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Not Kafkaesque

Summary: Silencia's metamorphosis is complete!

Who: Dorian, Ermac, Kotal_Kahn, Minu, Rayne, Reptile, Silencia
When: April 10th, 2016
Where: Neo-Edo - Higashi Ayase Park

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Today, there seems to be something different about the park. That calm, serene air is unchanged but something's brewing right underneath the surface. The air is heavy with anticipation for something. The life in the park is unnaturally quiet, as if waiting for something to happen. At the moment, nothing seems to happen just yet, but this atmosphere is enough to make a person feel a bit uneasy. The movement is very subtle, but something seems to be moving inside the cocoon. Only if someone were to be observing the cocoon would they be able to see that movement though.

Though not a master of sensing energy like some of his comrades in arms, the lone guardian of the park, Reptile, can sense that something is amiss.

He perches upside down on a branch before tumbling back to the ground and landing on his feet next to the cocoon. As he rises, he turns off his invisibility and smells the air. Yes, he feels that anticipation in the air, as he can also feel something within the cocoon, stirring.

The time surely draws near.

[TASK] Reptile says, "It isss time, I think."

[TASK] Rayne says, "What, are those cats late with your pizza delivery?"

[TASK] Ferra says, "Yay! Pizza!!"

[TASK] Minu says, "Has there been any direct activity?"

[TASK] Reptile says, "Hng! No! There isss movement within Sssilencia's cocoon. The time for her rebirth drawss nigh."

[TASK] Rayne says, "What?! On my way!"

[TASK] Minu says, "Dito!"

[TASK] Kotal Kahn says, "At last!"

Meanwhile, at HQ, Rayne bursts into the teleporter room and nods to the 'technician' at the control panel. As she found out at the start of all this, he really just knows how to push buttons. "Send me to Higashi Ayase Park." Of course the co-ordinates are still stored in the machine.... why would they remove a perfectly good setting like that? As the sparklies surround her, she soon finds herself in the park. Looking around, she locates the cocoon and outright runs over to it.

The little elf was busy working on some new experiments when the call came over the radio. She looked around her little make shift lab and wrinkled her nose. She had been working on a little experiment with some glass ornaments and some chemicals and hadn't had a chance to try them out yet but they might come in handy, in case. She was quite through with ending up unprepared for situations and so she took her little box of tinkered with ornaments and put them in a familiar wicker basked right beside half a dozen frag grenades. She sheds her lab coat and goggles, smooths her hair back into her bun and pushed her glasses up onto her nose. Taking up the basket she darted down the hall, into the elevator and down to the teleporter just as Rayne is phasing from sight. She waits and when Rayne is gone she takes her own place and ports to the same coordinates. Upon arriving she shifts and takes to the air, basket clutched in tiny talons. Up into a tall tree she flies and hooks the handle of her basket onto the jutting end of a previously broken branch. Lighting onto the main limb said branch is attached to she watches below as the others gather around the cocoon.

The cocoon doesn't react to the world around, unaffected by the excitement it causes. The surface of the bundle of vines moves around, but nothing pierces through just yet. The movement is less subtle now, Silencia is pushing against her bounds from all sides. No sound comes from the bundle though, the only indication of life being that movement.

Reptile is already there and visible when some of the TASK members arrive. He's not quite sure of what to do seeing that he's doing little more than simply staring at the cocoon and tilting his head one way and another like a curious dog. However, seeing that the is a reptile in more than just name he begins to stick his tongue out in an attempt to taste the pheromones in the air that he heard might be emerging, those are always tasty.

He might not get the chance to do so. It doesn't take long before there's a familiar blinding ray of sun light shinning upon the ground as Kotal descend from the sky, having no time to deal with the teleporter.

At the very least he doesn't crash into the ground like an artillery shell this time, but he does end up forcing Reptile to jump out of the way since he nearly fell on top of him!

As he lands, he too rushes towards the cocoon along with Rayne and stares at it. "We must secure the area!" He says suddenly. "I was informed that Silencia's awakening might attract predators!"

Dorian has been rather tired the last few days, mainly because he's been worried about Silencia. He's been taking late shifts, and it's rather messed his sleep schedule up. So he was taking a bit of a nap in his room in TASK HQ when Reptile called in. It takes him a few moments to register what's going on, but once he does, he's quickly out of bed. He does take a moment to brush his hair though. Can't have Silencia waking up to a scruffy mage, after all. He heads to the park through the teleporter-- he's a little later than Minu thanks to his coiffing. As he arrives, he offers nods to the gathered members of TASK. Since he's one of the last to arrive, he notes, "Fashionably late, I see." Though he did catch Kotal's words. "Of course. It can't be easy, can it?" There's a grim smirk on his face.

Rayne eeps and dodges away from the shining beam of light... No, she wasn't sure if Kotal would land peacefully or with the full force of a crashing meteorite. "Understood," she says as she arrives at the cocoon and turns around so her back is facing it while drawing her swords. She then blinks, and looks over her shoulder at Kotal. "...I don't think there are many predators in the park..." That said, she can't quite get a grin off her face. It really is quite a relief that Silencia is coming out sooner rather than later on a geologic time scale.

To this point the little elf/owl had been silent since her arrival. She roosted high in the tree and she turned her head nearly a full 360 as only owls can do to watch all around the clearing area where the cocoon rests. Kotal's voice carried with ease up to her and she made a small hoot to let the others know they had a spotter on high. The owlets big golden eyes scan the area for even the smallest movement, her sensitive owl hearing attuned to even rustles in the brush.

The movement within to cocoon stills as Kotal speaks, the first reaction to anything from the outside. That stillness doesn't last long though. A large bulge forms in the middle of the bundle, vines stretching to their limit to try and contain whatever is trying to get through. They're starting to tear, allowing a sweet scent to escape from the bundle. The scent seems to be a very flowery scent, a mixture of various familiar smells. The scent wraps around the senses and dulls them, putting the people closest to the bundle in an almost dreamlike state while still being conscious. The bulge in the bundle goes down before shooting up again, ripping through the bounds and revealing a bright violet color. Two large wings, similar to a butterfly's blossom out of the green. They seem delicate, breakable. The intricate patterns in the violet wings is not yet visible because they do not remain still. They flutter lightly, which only scatters that scent, making it spread far and wide.

Kotal Kahn first turns to Rayne and nods in agreement. "Perhaps so." He concurs and in fact doesn't even bother pulling out his macuahuitl despite his own command to secure the area. "However, though this may not be Twisted city, it is still well within the boundaries of the chaos that infects this entire realm. Keep your eyes open and your guard up, everyone. You have my permission to obliterate anything that would dare touch Silencia."

"Should councilwoman Luna have some issues with my decisions, she can come talk to me directly."

The Aztec then turns to Dorian and smirks softly at his ever gaudy attitude. It is refreshing to have him here. "Such is the way of the troublesome realm. Good to have you, Dorian. We may be in need of your power."

As he finishes the preparations as best he can, the cocoon begins to open and Kotal is almost immediately assaulted with an all too familiar smell. "Silencia?" Even the war god's glowing golden eyes grow foggy at the almost intoxicating smell and it seems he's about to go into a trance. At least until he shakes his head and snaps out of it, staring at the wings that blossom out of the cocoon like a flower.

Reptile on the other hand doesn't have as strong will as Kotal Kahn. He tries to rush the cocoon salivating acid only to be held back by the Aztec. For once though, Kotal doesn't really know what to say, he's simply staring at those butterfly wings looking mesmerized.

Dorian is indeed close to the cocoon, as he's looking to assist if anything looks like it's going to be trouble. And then suddenly that scent... He blinks. Sniffs. Raises a hand to rub his nose a bit. "Fascinating scent. Odd, but fascinating." He looks to Reptile and raises an eyebrow. Once he notices that Kotal is needing to hold the lizard-man back, Dorian heads over to try to assist. It's not that he doesn't think Kotal can do it. Kotal is leagues stronger, but he's concerned about Kotal's expression, the needing to shake his thoughts away. He might lose concentration.

Rayne nods upon hearing Minu's hoot... Though not directly at Minu, since she actually has no clue where the tiny owl is. As far as the wings go, Rayne is completely unaware of them... She's looking out for any trouble, not at the cocoon itself... but that scent... Her stance loosens to the point where it becomes downright sloppy looking, and it even looks like her grip on her blades have loosened to the point where a simple slap to the steel would disarm her. She wavers slightly from side to side, but still manages to keep to her feet as she stares blankly ahead with half-lidded eyes.

Thankfully as the cocoon opens the wind was not blowing toward the tree the owl was in, that or she was too high up or perhaps both. Either or the little owl was not subjected to that scent but she did see those below seem to react to...something. The little owl hops on her branch and flutters her wings making a low hiss and beak clatter of warning. She turns that head as far around as she can, nearly 360' as she looks for danger. The glimpse of wings is exciting but sloppy odd behavior of those below has the little owl even more on guard and she hoots loudly to get them all to shape up before something bad happens.

A soft groan escapes from underneath the wings. Large wings flutter once more as their owner pushes herself up and out of the remaining vines. Silencia's eyes are half-lidded and droopy, the poor girl still half-asleep. She rubs her eyes and stretches her wings, the unfamiliar appendages trembling lightly. The scent seems to be stronger now that the source of it has appeared. Now the wings stop fluttering, allowing their intricate design to be seen. The wings are each twice the size of Silencia and violet in color. The thin, silk-like appendages are covered in various swirls that seem to be carved in, allowing light to peek through those designs. Silencia seems completely unaware of her half-naked state, the girl dressed in only her black leggings and sandals. Her long hair does provide minimal coverage, but it is not nearly enough to be considered modest.

It is only through the power of his godhood that Kotal Kahn is even aware of Dorian approaching him from the side. Though everyone who comes in contact with the scent seems to be affected very differently, those who are overcome by the sweetness of the aroma don't seem to be in control of their functions anymore.

Reptile seems to be worst affected thanks to his bestial nature. He grows quite furious and starts wiggling on Kotal's hold, like a starved animal wanted to devour a piece of fresh meat. Kotal hoists the green ninja with one arm and pushes him to Dorian's arms whilst his own eyes keep focused on the emerging Silencia. "Put a spell on him if he becomes difficult to contain, Dorian." Reptile is also considerably strong but in his current state of mind he should be quite easy to enchant with paralysis or the like.

As Rayne is similarly affected by the scent and Minu keeps a steady vigil up on the branches of the oak tree, Kotal boldly moves forward, ignoring the scent of the pheromones.

"Silencia.." The Aztec whispers softly as he stands face to face with the half naked fairy priestess. Waiting for her to come to before doing anything drastic like pulling her to his arms.

Fortunately Dorian is quite strong for being a mage. Thus as Kotal shoves Reptile at him, Dorian locks an arm around the lizardman's torso-- thankfully, from behind him, so none of that acid is dripping on Dorian-- and begins to drag the Zaterran away from the area. Right now there are no visible threats and Reptile doesn't need to be in the area with Silencia at the moment. Minu will warn if they need to return. But for the time being Dorian drags Reptile out of the area of effect.

Rayne continues to look like she's in a daze... She almost seems to snap out of it as Minu starts making a fuss, but then the pheromones intensify and she just turns worse, actually dropping one of the swords into the ground. That, however, seems to finally really snap her out of it as she quickly grabs the sword again and looks around, blinking. She turns around finally to see Silencia and exclaims, "Oh, shit, I forgot!" Yeah... She really should have brought something to replace Sil's armor.... Her clarity, however, seems to be fading fast under the assault of the pheromones, and her eyes soon stop focusing on the scene in front of her.

The wings fluttering below catch the little owls attention. They are lovely but the little owl can look later, right now there is watch to keep. The tiny owl scans the clearing and the brush around it. She listens close, working to ignore the distracting voices of the team below. The wind moves the scents around but fortunately they are not brought high up into the oak. That little head turns a full circle and those sensitive golden eyes watch for the smallest of movements that don't belong but she sees and hears nothing out of place. Nothing like a little guard owl.

The newly awakened Fae's eyes remain clouded until she hears Kotal and then Rayne's voice. She blinks and rubs her eyes again, finally properly waking up. Her waking up does make her more aware though and she also notices the state she's in. Her cheeks burn bright red and she wraps her arms around herself to cover up. A loud shriek escapes her and she even wraps her wings around herself to allow herself some modesty. She doesn't seem to be surprised by the appearance of those wings, even able to move them without much trouble.

Kotal sighs when Silencia comes to and she shrieks at her lack of clothing. As always, Kotal sees no problem with walking around half naked, he's a lot like Morgana in that regard. However, he understands Silencia's distress and more than anything he's glad to have her back by his side.

"Reptile." He snaps his fingers to summon his personal ninja before he realizes that he's currently indisposed. "Oh, right." Not too worry, that's why he has a lot of minions! He snaps his fingers again. "Ermac." This time a swirling energy portal appears next to him and out comes a red garbed ninja.

The soul golem makes some hand gestures and materializes a long cloak for Silencia, even with some holes on the back for her wings. The Aztec grabs it and uses it to wrap Silencia, being very careful to not touch her beautiful new wings.

Right now, Kotal can't even bother to deal with the pheromones everywhere messing Rayne and Reptile up. He just wants to hug Silencia close to him again.. its been so long and he missed her.

Rayne once again snaps out of her stupor, this time as Silencia screams. With a bit of a blush of her own, she quickly turns around to look the other way. "Sil! I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Muradin has your armor, he needs to readjust it for...." She can't help but look back at Silencia's wings, suddenly unable to finish her statement.

The scream from Sil makes the little owls feather fluff and she flaps her wings and hops on her branch, as she clacks her beak in response. A hoot spills into the air as the wind catches the scents and pheromones and stirs them higher into the trees. The first touch of that scent makes the little owl shake her head. Its a powerful scent, intoxicating in its allure and it is spring after all..

At first, Silencia could only see Kotal and she was immensely happy that he was right there. "Kotal... you're here..." Her smile is warm and bright as he wraps that cloak around her. She reaches out and touches his cheek, as if to check that this isn't a dream. But now that she's awake and covered up, she notices Rayne as well and how she keeps nodding off. Silencia blinks and peeks worriedly at her friend. "Rayne..? Are you alright?" Her wings flutter involuntarily, but it seems that Silencia stopped producing that scent. The sweet smell is still in the air, but it's diminishing, the winds and Silencia's fluttering scattering the flowery scent and making it less strong.

Yes, Kotal Kahn is very much real and next to Silencia. Even the mighty warrior has to take a moment to enjoy the presence of his beloved. He takes his helmet off and tosses it aside, letting it roll on the grassy ground so he can press his turquoise skinned cheek against that of his priestess. His eyes are closed tightly and he doesn't care that is outwardly showing feelings when he is supposed to be an uncaring, brutal warlord. He had missed Silencia and it shows!

"I am here, Silencia." He whispers whilst hugging her close. "I will always be here for you."

Sighing, the warrior stands upright and seems to finally had enough of that flowery scent. As much as it reminds him of Silencia, he now has the real deal and needs it no longer.

Kotal is no god of wind but he can still manipulate the air through brute strength. He swings his arm to the side and produces a wind current so powerful that it pushes the scent away, the trees swaying from side to side due to the strength of the gust of wind.

No, this time it wasn't the pheromones that caused Rayne to trail off. Well, okay, they probably contributed. But more than that, it was that Rayne finally got a good look at those butterfly wings. "Wow... Um... I'm f-fine, yeah! Um, sorry for not thinking to get you a... an apron shirt or something... to wear." She then braces against the force of the wind Kotal creates, her hair flowing behind her. Having closed her eyes during that, she opens one again to look at the pair.

Thankfully only a small waft of that pheromone laced scent reaches the little owls perch and its gone soon after so the owlet isn't utterly besotted. When the wind is whipped up by Kotal, she is nearly knocked from her branch and she sets a loud chattering and beak clatter to tell the big guy off. Damn it, little owl up here...sheesh!

Silencia smiles happily and hugs Kotal back, releasing him when he gets up. She seems a bit confused by his actions. The gust of wind, though not directed at her, makes her hair dance. She pulls the cloak tighter around herself and gets up as well, her legs a bit wobbly, but nothing that would make her fall. She isn't aware of that flowery scent, because she was the source of it. She couldn't even smell it because her nose had gotten accustomed to it in her little cocoon. "What're you doing, Kotal?" She then directs her attention to Rayne and smiles warmly. "Don't worry about it, Rayne. I think I've caused you plenty of worrying during all this... I'm sorry...and thank you..." She does hear Minu's chattering, but isn't sure if that's her little elf friend. She peeks around, trying to locate her. "Minu?" Those wings of hers flutter a bit more before folding down, dragging behind Silencia like a delicate cloak. "Now... how long have I been asleep?"

"Worry not of it, my love." Says Kotal kindly and leans down to sweep Silencia off her feet and carry her bridal style. She's been gone far too long to let her stand on her own feet! Meanwhile, Ermac floats Kotal's helmet up and carries it on his arms.

"Nearly a week, I believe." Answers the Aztec as he glances to the side to see how Rayne is holding up and then up at the trees where little Minu in her owl form is perched. "You had us all very worried." He sighs again and leans down to brush noses with her, allowing himself a moment to lower his guard again.

"My beautiful butterfly, how had I missed you."

Rayne appears to be doing just fine, but averts her eyes as Kotal takes Silencia in her arms. "Eheh, I'm fine, I'm fine, don't worry about it! I just... really, really overreacted, was all!" She coughs into her hand once, nervously. She looks up around the trees, in the meantime, and just barely manages to spot Minu up there! She gives the owl a bit of an uncomfortable look, unsure if she should be here anymore or not.

The little owl has been diligent in her watchfulness. There has been no sight or sound of anything worrisome though thankfully. Like Rayne , Minu too has the feeling that perhaps it time to give Kotal and Silencia some privacy. Its not like most of TASK isn't aware of the feelings she has had for Kotal even as she herself has tried to over come them. She is fond of Sil and considers the fae woman a friend or she wouldn't be out here in the first place. But it looks like the danger has passed. When sees Rayne look up the little owl flaps her wings she hoots and hops to pick up her basket off the branch. She has to clutch it tight and she makes a small tight circle around the clearing then hooootts and heads back toward Twisted and home.

Silencia yelps surprisedly when Kotal picks her up. She chuckles softly though, she should have expected this. His answer makes the girl blink. "A week? That did not feel like a week at all..." Of course it didn't, she had been asleep! She gazes at her beloved as he brushes his nose against hers, her expression a bit worried. "I'm sorry... I didn't know this was going to happen until it started..." Though it is really embarrassing for her, Silencia allows Kotal to show his affections, even though she'd prefer to keep such things private. Rayne's words to reassure her that her friend is okay and she blushes. "Uhm Kotal...? I..I can stand on my own..."

"All that matters is that you are safe and sound back with us." Responds the Aztec soothingly, brushing his forehead against Silencia's gently.

He pauses and looks up when he sees the tiny owl that is Minu fly away. How very peculiar, Kotal thought that she would join them in this grand occasion. All this tension between them really has to come to an end already.

He can't deal with any of that right now though. Kotal simply smirks when Silencia asks to be put down and he shakes his head at her. "Oh no, I am not letting you out of my grasp for quite a while."

Rayne sighs as she remembers the necklace that is still in the pocket of her armor... She pulls it out and walks to the pair. As clearly uncomfortable as she is with the public display of affection, she reaches out with her hand towards Silencia, offering the necklace to her. "We... had to remove this. It was keeping you from being able to... well, whatever it was you did over the past week. Um..." She glances away again. "Muradin has your armor... You might need to see him again to get the measurements right."

Silencia pouts and glares weakly at Kotal as he refuses to let her down. Of course she can't help but smile at her beloved after a moment, because he just looks so happy to have her back! "You're hopeless..." When the uncomfortable Rayne approaches and speaks up, Silencia peeks at her with an apologetic look. When she sees her necklace, Silencia reaches out to touch her neck. Her necklace wasn't there. She actually hadn't noticed that her necklace was gone. "Oh... uhm... thank you Rayne..." She grasps the necklace and quickly slips it on, grasping the stone when she's done. "Ohh... okay but..." Silencia looks like she's about to ask something, but she holds herself back. "N..never mind..." She peeks up at Kotal. "Please bring me home..." Even though she just woke up from a week-long sleep, the girl doesn't look like she can run around all energetically at the moment.

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