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LF Healer 4 Alien Queen

Summary: Continued from Beneath the Cabbages, the gang finally takes down the mid-boss as well as the end boss of the dungeon! Er, I mean, Alien Lair.

Who: Doommuffin, Kotal Kahn, Morgana, Muradin, Urus and The Cabbage Guy
When: April 9th, 2016
Where: Under the Cabbage Guy's Farm

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Doommuffin is well known to be a very aggressive sort. And as a gnome, she really doesn't give a crap if something's bigger than she is.

Everything is bigger than she is.

It should come to no surprise, therefore, that she doesn't even slow down when running at the thing. With an adorably high pitched, but creepily echoing yell, she jumps right at the thing while swinging her oversized blade right at its center of mass. As she does so, one of the green runes on the blade glows more brightly before fading.

The siren is a bit behind the dwarf and gnome. Her hyena still gripped by the scruff, lifted nearly high enough he should be able to set his feet on the floor. She looks to him there is more battle to do, can you fight? She holds his weapon by one talon and her trident gripped in her fingers pointed toward the direction her chosen went.

Urus looks at Morgana unamused, the consensus would be put me down, I have more things to kill, the words actually being said however, are non existent. Considering how she is holding him she could probably feel the weight lift as the paws hit the dirt, sort of waiting for her to let go. "I understand why you hang out with her. Just my style! " The beast internally says to Urus, to which the quite peeved reply comes as "Are you going to sit there and admire? Because if so, can I have my body back? No? fine..."


The Shokan Xenomorph acquired more than just the extra limbs from its host. It seems that it also managed to learn from the fighting spirit of said creatures. Rather than take the sword to the head or attempt to dodge as its more bestial brethren would try to instinctively do, the Xeno Shokan instead lunges forward towards DM and brings two left forearms to slap against the blade and parry it out of the way. The gnome's curse is applied to the beast's outer skin, the Xeno Shokan's arms boil and begin to freeze up from the attack, however it seems like it successfully managed to minimize the blow by a great deal with its parry.

It also means that it now has a full opening against the gnomish deathknight.

With another roar, the Xeno Shokan lashes an acidic tipped tail at the gnome in an attempt to skewer her through.

That's a moment Muradin takes to leap at the beast and attack it head on. Dwarves share a bit of that height complex from their gnomish cousins and Muradin is equally unimpressed by the creature's height. However, the Xeno Shokan simply has too many limbs and manages to grab hold of Muradin in mid air and hold him at bay.

"Oi! We could use some cover over 'ere!" He calls out to Morgana and Urus as he swings his hammer at the creature's skull, missing by a few inches.

As Urus rises and his eyes hold an eagerness to return to battle, the siren nods and offers him is weapon back. The sound of the big xeno engaging with the gnome and dwarf bring the sirens head around just in time to see Mura grabbed by the beast. Fury flairs to life in the siren and she releases Urus fully and drops his weapon weather he takes it or not. Leaping into a sprint forward the siren issues a shriek that echos around the cavern. Her trident lifted and just as she gets close enough she throws it, aiming it like a spear toward the center of the beasts body.

Doommuffin jumps out of the way as she sees the incoming tail, but is just a tad too slow. Thankfully, instead of being fully skewered, she merely has part of her side torn out. Really, it's not as bad as it looks. It's not like she's actually using those organs anymore. She jumps backwards from her current location, and looks around, pondering her current options. With a shrug, she actually stabs her sword into the ground, leaving it there are she raises both hands into the air. As one of each rune: Red, icy blue, and green, glows, what appear to be bolts of purple lightning shoot out into the ground around her... into the piles of discarded corpses around.

And they begin to move.

The corpses, one by one, begin to stand, their eyes glowing with malevolence at the giant xenomorph. Almost before they reach their feet, they begin to rush at the creature, swarming it with tearing claws, gnashing teeth, and a complete, utter lack of self preservation, one even tearing its own arm off to use as a crude club.

The weapon Morgana attempts to hand him clatters uselessly on the floor. Urus eyes the creature for a second before dropping to all fours to charge at the beast and runs into it, shoulder of the hyena into the waist of the creature, hopefully Muradin doesn't get tossed. As he holds the two lower arms and attempts to put the xeno to the ground. The corpses have a great idea, however Urus is not going to use his own arms... this thing seems to have a spare pair however. Stepping on its chest he pulls on the arms to rip them from their sockets. He proceeds to cackle in absolute enjoyment of the situation.

As many limbs as the Xeno Shokan has it can't possibly contend with that many opponents!!

Whilst he's busy struggling with the Mountain King on his claws it staggers backwards as it's suddenly assaulted by a multitude of opponents that it was definitely not expecting.

The rushing zombies successfully immobilize its legs, tearing and clawing at its limbs and also grappling its singer like tail.

This leaves the creature wide open to Morgana stabbing it right through the chest with her trident that manages to puncture right through it's torso.

As it fumbles back, the impact of an engaged hyena manages to knock it clean on its back and it begins to backpedal as best it can with nearly a dozen of angry undead dog piling it.

Unfortunately for the Xeno Shokan, it doesn't get enough leverage to escape Urus' hold and it skitters back when both lower arms are ripped out of its sockets, acid spraying everywhere and splashing into a few of the zombies.

As it slides back, it manages to staggeringly get back on its feet, but by this time Muradin had broken free of its hold thanks to everyone's assistance which gives him enough space to hurl Mirithos at the beast's head. "Eat this, ye bastard!!"

Clobbered on the head with a magical hammer and now missing a few limbs, the Xeno Shokan rolls backwards and breaks through a wall behind it with a horde of zombies still clinging to it.

There seems to be a large dark chamber beneath the thick layer of mucus that formed a wall. Apparently, the Xeno Shokan was trying to protect said room.

Doommuffin frowns and pulls her sword from the ground, the first green rune now flashing again as it recharges. "Aww. I kinda wanted to raise it. You ruined a perfectly good corpse there, Urus!" How inconsiderate of the hyena-man to rip off half of its arms! She follows the thing right through the mucousy wall, calmly walking along as the zombies continue to try to rip the thing to shreds. She looks around the room, pondering her next move, but seemingly completely unconcerned with the formerly four-armed xeno.

As Urus leaps forward the siren watches as he plows into the xeno and starts ripping off limbs. As the beast falls back the siren moves closer but not so close as to be in danger of the spray of acid blood. "my Chosen are you well?" she calls to Muradin. Stepping forward as the xeno falls back through the wall she carefully picks her way through the debris , her trident still sticking into the xeno's chest .

Urus drops the two arms and shakes his head a few times, allowing the battered creature to escape. He rubs his forehead once or twice before pacing back to pick up his gun. "Sorry about that, am back now." He mentions casually. He dusts off the weapon and slams the bolt forward. He Jogs back to group up. He takes a quick second to bend down and pick up one of the arms, knocking on it a few times with his knuckles. Despite the fact that the xenos are well armored, they seem lighter than one would expect. He looks into the chamber noticing the somehow still alive xeno shokan and gives it mercy, although it probably does not deserve as much, and blasts it in the head with the rifle, again cocking the weapon, the brass casing for the round flying into the side wall.

"Hmrr, aye." Responds Muradin whilst he cracks his neck as Morgana approaches him. Mirithos appearing back on his hand after delivering that stunning blow to the monster's head. "That was a good hit ye gave 'im, luv!" He says with a fierce grin of approval. Though he realizes they are in the middle of a battle, he never misses an opportunity to show his wife some affection. His weapons disappear momentarily and he slides next to Morgana hugging her waist with one arm.

Meanwhile, DM and Urus enter the dark chamber. The Xeno Shokan begins to stir up and attempts to pry the trident stuck in its chest. Its far too slow to try that and ends up with a shot to the forehead that instantly kills it for good this time.

However, it does stir some other things in the chamber. DM and Urus might realize at this time why was it that the Xeno Shokan was protecting this particular chamber. It is entirely covered in eggs! And they are all starting to pop open!

Further down the cavern an even larger creature begins to move forward towards the gnome and the hyena. Looks like this is the Queen.

Doommuffin's attention is of course dominated by the revealed presence of the queen. "My, you're a large one!" She points at the queen, and the remains of her army of course all rush at it. They're all looking much worse for the ware, all of them damaged horribly by the acidic blood. But that's the thing about the mindless undead... they really don't care about that, and they just swarm the queen, less effective but just as annoying.

Doommuffin herself, however, narrows her glowing eyes... not that anyone can tell with her goggles covering them, as she gazes about the room for another suitable corpse... there, she spots one. Though unnoticed by anyone else, she releases her hold on Deathcake, allowing the ghost cat to behave entirely normally. This, of course, allows her to Raise another undead... And from the discarded piles of corpses, a large form begins to stir... It's one of the Orks! It stands up and ROARS! "WAAAAAAAAUGH!" it yells, and charges right at the queen! ...Right through the remains of the Sho'kan Xenomorph. You know, where there's a giant puddle of hugely corrosive acid? With each step through the acid, more and more of its legs dissolve, until it lands face first in the stuff.

Doommuffin's mouth hangs open as she watches this. "By Mimiron's Cogs! I've never seen a creature's stupidity carry over to their body when they are undead like that before in my entirely unlife!"

As Muradin comes to her, the siren leans into his embrace. The report of Urus' rifle brings a frown to her brow "I suppose My Chosen that we should go help our warriors. By Charybdis bones you know those two could find trouble in a tide pool." She draws her mate toward the opening in the wall and sighs just as the undead ork blunders through the rather large acid pool around the dead xeno's body. Looking further into the room the siren spies the queen and she narrows her eyes. One mother to another she lets loose a snarl and a shriek of challenge.

Urus takes quick stock and finds that this is not the best situation to be in. "OK. I am OFFICIALLY tired of your kind." He shouts toward the massive queen as he takes a knee and rapid fires from the hip, the last three rounds toward it. The echos of the first interrupted suddenly by the sound of the second and same with the third as the weapon's slide is getting a massive workout for its first time on the field in who knows when. However, as any gunner worth their salt knows, firing from the hip is much more flair than effect, meaning the best case scenario is either he gets lucky or he scares it off. The thing is said rifle only has 5 rounds. With the current situation, no time to reload. Urus quickly shoves the still warm rifle into its back holster and whips out his Submachine gun and starts working over the hatching eggs one at a time, taking maybe a bit too long to aim each shot.

The Queen Xeno is definitely not amused by the resistance she is encountering.

Weakened as they were by their encounter against the Shokan Xeno, DM's zombies are quickly dispatched by the Queen's long lashing tail.

The bulky, giant creature continues to barrel towards the group as the bullets from Urus' rifle ricochet out from the thick chitinous carapace of the Queen.

As finally the undead Ork collapses into a pool of acid, the Queen no longer has any obstacles stopping her from reaching her targets and goes into a full sprint to try and trample DM, to go right through her and attack Morgana. Why? Because Urus is suddenly jumped at by about five facehuggers from the surrounding eggs. All trying to latch on to his face and slide their alien appendages down his snout.

"Aye!" That's when Muradin follows along with Morgana and enters the chamber and channels power within himself. He grows triple in size and turns into a massive giant of stone going into his Avatar form.

Sure, the Queen may be completely ignoring DM and Urus in favor of attacking Morgana, preferring to simply try and stomp the gnome and leave the hyena for her children, but she's still going to have to pass through a solid stone wall of dorf warrior.

Doommuffin lets out an almost adorable sounding "Eeep!" as the giant alien comes barreling towards her, and narrowly jumps out of its way. Standing up again, she shakes a fist at the creature. "How dare you treat me like a carpet, you oversolidified Sha wannabe!" She huffs, her cheeks puffing out in the process. Then she takes her sword into hand once more. "Very well! I shall instead dispense with your younglings!" She extends a hand out to her side, casting Death and Decay right on top of Urus. See? She can be nice! Oh, yeah, it doesn't actually hurt Doommuffin's allies... Sure, she's never actually told Urus about that, but, he'll figure it out, right?

As the huge xeno lurches toward her, the siren glares, one queen to another. She take a deep breath and means to issue a scream of such magnitude as to rattle the cavern and then Mura steps before her to block her from the xeno queen and the siren is forced to swallow that sonic burst and only the most strangled of undignified squeaks comes from the siren. With her way blocked by her mate, the siren can do nothing more then look for a weapon to perhaps help should the queen reach them. Ahh there it is, her trident, still sticking out of the fallen beast. Carefully she picks her way around it so she doesn't step in the acid and jerks the trident from the fallen dead.

Urus in case anyone was wondering, is not having the best time. As a facehugger decides that he would make the best host. He however, although angry at the creatures, does not panic. He takes the one on his head and strips it off with his free hand, causing the small claws it uses to hold on to rake across his face . He throws it down, another from above attempting to continue where its sibling left off, is less lucky as it gets smacked down with the side of his weapon. Urus backs off quickly in concern when the entirety of the ground around him goes blood red and the assailants shrivel and die. "Friendly fire much" he complains to her as he does so he aims toward her and a click is heard as the tail of one of the face huggers got stuck in the receiver. With a toss he hurls his weapon at one of the facehuggers behind her and hits it, not exactly killing it, but at least doom should know it's there.

Playing with uncle Urus time is swiftly interrupted for the little facehuggers as they are assaulted with rotting vapors that emerge from the ground. Not like they were being wholly successful at 'playing' with the Hyena since he was smacking them around good with the stock of his guns. They skitter around Urus in an attempt to try and go around the Death and Decay spell, until they find that they simply can't get through it.

As one of them goes flying with its tail currently stuck down the barrel of one of Urus' guns, all the facehuggers decide to leave him alone and rush DM instead. About a dozen facehuggers then try to dog pile the gnome since they now view her as the more accessible target.

As Morgana retrieves her weapon the Queen Xeno and the stone giant Muradin square off, exchanging vicious blows. Muradin swings his hammer good at the Queen and slams her against a wall, though the Queen ends up pushing him away with a swift double kick to make space for herself.

Once she has enough room to move again she rushes Morgana with a vicious screech and spits acid at her from her mouth. Quite clearly having a bone to pick with the Siren for some reason.

Doommuffin says, "Oh, is it my turn now, you simple minded buffoons?" She cackles evilly, and... what is this? She appears to be surrounded by a swarm of stinging, biting insects... an Unholy Blight that brings with it all the typical diseases that Death Knights are known for spreading. As the face huggers get close, a red rune glows, then vanishes from her rune sword as she causes the blood in the attacking facehuggers to begin to boil..."

Morgana watches as Mura and the Queen square off. She moves as the fighting moves, careful to stay out of range of stray blows. When Mura is driven aside and the Queen faces her directly, the siren snarls and her body shifts into a fighting crouch. Dark eyes watch as the Queens mouths open and just before a gout of acid is spit forth the siren leaps aside. She draws a deep breath and turns herself to face the other mother. A long loud shriek of pure sonic power issues from the siren. It is a pointed attack, directed purely at that xeno queen.

Urus shakes his head in disbelief at the tenacity of the onslaught of creatures. He moves in to help Doommuffin, his only weapons, his claws because using the teeth on these things would be suicide, ready to tear into the creatures, however despite the fact that these things are easy to split and crush, the problem is that they , like the larger problem, have acidic blood. The majority of the caustic liquid however seems to always splatter him, just his luck. His hands get the majority of it being so close to the action, the scent, not unlike the burning sensation, is heavily unpleasant. Despite the fact that there is a complete mess of it, the tactic does seem to work. In fact from the spattering of the liquid since he has been down here, his clothes, what little there was, are in tatters, the bandoleer on its last half an inch falls away under its own weight. The pants, although doing the job it was meant to do, is not looking great either. Who would have thought that someone would need acid proof clothes when they went shopping?

Resilient as these creatures are they are not immune to diseases. Most of the facehuggers that attempted to dog pile DM end up withering and dying instantly, falling on their backs and shriveling up like spiders hit by insecticide. The unlucky one trying to grab on to DM's face ends up hit in full blast by the Blood Boil spell and it too shrivels up before falling back first on the ground before bursting into a ball of acid. At the very least that still continues to be a dangerous weapon of these creatures since there's now acid splashing everywhere. The ones that Urus rips into in particular make a tremendously good job at getting the corrosive substance splashing everywhere.

The Xeno Queen is pushed back by the sonic boom from Morgana's blast. She is actually a lot more durable than the Shokan Xeno, and for an instant, it looks like the Queen might actually be able to push through the Siren's scream. She takes one struggling step towards Morgana, then another.. then another..

And then she's SMASHED into a wall as Muradin shoulder checks her, sandwiching her against a nearby wall of rock.

Her bone splits in half and the Xeno Queen falls to the side twitching, her vertebrate obviously broken.

Oh, right. The acid! Doommuffin actually forgot about that. She yells out as her own spell causes her to be sprayed with the acidic blood. "Curse you! That is going to etch into my goggles something fierce!" She shakes her head rapidly to shake the acid off of her, then looks over at the critically injured queen. Well, time's running out to get herself a good self-healing done! She runs right at the Queen with her blade in hand, a green and ice blue rune glowing on it as she reaches the alien Queen and chops at her with the blade.

The siren was ready and spoiling for a fight as the Queen was coming her way. The interception by Muradin that drives the Queen into the wall steals her thunder yet again. The siren snarls then simply steps back as her family makes quick work of the Xeno Queen. She steps away from the acid on the floor and makes sure she is out of splatter range as well. Settling the butt of her trident on the ground the siren leans against the wall. In that moment of quite as the others finish with the queen, the siren feels the softest of butterfly like flutters low in her belly, a gentle quickening of the offspring she holds within.

With their Queen dead, the Xenomorphs that were in hot pursuit of the group decide to retreat. With their hive mind link severed, they turn into wild animals and forgo their desire to preserve their Hive at all costs. Right now what's more important to them is their continued existence. This of course allows the group to safely exit the Hive and get back to the surface.


Though the apparent Hive of the Xenomorphs had been destroyed, it was for the best that all vestiges of the creatures were completely eradicated. In time the Xenomorphs may acquire a new Queen and rebuild their Hive, but any destruction dealt to their remaining structures would severely slow this process.

That is why, after the group presented the head of the Xenomorph Queen to TASK and was handsome rewarded for their efforts, the Director of defense saw fit to take the matters of clean up to his own hands.

The cabbage farmer was suitably expelled from his farm and all his fields, along with his house, put to the torch by way of an incandescent ray of sun that burnt everything to cinders.

"MY CABBAGE FARM!!!" He was heard screaming in the distance.

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