2016-04-12 - Kung Fury

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Kung Fury

Summary: Another citizen of DCAM finds his way (back) to Twisted, but is TASK prepared for Superboy?

Who: Dorian, Erron Black Kotal Kahn, Minu, Rayne, Superboy
When: April 12th, 2016
Where: TASK Building

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TASK Building - Southern Courtyard(#4328R)
Here you find yourself in a strange piece of Twisted. Even with the ability to fly you can only reach this location by traveling through the Town Hall to the South. It's an unnaturally quiet courtyard surrounded by dense trees which any attempt at traveling through will quickly be found to be impossible. Bisecting the courtyard is a long walkway with several stone archways built at even intervals which direct you to the only real thing of interest here...

Stretching upwards into the sky is the ridiculously tall TASK building. The building itself is a massive cylindrical tower with stairs starting at it's entrance and winding upwards as far as the eye can see. Every few feet along the outside of the building is a new gateway, a swirling vortex built into an archway with an old, iron-looking gate locked open above it.

Occasionally one of the heavy gates might be pulled down and the gateway locked with a glowing red symbol over the door signifying it's status as part of a lock system only a select few understand.

Gotham City.

Strolling down the street, Superboy manages to yet again blend in with the crowd. It never ceases to amaze him how easily he can do that despite his usual attire. All he's done is take off his blue and red jacket and wear his black one over it. It still has the S-shield on the back of it for crying out loud! But whatever. He's here for himself today. Trying to blend in and be Zen like Superman keeps telling him to be.

Stepping into the train station he stares momentarily at the destinations and sighs. He can fly anywhere in the world, but no. He's going to do this right. Soon as he figures out where he's going. Slipping on a pair of headphones the Kid leans back against a wall - only to find himself falling through the wall and being deposited outside the TASK Building on Twisted. Not that he realizes what it is. This didn't exist last time he was here.

"The heck?" His eyes glance around frantically as his music blares out "o/~A devil is rising... A shadow from the paaaast!" If only he realized the irony of that statement.

Superboy is greeted by the sound of gunfire when he arrives at the Kourtyard. Though no, TASK isn't under attack by dimensional traveling monsters this time. Some of the TASK officers and a few of the Krew are out using the field for target practice. A few of the officers along with Erron Black are busy shooting at beer cans when a boy in bright colored clothing materializes into the center of the field.

"Who the hell??" Mutters one of the officers whilst he looks at Erron Black, the cowboy adjusts his hat with the smoking barrel of his revolver.

"This is a restricted area, fella. What in blazes do you think you're doing here?"

Further back in the Kourtyard, Superboy might notice a looming figure sitting on what appears to be a throne made entirely of skulls.

o/~Alllll the tiiiime, running in and out of tiiime..... Hear the ticking of the countdown clocks toniiiiiiiight....

Superboy blinks at the cowboy suddenly addressing him. "Whoa, Jonah Hex? What is this?" His eyes glance over at the big guy on the... skulls? Nope. Not the old west. Where is he?

Thinking fast on his feet, Superboy puffs up his chest. "I know it's a restricted area! Don't you know who I am?" Sure. This'll work. Right? Assuming anyone can identify that iconic S on his chest.

The answer of course is: No. It won't work. It doesn't even work in his world.

Erron reacts to Superboy's bravado by training his revolver on him, the TASK guards follow his lead and point their assault rifles aiming at that big S on the boy's chest. Looks like they don't recognize it at all!

"I sure as hell don't recognize you, hombre." Answers the cowboy with that ol' fashioned western accent of his. "How about you show me some ID before we fill you full of lead?"

Meanwhile, the hulking shadow sitting at the back stands from the throne of skulls and slowly begins to make his way where the altercation is taking place.

There's a momentary flash of Superboy's ego falling, but it's replaced quickly with a snarky grin as his music suddenly inspires him. o/~Calling from the ashes... The phoenix rise again!! Fighting for life! For good! For aaaaall that we believe iiin!

Reaching into his pocket he pulls out a silver badge that a fast eye might be able to spot 'SPECIAL POLICE' on before he darts it out of sight again. His voice drops a few notches as he suddenly introduces... himself? "I'm a cop. GCPD. The name's Kung Fury." He nods his head as his eyes narrow. "I was struck by lightning and bitten by a cobra - making me a master at all forms of martial arts." His eyes shift around to the crowd. "I'm here on a special reconnaissance mission." The Kid nods his head again. "I have permission to take you down if you get in my way."

The sad part of this whole situation is that Erron and the officers would have been inclined to believe Superboy had he not kept going with his spill. This is Twisted after all and they cannot be completely certain that a branch called Special Police isn't active in Neo-Edo, what with Luna having been less than informative about her supposed city.

For a moment, Erron thinks that the Kid's story is plausible given the current circumstances of this realm.. until he keeps running his mouth and mentions his name and superpowers. Now -that- sounds too ludicrous even for a place like Twisted.

There's suspension of disbelief and then there's get the fuck out of here.

Erron's response to Supes blatant lie?

Shoot his toy badge right out of his hands with surgical precision. Superboy might also feel that the bullets these cowboy is using are magical in nature as well.

"You're special all right." Continues Erron and pulls on the hammer of his revolver. "Let's try that again, with the truth this time."

Superboy lowers his sunglasses, "You want the truth? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!" Pulling his fist back and making a "HWAAAAA" sound, the teen tries to make it look like he's going to punch, pauses well away from Erron, and abusing his Tactile TK, flicks him with a finger. The effect will be like someone pulled the ground out from under him, throwing him back about three feet. "Do not underestimate the powers of a chosen one." He pushes his sunglasses back up and brushes some hair out of his face. "I told you. The name's Kung Fury. Now tell me what's going on here before you have to see some more." Yeah, that's going to go over well.

Erron and the guards hesitate on opening fire when the kid continues to posture. Sure, Erron in particular as a long standing denizen of Outworld has absolutely no qualms about shooting someone in cold blood. However, as he and the rest of the Krew have learned, they aren't in Outworld anymore and that means they have to adapt to standard police protocol.

That means that they can absolutely not fire unless whoever they are trying to arrest resists. Erron previous shot didn't count obviously as that was only a warning shot.

All that said means that Erron and the guards had to hold still until Supes was done with his theatrics. Which, of course, ended with the cowboy getting pushed away and rolling on the ground as he landed. "'The hell?" He rubs his chest angrily. "That felt a lot like getting punched by 'Mac."

"Enough of this!" Finally the figure at the back reveals itself as the statuesque Kotal Kahn arrives into the scene. "Stand down, boy. Or I shall make you regret assaulting my officers."

The Kid turns to the big guy and takes off his sunglasses. "Look, I want some answers and your 'officer' just tried to shoot me. Is that how you handle things here?" Well of course it is, he has a giant chair made of skulls. "Are you the guy in charge here? Don't you know I could have every government agency from the DEA to the JLA here with a single call? Besides I don't think Batman would be very friendly to a guy in a skirt and a bunch of lackeys with some kind of tower of babel thing going on in his back yard." It's completely amazing him that no one has called him Superboy. How long can he keep this up?! He points over at Kotal's throne. "And /that/. Do you have a permit for that? I don't think so."

"As a matter of fact, yes, that is how we handle things here." Kotal cracks his knuckles whilst his eyes begin to glow a golden color, that sure sign that he's getting angry.

"You are the one who is trespassing. /You/ are the one who owes us answers. Not us, boy." Really, the only reason why Kotal hasn't fully on attacked him already is because he's supposed to be police and he's trying to move away from handing out beatings as he did back when he was the Outworld Emperor. "And yes, I am the leader here."

When Superboy continues making threats by calling out organizations and names that completely go over everyone's heads, Kotal's patience simply reaches its limit and shakes his head. "I've had enough of this."

"Put your hands behind your back. You're under arrest." Then he starts walking towards him fully intending to force him into submission if he needs to.

Superboy laughs as he clearly strikes a nerve with the big guy. Who does he think he is? "TRESSPASSING?! Arrest?! Are you kidding me. Look, game's over guys. Pack up the cameras and call it a wrap. Kudos for staying in character but if you guys really think I'm going to back down from a bunch of armed goons hiding out behind a fake wall in the Gotham City Station, you've got another thing..." He hesitates suddenly. Why does that sound oddly familiar? Has he been here be-"OH! I get it, you guys are pulling a Hogwarts. Well, I got news for you Dumbledore. Schools closed." Balling his hands into fists, Superboy gets ready to fight - not that he's the least bit scared of Kotal Kahn.

No answer from Kotal Kahn. It isn't needed in the face of such insolence. If the Aztec stopped and took the time to answer taunts from every impertinent young punk he arrested he would never get anything done.

Actually, scratch that. There /is/ an answer from Kotal Kahn, but it isn't a verbal one.

What he does is that he steps on Superboy's foot. Not to stomp his toe or anything, he just wants him to stay in place for the elbow smash that he swings out and delivers right towards Superboy's throat.

The Emperor wants this guy to shut up as soon as possible and usually the fastest way to ensure that is by collapsing their wind pipe.

Sensing that the chi of his opponent is quite immense, Kotal also makes no attempt to hold back on his godly strength and fully intends to hit Superboy with enough impact to split a small island in half.

A brick wall. That's what Kotal's fist will tell him he's just punched. The Kid doesn't get knocked out. He doesn't get choked out. He takes it. He's straining from a blow to the throat, mind you. But that could always be worse. Ever been elbowed in the throat? "...-ig, mi...stake... pal..." With a force comparable to Kotal's opening, Superboy uppercuts him straight up. His Tactile Telekinesis (get used to this term, you're going to see it a lot) creating a bubble which propels him upwards with the force of the strike. Not a literal bubble, especially as it's gone the second he breaks contact - but this is how one cheats at making a Kryptonian without access to their DNA.

"KUNG FURY RISING DRAGON ATTACK!!!!" Yes. He is this lame. He's also this vain. He turns around and holds a hand to his throat, wobbling slightly. "Wow, that actually hurt." His eyes glance at Kotal's troops and he immediately falls back into character again. "I-I mean. That was nothing for a Kung Fu master such as I." He bows slightly. Now would probably be a good time to leave, SB.

Well, all that ruckus is definitely going to attract attention. Dorian comes running out of the TASK building in time to see a fight between Kotal and... someone he doesn't know start. Also Erron looks like he's in a state, too. Kotal can probably take care of himself for a moment or two. First he heads over to Erron. "Are you all right?" he asks.

About then the odd young man throws a punch. Dorian is in motion near-instantly, and aims a Barrier at Kotal. It's a magical barrier, but it shouldn't last too long, particularly in the face of an attack of that strength. Hopefully it'll blunt the impact /some/, though.

Scuttle but around the TASK office was that Kotal was in the courtyard and there was some sort of dust up and hoopla going on. The little elf is not one to go play spectator but after a while when all she hears is the office equivalent to crickets, the little lady decides that she might as well go see what is going on. Short of some other god, Kotal is bound to be in perfect control of the situation and will likely have it all seen to before she arrives but she has taken to carrying her little wicker basket full of assorted "droppables" with her. As she nears the door to the courtyard, its standing open cause there are no less then a dozen people all crowded around and in the doorway. Since she is a scant four foot tall , she can't even see past most the folks, so she does a quick shift to elf owl and with a hoot she bangs a few heads with her basket as she wings her way through the door and out into the open air.

Just as he suspected! While a normal mortal's head would have gone flying sky high after that elbow smash to the neck, this boy on the other hand stays completely still like an iron post. Kotal hms lightly under his breath. Sure, he could still feel the boy's neck giving in just a little against his attack, as its evidence enough by the boy sounding slightly choked out when he tries to talk, but him ignoring an attack of that magnitude is still impressive.

This could be an exiting match after all!

As Kotal sees that uppercut coming, he debates dodging or parrying as he would normally do. Its been so long since he's had a satisfying bout of Kombat though. Not since Alucard has anyone ever pushed him to his limits in this place. For once, Kotal just wants to FEEL like a warrior again. Because how can he call himself the God of War if there are never battles to be had??

As such, he clenches his jaw and takes that uppercut straight to the jaw.

The impact causes his entire upper body to arch back, it almost looks like he's about to get split in half by how far he bent over. Even the TASK officers recoil in terror. If this guy just punched Kotal Kahn that hard then bullets are gonna have no effect on him!! When Supes taunts them they proceed to fall back as they realize that bullets are -probably- gonna have no effect on this boy.

But Kotal isn't finished. Far from it.

In a sickening display of Kombat endurance, Kotal Kahn straightens up and pops his jaw back in place through sheer teeth clenching. Of course, Dorian's barrier helped mitigate the blow a lot too, which is likely the reason why Kotal was actually able to hold his ground and not go out flying.

There is a vicious blood smeared grin on his face now and his eyes, along with the rest of his body, are glowing gold.

"No. That was your mistake, boy." There comes Kotal's voice and he swings a punch down upon Supe's back as his bowing, aiming to crash his knuckles on the pseudo Kryptonian's dorsal spine and return the favor by also splitting him in half.

Meanwhile, Erron looks up at Dorian whilst still trying to get his bearings. "I'm fine!" He coughs. "Hold on, I'm calling in back up."

KERPUNCH!! Superboy is knocked head-first into the side of the TASK building. We did mention he had his back to him after all. Splintering part of the wall with his impact, the Metropolis Kid peels off the wall comically before collapsing on the ground looking up at the sky with stars in his eyes. One... Two... Three... Well before you can count him out, a sputtering cough comes out of his throat as a hand is raised to the sky. "O-ow! O-Okay." His arm drops as he pushes himself up on one elbow with clear pain on his face. "That... I think I deserved that." His voice comes out weak and strained.

But, being who he is, Kon-El does his best to shake it off - or at least make it look like he does. Which comes easier when he glances at the broken headphones he'd been wearing up to this point dangling out of his jacket pocket. "Dangit!! Those where expensive!!" Yanking the cord out and throwing the offending electronics to the side, Superboy cracks his knuckles as his eyes lock on fiercely to the Outworld warrior. "Alright. I can play it that way too." In a flash of speed almost too fast to avoid Superboy darts into Kotal, his fist going straight for the warrior's stomach.

Between the speed, momentum, and the physical force of the blow (not to mention that patented Tactile TK we keep reminding you of) the punch would be enough to launch someone twice Kotal's size out of the park. But then it's not like he probably isn't expecting another attack...

He should be expecting another attack. Dorian's initial involvement has been to try to help Kotal stay strong against the clearly stronger-and-faster-than-Dorian attacks. And the mage is content to sit on the sidelines here and cheer. Or in this case, abuse the hell out of his barriers. Particularly here, where it looks like Kotal is about to take a pretty hard hit. The impact from the uppercut sounded like an explosion!

So, that in mind... Dorian makes with the Barrier again. Sure, it's a tactic he's already used, but it's still just as valid. Hopefully just as helpful. He looks to Minu-owl and then tilts his head at the strange young man he doesn't know. The indication is that she should try to hit the young man with something nasty.

Catching Dorians look the little elf owl hoots and makes a selection from her basket. She takes hold of what looks like a clear balloon filled with powder, a new little concoction she has been working on in her little lab. She takes wing again just as the teen boy winds up again to take another shot at Kotal. The tiny owl, only just as big as a mans fist, lifts into the air, a good twenty feet up above the two men then folds her wings back and dives toward the teenager. The punch he aims toward Kotal is already mid motion but she swoops in and goes for the face. There is little that can be as disconcerting as something small suddenly going toward your eyes. Just as she gets with in arms reach, talons come forward, the balloon tearing and a fine reddish dust sent toward the boy. The little owl back wings hard then turns to wing herself out of reach if possible.

Kotal walks in his usual half gliding way he moves after smashing Superboy against a concrete wall. By now, he's aware that TASK officers are streaming into the Kourtyard after Erron Black's call for help, Dorian's barrier was particularly noted as is Minu approaching in owl form. That tiny elf really has some serious bravery to dash in headlong into a battle between gods, the Aztec has to give the librarian credit.

If Kotal Kahn were like any other previous Emperor of Outworld, i.e. Onaga or Shao Kahn, he'd probably be kicking his own minions out of the fight here. Calling them out that Superboy was his to fight and his alone, wanting to hog all the glory.

Kotal is unlike any previous Outworld emperor. He is someone that fully understands the power of teamwork. If this were a sanctioned duel then perhaps he'd ask everyone not to help.

This is no duel, this is part of the job and he fully intends to have this impudent whelp get dog piled by TASK officers just like any other petty criminal would.

As such, Kotal doesn't even bother coming up with a counter attack. All he really needs to do is fight defensively and it'll be a matter of time before this boy is taken down.

When Superboy surges into an attack, Kotal goes into full defense move and stands sideways, curling his left arm up to take the massive blow to his bicep.

Minimizing the damage of the attack, rather than being sent flying out of the park, the Aztec's skids backwards as he digs his heels on the ground until he finally comes to a stop. And again, thanks to Dorian's barrier it looks like he barely felt that punch. Let's just say that Kotal has a monstrous amount of health, so doubling it is making that already godlike defense even better.

The war god's eyes flash with recognition when he recognizes the tiny owl darting towards Superboy's eyes. That is a time to strike if there was ever any.

The split second where Minu is pulling back from delivering her cargo, Kotal clears the mile and a half of distance where Superboy's punch took him, barreling on top of the boy once more.

Since Minu is making sure to keep Superboy's face distracted, Kotal instead goes low and swings a roundhouse kick to the side of the boy's knee, aiming to cripple his mobility by crashing his sheen on the Kryptionian's joint.

Superboy's mind is slow to the chaotic events going on. He has to feel his punch connect with Kotal as his vision goes blind with whatever the elf has thrown at him. He staggers a moment, letting his opponent have time to do his worst. A loud crack and a scream of pain cries out of him as he doubles down to the ground. Except, he doesn't just go down. He goes down with his fist. The force cracking the ground and leaving a small crater from the force of the impact. Wiping his eyes on the back if his sleeve the clone spreads his fingers and suddenly the ground around him erupts into chunks of dirt and rich which explode into the air around him. "WHAT THE HELL IS WITH YOU PEOPLE?!?!" Falling to his side, the Kid grabs his knee as he... lifts into the air? Ignoring the laws of physics, Superboy hovers before then a moment, shaking his head. "Alright!! FINE!!! The gloves are coming off!!" ... Does that mean he was holding back?

"...Damnit damnit damnit damnit damnit damnit DAMNIT!" The not-so distinctive feminine voice can be heard screaming as its owner comes in literally running from the direction of Twisted Street.  While her voice isn't very distinctive, her hair most certainly is, a shock of rainbow that instantly identifies her as Rayne as she comes into view.  "Com malfuction!" she yells as she skids to a halt, just in time to see Kotal getting knocked flying past her.  "What the fu-"  But no, she watches him fly right back at the...  teenager.  She seems to be having trouble comprehending this for a moment, but at least she's listening.  "Wait, what?"  She glances over at Dorian and asks, "What's going on?!"

"I'm not actually sure," Dorian replies, glancing back at Rayne.  "When I arrived, the young gentleman who is currently floating was already fighting Kotal.  I can hope this is a misunderstanding.  If we can subdue him, we can find out.  Though given who he's trading blows with, I think perhaps the 'subduing' is best left to Kotal Kahn."  Dorian's staying to the side of the battle, probably understandably so.  Dorian might be one hell of a mage, and a pretty damn tough human to boot, but he's human.  The two titans fighting clearly are not.

The little elf owl had just done her wing over when Kotals connects with the teen again. The boys hard landing and his forceful hit on the ground sends clumps up earth upward. One clod of soil smacking the little owl in the back and sending her into a bit of an aerial tumble which she fights to come out of, but ends up hitting the ground and rolling to the edge of the clearing. As she rolls she shifts, the owl turning elf and bumping head over tush till she comes to a stop . Shaking her head she doesn't bother to look back only yells loudly "Light him up! Some one hit him with fire, high heat, sun burst.something NOW!" She wasn't really trying to get the dust in the boys eyes, just get the fine powder on him, where ever it would stick. And being fine no doubt it would have stuck in a few places. It was thermite power and once brought to the right heat, it would burn bright and VERY hot.

Kotal Kahn is not impressed. It takes more than showing an ability to fly to surprise a god. Particularly so because Superboy spent a great amount of energy punching the ground. A grand display of strength sure, though its not the ground that is attacking him right now, its the forces of TASK! Swinging blindly like that is just a petty display of lack of discipline. This boy may be strong but by throwing that little tantrum he has assured Kotal Kahn that he is indeed just that. A boy

Strong and infantile. This kid is a lot like Flandre in a sense.

The Aztec doesn't bother with a response to his next threat. Again, this isn't a duel, he's subduing an intruder, not toying with him! With nary a word, Kotal surges once again into the attack whilst he heeds Minu's call. He calls a searing disc of flame to his hand and flings it upwards like a frisbee up at the flying Superboy, aiming to ignite the dust that Minu placed all over him.

This has gotten far out of control, and keeps getting farther. For the record, he only punched the ground once. Managing to block the first assault by raising his arms over his face does little to stop the red powder from igniting around him, forcing him to shed his jacket off with another scream. It does little good as the Fire continues to spread and Kotal's attack on top of the rest shove him back into the task building once more, further spreading the damage done to the building. Placing a hand on the wall for only a moment causes the broken chunks of wall to explode outwards as the ground had done moments before. These chunks ranging from the size of a fist to the hulk of a human body leaving a gaping hole in the side of the structure and revealing nothing but swirling nightmarish chaos within. This isn't Superboy's doing, this is Diablo's for the abomination he's created where the TASK building stands. Jerking backwards, Superboy rockets into the sky vanishing in a blip. But don't worry, he's not running away. He's killing two birds with one stone as the booming sound of the sound barrier being broken brings him and his fist coming straight at Kotal. Scary as it might be to watch, this is also probably the last of hood strength for a while. But we'll have to see what happens next...

Rayne hadn't even begun to form a fire attack by the time Kotal had already dealt his own firey blow.  No, she's standing dumbfounded by the sheer amount of power being thrown in this fight.  She looks up with her jaw agape as the teenager jumps well into the sky.

Then she looks to the damaged section of the building's wall in horror.  "We've got to stop this fight!   They're gonna tear a hole in reality at this rate!"  She barely sees Superboy coming down again, not even with enough time to hold up her hands to guard against the debris that's sure to be kicked up by the shockwave, let alone the impact.

Light him up?  Dorian can do that.  Though, Superboy's not on the ground, so his Immolate spell isn't going to cut it.  Besides that, Kotal has most of the fire attacks handled.  Though the gaping hole in the side of the building is something else.  Dorian winces at that.  That will need repair later.  He nods to Rayne's words.  "Or transport them elsewhere," he suggests.  If the fight doesn't stop, that might be an option they'll need to take.

When Superboy comes hurtling at Kotal, he'll find something... not directly in his way, but it's liable to be something he doesn't want to deal with.  Fire.  Lots of it.  Dorian uses his Fire Wall spell in front of Kotal.  It's far enough back that it won't directly burn him, though Kotal might be able to feel the heat from it.  With luck, Dorian will make it so that Superboy has to fly right through it to get to Kotal Kahn.

The little elf is just picking herself up off the ground as Superboy is driven again into the wall. She ducks and squeaks. She might be bold but she isn't stupid and she know full well she is little and breakable. When she spots that swirling nightmare chaos exposed with the broken building and Raynes voice finds her ears the little elf lifts her own voice "All non essential personnel clear the area and I mean NOW Damn it! Get GONE. Black,..you take command and get those not fighting , out of the building and away!" Minu isn't sure what is going on behind those walls but she is fairly certain the fewer folks in the line of danger the better. When Dorian sets his fire spell, Minu looks up and golden eyes go wide as she sees SuperBoy coming in like a rocket. Oh hell no! She is way to small to be caught in the middle of THAT. Shifting fast, from elf to owl, she takes to wing. Flapping hard to gain the trees she gets to her basket and looks for something to help.

Man, the TASK building is getting really messed up in this fight.

Those nanobots are gonna have a lot of work to do after this.

There's also that swirling chaos that Superboy unleashed by crashing through several walls of the TASK building. That needs to get fixed ASAP! "Someone get Yoiko on the line!" Shouts Kotal. He has no real idea if Yoiko can fix or knows of a way of containing the Astral Plane but she's the only engineer that the Aztec knows. Besides, who else is he going to ask for help? Gegoshi? Diablo?? Please..

Unfortunately, Kotal knows he has no time to deal with all the holes poked on reality. He looks up when Superboy takes to the skies and tunes to his chi to see where he is. Its strange that whenever Kotal is fighting he always seems to keep his arms down, like he's totally relaxed and at ease.

That's so he can be fluid in his movements and react at a moment's notice. Like he does when Superboy comes crashing on him with all the strength and speed of a meteor.

Through the wall of flame created by Dorian, Kotal catches the fist from the Kryptonian, negating that first impact quite handedly. Sadly, he has no real way of cushioning the sheer velocity of such an attack and now he totally gets propelled backwards and into the city proper. Smashing through several trees, buildings and ending somewhere inside the Usual Restaurant. "Hrg!" He collapses on his back with a bunch of debris falling on top of him. He's fine, really, but it's gonna take him a moment to get back up, so he ends up calling everyone first through the radio.

Meanwhile, Erron heeds Minu's command and nods. "Right." He motions to the other TASK officers that are still sticking around, who aren't Rayne and Dorian. "Fall back and regroup! We need to get everyone out!"

"You guys hold on!" Says the retreating cowboy to the mage and the rainbow haired girl. "D'vorah and the others should be here soon!" Hopefully the puppies have gotten to a safe place.

[TASK] Kotal Kahn says, "Hrg. I'm fine."
[TASK] Dorian says, "Where are you?"
[TASK] Kotal Kahn says, "I think I landed in the UR."
[TASK] Kotal Kahn says, "Our foe grows weary. I can feel his energy diminishing. Rayne, Dorian, contain him until I get back."
[TASK] Dorian says, "Fasta vass... all the way to the city?" He sounds shocked. "That's what I was thinking, yes. Someone this strong can't be allowed to roam the city in this state."
[TASK] Kotal Kahn says, "Agreed, Dorian. Do not fully engage him though. He is far too strong."
[TASK] Kotal Kahn says, "Keep him within the TASK building if you can. I shall be there momentarily."
[TASK] Dorian wryly. "No worries there, my good man."
[TASK] Dorian says, "I've grown rather fond of my internal organs, I like the order they're in now. Also not mashed to a fine pulp, that's another thing."

A wall of flames? "Are you kidding me?" That's about all that goes through his mind as his punch his Kotal and send him flying. That's good right? Superboy on fire again is not. Rolling and screaming profanities, doubly so with his now broken leg, the Kid is not having a good day. Know what? Fuck it. He finally just gives up and lays there holding his leg on the spot where he struck Kotal and whiiiiines. "I was just trying to have a day off!! I didn't want to fight anyone!! I didn't go around picking a fight! Sure, pretending to be Kung Fury was stupid - but I didn't think it would go this far!" It takes him a moment to realize he's probably been heard and that just makes him drop and sigh. With another wince of pain of course. "If I wave a white flag and offer to fix the damages can we have a do over?"

Rayne once again watches agast at the sheer power involved in the fight as Kotal goes flying from the impact.  She slowly turns to look at the teenager.  There's a lot of fear in her espression as she looks at him, but she still walks towards him, rather than away.  As the teenager starts whining, the fear starts to leave her face, now being replaced with more confidence.  He doesn't want to fight anymore?  That means he's a lot less likely to try to punch her through a building.  She's a lot less likely to just shrug something like that off than Kotal.  She's clearly armed with two swords, but they haven't been pulled from their sheathes yet.  Instead, her empty hands are out to her sides as she steps slowly towards the teenage boy, also hoping that perhaps the fact that she doesn't look much older than him makes her look less a threat, as well.  "All right.  We can try talking instead of violence.  I know Kotal can be a bit quick to punch sometimes, but not everyone here is like that."  She's assuming the teenager is a new arrival to Twisted...  After all, she can't imagine someone with this level of power here all along without her having heard of him, right?  She nods at his last words.  "Let's have that do-over.  One without the fighting, this time?"

Dorian nods to Erron's words.  And then he looks to Rayne.  She'd mentioned a radio malfunction.  "Kotal just called in-- he's fine, but he landed in the Usual Restaurant.  It may take him some time to get back."  Tilting his head to Superboy, he says to Rayne, "We need to stop him from getting into the city."  This is going to be tricky, though, without having to physically engage the target.  And as he mentioned on the radio, Dorian has grown rather fond of not having his internal organs in a pulpy state.

Thankfully Superboy seems to have had enough of being burned, punched, having things dropped on him, and the like.  Which is probably just as good for Superboy as it is for everyone else.  Particularly because Dorian had been just about to send out a particularly strong bolt of lightning, to try to paralyze the teen.  With 'Kung Fury' raising the white flag in such an incredibly childish way, Dorian sighs. But at least he changes tactics, so there will be no paralyzing zap.

Instead, as Rayne approaches, Dorian channels the lightning into a smoky, crackling orb that he casts into the air above Superboy.  It doesn't actually do anything to him, surprisingly.  But there will be a clear area around Superboy marked out in a circle with an electric blue current.  As long as he sits still, he will remain unharmed.  But if he tries to cross over that circle, to leave the marked-out area? He's going to get one hell of a shock.

Dorian nods to Rayne's words.  "Quite right," he agrees.  "Some of us like our current bodily arrangement, and would rather skip the chance of getting all our bones out of order."  He leans casually on that serpent/dragon-headed staff.  "Right then.  Who are you, and how did you get here?"  He has a posh-sounding voice that has an accent that is reminiscent of a British accent.  But his coloration is that of someone from the Indian area of the Asiatic side.  He hasn't stashed the staff yet, but he's not wielding it to hit or cast.

And just as Rayne suspected, shrug it off Kotal does.

Only a few seconds after getting punched clear into the other side of the city, the light of the sun begins to glow a bit brighter as it often does when Kotal is approaching through the sky.

He doesn't bother trying to make a quiet landing this time. The sun shines upon the Aztec God's designated landing area and he comes crashing down like an artillery shell after making a single jump from the UR back to the TASK building.

He dusts himself as he walks/glides his way back to where Superboy is currently surrounded by his cohorts and he narrows his eyes at the scene. "Is he contained?" His annoyed tone implies he's ready for Round 2 if he's' not.

Superboy tilts his head at Kotal's words. "Pffft. Contained? Why I oughta..." The Kid lets out a sigh as he realizes that attitude got him into this mess. "If the S on what's left of my suit here is any indication, the name's Superboy." He sits up, assuming he can with the electric current hovering around. "Clone of one of Earth's mightiest heroes?" He stares at the blank looks he's sure to be getting. "Superman?? I have ACTION FIGURES!" He lets out a sigh. "What kind of backward, hillbilly..." He trails off as he considers his words again.

"Alright, so look. I'm one of the good guys. I was in Gotham City, fell through a portal or something and ended up here at Hogwart's School for Gifted Aztecs." He reaches for his jacket and realizes the remains of it are smoldering on the other side of what's left of the courtyard. "Next thing I know a bunch of armed goons are taking pot shots and the long lost son of Jonah Hex is harassing me about trespassing." He lets out a brief sigh, "Clearly you guys don't watch TV enough." That's his explanation for the whole Kung Fury deal. Go look it up.

Rayne sighs, shaking her head. "Right... new arrival. Just what I thought." She glances up at Kotal. "Looks like this was all a giant misunderstanding..." She then gives Superboy a sidelong glance. "...with perhaps a bit of immaturity thrown in..." She then looks back at Kotal. Wait, who was she implying is being immature? "Looks like this might be more my jusristiction than... Wait, Gotham?"

Dorian seems relieved when Kotal appears. He nods to the question. "As well as I can." Kotal will probably see the perimeter of lightning around Superboy. "Are you all right?" he asks Kotal. He doesn't see any terribly serious injuries, but trying to see weakness in Kotal Kahn is like trying to find the weakness in a wild jaguar!

Superboy is indeed getting a blank stare. Not just at his name, but something else from Superboy's spiel. "...'Earth'?" Dorian crosses his arms over his middle, putting a hand to his chin in thought. "Hmm... I've seen that name in books before." Particularly when he was learning about space from the books at Ray's. It spoke of 'Earth' as the name of their world. "So you're from 'Earth'?" Well, that might explain Dorian not knowing who 'Earth's Greatest Hero' is, at least.

Rayne speaks up, and Dorian smirks a bit at her mention of immaturity. Though when she mentions Gotham, he looks to her. "...I remember reading that name, too." And it sounds like he didn't read it in something good! Of course he read the past reports; it's important to know what's been going on before one got there, after all.

Up to this point the little elf had sat high up in the tree on the lip of her basket, waiting to see if more fire power was needed. Evidently though the super teen decided he'd had enough and was calling for a chance to make nice, though is tone is certainly lacking a certain contrition. As the boy talks there are several places in his spiel that get the little elf owls attention. With a small hoot the little elf takes to the air again and wings toward where the group is standing. On silent wings she swoops in and then back wings hard and shifts. The momentum of her flight carries her forward so that the little elf lands at a quick walk. "I am so glad to see your done throwing your juvenile tantrums, vandalizing city property and assaulting the police force of this realm. If you are what serves as a hero, I would hate to see the villains." The little lady is mussed from her earlier tumble but even with her hair escaping its tight bun, the grass stain on her button down white shirt and the tear in he knee length plaid skirt, she looks for all the world like a pissed off miniature librarian, right down to the gold rimmed glasses. Her lips purse and she wrinkles her nose as she looks the super boy up and down then looks over at her team. "I recall the realm of Earth from my time in the Grand Archives. A mess little realm. As to the name Gotham, it is the place that gave us civil gems like The Joker and Harley Quin. Gotham is an Earth city known for its crime and social deviance."

Sure enough, the moment Superboy appears even remotely eager to continue, Kotal responds in kind by taking a step forward and cracking his knuckles, golden eyes glowing ever so brightly.

Fortunately for all present Superboy has had a moment of clarity after that extensive bout against the TASK forces and reconsiders continuing the pointless fight. Kotal, having no reason to fight Superboy if he's not causing trouble, also relents.

"I am fine." He responds to Dorian when he worriedly asks if he's okay, ignoring whatever bruises he might have for now in preference of keeping a watchful eye over this superpowered young boy. It's not every day that Kotal gets to fight someone as powerful as this pseudo Kryptonian.

Superman he says? "Never heard of him." (MK vs DC is not cannon after all!) Though he does recognize Gotham city. "You are from the place where the Joker and Harley Quinn hail from??" Now this is interesting news. Perhaps he can finally find where that insolent clown is and put an end to him once and for all.

As he ponders these things out loud, Kotal watches that incriminating stare Rayne is giving and he frowns. "Surely you do not mean me." She wasn't there at the beginning to see it was Superboy who started it!

He prefers Minu's approach as this boy does need a proper chastising! He nods when Minu wags the proverbial finger at the young man, perhaps just a little too glad that he's not the one getting an earful for a change. Minu then confirms Kotal's fears that Superboy is from the same city as those villains and he crosses his arms. "So.. more of that realm have come to Twisted. How very distressing."

As expected, Superboy's anger rises as people start giving him grief for something he's convinced wasn't his fault (save for maybe that one thing) but all of that is out the window the moment someone finally says the name "TWISTED?!? Like, the Twisted Street? The Usual Restaurant?!" He perks up and jumps to his-"OW!!" There goes his leg again aaaand zaaap. More flailing and down he goes in a smoldering heap again. "Owwowowowowowowow."

It takes him a moment before he calms down enough to use his brain meats again. " Alright. I'm on Twisted. That means the portal is open again and I have a way ba-ck.... Joker and Harley?" He groans and collapses backwards onto the ground again. "Of course those lunatics would be here too. No wonder the world's, " air quotes, "greatest" end quotes, "detective is all butt-hurt lately. I thought he was just mad that Robin was hanging out with Impulse and me."

Rayne groans slightly. "Damnit, I thought I recognized the name..." She sighs, shaking her head, then looks back up to Superboy again. "Well, at any rate... I get the feeling I'm gonna have some paperwork to file... especially concerning the Academy." She doesn't seem to acknoledge Kotal's protest.... again, it's hard to tell if that's because he has nothing to worry about... or everything to worry about. Either way, she sighs and shakes her head as she starts making her way into the building. "When you're done with the interrogation, send him down my way, could you? I wanna get things squared away properly." She then pauses, and turns around. "Wait... You've heard of this place?" This is something new to her. "How? what? You've been here and gone back? Portal?" She then looks up at the portals along the outside of the tower, trying to see if there are any new ones. No, she just doesn't know them well enough to really tell at a glance. "Urrrg..."

Dorian nods to Minu's words. "That's what I'd read about it, yes," he confirms. "Not altogether different from some places in the Tevinter Imperium, actually." As for Joker and Harley? "The former blew up our former place of employment. The latter I remember reading a report about, a robbery, was it? With some sort of wild dogs?"

Kotal's assurance that he's uninjured gets a relieved smile. Though the mention of 'more of their kind' regarding Superboy gets a wry smirk. "A bit harsh, don't you think? He's merely a very strong young man. I'm sure he meant no harm. Joker and Harley are openly deranged, if what I've read of them is any indication." Hey look, someone's stepping up to bat for Superboy!

Though Dorian blinks in surprise when the young man seems to know 'Twisted'. "You've been here before? And then returned?" he asks. Rayne's mention of the portals gets a look. "The portals inside the tower. Maybe one of them leads to his world. I've not gone through any of them... but I just might, now."

Though he does realize something... Superboy is hurt. "Rayne, would you please get the infirmary ready? I believe the young man's leg is broken." Given he can't seem to stand up on it, that's a safe thing to assume. In the meantime, Dorian dismisses the orb, and the perimeter of electricity disappears. He makes to approach Superboy, offering a hand up. Hopefully he's not going to regret doing that.

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