2016-03-26 - Chemicals and Cabbages.

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Chemicals and Cabbages

Summary: While Minu works on chemistry, people arrive and make a mess. Also, aliens!

Who: The_Trio, Kotal Kahn, Minu, Silencia, Rayne
When: March 26th, 2016.
Where: TASK kitchen.

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Its late afternoon, after lunch but not yet dinner and the little elf has set up shop in the TASK kitchen. What once was a well appointed cooking space is now, a Lab. There is some kind of two inch thick matting on the table and atop that is a rack of test tubes, several jars of assorted chemicals and a fancy looking scale. The little elf has on a lab coat, gloves, and goggles on over her glasses. A butane burner sits to her left and she is busily measuring out something from a glass bottle onto a small plate on the scale. She looks down at a note book open to a page full of notations, formulations and math. She murmurs to herself, something about moles to the gram and taps a little more of the dark powder onto the scale. Just above her note book sits a rather large chemistry book open to a page concerning reactive compounds.

The Pups happen to be outside the door, technically in the dining room because they have been told on many an occasion that they are not allowed into the kitchen. You steal a couple of tamales ONE time... In any case, Minu also told them that so, I guess it's a rule of thumb. There are few things being said however as most of the elf's work is very careful. Jackson decides to interject however, "Who or what got you to think of doing something like this? I know the Boss still has his reservations."

Silencia hums a cheery little song while walking toward the kitchen. She's getting quite a bit better now, someone looking at her wouldn't be able to tell how weak she had been a couple of days ago. She was still a little pale, but no longer does she look like she's about to faint. Today Silencia had been planning on using the kitchen for making yummy treats, because she was bored of sitting around. She enters the kitchen with a smile, only to blink when she sees that it's occupied. "Oh... hey Minu! What're you doing?"

Its nearing evening and that means its time for Kotal to do his favorite thing that isn't slaughtering his enemies or cuddling with Silencia.

Its time for COOKING!

The Aztec warrior always seems to turn into a different person when he is in the kitchen. When normally he is stoic and serious in all things, cooking things definitely gets him in a strange mood. There's almost a skip to his step when he heads over to the kitchen and he's even humming a merry tune.

So out of it is the deity that he doesn't even notice that there are people inside the kitchen and it has currently been turning into a lab. After all, Kotal -always- cooks at this time so people should know better that to be here, right?

He continues humming, puts on his apron and chef hat, and walks over to the counter blindly reaching for a sack of corn flour- which of course ends up with him knocking over a bunch test tubes "What is this??" Kotal's eyes blink as if awakening from a day dream and its then he realizes all the people in his kitchen and the current state of said room.

He doesn't seem to approve.

"AAAH! What have you done to my kitchen!!?"

Minu is ever so carefully measuring as Jackson questions her. "I learned a little something from nearly getting blown up. Chemistry can make something small into something very big and dangerous. After some discussion with Urus and learning to use grenades I decided I needed to teach myself how to make explosives and other possible uses for chemical reactions. We have a lot of magic going on now and a lot of pure meat headed muscle but no one is really thinking about science and how to use it to our favor and so I am. I will never be warrior material but I can out think and out plan nearly everyone I know. No offense pup. Also, we have discovered fire works really well on the Xeno things and I am working on chemical fire." She picks up the little round plastic plate she had been measuring onto and carefully taps the contents into a small glass beaker. As Sil walks around the pup and enters the kitchen she makes a soft "hi, please don't.Damn It ALL Kotal!" as the war god comes into the kitchen and knocks into some of her test tubes. "Dinner prep isn't for at least an hour did you HAVE to come in here like some over sized blue ox?" The tiny lady plants her hands on her hips and glares at the war god tapping her foot.

"I am not sure that this Urus guy is good for you to be around, you speak well of him and all but he seems just like the... meathead muscle as you put it." Jackson worries. As they chat, Buster spots Kotal, the man is sort of hard to miss that is. "Hey boss, how's it going?" He questions. Suddenly as there are so many people in there, they are sort of glad they aren't stuffed in there too. There is a small creak coming from the entrance to the dining room. Rex, however seems occupied now with someone else. Only Rex can be heard as if the other person is whispering. "Great, he will be pleased set them there. Yeah, but you might not want to. Of course, but that will be on me, not you. Ok have a good night."

Silencia had the sense to stay away from the weird glass tubes and their questionable content without Minu's warning. When Kotal enters, Silencia smiles and is about to greet him when he destroys the place. Silencia can't do much but grimace. Ohh, that does not look good! And Minu is angry! Silencia takes a step closer to peek at the mess. "Uhm... Need some help cleaning that up?"

Now that Kotal Kahn has regained his senses, he at last is fully aware of all the people that are in the kitchen. "Hello, Buster." He returns the greeting of his, let's be honest now, his favorite head. He also nods to Silencia momentarily though he does not have much time to greet his beloved as he is instantly being chastised by a very angry looking Minu.

"First of all!!" Kotal's golden eyes flare with power as he seems to be just as angry. This could be bad!

"I have more in common with an eagle than an ox." He says smugly and preens the feathers of his helmet much like said bird of prey would. Where there even.. bishie sparkles there?? This must be the madness of Twisted at work, there is no other explanation.

"And second! Yes, I did have to come an hour early. I enjoy having plenty of time to dwell on my cooking. How is it that you still do not know that, Minu??" The warrior huffs and continues to look at all the test tubes and complex looking chemistry set. "What is all this sorcery anyway?"

Poor Jackson's words are unfortunately not heard amid the sound of soft hissing and popping coming from the counter where Kotal knocked over the test tubes. When Sil offers to help clean up the tiny elf flicks her eyes toward the fae lady and holds up a hand "do not touch, there are dangerous thing there." With Kotal sparking with power the little elf does not look impressed or afraid. Perhaps because the big man has already put himself between danger and her enough times that she knows Kotal will not harm her. She glare back at him again "Yes I well know what time you come into the kitchen, which is why I am here NOW. Let me guess, you didn't bother to set your clock back to handle the time change. I told you yesterday we needed to do that." She shakes her head and sighs hard. From behind Kotal a hiss turns into a pop and then a boom as there is a small explosion that showers pink goo all over the counter. The small elf sighs dejectedly and just shakes her head again "TASK does not have a lab, and I am teaching myself chemistry so I can help with things like explosives and chemical fire to defeat the xenomorphs."

The Trio , at the bubbling and hissing of the concoction, back away slightly. Then turns to get a small cooler from the door leading out of the dining room into the rest of the TASK building. "wait where are we? Oh." Jackson wonders as Rex prompts Buster to get it, to which he begrudgingly does. They come back opening the door to the kitchen, buster dropping the cooler just inside. "Boss," Rex says slightly worried but slightly curious. "Your Cabbages for the fish tacos have arrived. Now I know that you want them delivered personally by the merchant but I told him I would get it considering you guys were having a... moment." Then he ponders for a second, having not heard any of the conversation. "Isn't he supposed to get here about an hour before prep?"

The fae had been holding back, but as she sees the weird reactions coming from the spilled chemicals and hears from Minu that they are indeed dangerous, the priestess intervenes. "Both of you, before you continue your conversation, step away from the dangerous stuff." She doesn't react to the tensions between the two, mainly because she is on the verge of anger herself. Her tone is warning them of that. Silencia stands straight and shoots Kotal a look as if to say 'are you really planning on getting seriously angry over here?'. She peeks at the doggies for a moment when Rex speaks up, but does not react.

"Yes! As the boys have said, I usually come here an hour early to prepare the kitchen!" Kotal raises a finger and concurs with the Trio who thankfully remind him of his habits. And they also brought today's ingredients! Aren't they just the best? Kotal ought to remember to give them a treat next time he slices a loathsome beast apart. "Excellent work, escuincles." Says Kotal in his nahuatl nickname for the Cerberus. "Place it somewhere away from all of these things that Minu put here.

Speaking of Minu though, she reminds the Aztec a very crucial detail he oversaw, and its the whole reason why he's here a whole two hours earlier than usual. "The what?" What time change?? "Oh! Blast it all!" Kotal looks at his watch which happens to be an old fashioned sun dial. "Bah.. a pox on this accursed time change custom. Do these mortals not realize that they cannot contain the power of the sun!?"

It is only Silencia's clear and firm voice that draws the warlord away from the pettiness of his squabbles. He perks up and looks in surprise at Silencia's glare, only then to notice the explosions happening behind him. Naturally, Kotal is impervious to any damage chemical fire can offer. Not unless its laced with chi could it hurt the deity. His kitchen, however, is another story.

"Ahuahuita!!" Curses the god in Nahuatl. "Someone get the fire extinguisher!!!" Quite possibly the first time Kotal Kahn has wished Prince Rain was nearby.

The little elf's eyes dart toward the pups as they bring in the cooler and then to Sil and that firm maternal tone. She scowls and the muscle in her little jaw ticks as she clenches her teeth. The dainty lady flinches at the sound of the small explosion and ducks as pink goo rains down on the counter. She sighs hard, all the work she had done, all the purifying of the chemicals. She knew exactly what she had over there and what was making all the hiss and pop, she also knows that some of that is the counter top being eaten away by the pink goo. When Kotal cries out for the fire extinguisher she huffs "no...not yet." She states then reaches for a large bottle of clear fluid on the table and walks around Kotal. "move please" as she shoulders the big man aside and ducks again at a pop and hiss. "this will neutralize what you ended up mixing together in the crash." as she tries to reach around and pour the bottles contents onto the bubbling goo.

The pups cling to the back of the kitchen as they take the cooler inside. As they do so the lid pops open slightly showing two perfect and nearly identical vegetables. One of the reasons the TASK kitchen makes great food. It has quality vendors supplying it. "No offence boss," Buster interjects, "But you may want to upgrade that. your particular" he pauses for a second to find a decent word "model does not work well indoors." Rex however looks slightly concerned at Minu as she continues to mess around with chemical concoctions. Jackson looks like he wants to bring up a point, but then finds himself unwilling to bring up the subject and letting it go for now.

"Oh, gods, what /is/ that smell?" Usually when Rayne arrives at the kitchens and comments on a smell... her words are much more complimentary than that. "What in the galaxy is going on in here.... Should I be wearing a respirator?" She holds a hand up over her mouth to try to block some of the chemical smell as she approaches the group in general.

Silencia sighs, already tired off this mess. She steps closer and grabs Kotal's arm, always careful to avoid anything that might be dangerous. She drags the god away from the sizzling and exploding parts of the kitchen, her grip surprisingly strong if you think about how weakened she was before. She does peek at Minu, intending to drag her away too, but the elf seems like she knows what she's doing, so Silencia decides to trust her and let her do her thing. She stops when she reaches the puppies, not letting go of Kotal. She was slightly worried he would run off as soon as she let him go. She peeks at Rayne when the rainbow-headed phoenix walks in. She raises her hand to offer a wave when she finally notces the smell. She had been too distracted to smell it before and Rayne's comment brought the attention to it. "Ugh..." She covers up her nose, but that doesn't seem to help.

"Actually, I make certain that it works at all times." Argues Kotal and shows the Trio his sun dial clock as best he can in this dangerous situation. Sure enough, if the Trio manage to lean close enough to Kotal amongst the mini explosions and the foul smell, they'll see that somehow the mini sun dial watch is fully functional, as if the sun was shinning directly on top of it and they weren't indoors at all. Since Kotal can bend the very sun to his will, this is a simple endeavor to him.

However, as he has shown plenty of times before. While Kotal may be a master of performing superhuman feats, he's sometimes not all that qualified to handle menial tasks, such as putting out a fire. "But-" He tries to argue with Minu as braves the flames, only to be interrupted by Silencia who begins to drag him away. Such a tiny girl should by no means be able to move a man as big as Kotal even an inch, and yet somehow she seems to have no problem whatsoever.

"Probably." Answers the Aztec to Rayne when she makes her entrance. "Minu was making some manner of artificial fire and it went array." Naturally, he doesn't say that the reason why it went array is because he knocked a bunch of test tubes over.

Minu finishes neutralizing the chemicals from the test tubes Kotal had knocked over and then uses one gloved hand to corral some of the pink goo and push it into the sink. "you should not need a respirator and it was NOT my work that caused this mess but a certain thick headed man who doesn't watch where he is going and just plows through things that get in his way. And now I have to clean up this mess and restart my purification so I can finish my experiment. And I have to do it later since NOW its time to start prepping for dinner." She mutters and grumbles under her breath as she turns on the faucet and continues to scoop the now inert goo into the sink. The poor counter top though has clearly sustained some damage.

"Hiya Rayne!" Rex exclaims. "you mind giving me a little help here?" he asks. As he picks up one of the cabbages in his mouth to bring them to the counter... what? Kotal was going to wash them anyway. The other two refuse to do the extra work and seem quite content talking. "the mixture If I am right" Jackson says "Is only toxic if ingested or touched, not inhaled. " he says instantly before recognizing a problem. "not that ... I would know..." I guess minu figured out where some of her books end up when they go missing. "Very nice boss. Forgive me." He says clearly meaning no disrespect. That is one thing about Buster and Kotal. They seem to have mutual respect and at least for Buster, although it has never happened to them, they have seen what their master is capable of.

Rayne says, "....Minu, did you have to do this in the kitchen? Don't we have a... lab or something you can do that in?" With a sigh, she takes the cabbage from Rex and brings it up to the sink... luckily there are several, and she can use one that's not just had chemicals dumped in it. While washing it down, she asks, "So what were you trying to make, Napalm? Greek fire?""

Kotal sighs a little. "Actually, yes, it was my fault." Say what you will about Kotal. He can be bloodthirsty, oppressive, demanding, even cruel, at the very least he is honest to a fault and admits when he is on the wrong. That much has always set him apart from other Gods, in his and any pantheon.

He nods to Buster and then shrugs slightly to Rayne when she wonders the same thing that he is; why did Minu decide that doing this in the kitchen was a good idea. "If TASK does not have a laboratory I can have one built for you, Minu." In fact.. doesn't D'vorah have one of those things? She's always developing all kinds of crazed toxins anyway.

The little elf continues to clean up the goo on the counter and shakes her head "No, TASK doesn't have a science lab. There is something that looks like a dungeon and D'vor has it full of creepy bugs and what not. It is not clean or hygienic or safe. None of this would have happened if I had simply been allowed to finish what I was doing. All my stuff was separated and purified. I had these over here so they would not get knocked over and you will notice the fire and chemical resistant padding I put down on the table before I worked over there with the more volatile things. As to having a lab built, I would appreciate it. There, at least all the goo is gone." as she rinses the last down the drain and starts to gather her test tubes and the little wooden rack.

Jackson nods when they mention not having a lab. "There was one supposed to be put on the third floor, but Bob has not returned as of yet to do it. Buster simply rolls his eyes. "there has to be an easier way to kill them then... whatever your making." He retorts taking a simple Kotal like approach to problem solving. "Remind me again why we don't just bite them or something?" At this point the cabbages begin to shake on their own. Rex, noting this puts it down before looking intently at it. Both the one that is in the sink as well as the one that was just in Rex's mouth quickly Bifurcates and spews out a face hugger each, sighting in on the closest person. Which happen to be the two people carrying, Rayne, and Rex. With the closeness of Rex's at least there is almost no time, to which the pup begins freaking out immediately. "AHHH GET IT OFF GET IT OFF!" the other two just as surprised as he is. Rayne however has about half a second to get her bearings after it hatches.

Rayne says, "Well, it's a good thing, then. A lab will put us a lot further along towards becoming a proper police force rather than a glorified militia." Then her cabbage starts to shake. She of course drops it before it opens up.... But when she sees what's inside, she flat out screams. This is not a scream of battle, or of surprise, or anything like that, but a scream of terror.

That's when the fires start.

A Panicking Rayne is not a pretty sight, and, all the while screaming, she shoves her hands out at the thing as it leaps at her, and throws a gout of flame at it. Really, it's probably /way/ more fire than is necissary to kill this thing. Even if it's clearly dead, Rayne doesn't seem to let down with the effective flamethrower for a few seconds.

Yeah, that was much worse than what Minu's chemicals did to the room."

Silencia simply watches quietly as the rest discusses the need for a lab. She was too busy staring at the weird little glass tubes containing such dangerous things. Being from a place where technology hasn't advanced much, this was the first time she encountered something like this. It was interesting to say the least. When the cabbages burst, Silencia freezes up, eyes wide. It takes her a moment, but she runs toward the doggies, gripping the facehugger and pulling, not that it helps much, but it was the first thought that popped in her mind. Goddamnit, where is Kotal when you need him?! Of course he had to go get a fire extinguisher at a time like this! "Ahhgg... why is it so strong?! Stop moving around Rex!"

Minu grumbled as Kotal went for a fire extinguisher. The chemicals had been neutralized, not like they could do more damage. There was a little vapor hanging in the room but not like it was truly smokey. She turned toward the table and started moving her stuff, careful not to mix anything else. When the pup starts yowling, the little lady looks up and her eyes go wide. "Silencia, hold him. Rex, baby don't you panic, I am coming!" She grabs a test tube of powder and a bottle of glycerin. Darting toward the pups she looks up at Jackson. "You take over and hold the body still, no matter how scared Rex gets!" With that she spills the glycerin onto the pale body of the face hugger and the sprinkles the powder into the dribbling glycerin. She is careful as can be as she knows the reaction will just come when the two substances come together. As the powder touches the glycerin it starts to smoke and then chemically heat, burning into that alien creature. When Rayne screams the elf darts her eyes toward the woman and

Jackson takes commands well and keeps them still. Well accept for Rex trying to shake it off his head, to no avail.

The creature attacking Rayne is stopped midair by the geyser of flame. It shrieks out in a screeching pain that hurts the ears. After the fire is over, on top of a scorched part of the wall, there is a blackened, lifeless, being that peels off of the wall and lands with a decent plunk in the metallic sink. The other one given more time than the other is still given a hard time as it grips on to the shaking head which is stopped as soon as Silencia attempts to rip it off by force. The chemical mixture poured onto the creature begins to smoke and eat away at the flesh, the burning smell having already been flooded into the room. A similar squeal of pain comes from it for a few seconds, sending all three of the pup's ears back, especially Rex's considering his positioning. The creature comes off quite easily after the sound has stopped. A half inch diameter hole, of irregular shape, seems to have been bored through the creature chemically.

Afterward Rex has his head down, Shaking not unlike a Chihuahua at this point. Eyes wide, that was less than expected and ruthlessly terrifying. After everything is over Jackson lets them down slowly as Rex is probably going to have to ask Rayne for her therapist quite soon.

Rayne, seeing that the creatures are dead, loses the strength in her knees and collapses down to the floor, breathing heavily. Yes, the screaming has stopped. "gg-g-g-g-" She's sitting there shivering, unable to put out a full word. No, Rayne is not currently doing very well. "Th-th-the...." She tries once more to get a word out, not quite making it as she stares blankly ahead, into the cabinet beneith the now probably heat-damaged sink... if the area around said sink isn't still on fire.

Silencia nods as Minu tells her to hold Rex. She does the best she can to keep the puppy still as Minu does her chemical magic. She doesn't have the time to peek at Rayne, though the screams had told her that Rayne was dealing with a similar issue. Finally the creature dies and Silencia flings it away. She felt nothing but disgust at these things. The bigger ones scared her shitless, but the small ones were disgusting. It probably was way more traumatic to get attacked by the small ones then it is for fighting against them though. Silencia gently pets Rex until she is sure that Minu can handle him before moving her attention to poor Rayne. She kneels down next to her friend, just barely holding herself back from pulling the girl into a hug. "It's okay now, Rayne... They're both dead, they're gone." Her voice is gentle, soothing. It seems Silencia can deal with scary monsters quite well when she's not the one under attack. She frowns worriedly, how could she comfort Rayne this time?

Minu watches as the face hugger slowly smolders then dies as the chemical fire eats into it. When it drops off and Sil tosses it away, the little elf sets the chemicals aside and drops to her knees to scoop Rex's head into her lap and pets him gently "you are safe now Rex, its all over. The nasty thing is dead. You did good pup." The little elf looks over at Sil and Rayne "is she ok? Maybe we should get them out of here into another room so they don't have to see and smell all this." She rises up and tugs on Rex collar "come on pups, lets go into the barracks and lay down for a while. I wont leave you and we can rest till you feel better." She calls out "Mike..Mike you still out there?" A voice answers "Yes Miss Minu, I was waiting for Mr. Kahn to come back." The elf nods "good, then you are on guard duty here until further notice. No one but upper brass enters here. Kotal, Me, and Rayne, only till its cleaned up completely and safe." The little lady tugs on the pups collar and gets him up and moving toward the door.

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