2016-04-02 - Growing Pains

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Growing Pains

Summary: In the park, Silencia is acting... strangely.

Who: Dorian, Rayne, Serenity, Silencia, Yoiko_Hax
When: April 2nd, 2016
Where: Nowhereto Park

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Another beautiful day here in Nowhereto Park! Silencia has been spending an absurd amount of time in this place. It wasn't unusual for her to stay there for training purposes, but the fae doesn't seem to have that in mind. She's wandering around the trees, looking around her as if trying to find something. She seems restless, as if something is supposed to happen, but it's taking too long. Long story short, the girl is not herself. Every now and then, the little stone on her necklace lights up for seemingly no apparent reason. Silencia seems to be so very distracted that she would not even notice a certain rainbow-haired warrior hanging around.

Rayne is, predictably, up in a tree with her art pad and pencils, as she's often found when she finds the free time. Is she drawing anything now? No, of course not. She's watching Silencia. She first spotted the fae when she was well out of greeting range, but now that she's gotten closer, Rayne still remains silent? Why? She's trying to figure out what Silencia is doing, of course. "Huh," is all she manages to say, albeit quietly.

Serenity flows along the park path in the direction of the lake. Ren moving with slow ripples of the undulatory fins but without a purposeful sort of focus. The TASK badge is affixed to the storage bin on the field generator, where is is still rather hard to notice. Ren seems to be watching the passersby, occasionally shifting to observe while continuing backwards or to wave fin edges to them. In passing near her tree, it's Rayne that Ren spots first. Ren flares a pair of fins to flash the aquamarine-skinned muscle to her.

A loud groan escapes Silencia and she drops herself on the ground with her back against a tree, hugging her knees against her chest as she sits. She is still unaware of her not-so-hidden observer and she can't see Ren from her spot. Not that she would pay attention and notice the colorful mollusc. She's too distracted. She doesn't stay seated for long, her restlessness forces her to get back up and wander around again. If someone were to peek at her expression, it would be one of impatient discomfort.

Rayne of course notices Ren as she approaches! "Hey... Ren," she says in greeting, though her attention soon is put back onto Silencia. She frowns as she spots the expression on Sil's face, and it deepens as she sees the fae sit down and get back up again shortly after. "Okay, this is a problem..." she says before dropping down to the ground in her usual graceful method(graceful because she's done it a lot by now, mind you). She glances quickly at Ren with a concerned look before almost rushing towards Silencia. "Sil, what's wrong?"

"Hello..." Ren follows Rayne's gaze towards the woods and frowns at the groan. As Rayne descends from the tree, Ren falls in behind her with a concerned expression, sliding the black disc over the leaf litter and sliding around underbrush.

A voice... Silencia's gaze turns to Rayne. She reaches out and grabs both of Rayne's forearms and stares up at the woman. "It's supposed to happen now.... Why isn't it??" Her tone is confused and the girl seems fuzzy. Something's definitely off. There's something about the look in her eyes that's just... off. Her grip isn't tight or painful, but if Rayne were to try and pry herself out of Silencia's grip, she would have a very hard time doing it. The priestess is positively clinging onto the one person she probably shouldn't cling onto. Her skin seems a bit hot to the touch, but not exactly feverish. As Ren approaches, Silencia shifts her gaze to her. "It feels like I'm about to drown..."

"GaaaaaaAAAAAH!" Well, of course, Rayne attempts to pull herself away from Silencia. Shock quickly moves to a mild panic as Silencia doesn't let go of her arms. "Sil! SIL! SILENCIA!" She shouts as she continues to try to pull away. Still, in her panic, she can tell that things are definitely more wrong with her friend than she thought before. A pity she can't quite think clearly at the moment, but even if she did, she'd probably have no clue how to help.... So all she does is yell at her friend, "Sil! SNAP OUT OF IT!"

Serenity looks on with a different sort of confusion as Silencia attempts to explain, glancing to Rayne and back but for the moment keeping quiet. As she grabs Rayne, it takes Ren a moment to realize the likely consequence of that, 'standing' there for a moment before quickly sliding out from behind Rayne. Ren flutters in behind Silencia and extends fins from the water to attempt a damp hug from behind.

No reaction comes from the fae as her friend screams at her. Silencia just stares up at Rayne with that odd expression of impatience. Her tone is exactly the same as before, confused and fuzzy. "It's going to burst... The wind tastes like peppermint..." And with that, Silencia pulls on those struggling arms. She wraps her surprisingly strong arms around Rayne and squeezes. She even rubs her cheek against Rayne's shoulder. Serenity's touch does distract Silencia for a moment. The fae looks up at Ren and then, finally, releases Rayne. She turns and hugs Ren, paying no attention to the water. Though her hug isn't violent, she doesn't act as gently as she usually would when hugging Ren. Silencia really isn't herself. Wait, is she not holding her breath?!

If someone with the ability to sense Silencia's magical energies were to come by, they would be able to notice an odd pattern. Her power seems to grow really quickly, almost bursting out of her, then her necklace lets out a subtle light and then the power disappears. This keeps happening over and over again.

This is probably a bad time for Dorian to wander by. But wander by he most certainly does. Maybe he was attracted by the odd energies emanating from the area. He views the hugging and his first response is, of course... snark. "Well, this is a friendly scene," he notes, leaning on his staff. "I hope I'm not interrupting before things are about to get interesting." Pervert. But regardless, he's noticing what's going on with Silencia. He looks to those assembled, to make certain everyone's all right, and then looks in the direction of that magical pulse.

Rayne takes a sharp breath inward and tenses up tremendously as Silencia hugs her, her face going a bit red as Sil rubs her cheek against her shoulder, even though it's armored. That thankfully doesn't last very long, and Rayne finally releases her breath as she's physically released. She doesn't retreat as she's let go; instead she's standing there, slightly out of breath. Her gaze snaps to Dorian as she becomes aware of his presence. "S-s-something's wrong with Silencia!"

Serenity offers Silencia a concerned frown, then 'blinks' eyes inward as she turns away from Rayne and hugs. Ren doesn't seem to mind having both pairs of fins pinned back over the gills and even offers a brief pat around her legs with the free lower portions. As for whether she is holding her breath, Ren seems to only notice total time underwater. "She was acting a bit oddly as she left last night," Ren explains after looking up from Silencia to see Dorian, "but I didn't think anything of it at the time... Should we fetch a doctor or Kotal?"

Just as suddenly as she grabbed hold of her squishy friend, Silencia lets go. She straightens, not even bothering to dry herself with the sun's power, even though she's merely damp. She simply turns away and starts wandering between the trees again. Something is calling out to her, urging her to do something, but Silencia isn't able to answer the call. Something is holding her back while the fae desperately tries to answer that call. She looks like she's slowly getting worse. Her expression switches from tense and pained to blank with glazed eyes in time with the growing and disappearing of her magical power. Her voice is soft and strained, as if trying to talk while her throat is closing up. "It burns..."

Dorian frowns a bit at Rayne's statement. He knows she's got a thing about physical contact (to be fair, so does Dorian, but he's not nearly as bad as Rayne about it), so he expects a hug to freak her out. But then Serenity confirms it. Snark forgotten for the moment, he approaches the three of them, a concerned expression on his face. Serenity's question gets a tilt of head. "Kotal, perhaps. I doubt a doctor could do anything for her. What's wrong with her is magical." He concentrates on Silencia a moment. "There's some sort of magical energy that's rising from inside of her at an extremely fast speed," he announces. "Her necklace seems to be 'venting' it, though. But not fast enough, it doesn't seem." He directs his next words to Silencia. "Is there some way I can help?"

"Uh, uh, uh...." Rayne looks around in a bit of a panic... and she's not panicking about the hug anymore, either. She watches as Silencia wanders away in a daze, then glances back to Dorian as he explains what he's sensing. She then looks back out to Silencia again and blurts out, "Get her out of the park!" She looks back at Dorian again to explain herself. "Her... She.... she's powered by nature, right? We need to get her out of the park!"

Serenity makes no attempt to catch Silencia but still follows after her at a distance. Ren glances back to Dorian with his explanation and nods uncomfortably, then looks to Rayne with her idea. "The arena is away from vegetation and perhaps safer for other people as well, yes?"

Silencia ignores the others, simply wandering around. She does seem to notice that Dorian addresses her, so she glances at him over her shoulder, her expression calm as she speaks. "The skies are restricted... Air is heavy...." She speaks as if she's completely serious and clear even though her words make no sense. Does she not understand what Dorian says, or is her mind so muddled by the whole ordeal that she isn't able to form coherent sentences? She turns away again and keeps wandering between the trees, gradually getting away from the others. Again, she seems like she's looking for something.

Rayne's assessment gets a moment of thought. Dorian realizes it then. If Silencia's power explodes in the park, she's liable to make the place grow over like a jungle! And he nods to Rayne's suggestion. "Probably wise." He too follows after Silencia, offering a nod of agreement to Serenity's words. "That might work." Silencia's confusing statement gets a raised brow. "I'm afraid I don't understand." But as she starts away, he follows. In fact, he gets an idea. If she's powered by nature, perhaps having a buffer between herself and the nature will help. So, in a move that he knows is just as likely to get him injured as actually work-- fact, him getting injured is more likely, he figures-- he attempts to pick Silencia up off the ground. Mind, he's gentle, and if he is successful at picking her up he'll have her cradled. But he's thinking maybe a separation from nature is a good idea.

Rayne says, "Arena? Uhh, I figured just out of the park might help, but..." She looks back towards Dorian as he tries to pick up the Fae. "We might need to take her fully over to Neo-Edo, with how bad she is."

"Neo-Edo is certainly as far from nature as we can get," Ren agrees, shifting to the side to let Dorian pursue Silencia. Ren looks from Rayne to Dorian. "You don't think that this magic itself is a danger to other people, do you?"

Oddly enough, Silencia doesn't resist Dorian picking her up. On the contrary, Silencia actually reaches up and snuggles into Dorian as he cradles her. She doesn't react nor does she speak, she simply snuggles. The odd pattern in her power does not change. She doesn't seem to understand what is being said. Or maybe she simply does not react, no one knows.

Dorian breathes a sigh of relief. Good, he didn't get blasted to the other side of the city. Now he can concentrate on the suggestions. "It might," Dorian says, to the mention of taking Silencia to Neo-Edo. "Or it might make her worse. The nature might be the only thing keeping it intact. Taking her fully away from Twisted might cause a buildup. I don't know enough about what's wrong to be able to tell. For now, let's go away from the park and see what happens."

Rayne runs up to the pair, nearly shouting into her radio as she gets another idea into her head. "We need a transport back to headquarters immediately! Myself, Dorian, Silencia, Serenity! Be aware Dorian's carrying Silencia!" She glances back at Serenity, hoping she's ready for a transport, as well. task We need a transport back to headquarters immediately! Myself, Dorian, Silencia, Serenity! Be aware Dorian's carrying Silencia!

[TASK] Rayne says, "We need a transport back to headquarters immediately! Myself, Dorian, Silencia, Serenity! Be aware Dorian's carrying Silencia!"

[TASK] Kotal says, "Dispatching now to your coordinates."

Serenity looks less than encouraged by Dorian's warning. Ren 'blinks' as Rayne calls in the order. "I don't need a transport," Ren interjects quickly. "But I'll be coming along promptly. Let me know if I need to pick up anything or anyone along the way."

[TASK] Rayne says, "Cancel on Serenity's transport! Get us out of here!"

TASK Building - Transporter

[TASK] Kotal says, "Initiating."

Dorian shuts his eyes when he hears the warning over the radio. The technological teleportation always feels odd, and if he looks where he's going to make him dizzy. He doesn't need to get dizzy while carrying Silencia. The odd paralysis is a bit upsetting too. But he's used to it now, so it's not so bad. Once he feels the odd paralysis fade, he opens his eyes. His first order of business is to check on Silencia.

Silencia doesn't react much to what is happening around her. She is simply snuggling up against Dorian. It appears she's very clingy today, craving to feel other people's presence. She does show a reaction when she hears Kotal's voice on the radio, the girl glancing at the little thing as if she's trying to see something through the fog of her mind. "Kotal..." That clarity is short-lived though, the girl quickly returning to blankly staring and snuggling. Once they arrive at TASK headquarters, something seems to change within Silencia. And not in a good way. The girl tenses up and looks up at Dorian, her eyes that used to be dazed and black now showing a wild panic. She screams and thrashes about, trying to get herself out of Dorian's grasp. "Go back! Go back! Not right! Go back!" Her tone of voice is still the same confused mess, but now one can add panic to the description as well. Her skin is feverish to the touch, but that probably is caused by her exerting herself. The speed at which the power grows within Silencia seems to have slowed down a bit, but that does not change the pattern, it simply slows it down.

Rayne's expression turns to horror as Silencia's reactions turn more violent. "Silencia! Silencia, can you hear me?!" She looks about in a panic. No, this is far outside the second's area of ability to fathom. She clutches at her head, now breathing a bit hard herself. "Oh, gods, what are we supposed to do?!"

Suddenly, thrashing fae-elf. Dorian tilts his head to keep from getting hit, but tries to hold onto her, more for her own safety. He can't easily 'go back' to the park at the moment, but he can't explain that to Silencia... mainly because he doesn't think she'll hear him. Rayne's panic gets a frown though. "First off, not panic," he says easily. "Even if she can't hear us, she might be able to sense us, and if she senses a frantic state, it might make her worse." Looking back to Silencia, he turns her a bit so she can't hit him as easily with her thrashing. "It almost seems like a Harrowing, honestly. Perhaps she's 'stuck' somewhere her power is connected to?" Pause. Then he decides to try something. Something else stupid. "If I can vent some of this power that's overflowing from her..." he muses quietly. He reaches into the Fade, reaching through his magic, and then reaching out to Silencia. He's trying to make a connection, trying to 'vent' some of that power into the Fade. Maybe if he can get the power to stop trying to explode, Silencia can tell them what's wrong. Of course this whole thing is a really stupid idea... because he's acting like the conduit. If that power vents? It's going to end up going through him.

Again, things do not happen as Dorian expect them to. As he reaches out with his magic to try and vent her magical power, Silencia's necklace lets out a bright violet glow and a power that is not Silencia's (though very, very similar, so similar that it could be mistaken for Silencia's power) pushes Dorian's magic away, like a hand slapping away an outreached hand. Silencia does stop thrashing around, the girl now sobbing. Her voice is whiny as she speaks, the girl seems to have regressed to portray childlike mannerisms. "Go baaaaaack!" Her necklace is glowing constantly now. The reason Silencia stopped thrashing around is simply because she doesn't have the strength to anymore. She has exhausted her body and thus cannot physically do anything about her situation.

Rayne looks on in horror at her struggling friend. Her gaze keeps going back and forth between Dorian and Silencia, in the end speaking in an uncharacteristically quiet voice, "...Did it work? do we need to go back? What's going on?"

Serenity arrives back in the lobby of the TASK building, pulling a wheelchair while swimming backwards. As the back is a bit damp, Ren evidently attempted to push it first. In the seat is a bottle of water and a bottle of over-the-counter pain medication. Ren leaves the wheelchair to go knock on the door of the transporter room.

Dorian emits an odd sound as his magic is pushed back. But he stops reaching, and blinks. "That's not the problem, then," he decides. Rayen speaks up, and Dorian looks to her. "I'm not sure what else to do besides bring her back to the park and see what happens," he replies. "She seemed like she was looking for something there. Maybe there is something there. Her power may be undergoing a change. She's Kotal's priestess, after all... and a nature mage. The sun makes plants grow. Perhaps her contact with Kotal has caused it to grow beyond itself somehow." The knock on the door to the transporter gets his attention then. "Can you get that?" he asks Rayne. Since he's now supporting Silencia rather than actually holding her. He's trying to rub her back to soothe her.

Rayne says, "Uhhh..... errr.... damnit." She winces. Times like this are why she didn't want to be second to begin with. She starts wringing her hands, then snaps her attention to the door as the knock happens, quickly following that with going to get the door open as Dorian asks her to. "Ren!" she exclaims as she sees her aquatic friend. "Uhhhh...." She glances back at where Dorian and Silencia are still on the transporter pad. "I....think we're going back... but that will still be needed, maybe."

The engineer at the transporter looks to Rayne. "Ma'am? Shall I power it up to send everyone back?"

Rayne looks back at the engineer, then over to Dorian and Silencia for a moment. With hesitation, she tells the engineer, "That's... Dorian's call. He's in charge of this situation for the moment."

Silencia mumbles the words "Go back" a couple more times, the girl seems desperate to go back to the park. The gentle rubbing of her back does seem to help. The girl somehow reacts very positively to physical contact while in this state. It seems to be the one thing that has a calming effect on her. After a little while of snuggling and calming down, Silencia seems to regain some of her clarity. She looks up at Dorian, her eyes no longer dazed. "Please bring me back to the park. Mother Nature is waiting for me..." And then she's back to being dazed. These short moments of clarity are not nearly enough to explain what's going on. It's not even clear if Silencia herself knows what's going on. Right now, it seems like she thinks she needs to get back to the park.

Serenity regards Silencia with concern, then nods to Rayne. Ren ripples backwards, pulling the wheelchair along to the edge of the transporter pad before looking to Dorian, "I don't know anything about magic, but I worry that you were correct about the possibility of something dramatic happening to the park if Silencia is indeed carrying more power than usual." Ren adds uncertainly, motioning toward Rayne, "Perhaps if you do need to return, we should clear people out of the vicinity?"

Dorian is really not sure what's going on, either, truth be told. But he's nothing if not at least able to fake being confident. Rayne's rather official-sounding statement gets a nod, a single firm one. Mainly to himself. He's resolved. He doesn't know what to do, but he's going to do his best! Silencia does seem to want to go back pretty badly. Suddenly she's cognizant! "Silencia! Can you tell me..." And then he sees the glazed look. "...Kaffas," he mutters. Serenity's statement gets a nod. "Let's not cause a panic, though. We'll try to keep whatever it is confined to the deeper areas of the park." A look to the engineer. "Please do power it up. It looks like we need to go back." He is, however, intending to put Silencia into the wheelchair Serenity's brought. He's assuming that, whatever this is, it's probably going to exhaust her. While attempting to put her into the wheelchair, he tries to say quietly, "Don't worry, Silencia... we're going back to the park. We'll come with you."

Silencia doesn't seem to react to anything or anyone around her, but there is the slightest hint of a smile on her lips as Dorian tells her that they're going back to the park. She does not resist as she's put into the wheelchair. She simply mutters "Go back" and hugs her knees to her chest, even though that is a very odd way of sitting on a wheelchair. She just really needs something to hug at the moment, even if it's her own knees.

Rayne runs over and jumps back up onto the teleport pads. "Right, let's go." While the engineer is starting up the teleporter, she frowns. "Wait, didn't she say something about the skies being restricted?" Her eyes widen slightly and she yells at the engineer. "Stop! Belay that!" She suddenly jumps back down and walks over to the engineer. "We need a different location, how does that work?"

The engineer shrugs. "I really just use the three presets, we were told those would be fine-"

"Damnit, get me the woman that put this thing in here on the phone, now!"

The engineer blinks and grabs a phone on the console, hitting a speed-dial option before Rayne grabs the phone from him, setting the thing on speaker phone mode.

A cheerful voice pops up on the speaker phone, "This is Yoiko! What can I do you for?"

Rayne's voice almost cracks as she asks back to the woman on the phone, "We need a new transport destination, somewhere in Neo-Edo, how do we get this set up for that?!"

"Turn the... ugh. The big dial. That thing in the middle, right? That's an astrogater. Now punch in the coordinates on the control pad."

"Okay, let's see..." She rattles off a string of numbers to the woman on the other end. "Does that sound right?"

"Yeah. Good. Okay, see the three sliders on the left? Move them up slowly until it hums. Good. Click the red button on the bottom right. Bam. You're good!"

Rayne lets out a sigh of releif as she starts heading for the pad again. "Alright, send the three of us over to the new locatio-"

But Rayne didn't hang up the phone yet, and it seems Yoiko heard that from the other end. "Don't beam out more than two at a time or it has to be reset for mass. You don't want to end up fused together."

Rayne pauses in her motion to the Teleporter pad. "Uhhh... Yeah, send the two of them. Like she said." Maybe Ren was right to not want to be transported. Apparently they'd gotten lucky when they were transported over here.

Higashi Ayase Park

Silencia seems to liven up as she's brought back within Mother Nature's presence. She doesn't even react to the fact that she's in a completely different park from before. For now she remains in the wheelchair. She's still very dazed and she's still restless, as proven by her rocking back and forth while seated. She does manage to smile, her expression bright. "Thank you!" Being out of Twisted does seem to have a slight effect on her, but it is not the cause of her predicament. The little stone on her necklace is still glowing, no longer turning off and on, it's now constantly active. Silencia slowly rises as she regains her strength and walks toward one of the Sakura trees. It seems she's still looking for whatever she was looking for before.

Dorian is a little lost for words while Rayne talks to someone. He stays quiet, rubbing Silencia's shoulder in a soothing manner. Right up until the mention of being fused together gets made. Then he winces. "No, that... I don't think Silencia would that. I can share tips for being fabulous without going that far." Yes, even now he has to snark. It's kind of a defense mechanism. There will probably be an organized way to get everyone there, one that won't see them all fused together into a big ugly abomination. But once they're all there, and Dorian sees Silencia walking towards the trees, he follows. A look to Rayne, and a tilt of his head ot indicate she should follow as well.

Rayne, of course, transports over just a few seconds after the other two are transported over. She looks over at Silencia and frowns, even though she lets out a sigh of releif. "Okay, well... now what? We're no better off than when we started..." She quickly makes her way to where Silencia is, following her around. "Sil... Silencia... do you need help? What are you doing?!"

Silencia's right hand lingers on the Sakura tree as she passes it by, dropping to her side as she continues. She keeps walking around, but pauses as Rayne addresses her. Her expression is dazed, her mind foggy. She glances between Dorian and Rayne. "I need to... I..." She frowns. Her body and soul knows what she needs, what is making her feel this way. Her mind, however, knows nothing. One of the disadvantages of growing up not knowing what you are. "Sleep... no... not sleep...." Silencia seems annoyed that she can't figure out what she is trying to do. This damn foggy mind ain't helping! She reaches up to twirl the stone in her necklace around her fingers, a little gesture she does whenever she's distressed. The stone burns her hand though and the girl yelps, letting it go immediately.

Dorian keeps a close eye on Silencia through this, staying near enough to help should he be required to but not near enough to crowd. "She's following something that's instinctual, that much I know," he replies to Rayne's words. "It seems a little like a Harrowing... most of that is instinct. But I don't think this is harmful." Silencia speaks and Dorian frowns. He seems surprised when Silencia is burned by her own necklace. And he gets an idea. "Silencia, the necklace. Take the necklace off, see if it helps." He's not sure if she can hear him or not. But if so... maybe she can determine what she needs to do.

Rayne winces at yelp, then looks to Dorian. "You... don't think it's harmful?" She sounds surprised by this, actually. "But..." She glances to Silencia, then to Dorian again. At his suggestion, she looks back to Sil again and nods. "It looked like it hurt... do you want me to do it?" She can't get burned, after all.

Silencia pouts as she stares down at her hand. There's nothing there, not even a red spot, but the girl seems fixated on the place where her necklace burned her. She simply does not react to the others while rubbing her hand. It is unclear if she's ignoring them or if she isn't aware that they're speaking to her.

"Like I said earlier," Dorian notes. "Her magic is nature-based, she's been accepting Kotal's sun magic for a while now. Perhaps it's just making her own magic grow beyond its former capacity. Or, her magic is nature-based, maybe it would grow naturally." He pauses as Rayne volunteers to remove the necklace... and Silencia doesn't reply. He looks to Rayne and nods. "Go ahead and try," he suggests. The worst that can happen is it doesn't work, right?

Rayne suddenly realizes the problem with taking Silencia's necklace off with a wince. She frowns, cautiously, very cautiously approaching her friend. "Uhhhh.... I'm going to try to take it off..." She's clearly uncomfortable with the situation as she walks around to the front of Silencia, looking around for whatever clasp there might be to hold the chain in a loop. She frowns as she realizes how close she's going to have to get to unclasp the thing, and holds her breath as she cautiously... VERY cautiously, really, far more cautiously than is necessary, reaches her hands around behind Silencia's neck to unclip the necklace. Once that's done, she almost jumps backwards, the two ends of the necklace's chain in her hands.

A bright smile appears on Silencia's face as Rayne moves in so close. Silencia leans in, trying to pull the phoenix into a hug, but she jumps back! Aww.... But then something happened. Silencia gasps and her eyes widen ever so slightly. She takes a deep breath, as if some sort of restriction has been lifted off of her. Now there is nothing holding the magical power back. It builds and it builds, soon her body is not enough to contain it. Silencia laughs and grins, it appears she has been waiting for this. "It's happening... finally..." She takes a step back and sits down on the ground with a smile. She then pauses and frowns. "W..wait...Kotal..." The nature around her livens up as the power radiates from her. Silencia tries to stand up, but familiar vines are already wrapping around her body. As more and more of the magical power spills from her into the nature around her, Silencia seems to regain her clarity for a moment. "W..wait! I need to see Kotal! J..just a moment!" Her eyelids grow heavy and the girl collapses onto the ground, quickly being covered completely by vines and leaves. Nature waits for no man.

Dorian watches closely as Rayne removes that necklace, hoping that Silencia won't react violently. Thankfully she doesn't, and Rayne seems all right. Though the words from Silencia-- 'It's happening finally'-- get a frown. "What's happening finally?" he asks. And the suddenly there's vines and leaves coming up to cover her. Dorian's eyes widen, and he makes to pull at the leaves... but then he stops. An instinctual calling... and then that relief on Silencia's face, the smile. He steps back. "I'll call him," he says to the now bound knot of vines and leaves. He engages his radio. "Kotal? Your priestess has need of you, if you have a moment. We're in Neo-Edo's park."

[TASK] Dorian says, "Kotal? Your priestess has need of you, if you have a moment. We're in Neo-Edo's park."

Rayne has a look of utter panic on her face as the vines completely encompass her friend. "Sil? SIL!" She looks like she's about to grab the vines to tear them away, when she remembers her earlier words... 'finally'. She looks to Dorian, a very frightened look on her face. "I... she... is.... is she.... What?" She nods as Dorian calls for Kotal, swallowing almost audibly. "Uhhh...." She looks to where Sil is now completely covered, and just collapses down onto her knees, the stress of this day finally just plain exhausting her. "N....Now what?"

That bundle of vines and leaves does not move. No sound comes from it, for Silencia is fast asleep inside of that safe little bundle. She wanted to see Kotal before she fell into this sleep, but as luck would have it, she fell asleep almost immediately. Now there's nothing left to do but wait.

Dorian waits, listening for a response. "He's not answering," he says finally, looking back to Rayne. "We wait," Dorian answers her question. "I have an idea. Her magic is nature. This is nature, and she acted like this was natural. Whatever this is, I know it isn't to harm her. Perhaps my 'growing' analogy wasn't too far off." A pause, and a look to the 'cocoon' of vines. "Will you stay here with her?" he inquires of Rayne. "I'll go and let Kotal know what happened." If he can find him. If not? Well, he can always write a report for later. "I'm sure he'll want to come and see for himself. Hopefully he won't rip it apart to get her out. I have a feeling that would be bad."

Rayne just nods in silence to Dorian. She puts a hand on the 'cocoon', then scoots over to lean against it. "Alright. I won't leave her side until he's here."

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