2016-03-21 - Bound By More Than Blood

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Bound By More Than Blood

Summary: In which Flandre discovers that Sae can be more than her thrall.

Who: Sae, Flandre
When: March 21, 2016
Where: Academy Dorms


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With night classes done, Flandre is now free to spend the rest of her night as she pleases. Normally this would be the time that most people would take to wind down after a long day of work and studying as they prepare to sleep. Flandre, however, being a vampire is when she's at her most active and since she's already a hyperactive ball of energy things tend and can get out of control with her!

Fortunately, it was decreed that without her nanny around to help her out Flandre could benefit from having a roommate, and so what better spot to put her in than in the same dorm room as her thrall?

"Phew!" Flandre exhales as she finally finishes her homework of basic math and stands up from the table. "That was rough! But now it's play time!!~" She squeals and starts running around the room on her socks like some kind of toddler, even though she at least looks like a teenager.

The excitable vampire girl runs up and down the rooms looking for Sae having the need to go bother her roomate thrall.

Sae tends to be the kind of girl whose mind wanders to cute, silly thoughts without any real rhyme or reason to do it. And right now, that's just what she's doing! Eyes closed, she's dressed in her school uniform and is mindlessly humming as she wanders towards the room she shares with her vampiric Mistress, carrying a metal tray of cookies -along with oven mitts to hold it, they're fresh!-, and is currently getting lost in her own little fantasy. Most people would day dream about being rich, or famous, or dating a super model!

But Sae? She's day dreaming about Flandre eating her homemade chocolate chip cookies! So lost in the fantasy, she doesn't even notice the object of her affections rampaging down the hall in search of her, as she makes her way towards their room, allowing her body to carry her there automatically -she's gone there a few dozen times already after all!-, leaving her midn free to think of how cute Flan will be as she nibbles the treats!

Sae won't have to let her mind wander too long about her vampire owner eating her cookies because it just so happens that said vampire is in a direct collision course with her!

"Sae!!" Flandre squeals when she catches sight of the girl and leaps at her! Directly to her face too! Being just lightly shorter and with the ability to fly, Flandre manages to latch on completely to Sae's face using the classical glomp attack. Flanre's arms wrap behind the girl's neck whilst her legs grab on to Sae's torso.

Naturally, this means that due to the impact, the school girl is now going to go down backwards and her cookies are going to flying up. Not to worry though, since another Flandre appears out of nowhere and catches the flying tray of cookies, leaving the Flandre that's latching on to Sae's face to pin her on the ground to cuddle and kiss her cheek. "Hiii~" She says sounding slightly creepy and cute at the same time. In the the way that only someone like Flandre can pull off.

Given how quickly Sae's shocked out of her fantasy world, she can't help but "EEEEEEEEEP!" at first! With how her mind was running wild, she didn't quite realize the 'Sae!!' wasn't just in her head! But she does now, considering that there's a little vampire pressed against her face! "Flandreeeee! I made you cookies!", she giggles, nuzzling the girl's cheek and taking a moment to realize something.

"FLAN! There's two of you! Two Flan!", giggling with joy. It's REALLY freaking weird. But the girl's learned not to question such things, instead just playfully rolling around with her lovely Mistress, pausing with herself on the bottom! She then starts peppering Flandre's face with dozens of little kisses, making sure to give a 'smooch' sound with each and every one!

"Flandre Flandre! Mistressssss! How was class! I got out earlier than you and stuffs, so I spent the time making some chocolate chip cookies! Hope you like em!", peering curiously at Flandre number 2. "How come there's another one of you anyways! That's kinda scary!", squeezing 'her' Flandre extra tight, just to make sure she knows this one is real!

Flandre doesn't respond immediately, she's a little too busy snuggling with her pet that she hasn't seen all day! Therefore, its a little understandable that the vampire will at first ignore Sae's questions, preferring to enjoy the sensation of Sae's warmth. Even more understandable when one considers Flandre's decidedly selfish life style, but that's besides the point.

After getting her initial feel of Sae, Flandre finally pries her face away from the other girl's and looks down at her with a smile, brushing golden locks of hair away from her crimson eyes to stare at Sae better. "I noticed! The smell delicious, Sae! I can't wait to try them!" The girl grins, showing her vampire fangs.

She sits up on Sae's stomach and looks over her shoulder to stare at the other floating Flandre who's carrying the cookies. "Oh! Yeah! That's one of my spells! It's call Four of a Kind and it lets me do up to four versions of myself. It's really neat! I can play with them if I get really bored, but they are weird so I normally don't."

Indeed, the 'other' Flan doesn't appear to be an exact copy. For starters, she's wearing glasses which she adjusts whilst staring down at the girls.

"Don't mind me, go on." Says Flandre Number Two.

Flandre Number One then giggles and starts returning all of Sae's smoochies, ending with her rubbing her cheek with her girl. "Classes were good, but I'm glad to be back home. I really missed you!"

"Whoa! Your magic's super cool Flandre! Never thought someone could do something like that!". Sae giggles, then peers at the second Flandre, hmming, "She's /almost/ as cute as you are, Mistress!" she teases, then smooches the blonde on her forehead. "Real Flandre is the bestest Flandre though! I missed you boatloads tooo!", wrapping her arms loosely around the girl's hips.

"Was a super good idea to move in together, though. 'cause then I get to come home to you every day and stuffs! Makes everything lots nicer 'cause even if class is super borning or something, I can just be all 'I'm gonna see Flan-Flan soon!' and smile!", kissing the girl again before standing up with her Mistress! She leans forward, then adjusts things to try and get the girl to hang onto her back! "Here! Exercise! Let's get back to the dorm!", doing her very best to carry Flandre the whole way there!

Although the magical clone seems to have a mind of her own, she doesn't seem to react too much, particularly when Sae calls the 'original' flan the cutest. Maybe she's indifferent, or used to it, or even more she might not have will of her own and only pretends to have one. Whatever the reason, the clone simply floats down and puts the cookie tray on a shelf before disappearing, leaving Flandre to roll around with Sae on the floor some more.

"I know, right??" Flandre agrees with a smile. "I now have something to look forward to when I come after school! Before this I didn't have anything else to do, it was super boring!" She grins and wiggles a little. "But now I can play games all night with you, Sae! Yaay!" Obviously, Flandre hasn't considered that Sae might, you know, need to sleep at night, but that's the kind of mentality the vampire has where she doesn't consider anyone else feelings but her own.

As Sae stands up and leans forward so that Flandre can ride her back, the girl immediately gets on and wraps her legs around Sae's waist, putting her hands on Sae's shoulders as well. "Yay! Horsie! Imma ride ya like a horse!" She giggles and clicks her heels on her thrall's waist. "Giddy up!"

"Awwwwww! You're super sweet Flan! I'd lovelove to play tons of games with you! It'll be fun! I do needa sleep eventually though, 'specially after a big big school day!". Sae grins and looks over her shoulder to plant a little kiss on the hugging vampire's nose, then wiggle her nosetip against the other girl's, just being silly!

The schoolgirl sticks her tongue out at the 'giddy up', and blushes a little since acting like a horsey is well..she doesn't understand it, but it's nice! For now though, she pushes such thoughts aside and makes exagerated skips and bounces with Flandre on her back, arriving at their door in now time at all. Instead of opening it herself, she does a few giggly-twirls, then points her back -and Flandre!- at the door. "Horsies don't have hands! You gotta open it for meeeee!"

"Wheeee!" Yeah, Flandre is not listening, if Sae doesn't argue her case well its like that Flandre will keep her up all night playing silly games like this. And that's not even considering that she hasn't gotten a hold of other methods of entertainment, the moment she discovers videogames Sae is going to be in for a wild ride since Flandre will absolutely /demand/ she stays up, even if all she wants Sae to do is watch.

Food for thought though. Its still early on the night and Flandre seems satisfied with just riding around on Sae's back. Once the reach their first obstacle, it becomes evident that Flandre still has a few things to work on since she frowns a little too hard. "Bah! A door!" She puffs and slaps the thing with her open palm.

Obviously forgetting her strength.

And then the door flies off its hinges and slams onto the other side of the room shattering into splinters.

"Woops! Hit it too hard.." She winces and rests her chin on Sae's head, at least feeling like she did something wrong for a change instead of just ignoring it.

With how giggly and carefree she's being, it completely caught Sae off guard when that door exploded behind her! She jumped, turning away from it instinctivly to get between the loud crashing noise and her Mistress! What a good pet! "Eeeeep! Flandre!" she gasps, then lets out a sigh. "I thought it might've been one of those monsters everyone's talking about."

Crouching, then standing up straight to help bounce and adjust the girl on her back, she smiles over her shoulder at Flandre. "Don't worry Flan! It's no good to break doors, but I'm sure the school peoples have another one somewhere! In the mean time..umm.." she hmms. Now everyone can peer into their room! That's no good! But Flandre seemed sorry about it, and that's really what matters. It show's Sae that maybe, just maybe, it wont be /super/ difficult to get her to grow a little. A girl can hope at least!

Stepping inside, she turns around and backs up towards the bed, setting Flandre down on it. "Oh oh oh! We even get to share a bed! How adorable is that?!", smiling wide. Flandre cuddles all night long! At least, whenever she gets around to being allowed sleep..

Its baby steps with Flandre and not just because she tends to act like a toddler. After over five hundred years of existing she just /now/ is getting the hang of empathy, so she still has a long way to go before she can function in a normal environment. Or at least as normal as Twisted can be.

Thankfully, having a friend/pet like Sae helps a lot and Flandre makes a pouty face at the destruction she just made. "I didn't mean to.." Why, poor Flandre looks like she's about to cry, but fortunately some nano bots come over and fix the door almost instantly. Guess they have this dorm proofed for destructive little girls. It makes sense seeing that Flandre is far from being the only one with powers around here.

Glad that she wasn't reprimanded, the vampire girl then hops onto bed and drags Sae with her hugging her close. "Yay! Cuddles with Sae!" She says in glee and rolls on top of the girl, undoing the buttons of her shirt with the clear intention of feeding from her neck.

Sae freezes right up as Flandre begins to undress her, cheeks turning red. What do I do?! What do I do?! Sil said..But Flan..But Sil..She's trapped!

"M-Misterss?" she whispers, gently pressing a finger over the vampire's lips. "Tried to convince Miss Sil to let us feed and stuffs without getting mad..but..but.." she bites her bottom lip, eyes wide and wattery like it's her turn to cry! Sniffling, she adds "WAAAAH! She convinced meeee! She made me pinky-promise! I really-really wanna feed you but..but..promise. L-Least til she said you see me as not just a toy and stuffs..", sniffling again.

"I wanna be your toy still but..but..maybe a little more than that?". It's a subtle way to frame it, and it's not something Flandre might pick up on. But regardless, it's clear her busty little pet is rather torn and sad by all this! It feels like she's failing Flandre. "Said..said would make lots of cute sweets and stuff until can feed.."

It's actually kind of comical. Flandre freezes mid bite as Sae basically tells her that she can't feed from here. "Wha?" Her red eyes are wide as is her mouth which show sharp canine fangs just about to bite down on the girl's neck. Blinking a little, Flandre closes her jaw to try and comprehend what Sae just told her.

Silencia? Not feed? Pinky-Promise??

"You did what??" Oooh! That little priestess was really starting to get on Flandre's nerves! "Waaah! Why would you pinky-promise something like that??" Cries Flandre and rolls on her back, kicking and flailing doing one of her usual childish tantrums. Perhaps its even more hilarious that she seems to think pinky-promises are some kind of unbreakable contracts, which is exactly what a child would think. "It's not fair! It's not fair! I wanted to feed from Sae!!" She whines some more and rolls on her side, facing away from the school girl. Flandre certainly does look very disappointed. "I already made you my toy. What else could you want?" Because clearly for Flandre that's the ultimate honor she could give a mortal. "You don't mean.." She looks over her shoulder again. "You don't want me to sire you, do you?" Which means turn Sae into a vampire as well. Because Flandre can do that.

It's so heartwrenching for the poor girl to see her Mistress all sad and dissapointed, further driving home the feeling she's done something bad. But Sae's quick to pounce when she sees the chance, pressing a firm kiss to Flandre's lips the very second she looks over her shoulder! She's determined to show the girl she still loves her big time! What she asks next, though? That catches her off guard!

"W-wait! Sire..? Like..make me a vampire-person..?". She lets her mouth hang open a little, trying to process things. That /would/ be amazingly cute, intimate in all sorts of ways..buuuut! "I don't..think I want to be a vampire? I was just..I was just thinking.." she blushes so much, staring down intno her lap. Can she say it? Coul she /really/ ask Flan to be her girlfriend?

Sae's gaze flicks up to Flandre's red eyes, then back down to her lap, repeating a few more times. "Know am your pet and toy and stuffs but..but..maybe..if Miss Flan wants it too..maybe someday we could umm.." her hips wiggle side to side, front teeth visible as they gently bit her bottom lip. "..I could be your girlfriend, too?"

Sae isn't the only one taken by surprise. Flandre all but whirls around and goes into a supine position when Sae pounces out of nowhere. Paranoid as she's always been, Flandre momentarily thinks that Sae is going to attack her only to feel those soft lips pressing firmly on her own. "Hmm.." The vampire girl moans softly and holds the school girl by her shoulders gently, digging her sharp finger nails softly onto her as they share that intimate moment.

As they pull back, Flandre lips her lips and gets a cheeky smile. "Well good, because if I made you a vampire like me I couldn't feed from you anymore!" Clearly, there are a lot of benefits of keeping your thrall a human. After all, that way they can do all the things that Flandre can't do, like stepping out into the sun, entering houses uninvited and walking in the rain.

The vampire tilts her head curiously as Sae begins to show signs she's struggling with something. Her eyebrows frown and she purses her lips curiously.

"A girlfriend?" She repeats.

"What's that?" Flandre's lack of knowledge about humans is a lot worse than most people realize. She doesn't even know the basic terminology.

With a serious look on her face, Sae nods firmly. "Mhm! Good! Then I never-ever wanna be a vampire. Really do love you feeding on me..silly pinky promises aside and stuffs.." she mumbles, pouting a little. It seemed so mean for Sil to get her to agree to that, but on the same note it was something that'd ultimately benefit Flandre in the long run.

"W-what?! They don't have girlfriends where you're from?!", say looks really exasperated at that. Not only did she have to work up the courage to ask, now she's gotta explain it too!?

"Well..umm..UMMMM..it's I guess a human thingy usually? It's when two people like each other bunchese, so they start going on cute little dates together, and love each other, and..and usually decide not to do naughty stuffs with other people? Is..is like saying you're so awesome you're all I need..". Sae doubts the carefree, childish vampire that is Flan would ever agree to that last part, but she's doing her best to explain things! "And..and since I like you bunches..lovelove maybe kinda sorta.."

That's a good question. Don't they have girlfriends in Gensokyo??

Flandre thinks hard about that one but with her limited information she really has no way of knowing much. The Scarlet Devil Mansion was hardly the place to learn about how the rest of the world worked and on those rare occasions where Flandre wandered the land of Gensokyo it seemed that there only more Master/Servant relationships like there were in the mansion with her sister and all her servants.

"No, I guess not." Concludes Flandre. "The closest thing was maybe that Sakuya was my sister's favorite toy.. kinna like how Meiling was mine."

So maybe that's a good analogy then? "Oh! So yes! You totally are my favorite, Sae!" The girl squees and glomps Sae, burying her face on the school girl's chest. "You're awesome and you're all I need!" As Sae suspects, Flandre doesn't seem to quite understand the entire concept, but at least she's getting there.

"I guess this means we have to go on dates before being girlfriends, huh?"

Sae giggles at the way her Flandre processes things. It's close enough, really. "Mhm mhm! Favoritest toy! But then even mooooore than that!" she tries to reason, giving Flandre a big, loud smooch! "Mhmmhmhmhmhmhm! We should go someplace cute! With sweets maybe! I'm sure they've gotta place like that around twisted, right? Would make for a cute little date! Sweets and cuddles and cuteness and yuri-love stuuuufs!"

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