2016-03-20 (PostU) That's a Lot of Fish

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That's a Lot of Fish

Summary: Casdy explains how some things are going to work in her nearly complete Zaria

Who: Casdy, Rayne, Serenity
When: March 20th, 2016
Where: The Usual Restaurant


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Rayne is seated at what is now her usual table, the one that has a booth bench along the wall that she sits on. As often is the case, she seems to be looking at something on her computer... but doesn't seem to be working on it. There's no chicken finger platter, either! Instead, it appears to be a burger of some sort, with onion rings rather than fries.

Serenity slips in from the street, making a brief check through the opened door for other patrons before continuing one more dance move inside. The spin is accompanied by a few steps on imaginary feet that seem to kick the flowing lower edge of the fins upward from the forcefield generator. After that, Ren flutters along more normally- at first toward the counter (presumably to exchange one 'compost' jar for another) but then diverts course toward Rayne upon noting her presence in the booth. Ren lifts a pair of fins from the water to offer her a wave.

There seems to be some commotion outside. A group of people watching as a neko-jin walks down the sidewalk, following the lead on a 'rope'. The odd part is, as she slides it through her fingers, it oddly vanishes....leaving no trace. Follow follow follow follow follow. Oh look, the magically disappearing, reappearing rope leads the neko-jin right to the U.R. As she lets go of the rope, it suddenly vanishes, and then she adjusts things before stepping inside. Skirt, tank-top, even taps her paws onto the welcome mat, to get the dust off of her feet. Then, she proceeds inside. Her eyes scan the room, and then she blinks a bit as she sniff-sniffs at the air. Quietly, she makes her way across the floor, and steps up to the table beside Rayne... ...For now, she stays quiet. Seems, she too is a bit of a usual... A waitress spots her and jots things down. After a moment of being puzzled at the odd smell, being the burger and fries, she finally makes a peep.....rather, a meow. Wait!! Ren is there too!! More happiness!! That will warrant a second Meow. The girl seems a bit tired, in presence... ...otherwise, she is fine. ....tho still puzzled at the strange smell of the food.

Rayne looks up from the laptop to spot Ren almost as soon as the invertebrate slips in, and waves back to her with a bit of a smile. "Heya, Ren! How're you doing tonight?" She looks at the jar and nods. "Getting some, uh... spices? Or is that more the main dish?" She glances over as Casdy walks right into the UR and blinks. Really, it's not very often that Casdy doesn't somehow manage to sneak up on her, and she's almost surprised to see the neko-jin just walk right in through the door. "Casdy!" she exclaims as the meow brings her out of her surprise. "Thanks for that stone, it really, really helped me out last night."

"Hello," Ren rasps in amiable reply, flowing to the side of the table and folding to a 'kneeling' position to match Rayne's height. Then, as she looks up at Casdy's entrance, Ren makes an uncomfortable-looking half twist to follow Rayne's gaze and waves a 'wing' to Casdy as well. "The uncertainty is part of the enjoyment, Rayne. Just the other day, someone located an uncooked hamburger that had somehow become stuck to the underside of the trash can." Ren then glances from one to the other as Rayne offers thanks. "Is this related to the project that you mentioned, Casdy?"

Casdy smiles as she twitches her ears, and allows her gaze to soften, thus showing how much she cares. Slipping her hands behind her back, she twines her fingers together. "The stones are not rare on my world at all." she says to Rayne happily. "I have quite a few." she adds. Her golden gaze then looks at Ren, and she shakes her head no, "Not at all, Friend. That project has been on going for a long time now. I had to choose the right spot. And then....then I could begin." Her eyes close slowly, as a look of accomplishment comes to her features, "...A 'Zaria' is a special place for my people. It is a place where they are 'home'." She doesn't define what ANY of that means...But, by the look of content on her features...it means something big and important.

Rayne tilts her head at Rayne's mention of an old, uncooked hamburger, and looks down at her own meal for the evening. "....I'm glad I got a black bean burger today, suddenly. So..." She looks back up to Casdy. "Is that going well, then?"

Serenity glances down at Rayne's burger and remarks, "That is made of beans? Interesting." As Casdy explains (somewhat) Ren looks up to her curiously and nods. "Are you setting up an artifact in the park, then, or is this a more metaphorical sort of place? The park seems a rather public location for something of personal significance."

Have you ever seen the look of a kid when something is going SO right, and SO well that all the kid can do is grin from ear to ear. That look that says 'Yes' without so much as a word needing to be stated...? Oh yes, that is the look on Cas's features. After this, she claims a seat at the booth with her friends, and wraps her tail about her waist, wiggling the tip of the tail as she looks at the two with the look of satisfaction... ...Oh yes... She has made good progress, apparently. "I just need materials for lighting." Tapping her left index finger to her chin, she suddenly looks thoughtful, and mutters, "...who knew torches would be so hard to find?? It's a good thing that Eternal Light doesn't actually burn the torch. ....Maybe I can use something else. ...I will have to change the holders, if I do." *tap tap tap* Then she hears the questions from Ren, one directed at the burger. **sniff sniff** "What is a Bean Burger?" she questions the two. But, before either can answer, she is quick to look at Ren, and lift up her left index finger, "Underground. Deep underground. Deep deep underground." Rustling in her pocket, she pulls out, with her right hand, a small spinning orb. It is made of marble, and spins at 45 rounds per minute. By all means, it is not fast... ...yet the hovering / spinning orb produces a constant breeze... ...Oxygen, to be exact. When she reaches to place it on to the table, it hovers above it instead...doing what the object is supposed to do...make breathable air. It is roughly the size of a baseball...

Rayne says, "Well, that's great, Casdy!" She cautiously reaches over to give the kitty girl some head scritchings. Really, an odd sight for Rayne to be touching someone else. "I can't wait to see it! I was about to suggest some electrical lighting, but if it's so far underground, the wiring might be a bit much... But this..." She holds up her bean burger. "Is a black bean burger. It's a lot like a hamburger in shape and form, but tastes totally different, and has black beans instead of beef as its primary ingredient. Most are fairly spicy." She puts the burger back down and holds a hand over the spinning ball. "...that's neat!"

"Deep underground?" Ren repeats. "I suppose that puts a lower limit on the thickness of Twisted. It would be nice to know that this is a proper planet." As Casdy demonstrates the stone, Ren leans over to peer at it. "Now, 'eternal' light sounds rather magical. Might it work in electric light fixtures because both produce light?"

Casdy is not sure what 'beef' is... She does know what beans are. She tried those. There was no meat to that at all!! ACK! Then she tried fries once...no meat there either. ...after that scary run in, she decided to stay with fish. Speaking of fish.... ....a waitress brings over a plate and sits it in front of Cas'. Fish sticks, 2 fried fish filets, and a glass of milk!! ...she is a cat, after-all. Cas' reaches into her pocket, and pays the waitress...even tips her as well. Head scritches, and FISH! There is something right with the world, and it is gooooooood. **purr** The purring, which is a tad louder than usual, is interrupted as she speaks, "...these provide air to the underground area." .o O ( As I expected. It is not as useful here. I was wise to explore first. ) she ponders. Towards Ren, the cat-girl tilts her head, and blinks slowly. Her vision does not see light....the light in her home would benefit others, and not her. Since she can't see light, she doesn't know about light bulbs... ...All she knows is that there are strange cylinders on the ceiling of every building she has been in here.

Rayne says, "Huh. Well, if you need help with the deep underground, I'm sure Muradin would be happy to help... But I'd never considered a lower limit to Twisted, now that I think about it. Huh." She frowns, looking to Serenity with a tilted head for a moment, thinking the same thing about it being a planet. She then laughs as the pile of fish comes in. "Wow, hungry, Casdy?" She removes her hand from the cat-girl's head, not wanting it anywhere near her mouth when she starts eating."

Serenity smiles at Rayne's touch and Casdy's reaction to it. "Various people have explanated to me the 'natural' form for a livable world," Ren explains, "some of those sound as though they shouldn't exist outside of myth. Then again, neither should this." Ren motions out to the sides. With the unspoken question from Casdy, Ren motions upwards. "I haven't checked, but I assume these are electric. Something like luminescent animals, but made of ceramic-like materials instead and powered like nerves?"

Casdy looks down at her fish, and lets loose a low sounding mew. "...I like meat." Okay...so it is all she can eat... Her system wont allow veggies. They make her very sick. Her long, and thin neko tongue runs along her lips, and she now reaches down and scoops up a fish stick. She looks upwards a moment, and then mews as she sits the stick back down. Her hand reaches over to the condiments beside the trio, and she pulls up a packet of 'Sugar'. "Does this say 'Sugar'?" she questions as she looks to Rayne and Ren. She knows that there are various styles of packages there... ...Yellow, blue, pink, and white... She is even quick to ask, "...white??" She shakes the package...but to no avail... They are all made of finite powder...But, sugar comes from sugar cane... Cas' has no idea what the others are. ...and it is the sugar cane she is after.

Rayne looks up at the lights as Ren mentions them. "Huh... I've.... never considered that they're not electric, actually." She frowns a bit, then looks down again as Casdy pulls out the condiments. "Oh, these are sugar... that one, not so much." She separates the sugar from the imitation sugar. "Some people avoid sugar for the calories." That's when her communicator beeps, and she sighs. "Hold on..." She picks it up. "Yeah?" Her face starts going a bit red. "Oh, man, sorry, I didn't realize what time it was.... Sorry sorry... I'll be right down." She puts the communicator away and drops her head to the table before lifting it again and closing her laptop up. "I'm sorry, guys, but I've got to go... I was supposed to be on shift ten minutes ago." She picks up her things, then eats the last of her burger a bit too fast before calling for a transport. "Sorry, guys! I'll see you later!" And with that, she vanishes into a flash of light.

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