2016-05-04 - Fresh Fish!

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Fresh Fish!

Summary: Someone's cooking in the TASK break room, and it's neither Kotal nor Silencia!

Who: Minu, Rayne, Serenity, Silencia
When: May 5th, 2016
Where: TASK Headquarters: Kitchen


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It's evening, in the TASK break room, and Rayne is up there! With a fresh pot of coffee in the process of brewing, Rayne is doing something very, very unusual for her.

She's actually cooking.

The smells of fresh fish being cooked waft about the complex as Rayne drops her prepped catch onto the pre-heated and waiting pan. Yes, she has caught herself a sizable fish earlier in the day, and she well knows that she cannot eat it all herself, so instead of preparing it at home, she has brought it here to prepare and cook for others as well before she starts her shift down in the Welcome Center for the day! The smell of spices definitely clings to the air, and by the smell of it, she's used about as much of the hot stuff as Kotal typically does... perhaps even more.

Delicious smells are bound to attract many different things, including the winged priestess and a little owlette! Silencia's wings are folded neatly behind her back, dragging behind her like a cloak. She seems more accustomed to the appendages now. Minu is seated on her right shoulder and Silencia tilts her head to smile at the owl. "Do you smell something delicious too, Minu?" The spices did remind Silencia of Kotal, but the whistling was something that made the priestess think that it was actually Rayne. Only one way to find out! Silencia steps into the room and grins at her rainbow-haired friend. "Just as I thought! I hope you're ready to share, Rayne, because that smells amazing!"

The little owlet is tucked against the right side of Silencia's neck. She fluffs her brown feathers and stretches her neck up to lightly beak nibble at the fae woman's ear lobe. Soft trilling hoots can be heard from the little bird as Silencia speaks to her. As the pair enter the kitchen the little owl does a little half hop half bob and a little wing flutter in greeting as well as a louder hoot toward Rayne. The fish does smell divine and its great to see the rainbow haired lady looking so happy and involved in something .

The spotty slug spies Silencia entering the kitchen and ripples around the corner to catch a peek inside. The tips of the rhinophores come out of the water, too, as Silencia mentions the smell. "Hello," Ren rasps cheerily to Minu and the others. "Did I miss an invitation?" Ren quips, then regards Rayne inquisitively on noticing that it is she doing the cooking.

Rayne's whistled tune ends with a sliding note upward as if a question as Sil enters and greets her. "Well, sure! I couldn't eat something this size myself, can I? I don't know what it is, but it doesn't match any poisonous fish I found when looking at any database I could get my hands on. So I'm just prepping it up like any other fish." The fish is by now unidentifiable, as it appears she had gutted, scaled, and removed the head and fins before she brought it here, but from the amount of chunks she's put on the pan, it indeed was quite sizable! "Hey Sil, Minu..." She then looks around behind the pair as Serenity pokes around the corner as well. "And Ren! No invitations sent or needed, it'll be first come first serve..." She then frowns, slightly. "If you're capable of eating this, that is?" Regardless, there's more than enough for the group, even if Ren can eat this.

Silencia giggles at Minu's nibbling. "That tickles!" She reaches up to gently tickle the owlette under her wing. She notices Ren before she's able to respond to Rayne. "Oh, hey there Serenity! I would barge in and eat even if there were invitations and I wasn't invited!" Silencia is in a very cheerful mood! She then returns her attention to Rayne and grins while holding up her hands and wiggling her fingers. "If it does end up being poisonous, I'll heal everyone!" She steps closer and takes a peek at the pan from a safe distance. "Oohh, that looks delicious! We should be quick to eat, before Ferra and Torr smell this!"

The tiny owl flutters her wings and makes several soft cooing hoots as Silencia makes those little tickles under her wings. Those fingers are lightly beaked, not true biting but more gentle nibbles. It would seem that the fae lady and the little owl have grown more comfortable with each other of late. When en is spotted the owlet hoots a greeting then hops down Silencia's shoulder and peeks at the pan as Sil does. Nope, no idea what kind of fish at this point but it does look yummy!

"I'll join in the company now," Serenity says amiably to Rayne, "and the food later." Ren flows in a slow undulation of aquamarine fins to 'stand' at Silencia's side. "I'm not in the habit of crashing parties, though." Ren adds, "I didn't happen to see you during off hours lately, Minu. I hope that you've been doing well?"

Rayne grins at Silencia. "That hopefully won't be needed." She does frown at the mention of Ferra and Torr... Then raises an eyebrow at the interaction between Sil and Minu. She shrugs, however, and puts her attention back on her fish. Not knowing what kind of fish it is, she doesn't know exactly how long she should be cooking it. "Uhhh... Does anyone know where the meat thermometer is?" She nods to Ren with a light frown before saying, "I don't know if you can normally eat seafood or not, but... I've thrown a lot of spices and seasoning on it, so you might not be able to in the end... sorry."

There is no doubt that Silencia seems a bit closer to the little owlette. She lets out a surprised "Huh?" when Minu hops off of her shoulder. The winged girl grins at Serenity when the gentle slug joins her side. "Ahh, then I'll teach you! It's all about being all cheerful and smiley while you blend in! Also, it helps to be adorable, then they cannot even think about chasing you off!" Oh my, Silencia really is in a cheerful mood (a bit too much even!), giving out tips on how to crash a party! Rayne's question makes Silencia perk up and open a drawer. "It should be here..." She hadn't missed Rayne's look and now she looks a bit embarrassed, not yet blushing, but close. After a couple of seconds of searching, she triumphantly pulls out the meat thermometer and hands it to Rayne. "There you go!"

The little owl was still on the fae, she simply moved down a little to her upper arm so she could interact with the others as well. She bobs her small form in an equivalent of a nod at Ren when she asks if she had been well. It has likely been noticed by others that the little elf had been a trifle hard to find of late when she wasn't actively working. The spring and other things had been pulling a lot of the elf's attention. Rayne's look was not missed and she hooted softly and dipped her head shying slightly, especially when Sil made that little sound and her own bit of blushing. The little owl beaked at Sil's arm lightly then hopped off and with a flutter of wings, she shifts and simply lands on dainty feet with a small bounce. She looks up at the other ladies and pushes her glasses up her nose.

"Some human spices seem to throw off fermentation a bit, but it usually turns out well enough in the end," Ren reassures Rayne. With her question about the thermometer, Ren defers to others, glancing over to Silencia. "Also, are the trimmings still in the trash?" Ren grins at Silencia's advice. "Party crashing, then, sounds as though some people would find it a more difficult exercise than others. This also implies that Sae's invitation should never be neglected." Despite having seen it a number of times before, Ren still watches Minu's transformation attentively.

Rayne laughs a bit as she takes the thermometer and sticks it into one of the larger chunks she's currently pan-frying. "I hate to break it to you, Sil, but I don't think any of us right now are really capable of 'blending in' very well to a crashed party. We all kinda stand out in our own ways now. But what was this about Sae's invitation? Oh, yeah, it's over there." She motions with her head towards the trash can she'd put the expendable parts. "Not sure if it's still usable, I didn't pay attention to what else was in there..." She then glances at Minu. "And you never know what gets thrown in the trash in here." At least, as far as she's aware, Minu's lab hasn't been set up yet. Rayne looks down at the thermometer before pulling it out again with a shake of her head. Apparently it's not done yet. "So where've you guys been hiding? I've not seen you out and about much lately."

"Ahh, you'll be a natural, Ren! Colorful, gentle and friendly, you will fit right in with any crowd!" Silencia grins as she jokes around with Serenity. "Too little parties to crash around here though..." Rayne's comment gets a cheeky grin. "That is the trick, my phoenix-friend. When everyone stands out, no one does!" She then peeks at Ren and tilts her head. "Is Sae having a party?" She cracks her fingers as if to prepare for a battle. "Seems like I found me a party to crash!" A playful grin shows that she's merely kidding though. Rayne's question makes Silencia shrug lightly. "Sorting out some things, finally properly getting an apartment set up, being denser than Kotal for a change. I've been quite busy these days!" The hint of a blush on her cheeks suggests that there's more to her story though.

Minu smooths her hands down over her ruffled blouse and skirt and smiles at Ren as she catches the sea slug watching her. Rayne's pointed comment and look about the trash has her lifting one small hand "I haven't done any science in the kitchen in several days. So, if there is something in that can, its not my fault for a change. If Bob would get to building the things he has been requested to see to we would be assured that things in the kitchen were kitchen scraps. However I have been told several times that the fellow is busy tidying things up for folks after all the xeno activity. New locks on doors and window glass and of course there was a whole side of the UR that had to be replaced after Kotal and Superboy had their little brawl." Sil's words bring a hot blush to Minu's cheeks and she fidgets and picks some bit of unseen lint off her skirt "ummm yeah, things. Its Spring..." Yeah that's gonna explain things real well.

"I was just noting that Sae seemed a particularly good example of the 'cheerful and smiley' suggestion," Ren explains. As Rayne confirms the location of the fish parts, Ren slips over to the trash and leans over to wave rhinophores inside. Ren doesn't, however, go digging during the meal preparation but instead turns back to the others. "If you need an excuse for a party," Ren says, motioning a pair of fins to Silencia, "perhaps dedicating your redecorating job can be your excuse?" Minu's latter remark gets an inquisitive glance from Ren.

Rayne glances at the calendar on the wall for some reason. "Well, I'm glad you've gotten your apartment more sorted out... I'll have to visit ya some time. Have either of you two been to my apartment? I can't remember..." She does remember Ren visiting her, however. "But I really find it hard to believe you could be denser than Kotal. Man has a skull of lead, if ya ask me." She then glances at Minu after flipping over each of the pieces of fish. "Wait, he's told you he was repairing the UR? That place is totally covered by nanobots, Minu... I think Bob might be bullshitting you on that one..." She raises an eyebrow at the mention of spring, but shrugs that away. "Sae is... the physical embodiment of 'cheerful and Smiley'," she says with a bit of a slump to her shoulders.

Silencia pouts slightly "Aww... so no party to crash?" Her pout is short-lived as Serenity's suggestion allows Silencia to brighten up. "Ohh, that is a good idea! Though it might take a little while to be done with my apartment, I've been lazy and there still are a couple things I need to finish before it's ready for visitors!..." Minu's hair gets ruffled by the girl before she grins at Rayne. "I've been to your apartment, even brought you some calming flowers! But yeah, about the denseness, it really happened. My theory is that his denseness is contagious." A resolute nod from the girl punctuates that sentence before she moves on. "And Sae is on a completely different level. I'm pretty sure the girl would be crashing parties all over the place without even knowing it!"

Minu shakes her head "no Rayne I have never been to your place." She ducks her head and makes a little sound in her throat as Sil ruffles her hair. "hey.." she squeaks and makes a lack luster little swatting motion at the fae woman even as she blushes and giggles. She looks back at the other women "Sae is the girl who thinks everything is cute...right? I have met her but not spent a lot of time around her. She is a little over touchy feelly sometimes." Another blush and this time a little sideways look at Silencia. She suddenly frowns and spins around to face Rayne "Do you mean to tell me that he lied to me?! Oh that is it. I am gona kick him in the shins! I have been waiting for the lab to be finished and for him to get the new door handles put on all over HQ here, the pups can't use round nobs so I am having lever style handles put on all the doors so we don't have to worry about letting them out."

Serenity nods in agreement at the mention of visiting Rayne, then glances over curiously to Minu at the observation about Bob and rebuilding. Ren also seems to take note of Minu's reaction to the hair-ruffling, and with an amused expression slides over near Silencia again. Ren nods at Minu's account of the renovations and adds, "I occasionally need to make a couple attempts at turning a polished doorknob myself." However, Ren isn't distracted from paying back Silencia's earlier gesture with a set of damp 'fingers' attempting to ruffle her hair in turn.

Rayne says, "Oooooh, right, right, I've forgotten about that!" She laughs, shaking her head as she checks the temperature on the fish. "I might have to spend less time around Kotal, then... I've had my moments of denseness in the past, myself. I don't need to get worse. Yeah, that's the girl we're talking about, all right, Minu. An absolute drain on me, but she's a good kid." She then winces as Minu speaks of the threat to Bob's shins, then nods to Ren. "Looks like we really do need those handle types, then. If I weren't so busy with a thousand other things, I'd offer just to do it myself."

Silencia grins at the little Minu before finally leaving her hair alone. "I like the girl, she reminds me of the more cheerful children back home!" Eyebrows are raised at the sudden wrath of the owlette. "Oh my... calm down sweety, no need for shin-kicking just yet." She pats Minu on the back and smiles. "If he's all battered, he cannot build your lab!" And then her hair gets ruffled. "Ahh ahahah! Ren!" Cheerful laughter escapes the priestess as she steps back to try and escape from Serenity. "Hahah... wow, I did not expect that!" The last giggles die out as she calms down and peeks at Rayne. "That reminds me, weren't you supposed to go to the Welcome Center?" She steps in and peeks at the fish. "I'll take over from here and bring you some of your delish fish, don't worry and go, okay?"

Minu sighs as Silencia pats her and urges her to calm down. "well you are likely right, but I hate being lied to!" She giggles and dances away as Silencia gets a taste of being head ruffled by Ren. She pauses and checks the kitchen clock as Silencia mentions Rayne's shift coming up "we will make sure you get a very nice plate all made up full of fish and other good things Rayne, you don't want to be late to the Welcome Center again."

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