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Suddenly: Explosion!

Summary: They're just having a nice chat on the beach! Why does Doommuffin's shack have to explode when she's not even there?!

Who: Doommuffin, Jaune, Morgana, Tidus, Urus
When: June 3rd, 2016
Where: Zeku-Kari Beach


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Early afternoon, and classes are out for the day! Having been told that a number of badasses can be found at the beach Jaune has made his way there, hoping to find them and... well, talk to them. The academy here in Twisted is nothing like Beacon, after all, and does very little in the way of teaching him how to be a Huntsman, to be a hero, and Jaune is a little reluctant to check right in with the 'police' here, so that leaves the folks at the beach as the most straightforward possibly heroic types to be found here. Thus, here Jaune is, stepping down onto the sands and looking around. "Maybe I should get a bathing suit. Going swimming sounds like fun," he says as he looks around.

There's someone else that should really be in school, but he's been out in the water most of the day. There's signs that someone else is here, though. There's a wicked-looking sword stuck in the sand, for one. The blade's a blued steel, and is jagged and dangerous-looking. It's about the size of a zweihander too, and looks like something those guys in the video games lug around. Blue and gold, it definitely looks like a hero's sword.

And here comes the owner! There's a disturbance in the water, and then a blond-haired head breaks the surface. It's a young fellow, appearing far enough off shore that he needs to tread water. He sees Jaune and waves at the beach. Then he leaps up, disappearing under the surface again like an aquatic creature would do. But he clearly has legs. A few moments later he reappears in shallow water, standing up and heading for where the sword's at. "Hey!" he calls out in greeting to Jaune. He pauses then, to shake the water off himself. Oddly, the water doesn't soak into his clothes; it merely drips off, as if the cloth is treated.

Mind you, he's polite enough not to shake off near Jaune, though, and it's only when he's done so that he approaches.

Urus is relaxing a few feet away from the shore in a comfortable looking lawn chair. A large umbrella serves to keep him and his accoutrements cool. He is sporting red swim trunks only, which is not to say that his combat gear was left behind, in fact most of it is under the chair. A small yellow rubber duck sits in silent vigil on the top of his cooler. He has been watching Tidus from behind his book taking a peer every now and then. His job being to make sure Lady Morgana is not disturbed. So far so good. Then Jaune joins the party. "Oh boy." He sarcastically cheers under his breath. "yet another visitor..." he looks under his chair to check that all his gear is there and goes back to reading, or a combination of that and spying on the two teenagers. Jaune holds his hand over his eyes like a visor as he looks about, keeping the sun at bay! Well... Urus is one of the specific people he was on the look out for, and he's very easy to recognize! So off Jaune marches to approach the hyena-man! That said, though, his attention can't help but be grabbed by that super-fancy sword. He is a sword-man himself, afterall. He says, "Woah... that's cool!" just in time for Tidus to come walking up out of the water. "Is this your sword? It looks awesome!"

Tidus hadn't noticed Urus while he'd been out in the water, but now that he's there he looks in the hyena-man's direction. "Hey there!" he offers to Urus, with his signature cheery wave. Jaune's question gets a nod, and he pulls the blade from the sand. "Yup!" he confirms, as he lifts the sword to check that the edge hasn't been spoiled by the time in the sand. "It's called Caladbolg. Got it in Spira. I thought it was gone, but it showed up when I needed it. Guess Bahamut or somebody brought it for me."

Urus had been reading a book about armoring techniques through the ages and for some it's a bland read but considering he is planning something, it keeps his attention. That is until he remembers to look up and spots both the wave from Tidus and the man on a mission walk from Jaune. He sighs and folds the corner of the page he is on and shuts the book, picking up Ivan the duck and sliding the book under it. "you stay here, I will be back." He tells the rubber duck to which there is no response and an unblinking stare. "good, glad we are on same page." With that he takes his submachinegun out from under his chair and puts the sling on to keep it right at his side. Urus without saying a word more goes to the two.

Jaune pulls his own sword from its sheathe. Anyone with a trained eye in swordplay can tell it's not an agressive motion, especially the way he holds it with both hands, one being a surface to rest the flat of the blade on. "Mine's Crocea Mors. It's... not as impressive, I know. But it's an heirloom weapon, it belonged to my grandfather." As Urus approaches, he lets the sword lower so he can wave to him. "Hello!"

Tidus blinks a little when Urus seems to speak to the rubber duck. He doesn't say anything though. People are allowed to be weird. It's not as if Urus being a walking hyena isn't weird, at least to Tidus. He doesn't recognize any hostility in Urus's movement, so he just offers a smile as Urus comes over. Jaune's movement catches his attention, and he looks back, lowering Caladbolg so it's not immediatly in threat range. He also does this so he can look over to the sword that Jaune unsheathes. He doesn't see any hostility there, either. Though it's hard to tell if he'd recognize it if there were, he just seems like a perpetually cheery, goofy sort! "Hey, function over form, right?" he notes. "Caladbolg gets caught on things sometimes if I'm not careful. Like that right there." He points at the part poking out over the handle of the weapon. "Used to get that snagged on this all the time." He pulls at the top of his overalls, the square part overhis chest.

Urus looks to Jaune as he greets. "yes?" he utters plainly. He just does not seem to be in the mood today for company and it shows. But then there is the sword. "Heirloom weapon, from your grandfather?" he questions there is a slight smirk that comes to his face as he whips out the SMG, clicks the safety on, ejects the mag into his left hand, and in his right he half twirls the five and a half pound weapon so that the stock is pointing toward them, essentially handing it off for them to inspect. The MP5SDN1 being heavily battered, a decent sized slash in the fixed stock as well as at least 3 dozen small scratches in the matte black paint that show the titanium parts beneath. "this is my great grandfathers gun, I am glad to see someone else brought something from home." There is a smile that shows his sharp pointed teeth but not one of malice but more of respect and joy.

The siren had been resting below in her grotto. In her current state, feeding and resting have become the order of things. She makes the occasionally fore out onto the land but it is becoming less and less comfortable for the siren to take to legs and make it onto the sands. What woke the sea lady is the oddest of vibrations, something of a thump and whoosh, as if a shark had struck a fish who had then sped away far faster then it should. The sensation that vibrates to the sea lady draw her out of her lair and up toward the bay proper. She looks for what caused the odd vibrations , or at least the tell tell scent or taste of some sea animals meal. Nothing. With curiosity pulling her she raises to the sea surface, tossing her black hair back. Dark eyes blink with three eye lids and movement catches her attention. Her warrior and two young landed folk talking on the beach.

Jaune nods to Tidus. "Of course! Having things not getting snagged is always super useful! That's why my shield collapses!" He pats his sheath with his free hand... And the sheath pops out, expanding into a full shield with spring loaded action! It's very clear that Jaune, however, did not intend to activate this, as it falls off his belt and he scrambles to catch it, dropping the sword onto the sand in the process. He collapses the shield back into a sheath again and resets it onto his belt before picking up the sword again, by now having a bit of a tired look on his face... more that he's tired of this kind of thing happening to him than actually being worn out. He does light up a little as Urus shares his own weapon, however. "Nice! Does it do anything else, or is it, well, like my grandfather's weapon?" With the neat weapons being shown all around, he doesn't yet notice Morgana arriving from the depths just yet.

Tidus frowns a little at the mention of 'bringing something from home'. "Yeah, I can't do that. Mine disappeared. Like completely," he notes, eyes downcast. He doesn't quite notice Morgana just yet either, since he's looking much like a sad little boy. Which is basically what he is. Though Jaune's scrambling does get a little bit of a laugh. It's not a malicious laugh, it's a genuinely happy one. And he'll assist Jaune as he scrambles for the shield/sheath by picking up the sword and handing it to Jaune, if allowed. "Happens a lot?" he asks with a half-smile.

"Well snagging and getting snagged are two different things. " Urus notes as he slowly shows how the sling comes into combat taking the weapon back putting the sling over the sword so it lands on Jaune's wrist, and gives the gun a half turn making a loop around Jaune's wrist pulling it slowly down to where it is obvious had it been done quicker, Jaune would have been eating sand. "Does it do anything else... it's a gun... oh yes it signs my Christmas cards." He says sarcasticly. "no, it does not do anything else, but then again..." he bends down to pick up a rock, then throws it up behind him, turns and quickly flicking the weapon to semi-auto aims and fires, turning the small rock to dust. The built in silencer taking off most of the harshness of the round going off. "I don't think it needs too." He sniffs the air for a second smelling somthing fishy. he turning to the sea to see Morgana. "Der'mo .... what did you do down there. "

As the siren watches the landed children fumble with their weapons she lifts herself more to float on the surface, long dark scaled tail slowly sweeping side to side and barely propelling her slowly toward the land. Its been some time since she visited the shore and so she allows herself a little song. The first note spills like pure crystal from her lips, the singular sound ringing eerily over the water. Soon other notes follow and she begins to sing in earnest. Her song is a thing of exceptional beauty, formed of longing and desire, edged with something else as well. The song echos over the water, the notes entrancing.

Jaune shakes his head to Tidus. "No, it only happens when it's really inconvenient." Jaune seems to actually be paying serious attention to Urus' maneuver, however. "Huh... No, no, not really. A classic, as they say, like my own weapon. Pfft." He makes a dismissive gesture with his free hand. "Who needs all those fancy schmancy tranforming weapons, right? Right?" His attention is drawn to Morgana as Urus looks over to her, and he's soon entranced by the song...

And that's when Doommuffin's makeshift shack explodes spectacularly.

Debris falls from the air all around, thankfully not close to the small group, and flames lick all around the smoking crater. Flames that look like they're burning longer than they should, for being just on the sand.

Tidus cringes at the sudden burst of gunfire, ducking just in case any debris happens to come his way. Yeah, he had his fill of those things when the monks were using them. ('Heretic' my foot,') Tidus thinks, remembering that particular incident. Freaking Bevelle. At least he's not looking at the gun like he doesn't know what it is, like most of the Spirans would do. "Yeah, a weapon needs to just be a weapon. No need to pull double-duty, right?" Then he blinks at Urus's words. "What did I do where?" Then he follows Urus's gaze... and suddenly Jaune has a bleach-blond Blitzer hiding behind him. Enough that Jaune is between Morgana and Tidus. "Whatever it was, I didn't do it!" he declares. And then that song. He blinks, drawing a breath of surprise... and then he just freezes. He stands transfixed, blue eyes wide, gaze locked on Morgana. The siren is doubtless familiar with the effect her song has on mortals, and Tidus is very much 'just a mortal', despite everything else he may have going for him. Suddenly explosions! THAT definitely shakes Tidus out of his trance. He ducks, again aiming to avoid debris, this time from the explosion. "What the heck?!" Tidus yelps. "Is everything going to explode today?!"

Urus nonchalantly agrees "a classic for sure, I had to get something more substantial for the xenos." He puts the mag back in considering he just fired a single round from the chamber and the bolt stayed open. As the flow of morgana's song drifts along the sand Urus himself cringes at this one, having been in the vicinity of her song quite a bit has allowed him, with albeit quite a concerted effort, somewhat of a resistance then again having voices in his head is a standard Friday evening. The explosion does not phase him however. he turns slowly to look and just shakes his head. "What is this morgana, the second or third time this week?" he says knowing its either one or the other Doom's shop tends to blow up quite a bit, sort of like some strange antagonist group in an animal catching anime. He pats Tidus on the back making sure the claws don't connect, "don't worry, just an explosion. Nothing major. I am surprised though I haven't been hit by any of them..." he reassures and questions.

The siren was lazily making her way to the land, her song spilling over the water, the young landed looking delightfully entranced and then...Doommuffin. As the shack explodes then siren dips under the water, making sure there will be no falling debris coming her way. The siren scowls. Charybdis bones, that gnome and her machines and noise making. It can be so unsettling. The death knight is lucky she is family. The now annoyed siren swims more intently toward the shallows then surfaces again. Calling out, she commands "My Warrior, go check on the gnome, I know she can not die again but we do not wish something ill to befall her." The water still laps around the sirens bare shoulders and the water is clear enough the young males might see a hint of naked female torso through the water. One hand pushes her long hair back and again those three eye lids blink in unison.

Jaune ducks for cover as the explosion hits... well, there's not really any cover, but he does hit the sand. When the debris stops falling, he pulls himself back up to his feet. "This happens several times a week?" he asks with a slightly boggled look on his face. Someone even more destructive than the Anarchy sisters? He offers a quick glance towoards Morgana as she speaks... Well, not quite so quick, he does do a double take at the fact that she appears to be naked. Still, fire and smoke and crater draws his attention once more.

Tidus blinks as Urus pats him on the back, and straightens. He blinks. "That happens often?" he asks. "You'd think there'd be some kind of failsafe. At the very least it's gotta be a pain having to rebuild it every time...." And of course, Tidus being a young male, he's definitely going to notice bare female torso! His eyes go wide again, and then he looks somewhere else, his face going a bit red. Yeah the fiery crater seems like a good place to look instead. So his gaze follows Jaune's to the place where the shack was. Don't stare at the naked siren, don't stare at the naked siren, don't stare at the naked siren who can eat your face if you piss her off...

Urus nods at morgana before moving in closer with weapon by his side and still in his red swim trunks. "yep, at least once a week, most times they are smaller than this but... similar." He replies to the two. As he gets closer something smells off. The smoke in question lacks the tar like smell of the oil doom has lying around. In fact he has dealt with this type of fire before but not since he came to twisted. He looks quickly to the others and makes sure they stay back and holds a hand up to say stay at the distance. The undeniable waft of burning flesh fills his nose, a scent once encountered, one does not easily forget, meaning either the person who did this was clumsy and blew themselves up, or some poor buy happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He shakes his head as he kneels a few yards away from the fire. Contemplating the possiblilities.

As the young males work not to gawk the siren smirks to herself. She stays in the water for now. One hand straying down to cradle her expanded lower belly. Proof that the sea lady is with offspring. She watches as Urus goes to check for DM and frowns herself as the scent of cooked meat finds its way to her nose. "My Warrior..." she calls, her voice taking on a coldness of the deep sea. "I smell death, be wary" She moves closer to land, the water now lapping at her waist, dark hair falling to drape over her chest and back. The siren folds her tail under her and she rests the wide fluke on the sand.

Jaune holds his hands up in front of himself in a bit of a defensive posture. "Yeesh... I'm beginning to question wanting to come here to swim some time... Or at least make sure I have a fair distance away from the shack if it's rebuilt..." He then blinks as Urus arrives at the scene. "Huh... That's closer than I thought it was." He glances towards Morgana a moment. "You smell... death?" He pales a bit... then reddens again and quickly turns away from Morgana. Yup! She's still naked!

Tidus isn't completely unaware. Morgana's words of smelling death get his attention, and he blinks. His eyes turn to Urus then, watching carefully so nothing happens to him. Though he nods to Jaune's words. "Sounds like a good idea." This to the mention of keeping distance from the amazing exploding beach shack. Then he starts to slowly approach the site of the explosion himself. He's curious, what would smell like death?

Urus nothing seemed right here, Doom never worked with explosives, save for some really unreliable engines . At least to his knowledge she never worked with napalm either, there was only one way this could have happened. Urus stands himself back up and walks back toward the group. He points at Tidus to go back the other way. Instead of stopping to talk with the other two boys he immediately goes back to his chair and brings all of his stuff out from under his lawn chair. Seeming to be in a bit of rage. "Morgana, we are not looking at standard accident, we are looking at attempted assassination or at least sabotage. Someone was caught in blast, might have been civilian or the assailant, for his sake he beter have killed himself." he says aloud not disguising the fact that he is quite angered by it all. Without a word he turns Ivan the duck around so that he is facing away from him. He strips his swim trunks off quickly and pulls on a fresh pair of camo pants. He begins packing away ammunition in his pockets as well as the bandolier that he slings across his chest.

As Urus returns up the beach from the shack and calls to her, his findings, the siren hisses. She moves toward the land, rising slightly then shifting she steps out of the shallows onto the sand. One hand falls to her belly and she sniffs the air like a hound. "I smell no one other then the one dead and these landed children." Yes the siren is naked but her hair now magically dry, falls around her like a dark cloak and mostly offers modesty. "perhaps the beach is not safe for these children right now Urus, I do not want young ones harmed because of someone trying to disrupt DM or..Myself." There is a rather scary flash of very sharp barracuda like teeth as the siren speaks. "Do you have a scent or some trail to follow My Warrior?"

Jaune approach the site? no way! He's staying away from it, thank you very much... He's no investigator! At Urus's revelation that this was done on purpose, he widens his eyes somewhat. Normally he'd suggest calling the police for this kind of investigation... but he's heard of this group, and expects them to take care of the situation themselves.

Tidus can't shake the feeling that he's being told to 'go play where it's safe'. He frowns and notes, "Hey, this ain't for show, y'know." He lifts his sword, tapping it on his shoulder. "It's a LEGENDARY weapon. You got at least two more warriors here, may as well use 'em." He's a good support fighter anyway; he's a fighter with enough mage-y like abilities to help out.

"I do not have a trail yet" Urus says as he checks in his cooler rummaging around in there until he brings out a good sized fire extinguisher. "this should do, as I said... it happens often enough." As he is about to walk off he hears the protest of Tidus. To Morgana's wishes. He pauses a second as to get near Tidus "Here is deal. I am not sure who or what we have just pissed off, but they seem to have access to explosives and probably other equipment. If you REALLY want to come with, you have to do as I say. I say duck, you duck. I say fight, you fight. And if I say run... you better get going. Do I make myself abundantly clear? if so come on, I need someone to throw sand on the fire... if not, you know where the city is." An ultimatum to the two teenagers which at least one has voiced their opinion on fighting something. With that he works to put out the fire with the extinguisher he brought with him.

The siren stands naked on the beach, draped in her flowing dark hair. One hand rests on her belly, a distinct swell of her pregnancy evident now. Her eyes narrow at the young landed males words. Her lip draws back and she is about to say something rather sharp to the boy when Urus steps in and lays down the law. Urus is her warrior, her intermediary between land and sea and she lets him do this thing with out further words. When Urus and the others go to put out the fire, the sea lady steps over to the hyena's cooler and takes out a wide folded swath of shimmering sea foam fabric and flicks it open and then wraps it around herself sarong style and ties it up behind her neck, thus covering herself and saving the landed from further shock at naked flesh.

Jaune blinks and nods, now running over to the fire to start kicking sand on it. A hero must be willing to help out even with the little stuff like this, after all! And kicking sand onto fire shouldn't be a problem! He considers using his shield as a shovel to get more onto the sand more quickly, but reconsiders this when he realizes that might gum up the spring-loaded workings of it. "Huh. How is sand just... being on fire like this, anyway?"

Tidus seems surprised at Urus's sudden vehemence. But hey, it sounds good to him. So he nods. "Gotcha." And with that he starts helping with the fires. There's plenty of sand around, after all. So not to worry, he'll do what he's told. He seems to actually be pretty good with the whole 'using sand to put out fires' business. Being a sports player he's actually pretty good with his feet. He's working with Jaune, too, using the side of his foot to push the sand onto the base of the fire, getting as close as he dares without getting burned.

With the majority of the fire either smothered or choked out it becomes a safe enough place to find out what happened in the... well hesitate to call it a shack now after quite a few pounds of explosive and some napalm got to it. A lot of the twisted metal came out and landed in all directions and directly in the center a small charred corpse seems to lay. Urus then mentions "Well, I guess I might not have to worry about killing him... or at least torturing him profusely..." he takes the bottom of the extinguisher and pokes at it. "I guarantee you this big headed whatever this is was probably just as ugly before this... I just have a feeling. Thanks by the way for the help. The sand was not burning on its own. Its napalm... jellied gasoline products... has been used in my world for centuries... as well as the initial explosion... well let's say I have been on both sides of that stuff way too many times to count." He sort of just stands there studying over the scene.

Morgana stands and patiently waits for Urus to finish and come back to report to her what is happening. She is wise enough not to put herself in undo jeopardy. One hand rubs over her extended belly and she starts to hum softly to herself and her offspring. Who would do this thing, who would attack the gnome and there by herself and the Bronzebeard clan. The siren scans the area, sniffing the air seeking spore of some sort that will help figure out who did this.

Jaune nods at Urus's explanation of how the fires kept going. "Oh, I get it. So why would they just.... spread this napalm stuff all over the place? Seems kinda pointless, if you ask me. Unless they just like watching things burn." He frowns at that. But the fires have been put out, and he claps-slides his hands against each other as if he were getting the sand off his hands... when he didn't actually use his hands to help put out the fires at all.

The air doesn't have much in smells, as the sea breeze pushes scents more inland than out to sea, and the smell of burning gasoline, explosives, and a bit of charred flesh overpower anything else. But perhaps a slight smell of well maintained leather can be detected.

At seeing the corpse, Tidus's eye twitches a bit. "Yuck." He's glad he hasn't eaten anything recently, he might get queasy. Fiends just disappear in wisps of wailing light when they die. They don't actually leave CORPSES behind! But he nods to Urus's mention of napalm. "Had a feeling they were using some kind of accelerant," he agrees. Holy crap, he actually KNOWS that word?! Maybe he's NOT just a stupid teenage jock! He lacks the stronger sense of smell that Urus and Morgana possess, and can really only use his eyes to look at the scene. And he's not exactly a master detective, so he's not likely to get too much information from that beyond what's already been determined.

Urus seems to just be staring out into nothing, strangely enough in amidst the carnage one would probably expect him to almost be reveling in it. He shakes his head clear and picks up on the light scent of oiled leather. And then looks down at the body curiously. "Does anyone find it odd, that someone smart enough to create a bomb, set up the perimeter napalm and get into the shed... would be stupid enough to blow themselves up without anything in it?" he scents the air again wondering if he imagined it. No, still there. "leather? I think that is what that is, I wish I had a dog or something, my smell is better than yours... but there are only so many times you can inhale in the middle of a firefight before it gets worse." He motions for the other two to come along as he holds on to the foregrip of his gun extra tight, seemingly for no reason. He comes to Morgana with the news. "Definitely planted, there was someone in there but it was not Doom. The assailant sneaked in, and supposedly got out I have a feeling. I have a scent to go on now if you want to give it a try."

When Urus returns to her she pauses in her humming. The siren tilts her head and look up at they hyena. "do you know what the dead is? Not many things so small as our Doommuffin in Twisted. If the body was planted for effect then knowing what it was might lead to who. If you do not know then let us follow the scent you have found. I wish Muradin was with us for this. I am not as fast on land as usual in this state."

Jaune sits down on the sand now, feeling he's accomplished something! But then he frowns slightly. "You know, a beach bonfire actually sounds like a fun idea, now. Maybe we should have left some going... what do you think, uhhh..." He blinks and looks at Tidus, suddenly realizing that names never got around to being exchanged. "I'm Jaune Arc, by the way."

"Well, I did think it was pretty dumb for whoever it was to blow himself up," Tidus replies. "Maybe whoever it was got this guy to bring it in for 'em and set it off?" He hooks a thumb at the corpse. But Urus has a scent to follow, and that seems to be enough for Tidus. He picks up Caladbolg and makes to follow Urus. Tidus pauses, looking to Morgana. He can see her point, but he doesn't really have any solutions to the problem. "I can try to keep you safe, that's about all I can do," he offers. Jaune's words get a blink. "We can make a real one later," he assures Jaune. "And bring marshmallows and hotdogs!" Yup. Teenage boy, thinking with his stomach. And then Tidus remembers that too, that they haven't been introduced. "Oh! Right, we never did do that, did we?" He smiles, hooking a thumb at his chest. "Name's Tidus! Good to meet you."

Urus replies to the siren "I do not know what it is but it is probably not the mastermind behind the attack." He leads them on toward the inland toward the town but as soon as he gets to the street he pauses trying to pick out the scent but it is of no use. It seems to just die. "This is not what I thought was going to happen. Absolutely nothing... aghhh... this is not going to happen again... not on my watch." Seeming almost vengefully angry at the fact the trail runs cold. "Now what?" they get to introductions finally and he makes his short. "Urus." Seeming focused on the task at hand. Had they met on better circumstances he might have been friendlier. He scans the crowd trying to see anyone who might be wearing leather, happens to be about Doommuffin's size or both.

Morgana arches one dark brow as Titus offers her his protection. Perhaps the young one does not know about sirens and ones of her ilk but his offer is received and the sea lady makes an gracious bow of her head. "your willingness to protect myself and my offspring brings me honor." Wow, did you hear that, clearly Morgana has been hanging out with the warrior sort way to much of late. What happen to our dark, bad tempered eating machine? When Urus speaks she attends his words with great seriousness. "Alright My Warrior, you lead us for now. I will offer my voice if you have need of it."

Jaune raises a fist in agreement with Tidus. "Yeah! We totally need to organize a beach party! See if we can get some ladies to show up, too! I'll be aweso-" Oh, right, the investigation, plan that later! He coughs into his hand and looks between the three that all clearly have more experience than he does.

Tidus seems a little embarrassed at Morgana's response to his offer of protection, but hey. Morgana's got a baby coming into the world! She should be in as little danger as possible, shouldn't she? He nods, though, with an affirmative sound and a triumphant gesture with his hand. Jaune's words get a snicker, but yes, he recognizes this isn't quite the right time. But that grin aimed in Jaune's direction notes Tidus is totally down with that. But then Tidus looks in Urus's direction. "Anything?" he asks. He's also looking around, mainly at the ground, seeing if something got dropped or anything like that.

Urus looks around and back at the beach. And sees the lines of where the fire used to be, it seems intentional with some sort of meaning but it seems lost on him "It's not a full circle they formed it into a symbol or something." There is a scratch of the head as he contemplates but standing around is completely idiotic at this point. "if they know where she lives they might have followed her. Anyone remember where the nearest auto parts store would end up being located?" probably somewhere near there working on getting things for one project or another. And DC is her perpetual literal pet project. "we need to go there if we can't find her, maybe we will bump into whoever is up to this in the meantime... and when I do!" he exclaims but then goes much softer. "There is going to be hell to pay."

The siren nods at Urus words." I would say the closes place would be along Twisted Street then or over in Neo Edo. I have not explored there but I know others find many new things over the bridge. Perhaps this would be a better scouting expedition Urus. Find Doom and bring her back to see what has happened and inquire about what this might mean. I believe I need to find Muradin in his tunnels and see what he knows of this. I think I will only hinder quick movement on land. I will be going back to the sea. If you have need of us, send on of the young ones back to summon me."

Jaune gives Tidus a thumbs up back. Clearly, there are plans to be made later! But for now, it's time to focus on the task at hand. "Auto parts, let's see... Oh, they had a section in that S-mart place, right? I took some trips into Neo-Edo, I saw a sign that had that on it in there... not exactly sure where, though." As he says this, he stumbles around the site, not really effectively looking for clues at all.

Tidus shakes his head. But he looks back at the beach as Urus does. He probably won't see anything in the symbol, either-- assuming he can even see it. Whoever did it is presumably from her world, and she's obviously not from his world, so... there won't be much he can offer. He looks to Urus, and nods. "She helped me and Desmond with Orks on the bridge. So yeah. I wanna find out who did this, too." Morgana's words get a blink. "You sure? I mean, I can probably find you easiest since I can stay underwater for so long. But..." He trails off for a moment, only to speak up again, "I mean... she's your family too, you said, right?" He'd sure want to know who did things to his family. Even his dad. Despite his dad being a COMPLETE ASS! Now, Jaune looks like he's having some trouble, so Tidus looks to steady the other young man. "Whoa there, man. You look like you're about to trip and fall on your face."

Urus nods to Morgana "yes, maybe he will have more information on this. I will send Tidus if I need you, he seems to like the water a lot." He pauses thinking aloud. When he hears of so many options he decides against a random search. "too many opportunities,This makes little sense, unless that symbol means so much there has to be something we are missing... I mean why have someone there at the site?" He wanders around the shed absolutely furious with himself at his own incompetence. Looking for something to hit he takes it out on the already dead guy... kicking a DEAD guy while he is down... that's a new one, and with some unexpected results. As the body rolls over Urus sees a small note that has been singed by the blast but mostly in tact. " well look here." He would be hating himself more if he hadn't already had his mind set on killing other things. and now they had a target. "Aghem... Gnomes suck, Love and kisses,..." there is a devious smile that breaks out on his face as he reads the last part. And passes it to Jaune. "It looks like I am hunting goblins...."

Jaune blinks as he's handed the singed note. "Huh?" He looks down at it with a raised eyebrow. "....Goblin Goon Squad? What the heck?" He looks up at Urus, then over to Tidus. "Did I miss something?"

From up on the hill, a high pitched, echoey voice calls out, "What in the Great Dark Beyond happened?! I step away for two hours and my entire workshop is destroyed?!" Doommuffin pauses, the light in her goggles blinking out for a split second as she looks across the destruction. "Is that... the Horde symbol? Damnit! I should have known those orcs were just playing fools!"

Tidus follows Urus back to the site of the explosion. He doesn't have any other ideas! Tidus isn't the Sherlock Holmes type. So when Urus finds a note, Tidus leans over to look. More so when it's passed to Jaune. Tidus shrugs a little at the mention of a 'Goblin Good Squad'. "Dunno. Never heard of 'em," he notes. It's not until Doommuffin appears, speaking about the 'horde symbol' that he sort of understands. "Wait... weren't those Orks on the bridge something to do with that?" They were different Orks, but they didn't realize that until afterwards, so he's still a bit confused.

"Well doom, next time I tell you that you need to plan and take less trips to the store, remind me of this moment." Urus mentions glad that she is safe. Walking toward her in relief "We were about to look for you but, you seem to have found your way home safe." Urus actually falls to his knees and hugs doom for a few seconds before recognizing what he is doing and gets back up. He dusts himself off "oh um heh , sorry about that." he looks back to probably see the two teenagers either looking at him funny, snickering, or both. If so, they will probably get a look in return. "Alright Doom, Jaune, Tidus . Next order of business is to show these goblin bastards they messed with the wrong people, who wants to come with?"

"Goblins? Goblins?!" Doommuffin rushes down to the remains of her shop to look over the damage. Soon she nods, saying, "Yeah... this has their fingerprints all over it... I can smell the seaforium. There is just one thing I do not understand, however." She points down at the corpse. "What is this creature? It does not look like any goblin I have ever seen before."

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