2016-03-20 - Me,Myself, and the animal I live with.

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Me, Myself, And the animal I live with.

Summary: Urus' dream concerning his history is interrupted by his own personal demon.

Who: Urus
When: March 20, 2016.
Where: Integra arms appt. room 5E


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The apartment has a slightly cold lifelessness to it. There is a strong waft of musky body-spray coming from the bathroom scenting the entire room. There is a small kitchenette at the front of the room near the door, spotlessly clean from lack of use. A Black fake leather couch, flanked by two identical end tables, sits toward a video wall. Three pristinely white walls surround the furniture like white, lifeless, guardians. A slender Caucasian man in his early 20's sits lazily on the couch. His midnight black hair is slicked back and still damp from the shower. A red T-shirt and tan pants keep him presentable, although he seems to not be expecting anyone. His brown eyes dart around the wall in front of him, said wall acting like a massive television screen showing the news. A hidden speaker in the ceiling blasting the sound into the room.

“It is nine AM this morning for your Talgar colony commute. In latest news, the first non-sol colony has been founded in the Folgun system. Word is that supplies have difficulty arriving due to the distance and that the lack of law enforcement has quickly turned the civilized endeavor into the largest known hive for crime.” The female newscaster on the wall flips a page in her notes before continuing. “Zouhtech Representatives have unveiled that they may have unlocked the secret to genetic modification. The technology is originally planed first for gene therapy to cure terminal diseases and cancer. However, a popular rumor is that there are ulterior motives for the company as it has been seen that military contractors have been handing out millions to the company. This theory is not currently supported by any hard evidence however.” the sound of another shifting of papers gets cut off by the man muting the system. “Sure…' he retorts, a heavy Russian accent obvious. “Like anyone would be desperate enough to try that!”

Suddenly a calm female voice comes over the speaker. “MOM is calling.” The man bolts up straight and brushes himself off, sitting properly now. “On Screen.” he commands. Suddenly the news channel disappears to reveal a woman in her mid 50's sitting on a similar couch to his. The scene behind her seems homey and lived in, warm and cared for. “Hello?” She asks, similar accenting gracing her voice as well. “Hi ma.” The man reply. The woman smiles, “Oh, Happy Birthday Urus!” she says cheerfully as two other men join her, one being in his late 50s and the other being about 16. “Thanks guys.” Urus says. “This is fantastic, I have not seen you in a while!”. The young man chimes in, accent not nearly as heavy in his voice, “How have you been big bro? Anything interesting?”. Urus smiles and retorts. “Doing well Sergei, nothing too interesting here. You staying good for mother?”. To which there is a smirk and a wink in response from his brother.

The older man barges in on the conversation. “Urus, you know that package you received?” Urus curiously replies “the one that said 'Do not open?”. The man nods, “Open it”. Urus gets up and goes into the extremely clean kitchen to take out a long box marked exactly with “do not open!” stenciled in large red letters as if the words themselves would jump out and scare off someone from opening it. Taking it back to the couch he takes out a small pocket knife and lops off the large amounts of tape keeping it closed. He flips open the box haphazardly and looks down into it. With a slight gasp of excitement Urus picks up a factory new looking Sub-machine gun, there is only a few purposeful scratches emblazoning the weapon with the initials of its original owner. “This Urus,” The man continues “Is my Great grandfather's weapon he used to protect himself in times of need. It was passed down from my great grandfather to his son, then it came to me, and now I think it is time for me to pass it on to you.” Urus is nearly speechless as he holds it. “Do not think I never saw you staring at it as you walked by in the den.” his father continues Now it is important that...”

all of a sudden everything stands still, the older man stopped mid sentence. Urus still aware looks around, wondering what is occurring. Suddenly the weapon disappears from his grasp. And an unfamiliar voice talks to him “ Ahh, reliving the good old days eh?” A deep voice calls to him. As Urus looks around he spots a spotted hyena strolling from behind the cabinet in the same place the box was. Coming into the living room, Talking to him. “I cant say that I blame you, I would too if I were you.” Urus squints confused looking to see if anyone else is talking to him. Seeing no one he refocuses on the animal. “Who are you?” he asks. The Hyena looks genuinely surprised at the question then replies “what? Do you not remember? Come on buddy… you remember me, The Asian blackjack player, June 2135…” Urus looks angrily at it as if it just hit a nerve. “The man is dead. I lost… Wait a second...oh Its you.” As he recognizes the beast he sighs and rolls his eyes. The animal looks back at him smiling again. “There you go!”

The Hyena stalks closer keeping eye contact with Urus. “Happy anniversary roomie. Five years to tonight, You came into my life… or was it the other way around?” Urus, with an obvious attempt to bottle his anger at the creature before him, stands slowly “You came to me….” he states. “That’s Right,” The hyena remembers. “So, do you want to go out on the town tonight? Let it all loose? Come on! It will be fun. Some blood, some screaming. good stuff.”. Urus walks away from the couch, fist clenched. “No, Why will you not just leave me alone?” The hyena cackles in its primal way, “Leave you alone? I'm sorry, The exit is not clearly marked.” the beast's attitude suddenly changes from one of jokes to one of concern. “Aren’t you at all proud of what we have accomplished? As the hyena nears the couch it shifts seamlessly. Raising up on two legs, proportions changing, Turning into the shape of the Urus that the people of twisted have come to know. “Look at what we have done. Isn't it magnificent?” it says sitting lazily on the couch exactly like Urus was before. “We are better together than we are apart!”

“I do not need you. You have caused more harm than good.” Urus retorts, however, seeming to be slightly concerned when the hyena shifts into him. “That hurts man, to think we have been together for so long. Yet you still balk at the sight of me.” The beast says kindly. Urus holds his forehead in exasperation as he paces in front of the hyena “We have been over this so many times. I will not let you loose to make a mess of my name and the things around you. Things are finally looking up, and I did not need you, I never needed you.” To this the beast takes major offence. Teeth bared and ears back the hyena shouts. “You are NOTHING without me! How many times have I, out of the goodness of my heart, taken over to help keep you alive. How many times have you DEPENDED on the gifts I have given you?” Urus, Frightened by the fury coming from the words spouted out of his form, stammers “N-nothing? I had family, I had home. I had life where people did not look down upon me for what I was. In fact, If it was not for you, I would still be at home, not in twisted where life is even less hospitable.”. The beast relaxes slightly, “I see. You blame me, for every misfortune that has come to you. But tell me this, who told you to make those decisions. To go back to mercenary work, to take the disturbingly dangerous job, to come here… that was all you. I have sat back and let you be, because on occasion, things would get messy and I would be able to intervene. Stretch my legs and live somewhere outside the confines of this tiny spot of land you call your mind. It has been months since I have had time out. Tell you what, let me have tonight, and then we can...”

“No.” Urus states interrupting. “Thank you for your concern; however, This is my body, my life. You can rot for all I care.” The Beast stands and slowly walks over to Urus, backing him into a corner. “You don't know what you are dealing with. I have tried to be reasonable. I have tried to make a deal, to leave you the ability to still have your life, and for me to be happy as well. I see now that it is out of the question. Now, You will regret your decision, I have just as much control as you do…” Urus stares the hyena in the eyes. “I know exactly what I am dealing with. No more than a voice in my head” The beast with malice in its eyes and voice states. "Have fun. I will be here, biding my time.” with a smirk, the beast takes his claws to rake them across Urus.

Twisted. Integra arms appt. Room 5e

Urus bolts upright in bed quickly takes his hand to his chest to check for scratches. Breathing heavily his eyes dart around. He turns on the light and takes quick stock of himself. A dream that turns into an inner dialogue with one's demons, probably not unusual for twisted, but still concerning for those involved, especially when it happened before the convergence too. His room in twisted is reminiscent of rooms he had back on the space ships he had been on. Cold and metallic, all of the items have dual purposes, that is except the bed, which is mostly for sleeping. The room is quite sparsely furnished, leaving a lot of free floor space. Urus rubs his eyes and rests his forehead on his palms. The fur all over him stands on end nervously. “Oh no… not again. No, no, no, no.” On a shelf a plastic bowl lies, filled with water and one object. From the bowl he pulls a small rubber duck. Hugging the duck close to him, he curls up into the his bed. Eyes open and unable to even contemplate sleep, he lay there. Expecting the worst… and hoping for the best.

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