2016-05-06 - Welcoming Edward

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Welcoming Edward

Summary: Edward runs into a few of the Welcoming Center crew in the UR.

Who: Edward, Rayne, Serenity
When: May 6th, 2016
Where: The Usual Restaurant


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It's another evening at the Usual, and the place is bustling with an array of individuals that would be considered odd just about anywhere else... But here in Twisted, this is just a Friday. And this Friday, Rayne is seated at the bar. An empty plate sits on the bar at her place, though she's not facing it. No, now done with her meal, she's turned around so her back is facing the bar instead, and she's looking out and about the crowd before her. She grins ever so slightly. These are her people, and she's starting to get used to this fact.

Serenity slides in from the street, through a door opened wide enough to admit the black disk of the forcefield generator. After ensuring no one wanted to stay dry is on the way out, Ren pours around the corner in a ripple of aquamarine gills and flashes of fluorescent mottling. Facing out from the bar, Rayne is even easier to spot than usual; Ren flashes a smile and an extended pair of fin edges towards her before quickly swimming over to join her.

After a few more moments, the door opens once again to admit the tall, pale form of Edward Cullen, who is, admittedly, staring after the forcefield... or perhaps the form within the forcefield. This place does seem to be full of surprises.

Rayne grins and waves at Ren as she approaches. "Hey, Ren! What brings you in tonight? Looking for a new microbial culture from kitchen scraps? Or am I just a stop on the way to the dance club?" She gives a glance at Edward, wondering if he's new in town due to his staring at Ren. Well, that or Johann might have competition. She shrugs and looks back to Ren again. "I just finished eating, myself."

"Hello," Ren rasps cheerfully, sliding in between two of the seats at the bar and leaning over one toward Rayne. "Quite possibly the latter," Serenity says, then motions an extruded fin edge downward to indicate the storage box on the field generator. The TASK badge is in there, but not yet put on display. "I also thought that I might try to spot some people in need of the Welcome Center's services." Ren nods to Rayne and then follows her gaze to Edward, twisting to look. (A spine shouldn't bend like that, but fortunately Ren doesn't have one.) "Is this one already?" Ren asks, then lifts a pair of fins from the water to wave, folding lines into the sheet of muscle to vaguely suggest a human arm within the sleeve of a loose garment. "Hello," Ren calls.

The figure at the door shakes his head a little bit, trying to wrap his head around the idea of... ...well, whatever it is that Serenity is. Moving with deliberate smoothness, he makes his way up towards the bar, raising a hand as well in wary greeting. "Good evening."

Rayne looks back over to the guy again as Ren's attention stays on him longer than her own had. Now that she's getting a better look at him, she does seem slightly taken aback by his appearance. "Ah, hello," she responds, along with a wave of her own. "I don't think I've seen you around here before. I think I would have remembered you."

Serenity slides out from between the seats a bit as Edward approaches. Ren comes to a stop a short distance from him with a small backwards flutter of the fin edges followed by slight station-keeping flicks. Ren offers him a handshake of sorts, holding up a pair of right fins and scalloping the edges of an extruded portion into 'fingers'; it might take a bit of imagination to see. "I am Serenity, and this is Rayne," Ren says, motioning to the side with the left fin edges. "Might you be newly arrived?"

Edward looks down at Serenity's 'hand' for a moment, and with a brief, almost imperceptible pause, glances up at Rayne for a moment, before putting his hand in Ren's. "Edward Cullen. And, yes, I'm new here." He sighs a little bit, mostly for effect. "Got off a plane in Seattle, ended up here, and when I turned around the plane was gone."

Rayne blinks at his explanation. "Well, that sounds like you just got pulled here, then.... Though I don't think I've run into an airport or spaceport anywhere here..." She then glances to the side with narrowed eyes. "Not that I'd put it beyond whatever powers that be here to just have one pop into existence..." She then clears her throat. "Well, at any rate, I welcome you to Twisted, in that case! Ren and I are a part of the local welcoming committee, of a sorts, so you've definitely run into the right people!"

Serenity's damp fins are cool but warmer than the water. The boneless muscle is firm (something like a human tongue) but without a strong grip. Ren 'blinks' eyes inward a twitch upon feeling the temperature of Edward's skin. Ren nods sympathetically to him. "Indeed, almost the same thing happened to me when I arrived, though I thought for some minutes afterward that I had simply exited at the wrong terminal and become confused by the foreign country." Ren then motions outwards, "What might we help you with first?"

Edward, his expression falling just a touch as he retrieves his hand, says, "Nice to meet you both, Serenity, Rayne. I'm guessing 'a way home' is off the table, from what I've been able to find out." He shakes his head a little bit at that. "It's no matter, I suppose. One place is as good as another."

Rayne sighs and shakes her head. "I'm afraid it is." She does smile as he seems to accept it as just as good a place as anywhere else. "Twisted's not so bad a place once you get used to it... It's possible to get a hold of free food and lodging, for instance..." She peers at him for a moment, trying to determine his age. "The academy does have a dormitory, if you're wanting to continue an education." That's Rayne, always jumping right towards the procedural parts.

Serenity, on the other hand, seems to frown more deeply at Edward's remark about places than his one about escape. Ren looks to Rayne and then watches Edward intently as she explains. "Said food can be found here," Ren says, gesturing outward, "as well as temporary employment, while the apartments are just across the street if you'll not be staying elsewhere." Ren motions toward him and continues, "I'm afraid that the resources of the Welcome Center are not great, but we may be able to provide information to help you better adapt, or seek out something that would provide some comfort and stability."

Edward can't help but smirk a little bit at that, just a little bit. "No, I should be alright, but thank you for your concern. I'm fairly self sufficient." He glances back at the door. "Apartments across the street? That would be the Integra Arms I saw earlier, then?"

Rayne nods to Edward. "Exactly the place!" She then frowns slightly. "Well, if you're doing okay on your own, that is probably for the best, then. But if you do need anything else to help you get situated, you can find the Welcome Center in the ground floor in that tower to the east." She motions in a general direction towards TASK headquarters, not that it can be seen from here.

Serenity looks to Rayne to answer his question. "Speaking of the Welcome Center," Ren mentions, "it occurs to me that perhaps I should be returning to it shortly." Ren motions toward Edward. "But perhaps someday soon we can have a more casual chat about your experiences with this world."

Edward returns Serenity's suggestion with a thoughtful expression. "Well, if that will help others around here, I can certainly do that. It's not as though I have many other demands on my time right now... it was nice to meet you, Serenity."

Rayne frowns to Serenity, but nods. "Ya just got here, though... Is my bad sense of time rubbing off on you now, Ren?" She then glances back at Edward again. "It's not so much helping others as it is about helping you. That's... kinda our job. Well, her job. I've got... a few more things on my plate in addition to that." . o O ( A few too many, really. )

Edward, as Serenity leaves, replies to Rayne, "Well, maybe I can help you with some of that, if you want. Like I said, it's not as though I have a lot to do right now, and it will probably give me an opportunity to get to know the place a little better."

Rayne laughs and shakes her head. "We have a policy of at least a month here before we accept help in the Welcome Center. But if combat is more your thing, then TASK proper might more interest you. We recruit there a bit more readily. Uh... Welcome Center is kind of a branch of TASK.... where I'm also the second in command."

Edward's lips turn up in the barest hint of a smile. "Well, that's probably for the best, I suppose. At any rate, if I don't want to spend another night outside, I should probably consider looking into a room." He offers another casual wave to Rayne. "It was nice to meet you, Rayne."

Rayne nods back and returns the wave. "Nice meeting you too... Edward, was it?"

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