2016-05-04 - Fresh Off The Boat

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Fresh Off The Boat

Summary: Sae explains the rules to a rather confused newcomer.

Who: Sae, Edward
When: May 4, 2016
Where: The Usual Restaurant


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The door to the Usual Restaurant opens slowly and smoothly, almost hesitantly, and the form of Edward Cullen slowly steps into the room. The only hint that anything is amiss is the slightly hunted expression on the teen's face, letting the door swing shut behind him, as he steps into the building - the first building he saw, truthfully - fully.

Leaning against a wall and humming to herself, Sae's smiling wide as she waits for her first customer of the night! It's a pretty long wait though! So the girl pulls out the latest edition of 'Cat Fancy' and giggles, so absorbed in the cuteness that she takes a moment to register that she's got a customre! Dressed in the girl's uniform for the place, the waitress has on a white Japanese schoolgirl outfit with a light blue skirt and collar, along with black thigh-highs! Ever the bubbly one, Sae looks up at Edward and lets her magizine fall the floor -flashing pictures of kittens at the man!- and rushes over towards him! "Hi hi! I don't think I've run into you yet!". With a big curtsy and a /huge/ smile up at Edward, she adds with a giggle "Nice to meet you though! And welcome to the Usual Restaurant! I'm Sae, and I'll -probably!- be your waitress!".

Edward looks a little surprised to find such a... well, mundane, perhaps, is not the best word for her, but considering the architecture outside, it's comparable... such a relatively normal restaurant in such a strange place. In a smooth, low voice, he replies, "I... don't believe we've met, no." Still with something of a hunted expression on his face, his amber eyes flit about the interior of the restaurant. "Perhaps you could answer a few questions for me, Sae?"

Sae nods excitedly, and without another word takes one of Edward's hands in two of her own and (if he lets her!) pulls him over to a booth! "Mhmhmhmhm! I haven't been here super long myself so I MIGHT not be the best kinda person to ask, but I'll try my best to help ya!", doing a little twirl so her skirt flares out all cute like, then putting her hands on her hips! "So! First things first! Do you want something to drink? Maybe something warm? You felt kinda..chilly!"

Edward, as Sae pulls him along (or perhaps more accurately as he lets her pull him along), retrieves his hand smoothly, and so as not to be rude, slides into the booth. "Perhaps... just some water, please. But, really, just some information is fine." He glances, again, around the restaurant as though expecting it to dissolve. "Where... where exactly am I?"

Sae claps once and pushes onto her tiptoes -something she does lots!- and flashes another smile to Edward's request. "Mhm! Water! One sec!", dashing off into the back to pour a glass. Giggles echo out from the kitchen, as the girl really does have fun playing the waitress! Half-jogging back over with the glass in hand, she sets it down and then dows another single clap. "So! You're in the Usual Restaurant! And well, probably whatcha wanna know is that you're in Twisted! It's a kinda silly place with a BUNCH of really weird -but good weird!- people from all over abuncha other places! I actually have /idea/ what Twisted /actually/ is, but it's kinda cool! We've got mermaidy-sirens and planty-princesses and a REALLY-" she stands on her tiptoes "-tall guy who says he's a God and bestest of all, an adorable cute vampire girl here! All sorta nice people!".

"What's you're name anyway Mister?"

Edward swirls the glass of water around in his hand, listening to Sae explain, and, raising the glass of water to his lips, pauses - just as her explanation touches on adorable cuteness. "There are... ...gods and vampires here?" He smirks a little bit, and it's a charming, if a little bit arrogant, expression. "Aren't those myths?" He does, however, clear his throat a little. "My manners, I apologize. My name is Edward, Edward Cullen. It's nice to meet you, Sae."

Sae nodnodnods abunch again to the first question. "I thought so tooo! But Kotal's really super seem's like an..aztec-" voice raising slightly, since she's unsure! "-God? And Flan is def a vampire! I found that out for real when she was all humfph-!", at that Sae makes a chomping motion with her teeth and holds both hands up beside her head, fingers curled like she's clawing and biting something as an animal. "She nommed me! Like, legit did vampire stuff! Was crazy! But super super cute and cool too! And I know Sil's for real too 'cause she went in a planty cocoon and came out a butterfly princess!". Silencia is, incidently, not an actual princess. Sae just can't get it through her head that 'priestess' and 'princess' aren't the same..

"But it's nice to meet you too Edward! Where're you from anyways? If you wanna say! Compared to most people here you seem kinda normal!".

Edward raises an eyebrow at that, slightly, more taken aback by the fact that Sae seems to really believe it, all of it, more than because she said it. But still, he's not one for excessive displays of exuberance, and so responds, "I..." He's silent for just a moment. "I'm from Washington." Expecting her to recognize where that is, he further asks, "But, going back on our conversation for a moment... when you say 'vampire stuff', what exactly do you mean?"

"Y'know, vampire stuff!" Sae says, cocking her hips side to side while she thinks of how to explain it, assumming quite wrongly that Edward's not famliar with vampires. "So liiike, vampires need blood to live! And Flandre's a vampire! So every so often she'll do vampire stuff and suck some blood from me! It makes me aaaaall sortsa dizzy, but don't worry! She takes good care of me and stuffs! See-" Sae unbuttons the top button on her uniform and pulls the neck aside just enough to show off two circle 'Hello Kitty' bandaids where the bite marks would be.

Edward is perfectly, utterly still for a moment while he absorbs those particular tidbits of information, although those two band-aids do occupy his attention for a few, internally tense moments. No memories of searing pain, hm? Smiling that light, charming smile, he replies in a somewhat patronizing tone, "Well, that's awfully kind of you to volunteer for your friend."

"Thanks! Flandre needed someone to do it, and she's so darn cute I thought I'd volunteer and stuff! We're even dating now, so I think that adds an extra layer of niceness to it!", putting her hands on her hips and grinning. Sae seems to be completly oblivious to the patronizing tone as she continues babbling on about the adorableness of it all, always smiling! "So so so! While we're talking, do you want me to have the chef whip something up for you? We've got everything you could want here, pratically! They even make compost-y stuff for Ren! She's a float-y seasluggy person! Super pretty colors! So if they can make stuff a fsssssty-fish likes, I'm sure they'll have something a human like you will! If you're hungry I mean!". Human like you? For someone who /lives/ and sleeps with a vampire, Sae's pretty darn bad at actually spotting them!

Edward is, in Sae's defence, not exactly the sparkling example of what one thinks of when they hear the word 'vampire'. "No, that's quite alright, Sae, but thank you. I think I had best save my money for the trip home." He glances around a little bit at that. "I don't suppose you could give me directions to the nearest airport?" The reality of his situation has not, one suspects, quite sunk in yet.

For all the bouncy-bubbly exuberance the girl tends to exhibit, Sae stops dead in her rambling tracks as Edward asks that question. "Oh! I umm..UMMMMMMMMMMM..UmMMMM" looking left and right, even twisting to get a good look over her shoudler for anyone else to break the news! "Ummm..Edward? I don't /think/ there's any airport that can get you back to Washington-land! You're kinda ina 'nother dimension thingy and stuff and and umm..you sure you don't want something to eat? Free! My treat! Sweets! Dessert!", trying reaaaally hard to distract from the whole 'you're stuck here' factor.

Edward does that thing where he goes perfectly, utterly still, not even seeming like he's breathing. "...no way to leave?" He looks around again, much slower this time, catching sight of the Twisted Street, and the storm of the wastelands in the distance. After a few more moments, he says in a bleak, dark tone of voice, "So... this is the point where you break the truth to me? That we're really in Hell?"

Sae freezes in place too, eyes very wide and not blinking. She's really, really not good at being the bearer of bad news! "I-um-umm..I really dunno much of anything about what Twisted is, but I can 'least confirm it isn't hell! Like..like..we wouldn't have butterfly girls in hell! Or or, an Aztec God! Or a cute rainbow-fishy-girl! Or this-!", running over to grab the pie she was decorating earlier with a cartoon bunny-rabbit face traced onto the top in icing. Hoping the cuteness will distract from the revelation and prove they're in an a-okay place, she holds it up for Edward to see! "Sides! Everyones super super super nice here! Sides the few mean monsters lurking about, it's a really awesome place to live!"

Edward laughs once at that, bitterly - but at least he looks like he's breathing again. Shaking his head lightly, he mutters, "Mean monsters lurking about? Well, at least I'll fit in." Abruptly he stands up, a fleeting expression of anger crossing his chiseled features.

Letting out an audible sigh as Edward starts breathing again -assuming it's simply him tensing up, rather than (presumably) not having to breath-, Sae smiles and shakes her head. "Don't be silly! You're totally not a monster, and you don't seem mean either! You just need a blanket is all!", grinning proudly with her hands on her hips, like she just diagnosed everything that was wrong with Edward. Which to her is true! "I wouldn't worry about the real mean things though. We've got a LOT of kick-butt people here. Even Sil can kick-butt stuff! Don't let the butterfly wings fool you!"

Edward reaches into his pocket, peels a twenty off of a roll of bills, and tosses it to the table to pay for the meal he never ordered. Darkly, he mutters, "Trust me, it's not the mean things I'm worried about. Thank you for your time, Sae. I've got to go think about this..." And with that, he starts stalking for the door that leads back out into the street.

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