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Scratching at the Door

Summary: Casdy shows up at Rayne's door, and the two talk into the night.

Who: Casdy, Rayne
When: April 17th, 2016
Where: Rayne's Apartment


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Rayne is standing in the middle of her main room, looking at a pair of dressing dummies. They each hold a suit of armor each... one her new, one her old. Here, in the comfort of her own apartment, she's not wearing armor, instead wearing her white sundress... which she looks down at now, wondering once again why she still can't quite get herself to go out in public in. Wondering why she can't seem to get herself to leave the apartment building without being in full armor. She glances over at the folded up black robe hanging off the back of the couch... She was able to leave the apartment with that on instead of her armor last night, but that was for a very, very specific reason. In the end, she lets out a sigh and walks over to the couch, flopping down on it.

Ever wonder what would happen should Cas' come to visit...?? She has tried a few times, and had several thoughts of how to get in. Knock? Scratch at the door? Port around the door? What are the customs here?? At the moment, she is staring at the door, twitching her ears curiously as she debates what she should do. She has never lived in separate quarters as her owner before. Uh oh! What is this? A man in a suit, wearing a badge. "Alright, miss. You need to move along." says the man with a badge. "We have reports of a possible trespasser dressed as a cat." Casdy's response, at first, is a hiss!! "I am a cat..." she says in a dry-toned voice as she swishes her tail behind herself and her ears lower back. "I am here to see someone. I just...forgot something?" Oh yea, Cas'... ...that sounds convincing. x.x

"You're here to see someone..." The officer sighs and shakes his head, then looks at the door. "This is who you know, then? So why are you out here instead of just knocking? You're making the residents nervous just wandering the halls, miss. Look, if you need an apartment, just talk to the girls at the front desk, they can help you out for free. It's... It's what this place is, I guess. Now, I'm gonna have to ask you to move along, or contact your friend, or whatever. You can't just pace the hallway."

Casdy sniffles at the air, and mews as she stares at this male. Her ears twitch as she blinks her eyes, "Knocking! that is how it is done..." She giggles a bit, as she feels a bit silly, feeling she should have guessed. Not hard... ...It is just a wood door, right...?? **knock knock** Even with the knocking, she mews at the door, her golden gaze looking over at the officer as she swishes her tail behind her in an annoyed manner. Her mind plots on how 'unnerving' it would seem if she were to have skellies walk the halls... But, she is a good girl...one would not do such a thing... ...usually. Tho, if it meant scaring off an annoying 'guard', she might make an exception.

Rayne looks up at the sound of a knocking on her door, and gets up off the couch. She walks out of the room and into the hallway to peer out the peephole. Seeing Casdy and... an officer... she blinks, and then sighs lightly. "Oh, man, what happened..." she mumbles before opening the door.

The officer blinks and straightens up as he sees whose apartment this is. "Ma'am!" he says, clearly recognizing her and talking respectfully to her. "This, uh, woman was seen sneaking through the hallways... Do you know her?"

Rayne gives the officer a bit of a blank look before turning her gaze to Casdy. "Yes... Casdy is a close friend of mine..." She glances back at the officer again. "Uh, you can go now, Jameson. She's just a bit socially awkward at times, is all." The officer actually salutes Rayne before he walks off towards the elevator. Rayne herself then sighs and motions into the apartment. "What's going on, Casdy?"

She....can't resist!! "Pfffft!!" Yes...she raspberries towards the departing officer. She then moves inside, as so directed, "I wasn't sneaking... I was sniffing." she answers as she makes her past the thresh hold. "I had just found your door, and was wondering how to get your attention." Her nose wiggles a bit as she sniffles at the air. She then mutters, "I knew I should have traveled in the 'Shadow'." This is followed with another hiss as she looks over her shoulder, past the door, which is probably closed now. "All of these doors seem the same to me..." she then mutters. Wait...Aren't they all marked with numbers??

Rayne walks on to the main room, where she sits down on the couch before patting the seat next to her, suggesting Casdy join her there. "...Uhhh... well, why didn't you contact me over our link, then?" She looks at her window and frowns slightly... Everyone else that has visited her apartment has gotten a kick out of her window into space... but she's pretty sure Casdy won't be able to see that. "You're welcome in my apartment anytime, just... yeah, make sure I'm aware before just showing up. I'd rather you not just shadowstep in while I'm not decent, or something."

Casdy smiles as she accepts the offered seat. She feels...awkward...She is not usually allowed on furniture. She fails at hiding her awkward feeling....but, she does turn her eyes onto Rayne. She could have done this, sure. "...most masters do not want that done. But, I will remember for next time." she admits as she nods her head. ...and no, she can't see such a view from the window. "...as for you being decent, or not... I can't tell what you have on, or do not... I just see a faint shadow over your 'fire'." Casdy closes her eyes, and rubs her head nervously as she states, "I guess it is the principal of the matter. Many are conscious about what they show to who... ...and I know why. I just can't see that.

Rayne laughs a bit nervously as she cautiously reaches out to scritch Casdy behind her ears. No, she's definitely not overcome her own bit of social awkwardness. "Yeah, that's pretty much hitting the nail on the head. And remember, I don't see myself as your master so much as my friend... And if you're just asking if you can enter my apartment, sure, go ahead. Or if you're in any trouble, for that matter." She yawns a bit before shaking her head. "So what's made you finally decide to come visit my apartment?" Her eyes suddenly widen slightly and a light smile makes its way to her face. "Oh! Are you done with your... uhhh... Zaria, was it?"

Casdy nods her head as she hears the question. "The Zaria is finally complete. It is something that reflects me more than mere words can define. It is a magnifier for my magic....as long as I am in its center. Making that much marble... ...That was a chore." She also seems....well rested. More playful than usual... ...Hence the raspberry at the 'guard'. She leans in towards the scritches, nodding her head at the whole 'friend' statement. "Have you not rested well?" she questions as she looks at Rayne.

Rayne seems quite pleased that she remembered the name of it right... and more pleased that it's done! "Oh, yes, I've been resting very well lately, thanks to you!" She nods towards where the Singing Stone is currently placed: on a small table, currently covered with a cloth. "I just had an early morning today, is all, don't worry. But you're done? That's awesome! Can I see it? Where is it? How do we get to it?" She's at least a little energetic herself.

Seems Casdy can't help but to smile at the energy displayed. "There is only one way there..." she says as her eyes look towards Rayne. "A portal." she then states softly as her tail finally comes to rest, showing that her annoyance is no longer there. Her eyes look about the room, and settle where Rayne has gestured that the stone lies covered. "The stone's creation was one of Linka's ideas. Ta' is a restless sleeper..." she then mutters, thinking of her mom, and older sister. "Ta' has a big heart... ...and she tries to carry the burdens of the world on her shoulders." she then mentions.

Rayne laughs once. "Heh... Yeah... sometimes I wonder if I'm taking on too many burdens, myself." She shakes her head, though. "Gotta do what needs to be done, though." She then smiles, looking up. "But hey, I've got someone working on something that'll let me keep my clothes and even talk when I take to my bird form, so I can maybe go out for more flights when he's done with it!" She laughs a bit at this, kicking her feet out forward, now resting on her coffee table. She suddenly becomes a bit more sober, quietly adding, "I hope it helps me to relax. I've been wound up like nothing else lately."

Casdy smiles as she sees this. Doing what makes her more comfortable, she slips down on to the floor, sitting at Rayne's right side, and wraps her tail around herself. Her golden eyes look upon the girl, and then she turns them straight once more, "...an enchantment spell?" she questions. "...if Linka were here, she would be able to help you also... Or, Ta'. I wouldn't recommend Krysta... ...It would come at a price." she then mentions.

Rayne says, "No, no... well, maybe. It might be enchantment, I'm not sure, he didn't go into schools when we talked about it. But Dorian said he should be able to make an anklet that uses my transformation as a trigger to store my clothes, then put them back on me when I change back. Shrinking it down when I switch to bird mode, as well, so it stays on my ankle there." She tilts her head as Casdy mentions more of her family, then softly says, "You miss them, don't you..." She sighs, shaking her head. "Damn this place..."

Casdy looks up at Rayne, and then turns her eyes straight, "I haven't seen them in years." Her eyes close, and she looks towards the doorway, "...When I turned 10, and passed my necromancy test, many feared how powerful this 'kid' was. To make sure I served the House, I was assigned to protect Princess Karim Windsong. She was my first owner." Now, more like a cat, she lays on the floor, curled by the feet of her master, becoming comfortable as she continues, "I was in her service until I was pulled here. While in her service, I didn't see my family. On Theozia, family is considered a 'weakness'." She then casts her eyes upwards to Rayne, and she tells her, "You are my second owner. This place doesn't keep my from family. I have ways of contacting them, if I want." she admits. "But, getting there, that is a different story. That takes more magic than this world allows."

Rayne says, "Well... If you can actually talk to them, still... then you're better off than pretty much everyone else here. No one else has any contact." She reaches down to scritch at Casdy's head again. "And I still hate that I'm considered your 'owner' you know. It just... it rankles me." She then sighs, leaning back on the couch again, this round of scritchings over. "I hope she treated you well, at least."

Casdy lifts her head into the scritches, and then lays back down once it is over. "I was ordered to stay with her at all times." Her eyes now blink, and she thinks of the few people that would come, at which point she would guard the door outside, "...most all of the time." Cas' giggles at this, knowing why she was sent outside. But, she leaves it to the imagination. For now, she purrs contently for a moment... It is stopped when she speaks again, "She treated me well enough, I suppose." Her golden eyes look upwards, and gaze upon what she can see of Rayne, and then she tells her, "...she wasn't a friend, like you." At that, she offers a warm smile. "If you saw Theozia... I think you would understand more of why we were created... The world, for a time, was on the brink of global collapse. With the wars stopped... ...things are...better. The world is recovering."

Rayne sighs and nods. "Yeah... Yeah, you've told me before, but still... It just... it just doesn't seem right at all." Since the couch is empty other than her, she flumps down sideways to lie on her side on it. "If it's like other ruined worlds I've seen, it should be fine in a couple hundred years...unless there's just that many toxins in the air and earth and sea." She reaches down to skritch again... well, maybe she's at least getting more comfortable with scritching Casdy. "But if it's just... deforestation, even most pollution, if it's left alone, a world will usually eventually recover. It can take centuries, but it will usually recover. You won't see it in your lifetime, however...." She then blinks and looks down at Casdy. "Or will you? How long do your people live?"

Casdy purrs at the scritching, and she looks up at Rayne with a toothy grin, "...Cat-kin are creatures of magic. Unless we enter a world devoid of magic, entirely, we do not age." She does lift her finger, even wags it side to side a bit, "While we do not age... ...we are still 'mortal'. We feel, breathe, and can be killed just as easily as any mortal." The grin on her features widens as she mutters, "...if someone can get that close. A blood golem is great at keeping my enemies busy, and away from me. Or a skelly, or a wraith, or a lich..." She decides that the point is made... A necromancer is hard to get too... ...unless he/she wants you to. Lowering her hand, she slips it under her chin, using her hands as paws, and resting her hands down atop them, "...there are two species of 'humans' on my world. One that ages, and one that doesn't. Princess Windsong does not age. I was to be 'the perfect bodyguard'. An ageless warrior to stand at her side." She breathes a air of content, and purrs audibly before she states, "...I am here now. ...and I am happy here. I have a great friend, and I live in my Zaria... ...what is not to like?

Rayne says, "Huh... well, I stand corrected. Well, there's something we've got in common, then. Except someone would have to kill me twice in a month." She offers Casdy a grin, but she doesn't get up from her lying position. "You should have more than one great friend.... Also, you should introduce me to this 'great friend' sometime." she smirks a bit... She's pretty sure that Casdy's talking about her, but she can't help but take the opportunity for that bit of self-depreciating humor. "Please tell me that you've made more friends than just me, though. And Ren, for that matter. Have you run into any of the other cat people out there? Asato's nice, Luna is... okay, I'm not sure I really know much about her, but Tabitha seemed okay."

Casdy thinks a moment, and looks up in thought, "...I did meet your boss." she mutters as she thinks about it. Is....that a smirk on her features. "...seems he likes some of my lines of thought." she then states with said smirk. Yea... Cas' feels sorry for anyone silly enough to try to mess with Rayne. How much misery would that person face? Well...that depends on which of the two got hold of said person first. "I also met a talking pony..." Uh oh! Seems Cas' forgot that pony's name... Yea... She now has that look of attempting to remembering. ....nope. No clue. x.x

Rayne says, "Oh, really? What'd you think of Kotal? Kind of a big kid, if you ask me, but man... I witnessed him actually fighting someone on his level last week, and..." She shakes her head. "The sheer power displayed in that fight... I've never seen anything remotely like it!" She then goes quiet at the mention of the talking pony. After a moment, she does speak up again. "She's... not here anymore. We don't know what exactly happened to her." She sighs lightly and lets her arm fall in front of the couch. "I hope she made it home somehow, but... who knows? Uh, anyways, what do you mean he liked your lines of thought?"

Casdy looks up at Rayne, and grins widely, "He cares a lot about you, you know??" she questions her. A hand!! Yep...she thinks of nuzzling it...but, doesn't. She has learned better. Instead, she lifts her head, thus freeing a hand. Turning her palm upwards, a small black sphere appears. Within its shining depths, you see a shadow (somewhat in the shape of Casdy. No. She has no idea what she looks like.) ...and... ...a glowing humanoid force of energy, Golden in color. You also see a glowing pony shaped figure....this is also golden in color. The human shaped figure has Kotal's body shape...Hard to be sure it is him, however; until he now speaks, "You know what will happen if someone ever really hurts Rayne, right?" Kotal questions. You hear the shadow speak, and Casdy's voice comes from it, "...I know that there is a special place within the Void Realm just for that person. And I will delight in sending that person there......personally." You see Kotal nod, and you can bet he grinned, "Good." Casdy allows the image to fade away, and once more, she rests her head down onto her hands as she mutters, "May The Heavens have mercy on that person. I will not!" she mutters as she shuts her eyes, and shifts herself into a comfy position. Yaay!!....Comfy floor to lay on!! ...and complete comfort with a friend nearby. Yea...A very loud purr now.

Rayne blinks at the playback, a slight blush coming to her face at the concern the two had for her. "Uhhhh... wow. okay. I guess that's good to know? Now if only I could find some way of dealing with the... more mental issues I've been having. Like... the fact that I can't seem to go out in public without armor again." She lets out a sigh. "I was able to do it for a month or so, but then those Xenomorphs attacked the office right when I tried to open it, and now I'm freaking out if I try to leave wearing normal clothes again." She rolls over onto her back. "That's what's was causing my nightmares, too, I think."

"The power of our mind is the greatest power of all. It is the core secret behind magic." comments Casdy. "...our mind can keep focused on a certain matter, making us fear what the outcomes could be. Our imagination creates the most horrid scenario, and that is how we react. It is normal." Her eyes now close, and she Casdy opens one eye, just to look at the door. "...it is why I was sniffing around outside. I know the smells that are usually around here. It...is a concern that, since I am not here to protect you, someone might try to sneak in. So, I was making sure." Yea...she is a bit paranoid about that.... ...but she wont say how much. ....just admit to 'a bit'.

Rayne opens her mouth, then looks down at Casdy, changing her mind about what to say with a shake of her head. No, Casdy sems to worry about her enough, she doesn't want to tell the cat-girl about just what that face-hugger did to her. Instead, she takes the opposite approach, trying to put Casdy's mind at ease instead. "You guys worry too much about me. It takes more than one death to take me out, remember? Worry after that first death, then you can relax after a month. I'll be fine." She smirks lightly, reaching down to ruffle Casdy's hair. "I'm the daughter of a phoenix and a dragon. Anyone trying to take me out should fear me instead."

Casdy mews in protest at the mere thought. She must worry! Its what she does! It's because she cares. Never the less... ...she smiles, and nuzzles into the hand off of reflex, purring happily. A small neko-yawn escapes her, but she simply says, "It is the first time I have not been with someone I want to protect. I am....cautious." Yea, that is a way to put it! Cautious! Admit worry?? Nah!! She offers Rayne a smile, and she tells her, "...I am a kitty. Kitties have a strong sense of loyalty. Temper that with a human heart and human emotions.... Well, you get the idea." Ok...now back to purring. Afterall... Good company, comfy flooring....being petted on the head off and on... Lot of reasons to purr.

Rayne flinches and pulls her hand back reflexively as Casdy nuzzles it. "Uhhh... S...sorry." Okay, she's definitely not completely comfortable with physical contact with her, still. "I think kitties have different personalities in our universes... cats in my universe tend to be notoriously independent minded... and tend to love whoever feeds them, at least until that feeding has happened." She pauses, though. Asato seems to be a little similar to how Casdy described a kitty... though much, much more independent. "I'm gonna have to introduce you to Asato some time," she decides.

Casdy mews, and swishes her tail a bit... The petting stopped; so, back to laying her head down. "We are created to be loyal. We are also created to be... ...dependent on humans." Using her tail as a finger, she wags it side to side as she says, "This doesn't mean we aren't independent... We can, and do, look out for ourselves and our owners. We are self aware, and able to care for ourselves. We...just wont live long without a human owner to be loyal too." She keeps her smile, resting her head onto her hands once more. "You needn't be sorry." she tells her then. . o O ( I will learn not to do that. Just takes time. ) She thinks to herself.

Rayne says, "Eheh... Well, it's getting late for this diurnal phoenix here..." She stifles a yawn as she sits up again, setting her feet on the floor. "So I'm gonna go ahead to bed... you're welcome to sleep on the couch if you want, though." That said she stands up and reaches up to her... rather messy bed that is hanging from the ceiling over the couch. She pulls a set of pajamas off the bed, then blinks, looking down at Casdy. "Uhhh... I'll be right back." With that said, she walks off to the bathroom to get herself ready for bed."

Comfy floor is comfy.... ....Couch is....soft. ...So not comfy. Her purring continues, and her eyes watch as Rayne leaves. She looks up at said bed, and sniffles at the air. It makes sense now why her sent is strong in this room... Cas' looks over at the door she walked in through. That door just became her focus item!! ...yea...Nothing, no-one is coming in that door. Her ears now listen about, turning this way and that... If anything makes a sound, she will know.

Rayne soon returns, now wearing pajamas, and hangs her dress up in a closet. With a yawn, she grabs the singing stone off its stand and climbs up the ladder on the side of her bed. Once there, she crawls under the covers and snuggles up with her pillows. "Goodnight, Casdy," she says before she starts to drift off to sleep.

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