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Reading is FUN!

Summary: Superboy passes out trying to research Twisted but luckily Dorian arrives to wake him back up.

Who: Dorian, Superboy
When: April 18th, 2016
Where: Park Road - South


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Park Road South(#5090R)
The southern section of Park Road is densely populated with the buildings clustered around the center of Twisted City. These buildings of course begin to thin as you head north towards the school. Here is located the Twisted Public Library and the Nanukakan Hospital (which is currently closed for remodeling). Across the cherry-blossom tree lined street is a halted construction project to build a new road towards the TASK Building.

Despite going to the Arms and getting a temporary home, Superboy is currently just outside the library, floating just off the ground and completely asleep with a book over his face. The sound of snoring is pretty obvious if the floating man in red and blue isn't enough.

Of course Dorian would be heading to the Library. As soon as he was aware the place existed he took the proper steps to get a card so he could check out books. He did still go to Ray's bookstore, but now for buying books. He wouldn't need to 'borrow' books there, or read them while he was in the place and make notes in a notebook. This is a good thing! In fact he's heading to the Library now, bright and early. And of course he notices Superboy. Hard not to, when the trees above the poor boy are bending down whenever he breathes in. Dorian remembers that costume. He frowns a bit, in concern. The mage is rarely without his staff, and today is no exception. He unslings it from his back, and positions himself so he can poke Superboy in the shoulder with the end of that staff. He's seen what this young man is capable of, and doesn't want to be close by should he react violently to being woken up. In an effort to lessen any shock Superboy my feel over being woken up, he only gently nudges the young man, and his voice bears a teasing note to it. "Wakey, wakey~," he says. "This is not exactly the most comfortable place to sleep, you know."

Superboy turns slightly in the air, the book crashing to the ground beneath him. A line of drool connects him to the book even still. "Huh? Wha'zzat?" Blinkblink. And the Metropolis Kid comes crashing down to the ground on top of his book. "AHHH!!! Jeeeze!" He rubs his face with an arm and picks the book up to inspect for damage. It's fine of course. The title reads 'Government Politics of Twisted' and looks incredibly old. "Uh-sorry. Dull books are my kryptonite." He looks up focusing on Dorian for the first time. "...hey. Um. Do I know you?"

Dorian smirks as Superboy turns, and then chuckles as the sleeping, floating fellow falls to the ground. After what he'd seen Superboy do at TASK HQ, he's not too terribly worried about him being hurt. And sure enough, when he stands, he seems fine. "'Dull' is subjective," he returns. As for if Superboy knows him? "Possibly. You were concentrating on an attempt to fist my commander's face at the time, so you may not have seen me," he acknowledges, that smirk still on his face. "The wall of fire? That was my doing." He shifts, to execute a graceful bow. "Dorian of House Pavus, Altus mage of the Tevinter Imperium." He stands. "How do you do?"

Will he ever stop being reminded of that? "...oh. Right." He pushes himself off the ground and onto his feet. "Superboy. Kon-El to friends." He starts to offer his hand to shake but the bowing throws him off so with a nod of his head he drops his hand awkwardly. "Y'know, you cost me one of my favorite jackets with that fire thing." The Kid crosses his arms and lets out a sigh. "I know I deserved a bit of that, but I /liked/ that one."

"Good to meet you," Dorian replies in answer to the introduction. He doesn't use either name, since Superboy hasn't told him which he prefers. And at the mention of the loss of the coat? "I'm terribly sorry," Dorian replies. He seems honest about that, too. "I can understand the feeling of the loss of a good garment. I left a perfectly good nug-hide cloak in my closet when I left Tevinter and didn't even realize it until the next day. I wasn't about to go back for it, but I felt the loss for a good, long while."

Superboy nods his head at Dorian's words, especially the part about the coat. "Well, I'm lucky. I've got a few more just like it back home once I can figure out where the portal is. Leftovers from my stint as a celebrity." A pained expression floats briefly over his features as he remembers the life and the love that he's lost. He mutters briefly to himself, "I guess sooner or later I'm going to have to let that go..." But soon enough he's back to his normal self, or at least acting like it. "But hey, nothing lost nothing gained? The fight was good. I got a few good licks in there." Something about his words sound forced. "So what brings you out this way, um... Dorian?"

Dorian's brows raise when Superboy mentions portals. He stays quiet for the moment, though, until Superboy seems to be getting upset about something. Dorian really doesn't know what to say in response, since he's not privy to knowledge of what Superboy has been through. But when asked his name, he nods. "That's right," he confirms. As for what brings him out this way? He indicates the library. "I am a mage," he points out. "The rumors of the predilections of mages to read any book they can get their hands on are not entirely false." He smiles. "Though... there are portals in TASK's headquarters. Shall I check them and see if one leads to your world?"

With a skeptical stare Superboy's mouth opens and closes a few times. Eventually he gets his act together. "I... nah. I don't think I'm going back there anytime soon. Besides, that's too obvious, right? If Harley Quinn is coming and going like people said then she's gotta be coming out of somewhere less conspicuous." He huffs a little and glances down at the book in his hands, "I don't suppose someone called Concordance is still in charge of Twisted?" It's obvious the book is out of date. He's just not sure how badly.

"That is true," Dorian replies. "I doubt she'd get past the entirety of TASK. Besides that, even if she had, she probably would have done something to one of us while we were asleep." Pause, and he crosses his arms, rubbing his chin in thought. "...Then again there were those xenomorphs in the cabbage. I'm not entirely familiar with her sense of humor." As for Concordance? Dorian shakes his head. "Not that I'm aware. I've heard someone called Diablo is. Though I've heard discontent with his rule. I'm sure there's more going on than I'm aware of, but I can't really fix that. And I feel fairly certain my commanding officer would take exception if I started using fire to 'shake down' those in-the-know for information."

"Yeeeeah, burning people is sortta frowned upon where I come from too." Superboy ponders his words a moment and sighs, "Diablo, huh? Here I thought President Luthor sounded ridiculous. At least you guys are up front about the government being evil." He grins mischievously. "I suppose this means I'm going to have to hit up that automated kiosk thing and deal with having everything narrated at me." He sighs and frowns. "That's not the best way to dispense information."

"Actually I have no idea is he's evil or not," Dorian replies. "I've learned that demons aren't necessarily evil, at least here. They're rather universally so in my world, as they're nothing more than corrupted spirits of the Fade. So Twisted has a little better statistics there." The mention of the kiosk gets a nod. "You could always take notes and read them later," he suggests. "Though I could understand if your strength was just too great to hold a pen without breaking it." Clearly he has no idea how Superboy's powers work.

Yeah, that statement gets a raised eyebrow. "I can hold a pen. I have Tactile Telekinesis. It like an aura that I can use to move objects around. My strength, my speed, my flight? It's all because of it." He's been explaining this so much recently that it feels like he has to go into detail. "It's something they cooked up at Cadmus while trying to clone the S-Man. It approximates Kryptonian abilities." He sighs again, "Anyways. I'm just complaining because it's too slow. If I wanted to study I'd go to school."

"Ah, I see." Sort of. Dorian can gather enough to understand that the super strength isn't constant, or that he can 'turn it off', so to speak. And it's also pretty clear that he only understands it that much. Then again, he's kept all that archaic attire, the light-colored leather armor and the like. Also he has a couple books strapped to his belt, funny enough. Though Dorian nods at the mention of it being too slow. "I can understand that. I always did prefer to read the lesson myself when I was in the Academy." A pause. "Who is this 'Essman'?" Yes, he speaks it like it's an actual name. He has no real way of knowing it's shorthand.

Superboy blinks, "S. S-man. Superman. Don't you guys have comic books?" He's not breaking the fourth wall. They publish comics based on the heroes' public adventures on his world. "Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive?" He stares and shakes his head. "Come on. No one I've met here seems to know what the S stands for." He says this while tapping the s-shield on his costume. "He's like the greatest hero on my world. This S, it stands for hope. Only a handful of heroes get to wear it." He pauses and thinks about his statement a second. "Okay, well not LITERALLY for hope, but it's a symbol, y'know?"

Dorian blinks in response to the comic book joke. His voice wry, he notes, "A light bulb would be considered a revolutionary invention in my world. You'd both be considered mages or demons there, and depending where you are, either one is equally bad." He pauses, to think a moment. "Though... now that I'm thinking more deeply about it... yes, I have seen that symbol before. Before the library opened, I frequented Ray's Occult Books. I saw several paper art books depicting that symbol on a man who you do bear a close resemblance to."

With a glance at the skies Superboy lets out a chuckle, "Well that's something at least. Maybe the kids will know who I am." Finally uncrossing his arms, he gestures at Dorian. "But really? A lightbulb? Man, talk about breaking the prime directive." He watches a lot of TV. "How long have you been here?"

"My world is... fairly archaic compared to most," Dorian replies. "'An age of swords and sorcery'." A smirk. As for how long he's been here? He gives that some thought. "The last month of last year. So not too very long. But long enough to acclimate reasonably well to the world. I even have a nice suit when I need to be very formal, and not look like, as you might say, a 'Ren faire freak'." Yes, he's very aware of how weird he looks. Dorian carries a level of genre-savviness.

Superboy actually snorts at 'ren faire' "Well we all need our secret identities. Superman taught me that." He takes a moment to glance down at his book and sighs. "Alright, I need to go take this useless thing back and probably grab a bite to eat. Maybe if I can't figure out how to get back we should hang or something later. You can show me what people do around here for fun." He gestures back at the library, "Because this? This is not fun."

Dorian blinks. "Actually, I don't have one of those," he notes, in response to the 'secret identity' comment. "I didn't realize they were needed. Though if I do manage to find my way to your world, I may look into that. Though I'll definitely need some assistance with that. I've never had to hide my identity before. Quite the opposite, in fact." A smirk, though, at the words of the Library 'not being fun'. "Subjective, I assure you. Though yes, I'm studying as well, so I do understand. I will, however, take you up on that offer. As a member of TASK, I am supposed to get new people acclimated here." A smirk.

Superboy eyes him suspiciously. "Are you sure your job isn't to set new people on fire?" He grins. He was kidding. "But hey, alright then. Dorian? I'll catch up with you later then! Don't let the studying rot your brain. Too much of anything can be bad." Pushing off of the ground he waves and flies off, still holding onto the book he planned to drop back off. Maybe he'll finish reading it after all...

Dorian laughs at the mention of setting people on fire. "No, no, no... only when they get me riled up," he replies teasingly. "I tend to respond to anything that riles me up with fire." As Superboy flies up, Dorian shakes his head-- learning how to do that would be incredibly useful. "Do take care," he offers to the departing hero.

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