2016-04-28 - Happy Trees

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Happy Trees

Summary: The search for Minu's Kala tree begins.

Who: Minu, Kotal_Kahn, Silencia,
When: April 28, 2016
Where: TASK Building

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Now that heavy emotional questions have been answered and there is a certain understanding between the three, its time to go back to TASK and see to important things...like CAKE! Minu for one is starving. She hadn't really eaten anything since the day before and the idea of mounting an attack on that glorious confection Kotal made sounds utter sublime to the little elf. So the three return to the TASK building dining room and the little lady bounces up to park her rump on the edge of the table and before either Kotal or Silencia are both seated she already has a finger full of green icing going to her little mouth.

Silencia laughs as she sees the little Minu already digging in. "It appears Minu can't wait to have a taste of your cake, Kotal!" She calmly grabs a few plates and forks before making her way over to the cake. She gently taps Minu's hand to clear the cake so she can cut it up and serve. The cake wasn't in its original glory anymore, since Kotal had already started eating from it before, but that doesn't mean they cannot have table manners, right? She hands both Minu and Kotal a plate with a moderate piece of cake. "There you go."

That had been a very eventful day! Kotal Kahn has had entire military kampaigns where he accomplished less than in the last few hours of being together with Minu and Silencia. This means that the Aztec god is feeling incredibly satisfied with this development and it reflects in his good mood. "As she should!" Boasts the Aztec whilst laughing as he sees Minu dive for the cake and taste the frosting. "This confectionery delight has been prepared with the specific purpose of pleasing all of you." Minu will be the first then to try the lemony flavor that is the tree cake's frosting, with a strong hint of apple added to the mix.

Ever the tidy mother though, Silencia beats Kotal to the punch before he too can dive for the cake and makes sure they are all seated to hand them all plates. "Are you sure you do not wish for me to split it in half with my macuahuitl?" That is, apparently, an Aztec custom of some sort.

The little elf giggles and cheekily sticks her tongue out at Silencia as she gets her hand tapped by the fae lady. She makes a little mock pout then slides off the tables edge and sits politely in a chair. The little lady smiles softly and dips her chin, giving Kotal a little side ways look. "the frosting is very nice. Lemon, yes?" She is of course a fan of fruit flavors, anyone who ever seen her smoothie list would know. When Silencia hands her a plate and fork the little elf beams a pleased smile up at the lady and murmurs softly "Thank you"

Silencia chuckles lightly at Minu's pouting while she's cutting herself a nice little piece of cake. She then sits down as well, an eyebrow raising at Kotal's question. She grins lightly. "I'm sure, Kotal. I think that might get a bit messy!" Silencia happily takes a bite of her piece. She had tasted it before, but her worries had made her unable to properly enjoy the taste. A happy little hum escapes her. "This really is a great cake, Kotal!" She licks a bit of frosting off of her finger and smiles happily. "Most delicious tree ever!" "Nonsense, my macahuitl can cut with surgical like precision!" Kotal argues about his swordmanship prowess. However, he really doesn't fight the issue, particularly not when Silencia has already gone ahead and cut slices for both of them. What matters is that everyone gets cake either way. "Yes, indeed, Minu. I thought it best to use the out most natural flavors to mimic the taste of a tree. Even the flour has been mixed with syrup and tree sap instead of milk and sugar." That cake is not only delicious but also seems to be very healthy. Kotal grins widely as Silencia approves and puffs out his chest. "I am glad you approve. Nothing but the best for my loves." Looks like already has gotten accustomed to the idea of having two wives. So much in fact that he's actually still very aware of his surroundings and starts looking around. "Hm, do try not to say the word 'cake' out loud too much. We would not wish to attract the attention of Ferra/Torr." That would be a mess and a half if they show up.

A pretty blush stains Minu's cheeks and across her small pert nose at Kotals words. It is going to take a little getting used to the fact that she has right now to consider him...hers..and she, his. With a tiny girlish squee sound she dips her chin and tries to focus on eating cake. A small stain of frosting smudges her lip and her tongue darts out to try and capture it. Minu suddenly makes a little murphing sound and puts her plate on the table then darts off quickly. Its just a few moments before the little elf returns with a sketch pad and some colored pencils. "speaking of trees...the Kala." She takes another bite of cake then sets in, intensely focused, as she works to sketch out the tree in question. Being scientific minded, she works to make the drawing look like a plate from a botanical text book.

The sight of Minu's blush and Kotal's comfort in this situation makes Silencia smile. She usually feels rather protective of her bond with Kotal and sometimes can't help but get jealous, but somehow it was different with Minu. Maybe because they also shared a bond? Kotal's words make the fae laugh and the girl shakes her head. "You shouldn't underestimate your warriors! They are pretty well-behaved if you treat them the right way!" Silencia was sure she could make sure that the two would not go berserk when she was around, Mother Silencia had a way with them! As Minu focuses on the drawing of the tree, Silencia smiles at Kotal. "While Minu's busy, would you like me to explain why we want to grow a Kala tree?"

Kotal also smiles when his words have that effect on Minu. He as well would be against the idea of offering loving words to anyone but Silencia. After all, he very clearly refused all of Panty's advances when she was clinging all over him. But it does indeed feel different with Minu. It warms Kotal's heart to finally see the elf owl smile and even more so because he knows Silencia shares this feeling with him.

However, even as his mate, Minu continues to be the intellectual she has always been and dashes off to get a book. "Please do." Kotal then says to Silencia when she offers to explain what is going on. "I wish to understand what you two have been talking about."

As for Ferra/Torr's ability to control themselves though he simply chuckles and shakes his head. "I still rather not run that risk if it is not necessary."

Silencia finishes her piece of cake rather quickly, even taking another piece before she begins explaining. "You see, Minu told me that her kind celebrate their coming of age in the presence of a certain tree that has been planted since their birth to allow a connection between them. This tree has pollen that allow them to... bond... with others, if I understood that correctly." Silencia glances at Minu before continuing. "Minu's tree is, of course, back in her own world and thus, I'm going to try and see if I can make one of those trees grow here." The girl smiles sheepishly and takes another bite. "I'm not sure if I'll be able to, but it's worth a shot, right?"

"More pollen induced shenanigans, I see." Kotal says with a rather sly smile. Perhaps it should come to no surprise that Minu and Silencia love each other so as it turns out the two have quite a bit in common. Minu being an elf, of course, Kotal should have known that there's quite a bit of kinship between the owl librarian and Silencia who is a fey. After all, where the elves not were widely regarded as the fey folk?

"I'm certain that could be managed." Says Kotal sounding confident that it is an achievable goal. "Stranger things have happened here in Twisted after all. Who is to say that a Kala tree doesn't exist in this realm already. It would simply be a matter of collecting the seed and cause it to grow at a faster rate."

Silencia blushes at Kotal's words and smile. "You're such a pervert, Kotal!" A smile on her lips shows that she's merely kidding. "It seems to be an important part of her coming of age, Kotal. That's why I need Minu to draw me one, so I know what exactly I'm dealing with. If there is one in Twisted, I'll be able to find it. If there isn't one, I will need to try to grow it anyway." Silencia seems a bit excited, her violet eyes twinkling with enthousiasm. "It is an interesting challenge nontheless!"

Kotal cackles at Silencia's reaction and reaches for his girl, drawing her close by wrapping a powerful arm around her dainty shoulders, careful as always to not brush her butterfly wings. "Merely stating a fact my butterfly. You know full well what will a 'coming of age' will entail do you not?" The Aztec's eyes glow faintly with gold and he gets, perhaps, a slightly too devious smile to his face.

He moves on quickly nevertheless, though not without sitting Silencia on his lap. "A worthy challenge indeed. Though one that I am certain we can overcome. We've battled against hellish beasts of all kinds and emerged victorious after all. The search for a tree will be child's play to ones such as we."

Silencia does not resist when Kotal pulls her closer, her blush still there. Her eyes slightly narrow at the man, still smiling. "You're having fun with this, aren't you?" Usually Silencia is the mischievous one, but it appears that Kotal is in a very good and joking mood because of what happened. Silencia giggles and leans against him while she sits on his lap, the girl very comfortable. "Let's hope it is as easy as you say..." Her wings flutter slightly before folding down. Silencia peeks at the drawing Minu, she was so focused that she didn't even react to them fooling around like this! "Minu? Are you almost done?"

The little elf was aware of the playful teasing that Kotal and Silencia were doing. A small smile curls her lips, and interestingly enough, a moment that would have made her uncomfortable a few days ago simply warms her heart now. She glances briefly at the two and a soft sigh spills from her. They are both so incredible, the love there, the spirit and they are hers, she is allowed to love them and openly now. She gets back to her drawing, being careful to show the texture of the bark, a close up panel of the leaves, the seeds and the blossoms. Soon she has a rather nicely done color sketch of the Kala tree. "almost...done If Silencia can make one or we can find one to get a seed, we will need a place to plant. Its a very big tree, and they grow very old. When the children of my folk are born, each is celebrated with the planting of a Kala, the tree is put into the earth with the afterbirth of the child. It is believed that the child and tree are linked and that both will grow and mature together. When the the tree is two centuries, it flowers for the first time. As she finishes the sketch and turns the pad around for the others to see.

"Tremendously." Kotal shamelessly admits that he's enjoying teasing Silencia about this with yet another smile. After all, this is cause of celebration. What would draw Minu away and make her feel dejected now brings a smile to her face. The Aztec feels this approval as well and he returns that loving smile to the owl lady, all whilst caressing Silencia's tummy and enjoying the warmth she offers to his lap and chest.

"Let us see first if we can find one of these trees in Twisted. Nothing says that this realm only pulls sentient beings into its fold. Flora and fauna from other universes are sure to be found here."

"Only if that fails should we invest on creating our own. Those are my thoughts at least."

Silencia giggles softly at Kotal and gives him a soft slap against the chest. "Pervert." She leans over to peek at Minu's drawing, her eyes narrowing slightly to take in the various details. Her eyes widen slightly and a bright smile appears on her face. "I think I've felt the presence of that kind of tree... or at least a similar one." She straightens and grins happily, her curiosity about the tree strengthening. "I would need to go outside and connect with Mother Nature to know where exactly it is though, but I think there is one!"

When Kotal smiles at her, and there is undisguised affection for her in his gaze the little elf catches her lower lip with her teeth and giggles. She feels all fluttery inside and squirms a little in her seat. She had always been so focused on mental pursuits that these warm wanting feelings are a very new thing for her. She breaths to try and settle the inner butterflies and when Sil says she is things there is already a Kala tree in Twisted her golden eyes go wide. "oh Silencia, it would be so much easier for you to just inspire a tree to grow from an existing seed. Though I do think we need to grow one and not use the one that is here already..it might be bonded to another already."

The warrior chuckles as his bared chest is slapped playfully, though he is quickly to switch back to 'work' mode when Silencia announces that the possibility of a Kala tree existing in Twisted already is quite likely.

He is surprised when Minu sounds against the idea though and inquires. "Ah, but my owl, that is the plan. We would not wish to claim an already grown tree to be yours."

He nods to Silencia. "We will procure a seed from this existing seed and plant it here. It will represented your new beginnings here in Twisted. A beginning that can then be properly shared with all of us." Kotal had always been amicable with Minu, but as she suspects his tone when addressing the elf is very different now. There is clear love to his words.

Silencia slips off of Kotal's lap and puts her plate away, the girl having a thoughtful, but cheerful look on her face. "It would definitely be easier to grow one out of a seed! Though I don't think we should plant it in a place like the park. It would disrupt the balance if a tree that big suddenly grew there..." She peeks at the door and grins. "I think I'll go to the park and meditate. Now that I know what I'm looking for, I want to hurry and find it!"

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