2016-05-08 - TASK and the Kala Tree

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TASK and the Kala Tree

Summary: Silencia's found a Kala tree for Minu! It's in a place called Hyrule, though, and there's someone who won't be parting with the seeds willingly...

Who: Kotal Kahn, Silencia, Minu, Dorian, The Trio
When: May 08, 2016
Where: Hyrule

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"Come, my warriors. There is a very special quest at hand."

With the summons given, Kotal recruited whatever TASK officer that wasn't in duty and explained that today's mission would be a very personal one. Today; they would seek out the tree that would make Minu a woman.

No, not like that!

Though Silencia and Minu could give out more extensive details, Kotal explained that Minu's people, the wood elves, are bound to a special tree that grows with them. Minu never had such an opportunity, but here in this Twisted realm where nearly anything is possible, it is likely that a Kala tree can be found for her.

And indeed, Silencia sensed such a thing, but it is not in the park, or even out in the Wastelands as some might expect it to be.

It's actually right in the TASK building. Or rather, higher up in the tower where all the portals are.

Leading the group, Kotal walks the stairs to the circle of portals that lead to other worlds which are connected to Twisted. The one where the Kala tree energies are emanating from is one such portal named 'Hyrule'.

"Does anyone know anything about this realm before we embark in this mission?"

Silencia seems rather quiet. At the moment she's using all of her focus to keep taps on the tree she sensed earlier. "I'm not sure how far away the tree is, but it's definitely there. Once we're through the portal, I should be able to locate it..." There was something vaguely familiar about the energies that she felt, even though it was very weak. It's not as if she's been there before, but now that she was focusing on it, it held something nostalic.

The little elf stood close to Silencia, dressed all in black, a pair of snug capri pants and a fitted button down blouse. Her hair has been braided and coiled crown like around her head. The little elf clutches her familiar wicker basket before her, with in are a wealth of colorful little packets and glass vials and other things folks might not want to play with. Minu smiles at those around her "Thank you all for joining us on this search. It is very important to me...us."

The call went out, and Dorian answered. He IS a member of TASK, after all. And he answers when they call. Particularly in this case. Minu needs help. It's not just about being told to do something; it's about helping a friend. However, he IS still Dorian Pavus. And as such he can't help but observe, "Now if you were to say that in Thedas, you'd be accused of profiling the elves. You'd be run out of an alienage for that. Though that's rather like saying you'd be run out of a slum, so... take it for what you will."

As for the realm itself? Dorian shakes his head. More seriously, he notes, "No, I'm afraid not. I've thought it better that I don't poke around in these worlds alone, and there's been no need to organize an expedition before this." Silencia's observation gets a nod. "If it's there, we'll find it. You do have Tevinter's finest with you, after all." Anybody who knows Dorian knows this is usual for him. Minu's words get a smile. "Not to worry, Minu. I consider you a friend, and as much of an ass as I am, I do go above and beyond for friends."

The pups all stand loyally and majestically beside Minu. Both Jackson and Rex have a massive amount of respect and admiration for her and therefore are more than willing to go along. Considering it is Minu's quest this would normally be the time the Buster tries to get his way to be with Kotal, however, Kotal is also on board with this entire expedition so everyone is happy. Huzzah! Buster seems to have a bit of bravado in the matter as if he had done it a couple dozen times. "This will be a walk in the park. Right Boss?" To this Jackson and Rex look at each other shaking their head.

"As always, your assistance is much appreciated, Dorian." Kotal first nods to the mage, glad for once that there were no pressing matters that demanded the attention of the TASK wizard. Even after the sound defeat of the Xenomorphs, there are still many problems in Twisted that require the attention of its guardians, it is why even now the Aztec was only able to gather a very limited amount of personnel for this mission. Indeed, other than Silencia, Minu and himself who are personally affected by this quest, only Dorian and The Trio were available.

When Dorian makes his comment about elven profiling though, Kotal furrows his eyebrows slightly at the thought. "What a troubled world you come from, Dorian." And that is saying a lot considering that Kotal comes from a place like Outworld.

Speaking of, it appears that none know anything about this world, and even Minu and Dorian can't shed some light into the subject as they usually do. "Then the time has come at last to venture into one of these worlds." Says the Kahn as he cracks his neck. "We've postponed this event long enough."

To the pups, Buster in particular, he nods. "May the inhabitants of this world brace themselves."

"War has come to their world!" At least Kotal shares Buster's enthusiasm and overconfidence.

With macahuitl in hand, Kotal takes a step forward and into the portal leading everyone within to the other side.



Stepping into the other side of the portal the group emerge into what seems to be a very average looking forest. The perfect place to find a Kala tree at that. There are numerous caves and tunnels that run along the path rather than actual corridors though, and it seems that there are strange lights dancing in the branches of the tree tops.

But more importantly, this forest is not quiet in the least. It's very noisy. A song that seems to come from nowhere and everywhere at the same time, plays non-stop.

As they pass through the portal, Silencia's expression changes. She seems to lighten up and a slight smile appears on her lips. She seems to like this place. Of course, with all the nature around, Silencia would feel at ease here. She wants to look around and explore, especially those little dancing lights up in the trees. She was so very enchanted by the forest that she did not notice the music at first. When she does, she glances around, trying to figure out where the music comes from. "Whoa..." Wait, she is here with a purpose, she shouldn't get distracted! She takes a deep breath before returning to her focused expression, though she can't help but smile ever so slightly. Silencia reaches out to squeeze Minu's hand momentarily. "Alright, now allow me a moment..." Her eyes travel over the trees, though she doesn't really see them. Her wings perk up when she finally finds the specific tree she's looking for. "Found it... That way!" She points ahead, they would have to travel farther into the forest to get to the tree. She peeks at Minu and grins. "It seems like it's healthy enough to have some seeds!"

Minu smiled up at Dorian. "I consider you a friend as well Dorian." One small hand lifts and pats Rex on the shoulder lightly. Just touching the pups affectionately. A little smile hugs her lips and she laughs softly at Busters boldness. "Yes Buster, they should all quake in fear at your magnificence." though she is teasing, her tone is loving and earnest enough. Oddly the little elf is actually nervous. She has made some big steps of late but this is make or break, no tree, no coming of age, no coming of age no bondings. The little lady chews her lower lip and frowns as she steps into the portal. As she comes out the other side, a gasp spills from her and she blinks hard. Shoving her glasses up onto her nose she reaches out and one small hand lays on the bark of one of the very tall trees. She isn't as adept at natural magic as Silencia , but her people are forest elves and she has a native affinity for trees. She is tempted to take to owl form, until Silencia reaches for her other hand. She instantly is attentive to the fae woman and nods with a small shy smile. "it's here." her voice sounds small and breathy.

Kotal's words of Thedas being 'troubled' get a lopsided smile. "Every world has its troubles, I'm sure," he replies. "Its people tend to exacerbate them." However, he pauses as Buster speaks up, and stifles a snicker. "Ah, if there was more time for jokes," he laments. But he follows Kotal into the portal, though he raises a brow at the declaration. He doesn't address it 'till they're on the other side. "...To hazard a guess, I think there's little in this world that needs menacing. On the other hand, the amount of mana in this world is incredible... so it's possible."

He quiets when Silencia gets a bead on the tree's direction, if not its exact location. "Shall we?" He'll set off when the others do, not before. He's not expecting any trouble, but he's leaving his magical senses open as much as he can, to try to sense whatever might be sneaking up on them. In this world, chances are, it'll have a magical signature. The sound of Minu's voice gets his attention, though, and he looks to her. Rather than asking about it, he merely offers a reassuring smile. There's a full party of five here, with most of the major combat roles covered. They should be all right.

Portals as far as the pups were concerned back in their realm were generally supposed to be avoided... then again, so was doing magic when not taught by a proper magician... so let's just break all the rules shall we? On the other side the freshness of the air is brilliantly crisp and as for Dorian's assessment of magical essence, it's backed by all three noses sniffing the air. "Wow that is heavy..." Jackson comments. "usually it's not that strong until you get right up next to something." A few moments pass before Buster looks at Minu and Kotal and smirks as well as he can. "I guess you could say there is magic in the air." He gets a disgusted look from his two brothers at the pun. "What? You cannot expect Minu to hang out with that hyena guy and invite us too, and for me to not remember one of his jokes..." with an almost simultaneous roll of the eyes from the other two, they carry on with the group.

The Aztec warrior has to agree with Dorian. He seems less than thrilled by their musical welcome. Kotal wasn't sure what to expect from this realm, but he was certainly something a bit more... threatening. "Hmrg, perhaps." He muses, still keeping a grip on the handle of his macuahuitl Cuauhtemoc. "If I've learned anything in my stay in Twisted is not to let myself be fooled by appearances. Be on your guard, this world may still provide us with some challenges."

Despite it all, Kotal also rolls his eyes at Buster's pun. "Even after not employing him for so long, Urus continues to irk me." No matter, at least the hyena isn't present to make a mess out of things, even though his presence may still linger in some other ways.

The warrior takes point when Silencia motions towards the direction of the tree. Kotal can sense magic just fine, but he is not attuned to nature nearly as much as the fairy is and this will need her guidance to find the Kala tree.

As they proceed, the dancing balls of light that are in the tree tops lower towards the group as if to peer at them curiously, though they otherwise keep their distance.

Its not until they've walked a fair way into the forest that the group meets their first real local.

"Hey! Where do you think you're going!?" Comes a squeaky voice from further ahead.

"Stop! I'll spit at you! I will!" It's a Deku Scrub! The tiny creature made of leaves and wood hops towards the group trying to appear as angry as its adorable features allow it to be.

Naturally, Kotal starts advancing towards it looking ready to split the poor Deku Scrub in half.

Silencia does not let go of Minu's hand as she leads the way through the forest, her steps confident. Her focus lies with the specific tree she's looking for, so the doesn't notice the presence of the Deku Scrub until the adorable little thing speaks up. That was also the reason why she didn't even notice the pun that was made. Silencia doesn't seem to be paying much attention to anything other than her objective today! Her focus is broken when the unfamiliar voice questions them. The first thing the priestess does is hold back the war god by stepping infront of him, halting his steps. This little thing looks too adorable to be dangerous! She then smiles at the little thing. "Hello there! Could you let us through? We're looking for something and we promise we'll go back the way we came once we find it, okay?" Her tone is gentle, non-threatening. The priestess of the war god does prefer non-violent ways of solving issues!

Minu scrunches up her face as Buster comes forth with the terrible pun. She really should be careful how much time she lets Buster have around Urus. While Silencia leads her by the hand, she gently squeezes the fae woman's hand. Her heart beats fast as they move through the magic forest of this new realm. There is a Kala tree here some where. If she were to stop, really stop, could she feel it? She isn't bound to this tree but her people and the Kala are unified and bound. When the little shrub comes before them, she blinks and tilts her head. Its kind of a cute little creature but its threats makes her frown. Silencia's gentle speech though has her looking imploringly at the creature, "Please, friend, I am seeking a tree, a great tree with clusters of blue flowers, the Kala tree, please let us past."

Dorian stifles an amused but rather undignified snort at Buster's joke. "Not unless I figure out how to fly," he counters. He does however nod to Kotal's words of being careful. "I will be keeping my eyes and ears open, magically as well as literally," he assures the leader of TASK.

As the group advances, there's... something in the way. "What in the...?" Of course Kotal's first instinct is battle, which is unsurprising. Dorian, however, calls out, "Wait! Could we perhaps try a more diplomatic approach? It may only be frightened."

Silencia's words get a nod of agreement, and he stands back so she and Minu can deal with the creature. The plant-thing should be able to sense Silencia's connection to nature. Perhaps it will react favorably to her. Perhaps it will be able to sense Minu's people's bond with the tree as well.

Either way he stands back, though he leans on his staff to keep his focus nearby. Just in case. He also keeps an eye on the Trio, so none of them will cause trouble. In fact, to pre-empt any trouble, he taps the pups on the shoulder. Once he's got their attention, he tilts his head to indicate the three of them should stand back where Dorian is.

The scenery, granted unfamiliar, is still pretty enough to meander and stroll through. That is until the local fauna starts getting cheeky with the group. Buster being much like his master Kotal is easy to offend. "You spit at us I will bury you like the half dozen bones in the courtyard." The other two get the immediate message from Dorian and sits down. "Just wait... you might still get your chance" Jackson tells Buster. There are grumbles of acceptance from Buster as he stares down the little plant thing.

Despite the massive size difference, Silencia manages to stop Kotal quite handedly, and the warrior stops in his tracks whilst scowling to the tiny woodland thing.

For all its bluster, the Deku Scrub is smarter than it looks and shrinks a little under Kotal's gaze, being somewhat aware of what kind of danger he's in. Indeed, he reacts far more favorably to Silencia, and by more favorably its meant that he's actually not afraid of her.

The tiny creature glances at Minu and Silencia and though he feels that nature bond with them the Deku still shakes his head. "Sorry! But I can't let you do that. If I let you through, Queen Gohma will be very cross at me! At us!" The Deku explains.

Kotal's scowl deepens and he glances at Dorian. "Soon, it shall be more than simply frightened if mere words fail to compel him to reason." As usual, Kotal is agreeing with Buster's methods of solving foreign affairs.

"Oh! Yes, the tree with blue flowers?" Another Deku Scrub jumps out of the bushes. "Queen Gohma has claimed it as her new home. She told us not to let anyone through."

"Yeah!" Yet another one jumps out from behind cover. "She gave us permission to spit at any intruders that came by!"

Although there's more of them now, they're still ways off from feeling threatening. If anything, they're a little comical, like children trying to please their mother.

Silencia frowns ever so slightly when the little creatures tells her no. She glances at Minu and pets the elf before returning her attention to the creatures. Wait, there are more now? The priestess glances at her companions and hums thoughtfully. She glances at Dorian and the puppies. Good, he would be able to contain them, right? Silencia seems more concerned with the explosive nature of some of her companions than the little creatures. She shoots Kotal a look that says that he should back off before she sinks to her knees and adresses the little creatures in a friendly tone. She doesn't seem to be afraid and she's actively trying to show a very friendly and non-threatening air. "Yes, we do mean the tree with the blue flowers. We want to see Queen Gohma's beautiful home. I actually have a little gift to give her and I think she'll like it alot! Do you think you could let us through so I can give her the gift?" She pauses and taps the ground, allowing a small bed of pretty little daisies to emerge. "I want to give her lots of pretty flowers, do you think she would like that?" Her tone has evolved to the same tone she uses with children.

As the little shrub refuses them, Minu's heart sinks and she frowns hard. Its impossible to say weather its affection or something more about the fae womans scent and touch but that little bit of petting bolsters the little elf and keeps her calm. Does no one realize she came armed with enough explosives to utterly raze this forest if they piss her off? She needs that seed, her whole happiness depends on getting her tree. When Silencia kneels and speaks to the little creature, she clutches the basket tighter and tries to keep calm and centered. The last thing anyone needs right now is a rabid elf.

Dorian sighs at the Scrubs' insistence. He stays quiet, though, for a few moments more. Silencia's raising of the flowerbed makes him smile, but it falls quickly. He looks to Minu, noting her state, and frowns. Then he looks back to the Scrubs. "This tree is important, this lady is bound to it." He looks to Minu to indicate her, and then looks back to the Scrubs. "It's a peaceful mission we're on. But that doesn't mean we won't resort to violence if you make us. I've no doubt you'd do the same to help a friend. All we need are some seeds from that tree, and then we'll be on our way."

With the addition of another tiny wooden creature their voice alone has become annoying. If it were not for the fact that Silencia was trying so hard to do things diplomaticly Buster probably would have planted a bush by now. However there is that unhappy scent from Minu, people make scents based on their mood. They can't help it, however any dog worth their salt, or three could easily tell that she is not happy, and they are quite aware of what she carries around. "The man is correct," Jackson warns. "Two can play the spitting game." A small ball of fire appears in his mouth and looks ready to do some damage before it puts itself out and fizzles away a bit of smoke appearing where it used to be as Jackson coughs. Had it been successful that might have looked intimidating...

The Khan retracts when Silencia shoots him a look. No matter how many times the fairy pulls that trick on the Aztec it always seems to work.

Of course, for once, Kotal isn't the only one that Silencia has to worry about since Minu seems quite ready to incinerate this entire forest if that's what needed to get to her tree.

Even with their insistence, the Dekus are starting to realize that this party of strangers could pose some problems to their continued existence and being to look at each other worriedly as if wondering what to do. Sure, pleasing Queen Gohma was in their best interest but it really did look like these guys would outright kill them if they didn't let them through.

The three Deku Scrubs glance at Dorian who points out that Minu will take great offense in particular if she's not allowed to see the tree in question, and they begin to tremble in fear.

The three jump when Jackson begins to charge a fireball and even though it dissipates in his snout, it has the desired effect of putting fear in the heart of the Deku's.

Just as they are deciding if they're better off facing Queen Gohma's wrath than get in the way of these foreigners, it is Silencia that comes through as always and kneels before them, showing them that bed of pretty flowers.

"Whoaaa.." The Dekus, being forest creatures, always love natures themselves.

"Well, Queen Gohma does love presents." One of them says to the others.

"And if you just want seeds from her tree, maybe she won't mind!" After all, the kid from before clearly meant Queen Gohma, while this group only seems to want to talk to her. Maybe that'll be okay with her. Hopefully!

"Okay, fine." They nod. "Follow us. We'll take you the queen. But you have to promise to be very respectful!"

Silencia tenses up when she notices the threats of violence coming from different sides. Even from Minu! She refuses to give them attention for it though, holding the creatures' gaze with a light smile. A relieved sigh escapes her when they finally cave and offer to lead them to their Queen, even her wings flutter happily. They passed the first hurdle! She rises and grasps Minu's hand again, squeezing in comfortingly before speaking to the little creatures in a happy tone. "Oh thank you sweeties, we promise we'll be very respectful, right guys?" She glances over her shoulder and raises her eyebrows in a questioning manner at the puppies specifically. She seems to be rather threatening for a moment, but that seems to pass so quickly that one could question if that actually happened. She then peeks at Dorian. "Please keep an eye on them..." He seems to be the most calm amongst them. Silencia walks forward, making sure she's in the lead so that she'll form a barrier between the ones ready to fight and whomever they encounter.

Minu had not offered direct violence...yet. She was prepared and she was determined enough that she will get what she needs one way or the other. She takes a large breath and simply holds tight to her basket as the others react. A small smile curve her lips as Dorian speaks and then her brows shoot up as Jackson forms a fire ball with in his maw. Ok if she wasn't so focused on this tree business she would be stuffing that puppy full of 'good boy' treats. He made a fire ball, that was high magic for a young pup! When finally the little shrubs relent, the elf sighs softly. "We will be duly respectful, thank you." Minu clutches at Silencia's hand as she is reached for again. The little lady nearly hugging the other woman's arm to herself, clinging some, nearly the way a child would cling to gain security. They are closer to getting what they need...just gotta get to the tree and have it be the right tree, a strong tree.

Dorian looks to Jackson when the cough happens. He doesn't ask after his health yet, though; he recognizes they're trying to be intimidating, and asking if he's all right is... very much not intimidating. However, the mage does cast a worried look to Jackson. He sighs a little in relief, though, when the plant-creatures relent. "Thank you." Silencia's question gets a nod. "I will indeed be very respectful," he confirms to the Scrubs. And then Silencia asks him to keep an eye on the others? He nods. "I'll try," he says quietly. He will remain at the back of the group when they start off to the tree. He's actually ready to cast a Barrier on the Scrubs-- though he doesn't do so right now. He just has a bad feeling that the 'wrath' the Scrubs are going to suffer is going to be something physically damaging to them.

The pups begin feeling really good at the fact that the Dekus fear is quite noticeable from the attempt. That joy however is quickly squelched by Silencia's look. It might have been brief but it did the job. The tail goes down and the ears go back as all three hang their heads slightly as they all say together "We promise." There is a slight pause before Jackson whispers. "Jeez... It didn't even hit anything." To which Buster is quick to respond with similar hushedness "Yeah great job... got us the look and you didn't even hit one of them... shoulda buried one myself..." Rex comes back with words of encouragement however "It did look cool... you know... while it lasted," he says cautiously making sure no extra corrections are coming their way.

It felt nice for Kotal that for a change that someone other than himself was the subject of Silencia's overpowering leers. The Aztec warrior even grins down at the pups when the reel back from the gaze of the fairy and pats at their back. "Paralyzing, isn't it?" Truly, if Silencia can make the God of War to freeze with naught but just a look, she probably has no problems intimidating just about anything.

Of course, whoever she can't intimidate she sweet talks, and that's how these Dekus seem eager to do as she says.

The trio of plant creatures hop happily towards a path of the Lost Woods, and indeed, it wasn't far off from where the group was. About a block away or so, the trio leads the group into a secluded, shadowy area of the woods.

And there it is. A Kala tree in all its splendor. Fairies, because that is what the glowing spheres of light are, dancing about its branches happily. A bed of blue flowers surrounding the base of the tree like its very own pot.

Could it really be that easy?

"Queen Gohma?" One of the Dekus calls out. "These strangers have come bearing gifts!"

Who is this enigmatic Queen Gohma anyway?

Why, the group might find their answer if they look up to see a giant yellow eyeball staring back at them.

With a loud CRASH, a giant spider falls down from the tree tops. Tentalces flail about its back and its cyclops like eye stares and blinks at the group. This creature is Queen Gohma!??

"Please Queen Gohma! Don't hurt us!" The trio of Dekus immediately kowtow beginning for forgiveness. Their queenie looks mighty angry that they disobeyed orders.

"Ah, at last!" Kotal on the other hand seems ready to engage in some good ol' fashioned Kombat. "It appears the Kala tree is in need of some weeding."

Silencia holds back a giggle at the reaction the puppies give to her glare. If she laughed, then the effect would have disappeared! She follows the Deku's while keeping her focus on the tree, just to make sure they're leading them in the right direction. At the same time she tries to keep Minu calm by squeezing her hand and quietly talking to the girl. "Everything will be fine, don't you worry. We will get you your tree no matter what. It's all going to be fine." The sight of the tree causes Silencia to gasp and stare, overwhelmed by the beauty of the ancient tree. A wide grin appears on her face and she gives Minu a one-armed hug. "We found it!" The glee is short-lived as that Queen Gohma appears, causing Silencia to freeze again. She simply stares at the unsettling looking creature before she finally manages to spring into action. "Wait! Don't be angry, we come bearing gifts!" Silencia wastes no time and makes two large flowerbeds grow on both her sides, near the odd Queen. The flowers are white and they seem similar to the ones she gave Rayne a while ago. These, however, have a slightly different effect. Their pollen would make that Queen rather sleepy, if she was susceptible for such things. She then glances at Kotal and grins. "Now you can unleash your wrath." Then the same grin to the puppies, no trace of her earlier rage. "You too, boys!" It seems Silencia is only nice and diplomatic when the other party seems harmless!

As she is lead, Minu clings to Silencia and she nods at the other woman tries to smile. When they finally come upon the Kala tree the little elf gasps and her golden eyes go wide. She pulls free of Silencia and starts forward, only to be brought up short by the great spider. The tiny elf wastes no time in simply, shifting. An angry beak clatter comes from the tiny owl and she flaps her wings hard lifting herself and her basket of death skyward. A hiss follows that flight and she moves high up, doing a circle around the great tree then lands and hooks her basket into place. Sitting on the rim she looks for the best possible weapon in her arsenal. Something to destroy the spider but not harm the tree. She can feel the essence of the tree around her and its life force hums like the sound of so many bees droning around the little owl.

Dorian nods to the pups. With a smirk, he notes quietly, "Good job." Being a mage of fire himself, he can most definitely appreciate the efforts of a fire-based magical creature. However, when they get to the tree, even he is struck by the look of the tree. "Fascinating," he comments. "This is the tree?" He turns to look at Minu and Silencia... but then there's a tremendous thump! And he turns back to look.

When he gets a look at the nature of the Scrubs' 'queen', he scowls. "...Just once, I'd like to go walking in a forest or cave and see normal-sized spiders..." He looks to the Deku Scrubs. "Get behind us, quickly. We'll make sure she doesn't hurt you anymore." He starts by casting a Barrier around the group, casting in the middle of their group to get everyone.

There is a smile from Jackson as Dorian admires his try. Buster continues to stare down the original Deku as they walk. As they get to the tree they look up the blue flowers that speckle the green leaves being oh so beautiful to look at. That is until a giant spiderthing shows up out of nowhere, so much for sightseeing. Buster seeing his chance plucks the Deku he has been eyeing up by the leaves takes the chance to make a large enough hole to bury its head in and covers it. "Show you to trick us you.... oh no...." As he notices Minu and the basket of death and the angry clattering noises she makes. "Umm guys" he says "portal on 3." The other two nod in agreement. "One, two, THREE!" as they turn tail and get a decent ways away from the impending crater or at least mess that is going to occur.

"Wah!" The little Deku shrieks as its grabbed by Buster and is then buried upside down, its little legs wiggling about uselessly.

That's when the others listen to Dorian's command and go hide directly behind the group. There's no way they are even going to try and spit at Queen Gohma, at best that'd probably just piss her off more.

Fortunately, the Dekus were right about at least one thing.

Queen Gohma sure loves presents, and when Silencia blooms flowerbeds around the giant cyclops spider, the giant arachnid takes a moment to sniff at the pretty flowers before its blasted by sleepy pollen.

It begins to wiggle about and is already staggering when the Dekus cry out.

"Her eye! You have to hit her eye!" They begin to jump up and down. "Its her only vulnerable area!"

That's when Kotal surges forward and chops one of the Queen's legs clean off with his macuahuitl.

"Oh, I guess you can do that too." Blink the Deku, surprised that the stranger managed to penetrate Queen Gohma's defenses so easily.

Of course, the legendary macuahuitl of Huitzilopotchli is leagues above a kokori blade. Young Link may have needed to hit Queen Gohma's eye to have any hope of damaging her, but Kotal on the other hand can hit her wherever he freaking likes.

This is what happens when you bring a final boss to fight a level one boss.

"Taste the blade of the Aztecs!!" At least Kotal seems so focused on the battle that he failed to notice the pups making a run for it. Queen Gohma even tries to headbutt the Aztec but she merely bounces back dizzily as she fails to penetrate Dorian's barrier.

Silencia doesn't waste time and rushes forward. She passes right by the giant spider though, leaving the fighting for the ones who had been holding themselves back. She has a mission! She runs up the tree and grabs onto a branch, swiftly climbling up the tree and disappearing between its brances and leaves. Her wings seem to get in the way a bit, but not enough to stop her. After a bit of searching around she finds what she's looking for. A seed, large enough to need both hands to hold it securely. She grins and peeks down at the fight, her legs wrapped around a branch the only thing keeping her from falling.

There it is, just what she had been looking for in her basket, something deadly and yet, when used directly against an opponent not likely to harm the tree. Oh she is not letting some bug keep her from getting her tree. The little owl curls her talon around a fragile glass ball, looks like it was once a Christmas ornament, now its wrapped in what looks like Teflon tape, odd to be sure. The little owl takes wing, carrying her cargo up high then she darts down, tucking her wings until she is feet from the spider. She drives her feet forward and releases the ball and back wings hard. The tape wrapped glass hits the spider hard and breaks, glass cuts the tape and yellow green goo splashes violently all over the spiders head and eye. There is a distinctly nasty sizzle and when the little owl heads up into the tree and lands, she shifts and a soft but menacing mutter can be heard from above "eat xenomorph blood Bitch!"

Dorian frowns a bit as the pups run past him. "What's the matter? Where are you going?!" he calls. "Venhedis..." he hisses. But that's all right, it seems that Kotal Kahn is leading the charge. Dorian's no level one mage either, but he doesn't want to start throwing fire and lightning around. It might hurt the tree. So instead he turns to the thing he knows not-as-well; ice.

When Silencia makes a break for the tree, Dorian decides to try to cover her. The air around his hands and that staff begins to grow cold. He spins the staff once, and then slams the end of it on the ground. As he does, ice begins to rise up on the side of the spider that Silencia's running past. It's a wall. Not a particularly thick or strong one, but contact with it will freeze living tissue. And Gohma will have to destroy it to get to Silencia.

Minu's proclamation gets a blink. Then he realizes what's just happened. And he grins broadly. "Good show, Minu!" he declares. "That's one bug to another."

Queen Gohma is far too preoccupied with the people engaging her from all sides to have any time to deal with Silencia. As the fairy begins to climb up the tree, the glowing balls of light finally begin to approach her and float around her. Sure enough, they are all fairies! And recognizing one of their own the fairies begin dancing around Silencia going; "Hey! Hey!" Knowing the fae of these world though, they probably have nothing important to say and its fine if Silencia wishes to ignore them.

When Silencia backs down from the tree with her procured seeds, Queen Gohma is still in no position to retaliate. Her legs become bound to the ground through ice which puts her just at the right spot for Minu to drop her Xenomorph acid bomb on the creature's eye. There is no substance in all of Hyrule that is anywhere near as acidic as Xenomorph blood and Queen Gohma has absolutely no defenses for it. The spider plant gives a horrifying screech as the blood begins to eat through her and she falls in a writhing mess as she begins to dissipate.

"Minu!" Kotal Kahn raises his macahuitl up at the owl as a victory signal. "This was your kill, my owl!"

"You have the soul of a warrior!!"

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