bunches, so I'm totally a-okay-safe!", grinning wide, then giving Flan a hug.

Sae's startled and jumps right out of that hug though when the noises get so darn loud, quickly going to hug Flandre from behind. "O-okay! Behind you! That looks super scary and evil and eeeeep! But..but..You can kick butt!",. That doesn't stop her from holding onto the back of Flandre's one piece though, pinching the material as a sort of hand hold to keep her close to the vampire wherever she walks.

And right they are to be concerned! The sound of creaking metal can be heard, and then FOOM!! Something goes shooting out of the shack and flies off into the sea, propelled by that long lick of flame that was before pointed out the opposite side of the shack. After a few seconds, it crashes into the waves and explodes spectacularly, but at a safe distance. A rather short woman with green hair in twin ponytails, a set of overly-complicated goggles, and skull adorned armor steps out the shack and looks out to sea with a look of... joy on her face? Did she consider that a success?

Concerned, yes, but not scared. Flandre has spent far too much time living in fear and ignorance to shrink away from loud noises and explosions. Particularly not now when she actually has someone to defend!

As the ball of fire rises into the air and sails towards the ocean, little Flandre who's even a few inches shorter than Sae, extends her arm to her sides in order to shield the human girl better. She also summons her Laevateinn staff to her hand and the weapons crackles with burning energy, getting ready to fight if its necessary.

The appearance of a short woman with green hair is nothing short of surprising though, that was certainly something that Flandre didn't expect at all.

"Hm, weird." She astutely says to Sae. "She smells.. like me." Continues Flandre as even from this distance she can smell the familiar aura of undeath upon the gnome girl.

"What do you think, Sae? Should I blow her up?"

Sae yelps as the thing goes hissing through the air, then explodes into the water, crouching down behind the protective Flandre, just barely peeking over her shoulder. "Was..was that fireworks?" she questions. "Maybe umm..maybe they're just trying to make pretty explosion and stuff..?", voice shakey, like she hopes that's all whoever's in the shack is up to. But Flandre's confidence, the fiery energy coming from Flandre's staff, it all comes together to keep the girl calm inside, knowing the vampire will be there to protect her from whatever's inside...

..Which just happens to be some kind of gnome..? WHAT?! Sae utterly misses the point of 'smelling like me', not realizing the green haired girl's some sort of undead creature. "Flandre Flandre! Nooo! I mean look at her! Look look! She's ever shorter than us! Like a teddy bear! Maybe we can hug her! And take her home! Oh gosh oh gosh, we've gotta say hi!". The burst of enthusiasm is dampened as the first ripples from the explosion hit the shore, reminding Sae of just what was happening TEN SECONDS EARLIER. She's easily distracted by cute!

"I mean..ummm..if she tries to blow us, then mhm! But only if she does!"

The blue glow from the goggles on the gnome woman turns off and back on again rather quickly.... almost like blinking. She turns her head towards the two watching her and tilts her head. She then turns back to the shack, re-entering it for a moment before returning with a rather large - at least for her - sword that is just as, frankly, evil looking as her armor. She is also followed by a vaguely cat-like mechanical beast in blue, white, and gold paint. And they're walking towards the two!

Flandre tilts her head when Sae suggests that the fiery explosion could have been fireworks. "Maybe." Honestly, Flandre herself isn't too smart about these things. After all, she may be hundreds of years old, but she spent nearly all of those years locked in a dark room. She knows next to nothing about the outside world, much less the oddities of Twisted, even if she has been here for a relative long time.

The vampire girl does understand some things though. She understands how to 'play the game' and she understand the concept of ownership. When Sae points out that DM looks small enough to be taken home, Flandre flashes a pleased, fanged grin. "I like that idea." Of course she would! More toys to play with! "Let's see if she wants to come home to play."

Ah, but perhaps this one might take some convincing first. Flandre peers at the large sword and the robot cat, and then the gnome takes the initiative by starting walking towards them! This could be interesting.

"Stay here." Flandre orders Sae. "If we start fighting, hide."

The vampire girl then floats in the air, carried off her feet by her crystalline wings and flies slowly towards the direction of the approaching gnome.

She lands a few feet away from her as she pointedly bars the path to her human thrall, not feeling inclined to let someone whom she views as another vampire get the opportunity to steal her primary food source away from her.

Flandre tilts her head and says nothing. Merely staring at DM and her cat with blood red eyes. The magical flames on her staff crackling with subdued power for now.

Given how much she's quivering at the sight of that big sword, Sae's clearly not made out to be a fighter! So Flandre's little order is something she nods her head to at least a dozen times really quick! "Mhmhmmhhmm! P-please be careful..she's got a big-weird looking kitty with her! It's two versus one and that's no fair!".

Fidgeting in place, Sae, slowly sneaks along behind Flandre, making sure to keep a safe distance. Though she's really afraid, the girl can't help but sate her curiosity! Yeah, the gnome's got a sword...but she's also got green hair! GREEN HAIR! Like a magical girl from one of her cute books, or a like Miss Rayne! And she's got a robo-kitty! "If..if she's nice..maybe I can pet her kitten.." she mumbles, peering around at the gnome's eyes, at least where she assumes they'd be given the goggles on her head. She gives the little one a nervous wave, seeing if she's friendly enough to wave back!

Doommuffin stops walking as Flandre takes to the air, looking up and watching as the little vampire comes in for a landing in front of her. "Hello, little San'Layn," she greets almost darkly with her strange, echoey but high-pitched voice. Yeah. She doesn't look the slightest bit intimidated by Flandre... on the other hand, her sword is still mounted on her back, so she's not really acting threatening herself. In fact, her voice quickly returns to what is, to her, her normal, friendlier sounding tone of voice. "I don't believe I've had the pleasure of making your acquaintance, San'Layn. I am known as Doommuffin, and this," she motions up towards the felinoid robot, "Is Deathcake, my associate." The robot cat, which is as tall as Flandre at the shoulder.... meows. It's rather strange sounding, actually. It's a little creepy, slightly echoey much like his master. But other than that, it sounds very much like a normal housecat. A siamese, if you can tell the difference.

Though Flandre has never been called by that title before, blood drinkers have a knack of recognizing when they are being addressed even across dimensions. Flandre's broken mind doesn't need to recognize that word. Her black heart does that for her, and she instantly seems to know that DM recognizes her for what she is. An excellent way to start things off.

Suddenly, Flandre no longer considers this gnome as a threat, for she has whispered the dark greetings and thus explained that she too is one of the children of the night.

"Hello!" Flandre chirps happily, far less formal than the gnome. The girl only recognizes DM as one of her kin like a wolf recognizes on of its pack, in her mind she's still very much a kid though.

"I'm Flandre. A pleasure." She says those well practiced words that her older sister had made her recite in the event she encountered polite strangers. The vampire girl then grins at the robotic cat. "He's a pretty one." Continues the vampire.

"Come, let me show you my pet." Presumably Flandre means Sae by that and she whirls around leading DM back where the human girl is.

Sae listens in on what the two of them are saying from a moderate distance, occasionally pushing up onto her tiptoes to try and get a better look at the two new little things, gnome and 'kitten'. Given how pure she is -despite being a thrall, the girl managed to maintain plenty of innocence and love for cute things!-, the words don't register in either her heart nor in her mind, but the fact that Flandre seems to be okay with this all makes her let out a big sigh.

"Was so worried Miss Flandre would have to beat up a bunch of cute peoples.." shaking her head at such a thought. Then Flandre addresses her, and she tilts her head. Pet? Oh! That's me! Pet! She giggles and runs over, giving a 'curtsy' to Doommuffin, though she's dressed in a one piece like Flandre, so it's just a mock gesture. "Hiya Miss! I'm Miss Flandre's thrall and pet and.." she peters off, then looks towards vampire and back at DM. "..stuff.", gulping softly. "It's nice to meet you! Can I umm..pet your kitten, maybe?", bending her knees to drop to the feline thing's level.

Doommuffin raises a green eyebrow as Flandre refers to a human as a 'pet'. "Interesting. You consider one of the living to be a pet? I could understand if she were a lesser undead such as a ghoul, zombie, abomination or some other such creature. Had you tried something of this nature within the world of my own origin, you likely would have been considered a threat that those of my natural race and their allies, who are in fact still considered my own allies despite my no longer being upon said world. I would be rather careful about being open about that sort of relationship between you and your... friend here, as I would presume most people in our current locale would be rather averse to such wording, perhaps even violently so." That was said way too quickly. It's a good thing she no longer needs to breathe. "You would have been destroyed on mine," she says darkly once more, and she holds her gaze on Flandre for a moment before turning to Sae and cheerfully saying, "Of course you can! He's not exactly as fluffy as he was when he was still alive, though. Cold steel is not nearly as pleasant to pet as fur to most individuals."

"She's my pet." Flandre states once more in pointed contrast to DM's verbose manner of speech. The vampire girl being so very naive in very different ways has a very simple way of communicating. Very short and to the point and often times almost sounding rude by how blunt she is.

"I marked her." Another claim of ownership as if that's all she needs to say in order to excuse her actions.

"In your world, mine, or this one. If someone where to try and take her away from me."

"I will break them."

And to demonstrate a point she points to a palm tree off in the distance.

Nothing happens, save for the fact that DM will feel a sharp discharge of magic suddenly.

And the palm tree in the distance inflates as if it were a balloon and EXPLODES into burning ashes.

"She's mine!" Cries Flandre again in her petulant childish way and clings to Sae's side, rubbing her cheek against her arm. "She's minemineminemine! And I love her!"

It's a very odd sight. One gets the sense that Flandre views Sae more like a very precious doll than a human being.

There's no way Sae's going to resist the chance to pet something new and cute! Even if it is kinda big and metallic! Giggling, she runs over to the steel feline and starts stroking back and forth on the bridge of her nose, humming contently to herself, even leaning in to rub her cheek on it. "Awwww! He's adorable!". She doesn't seem one bit phased by the lack of fur; he's a kitty and that's all that matters to Sae!

Turning to look at Flandre from over her shoulder, Sae continues to idly scritch under the big kitten's chin while she watches her speak and explode things, wincing at first, but knowing since it's Flan she's hardly in any danger!

"Mhm mhm! I'm all yours Flan-Flan.", leaning down to press firm, loud smooch to the girl's head. "Don't worry Flan! No one's gonna nab me! So there's no need to be all explode-y and stuff.", she giggles, kissing Flandre again and murmuring a "Lovelove youuuu!", smiling wide.

It might seem weird to DM that Sae's embraced her role so eagerly, and sure she is treated more like an object than a person sometimes, but Sae's seen the cracks in that from time to time enough to know that Flandre values her as more than just a plaything. It's not just the enthrallment that's caused her to be so loyal to the girl! She loves her back! Bunches! "Oh gosh oh gosh! Flan! Miss..person! Can I ride on top of your kitty sometime?"

Doommuffin glances at the tree as Flandre points at it, and whistles as the tree explodes. "Not bad, not bad at all. I can tell you would dispatch scores of their normal soldiers." She then raises an eyebrow at Sae's interaction with Flandre. "Huh. Well, I will not interfere at any rate. There are no human members of the Alliance here, after all, to throw orders around to the otherwise, let alone one sufficiently high ranking." Despite words indicating that she might have backed down from a threat... she still doesn't sound intimidated at all. While she doesn't seem to be particularly invested in what's going on at the moment, the same cannot be said the the robot cat, who is clearly enjoying the pettings. He is pushing his head into Sae's hand, eager to get more pettings! As the girl scritches under the robot's chin, the robot suddenly completely halts moving... but something oddly cold is now there at Sae's fingers, almost within the steel of the robot's head. The gnome, in the meantime, smiles at Sae. "Well, looks like you've made yourself a friend, little pet." She glances at Flandre again, then back to the human girl. "So long as I don't need Deathcake at the time and he lets you, I do not see the harm in allowing you to ride him." Well, no harm to Deathcake, at least. There's never a guarantee of safety around gnomish engineering, no matter what they tell you. "And my name is Doommuffin. Or, if you do not wish to call me by that, as many individuals seem to have difficulty addressing me as such for reasons unknown to myself, then you may call me DM as a nickname."

Flandre isn't directly threatening DM. After all, Flandre has viewed her as a fellow child of the night the moment she addressed her as a vampire. That show of strength is clearly to any other who would try to separate her from her precious thrall whom Flandre has become very attached to. It seems that Flandre herself doesn't even recognize DM as a threat either, because obviously vampires always stick together.

Naturally, that's not always the case, but Flandre is naive enough to assume such things.

Besides, she's far too busy cuddling with Sae and she giggles cheerfully when the girl smooches her forehead, kissing Sae's cheek right back. "Yay! Sae! I'm gonna drink you lots when we get back home, I promise!" That's.. some promise..

Sae asking if she can ride DK does remind Flandre of something though.

"Ooh! DM. Do you want to come to our home too? Then we can all hug together!"

Sae made the little gnome smile! And the kitty likes the pets! Double-success! With a giggle, she twirls around all happy-like, then picks up Flandre and spins with her, too! "Yaaaay! Drink lots and lots Miss Flandre! You looked super bad last night, so you gotta drink extra-much right? I bet you do!", bouncing up and down at the thought of being fed on by this adorable vampire. Despite being a normal, average human girl, Sae still managed to be bit of an oddity, even when compared to the two other girls.

"Doom-muffin! That's a super silly and cute name! I like it bunches! I think it fits you, too!". Given how Sae can't even sense the most basic of magics unless it's made really obvious, DM just appears like a normal girl with strangely colored hair, who just so happens to have a robotic kitten and strange mannerism.

"Oh gosh! Yeah! DM DM! You should come home with us! It'll be super fun I bet! Super super fun!".

Doommuffin pauses at Flandre's offer, and slowly turns her head to look up directly at the slightly taller undead. She lifts up her goggles to her forehead, revealing the eerily blue glowing eyes beneath. "'Hug'? My, you are a strange one. I do not do 'hugs' anymore. I have not done many 'hugs' since I had become a warrior, let alone a Death Knight." She doesn't really seem very concerned about the possibility of Flandre draining Sae dry by the sounds of things. That response did sound like a bit of a 'no' however.

As Sae moves her hand from the cat-robot's chin, however, the source of the cold feeling is revealed, as from that area drops a very much normal cat-sized siamese. Except it's transparent. And doesn't seem to actually be on the ground.

Flandre wheees in delight and spins around with Sae, kicking her legs out playfully. Looks like Sae is at least strong enough to pick up a girl roughly her same size and weight and spin her around. Though its also possible that Flandre was also levitating to make herself easier to spin around.

Whatever is the most fun for either of them she thinks! And she had plenty of reason to celebrate since they now had a clear plan to disobey Silencia's orders and feast on Sae's blood regardless what the priestess said. Needless to say that Flandre was very excited. "Heehee~! I will! I will! You are so tasty Sae!"

The vampire then rests back on her feet and whispers some things to Sae's ear.

She turns to look at DM afterward and her apparent claim that she is above hugs due to her warrior and undead nature.

"A warrior can hug too." Argues Flandre who is back to her winsome self despite talking about oh so very bloody things. "I hug when I please and kill when I need to." Of course, with Remilia being the head of the house and the 'lady', Flandre always felt that the least she could do is be the bruiser of the family. Flandre was decidedly the tomboy who broke skulls whilst her older sister Remilia was the girly girl that relied on her charmed and with rather than her raw power.

"You shouldn't limit yourself on what you like doing just because you're a fighter, DM."

Oh and hey! There's a cute ghost cat under the robot now! That's unexpected.

Sae can't resist giggling when she finds out DM doesn't 'do' hugs. Flandre beats her to the punch though, nodding to everything really fast! "Mhmhmhmhmmm! It takes a true warrior to be tough enough to hug! After all, most warrior's don't hug right? So it takes an extra special one to do cuddly stuffs! Like Flan! She's extra special!", hands on her hips, smiling wide like she just said something profound. "You should totally come with us though, if you wanna I mean! I just think you'd have boatloads of fun!"

Unable to contain her excitement at the prospect of being fed on, she crouches down, puts her hands on Flandre's hips, then shoots up straight, lifting the girl high for a few seconds before she falls down on her back! It was a brief burst of strength from her giddy-ness! Thankfully Sae's all kinds of soft though, Flan colliding with her slightly chubby body with a soft 'omf' from the younger girl. "That was fun-" she freezes, finally noticing the ghost kitten. "OHMYGOSH! Is that a your kitty's soul! Hi kitty!", reaching over to try and pet the thing. It's probably not working, but she keeps trying over and over again! At least, until something's whispered into her ear, blushing bright red and whimpering.

"F-f-Flan! What if Miss Doommuffin heard that..?" she so embarrassed she's hiding her face!

Doommuffin laughs a bit darkly, shaking her head. "You misunderstand. I get no pleasure from such things any longer. I maim when I please and I kill when I please. I do so often please to maim rather than kill, as I am sure you drink rather than vaporize in most situations." Did she just suggest that she feeds off maiming things? She then returns to her more cheerful tone of voice. "But more importantly, I tinker when I please! And I have successfully created a jet engine, the next of which shall be installed in Deathcake's body here!" She pats the now empty robot body. Oh, that's what flew out into the sea and exploded? Maybe Sae is second guessing riding that thing now. At the whisper from Flandre and blush from Sae, Doommuffin raises an eyebrow. "Perhaps I am getting in your way at this juncture in time, then? I do not wish to keep the two of you from your...diversions." Deathcake can in fact be felt by Sae... but it's nothing like a real cat. Her hand does still go right through him, but it feels... squishy, like pressing your hand through cold, thick slime, but with no residue left on her hand. Regardless, Deathcake does apparently enjoy the pettings quite a bit.

Flandre goes WHOO and extends her arms sideways as Sae picks her up, then she laughs all the way as she falls down on top of the human girl and rolls away from her giggling.

She's up on her feet at least quickly enough to hear DM's explanation of just why is it exactly that she can't hug. "Aaah, I see." But does she really? She's titling her head confusedly as if trying to find some kind of analogy she can relate that feeling to.

"I used to kill on whim too." The vampire confesses after a moment or two. "But I don't here anymore. Miss Morgana told me not to and she's a very smart vampire, much much smarter than my sister Remilia." Of course, that probably means nothing to either DM or Sae but it means a lot to Flandre, plus anyone who were to know of Remilia Scarlet.

All the vampire girl does in return to Sae's blushing is to give a very fierce grin. It's clear Flandre enjoys embarrassing her human pet and even pokes her sides a little. "Heehee! Tomato face, Sae." She prods her a little.

As DM offers to leave them alone, Flandre gives a little shrug. "We're in no rush. The blood of the priestess keeps me satisfied for now. We can talk more if you wish."

"Besides, my Sae likes to play with your cat."

At first, Sae 'eeeewwwwww's at that slimey feeling, completely the opposite of what she expected. Which was well, nothing at all! People usually can't pet ghost, she thinks! But soon enough the kitten's purring and acting all adorable, and it encourages the girl to keep it up, running her back and forth through Deathcake's ethereal form, even wiggling her fingers every so often! She puts one beneath its chin and scritches again, so happy. She even reaches down to lightly smooch its nose!

"Hey, DoomMuffin? Promise you wont hurt Deathcake with your firework things? I don't want any kitties getting hurt!", giving the gnome a pouting look.

But Flandre's poke makes her jump and fall backwards on her swimsuit covered butt! "Heeeeey! Teaser!", blushing again, this time sticking out her tongue. Still, being called 'my' Sae brings a smile to her lips, sighing gently. "You're even sillier than me sometimes Flandre! That's an accomplishment!".

Going back to petting the cat, Sae even tries to get Deathcake onto her lap, unsure if it's even work, but she wants to try! "Oh oh! You've mentioned her before! Is Miss Morgana nice? Will I get to meet her some day?"

Doommuffin perks up slightly at the mention of Morgana. "Oh, Lady Morgana? Yes, I've met her. Her husband and I are good friends, so I often get pulled along on their adventures." She laughs, and she can't help but sound like she's giggling. She's still a gnome. "I still find it amusing that one time a shark tried to eat me." She then sighs, sounding a bit annoyed. "But she won't let me hunt naga anymore, either, so we are a bit in the same boat, I suppose." She glances at Sae. "Hurt him? He's already dead, Sae." She then turns back to Flandre. "Well, I do have work to continue. I am intending on adding retractable blades to his side in addition to the jet engines." Her eyes glow brightly as she mentions her tinkering plans. "Oh, he will be a speed demon when I am done. I would paint him red if that weren't the color of the Horde." Then she looks back to Sae again. "Oh, Morgana is nice so long as you are polite. I dare you to talk back to her." She gives the girl a bit of a wicked grin.

"Yes, Morgana is very nice, and very pretty!" Adds a smiling Flandre who unnervingly seems to share DM's wicked grin. "I wouldn't talk back to her either. She can be very mean when she's mad and unlike me she doesn't play with her food."

The girl giggles when Sae points out she can be silly and she twirls around and away from them momentarily, overtaken by a fae mood. "I can be silly when I please too!" Says she bursting into a little dance.

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