2016-05-18 - An Early Birthday Present

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An Early Birthday Present

Summary: Dorian has some rather good timing to finish his project for Rayne.

Who: Dorian, Rayne
When: May 18th, 2016
Where: Integra Arms - Roof


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Up on the rooftop, someone has apparently set up a chaise lounge deck chair, which Rayne is currently taking full advantage of! Having been asked to be up here 'after work', her relatively early schedule today has left her up here for a while... but she doesn't seem to mind, having dozed off in the sun. Up here, perhaps she'd be glad that no one else is here yet, as her head is rolled back and she's snoring fairly loudly. Really, it's a wonder she hasn't woken herself up.

The sound of a chuckle might wake her up! It's not a malicious one, though. It's a familiar one. And it's followed by a bit of posh British snark. Or well, in this case, posh Tevinter snark. "Maker! For a moment I thought a dragon had gotten loose up here and was worried for your safety." A smirk. Provided Rayne's sufficiently woken up by his voice, Dorian continues, "If you're ready, I have your bangle ready."

Rayne wakes up with a bit of a snort as she sits upright quickly and looks around while blinking rapidly. "Huh-what?" she asks in a bit of a stupor before she remembers why she was up here to begin with. As the world seems to click back into place, a broad smile comes across her face. "Already? That's awesome!" She swings her feet over to plant her sandals on the ground, and stretches her arms for a bit. "Man, how long was I out up here..." she asks, likely more to herself.

"Likely longer than you needed to be," Dorian teases. Though then he offers honestly, "My apologies for bringing you out here so late this evening. You were up early today and I should really give you time to sleep. But I believe you wanted to get this as soon as possible." He draws the bangle from a pocket. "The reason it took so long is because the clothes-absorbing enchantment decided not to play well with the size-changing enchantment. Both are fairly major enchantments, and generally both would be the 'dominant' enchantments. To get them to play nice, I had to make them both recessive to the fire protection. Mind you, both work as intended."

Rayne blinks and nods, looking at the bangle. "I... think I know what you're talking about... It's why it's so hard to add anything else to my swords, for instance... Well... I suppose it's time to test this bad boy out and make sure everything's good, right?" She looks up at him with a bit of a smile, and even giggles lightly. "I'm actually pretty excited about this!"

"I hope it works," Dorian replies, offering her the bangle proper. It's not his usual flamboyant confidence, because this is serious business. Arrogance is fine, after all, unless someone's life is in danger. The enchantments were kind of fiddly, after all.

Rayne nods and cautiously takes the bangle, apparently taking care to avoid her hand coming into direct contact with Dorian. While to a stranger the extra care might be seen as slightly insulting... Dorian knows Rayne enough by now to know it's far from personal. With it in her hands, she looks it over again. "Of course it seems the same to me... But then again, I don't have the magical senses thing down. I am just a neophyte, after all." With one last look up to Dorian with a grin, she sits back down again to clamp the bangle around her right ankle.

Dorian's not really what one would call a 'touchy-feely' sort either, so he probably wouldn't have minded either way. Besides that, it's true, he knows Rayne has issues with physical contact. First good sign? It didn't affect her negatively when she touched the bangle. Second good sign, it didn't negatively affect her when she put it on. In fact... "Let me see if it's affecting you negatively first." So said, he aims a palm towards her-- but not touching her. His eyes close and his hand glows green. He's looking for anything anomalous in her innate magical 'field'.

Rayne waits patiently as he makes his test, though she is starting to fidget slightly. She wants to try this thing out! "So how's it looking, then? Anything unexpected at all in there? What's it doing?" She's letting out her nervous energy with inane questions, it seems.

"With any luck, it's not doing anything," Dorian replies. His voice is a little distracted, as he's mentally reviewing what his senses are telling him. Once the glow fades, he looks back up at Rayne with a nod. "It's supposed to remain dormant until it's called upon. As for activating it, you should be able to 'find' it if you reach out into your area with your mind. You should know what to do once you 'find' it."

Rayne looks utterly confused by this explanation. "....'find' it? My area?" She looks down at the bangle and tries concentrating her mind on the bangle, very much unsure of what she's doing. Her swords just worked automatically, so she's never really had to activate a magic item like this before. Her brow furrows as she tries to think on it, and after a moment she starts making hand motions... It's incredibly weak magic she's working there, more like the beginning of a novice spell than a full spell in and of itself. She's trying to link that with the power of the bangle, seeing if that works.

Fortunately Dorian has made this a little easier. When Rayne starts to concentrate, she should feel a 'pulse' coming from her ankle. It's from the bangle. "It's... like listening, but with your mind," Dorian explains. "The item should activate when you make to change, but it needs to know where 'you' are, on a magical level. You won't need to do this every time. You might call it 'attuning'."

Rayne nods and focuses more in on the pulse, trying to mentally seek it out. "Okay, I do feel something..." She cups her hands around the bangle, keeping her mind thinking along the same tracks as with her spellcasting, trying to, in a way, time it to the pulse, or perhaps draw the pulse to her.

It reacts much like a person being tapped on the shoulder, but on a magical level. Just sort of a 'oh hello, there you are'. And then it settles again. Through this procedure, Dorian keeps an eye on things, magically speaking. And once the magic of the bangle settles again, he nods. "That should do it. It just needed to be alerted to your presence."

Rayne giggles slightly at the feeling of the attunement. "So... everything's working the way it should, then?"

Dorian nods once more. "It should be," he confirms. "It's like putting on a sweater. A sweater will keep out the cold, but only if you put it on first. You just 'put on' the bangle, on a magical level."

Rayne sits up straight with a grin still on her face, and asks, "So it's okay to test it out now? Shall I transform?" Upon getting an affirmative answer from Dorian, she stands up and walks over to the middle of the roof where nothing is in the way, and where people would be less likely to be able to see her if things don't quite go right. With a deep breath, she seemingly explodes into bright light as her form shifts dramatically into that of a a large eagle, that of a phoenix. She suppresses her flames and balances on her clawed left foot, bringing her right up to look at it, where the bangle, now smaller to fit on the much thinner ankle of an eagle, should be.

Dorian gives an affirmative sound, and then stands back a bit, just in case, when Rayne transforms. Her clothes should have gone with her, being 'absorbed' into the bangle. So there won't be a pile of clothes left behind. "Well, it works that way," Dorian observes. "How about the other way?" Here he pauses, wondering if he should say something to reassure her that if things do go badly, he is probably one of the best people for this sort of thing to happen in front of. Ultimately he decides to keep it to himself; it would serve only to embarrass her.

Rayne looks up from the bangle at Dorian and says, "Testing the speach spell," in the slightly screachy voice of an eagle. She glances away, wishing she crould actualyl frown to express her displeasure at the voice. Still, it's better than not speaking at all. "Alright, let's bring it back, then... This'd better work, I really like that sundress." With a sharp intake of breath, she shifts back into her human form, her clothes thankfully forming around her again. "Woo!" she says. "That's... kind of a rush..." She looks over herself, making sure her clothes didn't somehow mix themselves up or appear on her backwards or something.

Dorian half-smirks. "Sorry I couldn't do anything about the quality of the voice," he notes. "Aside from 'capturing' your voice, and that would have taken something more than a bracelet and a few gems." He watches the change back, and a self-satisfied smile appears on his face. "Ah-ha. Knew that would work." And there's the pride he was keeping back. He tilts his head. "A rush? What, being able to change without having to run into a closet first?"

Rayne offers a grin to Dorian. "Yeah! Well, it's more the, you know, knowledge of what I can now do with this!" She taps her right foot on the ground. "Sooo, theeeeeeen, the obvious follow up question to all this is... What do I owe you, then? This couldn't have been a walk in the park for you..." She does now finally frown.

Dorian smirks a bit, the expression having a bitter edge to it. "This is where, if I were like my father, I would try to get you to promise to do some ridiculous task," he notes. "But let me think." He crosses his arms, putting a hand to his chin in thought. "There isn't anything I need, really. And what things I want couldn't be given by anyone. So... I think I'll bank the favor for later, if you don't mind?"

Rayne sits down on the chaise again, and extends her leg out to get a good look at the bangle again. "Hrmmm," she ponders. "Alright. I'll owe you a favor... but if you don't call it in within a year, I'm just gonna call this a birthday present, even if you are a little early." She looks back up to him with a slight smirk, actually. "Of course, that'd mean I'd owe you a birthday present on yours, too."

Dorian laughs quietly. "A little early? A sign then, that yours is coming up?" he asks. "I'll remember that." He gets serious then. "If something happens with it, come and find me immediately. Magical items can overload when used while damaged."

Rayne gets a much more serious look on her face at that and nods. "I'll keep that in mind. Anything, even a scratch, I'll come to you to make sure everything's okay." She then smiles again and stands up, offering him a bow. "I am now officially in your debt, good sir! And I will cherish this as long as I can!" She then straightens up with another laugh. "Now if you'll excuse me... I think I'd like to go out for a fly!" With that, she shifts once more into the form of a bird, offers him a nod, and flies off into the sky.

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