2016-04-01 - Track and Feels

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Track and Feels

Summary: Oh god, not these two again. Yep the Anarchy Sisters strike again. Poor Jaune.

Who: Jaune, Panty, Stocking
When: April 1st, 2016
Where: Kohoku Public Academy


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Kohoku Public Academy - Track(#1880R)
Accessible through a small gate; outside the stone wall and surrounded by trees, rests the Kohoku track. A large oval of blacktop with lines painted for running around an equally large field. At any given time you can see people jogging around the track or playing sports in the field. A well-worn path through the trees leads off into the distance beside a locked equipment shed.

Stocking sits on the benches beside the track with a pair of headphones on, completely ignoring the world around her. Still in her street clothes, the gothic purple-haired angel is currently doing her best impersonation of a rebellious punk. If only she had a cigarette in her mouth.

Panty is huffing and puffing.

There's nothing unusual about this. It's just slightly stranger that she's doing it while fully-clothed; or at least, she's in the red and green gym uniform (scandalously tight shirt, scandalously tiny shorts) provided for her attendance at the academy. Said clothing is entirely on, though it is drenched in sweat, much like her mane of blonde hair, which she occasionally tosses out of her face so she can focus on the task at hand. Like Stocking, she's not smoking. Unlike herself, she's not sucking anything.

Nope, she's actually running, like you're supposed to on a running track. Within the established guidelines, bitch!

"Hey, Stockin'..."

It's the third time she's said that, each time she's passed the be-headphoned goth.


On the fourth go-round, she's a bit more obvious about it.

Slowly pulling one earpiece off her ear, Stocking just stares blankly. "What the fuck do you want? I'm busy." And without waiting for a response she just pulls the headphones back on proper and looks up at the sky remorsefully. Why isn't there a teacher around anyways?

Though she bends almost double to yell, Panty keeps up a brisk jog as she goes past her sister. Turning to run sideways and then backwards, she's about to respond when-- oh, really? REALLY? They're playing that game? The blonde seethes, taking a breath as she turns back around and continues her fifth lap. "...oh, you fucking bitch, you know I have to fucking finish or I'll think I'm fat and that fucking sucks, you FAT FUCKING WHORE!!"

From perhaps fifty yards away, the earsplitting shriek of a whistle rings out.

"Is there a problem, Miss Anarchy?"

Breathing four times as hard now, her pace considerably slowed, Panty tries to make herself look cool and detached, waving an arm to the teacher and giving a halfhearted 'ehehe', "Nope!" Huff. "I'm just fine, coach!" Puff. "Peachy!" Pant. "K-Keen..."

"Good! Keep your arms up and your mouth under control!"

"...I'll use my mouth," huff, "To bite it off in a minute... busy, my ass..."

There's a slow glance at Panty as she gets yelled at as well as a not at all subtle smirk. "...totally worth it." Yep, now there's a self-satisfied grin on her face as she looks back up at the sky.

Determination. It's one of the dirty blonde angel's less well-known attributes.

She's also not half bad at running, probably because two of her most important 'attributes' really aren't that unwieldy. This comes in handy, as she puts on the pace and overtakes the other students panting their way around the track - including several heretofore star members of the track team.

Her annoying whore of a sister is, it seems, ample motivation! AND SO'S HER CHEST, BOOM!

Blasting her way around the rest of the circuit, Panty's teeth are gritted as she comes back around on Stocking's section of the bleachers. The coach has jawdropped by now, but she's not paying the least attention - she has eyes only for the smirking goth, whose subjected to more than a loud scream this time; Panty goes from a sprint to a DIVE, both arms extended to take her down off the bench into a chokehold.


Yep, it's just another day for the two heavenly sisters.

There's a blonde guy out there with the class running around the circuit as well... And he's definitely having more trouble with it than Panty! Especially when one of the aforementioned track stars quite clearly trips him on purpose.

Of course this also means that Stocking completely ignores all of this only looking back again after Panty has leapt through the air and clearly not soon enough to dodge out of the way. All that's heard is a loud "ACK" as suddenly she tumbles backwards over the bench and goes sailing towards the ground below - presumably with Panty still attached to her throat.

Panty's hands are latched on like nipple clamps, and she'll continue to slam Stocking's head against the astroturf a few, coarsely-punctuated times ("PAY! MORE! FUCKING! ATTENTION! UGH!") for good measure before whipping off the younger girl's headphones and grabbing her by the cheeks, forcing her to look toward the figures still jogging around the track.

Lowering her own head down to about the same level - she's totally sweaty, by the way - Panty draws a calming breath and asks, conversationally, almost entirely relaxed, "Hey, you think that one blond kid looks like Geek Boy? I mean, if he had no soul and was totally awk... ward..."

Well, check one. She restates the question.

"...you think that one blonde kid looks like Geek Boy?"

We'll forego the descriptions of Stocking getting hurt because it's not like it wouldn't magically wear off again about the time that Panty grabs her by the head and holds her face at the boy. Aside from wanting to gag she can't help but blink quietly as she ponders it. But, yeah. Nope. Stocking promptly starts flailing and gagging anyways. "You sweaty ass piece of shit!! Don't get your fucking whore-sweat on me!!" There's at least one shove and possibly a punch to the face before she backs up an adequate amount and shrugs, "Yeah, I guess maybe he looks a little like Foreskin. Sure. Why does it matter?" A sly grin spreads across her face as she yanks back her headphones, "Your into the little virgin, ain'tcha? I thought you only did men with experience and low IQs?"

Jaune yells, "Oh come on!" as he pulls himself from his position face first on the ground. He starts running again to try to catch up with the pack... which has of course left him well behind, a fair amount of them... at least the track guys, laughing at him.

Right. What's a chokegrip or a few punches to the face? Panty wipes a bit of misplaced sweat from her mouth as Stocking backs off, the violent exchange passed as soon as it occurs because there are more important things, dammit! Like being aghast at the very suggestion made by her sister.

"Ew! Fuck no! Like I'd let that little scrote ferret around down there, he'd probably trip over and break somethin'... fuck..." Flouncing her hair and huffing a bit at the VERY IDEA, Panty watches Jaune struggle to his feet and then waves a hand dismissively, looking back toward Stocking. "Actually I just figured YOU might miss havin' a dorky sidekick to talk to, while I'm off gettin' shit done. Ya know? Oh, fuck it."

Rising to her own feet quite effortlessly, ignoring the slight swelling on her cheek from that last punch, sauntering back toward the track with her arms behind her head and athletic, perky-breasted torso accordingly stretched out for inspection. Plenty do. One guy goes head over heels. She steps over him and falls in next to Jaune, keeping up with... seemingly no effort at all. Okay, she's kind of a bitch.

"'sup. You really shouldn't let them be assholes like that. Where's your fuckin' backbone?"

Rubbing her neck slightly, Stocking frowns and watches her sister jog off. Her brain says she should go follow - her laziness however offers a different alternative. Waving her off dismissively, the angel grabs her headphones off the ground and sits on the closest spot on the bench from where she stands. Fuck climbing back up to the top.

Jaune seems to be concentrating mostly on the run right now, as he's a bit out of breath himself. "Yeah... well... Some things are worth fighting for... some things.... aren't." Yeah, he looks like he's had to deal with bullies before. He doesn't seem to be really afraid of them, even if he does just let them walk all over him. At least this time they didn't /literally/ walk all over him after tripping him. He finally takes a look beside him at Panty and offers her a smile, though it's not quite a full winning smile.... He's out of breath and running, afterall. "Jaune Arc."

Panty's not putting in the effort she was, to say the least, turning backwards to scope out the competition and their lead on Jaune. Her baby blues narrow critically, before she idly glances back toward the smiling boy. "Pff, whatever, sounds like the words of someone way too used to losing. You've gotta stand up for yourself, dude, it's not like anyone else is gonna do it..."

Rolling her eyes, Panty somewhat bewilderingly shifts a hand down toward her navel, her pace slowing until she's just behind Jaune. Promptly grabbing the bottom of her gym shirt, she tugs it up.

Another runner goes down with a nosebleed. The coach's whistle blows. Panty ignores it.

"What are you waiting for," she continues conversationally, turning around to fall into line with the blond, a lopsided smirk twisting her lips, "Some kinda guardian angel to sweep by and save you? Sheesh!"

A sideglance, and the smirk widens momentarily to a dazzling smile.

"Hi, John. I'm Panty. That over there--" her thumb lifts and jerks, "Is my sister Stockin'. She thinks you're cute. Bet you can't run fast enough to impress her!"

Stocking watches Panty suspiciously. The side glance followed by gesture towards her is not a good sign. Glancing around she manages to spy someone working on an art project and stomps over to steal it. "I need this. You can have it back!" Ignoring the yelling by turning up the headphones more, Stocking sticks her tongue out and gets to work. Hopefully by the time Jaune looks over he'll see her holding up a large sign that reads, "PANTY WANTS YOUR DICK!" With a smiley face on it, of course.

The teacher of course begins to yell and blow on his whistle but whatever. Stocking just throws the poster board back at its owner, hitting them in the throat of course.

Jaune says, "I'm not waiting for anyone to save me. I just don't think it's something worth fighting over." He nearly trips up when Panty announces her name, but he manages to avoid faceplanting into the ground this time, and recovers his footing. "Your... name is Panty?" He then looks over at Stocking, then grins lightly. "A challange? All right!" With that he actually does pick up his pace a fair amount... and as he looks over at her as he passes he flashes an almost-winning smile at one holding the sign.... and then this time does faceplant head first into the track as he sees that."

"What is she-- oh fuck no...!"

Panty grits her teeth momentarily and then does her best to be distracting, even trying to tug her shirt down a little lower. But... lack of particular cleavage and the tight nature of the garment conspire to just make her look uncomfortable for a moment, and events unfold accordingly.

"Jesus, you really are like him," she gets out in an undertone as Jaune hits the deck, reacting with decent speed and entirely too much strength for her slim frame, bending down and catching the facefaulted blond by the back of the neck. Scruffing him like a puppy, she deposits him back on the track in the perhaps-vain hope that he gets his legs back under control and continues running. "Eyes on the prize, dick! She's autistic or retarded or whatever but she's totally into you!"

Seeing the twerp collapse and Panty getting annoyed is more than enough to send Stocking into hysterics. She very nearly falls off her seat but catches herself as she wipes the tears from her eyes. Watching her sister pick him back up forces her to frown and scowl though. She needs to think of something better...

Jaune says, "All, right, all right, I get it now, very funny." He frowns a bit and looks more straight forward as he goes back to running. Perhaps he's not quite as dumb as he looks... or maybe he's just had a lot of bullying. He's gone back down to his previous pace, as well."

It's probably just as well she's not that self-aware, or Panty might start questioning her OWN motives here. As it is, she scrunches up her face and then puffs out her cheeks in exasperation, turning her gaze heavenward as if she'll find some kind of answers up there. She hasn't yet!

"Uggggh, fine!" Falling behind a little in her lament, she quickens her pace to catch up, "Forget it then, I was just trying to help your clumsy ass out. You know how shitty the next couple of years are gonna be if you don't start gettin' it together? Don't let those guys win..." Her baby blues shift to take in the next specimen down the track, and she clears her throat in mid-breath, wiping a bit of saliva from trickling down her lip, "They'll get theirs later. Why not show 'em up and fuck me right now?"

Aaand she smiles like that cat right about to snatch the canary out of its cage, her eyes gleaming and spine arching invitingly inward as she turns her questionable charm on the running boy.

Stocking seems to have gone. Huh. If anyone was paying attention she strolled off towards the parking lot. Just what is she up to now?

Really, Jaune was at this point assuming Panty was just messing with him as the track team was. As such, he gives her a sidelong glance as she seems to still be encouraging him. "Look, I don't know if you're trying to get me into trouble or-" and then she makes her proposition. Wow. It looks like she just broke his brain, as he stares a bit blankly at her for a few seconds... which is plenty of time to run right off the track and into the longjump's sand pit, causing him to tumble through the sand.

This of course gets the attention of the coach, who blows his whistle and yells at Jaune to stop messing around and get back to running.

Well, that line practically answers itself, thinks Panty, the lasciviousness of her expression increasing tenfold as she parts her lips with a seductive gasp (whilst running, yes, it's a gift) and prepares to respond immediately on being handed back the reins of conversation...

Only to watch the subject of her attentions fail to turn when she does. She trots to a standstill, turning to keep her baby blues on the spectacle and clapping both hands to her hips. The whistle blows, the jeers and howls of derision start, and the dirty blonde angel just stares aghast.

"STOCKIN', IT HAPPENED AGAIN!" she finally wails, turning toward the goth's prior location.

...and finding nothing. "Oh, you bitch, what are you plannin' now..."

The roar of an engine starts getting louder and louder. Dangerously loud. Yep, that means that Stocking went to go get their pink Hummer See Through which comes launching through the air, crashing into the center of the track and kicking up grass and mud everywhere. Obviously she has everyone's attention.


There's a horribly mischievous grin on her face as she lowers the megaphone - only to be tackled by the Coach dragging her towards the school. In other news there's a line forming now.

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