2016-04-23 - Smooth Korra is Smooth

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Smooth Korra is Smooth

Summary: Korra meets Deis and doesn't know what to think.

Who: Deis, Korra, Rayne
When: April 23rd, 2016
Where: Twisted Street


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Korra comes to an abrupt stop as she can't help her eyes to zero in on Deis. The Avatar has seen many oddities ever since she got dragged to Twisted. Things and people ranging from the curious to the absolutely bizarre. Although she's more than likely seen far stranger things than Deis, Korra has certainly not seen anyone that is so strange and so.. alluring.. at the same time. Korra is just coming out of some very confusing situations where she's not entirely sure about her feelings in terms of who she's attracted to. Deis' attributes, both the normal and abnormal, begin to fuel to her confusion and before she realizes what is happening, the Avatar finds herself staring at the snake woman who's slithering her way. She also doesn't stop whistling. Suddenly, Korra is just frozen in place, staring and whistling looking dumb struck.

Deis blinks-- that's an odd energy. Whatever it is she's sensed, it gets her looking around. And it's precisely then that she sees Korra, looking at her like she's grown another head. And the first thought she has? ('Oh, there's someone I can tease!') And so she turns, heading in Korra's direction, with a big smile on her face. "Well hello there~!" she greets as she gets within speaking distance of the Avatar. "We haven't met, have we? Otherwise you wouldn't look so surprised." She winks playfully. "I'm Deis! Pleased t'meet'cha~!"

Korra doesn't move from her spot, its almost as if her feet have been glued to the ground, or as if she's in the process of being turned into stone. Maybe that last one is partially right, don't creatures like Deis have powers to turn flesh to stone? Like Gorgons? Not that Korra has any experience with those things even if she frequented the spirit realm of her home. So there's really no explanation why she's staring at Deis like that. Other than the obvious explanation that is. Korra is simply mesmerized by the snake woman's beauty. She doesn't move nor says anything as Deis approaches her, she's simply still whistling that tune that starts to get slightly distorted. By the time Deis is near, Korra is not so much whistling but blowing air out of her lips fruitlessly. She stops doing anything as soon as Deis winks at her, paralyzed. "Um. I'm.. I.. uh.. uh.." The Avatar begins to stutter. "Hi." Smooth Korra is smooth.

Rayne steps out of Integra Arms, free of armor and an actual book held open in front of her. She doesn't seem to be paying much attention to her surroundings... but apparently her peripheral vision is pretty good, as she easily steps around obsticals in her way. She walks along the street in the direction of TASK, the beach, or Neo-Edo, so it's hard to tell where exactly she's going. In fact, it looks like she might be about to talk right by Korra and Deis without actually noticing them beyond being something to not walk directly into.

"Aiya?" Deis inquires. "That's a pretty name~." Yes, she knows the girl is just stuttering. She figures it's because she's scared of her. Deis DOES have a snake's tail, after all. And this dark-skinned girl wouldn't be the first one that freaked out. Deis also notices Rayne as she's walking past. "Ah, hello~!" she offers, with a wave. "Good seeing you again! No monsters tried to crawl down your throat again lately, have they?"

Korra blinks. At the very least she's realizing she's making a fool of herself and gets a hold of herself before she makes more of a mess of things. "What? No! I uh.." She begins to compose herself and give her pathetic attempt at flirting with Deis another go, flirting, for the record, that she's not even sure she wants to do, until Rayne shows up. Thank goodness, maybe this will calm her hormones down some and won't try to hit on strangers with snake tails. "Heya there, Rayne." The Avatar waves.

Rayne is at least paying enough attention to realize she's being spoken to directly, as she looks up. "Eh?" She looks between the two with a bit of blinking. No, she apparently had no clue who she was walking by. "Oh.. Hello, Korra, Miss Deis." Her expression falls a bit at Deis' question to her. "Oh, gods, please do not mention that. Technically yes, but I cut enough of them in half the other day that they've thankfully stopped bothering me when they're not actually around... which they shouldn't be anymore, since I torched the whole damn egg chamber." She glances to Korra after that. "Trust me. You don't wanna know. But how're things going for you?" It seems Rayne still has a soft spot for the first person she considers helped by the Welcome Center. "I didn't realize you two knew each other." It also seems she really wasn't paying attention.

Deis giggles a little at Korra's reaction. "It's all right, I don't bite!" she assures the girl. "Not unless asked, anyway." She emits a playful 'tee hee~'. The Avatar's name being said gets a smile. "Ooh, that's a pretty name, too!" she replies. Rayne's reaction to the mention gets a giggle! But she notes the egg chamber having been torched with, "Ah! Good! Serves 'em right. I'm sure they taste horrible anyway." And then the mention of knowing each other? "Oh, we don't~," Deis says. "Not yet anyway! But we can fix that!"

Korra frowns as the talk turns to aliens and monsters. Avatar instincts kick in suddenly telling her this is serious business and should pay attention. She never got the chance to fight against those things, but she's nonetheless glad they were destroyed. Korra doesn't care about the glory, she just wanted those things gone. "Good, I'm glad." She says nodding with muscled arms crossed over her chest. Then, she's losing her balance a little when Rayne mentions them knowing each other and Deis response about biting makes her shudder. Even with her dark skin, its clear that Korra is blushing a lot. "Y-Yeah.. it's good to meet you.. Miss Deis." Korra grows stiff in awkwardness again and tries to reach for Deis' hand. If successful, she'll lean awkwardly forward and plant a somewhat sloppy kiss on the back of Deis' hand. Eyes open and everything, looking like its likely the first time she does something like that ever.

Rayne laughs, putting a hand to the back of her head. "Oh! Sorry, I guess I really wasn't paying attention there! Uhhh... No, I'd not eat them, their blood kinda... melts everything. But don't worry about them. Sure, there might be some stragglers, but the vast majority have been dealt with." She nods, crossing her own arms. She raises an eyebrow at Korra's reaction to Deis, however, and can't help but feel awkward around the situation.

Sloppy kiss or not, Deis still seems charmed by it! She doesn't pull away, and when Korra kisses her hand, she giggles slightly. "Aw, that's very sweet, Korra!" Deis is hyper-informal, so she never even thought about using any kind of honorific. Rayne's mention of the creatures having melty blood gets a grimace. "Eeew. Yeah, that seems a little spicier than I'm really prepared to handle," she acknowledges.

Its like if all of Korra's bones suddenly turned metal and completely inflexible. After delivering her awkward kiss, she straightens up from her bent over position and starts firm and rigid like metal pole. Still blushing and sweating a little. "Um.. my pleasure!" States the Avatar just as she realizes she's making things a little awkward. Let's talk about something else. Like fighting monsters. That's more her style. "Yeah.. I'm sorry I couldn't help with that Rayne. I was..hm." What was she doing anyway? "I was in school." It feels confusing for Korra that she's not superheroing anymore, but also feels strangely relieving. "Oh, I'm sorry I didn't know -you- two knew each other. Are you also in Task, Miss Deis?"

Rayne stands a bit away, lightly amused by Korra's interaction with Deis, mildly jealous of it as well. She doesn't enjoy avoiding physical contact, after all. "Yeah... Skin's too crunchy, insides too... likely to induce heartburn." She then waves off Korra's concern. "Don't worry about it. It's TASK's job... not that we actually took out the majority of the nest, mind you. A group of other citizens came across it and... more or less wiped it out. You met the, uh... family on the beach, right? Siren, dwarf, gnome? And I think Urus, a hyena-looking guy, is working with them now, too... not to mention Morgana is now expecting."

Deis stays quiet until Korra asks if she's in TASK too. "Nope," Deis replies. "I just happened to be in the right place at the right time when some of those little snots attacked. One went for Rayne's face. They squish easily, though." She makes a motion like crushing something in her hand. "Splat, just like a bug." She quiets when Rayne begins to explain things. "Ah-ha! Yeah, I've met Morgana. During that whole debaucle with the Naga. They got rid of it too? Good on 'em! They're really turning into heroes." And then the knowledge that Morgana's expecting? Deis squeals slightly, bouncing on her tail excitedly. "Oh wow! I'm going to have to get them a present!"

Korra fails to notice any possible jealousy from Rayne. The Avatar herself is still coming to grips with her own feelings and attractions. She's still not entirely sure she's attracted to women either as the blossoming, troubled teenager that she is. Korra can hardly figure herself out so its unlikely she can figure someone else out. Missions and monster fighting though? That's more her thing. "They sound nasty." States the Avatar. "Though yes, I did meet with those guys down at the beach. They looked like a pretty rough neck bunch. I'm glad the citizens here are able to stand for themselves and not leave everything to Task." She shifts on her feet a little, realizing who is present. "No offense, officer." It still pays to be respectful to Rayne. After all, she considers her a friend.

Rayne says, "Don't worry about it. Actually, we really do appreciate the help when a group that knows what they're doing can take on a threat like that. They aren't the only things we need to worry about... there's still the fog, there's those ork morons that don't seem to understand 'don't start fights,' we had a giant masked bear show up once, rift demons... If someone else can take care of an infestation like that, it just lightens our load." She then sighs, deflating a bit. "Heavens know I could use a lighter work load."

Deis leans back on her tail, her upper body seeming to 'sit' there in the air. She nods to Korra's words. "The fewer really dangerous threats the police have to handle, the more they can concentrate on keeping the peace," she remarks with a smile. She seems to be pretty oblivious to Korra's thoughts about her. She listens to Rayne, then blinks at one of the things mentioned. "Wait wait wait. Did you throw that in there to make sure I was paying attention?" she inquires. "Masked bears?" Pause, blink. "...One of these things is not like the others~," she sing-songs.

Korra looks between both women and nods once Rayne finishes her explanation. Twisted really was a very problematic place despite the opportunities it offered people. That's part of the reason why Korra didn't feel at all disappointed she didn't get a chance to fight those aliens. In this place, there was no shortage of foes. "I promise to help out whenever I can." Is all the Avatar can offer, but maybe it will be enough. "If everyone here does their part I'm sure we can make a difference." Now that sounded more like the old Avatar. Although Deis reaction does catch her attention too and she frowns again. "Wait, yeah. Masked bears?" She blinks. "You don't mean Naga, right?" Naga had been behaving herself lately! Was she now running around wearing a mask too?

Rayne blinks as both of them seem to focus in on the masked bear. "Uhhh... Lemme try to remember what the report said... Something about it chasing a guy... Oh, yeah, it was that blonde guy that showed up..." She glances to Korra. "Maybe you ran into him at the Academy.. John somethingorother?" Close, but not quite. "Apparently it was chasing him when he converged, but when he ran into other people, he killed it. It seemed isolated, so I didn't put it to memory very well. It dissolved like the fog monsters, but it wasn't one of them."

Deis nods. "Yeah, I try to help out. Though I never seem to be in the right place at the right time. Though it helps that I sleep a lot..." She's a snake, maybe that has something to do with it? Rayne's explanation gets a nod. "Oh. See now, that makes more sense," she notes. "He brought it with him. It was probably some kind of demon or something. Some kind of creature that's native to his world. And not something friendly."

The Avatar is just glad to hear that it wasn't her Naga running around causing trouble. With all the craziness that happens in this world, she wouldn't be surprised if some chaotic magic took over Naga and gave her powers. "Hmm.. I may have heard of him." Korra isn't all that well versed in the who's who at the Academy. She's been trying to lay low after living the celebrity life as the Avatar of her world. Perhaps though she should start being more sociable. She has yet to run into that Flandre girl too. "Makes sense. People don't always converge just by themselves, right?" Korra is starting to get the hang of how this place works. "I've yet to see anyone of my world though."

Rayne raises an eyebrow at Deis. "Or do you mean right place at the wrong time? But yeah, it was native to his world, whatever it was." She then shakes her head to Korra. "Not always, but usually. Actually, another student from his school also showed up at the same time... Yang, also a blonde. So I guess he's kinda on the lucky side to have someone he knows around." She then winces slightly. "Then there's those two Anarchy sisters that showed up at the same time... I don't know how you could have missed that pair of so-called 'angels' around campus."

"Well, it's right for whoever I happen to be helping," Deis points out with a wink. As for things coming with people? "Sometimes it doesn't happen. Seems to vary, from what I've seen. Sod's law says if something came with you it was evil." She sighs at the mention of things coming with people from their home worlds. "I'm glad my sister hasn't showed up here. I hope she doesn't. That would be an epic mess."

"I've been trying to stay on the lay low." Korra sheds some light as to why she hasn't gotten to know all the cool kids that are going to her school. "I know the moment I start using my bending, everyone is going to want for me to fix their problem. Not that I mind, but.." She stretches her arms a little, "I'm biding my time before coming back to the hero job in full force. Besides, you guys seems to have well handled for now." To Deis, she considers her words and reluctantly agrees. "I suppose. I guess I've been wishing so hard for my friends to show up here that I haven't considered the possibility of scum of my world converging." If even someone as Amon managed to get into Twisted, it would also be an epic mess. Suddenly, Korra is looking to the side and twirling her index fingers together. "Say, um. This may be out of left field but, are either of you dating anybody?" Now that's one way to change the subject abruptly.

Rayne says, "Oh, yeah. It's completely totally random as far as if more people come or not, and if they're friendly or not... though... Usually from what I've seen it tends to happen fairly often, and it's usually people on good terms with each other. There was even someone from my universe that showed up, though I'd never heard of her before she was here. She up and vanished after she kinda got TASK's bad eye, though..." She shrugs, then looks to Korra. "Well, do what you want. Like we said, Twisted is an opportunity to be what you want, rather than what the world wants. We'll of course welcome a capable defender for the city, but if you want to go into automotive repair, then more power to you! ....We can effectively switch if that's the case." She lets out a minor sigh after saying that... telling a bit about how important she was in her home universe. She then blinks in surprise at the sudden change of subject. "Uhhhh... I had someone I was eyeing, but... no?"

"Bending?" Deis inquires. "You're very strong, then?" Wrong kind of 'bending'-- Deis is thinking physically bending and unbending objects. As for Korra's friends showing up? "Think of it like a vaccuum cleaner. Whatever's in its path is going to get sucked up. At least, that's what it seems like." The question gets a tilt of her head. "Dating? Well, no. there was that cute fellow with the stone face, but he's a little skittish. Which is a pity because he's cute! And then sweet little Koko, but he's skittish too." She's naming males. But then suddenly... she sidles over to Korra, looping her tail around the girl's feet at ground level. It won't touch her feet, though. "But you are an adorable one~! Were you interested~?" As she tries swing her upper body to the Avatar's side to try and put her chin on Korra's shoulder, she addresses Rayne, "Maybe the little dragon prince will show up here. Maybe even the other one. He wasn't a bad dragon, really. Just Myria got to him and screwed with his mind beyond repair."

Korra arches an inquisitive eyebrow at Rayne when she spots that dejected sigh. The Avatar is by no means a very empathetic person - even though she should be - Korra is more brawns than brain for sure. Sometimes though, she happens to get lucky and spot a key detail that tells her a lot about a person. In this case, she puts two and two together about why Rayne is grimacing. "You were a mechanic?" She's trying to figure Rayne's previous profession. "That sounds like a big leap to a police officer." Then things get awkward again, which is entirely her own fault for asking such things. Korra all but shudders again and grows stiff when Deis coils around her snake like and puts her chin on her bared shoulder. Korra has a tendency to always wear sleeveless shirts to show off her muscles so there's a lot of skin for Deis to touch. Too bad that her personal charm could use some work. "I, um, well, uh.. I, I mean, I'm not even sure if..well, maybe." Words are coming out of her mouth but none of them are enough to form a complete sentence. She blinks up as Rayne speaks though looking a bit wide eyed. "Really?" She sounds surprised that someone had caught Rayne's eye. "Do you mind if I ask who was it?"

Rayne says, "I'd point out 'sweet little Koko' has been going a bit steady with Silencia for a while, too." She glances to Korra, saying, "She's talking about Kota-" That's about when Deis sweeps Korra up. Rayne actually takes a step back at that action, taken off guard herself. "Uhhh.... Well... Among a crapton of other things through my life, but yeah, I've been a mechanic of sone sor t or another a lot..." She then blinks as she's asked who her crush is, soon blushing quite a bit. "Uhhh, actually, yes, I kinda do mind."

Not to worry, Deis isn't being untoward, really. She's just sort of loosely coiling in Korra's general direction and has her chin on the girl's shoulder. She's not full-body hugging her or anything like that. There are definitely people more touchy-feely. She stays quiet while Korra asks Rayne about her previous love interest. And then Rayne says that Kotal and Silencia hooked up. "Ooh, really? I'm glad he found someone," she says. Then she giggles a little as Rayne refuses to tell who her crush is. "Ooooh~. But then how will I sing about you kissing in a tree with someone?" she teases. It's a gentle tease, she knows full well why Rayne won't say.

Even if Deis were actively coiling around Korra its likely that the Avatar wouldn't have minded. After all, she is putting no resistance whatsoever to Deis resting her chin on her bared shoulder. Once someone allows a total stranger to break that barrier of personal space its safe to assume they can get away with more forward stuff. Korra isn't actively luring Deis to snuggle up to her more though, and so the snake woman can remain there if she wants for now. Then again, Korra may also be holding still as the talk turns to Kotal Kahn and his girlfriend. "Oh, right. I remember now. She fixed my arm that he broke." She's clearly a little sore about it. Deis confessing that she was pinning on him for a while not helping things. "How does a guy like that get so many girls? It's not fair." Yeah, she's not even trying to hide her jealousy now. When Rayne declines to answer her question about the identity of her crush, the Avatar can't help but look a little disappointed. "I guess I understand. I guess at least now I know that's a possibility around here."

Rayne sighs and rolls her eyes at Deis. "See, it's teases like that which keep me from being open about that kind of thing. Look, I just don't know if it's even a possibility, and I don't want to kill a friendship by making things weird, okay?" She lets out another sigh, then looks to Korra again. "You have no idea. I've yet another friend that was pining after him, too, and she's been really depressed lately because of it, I think." She then tilts her head. "I don't think you know them, anyway." Nope, she's not even specifying a gender.

"Because girls like 'fixing' things, and 'taming the savage heart' is definitely a thing with women," Deis points out. She shifts, so she can wink at Korra and have her see it. Rayne speaks of people pining for Kotal, and Deis giggles. "Oh I wasn't pining for him," she clarifies. "Just because I think he has a spectacular build doesn't mean I threw my heart anywhere in his vicinity." A smirk. Then she gets an idea. "Oh! Oh, we should get all of them together for a pity party. Just all of us get blitzed and forget about it."

"I would actually be okay with that." Korra agrees feeling very sorry for herself all of the sudden, and what better way to mend an aching heart than with copious amounts of alcohol and other aching hearts?

Rayne raises an eyebrow. "So all... two of you? Honestly, that doesn't sound like her kind of thing." She shrugs to Deis, then raises an eyebrow to Korra. "Oh... you too? Huh... I really would not have called that." Yeah, she's totally reaching the wrong conclusion there. Sometimes Rayne can be pretty damn oblivious.



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