2016-04-08 - Low Light and Soft Music

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Low Light and Soft Music

Summary: TASK has been keeping an eye on Silencia. Dorian brings soft music, Serenity brings her beautiful colors, and both attract the attention of the spirit of the local flora.

Who: Dorian, Serenity, Aliturna
When: April 08, 2016
Where: Higashi Ayase Park


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The sound of the strings of an instrument being plucked softly echoes in the park. While Silencia has been sleeping, hibernating in her cocoon, TASK has been trying to keep watch on her, both to make sure no one tampers with the cocoon, and to make sure someone's here for her when she wakes. To that end, Dorian is here, pulling a late shift to watch over the cocoon.

He's dressed in white, as he usually is, but this time it's a little different than his typical leather armor and white cape. Someone from Earth would think it was a sherwani, a robe-like frock coat worn in India. It's not, but it does look very much like it.

He's sitting on the ground, on a small blanket, plucking and strumming the strings of a stringed instrument that's somewhere between a lute, a mandolin, and a sitar. It's been a while since he's played, but he hasn't lost too much of his nimbleness. A soft, slow tune forms from the strings, not quite a lullaby, but a relaxing tune nonetheless.

Serenity arrives at the park just a while later than Dorian. Though glancing about curiously now and then as one might expect of a person visiting the park for the first time, Ren consults the instructions and proceeds directly down the path towards the indicated spot. The final portion of the journey is guided by the sound as the stringed instrument catches Ren's attention and Ren flows over quickly to join Dorian. Ren glances to the presumed cocoon with a concered frown before flashing a 'wing' to Dorian.

The relaxing music, the peaceful atmosphere, the beauty of the cherry trees, it all combined so wonderfully. It appears Aliturna's suggestion of keeping the peace in the park is being followed. Though one cannot see Silencia and her reaction to this, there do seem to be flowers blooming near the bundle of vines serving as her cocoon. The nature still reacts to her emotions, even though she's unconscious. Aliturna's back up in the tree, silently listening to Dorian's music and watching over Silencia. Her expression is solemn and she appears to be deep in thought. Not that it matters much anyway, one would not be able to see her without her wanting them to. The appearance of the colorful slug draws a reaction of surprise from the tree lady, but she does not announce her presence just yet. She chooses to wait a moment before jumping down and announcing herself.

When Dorian sights Serenity he pauses in his playing, raising a hand to wave, and offering a smile. "Oh, hello there," he offers to her pleasantly. And then he asides to the cocoon, "Silencia? Serenity's here for a visit as well." He's heard about what's going on, so he naturally assumes it's like a pregnant woman carrying an unborn child-- he's heard that babies can hear inside the womb, so why wouldn't Silencia be able to hear inside the cocoon?

"Hello," Ren rasps, then ripples over closer to the cocoon, offering Dorian an damp pat on the arm while regarding the vines uncertainly. "Rayne did say that Silencia was aware of her surroundings somehow and also that she seemed to be sleeping..." As Aliturna jumps down from the nearby tree, Ren makes a sound and shrinks inward in surprise.

Aliturna's leap is light and airy, the impact of her landing as light as a falling leaf. She smirks at Serenity's reaction. There is not a trace left of her earlier contenplative state. "Well, hello to you both. I am glad Silencia has this many friends to watch over her!" The tree lady seems to be in a good mood, especially considering how angry she got at Kotal the other day. She glances at Dorian and gestures toward his instrument. "By the way, the girl is enjoying your music. I can't say I do not enjoy it as well!" Yup, the Great Mother is in a very good mood.

Dorian actually doesn't notice the tree-woman's appearance until Serenity reacts to something or other. About to respond to Serenity's statement, Dorian instead turns his head when the mollusc reacts so, as if preparing to stand as if ready to defend Silencia's cocoon. But when the tree-woman doesn't seem to have any visible malice, Dorian relaxes some. And then his music gets a compliment? He smiles. "Thank you. I had hoped she could hear it, or our voices at least. Perhaps it would comfort her." There is an interesting thing to note, however, about our dear fabulous, well-groomed mage. The senses of an elemental spirit may be sensitive to the elemental spirits in others. And Dorian holds elemental spirits of his own-- that of fire and storms. And just ever so slightly one of death...

Serenity relaxes gradually after Dorian does, though still seems a little wary. "This is the guardian who Rayne mentioned?" Ren surmises, glancing to Dorian. "Hello. I am Serenity," Ren offers along with a 'hand' shaped from fin edge for the occasion. "I wasn't certain that Silencia was indeed conscious," Ren adds, motioning out to the side, "but supposed that it couldn't hurt to visit, in either case."

Aliturna stares at Dorian for a moment, that smirk never leaving her face. She was indeed aware of the various elements within this mage and it interested her. She takes a step as if to approach him, but Serenity's voice seems to snap her out of it. She turns her eyes to the adorably colorful mollusc and smoothly steps to her, grasping that offered fin. "You can call me ALiturna and yes, your friend probably meant me when she mentioned a guardian. And ohh, how pretty you are, Serenity, we do not have creatures like you in our world!" The comments about how aware Silencia might be of her surroundings cause the tree lady to peek at the cocooon, forgetting the doting on Serenity. "She's not conscious, no, but she is aware. She knows you're here by her side... Probably." Her tone had been deep and thoughtful, only to turn into a joking tone with that last word. Now she makes her way over to Dorian, bowing to meet his eye with her hands folded casually behind her back. "You know, there was another that played music to her like this. She even went as far as to make a flower bloom for him to have. You might wanna step up your game!"

Dorian looks to Serenity in return. "Possibly so," he agrees to her words. "She does have rather a... natural air to her, doesn't she?" If Dorian is aware of the fascination with the elements within him, he makes no mention of it. He's a little bit of a vain ass, he probably thinks it's his pretty face that's got her fascinated or some such. Dorian bows to the woman when she introduces herself. "A pleasure to meet you, Lady Aliturna." Placing a hand on his chest, he offers, "Dorian of House Pavus, Altus mage of Tevinter." He's sure such titles don't mean much, but he offers them nonetheless. He also offers a graceful, practiced bow.

He nods when Aliturna mentions 'probably' being aware of his presence. "I had thought as much." He carefully crosses his arms over his chest, being careful not to damage or hit himself with the instrument he holds. "It seemed like... well, a 'womb' of sorts. And I had been told that unborn children can hear in the womb. So I thought perhaps Silencia could hear us inside."

Though he laughs amusedly at the mention that someone else's music caused Silencia to grow a flower for the person. "A Bard of great renown, I've no doubt," he surmises. "While I am quite the performer, I admit I am no Bard." Wow, Dorian admits he's not good at something?! Someone call the presses! "I am a mage, and probably amongst the best of my peers. Also probably the most handsome." Woop... never mind. There's the grandstanding...

Serenity responds to Aliturna's remarks on Ren's appearance when just a smile, then nods thoughtfully as she goes on to mention Silencia. Ren maintains an amused quiet as Dorian describes himself.

An amused grin appears on Aliturna's face. "Your description is more accurate than you could imagine..." His reaction to her comment about the other musician makes the goddess pout disappointedly. "Your reaction is boring!" She straightens and stretches her wooden limbs, her arms creaking with her every movement. As he goes on to ramble about his greatness, Aliturna rolls her eyes and chuckles. "A mage, huh? It is rare to see a mage with so many elements within. Does your confidence stem from a certain element, or is that a side-effect from the combination of them?" Aliturna reaches out and grasps Dorian's chin lightly, gazing at him as if she's inspecting him.

Dorian chuckles at her words of his reaction being boring. "Never do what others expect of you," he says, with a cheeky smirk. He does seem a bit surprised when she takes hold of his chin though. Though he answers her question, "It comes from knowing I have mastery over the elements in me." It's not said, but the 'for the most part' is implied. "It comes from a few other places, too, I admit."

Aliturna hums amusedly and nods. "Good words to live by." She lets go of Dorian's chin, satisfied with the fact that he seemed to be surprised by the move. "Be careful not to let them control you... That would become rather... unsightly." She gives the mage a cheeky wink as she steps toward the tree. "Though I would love to stay and chat further, I'm afraid I cannot. Bye!" With those overly casual words does the tree lady sink into the cherry tree, completely disappearing. Again with the pace, she just can't sit still now, does she?

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