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Mr. Hot Guy

Summary: Rayne makes the mistake of saying a guy is hot.

Who: Deis, Kotal_Kahn, Rayne, Silencia, Urus
When: May 14th, 2016
Where: The Usual Restaurant

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Rayne is currently seated at the bar, turned around so her back is to it, watching the denizens of the city as they mill about, eat, talk, laugh. She's smiling ever so slightly as she does so, seemingly more than content to simply watch the various random people as they go about their restauranting activities. Of course, once her meal arrives, her attention will probably be focused on that, but for now, there's her people!

The door opens and in comes Silencia! Her wings are neatly folded down and drag behind her like a violet cloak. It was the easiest way to move around with those giant things! She seems a bit tired, but her expression brightens when she sees her rainbow-headed friend. She smiles and waves as she moves to join Rayne. "Hey there Rayne! You seem like you're in a good mood!" She orders something to drink and sits down next to Rayne, a cheerful grin on her face. "I assume you're doing well?"

Speaking of people with inconvenient animal-like features, there's Deis! She trails behind Silencia a little bit. In fact, as she catches sight of Silencia in front of her, she 'jogs'-- if one can do that with the lower body of a snake-- to catch up. It might be a shock, since snake 'jogging' is pretty quiet. "Oh, hello! What's this?" Looking up from the wings, Deis catches sight of Rayne. "Do you see this?" she asks Rayne, a gleeful smile on her face.

Rayne grins back to Silencia. "Yeah, I'm doing okay. Things are going okay. I think I'm finally getting the hang of everything I'm doing now, and I'm finally able to, you know, delegate more work to Ren and Sunset, and we're talking about hiring one or two other people to help out. So maybe I'll finally get some good free time again soon!" She waves to Deis as she enters, but then mocks utter confusion as the snake-woman looks upon Silencia's wings in surprise. "What's what? What are you talking about, Deis?"

Silencia perks up surprisedly when Deis speaks up. Her wings even perk up because of her surprise. She hadn't noticed the snake lady behind her! She glances at Deis and smiles. "I didn't see you there!" She peeks at Rayne and grins at the mock-confusion and decides to follow along. "What're you guys talking about? What am I supposed to see?" Her wings flutter behind her, the girl holding back a giggle. "I'm glad you're able to delegate more now, Rayne! I was afraid you'd collapse under the amount of work you had to do before you'd learn such a skill!"

That's all right, Deis is nothing if not perfectly fine with being messed with. "Silencia's grown a second head out of her back!" she proclaims. "It's got hot pink and neon green hair, and it's got like three sets of fangs! It's incredible!" Yes, she is completely BSing everybody. Proven when she reinforces her lack of belief in personal space, and reaches to try to run a finger along the trailing edge of one of Silencia's wings.

Rayne can't hold in her laughter anymore. "Of course I see Sil's wings, Deis! You two don't see much of each other, do you?" She grins and nods to Silencia. "Yeah, and like I said... I kinda wanna hire on one or two more to lighten the load a bit more. I'm not the best at helping people out on a personal level... really nothing even remotely as good as Sunset or Ren. Really, the first client I considered us to have Ren didn't even realize I was treating the situation as a Welcome Center thing, she was just doing what comes naturally to her." She does lean away slightly as Deis rushes up to touch Sil's wings, however.

Silencia grins and gasps dramatically. "Oh no! I need to go buy more hats then!" She laughs along with Rayne, the winged girl giving up on the little play. Her wings flutter again before freezing to allow Deis to touch them. The delicate-looking wings feel as smooth as silk and it is obvious from the texture and muscle in those wings that they're not as delicate as they look. "I've met Deis before, but I don't often have the fortune of seeing her around!" Silencia peeks at Rayne and smiles. "Don't give up on yourself though! I have a feeling that your work in the Welcome Center will help you get better with helping people like that!"

Deis grins triumphantly. "Never try to BS somebody who's at least as full of crap as you are, dear." She winks at Rayne. Deis's touch on the wings is gentle, since she's not sure how delicate they are. And she does pull her hand away once she's determined that. Deis nods to Silencia's words of not seeing her often. "That's true," she agrees. "I'm lazy, ya know." She grins. The mention of delegation gets a tilt of her head. "Oh hey, I can help you there. I did a lot of that back home, right up until Myria decided to go kill-crazy."

Rayne shakes her head. "Who said anything about giving up? I'm just delegating more. Three people can't really cover the hours we need, there's no way I'm not going to help out in there! But I've a lot more on my plate than just the Welcome Center, you know. I think it's time I accepted that, frankly, and let the place run with a minimum amount of oversight." She then tilts her head slightly at Deis. "Oh? You wanna help out in the Center?"

Silencia laughs at Deis' triumphant grin. "I will remember those words!" Once Deis seems done with her wings, Silencia folds them up again so they fall down her back like a cloak that's way too large on her. "Of course you're still doing your part, Rayne! It would be impossible for the place to stay up and running without everyone pulling their weight!" She peeks between Deis and Rayne and giggles. "Deis does seem quite suited for that line of work! Cheerful and just the right amount of weird!"

"I mean I can help show you how to delegate," Deis replies. "Though a certain amount of laziness is involved. Enthusiastic laziness." Silencia's mention of Deis being 'the right amount of weird' gets a laugh. "Actually, that's not a terrible point," she agrees. "Moving through worlds is pretty old hat to me and was even before I got here. And I've got enough human for any displaced humans to be able to feel a bit more at ease with. Also I have a FANTASTIC set of legs when I've got 'em."

Urus Walks out of the UR Gym in mesh shorts, the curtain of bandages having been taken off. It seems everything important has healed up pseudo nicely, that is though for the strangely shaped patch of skin devoid of fur that now takes its place. It too will grow back, eventually. Walking through the restaurant he spots the three girls chatting. Rayne, whom he enjoys company. Silencia to which he is glad does not act like her significant other. And Deis- the only god he has ever liked. He taps his hand on the bar as Steve takes the submachine gun from under the counter and puts it up for him. A nod is exchanged between them before he goes to join. "Hello ladies, how is everything? Well I hope."

Rayne raises an eyebrow. "And THAT, Sil, is why we need a few more to help us out. I don't want the whole place to fall apart if something happens to just one of us. Someone getting a bad cold should not knock out the ability of the Center to function." She then raises an eyebrow at Deis, looking a slight disappointed. "Oh, I don't need that much help, I don't think. And if I really, really wanted to, I can be plenty lazy. I just don't think I have that luxury here in Twisted." She does smile slightly as Deis seems to now consider helping out with the Center. On Urus' arrival to the scene, however, she waves cheerfully and greets him back. "I'm doing okay, Urus. Looks like you're healing up well, yeah?"

Silencia nudges Deis smilingly, a born recruiter for an organisation she doesn't even belong to! "Then use those fantastic legs and your experience for the greater good, sweety! The Welcome Center needs you!" Silencia winks at Rayne and grins. "Like I said before, I would love to help however way I can as well. Also, feel free to send all the sick and injured to me!" She puffs up her chest and grins in mock-pride. "I shall make sure everyone stays in peek condition!" She giggles while she leans back again, her back touching the bar. She smiles and waves when Urus approaches. "Hey there Urus!" Of course the first thing she does is hop off of her stool and walk around the hyena-man, examining his healing wounds. She nods and sits back down at her seat with a smile. "I'm glad to see you're healing well!"

"Hello there," Deis offers with a smile as Urus appears and greets them. Rayne's words get a nod. "That's why you delegate first," she notes. "Like I said, 'enthusiastic laziness'. A Contradiction in terms, like 'ordered chaos'. Because if you wanna be lazy, you need to ensure you can, and not have to run around like a chicken with its head cut off afterwards." Silencia's encouragement gets another laugh. "I'd get run out of the city, I'd be willing to bet," she says teasingly. "I do tend to have a problem with being far too friendly. And some people have a problem with snake-women hugging them." A look at Rayne, though it's clearly in jest, given how she's smirking.

Urus nods his head in agreement "Yes. Healing. Slowly but surely." He listens in trying to get a hold of the conversation at hand. "Enthusiastic laziness, I can vouch for that. I used to do it myself. Giving myself just enough time to get things accomplished." He mentions to Deis. "Speaking of such," he segways, "Are there any new people around? I know this place has an affinity for plucking things from where they belong." Hey it's how he ended up here, and Its probably safe to say most people do not come to twisted voluntarily.

Rayne says, "Hey, in my defense, it has nothing to do with you being a snake-woman! So then step one to proper laziness would be to, as mentioned previously, hire more people on. Well, I guess I'm on my way to that, then. Hopefully." She glances to Urus and shrugs. "There's always new people showing up. No one that struck me as anyone that would be of great interest to you lately, though. I've not seen a lot of 'merc' types coming through lately."

Silencia grins and briefly hugs Deis. "Some people don't like the friendliness, but some people do, I mean look at me and Sae! Perfect examples of how it could be!"

Speaking of non friendly types that have no need for mercs who else would enter the establishment at that point but non other than Kotal Kahn himself? The Aztec warrior slams the door open and raises his hand to everyone in greetings. "Salutations!" Looks like he's been in a particularly good mood as of late and not even Urus being present can ruin that!

Urus looks to Rayne questioningly "What do you mean no one of interest. I am always interested in those who share the same prison as I do. To be honest however I find life getting better around here." He snickers as Silencia shows her upmost kindness to prove a point. As Kotal barges in Urus seems to take a deep breath to center himself before greeting. "Hello Mr. Kahn. You seem quite happy. Found a few heads to add to your collection?" Urus attempting a nice demeanor towards him.

Rayne deadpans a bit in response to Silencia. "And look at me as an example of why that doesn't always make someone feel comfortable..." She sighs and shakes her head, looking to Kotal as he enters. "Heya, boss, you look chipper today. What's up?" She then laughs lightly and says to Urus, "Oh, okay, let me tell you aallll about that really hot pale guy that arrived recently, he was the most noteworthy lately, I think?" She turns to look at Urus with a slight grin.

Silencia grins cheerfully at Rayne and Urus as the both of them react just as she expected. "Proper judgment is key, sweety. A nice rule of thumb would be not to glomp the jittery and anxious-looking ones!" She winks good-naturedly at Rayne to show that she's always joking. When Kotal enters, Silencia's face brightens up and she waves enthusiastically at her beloved. "Hello there Kotal! Come join us!" She peeks curiously at Rayne and tilts her head. "Why would someone being hot be noteworthy? I mean... we deal with a whole lot of weird things so he should be really, really hot to be noteworthy..."

"Oh, there are always skulls to be added to my throne." Answers Kotal drily to Urus as he advances towards the table. "There are still Fog Demons a plenty and the greenskins grow ever numerous. Which reminds me.." The Aztec turns to glance at his second in Kommand. "Rayne, these Orks are starting to become a problem. See if you can find any information about them before they get out of control." Smiling to Silencia, Kotal removes his helmet and goes to take a seat next to the fairy, pulling her close so he can sit the girl on his lap. "Hello, my butterfly." He smiles and looks up when Rayne and Silencia mention a 'hot guy' who is new in town. "Oh? Rayne has finally found someone worthy of her attentions? This is most intriguing indeed."

Urus takes some time to look over his weapon as they chat. "Really pale hot guy... you have my attention." Last time there was a ladies man there was Dante... and he and Urus get along swimmingly. Kotal having some problems with creatures are not out of the ordinary. "If you have creature problems, call. I might have some new gear soon that needs field testing. Maybe in a week or so..." unconsciously scratching the bald spot in the middle of his chest.

Rayne blinks and flushes slightly. "Look, I call 'em like I see 'em, all right? He was frankly almost unnaturally creepily hot. There've just not been a lot of noteworthy people to me coming through lately, okay?" When Kotal turns a bit more towards business, she blinks. "Wait, there's more of them? I thought there was only like... a half dozen of them. I've yelled at them a few times to knock off the yelling and the threatening... I take it it hasn't held?" But no, even Kotal now is moving in to tease her about the hot guy. "Oh, Come on!" Steeve seems to have the perfect timing now, dropping off her hamburger just now. As she turns around to her food in an almost sulking manner, she says to Urus, "Oh, wait, you actually are into guys?" in a somewhat surprised sounding manner. "Man, I can never figure out where anyone is on that spectrum, sorry. I always assume people are straight, it's usually a safer bet." With that said, she starts eating her meal.

Silencia shakes her head at Kotal as the War God is so very eager to show his affection even in public. She does allow him to set her on his lap, but she seems a bit self-conscious. Rayne explanation about the hot guy makes Silencia grin though, the girl wiggling her eyebrows at her friend. "You seem rather defensive, sweety. Is there something you're not telling me?" Her tone is teasing and the girl cannot help but giggle.

"Honestly, will there ever be a time when we do not have creature problems?" Kotal says somewhat dryly, though at least he sounds more receptive to Urus' offer to assist. "More than likely I will, Urus. As long as Morgana does not mind that I am.. borrowing you." He removes his helmet as he gets comfortable with Silencia and glances to Rayne, giving a grim nod. "Somehow, they seem to be multiplying at an alarming rate. I am unsure how this is happening, hence my worries." He chuckles as Rayne becomes all flustered and relaxes on his seat, while pleasantly rubbing Silencia's tummy and kissing the fae's shoulder. "Sometimes, it is best to resort to Komedy." He glances at Urus and his curiosity for this Mr. Hot Guy, but otherwise says nothing.

"Hehehe... no, no you had it right the first time. Unfortunately for me there is no female of the species. Thankfully for this guy I am 1 of 1." Urus laughs motioning over to Kotal. Its plain as the mark on his face that Kotal is not good friends with him. He finally stops fiddling with his weapon before pulling a small shard of glinting black chitinous material. Messing around with it a bit as he chats. "well you know how well I do with stronger creatures than fog zombies. Tell you what. You call and I will tell you when I am open. I know you dislike Morgana almost as much as me."

Rayne sighs and hangs her head, nearly getting her hair in the burger she's holding in her hands. "Sil... There's so much I don't bother telling people it's not even funny. If it's important, I'll tell you. I'm just... always defensive." As Urus makes his preference clear, she sits up straight again. "See? That's why I assume that. Nine outta ten times, it's right."

Silencia smiles as she peeks between Urus and Kotal. It was nice that they were able to be a bit civil with each other. She still didn't understand why there was such a strained relationship between the two, but she's definitely not bringing that up right now! She giggles at Rayne's misunderstanding of Urus' interest in Mr. Hot guy. Silencia grins at Rayne. "Now I'm curious about him... I gotta know who I'm teasing you about!" She giggles and pokes Kotal as he keeps it up with the affection. "That tickles!" She leans away slightly, still feeling a bit self-conscious.

Indeed, Kotal seems to be in rare form today as he is not trading barbs or sun rays with Urus. Perhaps no longer having the tension of Diablo over his head is making feel more at ease. Whatever the case, he simply shrugs at Urus' suggestion that he dislikes him and Morgana, and shakes his head in denial. "I do not dislike either you. I do, however, dislike how the randomness of your natures. It makes it difficult to strategize." He smiles when Silencia wiggles on his hold and stops teasing her for now, instead preferring to caress her long hair. Then, he's glancing to Rayne with wide, curious, glowing eyes. "Well? Are you going to tell us about this gentleman that has caught your fancy or not?"

"No offence Kotal but you may be in the wrong place. Twisted as far as I can tell is essence of Randomness. And as for the supposed randomness of my actions, they might be considered cliche where I come from." But with that minor dispute out of the system, this guy Rayne refuses to talk about is getting more and more interesting. Pale... could mean a great many things. if she could at least give a name he would be satisfied. "do not worry Rayne, it is fine." He assures her about her assumption .

Rayne groans and facepalms. "Oh, gods, you guys. Lay off it. I don't pine after someone after just meeting them one freaking time. Yes, I will acknowledge that Edward was in fact, very attractive to the point of almost being creepy. But I'm freaking four hundred years old, I know a lot better than to just latch onto some random person just because they're pretty and not an obvious complete asshole. He's just a pretty guy. Like Kazuki and Asato as well. Urus asked about people of note showing up, and he's the only person that really stood out at all in the last few weeks that I've run into."

Silencia relaxes when Kotal finally takes the hint and sticks with caressing her hair. She smiles at him and leans against him again. She then giggles at Rayne's groan. "It's all fun and games, sweety. We've never heard you admit someone is attractive before. So it's only natural that we get curious, right?" The teasing was merely for their own amusement anyway. "But his name is Edward hmm? I have not met him yet then..."

Kotal hmphs first at Urus. "I forged order from the chaos that was Twisted, Urus. Where there was once naught but endless ennui, there is now structure, purpose, life." He states. "You and Morgana seem to be the only ones that refuse to fall in line." Well, besides the Xenos, Orks and Fog monsters, but that's besides the point. Kotal then continues to caress Silencia's hair and rests his chin on her scalp. "Indeed, it is as Silencia says, we are merely teasing you." Smiles the warrior. "Your reactions are quite priceless."

Urus says, "Ever thought there was a reason why?" Urus responds calmly. He decides not to continue that particular train of though. The fact that he would ever fall in line for someone so pompous is ridiculous. "As you wish Mr. Kahn..." Rayne gives a decent description as well as a name. "Thanks, I will keep an eye out for him. Sounds like an interesting guy. He human or...?" he asks. It's a legitimate concern when you live in twisted. There is a "hmmm" as he returns to looking at the piece of chitin, those who have dealt with them would recognize this as a piece of xenomorph."

Rayne kind of growls in frustration. "And now you know WHY I've never admitted to being attracted to someone before. Crap like this inevitably happens." She glances at Kotal without turning her head. "You should know by now you can't just tell someone to fall in line, Kotal." She just shrugs to Urus' question of Edward's species. "Beats me. He looked human, but then again, so do I."

Silencia seems perfectly content to simply sit and allow Kotal to idly caress her hair, so that's what she does. She does poke the War God as he keeps continuing the discussion about Morgana and Urus. "Calm down, Kotal. You can't expect everyone to simply follow along with you..." Her tone is calm and gentle. She isn't necessarily picking a side, she simply tries to end the discussion because she doesn't want the mildly civil manners to disappear. Rayne's reaction earns another giggle. "Then stop giving such amusing reactions! It's like you're trying to make us want to tease you, sweety!"

There's no need to argue the subject or to have Rayne and Silencia chip in on Urus' defense. Kotal Kahn actually knows perfectly well the answer to that question. "I know why.." He says darkly with a tiredness of his voice, as if he had held a burden for countless centuries. "There cannot be order without chaos. This I know too well." And he would being the physical manifestation of war. He sort of needs both in order to continue existing. He doesn't offer anything else about Rayne's supposed or not infatuation with this Edward character.

"hmm... not what I was going for but... I'll take it." Urus responds. He does not see himself as chaos but he does not see a lot of things others apparently do. Rayne's slight embarrassment brings to mind his experience. "Do not worry Rayne. These two are nowhere near as bad as my mother. If I refused to tell her, she would stalk my every move until she knew. She was horrible at it though. I could always tell." At least Sil and Kotal are not libel to do that.

Rayne grumbles and takes a few bites out of her hamburger. "So, you like seeing me get angry? Is that it?" she asks after swallowing her mouthful. She offers no comments as Kotal gets a bit philosophical. "Oh, I've run into worse than these two, beleive me," she says to Urus. "Why do you think I tend to be so closed lipped about this general subject normally? It's been way before I came here, I can tell you that."

Silencia shrugs lightly and smiles cheekily at Rayne. "Don't be too angry, sweety, I do the same with Kotal here. Sometimes you just need to prod someone a little..." She then reaches up and pets the soft curly-haired head of her beloved and smiles. "If you know that, then there is no need to get yourself worried or tired over it. It is not in your hands." She then hops off of Kotal's lap and stretches lazily. "I should probably go and get a little bit more training done before it gets too late. I will see you all later!" She tiptoes and plants a kiss on Kotal's cheek and waves to Rayne and Urus.

Kotal lets Silencia do most of the talking as she is certainly much better at soothing people than he could possibly ever hope to be. He smiles when Silencia hops off his lap and exchanges kisses with her as she leaves, waving as she parts. Growing silent for a moment, he extends his hand to catch the pulque mug that Steve suddenly slides his way and drinks quietly while Rayne reminisces on her inability to express her feelings openly. Kotal doesn't really have any worthwhile advice to say on that subject.

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