2016-03-27 - Fairies, Pixies, and Drunken Snakes

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Fairies, Pixies, and Drunken Snakes


Who: Sae, Silencia, Deis
When: March 27, 2016
Where: Nowhereto Park - Fountain


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Sae decided to go for a little job today! Dressed in her white t-shirt and red bloomers, the schoolgirl jogged along the nature trails in the park, but well..she wasn't getting much exercise! Every few feet the girl would stop to smell a flower, or pet an animal, or just plain sit down and enjoy the nature! Right now she was laying on her back, knees bent and feet up at her bottom, peering up at a pair of birds who are hopping along a branch, chirping happily at each other and preening all sorts of stuff from their feathers. "Awwwww, so cute! They're totally in loves.." she sighed, happy.

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, a truly beautiful day indeed. That's why Silencia's out in the park again. Instead of walking on the trails, Silencia prefers to walk between the trees, for obvious reasons. The presence of Mother Nature nourishes the priestess, so being surrounded by trees is something very comforting to her. She touches every tree she passes, her touch allowing the trees to liven up slightly. It takes a while before Silencia notices the bloomer-clad schoolgirl, but when she does, she can't help but smile. She walks up to Sae and smiles down at her. "You seem in a good mood, Sae!" Silencia seems quite a bit better than before. In fact, she seems to have completely recovered! She still can't tire herself out too much, but that doesn't show.

Sae might want to watch out. Because in one of the trees above, one within her field of view, there's something green. And it's not a leaf. It's actually the tail of a serpent. A very large serpent! Actually, it's Deis! She's half-coiled around a branch a little ways off the ground, her human half resting against the trunk of a tree. On the ground under the tree she's in, there's an empty jug of something that was probably VERY STRONG, given it's still kicking even though there's nothing in it. And hey, if you wait long enough, you might hear her snoring!

Sae kicks her feets in a giddy sort of way as she looks up at Sil, giggling! "Hiya Sil! I am I am! Soooo much awesome happened! Me and Flan officially girlfriends! And and and I managed to make her super happy without feeding at ALL! And and she made me chocolate chip cookies all on her own! I didn't even need to ask her! I think Flan's slowly getting better at stuffs!". Rolling around in the grass, then rolling back towards Sil, she grins. "You look lots better, too! I'm glad Sil! You were looking kinda bad the other day!". Still laying on her back, Sae gives one of the priestess's legs an upside down hug! "uuuu! Hear that?! I think there's big birdy somewhere! Listen..", hearing Deis's snores, not realizing it's her!

Silencia smiles happily at Sae, crouching down to pet the girl on the head. "That's wonderful, Sae! I'm so happy for you!" The priestess ruffles the girl's hair with a smile, loving how the girl responded to her coddling ways. "I feel alot better as well, though I still feel a bit odd... I think I gave out a bit too much power to Flandre... How is she doing, actually? Has she fed since feeding from me?" Sae's comment about birdies gets an odd look from Silencia. "That doesn't sound like a birdie, Sae..." Silencia peeks around, quickly finding the source of the snoring. She grins and rises, carefully stepping away from Sae. "Look over there, it's actually a snake!" Silencia pulls herself up into the tree, the branches moving as if to assist her. She grins as she faces Deis, crouching on the branch right infront of the goddess. She knew this lady, she was nice! Silencia reaches out and gently touches Deis' forehead, just checking if the temperature is alright.

Deis's temperature is actually a little warm. Her cheeks are a bit red, too. But she's not burning up. And given she has a smile on her face, she's probably OK. Given the dish in her hand-- her arm is folded over her lap-- she's probably just a little drunk. However, whether it's the touch of Silencia's hand or her general proximity, Deis stirs. "...Huh?" She opens one eye, and peeks. "Oh, hi!" Streeeeeeeetch. That green tail in Sae's line of vision wiggles.

"She hasn't fed since! Not one little drop!", Sae grins as she says that, clearly quite proud for resisting Flandre. Honestly, it's really quite the accomplishment for the girl to say 'no' to someone so cute. Especially considering how good Flandre is at pumping that cuteness up to eleven with her pouting! The bloomer clad girl closes her eyes and rises into every single pet Sil gives her, loving the contact so much that she even gently grabs her wrist to keep the pets going a little longer! Peeking out of one eye, she tilts her head. "It's not a birdie..?" she questions, then gasps at what Sil points out! "OH MY GOSH! It's a snakey girl! Look look! SNakey girl!". Sae runs over below the branch Deis is on and peeks up, bouncing in place. "Oh gosh! She's not sick is she Sil? I can go grab a blankie if she needs on! Or two blankies! Mhm mhm! Two!"

Sae peeeeeeeeeks at that tail, rising onto her tiptoes to try and get a closer look, eyes wide. "So cute...!"

Silencia smiles softly as Deis opens one eye. "Hey there, long time no see." Silencia peeks down at the bouncy little girl and grins. "She's alright, Sae, don't worry!" Silencia then returns her attention to the snakewoman infront of her and pets her softly. "I think it's a good idea if you come down. For one, it's probably not a good idea to hang out drunk in a tree and little Sae down there seems awfully worried..." Silencia's tone of voice is lighthearted and friendly, a smile never leaving her face.

Even if Silencia hadn't woken Deis up, Sae's enthusiastic squeeing would probably have gotten her attention. Deis shifts, to look down at the ground, and sees Sae bouncing on the ground. "Plenny'a room up 'ere!" she says, speech slurring as she beckons up. But then Silencia suggests she come down instead of inviting the other girls up. So she nods. "Prob'ly gotta point. Fallin' outta trees is kinna painful." So she unwinds her tail from around the branch and lets it slither down the trunk until she touches the ground. Then she sort of... floomps into a snakey pile on the ground. "Ooof," she grunts. "There we go!"

"Okay! I'm glad! I don't want aaaaanybody as cute as Miss Snakey being sick!". Sae keeps trying to push higher and higher onto her tiptoes as the snake-tail unwinds from the tree, fascinated with every single movement that thing makes. "So, so pretty..you're really a snakey person Miss!". The very second Deis is on the ground, Sae's there with her, snuggle-hugging the girl tight, to her chest, twisting side to side all giddy like! "Can I feel your tail!? Pretty pleaaaaase? It's okay if not! But I've never-ever seen someone like you!", looking up to flash Sil a grin, then look down at Deis's tail.

Silencia watches worriedly as Deis lowers herself onto the ground. The priestess was standing by, ready to aid the goddess with her vines, should something go wrong. Luckily, Deis seems alright. Silencia grins down at Sae before jumping down herself. Her movements are more fluid then before, to the observant eye, it would be a bit odd that a girl with as little training as Silencia would be able to move around this easily. Silencia approaches Deis as well, putting a hand on Sae's hand to stop the girl from twisting around. "Be gentle, Sae. You don't want her throwing up now, do you?"

Do snake-women even get vertigo? Hard to say. Deis seems fine on 'standing', or as much as is possible with a tail. At least she's not swaying on that tail. That'd be weird. She is, however, hugging Sae. Deis is a touchy-feely sort anyway, and being drunk is not deterring her in the slightest. "Ah, izzokay!" Deis waves a hand dismissively to Silencia's caution. "'M not that drunk." Then again, she might be. As for feeling her tail? She'll move to wrap up Sae in her tail, though not tightly enough to be uncomfortable. And Sae might end up being a pillow.

Sae just thinks Sil is giving her more pets as the hand lays on her's, grinning wide. "Sil Sil! I don't want that!". As the tail wraps all around her, Sae giggles more. She's also just a tiny bit chubby, so she's extra soft and would probably make a great pillow! "Awwwwwwww! Snakey hug! I think she likes me Sil! Miss Snakey Miss Snakey! I like you toooooo!", stroking her hands over the part of the coiled tail that's in front of her. "This is kinda nice too..it's all cozy and shnuggly.." she comments, leaning gently on Deis, eyes closing, humming softly. "What kinda snakey are you miss? A naga-snakey?"

Silencia just chuckles and retracts her hand, allowing Sae to do as she pleases. "Alrighty then, if you think you can handle it, Deis... And of course she likes you, Sae, you're cute and snuggly!" Silencia giggles as she watches Sae's enthousiasm and the cuddly way Deis' tail wraps around her. "Heeyy... I want in on the cuddles!" Silencia jokes around and pouts, though the smile at the corners of her mouth shows that she's joking around.

Deis emits a quiet purring sound. Can snakes purr? Apparently so. Then again, Deis isn't completely snake. Sae's question gets a smile. "'M not jussa snakey! 'M a goddess!" she proclaims, raising a finger into the air dramatically! Silencia's words get a nod. "Yah. She's also warm!" Whoop... guess she's enough snake for that to matter! As for wanting in on the snuggles? Deis loosens a coil and offers it on the ground for Silencia to step into. "Hey, there's 'nuff'a me t'go around!" She might also be teasing. But it's hard to tell, because drunk.

Sae lets out an 'eeeeee!' noise, all giggly and excited. "Mhm mhmmmm! She's cute and snuggly too! And guess what guess what! You'rrrrrre cute and snuggly too Sil! We all are!", grinning wide. Once the coil opens up, the bloomer clad schoolgirl pats her bare thigh. "Come-on! Let's snuggle up Sil! It's really nice in her!'. At the comment about being warm, Sae presses her body in Deis even more, wanting to share all the heat she can with the snake woman. "Whoa! A Goddess? That's super cool! I bet you're the goddess of.." she thinks for a moment! "Snuggles!"

Silencia laughs lightheartedly at the two. "You both are so adorable right now..." Drunk Deis was amusing to say the least. When a place opens up for Silencia, the priestess smiles and steps in carefully. "Don't mind if I do..." She snuggles into Deis and Sae at the same time, using just a bit of her powers as a priestess to make her body temperature rise. "So you like warms, Deis?" Silencia reaches out and pets Sae, wanting to shower the girl with attention as well. "No Sae, you are the goddess of snuggles..."

It's a good thing Kotal isn't here. The amount of cute would drive the poor fellow to commit an act of violence just to offset it, wouldn't it? As an aside, Deis's coils are actually warm. So it's probably less that she's a reptile and more that she's a dinosaur or a dragon. Most of the former, and enough of the latter to be noted, are warm-blooded. As for Deis herself? She is just loving this. Two warm, happy people to hug in her coils! Mind, most of the sudden 'gotta hug ya'-ness is likely due to her being drunk. She usually respects personal space normally. This is anything but 'respecting personal space'. She giggles girlishly at Sae's comment. "Nooope! Magic!" she replies. As for Sae being the goddess of snuggles? "Oooh, maybe! Diddey summon you too?"

Sae lets her eyes half lid at the petting, clearly a weakness for the girl! But thankfully, she's never one who's involved in fighting, so it's not like being suseptible to petting is something that'll come back to bite her one day! The warmth from Sil and Deis soon gets to her, too, lulling to the girl into an extra relaxed state, slumping more heavily against the snake woman. "No one summoned me, I thinks..but I think I've totally found heavens..cutecute Flan, cutecute Sil, cutecute snakey..snuggles galore.." she mumbles, barely able to stand!

The adorable sight of Sae nodding off is something that makes Silencia want to cuddle the girl even more. She giggles softly and continues petting Sae. "The unofficial goddess of snuggles, that is Sae alright!" Silencia even goes as far as to reach up and pet Deis. "Good girls... both of you..." Even if Kotal were to show up, he would never be able to disturb the three, because he would not want the fae's wrath upon him. Truly a frightening priestess she was.

Deis seems to be falling asleep, too. Thankfully there's enough muscle in her coils not to fall over at this. She's probably arranged herself to sleep in her own coils before, so there's that. So at least Sae is not going to fall over! Her coils aren't tight enough to be unable to escape, either. Really they're just serving as a wrapped-about pillow. If there's a concern about Kotal showing up, Deis isn't thinking about it. Then again he'd probably just get the same invitation.

Sae nods off completely in the cozy embrace, breathing softly the whole time, lips parted just a little as she snoozes so peacefully. Her chest rises and falls with each little breath, and every so often you can hear her mumbling things like "Silly Flan..thas tick..el..y", clearly dreaming of the vampiress!

Silencia smiles warmly at the sleeping Sae and extends a warm hand to rest on her back. She pushes just a little bit of the sun's warmth into the girl to allow her to sleep comfortably without the need to worry about warmth. She then peeks at the almost-sleeping Deis. She smiles and continues petting her, enjoying the comfort she seems to provide. She starts humming a gentle tune, the melody from a lullaby she used to sing all the time. Her voice is soothing and warm and invites Deis into the wondrous world of dreams.

Oh that is definitely going to pull Deis into the realm of sleep. She's already half-asleep anyway, and between having warm people in her coils, that sunny warmth, AND the lullaby? She is going to get pulled into sleep pretty quickly. She probably needs to sleep off her drunkenness anyway. In the meantime though, she can serve as both pillow and protection for the people she's wrapped up with!

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