2016-03-25 - Crouching Puppy Hidden Worm

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Crouching Puppy, Hidden Worm

Summary: Silencia recruits the aide of acclaimed superhero Earthworm Jim to keep an eye on Sae.

Who: Sae, Silencia, Earthworm_Jim and Minu
When: March 25,2016
Where: Nowherto Park.

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It's a nice sunny day and Silencia is finally back out in the park like she used to. The little priestess still isn't completely recovered, but she's way better than her state a couple of days before. It wont take long until the fae is back to full strength once again, but she still called on this 'Jim' to meet with her today. The girl was nervous about the potential danger for Sae and even for Flandre. Both girls were very young (in mind) and even though Silencia had spoken with Sae and convinced her not to break the promise, Silencia felt uneasy. At the moment, the girl is simply meditating, regaining strength from the presence of Mother Nature and the brightly shining sun while seated on the grass. She never seems to use benches when she's in the park!



A strange creature for sure. From the neck down he would look like a very muscled man clad in a white space suit. However, his head.. well it wasn't really a head mind you, as it was another entire body altogether. Earthworm Jim is an oddity wherever he goes being a super mutated worm that walks around using a robotic space suit. Bug eyes stared at the TV lazily whilst he shoveled yet another slice pizza into his rather enormous mouth. This worm doesn't eat just refuse it seems, and when he does eat he eats a lot.

Suddenly, a tune of /O Earthworm Jim! He's such a groovy guy! /o interrupts him, sounds like his phone.

"Yello?" He blinks. "A job!? Are you serious!? I mean- of course! I'm at your service! Sure, I'm available right now. The park at Twisted? Yeah! No problem!"

Jim closes his phone and pumps his fists up triumphantly "FINALLY!! I've been meaning to say this for such a long time!!"

He clears his throat. "This looks like a job for.."


Pulling his pocket rocket out, Jim mounts the miniature turbine and flies off the restaurant. At least using the door this time.




Moments after Silencia had talked to Jim, she'd hear a screaming coming closer and closer to her, disturbing the tranquility of nature. It's Jim, who smashes head first into ground next to Silencia and does a few rolls, miniature space ship embedded in the dirt.

"One of these days I'll figure out how to land that thing." Says the worm in the space suit as he stands up and dusts himself.

The loud scream and the sudden crash of an unfamiliar thing right next to Silencia makes the girl jump up with a surprised yelp. Her eyes are wide and her expression shocked and that's even before she got a good look at the guy! After she's recovered from the initial shock, she shakes her head with a smile, mumbling to herself. "Never a dull moment in Twisted..." She walks over to the odd creature, Silencia just a bit creeped out. It didn't help that both Rayne and Kotal had been hesitant about this guy. Silencia offers her hand in a friendly gesture, trying to help him up. "I'm assuming you're Jim? You certainly know how to make an entrance!" Silencia smiles, the priestess reminded of her beloved, who also had a fondness of quite literally dropping out of the sky to her side.

Flashy but not necessarily with a lot of finesse. That's a good way of describing Jim and his penchant for grand entrances, most of them not being wholly on purpose though, after all, it did look like he didn't mean to crash his face first into the ground.

"Yes ma'am!" Jim gives a flashy grin and advances towards the tiny priestess, extending a large white gloved hand for a vigorous hand shake. "Earthworm Jim! Superhero, cowboy, bounty hunter, private eye, professional trouble solver, and all around friendly neighborhood worm at your service!" He never.. stopped shaking Silencia's hand while he was saying that. "I also do parties!"

Still grinning with that strangely goofy face, Jim straightens up and takes a more dignified pose, or at least as dignified as he can get. "And with whom might I have the pleasure of doing business with?"

Oh my. This fellow really is an energetic one! Silencia almost got dragged all over the place with that handshake! And that extremely odd appearance... well, it's lucky that Silencia had learned to just accept things as they are here, or else she might've run away from the freaky looking worm-man. Silencia subtly opens and closes her hand once Jim releases it, idly wrapping them around herself, hands on elbows. Even though this Jim was an odd one, he was friendly and even a bit amusing, so Silencia offers him a bright smile. "Nice to meet you, Earthworm Jim! I'm Silencia, I'm Kotal Kahn's priestess. He was the one that told me to ask you to help me, to be honest." Of course she couldn't resist telling Jim that, from what she heard he seemed eager to impress Kotal, so hearing that the war god had recommended him could make the worm happy and motivated. "Though the job I'm offering you isn't very glamorous, I'm afraid. I need you to watch over two people for a couple of days. I would do it myself, but I am not well enough at the moment..." One would not guess that when looking at Silencia. Except from being a bit pale, Silencia seems to be rather well. She doesn't look like an undead being trying to cling to life anymore. She's still not completely better though and she was sure Kotal would not like her running around while not completely better, that's why she needed Jim's help. "Are you willing to help me, mister Earthworm Jim? You're the only one I can give this task to!" Of course she's exaggerating just a little bit and her tone of voice is just a bit too pleading, but the worm seems to like feeling needed, why burst his bubble?

Quite indeed! Hearing Kotal Kahn's name tells Jim that this is serious business. "Oh! Kots sent ya, huh?" He replies nonchalantly, being able to shift between casual and formal tone very rapidly. There's no pattern to this worm, the way in which he moves and talks fluctuate as quickly as a swirling river. Constantly shifting with no apparent control of itself.

This guy has some issues with hyperactivity for sure.

Its only a relief that he puts all that energy to good use. "His priestess? You mean like for healing?" Jim doesn't seem to understand the concept as to why someone would need a personal priestess. "Oh wait, I got it. Like the TASK chaplain." He nods, satisfied with his own reasoning.

Jim requires very little motivation to do something at least. He seems raring to go do something, even if it's a grand adventure. "Don't you worry none about the kinna job it is, ma'am. I'm just here to help people out with whatever problems they might have."

The worm strikes a heroic pose. "Be it defeating evil doers or saving kitties from trees! I am your worm for the job!!"

From behind, some fireworks explode from his miniature space shuttle, Jim had programmed to do that apparently.

Although it ends up looking way to gaudy.

"So what does this job entail exactly? Are we talking body guarding or more like baby sitting?"

Silencia nods lightly at Jim's question. "Healing people is part of my job, yes." She doesn't try to explain further as Jim seems to have settled what she is, supposedly. She smiles sheepishly as Jim seems eager to help. "Well, it's nothing like that though. I just need you to keep an eye on them." Silencia just giggles while the fireworks go off, this dude wasn't crazy, he was funny! She had been a bit wary because of Kotal and Rayne's words, but Earthworm Jim just seems like an energetic and entertaining little worm! "The ones I need you to look after are called Sae and Flandre. Flandre is a vampire and feeds on people's blood. Sae is very willing to feed Flandre, but I have forbidden them to do that at the moment. I need you to watch over them to see if they're sticking to their word." Silencia pauses but then straightens, almost forgetting the important part. "It is very important that you keep yourself undercover. Under no circumstance may you attack Flandre, no matter how dangerous the situation seems. If things get real bad, then you can steal Sae and contact TASK so we can deal with Flandre." Silencia's tone is serious, the girl definitely doesn't want Flandre getting attacked because of her. "It'll only be for a couple of days."

Why yes, Jim does seem perfectly harmless and goofy! Its a wonder why Kotal Kahn and Rayne would be frightened of some one like him! Maybe there's something that Silencia doesn't yet know.. or maybe Kotal and Rayne are total sticks in the mud.. which they can certainly be!

Jim flicks out a notepad and pen out of nowhere and starts taking notes. Somehow, he is now wearing thick reading glasses. "Mhm.. okay, vampire you say? Ooh, haven't had one of those cases in a while." Says the worm as he continues to scribble, sticking his tongue out to the side as he continues to doodle- er, write, yes, he's definitely writing things, not making stick figures.

He makes an O face as Silencia then reveals more details about this mission. "Undercover too! I've definitely haven't had one of those in a while." More than likely because Jim really sucks at stealth! "But no big deal, I can handle it just fine. Just gotta remember which button in this suit triggers the invisibility." He starts fiddling with his belt and toaster over plops out from a compartment in his chest. "Woop, that ain't it." He closes said chest compartment "Like I said, I'll figure it out."

"Okay, lemme see if I got all this correctly. Spy on Flandre and Sae while undercover, do not interfere unless Sae's life is in danger and report any problems to TASK? That sound about right?"

Silencia blinks as a toaster oven drops right next to her. The girl just stares at it for a second before picking it up and handing it back to Jim. Yep. Definitely just a goofy worm-man! She nods with a smile as he recaps the mission she just gave him. "That's exactly right! And if Flandre does drink from Sae, report back to me." Silencia feels relieved now that she has someone helping her with this issue. Silencia hums thoughtfully before returning her attention to Jim. "That's it, actually. They both live in the dorms at the Academy. Do you have any questions?" Silencia idly wonders about the worm, especially because she expected something a bit more... dangerous after she had spoken with Rayne and Kotal. He really didn't seem much stranger than the other residents of Twisted, even though he was a giant worm in a spacesuit.

Jim chuckles goofily and grabs the offered toaster over, sticking it back in his chest. "Thanks! I can't ever figure out where I keep these darn things." Then he makes another note. "Report if there's any blood sucking involving Sae. Got it!" Aaand there's a check mark. He seems pretty confident that he can pull this through, and to be fair there must be something he can do if he can unnerve the likes of Kotal and Rayne. If he were just a goofy weakling they wouldn't have recommended him.

"Not really, I reckon I got this one handled! Done much harder jobs that keeping tabs on vampires and their food sources."

Silencia grins happily. "Thank you very much! I'll be able to relax a bit now." Silencia had been worrying about Sae and Flandre and all that worry did not help with recovering. Right now, she's almost completely better, except for the fact that tiring herself still causes her to stumble all over the place and she's still a bit pale.

Sae can be heard before she can be seen! The schoolgirl's humming a loud, happy little tune to herself as she wanders through the park, stopping within the pair's line of sight, but not yet noticing them. The girl's too busy focusing on a particular bird who's singing a song, giggling and humming the same tones back to it as she peers up towards the animal, who then returns them. "Awwwwww! It's nice to meet you too! I hope you find a nice Missus Bluejay to snuggle up with! Your feathers are so floofy I'm sure you will!", giggling again. Sil would know that Sae can't talk to animals, so it's really just the girl being cute with a bird!

"Sure thingy, ma'am! You can rest easy when THIS worm is on the job!" Jim grins cheesily and points to himself with a thumb, beaming with confidence. The top of his head, which happens to be his worm body, begins to wiggle a bit as he hears an awfully cheery voice approach. He doesn't do anything though since in all his excitement to finally get a job, he totally forgot to ask Silencia how Sae and Flandre look like! Suffice to say, he doesn't know that he should probably hide.

Silencia perks up when she hears that familiar voice. "Oh my, I think that's Sae..." Silencia peeks at Jim and grins. "Do you think you're able to find that button to turn invisible?" It doesn't matter much to Silencia if Sae sees Jim right now. The important part is that Sae doesn't get bothered by him while he's watching over her and Flandre. She waves at Sae as the schoolgirl gets closer to the priestess. Silencia walks over to the girl, peeking over her shoulder once to see if Jim has hidden himself or if he's out in the open. "Hey there Sae!"

After their little pinky promise, Sae's been a good girl about not letting Flandre feed! It's still tempting though, so it certainly can't hurt to have someone watching over them, even if she's blissfully unawaure of Jim! Which right now, she certainly is! As Sil nears her, the younger schoolgirl -dressed in her uniform, of course!- wastes no time and gives the priestess a big, firm glomp, hugging her tight to her chest. "Sil SIl Sil! Loooook!". She points up at the blue jay, who happens to be a bit more puffed up in the feathers than most of those birds are. "He's all floofy! Super cute! I bet he's trying to find a Missus bluejay and stuff too!", giggling and bouncing, even giving a twirl with Sil! "How're you feeling silly? Hopefully lots better! Oh oh oh! I've been being good, too! I made Flan some cookies! And look!", starting to unbutton the first few buttons on her blows, then pulling it aside somewhat to show off her bite-mark free neck! With all the cuteness going on, she's yet to peek over Jim's way!

"The what now!?" Jim flips out and nearly jumps up in fright! In fact, he does jump! His worm body flying off his suit and then sliding back in as he starts pressing all the buttons on his suit. "Wait, wait! I got it! I got it, seriously! It was the one with the doohikey that-" He blinks. "Oooh, right. That's why I can't ever find that button! It's invisible! Seriously, who designed this suit?" Just as he's pondering those critical questions after nearly a decade of using said suit, Jim presses a random button that turns him into a tiny puppy. *POOF*

Silencia giggles lightly as she notices the little puppy right where Jim was standing. That also worked! Silencia simply smiles as Sae is as excited and bubbly as ever. She stumbles a bit when she's glomped, but aside from that, Silencia seems fine. She peeks at the little birdie and smiles. "Such a pretty bird!" Silencia giggles and nods softly. "I'm a lot better, Sae. I think I look quite a bit better as well, right?" She winks before walking back to Jim and picking him up, returning to the schoolgirl with a smile. "Meet the little puppy Jim, Sae. I think the two of you will be good friends!" Time for the energetic worm to meet the energetic schoolgirl!

Sae bounces in place a couple times when she hears Sil's doing better, nodding tons! "Mhmhmhmhm! You look lots lots better Sil! You were kinda scaring me a bit last time with how sick-y you looked! But now-" she ruffles the priestess's hair "-you look perfect!". That wink gets a soft blush from the girl, but she's quickly distracted by the puppy Sil brings over! "OHMYGOSH!!!", running over to gently take it from Sil's arms, then hold him up high, looking up towards the cute thing and giggling. "You're adorable! So so so so soooo cute! Sil Sil! Does he have an owner yet?! Me and Flan moved into a dorm together! I dunno if they allow pets though! If they do can we keep him?! Flan-Flan would love him! And plus I'll have someone to be cute with while she's in classes!"

Energy is abound here! The energetic schoolgirl is met with a puppy that is just as energetic as her! Little Jim barks cutely and wags his tail when he's handed over to Sae, and then he proceeds to lick all over her face. When Sae looks over to Silencia and ask questions though, puppy Jim takes that moment to turn around and wink at Sil. He also does a silent thumbs up. How does a puppy do a thumbs up anyway? Jim figures it out somehow, let's just hope that Sae didn't notice that though!

Silencia giggles again, the sight of Sae adoring the puppy/worm-man was adorable in itself, but the puppy turned around and put its thumb up at Sil! Silencia nods softly while wiping away a stray tear from holding back her laughter. "If you wish, you can take him. But be sure you ask little Jim if he wants to come home with you though!" Silencia walks closer to the two and pets them both. Sil seems to have a soft spot for energetic children! "That'll be a little reward for being a good girl and keeping your promise, Sae!"

Though Sil might be holding back her laughter, Sae's doing no such thing! The girl's letting out a constant stream of giggles as her face is licked at, turning her head left and right and tilting it to make sure he gives the tickly licks all over! "Awwwwwwwwwwwww! I can I can?! You're the bestest Sil!". Bending her knees to sort of kneel down, she places the puppy on the ground and looks at him with a big smile. "Jim Jim! How about it? Do you wanna come home with me and Flan Flan? She's super cute! And loveloves cute things! And we've gotta big cozy bed with lotsa pillows! And and and..and..we've gotta super pretty campus you can run around in too while we're out!". Sae's really trying to convince the puppy to come home with her, though she's got no idea he can actually understand!

Jim puppy nods happily and licks Sae's face some more! Looks like he's really on board with this idea! That said.. do puppies even know how to nod?? It looks very strange. Maybe he is very well trained, or he could be a Twisted puppy.

Silencia grins widely and crosses her arms while she simply watches the exchange between the girl and the pup. This is way too adorable! "It looks like Jim really wants to go home with you! He thinks you're cute Sae!" Of course Sil can't resist a little teasing, even faking a little pout. "Little Jim like you more!" She grins again, showing that she's just kidding.

Its on silent wings that the owlet makes her way through the forest. Coming in from above the tree tops she swoops down into the clearing and back wings so that she lands easily on a thin branch. Turning her head nearly upside down she looks down at the folks in the clearing. A soft hoot spills from her and her wings flap against her sides.

"OHMYGOSH! He really likes it! He likes it so much he's NODDING!!!", giggling with joy. Just to be playful, she hugs the puppy to her chest and then lays down on the ground, rolling wide to side with it, of course making sure no pressures on the little guy at any time! Don't wanna crush him! Utterly oblivious to the fact no normal puppy should be able to nod, she only stops giggling and rolling around when Sil says that about Jim! "Nooooo! Impossible! You're so super duper mega cutie-socks that I bet Jim likes you just as much!". To make her point, she holds the puppy out right in front of Sil's face so he can lick her, too! Looking up at the hooting owl, she flashes it a smile! "See! Even she agrees! Hoot hoot!"

Puppy Jim happily rolls around with Sae. Fortunately he's a lot tougher than the average puppy since he's in reality an armored space worm, and even more fortunately Sae seems far too enthralled with the puppy's cuteness to realize its doing a lot of things dogs normally can't. Looks like they are a match for each other! As Jim is held close to Silencia's face, he licks her nose too because why not?

Oh this is getting ridiculous. Silencia finally can't hold it in anymore and the girl laughs out loud, clutching her stomach. Sae's excitement wasn't just cute, is was so funny to see how extremely she reacts to everything! The little lick to her nose gets a surprised little yelp and Silencia covers her nose with both her hands. She reaches out and pets Jim though, showing she was merely surprised. As Sae turns the attention to the little owl, Silencia peeks at the bird and smiles. She waves and beckons, recognizing that particular little thing! "Hey there Minu! Come join us!"

When she is greeted, the little owl hoots brightly. Her head tilts upside down again and then turns it around the other way again. When Sil calls to her she blinks and fluffs her feathers then leaps from the branch and arrows toward Sil. She goes directly to the fae and only back wings as gets there. The little owl hovers for just a moment then lands on Sil's up lifted arm.

Sae grins at Sil, loving to see anyone laughing so much around her. "Jim Jim! She really likes you! Look what your cuteness did to Miss Sil!", laughing right along with the priestess. She picks up the puppy again and puts his belly right atop her head, so each of his four legs are just hanging down! "You're a my hat for now! Hope it's comfy!", grinning wide, loving to be so silly. She idly pets Jim while watching the owl. "Whoa, Sil! Is that cause you're so in tune with nature and stuff? That's the COOLEST!! Can you do it for other birdies? Like Mister Bluejay?!"

Jim puppy grins at Silencia! Yet another thing that dogs aren't supposed to do, though thankfully he has his back turned to Sae which means that the girl probably didn't notice this little facial expression. Then there's a 'woop' from the doggy as he now rests on Sae's head like the girl's personal hat. It looks comfortable enough and he rests his chin on Sae's scalp, yawning a little and sticking his tongue out. He sniffs out to the approaching Minu but otherwise doesn't react, he can't blow his cover that easily!

Silencia smiles and puts up her right arm for Minu to land on. Minu was just too cute like this! Oh no, Sae's addiction to cuteness is rubbing off on Silencia! She gives the owlette a little pat before smiling at Sae. "I can only do this with veeeery special birdies, Sae!" Lets see how long she can fool the bubbly schoolgirl! She peeks at Minu and grins. "So, how're you doing Minu?" The puppy gets an amused look. Jim should be careful or his hugely convenient cover will be blown!'

The little owl lands with care on Sil's arm, she is small but her talons are incredibly strong for her size. As Sil speaks she flutters her wings and makes soft chattering clacks of her beak then hoots again. The little owl fluffs her feathers and shakes herself. Big golden eyes blink up at the fae woman and then the little owl tilts her head upside down and hoots as if to answer the question.

Sae clapclaps at Jim's yawn! Everything that puppy does is just so darn cute! "Flan's gonna be soooo happy to see you! I bet you can even shnuggle up with us when we snooze at night! It'll be extra warm and cozy and cutsey with you there Jim!", giggling. Looking at Sil, she moves the puppy to cradle him in both her arms, smiling back at the priestess. "Awwww! A very special owl-y? That makes sense!". Reaching out to gently pat the owl, she nods. "You're super special! Yesh you are, yesh you aaaaare!". The girl is completely unaware that either of the two animals can understand her..

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