2016-03-20 - Pinky Promise!

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Pinky Promise!

Summary: Sae and Sil have a talk. It ends with Silencia passing out.

Who: Sae, Silencia
When: March 3, 2016.
Where: The Usual


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Another day and Silencia still seems to be very weak. The priestess still has a sickly pale color and her movements are very slow. Though she is quite a bit better compared to when she talked with Kotal and Rayne, she still has a long way to go. Being fed off of seems to have a greater effect on her than it does Sae and that has a specific reason. A reason she didn't share with Kotal yet and will probably get her in even more trouble. Right now, the weak priestess is sitting in a booth by a window. Placed infront of Silencia is a large plate filled with iron-rich greens and even a small steak. Silencia is staring at the plate with an unwilling look. She needs to eat to replenish her lost blood, but she feels nauseous and tired. She sighs and stuffs some of the vegetables in her mouth, slowly chewing as she stares at the business card in her hand. She seems to be deep in thought about something serious.

Sae enter with a hum in her voice and a skip in her step, dressed in her waitressing uniform as usual, giggling at nothing whatsoever. She's just happy! Here for her shift as a waitress, she spots Sil over at a booth and runs over to greet her. "Sil Sil! Hey-' she cuts herself off. "Ohmygosh! Sil!? Are you okay!? You look super duper sick! Super sick! Here-" she gives her a tight hug. "Can I get you anything?! Anything you need!" Silencia doesn't even notice Sae's arrival until she's pulled into that hug, she doesn't hug back. Usually she loves cuddles and hugs, but today she's way too weak for that. She smiles though and waves her hand. "Nothing to be worried about, Sae, I'm just a little anemic. I gave Flandre a little too much..." Silencia puts the business card in her hand away, glancing at Sae with a weak little smile. "I would like a little company though... I'm trying to convince myself to eat!"

Sae awwwwws! "That's no good! Usually when Flan feeds on me I just need a little nap and some snuggle-loves afterwords and I'm all better! Plus some foods and drink too, but she's really great about pampering me after!". Giggling quietly, she sits down beside Sil, wiggling until she's right up against her in the booth, enjoying the soft contact. She does want to talk to the priestess about letting her and Flan feed without interference, but it's not exactlty the right time just yet! "I'm guessing it wouldn't help if I did the choo-choo airplane thingy with a fork?", giggling a bunch at her own joke.

Silencia smiles warmly and reaches out to pet Sae on the head. "Don't tell anyone, but I didn't just let Flandre drink my blood... I put quite a bit of my magical energy in there so that it would help Flandre last longer without needing to feed." Silencia doesn't seem to be aware of Sae's plan, she just stares at her food with a tired look. She does giggle softly at Sae's joke. "You don't need to, thank you. Just stay by my side for a bit." Silencia eats a bite of her steak to prove that she is capable of eating on her own. "So, how've you been, Sae? I hope I didn't worry you too much last time, but I had to be strict."

Sae raises her head up into the pettings, giggling again. She loves pet-pets, always! Closing her eyes, she just focuses on that feeling until it ends, blinking a couple times to come back down to reality. "Mhm mhm! I can totally do that!". To emhpasize, she wiggles against Sil's side, then lays a head on her shoulder. "Awwwwww, that makes sense then! I was really wondering how come someone as tough and magicy and strong as you could get so tired! Since I'm always pretty chipper and stuff after it's been this long since she's fed! Though it might've been 'cause you didn't get boatloads of cuddles afater she fed on you, but that makes sense toooo!", grinning. "And I've been super super good! Me and Miss Flan met a super cute green haired gnome-y person yesterday! She had a ghostie-cat that she let me pet bunches! Was /super/ awesome! My hand went right through her!"

Silencia smiles warmly as Sae rambles off as usual. It was somehow very soothing to Silencia to be with the overly energetic schoolgirl. "I'm not tough, Sae, I'm just good at pretending to be!" She eats a bit more of her greens while she listens to the girl talk. Her hand wraps around Sae as the girl rests her head on her shoulder, absentmindedly petting her shoulder. "That sounds like fun! How's Flandre doing? Did she think about our little talk?" Silencia is of course very worried about Sae and Flandre. Right now she doesn't have the strength to keep an eye on them and she hasn't been able to reqruit Jim yet, so there's no one to look after Sae.

Sae 'hmmmmmmmm's at that, rolling the words around in her head. "I don't think there's a difference between being tough and pretending to be tough! I think you tough and that's that!", smiling wide! The pets on her shoulder make her shoulder make her sigh contently, enjoying her time with the priestess. The question brings to mind one of the things she meant to ask Silencia earlier. "Oh! Really good! And..kinda? I mean.." she blushes a little, knowing she planned on disobeying Sil. But Flan needed to drink from her thrall!

"I kinda meant to talk to you about all that, Sil! I really do think Flan's changed. Sure, sometimes she acts like I'm justa.." she thinks, trying to find the correct word to use, unsure herself. "..thing, to her? But I think it's more than that. Like, from what I've figured out and stuffs she's had a bunch of people back home like me to feed on, and kinda wasn't so nice to them, right? But with me it's different! Was like with Mister Blondie-McBearfighting-pants!" obviously forgetting Jaune's name. "..she held back so as not to scare me! I don't think she woulda ever done that with someone else, don't you? Like..she's starting to change! I know it!".

Oh no. Not this. Silencia really isn't energetic enough to argue with Sae. Not that that stops her. She sighs and puts down her fork, shifting to face Sae. She grasps the girl's hands and stares into her eyes, her expression serious. "I believe you, Sae. I truly believe that you are special to Flandre and that she would not want to hurt you. That is not the reason why I forbid Flandre from feeding from you for now." Silencia's grip on Sae's hands is weak, very weak, it's as if the distress is keeping the fae from regaining her strength. "She needs to have something to motivate her to change, to see you as a person she can love instead of a thing, as you put it. Sae, please listen closely to me, this is very important." Silencia obviously is taking this very seriously, her tone urgent and pleading. "If you want to be loved by Flandre like in those yuri books of yours-" Yes, she has looked up what 'yuri' meant. "Or even as a friend and not a toy, you need to support Flandre in this."

Squeezing Sil's hands back, Sae frowns a little, thinking it over. "But..but I think there's gotta be another way! At least a lil comrpomise or something! I really like it when Miss Flandre feeds on me and stuffs, it feels nice and I get so many cuddle-snugs and it makes her super super happy! I think she already loves me and stuffs too! Is just..it does need some work!" she admits, nodding. "But can't just not have her feed on me! That makes both of us all frowny. And a frowny, grumpy Flan isn't a Flan that's going to change and stuff, right?". Blushing more at the mention of yuri-books. "Sides..makes me feel all silly inside when she feeds on someone else..". She's unsure of the emotions. It's not jealiousy, per se. But Sae's perfectly good for feeding! And she likes it! So she should be the one who's nommed on, she thinks

Silencia raises on eyebrow at Sae's words. "You admit that Flandre needs to work on herself so you two can be together, but as soon as things get a little tough, you try and find a way out of it?" Silencia's tone is a little annoyed, but the priestess holds herself back. "I didn't say she couldn't feed, nor did I say that she's never allowed to feed from you. You just need to be patient until she fulfills the promise. She needs to carefully think about what you are for her, Sae. And if you want to cuddle her, then do so, she doesn't need to feed from you to snuggle with you!" Silencia looks a bit more tired than before, but her will is strong enough to win against the god of war, so it sure as hell will not back down infront of a schoolgirl! "If you don't want her feeding on anyone else, then find alternatives, like donated blood in bags or something. For now, she should be fine because of the power I put in the blood I gave her." Silencia weakly squeezes Sae's hand, returning her gaze to the girl's eyes. "I know it is hard, Sae and I know it's not fun, but sometimes people need to go through something like this to grow and become the best version of themselves. Don't you want that, Sae? Don't you want Flandre to be better? You've seen the pain she held inside, you've seen the loneliness she fights. Don't you want to help her deal with that?"

Sae listens to everything with wide eyes, occasionally glancing down as she thinks things over, conflicting feelings running around inside her. "But..but.." she murmurs, then does something really strange! She gently bites Sil's shoulder, whining a muffled whine into her body, like this is super hard on her! "I want Flan Flan to be happy.." she sighs. "But she's gotta get better, too..", eyes all watery. Looking around, she sees the restaurant's deserted save for the two of them, so admits. "I wanna..I wanna.." she squeezes Sil's hands. "You gotta promise not to tell anyone yet! Especially Miss Flandre! Okay?", taking a deep breath before she continues.

"I..I maybe umm..I maybe wanna be Miss Flandre's girlfriend and stuffs one day..and her thrall and snuggle-pet and stuffs, too. But..but think you're right. 'cause I can't be the first one if she doesn't get a lil better.."

Silencia blinks surprisedly as she feels Sae's teeth in her shoulder. It doesn't neccesarily hurt, but it was surprising nontheless. Luckily, Sil's got experience with children dealing with difficult emotions, so she doesn't push the girl off, opting to gently pat her on the back instead. "I know this is hard, sweety, but you've got to be strong for her." Silencia reaches out to gently wipe Sae's cheek in the same way she did with Flandre before. She nods softly as Sae tells her to keep what she tells her secret. She doesn't seem to be surprised about Sae's intentions. They were pretty clear from the get-go actually. She smiles and pets the girl again. "Both of you need to be a little strong right now so that you can become closer like that, Sae. Right now, she doesn't see you as a person because you're letting her make you into a toy she can feed off of. This is normal to her, because it's what she's always done, I assume. That's why you need to spend time with her without letting her feed off of you, so she can see you differently." Silencia pauses, thinking of some way to say the same thing so that it'll be easier for Sae to understand. "It's like having yucky medicine. You're not happy drinking medicine because it's yucky, but after that, you'll get better and happier because you're not sick anymore. I know you want to make Flandre happy, but the best way to make her and you the happiest is to be a little patient now..."

Sae gently kisses the spot she was biting against, even rubbing her cheek against Sil's shoulder in an 'I'm sorry' kind of way. The girl's completely unaware how obvious her intentions for Flandre are, so the fact that Sil's keeping it a secret makes her smile a little. "Yucky medicine.." she repeats, nodding. "I can get that and stuffs. I umm..still makes me feel silly if she's not feeding from me though. Like..like, if she's not feeding from me, but feeding from other people instead..that's no good! But if she's feeding both it's cute I think..so..soo...ummm..maybe I can put some of my blood in little bags for her? Do you think that would work?", unsure exactly how they'd go about it, but there must be somewhere she can 'donate' blood around here!

Silencia smiles and pets Sae's head in an understanding manner, showing her that she doesn't mind that the girl had been biting her. She shakes her head softly at the little suggestion though. "That would be breaking the promise, Sae. If you really feel like you want to feed her, then make her sweets and cookies and such. But Flandre should not drink from your blood for the time being." Silencia knows she's being strict, but she wouldn't do this without knowing that it is absolutely neccesary. She gives the girl a little smile. "I can teach you to make delicious cookies for Flandre and she'll be just as happy with that. Does that help?" Silencia pauses again and then grins. "Just think about it this way; once this all is over, Flandre will be all yours! You just need to be a little strong now."

Sae pouts a little, knowing that means Flandre's going to be drinking other people's blood. But Silencia's right, Flandre's almost on the right path, and messing up now could push back all the progress she's made since coming to twisted. The suggestion of baking makes her giggle and nod nod nods! "Mhm mhm mhm! Cookies! And sweets! Candy! She loveloves candy! And it'll all be from me!", bouncing a little at the thought, right back to being all energertic. "Wonder what kinda stuff she likes! Maybe ice cream cake! That'd be awesome!"

Silencia chuckles softly, happy to see Sae all bubbly again. "I can help you with all of that! I'll teach you to make whatever you want and then you'll make it for your lovely little Flan! Isn't that a nice plan?" Silencia's strategy is to just make Sae focus on other things like baking instead of being a walking snackpack. "So, you agree that you'll help Flandre with sticking with the promise not to feed off of you until she learns what you mean to her?" The priestess sticks out her little finger and smiles at Sae. "Pinky promise?"

Sae looks down at that finger for a moment, smile fading just a little like she's unsure. But just like that, the girl makes up her mind and the grin comes right back, wrapping her pinky around Sil's, giggling! "Mhm! Pinky promise! We'll make her all the sweets she could ever want! And then even more so we can have some, tooooo!", bouncing in her seat at the thought, even wiggling her tush side to side in the booth! "We should make her cookie cake too! That's like, TWO whole sweets in one, right? Same with ice cream cakes!"

Silencia smiles happily at the schoolgirl and nods. "How about ice cream cookie cake? That's three!" Silencia giggles along with Sae. Silencia seems a tiny bit better, her worries were slightly lessened. She still would ask for Jim's help though, just in case. Silencia peeks at her half-eaten steak and veggies, still feeling a bit nauseous. "I... think I'm done eating..." All the talk about sweets was making Silencia a bit nauseous and thus she chose not to finish her food. She's actually breaking an important household rule!

Sae gasps! "All /three/?! I never even thought of that! We should we should! Let's do that!", giggling with joy. Looking up at Sil, then down at her plate, she hmms. "Sil Sil! If you're not gonna nom on that, can I have the rest maybe! I'm a growing girl and stuffs!", grinning wide. "Do you need anything else though Sil? Blankets? Cuddles? Tea or water or something? You still don't look too good!", worried about her priestess-y friend!

Silencia pushes the plate towards Sae. "Here you go, it's actually really yummy, so enjoy!" Silencia shakes her head at Sae's worry. "No need, I'll probably go take a nap soon. Getting better is simply going to take time." Silencia stretches lazily, her arms trembling with the strain. She then grins and pokes her own cheek. "And I always was pale, Sae, I'm just a little more pale that usual!" She finally gives in and rests her head on the schoolgirl's shoulder, resting a bit. "Yep... I should probably go take a nap soon..."

Sae eats a good bit faster than she normally would, but it's with a purpose! There's no way her little plan's gonna work if she's making chewing sounds right next to Sil! With the food scarfed down, she wipes her mouth and drinks a little water, then kisses the top of the priestess's head as it rests on her shoulder. Then she motions over to the bartender to bring them a blanket, something she gently drapes over the two of them so it's nice and cozy beneath. "Mhmmm! You're gonna nap right here, just in case you wake up all sicky and stuff, or if you wake up needing me to get something for you! You can take care of me, but I can take care of you too, Sil!", giving her a squeezes as they warm up beneath the blanket.

Eyes...so..heavy... "N..no... I'll go home and...sleep..." She sighs and closes her eyes, very quickly getting comfy with Sae. "Maybe a little... nap here would be fine..." Silencia isn't used to being the one that needs the care, so this is a bit different for Silencia, but it is not uncomfortable. Silencia mumbles softly as she remember something. "Don't tell Kotal... I gave my power..." And she falls asleep rather quickly, all snuggled up against Sae.

Sae gently strokes through your hair, giggling softly. She kisses Sil right on temple, then murmurs "Don't worry about anything, Sil. Secret's safe with me.", wrapping her arms around the girl's waist and hugging her tight until she's fast asleep.

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