2016-04-12 - Unicorns Are Magic!

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Unicorns Are Magic!

Summary: Kazuki meets an actual unicorn! Sort of.

Who: Sunset, Kazuki
When: April 12, 2016
Where: The Usual Restaurant


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Well that was ... a thing that had happened. First new arrival that Sunset had seen that was actually happy about the circumstances of being 'stuck'. But it sounded like he had gotten away from something really nasty. And ran off before they could ask any more questions. Ah well, they'll probably get more time to talk when he comes by the Center later.

Over all, probably the less troublesome arrival scenerio anyone has had in a long time.

But after all that Sunset had retreated to the usual table the group would occupy, though with everyone else wandering off to do their things it was only her now.

The door opens again, admitting a tall, lanky person with reddish brown hair and purple eyes. It's difficult to tell the gender at first glance, but the shirt is snug enough and the stance is strong enough to tell after a moment. That's a male. Probably.

He enters the Usual, pausing to look around. His eyes fall on Sunset and he pauses again. He hasn't seen her before, and he's still getting used to the weirdness of the place. The hair color is what attracted his attention initially. He's only rarely seen hair like that. He offers her a smile and a wave.

Sunset flicks on her smartphone to see if there's anything new of interest drifting around Twisted's media network, but the blogsphere appears quiet now. She shrugs and puts the device away, catching a glimpse of the wave when she looks up again. Politely she waves back, now that her nerves have calmed from the previous encounter again. "Hello there."

"Hey there," the man replies. He approaches the table. "Sorry for staring. I'm kinna new here, and your hair is fascinating." He has a baritone voice, and there's no sign that he might be flirting or being facetious. He stands near the table with his weight tilted to the side slightly, his thumbs inserted in his pockets and hands hanging from them.

Sunset brushes her fingers through her bangs at the mention of her hair. "Heh, thanks." It is about the only thing about her that could be regarded as unusual, as far as appearances go. "Rest assured, it's natural." The combination of colors isn't a dye job. "I don't think I've seen you around here before."

The lanky fellow seems surprised at the mention that her hair is natural. He slides into a chair at her side-- notably, not sitting across from her, for what that implies-- and asks, "It isn't? That's pretty amazing." As for not seeing him around before? He nods. "I just got here a few days ago. Been adjusting reasonably well. Oh! Right." He offers a handshake. "Kazuki Wakahisa. Pleased to meet you."

Sunset ahs, another newcomer, that's why she hasn't seen him before. "It's a bit to take in at first, but we've all been at that point. Some more times than others." She turns in her spot a bit to grip his hand with her own. "Sunset Shimmer."

Kazuki nods, with a smile as she returns his handshake. When he pulls his hand back, he asks, "Which name do you go by?" He doesn't want to insult her, after all. As for the taking in of things? He nods once more. "I've been taking it slow as I could, trying to keep an open mind and all. I mean... I don't even know how I got here."

Sunset blinks a couple of times before she realizes why he's asking. Oh, right, some worlds switch first and last name around. As if last names weren't confusing enough for her at first as it was. "Oh, technically where I'm originally from it's all one name. We didn't specifically have 'surnames' as it were... But just Sunset is fine. Most people here call me by just that."

Kazuki blinks. "I hope you have a way to keep track of that," he observes. "It'd be weird to go to school with someone with the exact same name as you." He smirks. "Thankfully my last name was weird enough that nobody else in my class had it. I can't think of anyone wouldn't take being confused for me as an insult." He snickers.

Sunset yeeeahs, chuckling softly. "Duplicate full names aren't really a thing that came up there."

"Small population? Or you just have things catalogued that well?" Kazuki inquires. He seems interested in it, and not out of wanting to hassle her about it or poke fun. He seems genuinely curious about where she's from.

Sunset shrugs her shoulders a little. "Just very rarely that anyone used the same combination of words. And names themselves tend to be very descriptive of an individual." A pause. Then a bit of a smile as she flicks her fingers through her hair. "Very distinct appearances help too."

"Huh." Kazuki seems confused by that. "That's hard to do, to have a population that in-tune with itself," he comments. A chuckle. "Humans can't even manage to agree on the simplest things, so that's really impressive to me."

Sunset mmhmms softly as she leans back in her chair. "Yeah... well, technically I'm not originally human, so that probably makes a difference." She pauses and glances sidelong at Kazuki to see how he takes that before she goes on.

Kazuki blinks at that. But he doesn't freak out. "I guess you're not a Meltran," he guesses, with a smirk. "You're not the size of two of me, nor do you visibly have enough muscle tone enough to crush my head like a paper cup." A chuckle.

"Lemme put it this way," Sunset replied as she pulled out her phone again. "Twisted wasn't the first time I ended up crossing dimensions. The first time was to a human world and I've mainly stayed in that form because it's more suitable for here." Or so that's how the theory goes. That and she's just gotten that comfortable with being human. "But I'm really..."

She holds up the phone after selecting a picture taken for the brief time she was shifted back to her original form, and Kazuki is looking at a light orange unicorn with the same two-tone hair style.

"It was my first time crossing dimensions," Kazuki replied. "I think the ship's fold booster hiccuped or something." Though he blinks at the picture she shows him. "You're... a unicorn?" He looks at her, as if confused... and then snickers. Something about this is funny. "That is amazing. You might have found the right one, but I'm not a girl. Look just as good in a dress, though."

"And we had pegasus ponies, and normal ponies, and the rulers were--" Sunset stops in her recollection at that last remark. Blinks a couple of times. "Found the right what now?" Clearly somehow this joke has not come up before. (because that would be a terrible influence for impressionable young girls most likely)

Kazuki shakes his head, still chuckling. "No, no... it was a terrible joke on my part, and I'm ashamed of myself for making it," he says, though his tone is amused. "Anyway... all of your people were different kinds of horses?" he asks. "How did you end up human? Were you cursed?" he can't think that being human is anything but a curse.

Sunset uhs. "Not exaaactly," she replies, putting the phone away now that the need of the picture was done. "Near as I can tell part of the magic of the portal that I went from Equestria to the human world through was making one better fit in with the other world. And since I came here from there instead of from Equestria, I stayed in this form. Because it fits in better." Let's face it, there were anthros and funny cartoon animals but Twisted wasn't really made for nonhumanoid animal people. "But I wouldn't call it a curse. I spent enough time in the human world that I'm pretty comfortable with it."

Kazuki nods. "That makes sense," he acknowledges. "So not exactly a curse, but a definite change. Do you still have that form available? I'm not asking you to change into it no. Just curious as to whether you can still use it or not. Since I guess it'd be faster to run in that form."

Sunset shakes her head. "I haven't found anything that lets me fully return to that form. But I do have a special 'Pony Up' form that lets me access some of my magic if I need to defend myself or others." It actually works better when it's the latter but we won't go into that specific detail.

"Magic too? Well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised," Kazuki observes. "Unicorns are magic, after all." He shakes his head. "Nothin' nearly as cool as magic where I'm from."

"But I'm sure your world has its own cool things. Every world seems to have something." That said Sunset scoots her chair out from the table. "Maybe next time you can tell me about yours, but I should really get home before I just collapse here for the night." She laughs a little awkwardly, like it wouldn't be the first time its happened.

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