2016-05-19 - Bridge to the Future

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Bridge to the Future

Summary: Kindred Spirits of Sky and Sea meet on a bridge.

Who: Desmond, Tidus
When: May 19, 2016
Where: Plowse Bridge


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The bridge between cities is an odd thing in an entire world of odd things. Though it connects the cities of Twisted and Neo-Edo, there really isn't a commute.. at least not yet. Though there is traffic with the odd car or bus coming or going, more than likely coming from Neo-Edo since there are very little cars in Twisted yet, it is a surprisingly lonely area for such a tremendously large structure. Furthermore, whatever traffic is done from Twisted is normally done by walking, or bikes.. or space ships, but then if you have that then you don't really need the bridge.

That being said, just because the pedestrians from Twisted lack the modernity of transportation from Neo-Edo, that doesn't make them at all mundane.

Enter a somewhat noticeable young man wearing a white hooded sweatshirt that is currently crossing the bridge by foot. Desmond Miles' idea of crossing the bridge however may be odd to some, as he's not using the pedestrian walk at all.

No, not all.

He's up dozens of miles on the bridge's rafters swinging through the wires with the dexterity of a flying monkey. The climber hasn't reached the peak of the bridge though, if someone on ground level were to look up and shout he'd probably still be able to listen.

Tidus happens to be one of those walking. He's not really trying to go to Neo-Edo, no. He's just going somewhere he can see water. Besides the beach, he's not altogether sure how that Morgana person would take him being in her waters. Though that might be how he gets permission, go down and talk to her. Still. Better safe than splattered, right?

Well, he's hoping the Plowse Bridge is over water, and not just hanging over a void of nothingness. That would suck. So he's gone out to check! However, motion from above startles him. "Hwa?" He looks up quickly, hoping there's not a fiend up there. He hadn't seen any since coming here, and he hoped that would continue.

But no, it isn't a fiend. It's... that guy he spoke to the day he came here. Tidus's eyes widen. "Whoa!" he observes. He's not quiet about it, either. And if that's not enough to catch Desmond's attention, Tidus calls up jovially, "HEY!" He raises a hand to wave.

Yeah, Tidus is... not subtle.

The lack of subtlety works to Tidus' favor in this case. Even with Desmond's heightened senses, he might have still missed a person yelling and waving from down below. However, Tidus has the advantage of having a very distinctive voice and his out of place outfit makes him very easy to recognize. Let's just say that Tidus wouldn't be adhering to the Brotherhood's idea of hiding in plain sight.

But as it was said before, that all works to draw Desmond's attention. The hooded man stops on his tracks as he perches on a steel beam and looks down. He doesn't answer Tidus' yell but waves back at him to show that he's noticed him.

Suddenly, without warning, Desmond actually JUMPS out of the bridge head first looking like he's purposely trying to turn himself into red chunky salsa by crashing into the bridge. However, mid-way into the leap he catches hold of an iron beam and spins around to break his fall with centrifugal momentum. Desmond then propels himself with his spin towards another beam that is now closer to the ground and squats on it, looking down to Tidus from a far closer vintage point.

"Hey man, what's up?" He smiles down to the blond haired guy.

Of course Tidus panics a little when Desmond looks like he's going to splat on the bridge! His eyes go wide, and he emits an odd, choked sound. And then he forward a little, some part of him thinking that maybe he can act as a landing pad or something, to dampen the impact. But then suddenly Desmond turns into a monkey, figuratively speaking. But at least he's not plummeting to his death, so that's a good thing.

Once Desmond seems like he's not falling anymore, Tidus looks up at the closer perch. "That's pretty awesome!" he comments. "I thought for sure you were gonna end up a greasy spot down here!"

Desmond laughs it off and gives a dismissive wave. "Nah, I was just out stretching my legs." Apparently, all those fancy smancy acrobatic maneuvers are piece of cake for Desmond if he considers them just a light jog. "Sorry for startling you though, I guess with all the crazed shenanigans that go around here I forget what's normal and what isn't." Desmond is actually quite used to running on rooftops with no one batting an eye, or at least not the majority of the population. With all the mythical and magical creatures that roam these places, a guy like Desmond is more than likely nothing out of the ordinary.

"Where ya heading anyway?" Asks the hooded man as he switches to a squat to then sit down on his perch, legs dangling a bit. "Gonna visit Neo-Edo? The pizza place over there is freaking amazing."

"Eh. Just out here," Tidus replies. "Wanted to see the water out here, because I haven't gotten the chance to ask Morgana about swimming around there. That and I dunno how far this place goes. What's out there?" He points to the horizon. The mention of the pizza place gets a raised brow. "Really?" he asks. "Hm. Gonna have to check that out sometime," he observes.

"Monsters, for the most part." Desmond answers Tidus somewhat grimly, though more in a disinterested tone than scared, as if he had simply accepted this as a fact of his new life. "I've read the newspaper here that say if you go too far out into the water you get swarmed by serpent monsters called the Naga. Apparently they don't come out into mainland any more but I'd still not take any chances going deep diving." He kicks his legs a little and stretches out some more. "Morgana and her crew seem nice enough though, if weird. But hey, what else is new around here right?"

Then he's nodding about the Neo-Edo pizza. "Oh yeah, best pizza I've had anywhere by far. And get this, all the staff there are cats! Like, bipedal cats wearing clothes. Super trippy."

He chuckles, "So, why do you wanna go into the water so much?" Desmond kinna had to run when he was giving Rayne and Ren the spill about Blitzball and all, he had things to do.

The mention of monsters gets a sigh. "Great. They got fiends here too," he mutters. "Ah well. I'll be ready for 'em!" A triumphant fist is raised into the air! The mention of naga gets a nod. "Yeah. Though if they're a problem, I hope somebody lets me know. Nobody's better-equipped to deal with water monsters than me!" Pause. "...Well. Maybe somebody who could actually BREATHE underwater. But I'm the next best thing!"

He also nods when Desmond speaks of Morgana. "Yeah, I need to ask her if I can swim out there." And the mention of bipedal cats gets a blink. "Whoa, there are Ronso here?" The question about why he wants to be in the water, though, gets a grin. "I'll get outta practice if I'm not careful. I play Blitzball. Was the star player of the Zanarkand Abes, and then the Besaid Aurochs after that."

Desmond chuckles at Tidus' enthusiasm. "Hey, easy big guy, leave some for the rest of us." The hooded man may or not be serious about engaging any of these monsters, but as it often happens in his life, he figures that sooner or later he'll get thrust into a danger zone. Hopefully when that happens, perhaps Tidus will have already soften them up for him to do his assassin business.

Desmond purses his scarred lips in thought. "I dunno what Ronso are, but if they are bipedal talking cats that talk about pizza, then I suppose there are."

Tidus's mention of being a Blitzball player takes Desmond somewhat off guard. "Ooh, a professional athlete eh? That's a first around here I think." He chuckles. "What's Blitzball anyway? Some kind of water polo or something?"

"Hey, first come, first served!" Tidus returns, to the mention of leaving some for the others. He grins broadly at that. As for the Ronsos? "Well, Ronsos are two-legged cats, yeah. But they don't talk about pizza. Most of the ones I met just talked about how good of fighters they were, and how tiny Kimahri was... and I'm pretty sure them calling Kimahri 'hornless' was them actually saying he was missing OTHER parts he was supposed to have."

The question of Blitzball gets a smile. "It's an underwater ball game," he explains. "Six guys on a team, two teams, inside a sphere of water. Each team's trying to get the ball into the other team's goal. Four quarters, five minutes each." He pauses, rubs his neck a little. "People keep acting like it's weird to be able to hold your breath that long while playing. Is it weird to you?"

Desmond chuckles again and gives a helpless shrug. "All right man, suit yourself." Hey, he is not going to complain if someone wants to do the heavy lifting for him. Tidus can charge into a squad of angry Orks for all Desmond cares, it's easier to sneak around when some crazed blond guy is hogging all the attention. The assassin then raises an eyebrow as Tidus goes at length about the Ronso and their ways, particularly about how they demean one of their own for apparently flaws of size. "Sounds like they should meet the Orks that are around here." Notes Desmond.

He nods at the explanation of what Blitzball is, and as Tidus might suspect, frowns when he mentions just exactly how its played. "Well, its personally weird to me." He admits. "But not weird in relative terms, if you know what I mean." He takes a breath and exhales somewhat wistfully as if recalling an ancient of memory. "Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted. There's very little that surprises me nowadays."

"That being said." He adds, "How can you hold your breath for so long? Do you have, like, just really strong lungs or is it magic?"

"I haven't actually met any of those Orks," Tidus admits. "Though from what I've heard they're not really that nice of people." As for things being not so weird? "Yeah, I heard about that. There's all kinds of people around here. I mean... Serenity? She's TOTALLY the last thing I ever expected to see. Still pretty cool, though."

He tilts his head when Desmond recites the Creed. "Eh? What's that?" As for holding his breath? "Just training. Five minutes isn't my limit, though. I start getting uncomfortable after about an hour. But I can nap underwater if I need to."

"Oh, they are awful." Desmond says without any hesitation to his busy. "Imagine the typical school bully. Then make him nine feet tall, super strength, and lots of guns and axes. Then make an entire race of them. Those are basically Orks." Yep, looks like Desmond has gotten to know them pretty well in his few brushes with them. "Yeah, Serenity is a sweetheart though. There's all kinds around here, from hella mean to pretty awesome."

When Tidus perplexedly asks what does the Creed mean, Desmond just chuckles. "Just a saying back in my home dimension." He leaves it at that for now as he's more interested in knowing more about how to hold your breath underwater for so long. "Impressive, you mean to tell me that's something you can teach someone?" Desmond looks up and considers. Well, he was just minutes ago running across the poles of the Plowse Bridge like it was nothing. Holding one's breath underwater for so long doesn't seem as far fetched.

Tidus makes a disgusted sound when Desmond describes the Orks. "Yeah. Ronso," he replies. And a nod to the mention of Serenity. "She seems pretty nice, yeah!" he agrees. "Just the surprise of seeing her is all. Definitely gets you instantly ready to face just about whatever!"

Desmond seems content to let the matter of the saying pass, so Tidus doesn't pursue it. Instead he turns his attention to the other question. He nods. "Far as I know, yeah," he replies. "Al Bhed, Ronso, and Guado can also do that, with enough training. But there might be somethin' about the people from my world. I'm not sure."

Of course, the thought that holding breath for so long underwater is something that is exclusive to people from Tidus' world is something that Desmond considered. Even if Tidus claims that everyone can do it, he may be talking about it still using the perspective of his world. Also, let's be honest here, Tidus seems more than a little air headed. We're talking Grade A blond guy here, and even someone like Desmond who is not he most perspective of sort can notice that.

But despite all that he decides to explore this venue a bit more, if anything because he's got nothing else to do around here other than parkour all day.

"You think you could teach me how to do that? That'd be a nifty skill to have."

Tidus nods. "Sure, I could try!" he agrees. "It'll take you a while, though. It's really just a question of learning to hold your breath for longer and longer periods of time. Biggest thing you gotta remember is not to worry about holding your breath. Just slip down underwater, hold your breath, and go to your happy place. Just stay like that until you can't hold your breath anymore. Keep doing that, and eventually you'll find you can do hold your breath longer."

Desmond shrugs again as Tidus explains that it might be a lengthy process. "I got aaall the time in the world, dude." He stretches lazily. No Templars or Assasins to worry about means Desmond can finally achieve his dream of doing whatever the eff he feels like. If he wants to learn how to hold his breath for an hour then he very well will! Thankyouverymuch.

Anyway, Tidus seems raring to go and Desmond just laughs again. "Heh! Let's save the lessons for when we're actually practicing. I got no rush to start." Tidus is an eager beaver and Desmond seems to a slacker extraordinaire, peas in a pod these two. The assassin jumps off his perch finally joining Tidus on ground level and dusts his sweatshirt. "How about some pizza first? My treat."

Tidus nods. "That's right, we're kinda stuck here, right?" He seems a bit sad at this, but cheers a moment later, when he notes brightly, "Ah well! Beats bein' dead!" But then Desmond's mentioning pizza! Tidus is not only a teenage boy, but a teenage sports-playing boy. Food is one of the many things that will get his undivided attention. "Oh hey! Sure thing, man. That pizza place you were talking about?"

Something about Tidus really puts Desmond in a good mood. He's like an excited puppy! And let's just say that after spending a life time with sullen faced Assassins and up tight as hell Templars, Tidus' attitude is very refreshing.

Desmond grins and pats Tidus' back. "You got that right." He chuckles. "I like your style man. Don't get this the wrong way but I'm glad you ended up stuck here too." The thought of being imprisoned isn't so bad when you get imprisoned with cool people like Tidus. "Yeah, Samurai Pizza Cats is what its called. The place is rad and the staff's a real hoot too."

Maybe Tidus has sensed the same from Desmond. Something of a kindred spirit, a person who did everything they could to fix the world and then it turned into a world he couldn't be a part of. Thrown away? Maybe not, but it sometimes feels like it. Or maybe Tidus IS just an excited puppy in human form, who knows?

"Sounds good," Tidus replies. "Lead the way!" Pause. "On the ground, though. I dunno if I could do all that jumpin' and climbin'."

Tucks his hands in his pockets and begins walking to do just that, a smile on his face as Tidus mentions his inability to parkour. "I bet you could with enough practice." Desmond chuckles, "In fact that's probably a good exchange. I can teach you how to free run if you'd like if you teach me how to Blitzball or whatever its called."

"Maybe so," Tidus replies as he walks alongside Desmond. "Sure, we can try that. I'm pretty nimble, I might be able to figure it out. That was sorta what I did when Yuna went on her Pilgrimage. Auron could cut ya in half, but he'd have to catch ya first. I was kinna the opposite."

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