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The Bee and The Butterfly

Summary: D'vorah and Silencia find a kinship in each other that they didn't know they had before.

Who: Dvorah, Silencia
When: May 13, 2016
Where: Park


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It is evening in the park and Silencia is sitting on the ground tailor-style, as she usually does when practising. Her wings are limp, cascading over her back and onto the ground behind her. Right now she isn’t practising her nature magic though. Gentle tones dance through her nature-filled surroundings as Silencia sings a wordless song. Even though there are no words to her song, it holds deep emotion that tugs on ones heart when hearing it. Her voice holds a certain magic within that calms the heart. The magic is weak though, mainly because of her mixed bloodline and limited use of this type of magic. Silencia doesn’t seem to mind though as she keeps singing, indulging her instincts.

Being receptive to this kind of magic, Silencia's song attracts the attention of a passing member of the krew. The light buzzing sound of insect wings approaches the meditating fairy announcing the arrival of D'vorah. The bee lady lands a short distance from Silencia and approaches her with hurried steps. She pulls down her hood exposing her antenna. Being part insect apparently means that the bug woman can hear Silencia's nature song better than most. "You called for this one, priestess?" Asks D'vorah attempting to draw Silencia out of her meditating, thinking she was answering a summons.

The song draws to a close and Silencia opens her eyes to glance at D’vorah. Her wings perk up. She hadn’t noticed the arrival of the insect lady until she spoke up. She seems a bit surprised and shakes her head. “I didn’t…” She rises to her feet and a curious little smile rests on her lips. “Why did you think I summoned you, D’vorah? I was just singing…” Silencia smiles lightly and gestures to the ground, where she was sitting before. “Why don’t you come and keep me company while I try to train my magic?” She never had the chance to simply sit and talk with D’vorah and Silencia was actually rather curious about the bee lady.

D'vorah's antenna flick lightly and the woman tilts her head from one way to another clearly appearing to be confused by Silencia's answer. “Not summoned?” She asks with uncertainty to her voice. “This one was sure of it.” The bee lady straightens up as the fairy girl stands and she blinks her nearly completely black bug like eyes. “This one heard your call, priestess, as did her children. To be by your side and partake in your calmness.” Suddenly, a dozen or so wasps fly out from behind D'vorah's back and they buzz towards Silencia. The insects don't dart towards the fairy and try to sting her as one would think wasps would do. Instead, they begin to fly around the girl in an almost dancing fashion, much like the butterflies Silencia's summons at times tend to do. At the invitation, D'vorah flicks her antenna again somewhat unsure of what to do, but eventually nods after a moment hesitation. “If that is what the priestess wishes.” Best to do what the priestess of the War God says, decides the insect woman and she walks up to Silencia, kneeling on both legs next to her.

Silencia raises an eyebrow and watches D’vorah curiously as the bee lady tells her that she was summoned by her. The appearance of the wasps cause her to tense up, but when she notices that the dangerous little things don’t seem to want to harm her, she relaxes and smiles. “I was tapping into a kind of magic that awakened when my wings emerged, so maybe the effect of that magic is that it summons you and your children?” She sits back down, and glances at D’vorah and then the wasps. “Time to test my theory then…” She starts singing that same song again, her voice laced with the very same magic. Calmness seeps through her entire being, her voice wordlessly pleading the little insects to relax and join her in her tranquility.

D'vorah sits quietly while Silencia explains what occurred. She frowns lightly but nods once she realizes what happened. "This one and her children are attuned to the magic you are using, priestess. We can hear your call." It makes sense that Silencia's nature magic would have an effect on D'vorah and her hive. When Silencia sings once more the effect is immediate, D'vorah looks sleepy eyed and her wasps land, perching themselves on Silencia's head and lap without stinging her. "Yes, that is the call that we heard." Confirms the bee lady looking ready to fall asleep.

Silencia stops her singing once she confirmed her theory. She didn’t want to make D’vorah fall asleep in the middle of the park. The wasps resting on her do make the priestess slightly uncomfortable, but nothing she cannot handle. She just takes a deep breath and reminds herself that these little things weren’t there to harm her. She reaches out and taps D’vorah’s shoulder lightly to wake her up. “D’vorah, I don’t think you want to fall asleep here. If I’m wrong, feel free to sleep, sweety.” Silencia chuckles lightly before retracting her hand. She rests her hands on her knees, where there are no wasps, and keeps breathing calmly. Silencia’s expression is excited. She loved finding out more about her magic and her bloodline and this was an interesting development. She then peeks at D’vorah, looking a bit apologetic. “I hope I haven’t disturbed you..”

With the song ending and her shoulder being touched the bee lady blinks from her imminent slumber. "No, this one should not sleep, she is in patrol." D'vorah confirms while brushing sleep away from her eyes. The wasps on the other hand seem comfy resting on Silencia and remain where they are. D'vorah then leans closer towards the fairy eyeing her curiously. "This magic you wield is not like the Khan's. This one feels a kinship with you now, as if you where also kytinn, part insect, yes?" The bee lady tilts her head and tries to press her antenna on Silencia's forehead. "How can this be, priestess? How did you become like this one?"

Silencia smiles as D’vorah decides that she needs to remain awake. She was slowly getting used to having those wasps resting on her. Her strong bravery was coming in handy today! The bee-lady’s question makes the priestess hum thoughtfully before she carefully flexes her wings, allowing them to per up and present themselves. Of course those movements were slow and deliberate, making sure that the wasps would not get startled. Silencia would not want that to happen! “Haven’t you heard, D’vorah? I was stuck in a cocoon for a while and now I have gained these wings. The fae part of me has awakened, maybe that’s the kinship you feel?”

As Silencia extends her wings in full display, D'vorah follows with her eyes as do her wasps. Its clear they mean her no harm as they fly about trying to perch on the car's wings. D'vorah does the same and extends her own wasp like wings like an insect salute. "Yes, this one sees." She says thoughtfully. "This one heard of your transformation, priestess, but had not witnessed it personally just yet. It is alluring. This one is senses the soul of a butterfly within you. Cousins to us bees, yes?" For the first time, D'vorah is genuinely expressing interest in something, though she quickly retracts and folds her wings on her back. "Forgive this one, priestess. This one has avoided you not wishing to upset the Khan."

Silencia allows the bees to rest on her wings, getting used to their presence. It helped that they all reacted in a similar way as her butterflies. She returns her eyes to D’vorah as the bee-lady unfolds her wings. She smiles brightly, she was pleasantly surprised by D’vorah’s reaction. “Yes… Well, as related as can be… I don’t think that I am part butterfly, but it was clear, even before my awakening, that there is some kind of bond between me and butterflies…” Silencia blinks as D’vorah seems to pull back again. The priestess felt a bit disappointed. And then surprised again when she heard D’vorah’s words. “Wait, what? Why would Kotal be upset? There was no need to avoid me…” Silencia’s frowning slightly, not because of anger, but because she’s confused.

D'vorah is understandingly hesitant to respond. Kotal may be a wise leader and a caring lover, but D'vorah still remembers him as the brutal warlord that he can be, the type that is swift to deal out executions at the thought of conspiracy. Besides, as Silencia will know, D'vorah is in a slippery slope with Kotal. Finally, the bee lady relents and decides to come clean with the fairy out of respect. "This one... Used to be the emperor's favorite. But she fell out of favor when she foolishly shifted allegiance. The emperor forgave this one though never again seen this one as he used to. Here in Twisted, she sought to rekindle our bond, but he had taken you already, priestess." Her antenna lower in sadness. "This one felt your kinship, but dared not offer you companionship. This is one feels as if she is not deserving of even your friendship."

Silencia’s eyes widen as the meaning of the bee-lady’s words sinks in. “You… and Kotal?” Her wings drop down without the priestess noticing, the violet appendages now limply resting on the ground. The girl appears to be in shock. How many more are there who long for her beloved? She drops her eyes to the ground as she fiddles with her necklace, contemplating D’vorah’s words. “I… didn’t know…” A helpless little smile graces her lips, though there is no joy behind the expression. “It seems… that I stole Kotal from more than one person… I’m sorry…” She reaches out and grasps D’vorah’s hand, her touch gentle and careful. Her smile is just as gentle, no trace of negativity in her features. “Everyone is entitled to their own feelings, D’vorah. I would like to befriend you, if you would have me as a friend. There is no way that I would refuse your friendship for such a petty reason. If you don’t believe me, ask Minu!” Silencia feels frazzled, she didn’t think there was another who held feelings for Kotal and she was again gripped by guilt. This time though, she didn’t insist on the girl telling him how she felt. This was different than with Minu.

The bees resting upon Silencia's wings fly up when the fairy is riddled with shock. Still, they do not sting her and merely fly around to find another spot on Silencia to perch. D'vorah smiles sadly as well and shakes her head softly. "We were never mates, priestess. Perhaps had this one not betrayed his trust he would have taken this one as a companion, but as of now this one is only glad to still serve him." D'vorah's antenna rise as Silencia tells her she feels no ill towards her. "That is gladdening to hear, priestess. Even in this diverse realm there are none like this one. With your soul made whole, this one feels you are the only one who could understand this one." The bee lady paused as she considered something. "This one would like to be your lady in waiting, yes? Anything you might need this one could do for you."

Silencia does feel a bit relieved to hear that D'vorah and Kotal had not been mates. "What... did you do to betray him, D'vorah?" Even though the topic might be sensitive, Silencia cannot help but be curious. Then the bee lady asks to become her lady in waiting. Silencia feels a bit confused, as evidenced by the slight perking of her wings. "I am not a noble, D'vorah. You may call yourself my lady in waiting if you wish, but I will never see or treat you as anything but an equal." Silencia's smile is sincere as she pulls D'vorah into a hug. "You can always come to me and I will help you however way I can. You do that and I shall do the same."

By the look of D'vorah's face when Silencia asks her just exactly did she do to betray Kotal, she can tell that it is a touchy subject. However, D'vorah is sincere in her offer to be the fairy's lady in waiting and as such she should hold no secrets from her. “This one..” She starts with some hesitation to her voice, trying to choose her words carefully. “Took something from the Emperor. A very powerful talisman that held within an evil fallen Eldergod. This one gave it to a sorcerer who would release him so he could consume all the realms.” Yet another first time for D'vorah, she looks remorseful, looking down and petting one of her wasps that wandered to her legs. “This one had no intention to serve the fallen Eldergod. She sought to free him only so this one could infest him and revive her race.” She gave a sad smirk. “It was a foolish plan, this one now realizes it. She would have never been given the chance to face Eldergod in Kombat, let alone best him.” She glances up at Silencia with her dark bug like eyes. “When the Earthrealmers defeated the Eldergod, this one was left master less. The Kahn's enforcers found this one soon after and she thought for sure the Kahn would execute her. But he did not, the Emperor.. forgave this one.. it made this one feel.. bad.. inside.” Silencia doesn't know this but D'vorah' was previously incapable of feeling empathy. It was not until working for Kotal that it seems she began to learn the meaning of loyalty and camaraderie. “Treat this one as an equal?” D'vorah asks looking puzzled and even more so when she's pulled into a hug. Her wasps become startled but they dare not sting Silencia, instead they fly up in the air to give the two women some space. “This one.. has never been equal to anyone. She was either servant or master.” And apparently by the way she grows stiff D'vorah's never been hugged before either. “This one.. will.. priestess.” The bee lady responds and gently begins to return the hug, resting her chin on Silencia's shoulder.

Silencia listens quietly as D’vorah explains what happened. Her expression is serious, but not stern. A sympathetic frown graces her features as she reaches out and squeezes the bee lady’s hand. “That must’ve been difficult. For both you and Kotal. The only thing you can do is to allow Kotal the time he needs to be assured of your loyalties.” Her smile is warm when she rubs D’vorah’s hand with her thumb. “At the very least you understand what you did wrong and you are repenting for it. There is nothing else you can do...” D’vorah’s confusion about being treated like an equal and the reaction to the hug is something that makes Silencia smile. Not because she likes confusing people (which she does), but because it is rather endearing to see the warrior so puzzled. “There’s a first for everything, right?” Silencia gently pulls back to look D’vorah in the eye as she speaks. “And call me by my name, please. It feels odd to be constantly adressed by my role as priestess.”

“This one had not known of such things before.” D'vorah explains, her voice naught but a whisper. “Before the Emperor, this one only tried to survive. She did not know there was anything else to life than this.” Never before had D'vorah laid her feelings so bare, but then again, there was no one like Silencia in Outworld, someone who she could simply reveal all her feelings without fear of being judged. Even Kotal, as Silencia probably understands, is too dense to understand these emotions and would probably tell D'vorah that she needs to steel her heart as warriors should. “Yes, this one.. feels as though she understands.. slowly.” Friendship, companionship, being treated as an equal, it will take a while for D'vorah to understand these concepts, but at least now she knows they exist. “All this one knows for now is that she wishes for your happiness, your smile makes this one also smile. It is.. very strange.. this one does not fully understand, but it feels natural.” As the hug breaks, D'vorah's eyes widen at the fairy's request. “By name?” Apparently that is a big taboo for her, though she tries nonetheless. “If that is what you wish Pri- .. Sil-- Silencia..” Yeah, its going to take a while for D'vorah to refer to Silencia by name rather than title. “Do you think.. this one can call the Emperor by name too?” %R

“Life is more than simply surviving, but this is something you’ll wholly experience yourself, hopefully.” Silencia does not judge nor condemn, she merely observes. That is a very priestess-like quality of her! She reaches up and gently pets D’vorah’s head, her smile unchanging. “I wish for your happiness as well, D’vorah. And yes, it is very natural to want to smile when you’re faced with the smile of another, especially one that you have a connection with. I’m glad you’re able to see me in such a way that allows you to experience these happy feelings!” Silencia giggles happily when D’vorah calls her name. “Good job! You can shorten it, if you prefer. And I don’t see why he would object to you calling him by name. Everyone does so!” Silencia pauses when she realises something though, something that makes her feel a bit uncomfortable. Her discomfort, even though she does her best to hide it, shows in the way her wings droop somewhat behind her. The very thought that D’vorah might also wish to be by Kotal’s side in the same way as she and Minu made the young priestess nervous. “D..D’vorah..?” Silencia looks up at the bee-lady, about to ask about it before deciding otherwise. “Nevermind, I... just wanted to say that Kotal might be surprised if you call him by name, but I do not think he will object.” Silencia didn’t want to make D’vorah feel bad by misunderstanding her intentions.

Its not often that D'vorah gets babied. Or, more accurately, D'vorah has never been coddled before and thus her reaction to being petted on the head is a curious one. She raises her eyebrows and wiggles her antenna a bit at Silencia's hand trying to rub them against her. It's an odd and new sensation to be sure, but its one that feels good and D'vorah does not try to pull away. “This one hopes so as well. It feels as though this one has missed much.” Of course she has, D'vorah has known nothing but senseless, gory kombat for all her existence, she's got a few things to learn about actually living a good life. She does squint one eye at Silencia's suggestion of shortening her name. “Sil? Silsil?” She says with concern before shaking her head. “It silly and demeaning for this one, like something Ferra or the one known as Sae would say. This one respects you too much for that, Silencia.” The bee lady tilts her head when the fairy hesitates and does wonder what has gotten Silencia so nervous all of the sudden. However, the fairy refrains from speaking her mind and D'vorah does not push her any further. She nods and stands solemnly, eyes pensively looking down at the fae girl. “You've shown much kindness to this one today. Though you may view this one as your equal and friend, for this one, you shall be her lady whom she serves. It is in this one nature to do so, and this one feels.. that she will learn a lot from following you.”

Silencia cannot help but find D’vorah adorable. Something about how clueless she is about the gentle side of life awakened Silencia’s motherly instincts. That helped a lot with containing her nervousness as well. “You are adorable, D’vorah!” Her wings flutter behind her as she folds her hands in her lap. A soft giggle escapes her as D’vorah protests shortening her name. “As you wish, just thought it might be easier for you. It would be odd to be offended by something trivial as that, sweety.” As D’vorah rises, Silencia looks up at the bee-lady, her smile never leaving her face. “If that makes you more comfortable, then so be it. Just never forget that you are always welcome to treat me as an equal instead. Again, I am not a noble.” She then rises as well and pets D’vorah again, she had noticed that D’vorah liked that. “I hope I’ll be able to meet your expectations…”

Adorable?? That is certainly a first. D'vorah blinks in confusion, and it shows that its not something she does often by the way she closes her eyes a bit too long before opening them. Still, confusing as these feelings may be they do feel pretty nice and the bee lady welcomes them. As Silencia stands, she leans down to offer her head again and wiggles her antenna again to rub against the fairy's hand, looking like an obedient pet, or indeed, a pet bee if there was ever one. “You already have met this one's expectations, Silencia.” And then, she's smiling, something that D'vorah rarely does as well. It is fleeting though as she takes a step back and pulls her hood over her head once more before making a bow. “Thank you again for all you've offer this one today. This one should return to her patrols though. If there is anything you need, call for this one, and she shall come.” The bee lady extends her insect wings and takes flight with her wasps following close behind.

Silencia grins happily when she sees D’vorah’s smile. It felt like a victory to be able to make the stoic bee-lady smile! “Ahh, your smile is really pretty!” She giggles and waves as D’vorah takes her leave. “Stay safe, sweety!” She watches as D’vorah flies away, only sitting down after she has disappeared from sight. The girl crosses her legs and focuses on her breathing. There is no time to worry about trivial things, she needs to remain focused on her training instead of getting nervous about possibilities.

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