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Story Swapping

Summary: As Urus tells a tale of grandeur that may or may not be true, he is joined by friends and conversations in Twisted are never boring

Who: Urus, Serenity, Silencia, Sunset, Lucas, Steve the Bartender
When: April 17, 2016.
Where: The Usual Restaurant

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About mid-day in the Usual Restaurant, one would say it is just another day, save for the fact that it has not been even a week yet since the destruction of the xeno nest. Urus is there at the bar, surrounded by five or ten listeners as he tells his story. "So this idiot, right. He takes us to his farm, which is clear 20 minutes out of town on edge of the barrier! This guy has no CLUE that he is sitting on border of death and has been for the last 2 years... and so I tell this guy 'go back to apartment; we will take care of this...." Urus is also still showing the pains of his art, bandaging and gauze mostly on the chest and upper arms. There are other obvious spots but small enough to be allowed to heal on their own. With his original garb shredded; khaki shorts seem to be today's style for him. He also seems unusually light on his weaponry.

Silencia walks into the Usual in a slightly less awkward manner than before. She even manages to fold down her brand new wings, so she doesn't need to pause whe going through the door! Progress! She's still not completely used to them though, needing to focus on not knocking everything down with the giant appendages. After she's made sure she's not near anything breakable, she looks around to see if she sees anyone familiar. She notices Urus, she didn't have much to do with the hyenaman, but his battered appearance brings a worried frown on her face. She folds down her wings, allowing them to drag behind her like a violet cloak, and makes her way over to Urus. For now she remains silent, waiting for him to finish his story. That's the only thing keeping her from throwing a million questions his way.

Serenity slides in through a partially-opened door in a ripple of undulatory fins and feathery gills fluttering in the currents of the suspended water. Ren has the TASK badge affixed (not very obviously) to the side of the storage box atop the force field generator. In the box is a jar double-wrapped in plastic bags. After entering, Ren looks to be already headed for the counter, but after spotting the Silencia and crowd of onlookers, slides over just to the edge of the group to look on with an inquisitive cant of the rhinophores. At the moment, the additions to Silencia seem to have the majority of Ren's attention.

Sunset spent her fair share of time around the Usual Restaurant, and today was not so different. Though for once food probably wasn't the foremost thing on the girl's mind this time around, considering she walked down from the balcony floor with her nose buried in a book instead. Yes, there are people that still read actual physical books and don't just download everything from the internets. Certainly seems to be experienced at it, as she navigates off the steps, around a table and avoids the wait staff without looking up from the pages.

Urus continues "So we pull up one of the cabbages and there is tunnel down into maze of other tunnels. When we get down there, there these beasts are! Dozens of them, in their prime, looking toward us as snacks. With calm consideration and pinpoint aim I begin blowing through them in twos. Green viscus blood soaking the walls of the cave. As the stragglers came closer they spit their acidic blood at me, but they too died by my hand. I had to protect the sea lady and her offspring. It was not only my job, but it was the right thing to do." during this his tail is wagging excitably. An obvious marker for those who know. "anyways here I am now, the city is safe, and everyone can go back to their daily lives without worry." A few grueling handshakes later, his hands wrapped entirely in athletic tape. The minor crowd disperses soon after, leaving him alone with Ren and Silencia. Steve who had been off to the side mentions to him casually, "were those kills before or after you single handedly killed the queen with your bear hands?" Urus looks at him peeved. "After." Steve walks away with a jeering "Sure." Returning to his tasks.

As the story is told and the crowd disperses, Silencia immediately inspects Urus' bandages. She really cannot leave a wounded person alone. Once she's confirmed that the wounds are actually well taken care of, she backs off and gives a friendly smile, as if she didn't completely invade Urus' space without speaking a word. "Hey... I can help speed up the healing process, if you don't mind?" She doesn't seem to react much to the heroics Urus just bragged about, mainly because she hadn't been listening much. Too distracted. Speaking of distracted, it is then that she notices Serenity and she offers a smile and a wave. "Hey there Ren!" Her wings quiver, as if wanting to fold out, but Silencia keeps them down. She hasn't noticed Sunset just yet.

Serenity fails to notice the passing teenager for now, with attention still on the storyteller. Ren seems to be accepting this story without doubt until Urus gets to the part about protecting rather than being protected by Morgana, after which Ren appears a bit uncertain about it. The remark afterwards from the bartender doesn't do anything to relieve that uncertainty. With the other onlookers out of the way, Ren then slips over with a ripple to Silencia's side to offer both Silencia and Urus a pat on the shoulder. "Hello," Ren rasps in cheery greeting. "I'm glad to see the two of you each in one piece."

Sunset initially walks right past the group, but hearing more familiar voices does draw her attention away from the book. She pauses and turns a bit to look back in the direction of the group, catching familiar faces to match the voices as the rest of the gathering departs from story time. "Oh, hello guys. Urus, Serenity..." Pause. Slight squint. She heard about Silencia coming out of her cocooning but hadn't actually seen her yet. "Is that you, Silencia?" she askes at the end of the greeting as she turns and walks back to the gathering to investigate.

Urus notices immediately those in his vicinity now. "Silencia, Serenity." He allows Silencia to get close considering she decides not to do anything before asking. "I am fine. I have had mu..." as serenity pats him on the shoulder, which is still healing and therefore tender. He sharply inhales and then and whispers "Uch worse." He clears his throat. "Glad to see you too Ren. How was your... hatching I guess" he asks Silencia. He would have been there but he was previously engaged. "Sunset, long time no see. How have you been."

Silencia looks unconvinced. She simply frowns and crosses her arms. The illusion of choice completely gone. "You don't look fine." Her fingers are itching to use her healing magic, but she retrains herself for now. Serenity's pat on the shoulder does serve to distract her for now. Her frown disappears and she smiles at her colorful friend. "I'm glad to see you too. Sorry for worrying you." She remembered some of the moments before she cocooned up and what she remembered wasn't pretty. Urus's question makes the fae grin. "It went well, as you can see. Am still alive and well." She actually was glad there weren't more people there when she got out of her cocoon. "Now, time for you to tell me why you're refusing my offer to heal you! You'd think a warrior would jump at the opportunity to have himself healed in moments!" Sunset's voice causes Silencia to pause her rambling and turn to the fire-headed female. She smiles and waves. "Hey there Sunset! And yes, it's me!"

Serenity smiles warmly at Silencia's words, but frowns upon Urus' reaction. "Pardon," Ren says, quickly withdrawing the damp 'wing' from him. "I see that you have gained quite the following there, but I think your story won't be the any worse for it if you lose the visual aid," Ren remarks encouragingly, motioning toward him with the edge of a pair of right fins. Ren twists to look as Sunset speaks up, then offers her a smile and a wave of the 'wing'. "Perhaps we could take a picture first?" Ren suggests, looking from Silencia to Urus.

"I keep busy," Sunset replies to Urus with a smile, holding up the book she was reading as if to indicate such. It actually looks like some sort of textbook. "Between my own pursuits and helping Rayne and Serenity with the Welcome Center there is no shortage of things to do. Plus I've been one of our main go-betweens with the school since I'm closer to their age." Then turns and walks a bit farther to circle around Silencia, looking her over. "Looking pretty sharp there.. Ooh, and you have wings now. Cool!"

"I have had worse," Urus balks, "I may be no Rayne, but I have died before and yet here I am..." At least he truly believes that, it might have been faulty technology or something that brought him here and not death. Who is to say? "Good to see that nothing went south on your end." He remarks to Sil. As for Ren "No problem, and the visual aid.. is actually doing something..." he pauses to listen to sunset. "Go between hunh? Right there, doing that. Good to see someone is keeping an eye on the kids, might be there myself in a few months." Someone is going to have to look after Morgana's kid if it goes on land, and something tells him that the job will be foisted his way. Sil's question is quite direct and impossible to merely 'not notice' "You really want to know? Fine. "He begins. "I trust you and all. You are great person... however the last time that I trusted my health to someone else, I got messed up beyond all repair." Motioning to all of him.

Silencia calmly listens to Urus' explanation, but again, she seems unconvinced. "I have healed people before and there were no weird side effects, I promise!" However much he may refuse her, Silencia is a very stubborn little fae and she will do everything in her might to convince this man to let her heal him. Her wings quiver again, almost unfolding when she gets distracted. She does smile gratefully at Serenity when the gentle slug seems to try and help her case. Sunset looking her over and commenting on her wings seems to make Silencia a bit self-conscious. Because of the way they're folded, the wings seem somewhat smaller than they actually are. She does smile and carefully unfolds them to allow Sunset (and the rest, of course!) a better look. "I'm still getting used to them and no, I haven't tried flying yet..." Her tone is joking, but that question usually is one of the first ones she gets, so she opted for answering that immediately. "You sound like you're awfully busy, Sunset!"

Serenity nods at Sunset's account, regarding curiously for a moment the book that had her attention. "To be fair," Ren adds for Silencia after Urus explains his worries, "it is rather soon after some major revelations and changes for you. Some practice on non-person animals might not be a bad idea, to ensure that everything else still works as expected." As Silencia allows the wings to unfold, Ren leans in to look attentively and extends a 'wing' of another sort to touch one. "You do think that they are for movement, then?" Ren asks her.

Sunset takes a step back as the wings are unfolded. "Don't worry. I have plenty of experience in the whole getting use to extensive physical changes category." And no, that's not a 'maturity' joke. This is a unicorn that spend several years learning to be a human remember. "They look very nice on you, though." She does frown a little at Urus' explanation though. Can't really blame the guy for being... touchy about the subject after such an experience. She chews her lower lip for a moment, which usually indicates she's considering how to phrase something. "I think Serenity may be right, Silencia," she finally replies, lightly putting a hand on the other shoulder. "We know you're trying to help, but you should be sure your changes haven't altered your other abilities. Just like you want to get comfortable with your new wings before you try flying with them."

"That's what the other guy told me... still yet to pay him a visit." he mentions trailing off. As for the Fae's new wings "yeah, It takes a while to get used to a new body, or, new parts of a body.." He nods slowly in agreement. "Tell you what Silencia, If push comes to shove and I need to get back in action, I will give you a call." That is a decent middle ground. It is not like she has not done it a couple hundred times with success. Although he and the war god have never really hit it off, maybe the ties between him and the priestess are not That strong. "By the way Ren, I am just as much human as I am animal... I hopefully have been guaranteed that much."

Silencia glances between Serenity and Sunset as the both of them try and reason with her. Though she doesn't like it, she cannot ignore their warnings. So she sighs and gives in, her wings even drooping a little. "Fine. I'll back down for now..." She should really get back to training soon, just so she'll know where she stands with her magic. Urus' suggestion catches Silencia off-guard and she offers the man a bright smile. "Deal! I promise I'll have tested my healing by then, just in case!" She seems very cheerful now, even though she didn't get to heal the man, she at least got him to agree to let her help, maybe. She also glances at Serenity and smiles. "To answer your question, I really do not know. Right now, I'm a bit hesitant to even try flying, especially considering I still need to get used to moving them."

Serenity nods at Urus' latter observation and motions inward with both pairs of fin edges. "Obviously I'm not so much concerned about whether beings are human so much as whether they are people." Ren grins and adds, "And when they worry what conclusion one has come to, that's quite good evidence of personhood." Silencia's optimism, too, gets a smile. "I haven't seen many people in the water yet, or I would suggest swimming rather than flying," Ren says to her.

Sunset doesn't comment on the 'non-person animals' remark, but she does briefly give Serenity a look of faint amusement because she knows she technically falls into that category of being an 'animal person' even if she looks human. Serenity does make her point of differation pretty clear, though. Matter seems to have been taken care of though, thankfully. "Yeah, you want to get comfortable with having them before you try flying. Twilight said it took her several lessons from Dash after getting wings before she really got the hang of it."

Urus raises an eyebrow at Serentiy when she mentions her non- person animals "I am not sure how to respond to that..." whether or not that is a good thing or not is beyond him. "I hope training goes well with your wings. At least that is only thing you should have to do. I suggest fluffy landing area." Remembering the first time he learned to fly a spacecraft the landing was particularly hard, cracked a support strut and everything.

Silencia smiles as Serenity explains her views. She stretches her wings carefully before folding them down again. "I agree with you, Serenity..." An amused giggle escapes the fae and she grins. "Just imagine people categorizing me as a bug because of the wings..." Urus gets a grateful nod. "I'll probably stick to the park though. My vines and stuff may come in handy with the falling part of learning to fly..."

The Usual Restaurant is a pretty popular place, so it's not that unusual when the door opens, and some-random-guy (probably not his actual name) walks in off the street. Actually, 'walks' might be generous; when some-random-guy /shuffles/ in off the street. A grey hoodie works alright with his blue jeans, but bright red sneakers indicate that color coordination is not exactly his number one priority.

"Huh. Wouldja look at that?" Lucas turns his head as if looking around, before ambling over towards the bar. "People." Regulars might have seen him around the bar now and again in the past, but he's quiet, and only ever been introduced to Serenity, here. Additionally, he seems to have missed her on the way in. His eyes pass over the half-fae, the human-hyena, and Sunset with about an equal level of non-recognition; doesn't seem surprised by any of the group gathered. Instead, he moves to take a seat. If he's very lucky, he won't accidentally try to occupy the same space as Ren at the same time. He'll order a drink soon. Just sitting down will be nice.

Serenity looks on curiously as Sunset describes Twilight's efforts, then smiles at the mention of a 'fluffy landing area'. "You have too few limbs to be regarded as a bug," Ren remarks with a note of amusement and a poke of an extruded 'digit' at Silencia's arm. "In fact, I am quite curious how your practice would work, but imagine that it might at first be a bit embarrassing to show to others." Ren glances back as Lucas comes over, then looks again with mild surprise. "hhh..." Ren hisses uncertainly before fishing up "Lucas, yes? It's been some time since I saw you last. You're doing well?"

"Yeah, at least you don't have to learn how to use a pen or remember to open doors without relying on magic." Sunset laughs a bit even though she's mostly making fun of herself. First learning how to be 'human' was a very interesting time. "Fluffy landing spots might be hard to find, unless you can walk on clouds like pegasi and alicorns do." Sunset pauses and turns her attention a bit to see who else Serenity is speaking to. "Oh, hello there."

Urus notices the man pretty obviously as he sits next to him, by walking through the conversation. "Can I help you?" He asks "Walking... " Urus mentions " You do not know how lucky you are until you have to learn it again." Silencia would be hard pressed to find better people than Urus and Sunset to talk about transformations. He then notices that serenity actually knows the newcomer. "Lucas? Good to meet you, and holds out a hand to shake unawares at this time of his impending faux pas. "You are person with wings. Definitely not bug." He agrees about Silencia's current status.

Silencia grins as Serenity and Sunset joke around. "I don't mind spectators, just don't expect me not to fall! And maybe try not to laugh too loudly..." Silencia grins lightheartedly. Yup, she's definitely in a very good mood! As Serenity's attention turns toward someone else, Silencia follows that line of sight to peek at the unfamiliar man. She raises her hand and offers a friendly wave. "Uhm... hello!" Urus' comment about what exactly she is gets another grin. "Well... I do have the ability to summon butterflies and to communicate with them, on some level, so maybe I share more with them than just the wings..." Silencia doesn't think she has anything to do with bugs, but her good mood leaves her in a very joking mood.

As he manages to take a seat, Lucas waves off Urus' question. "Don't mind me, just fixin' for a drink." He jumps a little when he hears his name from the empty air, before remembering something himself. "Oh yeah, Serenity. Been a while." He adjusts his position so it looks less like he was surprised, and more like he's going to fall off from terminal laziness and/or exhaustion, then looks over towards her general direction. His eyes don't really seem to focus on anything, but at least it's not like he's looking off to one side while talking.

"Doin fine, thanks. Another day, another graveyard." That...is not a phrase that people use. Ever. He nods at Urus' and Silencia's words without acknowledging the handshake or wave, then blinks when Sunset speaks to him. He turns a bit more to face her, but his eyes still aren't focusing on anything. "Huh; you're human? In Twisted? Looks like Ah found me a unicorn."

Irony / noun / irony : incongruity between a situation and the accompanying words or actions that is understood by the audience but not by the characters.

"Er, Ah mean 'Hi'. Sorry." Classy.

Serenity glances to Urus' offered hand, but seems to opt for letting evidence explain rather than words. Ren frowns at Lucas' remark about graveyards, apparently not catching his joke after that. "Oh dear. Gegoshi was not able to help you locate your friend?"

Sunset opens her mouth to start a response, most likely to make some sort of joke about learning to walk on two legs in response to his mentioning it. But stops flat in her tracks before she gets a chance when Lucas speaks up again. Teal green eyes blink a couple of times. It was hardly a secret around here that she was technically not as human as she appeared. But when the new (to her perspective) guy says it essentially at random, it's a double-take worthy moment.

"Uh..." One hand goes to rub the back of her head, Sunset's usual gesture for when she's feeling awkward or such. "... Actually I -am- a unicorn. I just happen to be in a human form. It's... a really long story." It doesn't register to her how that was actually a joke on seeing something seemingly unusual.

Urus Cackles in that oh so iconic hyena way when Lucas makes the unexpected joke. He takes his hand away sort of glad considering how messed up it is right now. "you are good in my book, let me buy your drink." The only other person he has offered to pick up a tab for on a first meeting is Dante... so first impressions are apparently really good so far, at least one way. "You can talk to butterflies? That is neat. I am not sure how often it will come up. I have learned the language of the Hyena, but it never comes up..."

Silencia tilts her head curiously at Lucas. There were so many things that struck her as 'odd' even though she was used to the oddities that Twisted may offer. She decides to not dwell on it though. As Urus asks about her talking to butterflies, Silencia shakes her head. "Not exactly talking... I mean, I can speak and they understand, but they cannot speak to me. It's a very vague form of communication that focuses more on feelings and sensations instead of actual words." She waves her hand dismissively. "It's a bit complicated to explain."

Lucas' apologetic look goes away when Sunset explains that she is, in fact, a unicorn. It's replaced instead by a sort of blank stare, then a head tilt. He opens his mouth to speak, then lifts a hand, then closes his mouth, and lowers said hand. "...Huh. Ah'm sure Ah coulda made that more awkward, somehow." He just kind of waits for a moment, letting that hang in the air before spinning to look at Urus.

"Think Ah'll take ya up on that, Mr. uh..." He pauses for a moment. "Mr. guy. It's been a long day, and I could use something strong to t'take my mind off it." No wonder he's a regular; washes his troubles away with booze. "Maybe a strawberry Italian soda." ...So strong!

Finally, he spins back to look towards Serenity and Sunset. "Sorry. Foot-in-mouth disease. Got it from my pa." Somehow, he seems like the kind of person that would manage to say that right as his dad was standing behind him. "...And I never did manage to find Gegoshi; would you believe it? Blind man, not findin somethin'. Irony." No, actually Irony is... nevermind.

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