2016-05-20 - Planting the Seed

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Planting the Seed

Summary: Powered the link between the Eagle, the Butterfly and the Owl; the Kala tree grows.

Who: Kotal_Kahn, Silencia, Minu
When: May 20, 2016
Where: Silencia's Room

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The time has finally come. They’re going to plant the seed and Silencia is going to make it grow! Silencia is sitting in the middle of the meadow that is her room and is examening the seed she grabbed back in Hyrule. It is the size of a tennis bal and holds various interesting grooves and notches that makes the girl wonder about the life it holds. She waiting for Kotal and Minu to arrive so they can all participate in this together. Silencia smiles to herself as she holds up the seed. This is going to be interesting.

Minu has been beside herself with nerves and excitement. This is a tremendously important day. If all goes well she will have the coming of age ceremony she always hoped for and she will be bonded to two very dear people who have come to mean so very much to her. The little elf spend an inordinate amount of time on her preparations, she had bathed and scrubbed herself with in an inch of her own life, her pale skin glowing pink from it. Her nut brown hair glowed with good health and from the ample brushing she had given it. It hung loose about her shoulders and the little elf was dressed in a simple sundress made of the palest spring green cotton. Her golden eyes were huge behind her glasses and she paused to try and catch her breath as she laid her hand on the door of Silencia's apartment door.

What does this ceremony entail anyway? As the god of war, Kotal Kahn is no stranger to ceremonies. From undertaking the warpath by dancing around a fire, to human sacrifices, cultures across the world and time had done many festivities and celebrations in his honor. However, the Aztec deity had never participated in a rite of passage that involved the planting of a tree. Rites of adult hood often involved some sort of martial challenge, not seeing to the growth of a seed. The warrior guesses that there's only one way to find out. Having dressed himself in his finest armor, the warrior arrives to the doorsteps of Silencia's room by landing softly next to Minu, as if he had floated down. He places a reassuring hand upon the elf's shoulder and smiles at her. The sun shinning softly behind him.

The door opens to reveal the peaceful sight of a large, empty meadow with a lake. The sky is blue and there is even an image of the sun shining brightly in the ‘sky’. If one didn’t know better, they would think they stepped outside instead on into an apartment. Silencia turns and gives a warm smile to the two she has accepted as her beloved ones. The priestess rushes over to grasp their hands and pull them inside. “Welcome to my humble little place!” Silencia is dressed in her simple white dress, walking around barefoot. She even braided her hair in an intricate pattern that allows the braided locks to cascade like a waterfall down her back. It was the only thing that she could do while waiting for them to arrive. Silencia pulls the two toward the middle of the meadow, where a small hole is waiting. She had carefully picked out the spot they would plant the tree. The girl smiles at Minu, a light giggle escaping her. “You look excited, sweety!” Silencia looks just as excited though, unable to keep a grin off of her face.

As Kotal arrives beside her, the little elf looks up at the big blue man with those huge golden eyes and tries to smile. His gentle touch has her leaning a little into him as the door is opened on the beautiful vista. Minu smiles shyly as she sees Silencia there and her tummy does a little flip flop, all quivery with butterflies as she gazes at the beautiful fae woman that she has come to care so much for. As Sil speaks the little elf nods "its beautiful Silencia, and so are you. I am excited and a little nervous. I mean, I don't think any one of my folk have ever been bound to two trees before and I kinda wanted to talk to you both about that...I .I had an idea."

Kotal Kahn shares that meaningful gaze with Minu. She, who was not born a warrior, but had earned the title for all her deeds. In all the time that Minu had spent with Kotal, the god of all warriors had come to see her as her true self, recognizing her for one of his own. The pinnacle of this event was when Minu had bravely slain Queen Ghoma with her tactics. It was what Kotal considered, Minu's first true kill. Silencia was his priestess and he loved her dearly, but Minu had finally become his warrior owl in his eyes. When the door opens and Silencia ushers them in, Kotal seems marveled by the splendor of the room. “This is magnificent, my butterfly.” He says with wide eyes before smiling at his priestess. “Though even the splendor of this room cannot rival the beauty of my beloveds.” Oh yes, this will be an intriguing ceremony indeed. “What idea do you have in mind, my owl?”

Silencia blushes when Minu immediately starts complementing her looks. She did not expect that! She just giggles for a moment before planting a soft kiss on Minu’s forehead. “Thank you sweety, you’re positively glowing!” When Kotal starts up with the compliments too, Silencia makes a face, a bit embarrassed. She smiles at the warrior god. “I’m glad you like it! She sits down, tailor-style, infront of the little hole and glances up at the two with a light smile. Minu holds most of her attention though. “Both of you, sit down and make yourselves comfortable. And Minu, please do share your idea!” If they were to sit, they would be able to feel that the grass on this meadow is incredibly soft and lush, almost enough to replace pillows and beds.

Kotal's look of pride and affection melts the little elf and his words to her and Silencia brings a pretty blush to the little lady"s cheeks. Entering the lovely meadow she looks around widely, taking in everything then moving to the place Silencia indicates and kneels before the hole. She closes her eyes and just lets herself drink in the moment and the atmosphere. The elfling waits till Kotal takes his place then opens her eyes and looks to them both. "I have never known one of my folk to be bound to more then one tree. The tree of my birth I assume is still thriving in my home realm. As I told you before Silencia, my folk are bound to our trees with the flesh and blood of our birth. I was thinking, if you both agree, maybe this tree could be for the birth of something else, the birth of our bonding? I don't know if any tree has ever had three belong to it but I would like to try if we could, a bit of each of us, bound to the tree, bound to eachother?"

Kotal smiles as his two ladies blush and become coy with each other. Though he is a being of war and constant strife, to know that there is such harmony around him bring him much inner peace. Let the outside world burn and be full of turmoil, within Kotal's circle, there is only loving understanding. “Of course, Silencia.” The War God agrees and sets his macahuitl down standing straight up, almost as if it had a mind of itself. Then, he removes his eagle helmet and places it upon the sword's handle like a hat hanger. Once he takes a seat next to the two girls, similarly seated in a lotus flower position, he listens to Minu's offer carefully and considers. “We three are bound by far more than just words and caresses. We've fought together, bled together, rejoiced and mourned together. I am honored to call you two more than just my beloveds. To me, you are also my proud, chosen warriors. Even if perhaps you might not considers yourselves so.” He takes a deep breath and extends his hand towards the would home of the new tree, offering the blessing of the sun. “We have been bound by war and death. Let us now be bound by life.. and love.”

Silencia smiles warmly as she watches Minu’s reactions. The little elf really was adorable! The grass seems to react to Silencia’s feelings because the grass grows a bit and reaches to touch the elf, tickling her a bit. Minu’s words make the Fae sober up a bit. She peeks down at the seed in her hands and hums thoughtfully. She could feel the desire within that seed, the desire to be bound to a living being. It appears the tradition of Minu’s kind has become a part of the existance of the Kala trees itself as well. Silencia’s expression is serious, the girl still staring at the seed, as she speaks. “I.. think it’s possible to forge a bond with the three of us and the tree. Even if we couldn’t, this Kala tree will always be a symbol of our bond, Minu, because we found it together and we plant it together, right?” Silencia’s smile is bright as she presents the seed to Minu and Kotal, happily showing the little thing. “This little guy is eager to forge a bond and grow!” Kotal’s beautiful words makes the priestess’ heart flutter with emotion and she just barely keeps a tear from escaping. “I have protected and been protected by both of you. Because of you, Minu, I felt the desire to protect grow and that helped me in gaining the willpower and the courage needed to do so. Because of you, Kotal, I’ve been able to harness the strength within myself while I was also allowed to become a part of something greater than myself. I am honored to have met both of you and blessed with the love I feel for both of you.” With that, Silencia gently places the seed within that cosy little hole and grasps both Kotal’s and Minu’s hand and holds them all over the seed. “This seed must first recieve life from its charge before it can be properly planted. Minu?” Silencia glances at the elf, her expression somewhat uncertain. She had a hunch how this would happen, but the Fae wasn’t very well-versed in the realm of blood-offerings.

Minu listened to first Kotal and then Silencia, her heart thundering in her chest. These two people had become very dear to her. She loved them and that they loved her was a gift beyond measure. She smiled and one small hand snuck up to push away a little tear of joy that threatened to spill past her lashes. When Silencia took her and Kotal's hand the little elf was trembling. She could feel the portent of the moment as well as something from the seed. She was not as sensitive to such things as Silencia was but the Kala was the tree of her people and weather it was magic or natural design, they were connected. "As I told Silencia before, my folk are one with the Kala tree, each child born is bonded to a tree with the flesh and blood of their birth, that which gives the infant life is then given to give the tree life, I think if we all wish to bond with this tree we should all offer it a bit of our blood, so if you would Kotal...your macahuitl.." as she holds her small hand out over the hole where the seed lies. Such trust the small lady shows in this. "we will need your blood as well and Silencias"

Though Kotal Kahn is not one for tearful moments, he does feel pride swelling within his chest at the sight of both his women. Truly, not even fellow Gods had ever been blessed with such beautiful companions. Not only in terms of outside beauty but inwardly as well. Who else could boast to have such a gift as he had? The Aztec warrior smiles and does allow himself a moment of sentimentality to comment. “You two have taught me valuable lessons as well. Without you, I would be naught but the narrow minded warlord that others believe me to be. We are the proof that love can indeed bloom in the battlefield, my beloved owl and butterfly.” As Silencia grasps their hands, Kotal's own grip remains sure, with the certainty of a warrior. When he feels Minu trembling, he grasps his tiny hand along with that of the Fae. “I will be your strength as you are my mind, and my heart.” Fortunately, Kotal happens to be -quite- experienced with the arts of blood rituals and knows just what to do. His macuahuitl would actually be a little too cumbersome for this endeavor, which is why he reaches instead for his obsidian ceremonial dagger. His Tecpatl. “From blood follows blood.” He recites an Aztec as he draws his knife. “Let ours bind us.” Slowly, he draws the edge of the knife along all three of their palms, spilling droplets of Elf, Fae and Osh'tekk blood into the seed.

Silencia gently squeezed Minu’s little hand as the elf trembles and holds back her tears. She herself also had to be careful not to get overwhelmed by emotion. She meets Kotal’s eye right before he drags that knife across her palm and the little smile on her face showed that she was ready. She flinches just a little as her blood spills, that hurt somewhat! As the seed recieves the blood of the three lovers, it seems to quickly absorb it, the red liquid disappearing in those various little grooves. It seems like the seed had accepted all of them. Violet eyes go from the seed to Minu and then Kotal. She smiles warmly before speaking. “Do any of you have something to say before I start growing the tree?” She had to resist the urge to heal Kotal and Minu’s hands. She had to preserve her strength if she wanted to grow the tree to maturity in one go. And she did wanted to do that.

The little elf offered her hand with no trepidation. She trusted Kotal to spill her blood with out causing her true harm. She winced slightly with the slice of the daggers blade across her palm. She flexed her small hand and dark blood welled up and spilled into the hole and over the seed. She watched as the seed accepted not only her blood but the blood of her loves as well. Her heart leapt and she smiled will joy. As her wound clotted and the blood slowed then stopped she looked to bother of her new loves. "Thank you both for sharing this with me, for allowing me to love you and share what I am with you. I promise that I will give you all that I am, no holding back no fear. I will love you both to the end of my days."

There was no need for Silencia to worry about healing the wounds of her lovers. With Kotal Kahn already poised to cast his own blessing upon the Kala tree, he was quick to shine his healing sunlight upon Silencia and Minu's wounds. With the warmth of the sun, the skin of the elf and the fae closed, stopping the bleeding of the Tecaptl, as minimal as it had been. The War God smiled once again and meet Minu's eyes along then to move towards Silencia, the feelings that he felt within were almost foreign to him even if they felt like the best thing that had ever occurred to him. For nearly the first time in his existence, he is content with simply letting something be rather than indulging into his usual acts of grandeur. “I feel all that needs to be said has been said.” He said with a loving look towards Minu before glancing at Silencia again. “Let the tree be grown, and our journey together to begin.”

Silencia finally gives in to her urges and pulls Minu close for a brief embrace. “You are just too adorable, Minu!” She then releases the elf with a smile and grasps Kotal’s cut hand while she glances into his eyes. A gentle kiss is placed on his palm before she releases him as well. “Both of you, sit back and relax. This might take a little while.” With that she covers the seed with the fertile soil. Her hands cover the little patch and she closes her eyes. Instead of rushing all of her strength into the seed, she gradually releases more and more of her power. The earth gives way to allow the tree to emerge and grow, the roots of the tree wrapping themselves around Silencia’s hands. Even though the growth of the tree was accelerated by the young Fae, it isn’t an instant growth. It takes approximately two hours of constant focus to allow the tree to reach maturity. By the end of those two hours, Silencia looks fragile and weak. She would fall back onto the soft green grass and close her eyes to allow herself some rest. The tree would reach high into the skies, the branches reaching out to greet the sun. The flowers though, bright blues amongst the green of the leaves, seem to be closed off, not yet releasing their pollen. Silencia had stopped growing the tree at that moment to allow herself some rest before the actual bonding.

The warmth of Kotals sun magic makes the little elf's palm tingle as the flesh knits and the wound heals. She smiles adoringly up at him and then to the fae lady. When Silencia hugs her she blushes and giggles "I can't help it" she murmurs and squirms against the other lady then hugs her in return. When She is released the little elf takes a long breath and closes her eyes. She can feel it as the seed awakens and the first green sprouts poke forth from the seed case. The tree is alive and though she doesn't quite remember feeling this when she was in her home realm its possible she has simply forgotten because she was so young when she left. The pulse of life in the infant tree grows stronger as it erupts from the soil and lunges skyward with wide reaching limbs. The little elf gasps softly and one small hand reaches out to lay on the rough bark of a trunk now several feet wide. It is strong, and full of life. A shiver darts through her as the new tree bursts forth with a riot of leaves and then buds profusely with tightly closed young flower blossoms. "Oh!!! You did it Silencia, its so strong, so healthy and alive! OH goodness! By the Scribe...Sil....sweetie...Kotal...help her, she exhausted herself" the tiny lady scurrying on her knees to the fallen fae, scooping the fairies head up and laying it into her lap. Minu strokes Silencia's hair and makes soft crooning sounds. "oh dear heart, look what you did...you did it, you made a perfect Kala, a perfect tree. I think you pushed too hard though. We will take care of you, don't you worry." The little elf strokes the fae's hair and looks to Kotal with some what worried eyes. She wanted her tree but not at the expense of one of her loves.

Kotal was similarly overtaken by the strength and beauty of the Kala tree. Such a mighty thing, so healthy and so strong, just like the union between all three of them. The Aztec is not so distracted that he cannot act when Silencia grows faint. Like Minu, he too surges forward when the fairy looks about ready to collapse and scoops her on his arms, holding her by the other side where Minu is supporting her weight. The Aztec does not need to be told to look after his butterfly. He passes a hand over her forehead to attune with her spirit and narrows his eyes in thought. “She used far too much energy.” He deduces. “I should be surprised that she was able to hold out this long, but I've come to know how stubborn Silencia can be.” He agrees with Minu then. “Yes, do not sacrifice yourself for us, my Butterfly. This ceremony is for all of us, and that includes you as well.” He leans down and glows with the light of the sun within him. “Let your energy be restored.” Says Kotal as he presses his lips upon Silencia to channel energy back into her body.

Silencia cannot help but feel pride at how awed her beloveds are with the Kala tree. Her heart fills with hapiness at their reaction to the beautiful tree. As Minu starts fretting about Silencia’s wellbeing, the priestess tries to wave away those worries, but she even lacks the strength to raise her arm to do so. She does manage to give a weak little smile. “Don’t.... worry...” She marvels at the comfort she feels when her precious ones rush to her aid. Minu’s softness made Silencia feel utterly comfortable and enveloped in a safe little haven while Kotal’s gentle strength provides her with a sense of security that would remain this strong even if there were to be a war happening in the background. She does not react to the gentle scolding, the stubborn priestess will allways remain this way. Kotal’s lips touch hers and that familiar power pours into her. After a moment, Silencia reaches up and places her hands along Kotal’s jaw, deepening the kiss and drawing more of that power. As the kiss progresses, Silencia pushes Kotal back so she can sit up while still drawing power from him. Kotal can feel her grip grow stronger as she regains her energy. Minu can see the colour returning to Silencia’s face, even her cheeky little smirk, even though that one is somewhat hidden by her kiss with Kotal. She is the one who breaks the kiss, her grin unchanging. “Thank you both for your concern, but allow me to warn you. I will never stop pushing myself.” She gives Kotal a little wink and then pulls Minu close to embrace her while sitting in Kotal’s embrace herself. “And it is not a sacrifice when I do it for you two.”

Minu wasn't really trying to boss the big blue god, she was simply fretty for Silencia's well being. She cradles the fae ladies head In her lap until Kotal takes Silencia into his arms and kisses her with that power push to restore her vital energy. The little elf blushes and giggles softly then squeaks as Silencia sits up and hugs her. Minu blushes and returns that hug with a large dose of fierce affection then kisses Silencia's cheek "you can not blame us for worrying for you then, if your going to be stubborn." Her words maybe be terse but her tone is tender and loving. "you made a beautiful tree Silencia, I can feel how alive and strong it is."

Kotal sighs in relief when Silencia regains sufficient strength to actually break the revitalizing kiss. Good, she is back to her normal self, including her characteristic demeanor of telling others to not worry for her. This causes the Aztec warrior god to chuckle and shake his head. “Ah, my Butterfly, I should scold you for your recklessness, but in truth, both Minu and I would also gladly put ourselves at risk for your well being.” It is a testament to their closeness that Kotal feels like he can talk for Minu in this matter. After all, he doesn't need to guess if Minu will do it or not, he has -seen- it with his own eyes, multiple times. As Silencia straightens up to hug the elf owl, Kotal places his hands on both girl's shoulders, kissing Silencia's scalp and then Minu's own. Then, he looks up at the tree with proud eyes. “Truly it is, as both of you are.”

Silencia giggles as she tightens her grip on Minu before releasing her. “I’m glad I could help. The tree is strong and lively, just as the both of you!” Silencia grins as she realises the similarities between her loves and the tree. The strength obviously came from Kotal and the liveliness of the tree was something that reminded her of Minu! That only made her love the tree even more! A cheeky grin is thrown Kotal’s way as he comment that he should scold her. “I would not be Silencia if I weren’t a bit reckless, right?” Silencia then rises to her feet, her movements slow and deliberate. Her eyes are focused on the tree and the girl suddenly looks up to the branches of the tree. She reaches up and grasps a lowhanging branch, easily pulling herself up. Again she’s busy with things on her own without even warning Minu and Kotal! She disappears between the leaves before reappearing again, her head sticking out from between the green. A large grin is on her face. “The center of the tree has somewhat of a natural platform. I suggest you both get over here, it’s really pretty!” After the two sit down between the branches, just like her, Silencia makes the budding flowers bloom, the three quickly surrounded by beautiful blue blooms. In the distance it’s starting to become night as the sun starts to set, causing the sky to complement the blue of the flowers with various shades of red, pink and orange.

The little elf hugs tight to the fae woman and a small giggle spills from her at the banter between Kotal and Silencia. As she is patted she ducks her head with a little blush and a little sideways look at the big man. When Sil stands and moves to the tree the little lady watches her then stands and simply shifts to owl form and takes to wing. She flies up and around the tree then wings carefully into the trees interior to where Sil rests amid those over lapping and crossing branches that forms that platform. The owlet lands and shifts again and the little elf rests on her knees looking at the tree with awe. All around her blossoms of brilliant blue hover on the verge of blooming. When indeed those blossoms open the elf gasps and sits transfixed as the softest of breezes picks up and stirs the sweet vanilla musk like scent of the blossoms and fine honey gold pollen is lifted into the air like shimmering dust. So many blossoms, so much of that golden dust that it swirls in clouds covering everything and every one. The little elf breaths in the scent and that fine pollen and sways softly. Her pulse quickens and her skin flushes. Golden eyes dilate till there is just a ring of gold around a deep dark center. "ohhhhhhhhhhhhh" her pink tongue tip darting out to stroke along her upper lip.

Again Kotal chuckles at Silencia's response, “Indeed, you would not.” He admits, “Your recklessness is also why I've grown to love you so dearly, my Butterfly.” For truly, how could a god of war not greatly admire a meek butterfly who treads where other warriors would not? The Aztec looks up when Silencia climbers up the tree with Minu soon following. He's quick to join them, clearing the distance from the ground up to the branches with one hop and sliding into the clearing within the branches. He rests there along with his lovers and relaxes, watching the sun setting down. Kotal's own glow diminishes and his body returns to his normal turquoise skin representing night time. Smiling, he reaches for one of the blossoms that is affecting Minu and pulls it gently towards him so he can smell it without hurting the plant. “Hmm, quite the powerful stuff. I bet I could cook great things with these when they bloom.”

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