2016-03-29 - Anarchy Comes to Twisted

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Anarchy Comes to Twisted

Summary: Some people arrive on Twisted in confusion, some in hellfire, these two in a cloud of profanities and the blur of a hummer. Looks like TASK just got another pair of headaches.

Who: Kotal_Kahn, Panty, Rayne, Stocking
When: March 29th, 2016
Where: Nowhereto Park

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Nowhereto Park - Fountain(#2924R)
You find yourself standing around a small fountain, surrounded by a small concrete courtyard with paths leading off in each of the compass directions. Spaced around the fountain evenly are benches and lamps; nothing really too elaborate. To the north, kids can be heard playing on the playground equipment. A cool breeze flows in from the east, and the trees to the west provide plenty of shade. Not a bad place to visit, really.

Rayne, as often is the case when she's in the park, is currently up in a tree, art pad in her lap as she draws something... Today she's got an eye out on another tree, practicing her fine detail work by attempting to actually make the leaves in the sketch look like leaves. As opposed to an amorphous blob, like her first several attempts resembled more, a few months ago. She's definitely making progress, but still far from a professional.

Twisted City.

Squatting foul and fetid on a planetoid spinning interminably in the endless chaos of the multiverse, a beacon to lost souls crying out across eternity, a place where good and evil co-exist in great discomfort amidst the uncertainty of imbalance. Such a place can only beg for the light of redemption, for a pair of holy angels to answer the call and free the desperate inhabitants from their decidely UNholy plight. At last, the time has come. From across the celestial sphere, Judgement answers!

"FUUUUUUUCK! Hold the phones, Stockin', that did NOT just happen!"

Back in Daten City, things haven't been going so great. Panty Anarchy hasn't been keeping track of how many miscreant Ghosts she's slain alongside her long-suffering kid sister, but the one they're hunting today (is it still 'today' when you cross dimensions? Does anyone care?) feels like it's number six million, six thousand, six hundred and sixty goddamn six. Seriously, when do they stop? Where is the humanity?! A-hem. Regardless, Ghost #umpteen just pulled a heck of an evasion in the middle of the highway, prompting Panty's outburst and then - immediately - prompting her to release the wheel.

See Through, the girls' fabulously-stylish pink hummer, is left hanging. Literally. They're in mid-air.

"Hold the wheel, too! I've got this motherfucker!!"

Turning a flip in mid-air, her brash tone coarse with yelling, Panty-- hits a rift in the time-space continuum. One moment she's leaping above her abandoned vehicle (and sister), and the next she's somewhere above Rayne's tragically-peaceful head, looking down at the rapidly approaching fountain in Nowhereto Park.

"What the-- this is NO BUENO! This is VERY NO BUENO!"

Judgement works in mysterious ways.

Rayne looks down at her pad to makes a few more sketches, then looks back at the other tree just in time to hear the call of the blonde. "Huh?" she says, and looks upwards just in time to see an angel descending from heaven... well, at least in a literal sense. Not that she has a clue who or what the woman is, and thus she just blinks. "Huh. Another convergence?" She is far, far too late to react fast enough to do anything to actually help the woman survive the fall, and thus she just winces, bracing herself for the other's impact. She's never heard of a convergence where the person just straight up died from ground impact a few seconds later.... but there's always a first time for everything!

Funny thing about physics. Even when it doesn't really apply to you...


You can't count your blessings. The fickle hand of the angel's twisted fate conspires, on this occasion, very much against her favour. Flailing her arms and screaming like a cat in exactly the same predicament, under Rayne's watchful (and vastly more knowledgeable) eye, Panty is launched like a comet for the chilly waters of the fountain. The subsequent impact really doesn't make sense, a vast geyser exploding in her wake, towering heavenward and then falling, falling, falling...

To soak her a second time when she surfaces, sodden, miserable and sputtering, arms flopping desperately over the edge of the fountain. Thick seaweed-like slabs of blonde hair cover her face, which is locked in a furious grimace as she seethes for breath and snorts a bit of loose change out of her nostrils.

"...well, today can just go fuck itself. THIS IS NOT MY PREFERRED WAY OF GETTIN' WET!!"

The sound of squealing tires and a long drawn out -"UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!" can be heard as the pink hummer is suddenly brought into existence at high speed passing straight through the tree line (and barely managing not to take the trees with it) and directly into the path of Panty's stance near the fountain. Replacing the profanity with another, the purple-haired driver jerks the wheel the other direction with an explanation of "SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!" The hummer spins out of control crashing into the side of the fountain and somehow flipping over it from the momentum. On the bright side the fountain is safe.

Ignoring the rules of physics the pink blur tumbles through the air, the driver bailing out and coming to a crouched landing next to her blonde sibling. Seconds later a loud splash signals See Through's final stop - right in the middle of the lake. "HOLD THE FUCKING WHEEL, SHE SAYS!" Stocking goes straight into trying to choke Panty. "I HAD TWELVE CASES OF PROFITEROLE AND NOW THEY'RE IN THE BOTTOM OF A FUCKING LAKE!!!" The irate girl's eyes begin to water. "I needed those!!"

Rayne raises an eyebrow from her vantage point of Panty from up in the trees... and lets out a yelp of shock as her tree is nearly mowed down by a pink hummer. "The hell?" she asks no one in particular as the driver ejects herself from the vehicle. She just stares as the two interact with each other for a moment, a look of mild(very mild, mind you) shock on her face. Still, that comes to pass, and she sighs in minor annoyance as she slings the art pad under her arm before swinging down from her branch to land on the ground below. "Well.... I suppose I should be surprised more people /don't/ talk like that upon first arriving..." she mumbles to herself as she approaches the two. Upon getting into conversational distance, she greets them with a, "Uh, hello?"

"Ghrk! FCK!?!" Panty's baby blues bug beyond her distraught hairline as, in the middle of expelling a second lungful of dimes, she's suddenly seized around the throat, her legs kicking against the water as she struggles in her sister's dessert-driven death grip. "YOU FAT BITCH, GET YOUR SAUSAGE FINGERS OFF ME!!"

Wrenching her throat free with a ranting effort, she gets an arm up and over and attempts to seize Stocking around the back of the head, her subsequent plan to get up on the edge of the fountain and violently switch their places thwarted - for the good of everyone, this brawl could've gone on A WHILE - by the approach of Rayne. Red-faced and -throated, Panty quizzically squints at the newcomer, one hand still on her sister and the other clenched to a quivering fist of righteous, dripping anger.

Aaaand-- then she's suddenly on her feet, smiling disarmingly with her eyes lazily half-lidded, a hand running back through her ruined hair as she suddenly becomes all chatterboxy charm.

"Well, hi! Holy shit, check your fucking hair out! That is some serious shit, right there!" Grinning broadly, apparently no longer caring that she's dripping, she leans right up into Rayne's personal space and pokes at the rainbow strands of her mane. "Hey, Stockin', do you think the carpet matches the drapes?"

Stocking briefly has a terrifying moment upon seeing Rayne as her brain stops working and she sees everyone as cartoon ponies due to the brightly colored hair. Luckily she's wrenched out of the thought by being grabbed by the back of her head and nearly-oh, we're talking again? Dropped like a bad habit, the purple haired girl wobbles numbly a second before recovering and taking a seat on the fountain's edge. Somehow she's got her cat plushy in her hands already - shouldn't that be in the car right now? "Wow, I always thought of you as more of a sausage fan. Sure, whatever floats your boat." Floats? Boat? She looks to the lake and sighs. The concern is for the food, not the car. See Through is probably fine.

Rayne, as could easily be predicted by those that know her, takes a few steps back as Panty suddenly gets too close for her liking. POssibly also predicted, but not with nearly the certainty of the prior, her left eye twitches as the question of the carpet gets asked. "Uuuummm...." She's not quite sure how to react in the situation, it seems. "Are... you two okay? That was... quite the fall. And tumble." She glances back at the lake to see the last few bubbles from the sinking SUV breaking the surface. "...What happened to your brakes?"

With all the attention span of a drunken magpie - at least where things not involving big, hard sausage are concerned - Panty is only briefly enchanted by Rayne's hair, pulling a pouty face as the woman pulls away and then glancing toward Stocking with a frustrated outbreath.

"Seriously?" She laments, "Stop sulking! You know, I'm pretty sure we just went through one of those black hole thingies and we are NOT in Kansas any more. Isn't that right up your fucking street, Toto? You're always readin' those books where the beautiful sisters go on magical adventures and now we're ACTUALLY IN ONE and there's rainbow pony people from the future beggin' for our attention, you're seriously gonna keep pouting over some lost chocolate? Are you SHITTING me?! This one's even hot, Stockin', maybe she has a dick, you don't know. Could be a real missed opportunity right there, I'm just sayin'..."

She's just saying a lot, apparently, running her mouth even as she turns back toward Rayne with a jovial shrug in response to her concern. What follows appears to be less of a reply and more a continuation, as she leans back toward Rayne with a hand up to her mouth, tone turning conspiratorial.

"Not that she'd care if you did, by the way. I'm pretty sure she swings both ways - all you gotta do is put some whipped cream on your-- saywhataboutbrakes?"

Pulling up short, blinking her big baby blues, Panty turns and stares at the lakebound Hummer.

"...goddammit, Stockin', I told you to take the fucking wheel, not CRASH THE CAR."

"I didn't crash the fucking car!! ACTUALLY, if you'd think with your brain instead of your crotch you might notice I barely even SCRATCHED the car! But excuse the fuck outta me for keeping See Through going in a straight line across a dimension barrier, a line of trees and a fucking FOUNTAIN, not to mention missing your HUGE ass along the way!"

Stocking huffs as she clutches her doll tighter and looks back at the lake. "Besides, I'm the one who just lost everything they cared about!" There's those waterworks again. "We shall meet again in the next world, my beloved pastries..."

Rayne, as could, once again, easily be predicted, twitches an eyebrow at the implication that she might have a dick. "Uhh...." The world will never know if she would have have responded favorably or not to Stocking swinging both ways, because she's been put completely put off by the whole 'hey, she might have a dick' thing. Her eye twitches again as the waterworks start over the pastries more than the car. Yup, there it goes, she's facepalmed. "Where in the damned galaxy did you two turn up from?" She groans in annoyance at the bickering pair. "So... I take it that you two are at least physically speaking okay and unhurt?" No, she did not look up from the palm of her hand, still currently planted firmly upon her face, as she asked that.

"There you go, aim for the crotch again!" Panty throws up her hands in exasperation, looking to Rayne with an arched eyebrow and a shake of her head, like 'can you believe this shit?' Clearly, Panty Anarchy knows her audience well. "Like I don't have all my best ideas that way!"

Sigh. With a heavenward roll of her baby blues, Panty sidles along and shows her soft side, delivering a brisk and somewhat careless pat-pat-pat to the shoulder of her bawling sister. It's somewhat unclear if she cares or not, but at least she's putting out the requisite effort to bring it into question.

"Oh, I'm just fuckin' peachy. I feel as great as my ASS. LOOKS." A furious glare is launched over her shoulder, in the same instant as she turns back to Rayne and loops her arms casually behind her head, continuing matter-of-factly, "My jealous little sister here might just up and have a heart attack if she doesn't get her sugar fix in the next five minutes, though. You wouldn't happen to know where I can find a good mechanic? If he can repair our car, too, that'd be a bonus."

Beat. She sidesteps back to Rayne and kicks a heel-clad foot up behind her, smiling brilliantly and extending a shiny golden business card in the foremost digits of her right hand.

"Panty Anarchy, darling of Daten City. She's Stockin'. We're like, famous and shit."

Stocking isn't bawling! She's practically stoic! Just some watering eyes, but fine. The tears get dried up quickly as flames dance within her irises. "JEALOUS?!?" The girl gnashes her teeth together as she - is she holding a sword? No, obviously not as the conversation shifts to introductions and the weapon is no longer there. Her stockings seem slightly out of adjustment, though. Weird.

Making her way to stand beside Panty, and making it that much more obvious they're related, she barely gets out "My name is-" before someone just keeps going and blocks out her words. With a sharp elbow to Panty's ribs, Stocking locks a foot in front of her to get into the conversation as well. "We're angels. We hunt ghosts. We were HUNTING one that got away from us just before we ended up here. Have you seen anything? Maybe it got here before us?"

Rayne finally pries her face from her hand with an audible sigh of annoyance. "Honestly, I've not looked into mechanics so much, so no, not off hand." She -very cautiously- takes the business card while glancing to Stocking as she explains what they are. . o O ( Angels. Yeah, right. ) "No, I've not seen any ghosts in the area. You two are by far the...most unusual things I've seen today." She's trying to be nice and diplomatic, she really is. "It's quite possible that only the two of you... and your vehicle..." she glances back towards the lake again, just in time to see an oil slick starting to form, "...made it through."

Stocking's abrupt and well-timed entry into the conversation proper actually sends the already off-balance Panty into a dramatic facefault, her arms pinwheeling momentarily before she crashes down with a quickly-muted 'eek!' Her hair, automagically dry from her previous mishap, is now a mess again. She sits up, rubbing her head and swearing like a motormouth, as the conversation unfolds in civilised fashion without her. A blue-eyed glare is shot to her sister while she busies herself remussing her hair.

It doesn't have to be neat, see. Just messy in the -right way-.

Back on her feet a moment later, Panty has her arms back behind her head and an expression of utmost chill on her face. If you work it, girl, the world never has to remember what an ass you looked a moment ago.

"Well, that's just tragic, isn't it?" She says airily, waving a hand in the air and glancing from Rayne, to Stocking and then to See Through. Slowly, a grin smears itself across her lips. "...Stockin', I think we just evaded our holy duty. It's like spring break! No responsibilities! The world is our oyster!"

You can watch the train arrive at the station behind Stocking's eyes. Well, not literally (this time) but it's a slow dawning that ends with a wide grin. "Your right! It'll take the old pedophile weeks to find us at best!" Somehow she manages to make it look creepy as she begins to consider the possibilities - well at least until she pauses and solemnly asks, "...but can the world be our cupcake instead? It's seriously been like twenty whole minutes."

Rayne mumbles under her breath, "This might be the fastest someone has gotten around to liking the idea of being here..." She then straightens herself up, clearing her throat slightly. "Well, at any rate, welcome to Twisted... my condolences. I'm glad you're able to see a silver lining to being here so quickly... Uhhh... Yeah, this isn't your home dimension, if you hadn't noticed already." She's completely thrown out of whack by these two, and is getting the order of what she should probably say completely off kilter. "I'm... glad you've escaped the pedophile?"

Panty's reply comes without hesitation, or - for the first time thus far - anything bitter or cruel lacing her tone. She sounds positively enthused, blue eyes smiling just as hard as her filthy mouth, "It sure as fuck can! Oysters, cupcakes, big stonkin' sausages! We can do whatever and WHOever the fuck we want!"

Rayne gets a dismissive 'pff!' as she breaks the news that the itinerant angel has already sussed out for herself, the accompanying handwave leaving that arm extended to come abruptly down across the poor TASK officer's shoulders. "Whatever, girlfriend, screw that place anyway! You're some kind of guide or whatever, right? We need a place that sells the biggest-ass desserts this place has to offer! None of that maid cafe shit though, if Stockin' gets her end away then I wanna get mine too!"

Rayne smiles as it becomes more clear that the two - or at least Panty, at any rate - seem to understand the situation that they're in, and in fact don't care.

Then Panty puts her arm around Rayne's shoulders.

Yeah, it would come to no surprise to anyone that knows her that Rayne has a mild freak out at that. She flinches almost violently away from the blonde, retreating back several steps before she stops with her arms crossed in a defensive posture in front of her. "Uhhhh.... Y-yeah, I'd... suggest the Usual Restaurant, then? It has a gym and dance club attached to it..." Oh, wait! She forgot something important that she just realized! "Oh, um, I'm Rayne Hurris. I'm kind of second in command of the local police, and head of the, uh, welcoming division."

"Wh-What the?!" Panty is happily dropping half her weight onto Rayne when the rainbow-haired woman abruptly steps away, leaving the dirty blonde angel to pinwheel her arms for what, the third time? Fourth? This really isn't her day. Straightening up with an astonished blink, she glances toward her sister, commenting without any subtlety whatsoever, "Huh, guess she's not gonna be interested in you after all!"

Stocking's comment forms a fresh distraction even as she's taking in Rayne's introduction. Chuck. Right.

"Oh, yeah, where is that little dickbunion..."

Lackadaisically eyeballing the waterlogged vehicle and it's... spreading puddle of oil... Panty rolls her slim shoulders in a carefree shrug and raises a hand to her mouth. Extending her index and middle finger, she takes a deep breath and then lets loose an expert, earsplitting whistle. Satisfied that this will have the desired effect over yonder, she turns away and, locking her arms once more behind her messy locks, beckons Rayne forward with a flick of her brow, continuing conversationally:

"Police, huh? We work with you assholes all the time, you'll love the shit out of what we do! I mean, you would, if we weren't on holiday..."

Something.. is amiss.

When you have your senses attuned to the flows of chi as closely as Kotal Kahn, it is almost difficult to not notice at this point powerful sources breaching the veil of reality and entering the realm. For all the unadulterated chaos that is Twisted city, there is a sort of rhythm to its insanity, and Kotal Kahn is slowly beginning to understand it.

Pulled from his rounds when he felt strange presences in the park, as always, a blinding white beam of sun light heralds the coming of the Aztec warrior. The sun shines brightly upon a spot away from the gathered group and a large humanoid shadow descends from the heavens. Where it not for the present company, one could almost swear it was an avenging angel diving from the sky.

Kotal has also learned a few more mundane things after being in Twisted for so long. For instance, he happens to remember what Rayne told him, that slamming into the ground like an artillery shell tends to alarm newcomers.

This time, as Kotal lands, he manipulates his momentum and lands with nary a sound, only a great ripple of air pushing outwards into the trees of the park marks his entrance.

"More newcomers?" Wonders the Aztec deity as he approaches the gathered group.

The usual restaurant? "You're a terrible tour guide. Either take us there or tell us the name." Eh, maybe it's because she's a cop. Panty's whistle gets an eyeroll, of course she'd try to whistle for something that was in another dimension entirely. Sigh. "The peroxide's seeping into your skull, sis."

With a raised brow beneath the bangs of her hair and a slight shake of her head, Stocking watches the mammoth Kotal arrive. Reluctantly she jerks her head up to actually try and make eye contact with him but the height difference makes her neck hurt. He's blue. That must mean, "...are you possessed?" This is an important question. How important has yet to be seen.

Rayne lets out an exasperated sigh as Panty makes her assumption as to why she doesn't want to be draped over like that. She responds in a rather deadpan tone, "Great. Glad to know you think of us as assholes. I'm sure we'll get along swimmingly." She glances over at the shining pillar of light and... looks completely nonplussed by it. She's been working alongside Kotal for lonog enough to know what it means, and she nonchalantly waves to him as he lands. "Hey, boss. Yup. Two newcomers." She then sighs at the confusion over the name of the restaurant. "No.... That is it's name... The Usual Restaurant... damnit, who the hell gave it that name?"

See Through lurches slightly to one side. The waters of the lake bubble. This appears to be it.

Leaving Rayne to her deadpan, Panty rounds on this scene. "Oh, goddammit, you couldn't do just one-- h-uh?"

She'd spend more time lingering on the utter failure of their tiny, irritating minion to fire up the Hummer's engines and sort this entire mess out, but she's resoundingly distracted by the parting of the skies. Baby blues bat slowly as she stares upward, her mouth slowly falling open and a line of drool working its way from one corner before she groggily wipes it away and directs a leer toward her sister.

"Whoa-ho-HO, ho!" She's distracted, sure, doesn't mean she won't slip in a sneaky shot. "Manna from heaven, am I right?!" Like a goddamn shot, the blonde angel and her slutty red minidress are across the park and attempting to latch onto the approaching Kotal's arm. Panty arches her spine inward as she smiles lasciviously, pornographically, up at him. "Blueballs, I'll come as often as you want me to..."

Kotal Kahn first glances at his second in kommand and he returns Rayne's casual wave with a warrior salute. Hand over his chest and above where his heart should be. Though Kotal has never really enforced rank or formalities, even in the field, he himself almost always adhere to them.

Perhaps its one of the few things that keep him sane in the insanity that Twisted can bring to bear. "I see." Kotal nods as his glowing, gold eyes scan the two girls. "Welcome, I-" A pause, and indeed, a strange question from Stocking. "I am not, why is it that you ask?" It must be a problem if that's how Stocking decides to greet him, and the sooner he knows about what kind of problems these two brought along to his dimension the better.

The Aztec, however, does not get the chance to explore the newcomer's query further, nor indeed even get to ask Rayne for a brief report on the situation. All those things are put on hold when one of the girls rushes him from nearly the other side of the park and latches on to his strong, muscled arm.

"What the-" Kotal eyes are cast downwards, more surprised that Panty managed to overcome his swift reflexes and grabbed his arm before he had a time to react than anything. At her words and pose though, Kotal has endured through enough flirting from Deis, Minu and Silencia to know what this woman wants, he's not as dense as he used to be.

"I am sorry, madam, but I am taken." Better to let her down quick than have awkward misunderstandings down the line.

After pretty much ignoring Rayne's explanation, Stocking glances over at Panty and back at Kotal as they converse. His excuse forces her to snort, "As if /that/ was enough to stop her." Swiftly darting over and elbowing her sister over the head to knock her off him the younger sibling tries to explain, "We're angels. We're hunting ghosts. She's a slut." Short and to the point with these isn't she?

Turning away quickly, Stocking marches her way towards the lake. Someone needs to check on the half-floating hummer after all. Maybe some of her snacks will be salvageable as well?

Rayne just lets out an exasperated sigh as the two girls run over to Kotal. "Welcome to my last ten minutes, Kotal. Well, minus the open flirting." For a moment she debates running off, but no, it's kinda her duty not to. With another sigh she trods over to where Kotal and the blonde one now are.

When the monstrous Aztec makes his reply to Stocking, Panty lets out a guttural purr and clamps one eye shut in an overtly-suggestive wink. "She's askin'..." she's not taking any notice of the rejection, notably; she's still all up in his business, "Because she's jealous of what we're about to do all night long, thunderpecs. Hey, Stockin'!" Blue eyes flash dangerously as they dart sidelong, to the younger girl.

"We don't all wanna furiously hump our immortal enemies, ya know! Besides," with her attention shifting back to Kotal Kahn, she eases her torso a little nearer, balancing improbably on outrageous heels as her long legs extend with the effort, "What kind of demon gets sent down to me from heaven? You're my reward for good behaviour, my sensual smurf, and you don't know the -meaning- of taken."

Leering ear-to-lusty-ear she lowers her tone further and murmurs.

"I'll take you to places you've only seen on the internet."

Er. A puzzled squint 'ruins' the 'moment', and Panty leans toward Rayne, hissing, "You do have that here, right?"

Kotal Kahn shifts his footing slightly and narrows his eyes at Panty when the woman refuses to let him go. It seems that the Aztec's trials in the carnal realm are not yet over.

Far too much of a gentleman to simply brush Panty aside, the warlord decides to let her cling as she wishes for now and let her prattle on. After all, it is best to cater to the newly converged in order to cushion the blow of being dimensionally warped. Even though it doesn't seem these two are having any trouble adjusting.. but Kotal doesn't really know that just yet.

"Angels?" The deity shifts his gaze to Stocking, the more business oriented of the two, as she explains their nature and responsibilities. "Interesting. Are you two demon hunters by trade then? Rayne might have commented about this already, but here in Twisted, we are in dire need of strong warriors." He looks at Rayne. "Have you mentioned TASK?"

Kotal can't really do much recruiting when he has a woman all but humping leg. He grimaces slightly at the hurricane of sexual innuendo from part of Panty and he frowns slightly, not really sure what to do in that kind of situation. He can't pull away but he can't really indulge on any of her offers either. Not that he would even if he wasn't in a relationship with a fairy, Panty strikes him as a maneater, possibly related to Mileena.

"You mean the web of information?" Asks he about Panty's question. "Do not ask me, I just recently found out what an e-mail is. Perhaps my Second can be of service?" Yes, he's basically asking Rayne to come help get this woman off him now.

The sound of an engine turning over makes its way across the park, somehow even drowning out the sound of the fountain everyone stands near. That is -way- too loud. Assuming eyes will look towards the lake there will probably be some surprise that Stocking already has See Through (Sea Through?) on the shore and is trying to get her working again. It doesn't take much before the pink monster roars to life. It shouldn't be surprising to anyone who knows the hummer, this one has driven up walls and literally through buildings. Why would some water stop it?

With water spraying out of the tail pipes, the angel floors it driving a circle around the park and throwing up mud and grass with the deep trails the tires are leaving as they pass. Coming to a squealing halt next to the trio (It's in grass? How did the tires squeal?) Stocking kills the motor and hops out munching on a candy bar. "My profilterole are fish food, but I found a candy bar." She glances at the looks she's bound to have gotten and shrugs, "Oh, car still works." With an indignant bite, the girl just ignores everything. She got what she was after.

Rayne deadpans, "Yes. We have an internet." She makes a bit of a face when Kotal suggests recruiting them to TASK. Clearly, the two have not made a good impression on the phoenix. "No. No I have not, short of saying I'm second in command of the 'local police'." Her head turns quickly at the sound of the reving engine, and she boggles slightly at the fact that the machine seems to be up and running. She thought that thing was at the bottom of the lake by now! With a yelp, she jumps out of the way of the incoming vehicle. "Damnit, get that thing onto the pavement!" she groans, looking up to the sky, and asks, "What is it with psychotic women with large vehicles lately?!"

Well, this is... confounding. Panty doesn't seem to know what to do as her attempts at seduction are utterly no-sold. He doesn't seem to really be squirming, nor is he taking the wet and dripping bait sprawling across his muscular arm. Were she a manhunting cyborg, her internal systems would be flashing up an error message in her HUD as they failed utterly to categorize this strange new species of male.

Waitaminute. The dirty blonde angel's face scrunches up and she peers suspiciously at Kotal Kahn.

"You... are a guy, right?"

Then Panty Anarchy does something that nobody in their right mind should probably ever, under any circumstance, do. Without the faintest milisecond of hesitation, she plunges her dextrous digits toward the hanging edge of the Osh-Tekk's loincloth and goes straight for the mangrapple.

She's fast, sure, especially where the more rugged sex is concerned, but she probably doesn't get that far. She's pretty fucking serious about it, though, blue eyes gleaming and tongue protruding from one side of her mouth as she moves to have a good ol' root around and honk on the grand prize of Kotal's demi-godhood.

Fortunately, Kotal Kahn does have at least some sense of modesty. Though he shows now qualms about walking around wearing little more than a helmet and a loincloth, he does have some /other/ garments.

For starters, he's wearing short shorts under that large loincloth adorned with skulls of his and everyone gets to see them as Panty goes for a bizarre take on fanservice and makes Kotal flash everyone.

That is though, as far as she gets. Kotal has been the target of far too many nut punches from the Cage family to not be overly protective of his vital organs. Panty's hand is intercepted mid-way by Kotal bringing a swift slap across her Panty's forearm, redirecting her kinect energy elsewhere. Admittedly, this is more what Kotal is used to, not the sexual harassment mind you, but parrying, and he knocks the 'attack' out of the way as he would have done any punch.

"That is quite enough." Says Kotal as he shoves Panty backwards. He's not embarrassed or anything, one doesn't walk around wearing as little as he does and is concerned about petty things such as nudity. He is annoyed though, as Panty is not giving him any sort of respect. "I am not for your gratification, woman. If you must partake on such, there is a red light district in the city beyond our borders."

"Continue with this lack of restraint however, and you will be spending your first day in my city in prison."

Stocking pfffts between tiny bites of her candybar. She's really savoring it, isn't she? "Restraint? Panty?" Suddenly she's laughing heartily. "Oh, yeah. Prison is good too! She'll be running that like we run the highschool back in Daten City." The angel shakes her head. "No, no. If you REALLY want to get her panties in a wad you'll be telling her she can only fuck once a week!" She snorts out a chuckle, "A-at least then she won't dry out and die on us." Laughing aside she's right.

Rayne blinks as Panty goes for the grab, facepalming before Kotal is forced to deflect her grip. "Oh, holy crap, what fucked up universe did you two come from." Yeah... being diplomatic has been thrown out the window now. "Maybe she should /work/ there, or..." She looks up from her palm at Stocking, a look of disbeleif on her face. "High School. You two are still in high school?!" She actually looks a bit aghast. But wait. The engines are running. Two 'angels' have shown up, and it seems they're high school aged... She's not sure, in the end, if this would be cruel to Flandre, or to them. She frowns as she tilts her head.

Today is really not Panty Anarchy's day. Kotal's redirection is entirely successful, her expression going from curiously-filthy concentration to wide-eyed astonishment as she's toppled from her high-heeled perch and begins to all sidelong past the turquoise hulk. She'd start pinwheeling again, if he didn't resolve the issue for her by thrusting her backward in precisely the way she WASN'T hoping for.

"Holy fuck, jeez!" Spits the angel, scowling as she steadies herself and reaches up to preen at her hair, the other hand clapping to her hip in a show of justifiably-righteous indignation. ...well, she seems to think so. "You could've just SAID you were gay, asshole! You tell 'em, Stockin'!"

"...wait. Fuck that!" She actually looks genuinely rattled now, looking back and forth between Kotal and Stocking, hand extending to point in kind. "Y-You can't listen to her, she's like some kind of goddamn sugar junkie, she gets a sniff of that shit and she just starts saying the first thing that comes into her head!" Finally, her attention settles on Kotal, and confusion and fear have defaulted back to indignant ranting. "Nice shorts, by the way. Your mommy sew your nametag in the back?"

Punctuating this with a silent, 'ha!' she folds her arms and looks at Rayne with a sultry pout. "Of course we're still in highschool, Pride Parade. Have you SEEN how perky my tits are? We're the -head bitches- of highschool, you'd better remember that."

Kotal doesn't deign Panty's assumption of his sexuality worthy of an answer. Rayne is right here, the diplomacy has been rightly thrown out the window, and Kotal would be inclined to engage in some righteous Kombat right now.

Where it not for the fact that Stocking had just suggested a much worse punishment for these girls..

"Truly?" A devious, sly smile spreads across the warlord's lips. Eyes glowing under his eagle helmet. That is not a facial expression Kotal gets often, his face is either stoic or twisted with rage. To see him clearly think such dark thoughts is a sure sign that something truly dangerous looms in the future of these two.

Kotal takes a moment to turn sideways and reach to touch the side of his helmet, whispering something. Keen eyes will see that he seems to be pressing a button of what appears to be a tiny communicator.

"So be it." Says the Aztec suddenly as he decides to take an executive decision.

Having asked his Second for the names of these two he extends his arm outward, sunlight shinning brighter upon the park as he engages deity mode.

"Panty and Stocking! For your reckless actions taken upon TASK officers and the blatant disrespect you two show for Twisted public property, I hereby sentence you to attend Kohoku Public Academy!"

Normally, Kotal doesn't delve in these affairs. He lets the Welcome Center decide on who needs education.

But in this case, action needed to be taken.

"My Second will take care of the details."

"Rayne, please make sure that these two are enrolled and be given uniforms today."

YOU ALMOST MADE HER DROP HER CANDY BAR! ...or would have if she hadn't just finished it. "Excuse me?! We're on vacation! You can't MAKE us do anything you self-appointed jackass! Besides! Why am I being punished? I'm the one who lost her pastries thanks to your stupid lake! Make Panty go! She doesn't have the intelligence of a snail anyways!"

She pauses in her rant to glance at her sister, "No offense, but you use your three brain cells for fucking not learning." Yeah, that's going to make it all better. Meanwhile let's just put the icing on this cake. Turning to Rayne she continues, "And we're angels! Of COURSE we look young. You said this place had a monster problem and now you and stretch-fuck-strong want to waste our talents by going to a fucking school? What the hell is wrong with you people?!"

Rayne groans and facepalms. "Look, this isn't.... It's probably going to be a bit longer than a 'vacation' for you...." She glances between the two and tries to remember her own days in high school... yeah, there were girls just like these two there. "Look, if you were in high school where you're from, you're not getting out of it just because you've come here. I'm going to go ahead and sign the two of you up..." She gets onto her radio again and starts talking to someone at the other end... Serenity? Sunset? Who knows who's on the other end. "Hey, You there? Yeah, I've got two to sign up at the Academy. Panty and Stocking Anarchy. Yes, that's their actual names. Panty had a card. No, I've not seen anything resembling an actual ID. Look, if the school personel don't believe the names, just remind them that we're in Twisted."

You'd think that life as an angel would be some kind of earthly paradise, but this is so far, so typical to Panty. Kotal's sadistic glee registers even with the 'stupid one' and her face is saying hell to the no before he even delivers his pronouncement. Aghast, slack-jawed, she looks toward Stocking with a shaky thumb jerking toward the muscular Kahn as if she expects her little sister to have a bright idea or two. What comes forth isn't exactly what she's hoping for, but it restores an air of normality.

Panty puffs out her cheeks and waves off the insult with a throwaway, "Nah, that's fair."

Apparently more relaxed now she's been insulted, she extends her other hand to point at Stocking, nodding along with everything she says. "Yep, yep, and bingo. We are way too fucking awesome to be wasted on a bunch of regressive adolescent fucktards who can't even-- wait, is there a football team? Are they cute?!" Panty's expression goes through about four changes in a second, and then with a shifty sideglance she steps across to stand by her sis, emphatically screeching, "No dice, Huckleberry Hound! You're sick, dude!"

Folding her arms once more, heel-clad feet planted, she nods toward Rayne as she radios in.

"We should totally stop her, Stockin'. This is a fucking travesty."


There will be no arguing today as far as Huitzilopotchli is concerned. It's not even the fact that Panty had the gall of trying to touch his loins that truly irritates Kotal Kahn. It's that blatant disrespect for authority that these two show. They're like.. rebellious teenagers. If left to their own devices they would surely wreak havoc across the city, and that is something that Kotal could truly not tolerate.

Given that inviting them to TASK quickly proved to be a bad idea, this was the only other alternative. Twisted Academy was quickly turning from a place of education to a glorified day care. He was essentially now making these two girls the problem of the local teachers. Then again, this is Kotal we're talking about. Panty and Stocking should be thankful he hasn't even drawn his macuahuitl.

Instead, they get a suppressing beam of sunlight shinning on their heads. This is not meant to vaporize the both of them but to hold them in place with scalding rays of sun.

"I do not care for what sort of chaos you unleashed upon your realm. Twisted is not your personal playground and you /will/ obey our laws!"

"Comply or spend the rest of eternity in jail." And if these two thing they can party it up in jail as they used to, they'll get a nasty surprise if they get to experience Gegoshi's security system that is essentially permanent solitary confinement.

He keeps the paralyzing sun ray upon both of them whist Rayne is hammering out the details of their sentence.

Stocking's wings and halo appear as she yanks off her stockings and wields them as holy swords in each hand. No stripper show this time. Instead she grinds her teeth and... and...

...and lets out a sigh. "We can't just fight them. They're not dead. I don't think I have a plan for this one, sis." They did just kinda drop this on themselves, didn't they. "I still think it's a load of bullshit, but whatever. First time a real threat shows up they'll be begging for our help."

Rayne says, "Yeah, okay... It's through the system now? Thanks! Talk to ya later!" She now stops talking on her communicator and looks back to the others. "I have.... News!" Good, bad, whatever. She's currently the one with the gun, but it's still safely holstered. "I've signed you two up for the Academy. Now, unless Kotal says otherwise...." she glances over him as she mentioned this, "...You're welcome to either live in a dorm on campus or to have an apartment at the nearby Integra Arms Apartments.""

But, but Panty wanted nothing more than to feel the potent thrust of Kotal's big, hard... macuahuitl.

She'll settle for getting a half-decent tan instead, it seems, only briefly cringing and raising an arm against the paralyzing blaze before she fumbles a pair of highly-fashionable shades from... somewhere (it's best not to think about it)... and slips them over her baby blues. Leaning back on her arms, she turns her face skyward and sighs blissfully. "Whatever, let's just relax and enjoy this, yeah? I mean, sure, it'll be tough--" And hot, and horny, she adds mentally. Mmm, dumb sweaty jocks. "But we've gotten through worse, right? Hey, Creature from the Blue Lagoon! Turn up the heat a little!"

Suppressing a yawn with a smack of her lips, the blonde turns slightly to soak up the rays from another angle. "On the even brighter side, still no loudmouthed pederast shouting himself into a hernia at us! I'm callin' this a win!" Is she actually smiling? What the hell, Panty?

She is, until Rayne reintroduces herself to the conversation. Obligingly tilting her shades down to meet the rainbow-haired woman's stare, Panty's expression slowly gets all twisted again.

"Oh, no fucking way. Dorms? Apartment buildings? Did you miss the part where we're pure and delicate maidens from on high? There'd better at least be a penthouse suite waiting for our hot asses! Look at us, we can't bunk with mere -mortals-, or have our perfect toes nibbled by RATS!"

Kotal turns off his sun ray once Rayne has finished making the arrangements. She'll hear no complaint from him wherever these girls choose to live, all he cares about is that they are under some kind of supervision.

More specifically, supervision that isn't necessarily him or TASK.

Stocking rolls her eyes as Panty just goes along with things. Her swords becoming stockings once again, the angel starts putting them back on with a sigh. The wings and the halo? Totally still there. "I'm cool with the apartment. I just want a room of my own and some privacy."

Elbowing Panty she adds under her breath, "Less eyes on us in an apartment." She lets that sink in a moment before shooing her angelic items back to wince they came. "But we reserve the right to come and go as need be without consequence so long as it is to maintain our God-given duties least you and your brethren be stricken down by angelic edict and brought forth before the fiery vengeance of the heavens." YEAH. LEGAL STUFF! Suck it, Blue. So what if over half of that was bullshit, it sounded cool.

Rayne holds up a finger as she makes another point. "I would also point out that the Integra Arms is capable of creating apartments in extradimensional space. So, unless you leave the windows or door open, rats shouldn't be able to get into your room. I've certainly not had any problems with unwanted guests." She shrugs. At Stocking's almost... legalese, she raises an eyebrow, then glances at Kotal. In the end... she just shrugs. "Sure, why not."

"Hngh!" Stocking always manages to do that in just the right place. Rubbing at her ribs, Panty abandons her vast dignity to a grumpy sideglare, hissing, "Bitch, are you kidding me? Have you seen the state of those places? You'll lose your shit! And who's gonna clean the kitchen? I am NOT wearing rubber gloves!"

The lady doth protest too much, however, rolling her eyes in an exasperated gesture that her little sister knows all too well. "Fine." They could say it in stereo. "But yeah, what she said." That goes to Rayne, a thumb jerked toward Stocking. "Great vengeance and furious anger, bitches."

That... all seemed to go pretty well, to her. Shrugging, she saunters over to See Through and leans against the hood, hands clapping to either side of her butt. Baby blues flick between the two TASK officers, a final pout given without particular effort as Panty seems to finally be done here.

"You guys make a shitty first impression, you should really work on that. Can we go now? I've not had sex in HOURS."

"Hmph." Kotal doesn't sound impressed by Stocking's legalizing and he scoffs at the idea that he has anything to fear from Heaven's wrath.

"What are angels to a God?"

With things ending in a satisfactory agreement, the light of the sun shines upon Kotal Kahn again and he leaps into the air reaching the rooftop of the TASK building on the other side of the city in a single bound.

Looks like he still forgets they have teleporters.

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