2016-04-13 - A Desire to Fly

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A Desire to Fly

Summary: Minu talks to Rayne about being a phoenix and Rayne's desire to be able to transform without worrying about the whole naked part.

Who: Minu, Rayne
When: April 14th, 2016
Where: Integra Arms - Rooftop


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Up on the rooftop of the Integra Arms, Rayne is sitting on the very ledge, her legs dangling off the side of the building as she looks out over the city. Sure, she can get a better view from the rooftop of TASK HQ, but here tends to be more... private. Sometimes Rayne doesn't want to have the constant hustle and bustle of the tower, and sometimes she wants to be away from all those portals, as well... While she won't tell it to anyone, they all make her nervous for reasons she can't quite explain.

On silent wings the little owl zings from a window in the Task building down a few floors and across the street to circle around the apartment. Spying Rayne the little owl hoots brightly and back wings with care to land and instantly shift to her native elf form. The little lady is in a pair of snug capri pants and a ruffled blouse. Her long hair loose around her shoulders. "Hey Rayne. How are you? I shouldn't be surprised to find you up here I guess. Your phoenix talking to you?"

Rayne doesn't seem to notice Minu hooting, but the transformation does get her attention. "Minu? Hey, how're you doing? Oh, I'm just... phoenix talking to me?" She blinks at that, then looks down at the ground below. "I guess... maybe? This was the place I first transformed... well, the first place I did here in Twisted, anyway." She shrugs, still looking at the ground. "You have no idea how jealous I am of you, though... being able to transform so freely like that?"

The little elf moves a little closer and tilts her head , slightly to the side then up to find the other woman's eyes. A tiny frown furrows her brow "I am sorry Rayne, I am not well versed in my Phoenix lore. Why is it not easy for you to shift forms? If its part of you, I would think it would be like breathing."

Rayne laughs shaking her head. "The actual transformation isn't the problem. It's the fact that it doesn't take my clothes with it. You can get dressed, come up here, transform, fly off to the tower, be an elf again, and you're still dressed. If I tried that, I'd be up here, transform, have to climb my way out of human clothes as a bird, gather up the clothes, fly over, drag my clothes, which are not easy to carry in talons, into the locker room, and get dressed all over again in there." She shakes her head again. "That's why I've not really taken to bird form much."

Minu frowns thoughtfully "oh I see. Hmm that is a conundrum. Thank the Scribe that all the Keepers were gifted with the ability to shift our clothes as well. I guess he didn't want us getting trapped in some other realm naked, for which I am grateful. Are your people able to work magic Rayne, I know you have innate shifting ability bit I don't think that is magical but more natural, am I right?"

Rayne nods, kicking her legs against the side of the building. "Yeah. It's not the same as my magic. I had to train for a year and a half to know the few spells I can cast... But the phoenix stuff? That all came naturally to me after the first time I died. Like my dad said, it's a part of who we are, it's what makes us phoenixes. Of course, he has that crystal thing that can make him clothes..." She grumbles a bit at that.

Minu listens and nods to the other womans words "a crystal thing. So, what you need is a spell set in some talisman, so that you can simply trigger it and be clothed. If of course you can't learn a clothing spell yourself, which I would assume you have already looked into. I don't know any spells like that myself but...have you talked to Dorian about? He's a very skilled mage."

Rayne says, "I'd prefer some sort of talisman... Believe me, I've put a lot of thought into what I'd like to have. Like, something that would shift into a ring around my leg in bird form, an anklet in human form, that just... stores clothes when I turn into a bird, places them back on me when I turn human again." She sighs and leans back, lifting a leg to put her hands around the knee. "Yeah, I really do need to start actually talking to the various mages... Casdy said she'd make something to store items for me, like my weapons or something, but I think she's really putting all her effort into her... sanctum thing." She frowns, looking down to her right hand. "Damnit, I can never remember what it's called. Zaria or something?"

The little elf scoots onto the roofs edge and settles in to sit beside the rainbow haired woman. "I haven't really spent any time with Casdy. How ever. I lay odds Dorian could do it. You might need to supply the artifact to be enchanted though. If I recall, gold tends to work well as an enchantable base as well as certain other stones and metals. Usually the higher the value , the better the enchantment holds. If what I read is so. You might have that armor smith, whats his name, Murray? Or something, I haven't seen it in print so it hasn't stuck with me, his name I mean. Any way, he might be able to make a wrist band that Dorian then could enchant?"

Rayne says, "Hrrrm..." She ponders this for a few moments. "I'd have to offer him something in return, though... The armor came with enhanced communication equipment... and I think we made off the better for that deal, if you ask me... But I'm not sure what else I'd have to offer him... though it'd be an easy enough item for him to craft, I'm sure, gold or platinum would be the problem. I'm... I've finally got enough saved up that I think I can get myself that motorcycle I've been wanting... But I might put that off if it means I can do this..." She frowns, really debating this in her mind. She really has been wanting something mechanical she could tweek. It's been too long since she's gotten her hands dirty, so to speak."

Minu brushes some small bit of dust from her pants. "I wonder what else they might want for the item crafted. It is a family now after all. I heard that the fellows wife is pregnant. You know between now and then you could pick out some small and easily crushed clothing items, maybe a leotard or something and roll it down and tie it with a strip of leather that you can slip knot onto your ankle something that lessens and tightens as you shift forms?"

Rayne says, "Yeesh. You want me to be wearing clothes in bird form? I'd have to be fireproof as heck, because I tend to get pretty damn hot when I'm like that...." She then frowns. "Damn. So the charm needs to be incredibly heat-resistant, too. I'd not thought of that until just now... So gold is out. Probably Iron... Ugh, I'm gonna have to spring for platinum or titanium, aren't I?" She sighs. "This is gonna be worse than I thought."

The little lady frowns hard , making a little grumble under her breath. "well I wasn't expecting you to wear the clothes but, yes I did forget the flaming aspect that would burn the tie on your ankle. Well damn it. You know, have you thought about a diamond? So, this might sound yucky but, if you had a diamond enchanted and then had one of the medical staff...set it under your skin? Its permanently part of you."

Rayne shakes her head. "Then if I get killed, it'd have be done again. It sounds like a really unpleasant thing... But I should be good with a platinum band, if it's enchanted to shrink to fit my bird ankle as well." She then tilts her head. "At least, I assume platinum is better for magic than titanium. Hard to say. Actually, I've never really measured the temperature of it... It's not an easy thing to check on, and then throw in the fact that I basically have to strip first and it makes it even more awkward for someone to help." She laughs. "I wish I knew how the old tribe handled the issue. My dad said he'd forgotten what they did. If anything."

Minu nods her head a little "I have read about special metal blends, only someone who works metal would know but magical metal blends exist and maybe Murry could make something better for you then platinum, or what about heat resistant ceramic, that would be light weight and durable. Oh, fire resistant fabric, it exists ummm like the stuff fire suits are made of?"

Rayne says, "Well, I think the best thing to do for a first step is to ask around at the enchantment side of things, then we know what we need to have the band made of... For all we know, it might have to be copper, and then need another enchant to make it have a high melting point." She shrugs again, looking over at Minu finally. "That's the thing with magic. There are so many stupid little rules that you have to get just so right, and then you have to work around all that."

Minu makes a little puzzled sound "so Rayne, I think I have been under a little misconception. Can you not touch anything in phoenix form with out setting it on fire?" The little lady turns fully toward the other woman and that very scientific and academic mind is clearly working behind those golden eyes.

Rayne shakes her head. "No, that's not quite right. But it takes concentration... It's not hard, but it takes concentration to not be on fire. And if... it happens involuntarily, there's a lot of heat involved. Not that I can be certain it's still be on my ankle at that point, anyway... But yeah... I can not be on fire, but it's easier to be on fire... Did that make sense?"

Minu does a slow and thoughtful nod "yeees...I see. Being a natural biologic reaction, one could not be certain that flame would not come with it. Like sneezing and closing your eyes" She scrunches up her nose "ok then if it were me, I would talk to Dorian and the other mages in town and pick their collective brains about fixing this. You are at a natural disadvantage if you are always fighting yourself not to shift or you your missing using it to your advantage."

Rayne says, "N... no... when I said involuntarily, I mean when I'm, well, killed. It causes an involuntary transformation when my body burns to ashes, then, pop!" She motions kind of like an explosion with her hands. "Bird on fire, fire everywhere. So yeah, that doesn't exactly happen very often, thankfully. But yeah, I need to talk to the real mages." She pulls herself back from the edge of the roof and stands up with a smile to Minu. "Thanks for the chat! I'm gonna have to get started on this, hopefully tomorrow."

Minu smiles and rises onto her feet on the edge then steps down onto the roof proper. "it was nice talking to you Rayne. When you get your problem solved, we should fly together and work on some tactics to work together in avian form in case of an emergency."

Rayne says, "Yeah, sounds like fun! Though maybe we can go for a fly before then, too... I mean, there won't be any talking, but... I should do it more often, is all. I'll see you at work tomorrow, probably. Goodnight!" With that said, she makes her way to the roof access hatch."

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