2016-03-19 - We Need a Hero

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We Need a Hero

Summary: Clearly, Flandre and Sae can't be trusted to be alone. But what solution is there to this situation...

Who: Kotal_Kahn, Rayne, Silencia
When: March 19th, 2016
Where: The Usual Restaurant

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It's early evening in the Usual Restaurant, and today we find sitting at a half-booth table on a wall Rayne! She's there on the booth-seat side, back to the wall, working on.... something on her laptop. It's one of those situations where you don't know if she's working on a horrible backlog of E-paperwork, doing research on something to find a way to improve the Welcome Center, or playing a mindless, simple game like minesweeper. She does look up from the laptop often, and occasionally takes a bite from her chicken finger platter: be it the extra-spicy chicken or the fries.

Silencia enters the restaurant with a tired look. It has been a day since her little encounter with Flandre and Silencia still feels a bit out of it. Nothing serious, she just doesn't feel like she'll be able to handle the full days of training she's used to, so she opted for spending the day resting. She spots Rayne as easily as ever, the rainbow-headed warrior not very hidden. She waves as she makes her way over to her. "Hey there Rayne, working hard?" She sits down at the booth and smiles. Silencia looks rather pale, moreso than usual, together with her lack of strength it is probably the effect of being fed on.

Kotal enters soon after and he too sports a non-too healthy face.

Unlike Silencia's tired outlook however, his is an expression of pure concern. He looks extremely worried and it shows even more on his persona as his eyes and tattooed lines glow brightly in barely restrained rage.

"Silencia! There you are!" The warrior approaches both Silencia and Rayne's table with quick steps.

Rayne offers Silencia a weak smile as the woman enters... but the smile quickly fades as she sees the state Silencia is in. "What in the galaxy happened to you, Sil? I've never seen you looking so... pale before." She then looks down at her computer. "More like hardly working. I needed a break, and wanted some horrible for me fried food." She blinks over towards the door as Kotal enters, her head pulling back slightly as even she can almost feel the rage coming off of him. "Uhhhhh.... Sil... What did you do?"

Silencia waves her hand dismissively, her smile never leaving her face. "I'm alright, don't worry. I just need to rest a bit and eat somethings and I'll be back to the usual me!" The entrance of her beloved is something that makes the girl sigh softly. It takes all of her willpower not to drop her head onto the table. She had been semi-avoiding Kotal today, not wanting to see his reaction to what she had done. "Oh, hey Kotal..." She peeks at Rayne and gives a little grin. "You probably wouldn't like what I did either..."

Oh yeah. Judging by Kotal's expression it looked like a little lady was in trouble!!

Rayne is right to be concerned as is Sil when she sighs in despair when her god approaches. Its not often that Kotal looks greatly agitated as he does now, he looks like something stole something very precious from him.

Once he stands next to the table where the two women sit, Kotal extends a hand to Silencia but doesn't touch her, he seems to be sensing her energy.

"Ah!!" And it looks like he didn't like what he found. "It is as I feared! Your energy has been drained!"

"What happened, Silencia?? Who did this??" He turns to Rayne with a frown on his glowing eyes. "Do you know anything about this, Rayne?"

Rayne looks from Silencia to Kotal, then back to Silencia, then back to Kotal again. "Uhhhh... No, I've no clue what happened. Energy drain? Sounds... odd."

Even though the little priestess does not have much strength at the moment, she is still the same Sil. She just smiles at Kotal and shifts to sit closer to the wall, resting her head against it while making room for Kotal to sit beside her. "I did this, Kotal. It was... necessary. Rayne wasn't even there." Silencia isn't sure how to explain the situation without Kotal immediately running off to dish out some godly vengeance. The marks on her neck are hidden by her long hair, the girl opted to go with her hair down today just for that very reason. Silencia waves weakly toward Kotal. "Please sit down and calm yourself, Kotal. I won't tell you what happened while you're agitated like this..."

Kotal Kahn wasn't liking these responses. Any of them! Its bad enough that Rayne doesn't know anything about why Silencia looks like this and Reptile had nothing to report either. Then again he was still recovering from another expedition against the Xenomorphs but that's besides the point.

"What do you mean it was necessary??" The Aztec is taken back, sweat showing from beneath his helmet and across his chest. This sounded pretty bad!

"How can you ask me not to be agitated when you've been drained!?" The warrior scowls and bares his teeth. "I can sense the scent of foul magic still lingering in your presence."

"What. Happened?"

Rayne looks... completely clueless as to what is going on. "Um..." She blinks, then stuffs her mouth with a chicken finger. No, she's not going to butt in on this one.

No matter how much Kotal presses, Silencia will not back down. She is stubborn like that. She gives a soft smile to Kotal and reaches out to tug on his arm. "Please Kotal... I'm really alright. Please sit down." Her voice holds a pleading tone now. Her violet eyes, slightly droopy from lack of energy, also beg Kotal to calm himself. Silencia really knows how to use her weak constitution to her advantage. Silencia notices a waitress passing by and orders some tomato soup, an iced tea and a salmon wrap with tons of greens, a ridiculous amount of dark greens even. She then reclines and peeks at Rayne, giving the girl a smile. "And how have you been doing, Rayne? How's business with the Welcome Centre?" It appears that Silencia is planning on ignoring Kotal until he abides by her wishes and calms the fuck down.

The nerve with this girl! Denying her god like that! As a deity, Kotal expects to be answered when he asks a question and Silencia's stubbornness is something that would never be even dreamed of in Outworld. Not unless one can back that up with Mortal Kombat.

Kotal, however, is far too used to his priestess unmeasurable strong will. In his heart, he knows that if something were truly wrong his girl would have contacted him immediately. Even though it is in his nature to have violent knee jerk reaction, the Aztec warrior relents and once again lets the little girl that is barely half his size calm him down. Such is Silencia's power over other people.

Kotal says nothing, he simply takes a seat still looking somewhat angry, glowing eyes never leaving Silencia.

He doesn't even order pulque! That is how serious this is!

Rayne says, "Um...." she glances back and forth a few more times. "Yeah, um... It's doing.... okay? I mean, we've repaired the hole that Torr put in the wall when the snack machine there jammed up and didn't drop his candy bar..." She lets out a sigh. "But we've not had any newcomers I'm aware of since those two teenagers showed up, so... not a whole lot happening." She shrugs. "How about you, Sil? What's been going on with you?"

Silencia smiles happily as Kotal finally sits down. Even though he looks angry, Silencia is very happy with her little victory. She shifts and rests her head against his shoulder instead of against the wall. She figured that the slight physical contact would help in assuring the god that she was fine. She laughs softly when Rayne explains what happened with Torr and the snack machine. "There really have been lots of new people arriving lately. If this keeps up, the Welcome Centre'll be bustling soon!" As Rayne asks about Sil again, the priestess sighs and shrugs. "Well, remember what happened with Sae and Flandre? As you already know, I scolded Sae, but I hadn't had the chance to talk to Flandre about it. I finally got to though!" Silencia's grin tells Rayne that it didn't end with talking. Her expression turns serious as she stares down at her newly arrived soup. "I am a bit worried about the two of them though. Flandre has some troubles seeing people as people while Sae is growing very attached to her. So I did what I had to do. Flandre isn't allowed to feed from Sae until she learns what the girl actually means to her, besides from being a reliable source of nourishment." Silencia sips on her soup, seemingly done with explaining. OF course she had omitted the most important part though. The girl habitually pushes her hair back to keep it from falling into the soup, forgetting that the gesture actually reveals the bright red pinpricks on her neck.

Silencia does well to lean on Kotal like that for the contact is much appreciated. The warrior god instinctively curls his arms around his girl protectively and almost all his rage turns to distraught as he coddles Silencia. He almost looks like the sad owner of an injured puppy. Quite possibly the closest that Kotal has been to the verge of tears since the fall of Tenochtitlan.

He listens to the explanation quietly and Silencia doesn't need to elaborate any further on what she did. The Aztec warrior notices those wounds on her neck and that tells him all he needs to know.

"You fed her?? Willingly??" Again, that exact same reaction he had when Sae announced to everyone proudly that she was feeding a vampire her blood.

"Why on earth would you do that??"

He doesn't mean to be ignoring Rayne at the moment but Kotal is understandingly very concerned about Silencia's health.

Rayne really didn't expect Kotal to be listening to her, to be honest. She does, however, facepalm when she realized what Silencia did. About a second before Kotal makes his exclamation. "Well... I worry less about you than that girl, at least. I'd be extremely surprised if Flandre wasn't taking advantage of her..." She sighs and grabs another fry, glancing away from the two. Really, how did she become the third wheel when she's the one who was here first?

Silencia giggles lightly at Rayne. "You'd be surprised, Rayne, I think Flandre actually does care for Sae, somewhere deep down inside! With a little luck she'll be able to find that part of herself!" Kotal's outburst does not surprise Silencia. That's why she waited until Kotal was as calm as he could be in such a situation. She glances up at Kotal and smiles. "She was starving and considerably weakened because of the thirst. As I already said, I'm not allowing her to feed from Sae for the time being, so I allowed her to feed from me just this once so she wouldn't rampage." Silencia grasps Kotal's hand and rubs it reassuringly. "I wasn't alone and I wasn't in danger. I am fine, I just need to regain my strength, okay?" As always, Kotal and Silencia are perfect opposites of each other. The one fiery and agitated and the other calm and patient. Silencia peeks at Rayne and reaches out to wave her hand to regain her friend's attention. "Rayne, I would like to ask you to keep an eye on Sae. At least until I've regained my strength, then I'll take over. She cannot feed Flandre, under any circumstance."

Kotal agrees with Rayne on this and pulls back from the hug. "Of course she is taking advantage of her. She is a blood drinker. Darkness incarnate. Those creatures are nothing but gluttons of death that will go to any length to extend their cursed existences!"

Naturally, as a warrior of the sun, Kotal feels greatly appalled by vampires, demons and undead in general. Its rather ironic because Kotal himself could be considered something akin to a reverse vampire. He too feasts on blood but he is powered by the sun and diminished by darkness. Unlike vampires however, he doesn't actually need blood to survive, he just does it because it represent victory over his vanquished enemies.

"You would not be saying such things had you met Alucard or even Morgana before she was able to control her frenzy."

He shakes his head and sighs. "I admit that the possibility of her controlling her dark desires is possible. I have seen happen myself after all, Morgana was able to overcome her addiction."

"If you really intend to help this wretched creature, then I would recommend seeking the aid of Morgana. She would know better what to do."

Kotal then glances at Rayne as Silencia asks something of her and waits to see how Rayne will respond. Its like him to try and speak for his Second and so he lets the rainbow haired woman decide if she is up to this task or not.

Rayne winces as she's asked to watch over Sae. "Ugh... That girl... I don't know how you can keep up with her. After five minutes I feel like she's the one draining me of energy... though I'm pretty sure that's just because she makes me feel old." She sighs and shakes her head. "I would if I could, Silencia, but I just have too much on my plate. Between TASK and the Welcome Center, I feel like I barely have enough time for myself anymore as it is... I really can't take on another responsibility, unfortunately." She pauses, thinking for a moment. "Perhaps Dorian? Sae seems the... swoony type, she might calm down a bit around him." She glances at Kotal briefly before turning back to her laptop. "I think Morgana was calmed before I showed up here. I remember her being the one that found me first... so I'm not so sure I can imagine how bad she was and how she could help."

Silencia smiles brightly as Kotal finally seems to warm up the the idea of her helping Flandre through this. "Are you sure I wouldn't say such things, Kotal?" Silencia did tend to focus on the good within people rather than the bad, even if that goodness was a tiny sliver buried underneath tons of darkness. The priestess probably wouldn't let things like a frenzied Morgana influence her way of thinking. Silencia finishes her soup just in time for the arrival of her salmon wrap and iced tea, the wrap filled with various iron-rich greens, just as Silencia requested. The girl seems to feel a bit better, even though she's still pale and weak, her energy is slowly returning to her, especially when in Kotal's presence. Being his priestess had the nice little perk that his presence alone was something that brought strength to her. She hums thoughtfully. "I should ask Morgana then, but I'm not sure if she'll be able to spare the time. I mean, she's expecting a child and she probably could not use such a task thrust upon her... But I'll ask her advice at the very least!" Rayne's refusal had reminded Silencia that she should actually think of the other before requesting help, something she usually does, but her mind was a bit too foggy to remember that on her own. Silencia smiles sheepishly at her friend. "Sorry for that, wasn't thinking ahead. I'll ask Dorian then! Maybe even Mayumi, she seems to get along great with Sae!" Silencia returns to resting her head against Kotal's shoulder, taking a moment of rest before eating.

Kotal's shoulders drop slightly when Silencia reminds him of her bleeding heart nature. "You're right." He admits. "You probably would try to befriend them anyway." Though he can't help but feel very ill at the thought of Silencia getting anywhere near Alucard.

Should that happen, Kotal would fly into a world shattering rage and that time he would tear Vlad to shreds, limiter shield in Twisted be damned.

Rayne's suggestion is greatly welcomed as it gives Kotal a good idea of what he should say. It's very evident he doesn't like the idea of Silencia getting anywhere near to a vampire that isn't Morgana (and in Morgana's case she's just at -best- tolerable). However, he's not against the idea of her receiving help. "Rayne brings up a good point. This challenge should not be yours alone to take, my butterfly. Dorian, Mayumi, Morgana, all are good allies for you to summon to your aid. In fact.. if I am ever not around when you wish to aid this blood drinker you are quite welcome to summon any of my chosen warriors. They will be duty bound to see to your well being."

Kotal lets Silencia eat in peace but he kisses her forehead when she again leans on him, transferring a lot of sun energy back to the girl in order to replenish her.

Rayne sighs and hangs her head slightly. "I'm a bit worried about using one of our limited resources-" A.K.A. personnel "-to guard one high school student. As much as I worry about the girl... We're still limited. Can we really keep an eye on her at all times? I'm not sure if we really could without, well, bugging them." What? Rayne's worried about bothering them? She's of course talking about using some spying device on them, if either of the two are aware of that term. "That or if we... recruited some students or something as junior officers to keep an eye on the school." She blinks, pondering this, and suddenly sits up straight. There's a quick glance at the pair, but she just as soon looks down at her computer again. "Hrm. That's an idea."

Silencia gives Kotal a wide smile as he admits to her friendly nature. She pets his hand reassuringly though, not liking the fact that he looks so distressed. "I may be overly positive and friendly, Kotal, but I am not an idiot. I can recognize danger and, thanks to your help and my training, I have the means to escape from said danger." Silencia straightens and places a soft kiss on Kotal's cheek. "You worry too much." Silencia seems very thoughtful as Kotal seems so very positive about her getting all the help she needs while Rayne remains realistic about the limited resources. "You're right, Rayne... but I can't help but be worried. I'd be clinging to the girl myself 24/7, but I'm afraid I'm not in the condition to right now..." Silencia really is a busybody. She's like a mother trying to keep her daughter safe. "I can ask some people at the Academy to keep an eye on them..." But that wouldn't solve the issue. They would not be able to do anything and the possibility of endangering others was something unacceptable to the priestess. Silencia sighs and takes a bite from her wrap. "I'll be able to find someone to help, a town full of warriors, it should not be impossible to find one willing to help!"

"Of course, of course, I wasn't implying anything else." Kotal is quick to say sounding very defensive. As if he was afraid that Silencia was going to reprimand him for assuming she'd dive headfirst into danger without thinking of the consequences. "You are my priestess after all. I would expect nothing less from someone as competent as you." There, maybe he managed to dodge that bullet with that one.

As Rayne and Silencia move away from softer topics and concentrate more on logistics, that's when the warrior can shine more. He rubs his chin thoughtfully and thinks of who to assign to this delicate mission.

"Hmm, we need an independent contractor. A mercenary of sorts. Where Urus not hired by Morgana I would even consider him for the task. Unfortunately, the Trio are much too young for this endeavor as well and they are the only ones who have ample amounts of free time." Because even Ferra/Torr don't go out on missions at least they have the duty of 'Protecting the TASK Building' which has been increasingly important as of late.

He inhales air and frowns as if he just thought of something distasteful. "Well.. there is.. that worm." He glances to both Silencia and Rayne. "Perhaps it is time to call upon his services."

Rayne ponders what Silencia says in a bit of silence, munching on another fry. She nods slightly, then tilts her head as Kotal suggests a contractor. "Hrm. Just be cautious... they have to be powerful as well as not a perv..." and then he suggests the worm. She slowly turns to face Kotal again. "Okay, I know you don't like Flandre, heck, I don't either." She really, really doesn't. "But... Jim?" She makes a face that's a bit agast. "Well, he probably could do the job, at the least... assuming he doesn't just try to vaporize Flandre..."

Silencia giggles softly at Kotal's immediate response to her words. She had trained him well! As Kotal and Rayne help her with her little problem, she hears an unfamiliar name. She peeks between the two, her look a bit curious. "Who is Jim? I don't think I've met him..." As she finally finishes her wrap and her iced tea, Silencia already feels alot better than before. The girl is still very pale and a bit weak, but her energy seems to be returning. She pauses as she peeks at Kotal, something just barely sinking in. "Worm?" Then she peeks at Rayne. "Vaporize? What kind of person is this Jim?!"

The Aztec leans back on his chair and exhales to release some tension. This is a topic that he had been avoiding for quite some time even though he knew eventually it was going to come up. He shares that knowing glance with Rayne. Looks like the rainbow haired woman has met him as well and that means Rayne knows all she needs to know about this particular situation.. and individual.

"Jim is.." Kotal begins to explain with some difficulty. "A very 'enthusiastic' mutant worm and self proclaimed hero. Many moons ago he came to TASK and asked to join. He did fairly well in the tests I set for him and told him I would call him if I ever had need of him."

"I, of course, had no intention of ever calling him. The mutant is powerful yes. However, I believe he is.. well.. he is insane. Even by Twisted's standards.. I would not be surprised if he is from the same world than that of the blue skinned Freakazoid who put my warriors and I in that time warping hole."

Kotal digs through his belt pockets and hand Silencia Jim's business card where it proudly proclaims in bold letters.



"Anyone that wishes to consult him frankly does it at their own peril."

Rayne glances at Silencia, then to Kotal as he explains Jim better than she could. "Yeah. Though... remember what I said about perverts? Kotal, I'm not really sure Jim is a good choice for this." She frowns. "He's a bit of a loose cannon... But maybe if we tell him to try to be undercover, he might not... make direct contact? And then remind the girls that 'We will find out,' they're see that he's watching them and get the picture..." Note she doesn't think for an instant that Jim could possibly successfully be undercover.

Silencia hums thoughtfully as she examines the business card. She listens carefully, frowning slightly. "Do you think he will be able to do the job well? I mean, I don't want to put Sae in danger by asking an insane man...worm... to protect her..." She peeks at Rayne as she questions whether Jim would be a good choice. Rayne's suggestion actually sounds pretty good to Silencia. "Oh, that might work... I still need to meet him before I trust him with this task though." Yep, definitely like a mother protecting her child, she is not about to let a stranger protect her without meeting him! Silencia smiles lightly, feeling a bit relieved now that she actually has a plan. "I'll talk to this Jim then and ask him if he'd be willing to help me..." To be honest, Silencia feels a bit curious about this Jim. Even though both Kotal and Rayne are very hesitant about him, Silencia needs to see for herself if he's really as insane as he's portrayed.

"True, but who isn't here?" Kounters Kotal when Rayne reminds him how much of a loose cannon Jim can be. "Madmen run free in this realm and chaos is the norm more often than not. I would go as far to put myself in this category, for where else but in Twisted would a god of war be viewed as fit to be the chief of police?" Of course, it was more of matter of circumstances that put Kotal in his current position as director of TASK, it still doesn't change the fact that no one but that one girl Korra has tried to contest him on that position.

"Suffice to say, we have exhausted our more sane and available options. Now we are left to work with the deranged individuals that inhabit this world."

He nods to Rayne and then to Silencia. "Tell him that Kotal Kahn sent you, Silencia. That will be a proper incentive for him to do a good job."

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