2016-05-14 - The Demonic Pussy

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The Demonic Pussy

Summary: Three things return to Twisted in this scene with four people. Aquariu makes a triumphant return to the active list as Stocking appears in her first scene without Panty. Luckily Rayne is there to keep the peace, at least until Twisted sees it's newest Irken make her first appearance and chaos ensues.

To be fair though, it wasn't her fault.

Who: Aquariu, Rayne, Stocking, Tak
When: May 14th, 2016
Where: The Usual Restaurant


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The Usual Restaurant(#1836RV)
You walk into a very large restaurant with high ceilings that leave the rafters exposed. Fluorescent lamps hang from the ceiling, adding light to the floor and tables. Windows adorn the sides of the place, looking out onto the chaos that is Twisted. On some of the walls are paintings, photographs, and holograms of different movies, and a number of people who tend to visit the UR - caught as they're singing karaoke. The hardwood bar rests at the back of the restaurant, surface polished and shiny and all-together spotless (most of the time). Behind the bar are the various beverages that are serveed, and a giant mirror. There seem to be an inordinate amount of different drinks. A large stage rests in one of the corners of the restaurant, with an amazing sound system and a few microphones strung around it. Multiple round wooden tables are in the room, and a swing door leads into the kitchen. Another door leads to the dance club, and another to the gym. And of course, there's an exit. A large fireplace nestles in one of the walls, with a beautiful stone chimney that flows up and out. A long spiral staircase rests near the entrance to the kitchen, leading to a second-floor balcony that overlooks the UR itself. The lights up there are a bit dimmer than those down below.

WHAM! The door of the kitchen to the UR bursts open, snapping off its hinges as Aquariu kicks it! She lowers her kicking foot down and strolls into the restaurant. Within her left hand, whose fingers are currently more claw than fingers, is a massive chunk of dripping bloody meat, not cooked. Her other hand, also more claw at the moment, slices off a chunk which she slips into her mouth, chews a moment, then swallows as she eyes her place over. Hm, not many people here. Some slugs playing poker, as usual, couple ninjas in the rafters. There's only one interesting person here right now, it's the girl with rainbow colored hair! She walks behind the bar like she owns the place and gives a giant, hungry smile of bloody fangs, "Hey peeps, what's skyward?"

Rayne has taken her time eating her hamburger, and is in fact just now finishing it. She looks perhaps a bit annoyed at something, in fact. That expression completely vanishes, however, as the door is nearly kicked off its hinges. "Uhhhh... not a whole lot for me at the moment?" She looks a bit surprised that someone she's never seen before is acting so at home behind the counter, but then shakes her head.

The door of the UR is clicked open as the purple haired gothling known as Stocking enters the restaurant and eyes the room suspiciously. She just... stands there a moment? Glaring? What the heck? With a groan she marches up to the bar and stares at Aquariu and Rayne specifically. "Hi. Good evening." She starts taping on the bar with her index finger with each demand she's about to make. "I expect ice cream. Cookies. Two parfaits, and if someone doesn't get them for me immediately I'll cut the tits off of every woman in the room STARTING WITH THE TWO OF YOU!" Glaaaaaaare. "Also has anyone seen my sister or is she in the backroom of a porn theater offering herself up as a personal lubricant again?" AND HERE WE GO.

Aquariu nods her head at Rayne, "Great! Well," She stops as another person that looks less like a slug and more like a someone to interact with comes in! She laughs at Stocking as she cuts off another piece of meat and slides it into her mouth, "Shure, laht mah fin..." Swallow, "Finish eating and I'll get all that stuff." She really doubts this girl can cause her much harm, but you never know with Twisted denziens. "If we do start a fight you'll be on my side, okay Rainbow?" Obviously referring to Rayne there. As for the sister comment, she shrugs her wings, "You'd have to describe her first, Blurplink." Referring to Stocking's hair color. Can no one's hair decide on a single color today?

Rayne sighs with mild annoyance as Stocking enters, already afraid of what's going to happen next based on her last encounter with her and her sister. She slowly turns to face the angel and says, "Stocking... It's generally not considered a good idea to threaten police officers like that." She then glances back to Aquariu, glad she's immediately going for the order, forstalling possible violence. "Yeah, sure. And the name's just Rayne, no bow. Rayne Hurris."

Aquariu nods her head at Rayne, sure looks like rainbow hair to her, but whatever, "Sure, sure!" She says, then looks back at Stocking, who seems to not want to get into a fight. Well, that's fine too! She makes a mental notice that Rayne's species is police officers, which she's never heard of before. Got that. And Stocking here is an angel, which she didn't think really existed, but there ya go, new things everyday here, unless she's actual an angel made for having sex with, or an angel that has sex with people? She did describe herself that way. Huh. She decides to swallow the rest of her meat, lick of her claws, which then revert to hands, and turns around, heading into the kitchen, "Aaaanybody want anything else from in here while I'm at it? This place has -everything-."

Rayne says, "Oh, for... Yes. That actually sounds like an appropriate response to me for that, Stocking. And no, I'm not talking about /your/ response. Ugh. How did I get to be the voice of reason around here? I've never felt so old..." She sighs and nods to Aquariu. "Screw it. Grab me a strawberry sundae while you're at it, could you please?"

"Less sassin', more snackin'." That's all she wants from Aquairu. "Come on, is it really that hard?" The angel looks... stressed, actually. Her hair is frazzled a bit more than usual. Her eyes seem more bloodshot than usual. "Look, 'Bring the Rayne'? Are you /sure/ you haven't heard anything lately? Panty has a reputation for being very vocal about her whereabouts. I haven't seen her since they tossed me into the school's prison. She didn't even try to come visit me!" It's a classroom, not a prison. "I stand up for her, and I get her the numbers of half the football team." Suddenly she's jumped partly up on the bar to get into Rayne's face. "THE LEAST SHE COULD HAVE DONE IS BROUGHT ME A CANDYBAR!!" Sisterly love, folks.

Aquariu disappears into the kitchen! Though the door is now open so you can see her moving about, sometimes she can just find orders ready to go! It's not like she's a real chef or anything! Let's see. Ice cream, that's the cold stuff without meat in it. Here it is. It's red, so that's probably right. She'll take the whole pint. And cookies...yep, here's a bag of cookies with cream in the middle. o O ( What the murr is a parfait? ) She rummages through some more cupboards, then opens the fridge. There's the instruction manual! She left it in here because...she has no idea why. But it has pictures. She drops everything she's holding onto the floor and flips through the manual. Okay, parfait, parfait...here it is. Oh, ice cream with gunk inside of it? Sure. Fine. She'll start making that along with strawberry sundae. She knows what those are, and hey, she already has the right flavor of ice cream! \/

Rayne groans and rolls her head around slightly on her neck. "The Academy doesn't have a prison, Stocking. I've not heard a peep from or about your sister, I'm sorry." When Stocking suddenly thrusts her face within inches of her own, however, Rayne nearly falls backwards off the stool in a rather reflexive if ungraceful looking action as she tries very quickly to put a more normal distance between her and Stocking. "I'm sorry! No one's said a word about her to me!"

The lolita-fashioned angel stays propped up on the bar, looking down at Rayne with a blank expression. "Jumpy much?" Eh, fuck it. She just pulls her legs up on the bar and lays across it. No one is telling her to get down after all. It's not like anyone's brought her FOOD to keep distracted either! She shoots daggers with her eyes at the kitchen door (metaphorically of course). "Huh." She notices suddenly that the place is looking pretty good for the condition they left it in last time. "This place cleans up nice." She props her head up on her palms and kicks her stockinged legs. "Shouldn't you be a bit more used to sudden things? Being a cop and all?" The girl sighs. This is boring.

Aquariu finishes assembling the food. She managed to find the black goo in the fridge, which turns out is sickeningly sweet, ugh. But whatever. She comes out of the kitchen, pint of strawberry ice cream under her left arm, bag of cookes in her left hand. Her right hand is holding both the sundae and the two parfaits, which look identical to what one might see in an adverstisement. She copied the pictures precisely, down to the little sprinkle candies. She moves behind the bar and tosses the bag of cookies at Stocking to free a hand, slides the sundae into said free hand and puts that in front of Rayne, or where Rayne -was- sitting a second ago, then sets the rest down in fron-well,she's on the bar. She'll dump the pint in Stocking's lap and offer the two parfaits out, one for each of the angels hands, "Ta daaa, order above you!" Or order up, however the saying goes.

Something that looks like a rather evil black cat has managed to slide its way into the Usual. It is referred to as an evil looking black cat because it's eyes are a practically glowing red, and it's ears look more like a pair of horns than any kind of cat ears. Despite the horn like ears, it definitely slinks about and acts like a cat while it's peering about the place. Unless someone intervenes the cat hops on to the counter, staring over the customers and flicking its tail about.

Rayne climbs back up into another seat so that Stocking isn't directly in front of her. "A good reaction time is a plus, I like to think," she says as she reaches for her sundae. This hasn't been the best of days for her... As far as the cat is concerned, however, she doesn't seem to really pay it any attention so long as it doesn't try to interfere with her sundae.

Previously laying on her stomach, Stocking luckily manages to catch the cookies and sit up (on the bar) before food gets dropped in her lap. She doesn't seem too pleased with it until the sundaes are offered. With eyes the size of dinner plates the angel squeals and leaps down off the bar to reclaim her barstool. Until something blurs past her eyes. The air in the Usual seems to drop about five degrees instantly as Stocking's eyes narrow, looking at the cat and sizing it up. She doesn't even sit her food down. That's how serious she is.

Demonic as the cat looks, it does nothing to interfere with anything. It seems strangely intent on just STARING everything it notices down. However it isn't long before it just curls up and relaxes where it's sitting on the counter.

Aquariu doesn't have a problem with cats on the counter! She sits on the counter herself a lot of the time! Pfft, not a word of thanks for getting them all this food! She hasn't even demanded payment yet! Whatever. She looks between Stocking and the cat as the angel starts freaking out. Ooookay. And is someone messing with the temperature?!

Rayne doesn't seem to notice the lowering in temperature. No, she's eating a sundae, that's a common experience with eating frozen treats, right? With the new(to her, anyway) staff and Stocking around, it seems a bit more lively in here again than it's been in a while.... and she's not quite sure if she likes that or not.

Stocking's eyes stay locked on the beast as she slowly sits back down again. "Demon." That's it's new name. Congrats. "Let me eat my food this fallen seraphim has graced me with and I will let you live until I finish." She narrows towards the cat and GLAAAAAAARES. "Get in my way and I will make you RUE the day you ever thought to step foot outside of the seven gates." To demonstrate she grabs a spoon and EATS. CAREFULLY. METHODICALLY. Besides she has a lot and it'll take her a few minutes. Run while you can, Mimi!

Aquariu looks around at everyone. Really? No thank yous? Not that she ever says thanks or sorry herself, but that doesn't mean other people shouldn't say those things to her! Makes her went to go all fangs, teeth, scythe and hunt someone down for fun! But she just ate, so... She looks over at Demon the cat, then back at Stocking, "Blurplink, my name's Aquariu, not Sarah Finn." And people aren't saying her name right! Again with the injustice.

'Demon' as the cat has been labeled, simply raises its head to let out what seems like an unimpressed meow. It's at this point that a young, human looking girl comes in and spots 'Demon'. "Mimi, you shouldn't run off like that when we're lost," this kid with short hair (in that color that's enough between purple and blue that people actually have arguments about it) scolds toward the cat. She's a pale looking kid and she's wearing a shirt that's REALLY long and seems almost more like a trench coat. "Now stop wandering about and come here," the kid says. 'Demon' (or is it Mimi?) lazily gets up and makes its way off the counter, listening to this girl's demand.

Rayne sighs again in annoyance. "Do you have to threaten everything, Stocking?" she asks before taking another spoonful of the sundae into her mouth.

Starting with Aquariu's statement, Stocking explains rather matter-of-factly, "I called you a SERAPHIM. One of the highest order of an angelic choir. One of those that sit at the throne of God. It was a compliment for fuck's sakes." She takes another bite and blushes red, squirming a little in her seat. "Oh heavenly wonders, thy pale in comparison to the sinful lust of delicious grub." Her eyes shift again as the hell-beast moves from its position, returning to the side of it's human-looking owner. "Spawn of Satan. I gave you a specific instruction. DO NOT FUCK WITH ME." She rotates on the barstool to face new newcomer. "If that's your pet, I strongly suggest you consider saying your goodbyes." This is rather two-faced of her after letting Doommuffin's pet go for being 'cute' but Mimi isn't exactly cute and Stocking is looking to vent her frustrations at the nearest possible target. Not bothering to wait for a response she turns slowly back to-aaaand Rayne speaks up, forcing her to stop and stare at her again. "Yes." Well that's settled. Back to eating ice cream.

Aquariu looks back and forth between the cat and Stocking. Then over at Mimi. Hm hmmm!!! She ducks down behind the bar, rummages around, and comes back up in front of Rayne, holding a handful of coins, some gold, some silver, some...obviously worth money on some other world? Maybe? She slams it down in front of the Police Officers, "Okay! My money is on the sex angel Blurplink! You take the cat and its owner."

The newly arrived girl pets at 'Demon's head, looking as if she's oh so lost for why anyone would be threatening it. "Oh no, did Mimi do something wrong," she wonders in a syrupy sounding tone, "She's usually so well behaved. Are you sure you don't just have some sort of childhood trauma involving cats or some other terribleness?" Aquariu's talking and slamming seems to catch her attention though. "Putting money on things? Honestly, why would there be something to put money on," she asks innocently, "I don't even know this woman or anything about this place. Why would I start fighting with her? ...even if she IS threatening my Mimi."

Rayne looks at the cat and the child, then to Stocking, then to Aquariu and her stack of money. She then shakes her head. "No thanks, I'm afraid I just can't take the bet," she says.

Stocking eyes the room and fights not to snort at the entire conversation between bites. "Puuuleeease, as if this badly dressed Hot Topic drone could take me in a fight? The bitch probably couldn't squeeze an original thought out of her head long enough to formulate a plan of attack." She takes another bite and swallows, "It's just the Hellspawn I'm after anyways. Sure, they can be cute but that one's got a look to it. Any minute now it'll be hopping onto someone's leg like Panty in heat and going to town as a blood thirsty monster destroying everything and stealing the souls of everyone around them." She spins partly around again and points with a spoon. "Look at it's eyes! There's no life in them! Clearly a sign of a demonic presence." She smiles at Tak like an adult looking at a small child and speaks to her with the same kind of voice, "But do go on trying to insult me. It's cute to see you know how to repeat what other people tell you." And with that her back is turned. There's still food left after all.

Aquariu stares at Rayne. No bet?! What?! Murr! She pulls the coins back off the countertop and looks over at Stocking and Mimi as they...talk? They're not listening to each other, but it's still communication? Whatever. She tosses the money back under the bar, since there's no need for it anymore, and she doesn't actually use money. "If it can do all that, it's pretty impressive!" She looks over at the cat, waiting for it to take action!

The gothy looking little girl raises a brow and just kind of lets out a small chuckle. "Ooookay lady, I think you've been hitting it a BIIIIIIIT too hard," she replies calmly, "Mimi's definitely not a hellspawn, and when did I try to insult you or repeat anything? I just wanted to know why you hated my cat so much."

The angel coughs, "Why?" She very carefully places her second empty dish down next to the first. "Because sweetest little darling, that hell beast is evil. I can feel it flowing off of it like the smell of sex from a slut - and I live with one. I know it well." She pushes off her barstool to stand and face Tak, placing a hand on her hip. "As for what my problem is with you, you unoriginal little twat. I just don't like you. I don't have to like you. I'm an angelic being, displaced in the world and currently trying to enjoy herself and then you come along looking like a groupie wanting to get backstage." She scoffs at her own words. "And not that I'm not the main attraction here, but if you tried anything like that with me I'd just break you in half." She's really like this to everyone just to be like this to everyone. I offered apologies before we got star-(WOULD YOU CUT THAT OUT!?!) Excuse me? (QUIT MAKING EXCUSES FOR ME YOU CREEPY OLD MAN!) Old? (AND FAT!) Fuck you, Stocking. (You wish, Grandpa!)

Aquariu doesn't have anything to add to the conversation, other than be entertained by it! She kicks back and leans against the wall, putting her hands behind her head! With any luck they'll start fighting and blood will flow!

The new girl just shrugs. "Yeaaaah, apparently your nose is busted Miss Angel. I just came looking for where I am when you started spewing crazy around," she replies, still talking in a tone that seems entirely calm and unshaken, if not amused, by the angel's commentary, "So I don't know why you think I give a sack of dog's crap about rather you like me or not."

Stocking just laughs as she turns away again to face.... Aquariu? She raises an eyebrow at Rayne's absence and sighs. Anyways. She looks up at Aquariu with a shrug, "Your culinary skills are impressive. Thank you for that." For an ever so brief moment her statement seems genuine. She lets out a yawn and stretches. "You need to work on the entertainment value, though. Maybe a live band or strippers? Give everyone something to look at. The current show is just too sad to keep my attention focused."

The new girl seems to totally ignore what Stocking's just said. "Annnnnnnnyway...like I said...I'm /lost/. If someone could pull themselves out of insanity long enough to just tell me where in the world this whole city is, that'd be /great/."

Aquariu got thanked! Okay. Bluplink isn't so bad. She shrugs her shoulders, "Band. Music. Okay." She'll just write that up and throw it on the wall...or maybe draw it in blood off one of her kills. She should go out hunting soon. She looks over at Tak, since it seems like there isn't going to be a fight, despite everything Stocking said. A NEW person? WHAT. She suddenly leaps over the bar, a huge smile forming over her face, revealing fangs inside. She holds out her left hand, a scythe appearing in it, the large bow at the end wiggling wildly! "Welcome to Twisted, run." She says, hunger dripping from her tone, her eyes, rather than staring at Tak's own, staring down at her body, a patron sizing up a meal!

The angel totally just sits and watches the bartender leap over the counter and threaten the girl she was threatening moments before. Huh. "See? Already the beast's influence can be seen." Yep, just to add insult to injury Stocking snaps her fingers. A Halo appears over her head and suddenly her outfit changes to that of a pure white gown with huge unfolding angel wings behind her. Blowing a kiss, the angelic stripper takes a painfully slow moment of taking off one of her stripped stockings - gripping it tightly and running her free hand across it until it becomes the blade of a very dangerous looking sword. Her clothes returning back to normal, Stocking points the tip of the weapon at Mimi. "This woman has been corrupted by your Hellspawn. Hand it over and walk away while you can." Yes because that's TOTALLY what's going on here.

"Oh dear, it seems I really am popular tonight after all. I do hope this entire town isn't just full of psychotics. Goodness knows it already seems that way..." The gothish looking girl continues even yet to seem unperturbed by the amount of threat being offered in her direction. Oh, she's being all nice and calm on the outside, but on the inside she's basically like a restrained coil waiting to snap free and slice things with it's annoying little sharp point that shouldn't even be sharp.......or some other thing like that. She eye rolls at Stocking continuing her misdirected hellspawn talk. "Yeaaaaaah, right. My cat's the one making you both nuttier than a squirrel den. You've GOT to be joking." She still holds her ground, acting entirely too cool and calm about these threats.

Aquariu is. So. Ready. To. HUNT. She looks back at Stocking as she changes clothes, what kind of power is that? She wants to change clothes on a whim! Rad. However, "I'm anything but corrupted! I'm just suddenly very, very hungry." She looks back towards Tak and takes a step back from her, arcing her scythe back and to the left behind her with one hand, her other morphing out into a claw. Oh? Not going to run right off the bat? "One!" She didn't count down from three, she just started at one instead. Her scythe swings through the air, heading right for Tak's throat! Well, unless you have an amazingly trained eye, then one might notice it's actually heading towards her throat, but is then going to veer upwards, and attempt to cut off some hair instead! Decapitating your prey before they've run is booorrriiiiinnnnnnng.

With a loud *CLAAAAANG* the scythe is stopped just a fraction of an inch from Tak's hair by the blade of Stocking's sword Stripe I. (She's moved in beside the two of them, if it needs to be said.) "I didn't say it was okay to eat the fashion disaster!" Putting effort into it, she uses the blade to push Aquariu back the tiniest bit from Tak. "The desserts you put effort into where heavenly. Don't do this! Your life isn't worth a few coins!" She gets heaven coins for killing demons. It's a thing. Go watch the show. Her eyes lock onto Tak's momentarily, "This is Twisted. There's a kiosk on the street that'll tell you about the place. Stay away from the school." Meanwhile she's continuing to try to hold the restaurant's owner back with her blade against the woman's scythe. "We can continue to bitch about your pussy another time."

Tak finally seems honestly /surprised/ when Stocking comes to her rescue. Here she was thinking she'd be testing out the combat abilities of both of them at once. Granted, she knew that was definitely a dangerous move, but what would she have gotten out of running like a dog? Now she had an unexpected window of opportunity though. "Huh, alright then. I guess you ARE an angel after all," she says, her voice seeming less sugary and more intelligent now. "Since you bothered to step in, I won't waste your effort." With that she suddenly does a leaping roll for the door and is surprisingly quick to disappear. 'Demo--er Mimi just-....did that thing WARP away?!

Aquariu bares her fangs at Stocking as her scythe is intercepted! "I am on the hunt!" She says back, hopping back and onto the bar as her wings flap to give her some extra lift. She angles her scythe behind her, in case Stocking moves in again. "This doesn't have anything to do with that bet from earlier, so..." And then Tak just rolls for the door and disappears! ? ! "Awwww, what." She opens her hand holding the scythe and it vanishes as quickly as it came, "She runs now that you're intercepting?" Someone doesn't know how to play. She declaws her hand and sticks her tongue out at Stocking, "Thanks a lot for ruining the chase!" =P

Stocking lowers her weapon and gets into Aquairu's face. Somehow her halo and wings return as she begins to rant, "If YOU want to go hunt someone down and eat them, you do it in private! Even my sister knows to go behind the dumpster when she's out whoring it on the street!" She pauses mid-speech and looks off to the side as her brain clicks. "Oh jeeze, I bet I know exactly where she is. The only place I didn't check was that nerd's place. She's totally fucking him after trying to set me up with him!!" She reaches down and yanks off her other stocking, turning it into Stripe II without the flashy show from earlier. "THAT SKANK!!" Turning away the angel kicks the door open (doesn't it open up the other way?). "I'LL KILL HER!!!" And with that she darts outside without a moment's hesitation. Well. That happened... again.

Aquariu rolls her eyes at Stocking, nevermind that she'd just eaten and was planning on chasing, terrifying, and then catch and releasing, but she's not going to share that information. What if word got out somehow? Then all her sport would be ruined! She opens her mouth to say something, but then the angel just runs out of her restaurant. She hops down off the bar and shakes her head, then looks over at the slugs playing poker. u.u She walks over, flips a chair around, and sits down to play some hands. o O ( People around here are crazy. )

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