2016-03-28 - Locked out

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Locked out

Summary: Kohoku Academy has a strict curfew policy in its dorms... And Jaune of course doesn't make it back in time. Luckily Asato is there to help!

Who: Asato, Jaune
When: March 28th, 2016
Where: Kohoku Public Academy - Outside the Dorms


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It's night time... barely, but it is. And as such, the doors have indeed just been locked.


And true to his luck, Jaune Arc has been locked outside.

He runs up to the door, his expression already fallen as he already knows that he's too late. Still, he of course tries to open the door anyway. "Awww, man. What kind of a school locks their own students out of the dorms at night! Isn't it supposed to be dangerous in this place at night?"

Jaune's making enough racket to wake the dead. And no one wants that kind of attention, no matter how well the dead dance, or how awesome their letter jackets are. Fortunately for him, it is not a cadre of wandering zombies with a penchant for dancing and a hankering for the brains of a high school student that he's caught the attention of. No, it's a catboy who's been checking the place out. Wondering if he ought to start going to this 'school' place to learn the things he didn't get to learn in Kira, or during his adventure with Konoe and the others.

Said catboy, Asato, looks from the tree he's in and tilts his head. It doesn't take him long to see the issue that Jaune is having. So he hops over onto a ledge over Jaune's head, on the second floor. And then he is suddenly hanging down from the ledge, looking at Jaune upside down from only a few inches away.

"Stuck." It's hard to say if he's saying he's stuck, or if he's commenting on Jaune's situation.

Jaune takes a step back in surprise as Asato suddenly drops in in front of him. "Yeah. Stuck." Well, he doesn't know about Asato, but Jaune knows he's well stuck. So he'll just assume that the Kiran is refering to him. He blinks at the catboy, then looks up at the ledge. "How are you holding on like that? That's pretty cool."

"Turned my hands around," Asato replies. And sure enough, the Ribika's got his hands turned around almost completely, and his claws are anchored into the ledge. It's probably made of some kind of stone, which... says something about those claws.

Soon enough though, Asato flips and hops down, landing on his feet in a crouch. He looks up at the building. "...Which one?" he asks suddenly, turning to look at Jaune again

Jaune whistles lightly. "Wow, that must take a lot of finger strength." As Asato lands and asks the oversimplified question, Jaune raises an eyebrow and narrows the opposite eye. "Which one?" He then looks up at the building as well. "Which one what?" After a few seconds he gets, it, though... or perhaps he thinks he does. "Oh, my dorm room? Huh... I'm... not really sure where it is from outside." He looks around for where he put a small plant in the window... but of course the lights are out in his room, and he can't spot where exactly it is.

He steps back, a hand on his chin as he tries to determine where exactly his room is. "Let's seeeee..." He pauses a moment, considering his room number and how many windows he sees there, and finally points out one. "There, on the third floor."

Asato waits after the question's asked, looking at Jaune. He's being quiet, but the stare might be a little unnerving. However, when Jaune points out his room, Asato turns back to the building to look at the specified window. He nods, then...

And starts climbing up the side of the building!

He's got about the proportionate abilities of a cat, so this shouldn't be too hard (unless there's an anti-climbing-up thing in place). Presuming nothing stops him, Asato pauses at the window that Jaune pointed out, and looks inside. Maybe his eyes can pick up some of the ambient light from the hallway or something.

Or maybe Asato's eyes can spot the light turning on as a girl steps out of her bathroom only half dressed. Needless to say, there is screaming involved as she looks out the window.

Meanwhile, down below, Jaune slaps his right fist into his open left palm. "Oh, wait! I forgot about the window at the stairwell! Sorry, mine's the next room over!"

Asato blinks, looking confused as the girl appears and screams at him. Then he notes her state of undress... and blushes. he swings down a bit, onto a ledge between two windows. "...That wasn't it," he says calmly. His blush doesn't carry in his voice.

And then Jaune mentions the right room, and Asato nods. He heads over to that window and looks in instead. Should this room prove empty, he'll look at trying to open the window.

In fact, this time the room is empty! Jaune watches as what he assumes is a faunus is now attempting to break into his room. Well, he gave him permission, more or less... hopefully the school itself doesn't consider this breaking and entering? Well, in his old school, they'd probably do this with the expectation that the students get in through the roof or something. Jaune calls up to the cat-boy again, "Think you can get in? Uh, and how am I going to get in?"

Well, the window's not opening. So there's a problem. How's he going to get Jaune inside? Asato tilts his head at the window, trying to figure out what's closing it. Well, it's a window made of glass, so there's that. Glass is fragile, isn't it? That's why nobody ever used it for anything in Sisa. So... maybe he could just break it?

He pauses, though. Looking back down to Jaune, he notes again, "...Stuck." He doesn't really have an magical way of unlocking it, either. "I could break it."

Jaune waves his hands rather frantically. "No no no! Don't break the glass! Maybe you can jimmy the latch somehow? Not that I know how to, but..." He sighs and hangs his head. "Oh, nevermind. Thanks for the help, but I guess I'm just going to have to sleep outside again." He walks over to a nearby tree and sits down against the base of the trunk, just looking defeated and dejected.

Asato pauses at Jaune's statement. He didn't want to have to break the window either. Jaune would have to sleep with a broken window, then. It doesn't occur to him that he'd have to pay for the window; he's still a little unclear on property damage. Nonetheless Asato does respect Jaune's wish for no property damage. He turns, and then uses the side of the building to push off of, landing in a roll.

He lands not too far from Jaune, and then shifts over to sit down near him. Not too close, though; he seems to understand personal space, if nothing else. He doesn't say anything for a while, just sort of watching Jaune. Finally he speaks up to break the awkward silence... which doesn't seem to register as such with him. "You go here?" he asks.

Jaune looks up with a bit of a start as Asato asks his question. Had he already fallen asleep? "Huh, what? Oh... yeah, I've been going here for a couple of weeks now. I've not seen you around, do you not as well?" In the process of speaking, he takes his sword sheath off his belt and places it in his lap. Really, it's more comfortable sitting on the ground without something like that getting in the way, and he's going to be sitting there for a while now, probably.

Asato shakes his head in response to the question of whether he goes here or not. And he seems to think about something before supplying, "I've never been to school." Which is true, he hadn't. There's more important things in a forest village than schooling. He tilts his head again, and then says, "I have an apartment now." The indication being that he's willing to put Jaune up for the night, if he wants. Though he doesn't say that.

Jaune pauses a moment. "Oh... wait, no school at all?" He looks over his shoulder at the cat-boy. "No wonder you're so light on words." The announcement of having an apartment just gets a raised eyebrow from Jaune. No, he doesn't seem to get that indication. "That's... nice. I wanted to be closer to classes, though... I can be slow some mornings, and I'd rather not be late to classes... I've learned that lesson back on Remnant." He laughs a bit at that... not really a laugh full of humor, more the laugh of someone laughing at himself for his own foolishness.

"They're hard." This to being 'light on words'. He also notes that Jaune didn't seem to get the idea. He listens to Jaune's reason for his preference for the dorms over the apartment, and nods. Then he tries again. "I mean... if you want a warmer place to sleep, you can." Pause. "And if you're slow... I'll get you here in time." Because he will totally pick Jaune up like a sack of potatoes and jump through trees 'till they there here.

Jaune says, "Well, maybe if you do go to school, the words won't be so hard, right?" He then frowns. "You might need to start a bit... younger than your age, though." At the explanation of what Asato was trying to say earlier, Jaune finally lights up a bit as he finally understands. "Oh! I wouldn't want to impose, but a couch does sound a lot better than a tree. Last time I found twigs in my hair for two days."

"Younger?" Asato inquires. The look on his face is pretty clear, he doesn't quite understand what Jaune means by that. And there's Jaune's understanding of what Asato means by his mention of the apartment. "There's a couch," he assures the other male. Asato nods, and then stands, offering Jaune a hand up. He also adds, "I can hep you groom if you get twigs in your hair."

....Why would he get twigs in his hair in an apartment?

Jaune, of course, assumes Asato means if Jaune gets twigs in his hair from sleeping outside. Still, though. "Uhhhh, no, dude, I think I can manage to, uh, groom myself." Still, he takes the hand up. "So, how far is the apartments, again? I was told about them, buuuuut, never really looked into them. Oh, I mean, if you've never been to classes of any sort before, they might put you in with younger students. Like, if you're behind on math and reading and stuff... Luckily history doesn't really carry over here, so I'm relatively good."

Asato nods and help Jaune up. "Your sword," he reminds. Just so Jaune doesn't leave it behind. He doesn't say anything else until he's asked where the apartments are. "The Usual. Across from there." He nods then, to the mention of them possibly putting him with younger students if his knowledge wasn't up to par with the others his age. That makes sense to him. He'll walk back with Jaune in silence.

Though the apartment might be a bit of a shock. It's... literally a forest. Well, specifically a large tree with the living space up top. Not to worry though, the living space is actually rather modern. It has appliances and everything. There is indeed a couch, and Asato has enough extra pillows and blankets to make it comfortable.

There is absolutely no way that Jaune would ever forget his sword. He was already reaching for it before Asato mentioned it. "I think I made the right descision to live on campus, though... this is pretty far to walk," he says. But as he enters the apartment door to see a giant tree in front of him, he asks, "How is this better than the tree outside the dorm?!" But soon enough he's shown the way up into the living space, and before long he manages to fall asleep on the couch.

With several twigs in his hair from the climb up.

Which Asato will assist in removing, either while Jaune sleeps or, if Jaune is a light sleeper, in the morning. Not to worry, he's not going to start licking the other male's hair. He's learned humans don't do that. Also their hair's a bit different, so it gets caught in his tongue spikes and tangles. Icky. Not that he's going to say how he figured that one out.

But regardless he'll sleep in another room. And in the morning? After Jaune gets ready, he'll get an express trip back to the school! Courtesy of Asato's leaping abilities! At least he'll get there on time! Though he might be in a bit of trouble for not making it back before curfew....


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