2016-04-03 - Why Is It Named After Me!?

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Why Is It Named After Me!?

Summary: Skeeve has many questions; the answers may lie in the bridge's observation deck.

Who: Skeeve, Lyra
When: April 3, 2016.
Where: Plowse Bridge Lookout


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On the balcony overlook, Lyra sits on the railing. No need for safety concerns, apparently. She rests with her back against the building, one leg dangling on the safe side. In her palm are two crystal balls gliding against each other without a sound. In the corner of the balcony, Signey the goblin is dozing away rather obnoxiously. Lyra stares intently at the crystal balls, then back out at the horizon, then at the crystal again. "Yes, but where?" she asks of no one in particular.

Skeeve steps on out to the balcony, looking completely and utterly bewildered. He takes his hat off, barely taking notice of Lyra and the goblin, and runs a hand through his hair as he leans against the railing. "But... *why*!?" He stares for a moment, before finally noticing Lyra. Hastily replacing his hat, and standing up straight, he says, "Oh, I'm sorry to have disturbed you, Lyra."

Lyra's attention is drawn away from her crystals and outlook when she heard Skeeve approach, shifting to watch with curiosity as he nears the railing. With a coy smile, she replies, "Oh, hello magician. Looking for something?" Signey stirs a bit, he seems less like a subject or servant and more like a lap dog. Lyra's crystals don't seem to stop moving in her hand.

Skeeve is quiet for a moment. He always feels like he has to watch his words around Lyra. This is probably a very useful bit of paranoia. "Well... after a fashion, yes, I am. Mostly some knowledge." He leans back against the railing, folding his hands together. "Do you know much about this dimension?"

Lyra seems completely at ease with the quiet, looking back out towards the city skyline while Skeeve talks. "Well, it's more real than others." A small emphasis is put on the word real, though she continues on, "I know that at least part of what I'm looking for is here. I've heard some talk of a council, I assume that's just the authority in this dimension." Lyra chuckles as she turns to look back at Skeeve, "Though they're poor dimensional travelers, I'd wager, considering many think it's nearly impossible to leave."

Skeeve nods thoughtfully at that, following her gaze out to the city. "Most of them are not especially proficient, no. A word of advice; I'd recommend against demonstrating your talents in that arena. People can be... somewhat insistent about trying to find a way home, and I'd hate for anything untoward to happen to you."

Lyra's face flashes with a bit of, is that shock perhaps? It quickly vanishes, a confident veneer eclipsing her features again. "Much as it's not my concern, seems wrong to keep people from their homes. Seems like the thing that should change." And it's likely that she would be interested in participating in such a change, despite the flippant tone. She flips one of the crystals onto the back of her hand then into the palm, "These can show you your dreams, if you like."

Skeeve nods slowly at that. "You're not wrong... but you and I could spend a hundred years ferrying people back to their homes, and not make a lick of difference... save for painting a target on ourselves for the less savoury sorts in these parts. " As she draws his attention towards the crystal, he leans in a little to get a slightly better look at them. "It's... a tempting thought, I must admit. Even if I don't know if I'm prepared for it."

Lyra slides down from the railing but doesn't go any further, "It's possible temptation is the point, dreams rarely do much else." She grins and sets the crystal down on the railing. "Could just open up a door, let them journey themselves. Though for most that would be certain death."

Skeeve grins a little bit at that. "Well, you're not wrong. Seems like it'd be a little counterproductive, though, doesn't it? Although I suppose nothing would force them to go through the door."

Lyra says, "Better than being trapped, no one likes an unescapable maze." She taps her fingers on the railing three times, "What's so perplexing about this lookout though, magician? It's a perfectly reasonable height for creatures like these to build."

Skeeve scratches his cheek a little bit at that. "Well, that's... something of a prideful question. You see, this bridge is named, for some inexplicable reason, the Plowse Bridge. It wasn't here the last time I visited this dimension with any regularity. And my name is Plowse. It's somewhat disconcerting to come to a place and find they've named a bridge after you."

Lyra laughs aloud without much inhibition, "You must have made an impression on someone." At hearing Lyra's laughter, Signey pops up from his slumber in the corner and joins in laughing with his scratchy cackle, with no real indication that he knows what it was about. Goblins.

Skeeve manages to suppress most of his wince at the scratchy goblin laughter. "Apparently so. And I think it would behoove me to find out who, but I don't have the slightest idea where to begin."

Signey shuffles up to his feet and completes a shallow bow to Skeeve, "Mistress Lyra said we'd see you again!" Lyra looks out towards the cityscape again without acknowledging her subject's statement, "Buildings rarely appear out of thin air, perhaps the welcome center knows who owns this one? Though don't be too surprised. If you've travelled to other dimensions, you're bound to leave traces." With a fox-like grin, she adds, "Perhaps you'll even find one where they worship you. It's unsettling.

Skeeve chuckles a little bit at that, tipping his hat slightly to the goblin. "That would be quite unsettling, although not necessarily the worst possibility. I suppose it could be named after my father."

Lyra says, "Interesting to visit, not to stay. No challenge." She lifts up the crystal from the railing and steps towards Skeeve, "And fathers tend to leave their marks as well." The crystal ball floats on it's own above her hand, so tempting. "I'd be willing to help you seek your knowledge. I assume you remember the stone I showed you.. perhaps then you'd be interested in helping me locate it? Though I will caution .." She lifts up her chin slightly with a beguiling facial expression, "I am possessive."

Skeeve drags his gaze away from the crystal ball; that's not a rabbit hole he thinks he's capable of going down, ust at the moment. "I do, in fact." He smiles lightly. "And I have no intention of stealing it away from you. But I am curious... what does it do?"

Lyra seems to leave the ball levitating near him regardless, "It's a key. Nothing more, nothing less." Signey seems rather uneasy at the subject of the red crystal puzzle piece being discussed, fussing with the edges of his clothing as he looks up between the two talking. Lyra reaches a hand down to touch the goblin's head in assurance, before continuing, "... to most people. I cannot let anyone else discover it, let alone use it. Dimensions would bleed into a darkness beyond imagine.

Skeeve raises his eyebrows at that, clearly a little unnerved at the thought. "I would agree that such a thing should stay secure. I'm rather attached to dimensions... at least a few of them. I'd like them to stay where they are."

Lyra says, "I've found the majority, though the person who decided to scatter them was very efficient. Defensive, cloaking, shapeshifting spells.." She rolls her eyes, "My father doesn't do anything mildly." Signey perks up, "The Princess will find them and fix it, his Highness knows her.""

Skeeve looks slightly taken aback at that. Princess? He wasn't expecting that. "Well, then. All the more imperative that we find it before someone stumbles upon it, unsuspecting."

Lyra seems overly pleased with his response, slapping her hand onto Skeeve's shoulder. "I thought I could tempt you." She looks towards the city again, "One is here. But there's another world connected to this Twisted where at least two reside. It's just so large, this dimension seemed more... managable.

Skeeve grins a little bit at that. "Well, as they say, everyone's tempted by something... it's just a question of what. I'm afraid you'll not unlock the puzzle that is me so easily, your highness." Still smiling, he replies, much more seriously, "What this dimension lacks in raw imposition it makes up for in menace. I've found it to be more imposing than I would have first thought."

Lyra says, "I've yet to find a puzzle that I couldn't solve, though it's always in the challenging ones where the most pleasure resides, magician." She's not used to creatures outside of goblins, various beasts, and biting fairies calling her 'highness', though she doesn't seem to make that uneasiness obvious. "It seemed inconspicious at first, but I dare say I believe you are correct. So many of them seem to enjoy their fights, ignoring the weight of simple words. I prefer the latter."

Skeeve turns, leaning back against the barricade for the balcony. He nods once, at her pronouncement, not seeming to have noticed her unease. "I think that you and I will get along quite well, your highness. Although, I do have to ask... you seemed to keep that particular bit of information under your hat, in public. Is there another, preferred, way that I should address you in public?"

Lyra says, "I wonder if there is a limitation on royalty when one's kingdom is consumed in blackness..." Her tone is serious for but a moment again, her lips shifting to another smile. "Lyra is fine, or your highness. Perhaps you could even call me mistress?""

That draws a broad grin from Skeeve, and he replies cheerily, "A very tempting thought, Lyra, but I'm afraid I'm just not very good at following directions, and I'd hate to disappoint you so."

Signey seems to respond cheerfully as well, "Her mother never listened to her father, either!" Goblins, social norms, things that don't mix. Lyra grins, "Don't worry, I am quite aware that I have no power over you."

Skeeve laughs cheerfully at that. "Well, I don't know that I'd go *that* far, precisely...." He grins, then adds, finally acknowledging Signey's presence for the first time, "So, your... handmaiden? Bodyguard?"

Signey stands up proudly, with his chest puffed, "Signey is no maiden, Master Skeeve. Signey serves his Princess." Lyra looks down at Signey and nods, "I was only able to save a few from my world before the darkness, Signey is just the most... affixed. I've hidden the others in safety." Another serious tone quickly followed with a smile, "I could hardly have such pleasing rendevous in the midst of a goblin parade, now could I? Imagine the thoughts a magician would have at that.

Skeeve chuckles a little bit at that, hopping up to sit on the railing. "It would certainly be a much more raucous affair, to be sure."

Lyra wags a finger next to her cheek as she nods, "It's much more pleasant an affair with goblins who prefer to sing and dance, rather than battle." Signey seems to almost take that as a cue, twirling in his place, bobbles clinking, "... even the princess sings with us!" If there is a tinge of embarrassment about that fact, Lyra doesn't display it either. "A soprano is needed, afterall." Lyra steps forward to the side of the railing where Skeeve is sitting, one hand propped against it. "I'm afraid that perhaps it is time for this particular rendevous to end, lest my air of mystery be stripped completely.

Skeeve smiles a little at that, hopping off the railing, in order to sweep his hat off in a bow. "My loss, to be sure. It was a pleasure to see you again, Lyra."

Lyra reaches out to snatch the crystal ball from the air that never seemed to stop levitating, "A gift." She sets it down on the railing near Skeeve, "Fret not though, you can simply use it to contact me. It obeys." She looks to Signey, "Come along, the others are likely waiting." Ever the one for dramatics, Lyra sweeps back part of her coat in a turn to walk towards the exit.

Skeeve takes the crystal ball delicately in one hand, as he straightens up and repliaces his hat. "A gift indeed..." he murmurs to himself.

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