2016-06-04 - Cafeteria Chaos

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Cafeteria Chaos

Summary: Well more of the school knows of at least one of the Anarchy Sisters, and what's this? Possible another attendee?

Who: Korra, Lina_Inverse, Stocking
When: June 4th, 2016
Where: Kohoku Public Academy

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Kohoku Public Academy - Auditorium(#2362R)
Rows and rows of folding tables and uncomfortable chairs fill the large auditorium which is either full of life as students eat what passes for food or the room is deathly silent. There's really no in-between. For various events the tables are removed and the chairs are turned to face the large stage towards the front of the room. The auditorium, and for the most part the stage too, are as tall as the three-story school itself - making every sound magnified here. A rather nice touch is that the halls of the upper two floors look down into the room. According to the banners on the walls the school mascot is a tiger of some kind. How generic.

Somewhere between lunchtime and why the hell are you still here, Stocking sits at one of the tables stuffing her face as daintily as possible from a mountain of food and a sizeable crowd of on-lookers. Panty of course is nowhere to be found, as seems to be the pattern these days. But as her loving sister will happily point out the missing angel is still around. The guys seem to be scratching their crotches a bit more heavily than usual.

After deciding she's bored with whatever she's eating, the purple and pink haired girl casually drops it, letting the nearest boy pick it up for her. "Go get me another one. With chocolate on it this time." Good to see she's living up to that angel role in her sister's absence.

Well, at the very least its lunchtime for Korra, and she plans to make full use of it by enjoying it away from class and over by the auditorium where all the cool kids seem to gather. Not that Korra has become one of these famed 'cool kids' by any stretch of the imagination, its safe to say that Korra is fairly popular at the academy given her power and personality, but when it comes down to it; the Avatar is little more than a country bumpkin thanks to being coddled and groomed all her life to become the Avatar. That doesn't stop Korra from being outgoing, but it does mean she makes a lot of faux pas by being incapable of reading the situation. Case in point; when she sees a group gathering around Stocking she doesn't see a pretty girl being ogled by a dozen lusting students, all she sees is a pile of food and a lot of people around it. "Cool! Is there a sale going on?" Korra pushes her through the crowd and looks around with wide eyes noticing that no one is eating save for Stocking, which of course makes her jump to the only logical conclusion. "Oh! Wait! Its free?? Even better!" Then she goes to do the huge transgression of reaching towards Stocking's candy with the intention of eating it.

Well if there's one rule you should never break, it's don't touch Stocking's food. So of course we're going to start with that. Despite her show of complete lack of motivation to even breathe, the angel leaps to her feet and glares at Korra with a look that could speak volumes to those who've passed on. "If you want some, go get your own harem to get you some." The boys around her start muttering happily at being referred to as a harem. Some people are easy to please. "You can borrow some of these slackers if you need to. They don't really have all the accessories I was hoping for." At least half of them start muttering sadly now, forcing the bitchy angel to grin. If the Anarchy Sisters have gotten too good anything, it's manipulating crowds.

Korra can be pretty thick headed when it comes to social situations but she's nothing if not brave. The glare from Stocking is noticed and though it doesn't make Korra pull back or freeze as it would do on most people, at the very least she refrains from procuring one of said candy bars. She felt a tinge of danger coming from this girl and she wasn't in a hurry to get her pissed off. The last thing she needs right now is starting fights at school.. even though that's bound to happen at some point when she runs into Flandre. "Wait, they are all yours?" Asks a bewildered Korra. Sure, if these really are all of the girl's candy she's within her right to want to eat them all, even though no sharing is quite a bitch move in Korra's opinion. That's not the concern that she voices out loud though. "Aren't you worried about getting fat?" Because even a tomboy like Korra would know about such things. The suggestion about taking some of the boys from Stocking's supposed harem draw a surprise from Korra who, as previously mentioned, is very thick headed about these kind of things. Her eyes widen again and she glances around the group. "Wait uh-- are you all really.. I mean.. whoa.. I mean.. I thought having one boyfriend was difficult enough." The concept of polygamy is entirely new to Korra.

Stocking scoffs at her suggestion of weight gain. "The only weight I gain is in my tits. I'm okay with that." The comment sends her glancing around with an audible, "Pffffffffffffffffft" To elaborate, "What? These guys? They can't ride the mountain until they can get it up enough to pass the gate. I'm not like my sister who gives out free passes to anyone with something dangling between their legs." She crosses her arms and spies the mountain of food she's acquired. It is a /lot/ of sweets. "Are you one of those starving, homeless folks they talk about in the papers? I'm not going to waste my precious time feeding people who can't take care of themselves." That might not be entirely true, but no one is here to test that statement. "You must be new or something."

This purple haired girl has a knack at being forward. The mention of her weight going to her breasts draws a flush from Korra's cheeks which still turns out to be noticeable despite the dark pigmentation of her brown skin. "Um.. okay." Talking about bust size is not exactly something she does with complete and total strangers, and though Korra isn't shy by any means there is something about shameless exhibitionism that penetrates her barriers. Stocking might notice that Korra quite deliberately looked down and checked out her breasts but the Avatar quickly realizes that she too is ogling Stocking and averts her gaze to look back at the angel's eyes. The talk about harems or lack there of and Stocking's sister goes somewhat over Korra's head, she's still trying to restrain herself from staring at the angel's chest after all. Its not until Stocking implies that Korra can't fend for herself that she reacts. "Excuse me?" Oh, now that's a button deliberately pushed, Korra hates being called weak. "I can fend for myself just fine thank you very much." Then she shakes her head. "I'm not exactly new either, I've been stuck in this place for well over half a year or thereabouts.. and I don't mean the school, I mean this dimension."

Seemingly satisfied at that Stocking seems to drop backwards into the chair she was sitting in despite the distance. How does that even work anyways? "Well good. You've just become less pathetic than I thought you were a moment ago." She's already got an ice-cream sundae in her hand with someone offering her a spoon too? "Now we can carry on this conversation standing or we can get back to what's really important here." She takes a bite and seems to shudder from head to toe in delight. A momentary gasp and she gestures to a seat opposite herself. This is actually how she makes friends. Notice how few she has currently.

Okay, so, something about food? Is there some kinda extra sense for an abundance of food? Coz whatever it might be, Lina Inverse seems to have a little bit of that. She's drawn through curiosity alone to this school, somehow able to navigate the halls and other potential obstacles until... She comes upon a scene of true horror! Someone's actually HOARDING food? Well, no, it's candy but... She stops just a step through the door way and just stares at the mess. The two beliggerents are noted along with, uh... The other passive bystanders? Eh? The hell is going on. She's at such a loss that the exchange between Korra and Stocking doesn't really get through to her. She just steps away from the door, marches straight up and leans in to capture a candy bar. Who the fuck is gonna stop her!?

Korra keeps her frown for just a moment longer as Stocking decides that she's worth talking to. To be honest, the Avatar isn't liking this girl too much, she seems overly full of herself and more than a little self-serving which Korra loathes. This isn't enough to deter the Avatar from talking to the angel though. After all, while Korra may not have the responsibilities of the Avatar here in Twisted, all the wisdom stuck and she knows that she should always give people a chance or two. Who knows? Perhaps beneath the gluttonous, haughty, self-absorbed, uncaring personality Stocking might actually be a good person! Korra's not holding her breath though. The Avatar hms in confusion when Stocking offers her a seat next to her. How did that chair get there anyway? Korra doesn't question it too much and goes to sit next to the angel-- this is rather comfy now that she thinks about it. "I suppose it was wrong of me to assume." She says at last. "I always keep forgetting where I am. You may look human to me but maybe you are not and your species needs all that candy to survive. It was wrong of me to judge you." That's how one can spot a true Twisted long-timer, they know not to immediately jump to conclusions. "My name's Korra by the way." As she's introducing herself, Korra spots a third girl who walks in like she did moments earlier and reaches for the candy. "Umm.." The dark skinned, athletic girl raises a finger to say something to the red head but hard as she try, Korra can't really bring herself to tell Lina not to grab the candy. Its so much! It should really be shared even if Stocking needs it so badly!

Jumping to her feet again, Stocking slams the spoon down on the table as loudly as can be. "OH COME ON!! AGAIN!?!? SERIOUSLY?!? AGAIN!?!?" She looks up towards the heavens and questions, "What is this? The Salvation Army? Did I open up a fucking soup kitchen?!?" She pauses momentarily to look over at Korra and sigh. She is being a little bitchier than she should be lately. Her eyes s-l-o-w-l-y turn to Lina and with a twitching eye the purple and pink haired angel growls out behind clinched teeth. "....one. You can have one. Touch it again, and I'll extract it out of your stomach with this spoon." She lifts it up to show it's potential as a deadly weapon before inching back into her chair and taking another forced bite of her ice-cream. "Stocking Anarchy. Part of the Anarchy Sisters. We're Angels sent to Earth to kill demons." Another very angry bite. "I don't need sweets to survive but..." Another less angry bite. "I need them to surviiiiiiive." Everyone's clear on that intent, right?

Its about the reaction that Korra was expecting really. The Avatar sinks into her chair a little as Stocking flies off the handle as she suspected she was going to do. Korra looks ready to jump in and physically restrain Stocking if she needs to, but it seems that a meaningful look shared between the two is enough for Stocking to listen to a little bit of unsaid reason. Korra sighs in relief when Stocking allows the red head to have one candy bar, and although unfair to the eyes of the Avatar, its better than none. At the very least parting with one candy bar means that there is at least some good in Stocking, however miniscule that source of goodness may be. "Really? Angels??" Korra blinks surprisingly. "As in celestial beings from the spirit realm?" Korra's world didn't have, or believed, in such things like heaven and hell but there were very real creatures that were approximate enough to the description of angels. "Well, you sure are pretty enough to look the part." That was Korra being more of an all too honest knuckle head than her openly complimenting Stocking. She frowns in the end though and gives Stocking another look over when the angel confesses of her particular addiction. "It's weird though, I thought angels were supposed to be pure things free of vices." And lets just say that Stocking has demonstrated a few.. flaws of character already.

Yeah, nobody's talking to her. Surely nobody's going to care about one candybar! She picks one up, opens it and looks up. Yeah, didn't even -wait- for permission; she just looks on and takes a bite, "Yaknow, if you don't want people to just come in here and loot your crappy food you should probably hide it. Or not make so much noise about it." Mm, not bad. She's so blase that it's possibly infuriating! Or perhaps not? Though the threat ruffles her visibly, making her own eye twitch. "With a spoon, huh?" Tempting to just dil brand this whole heap all over the place. A gaping hole in the roof of this place wouldn't be any sweat off her brow! Still, it'd be a shame to waste all this on being rash. "Lina Inverse." Not that she was asked but y'know, why not! "Angels, huh? Well, there's a lotta demons here and there. Not so many in a damn school, though unless you're planning on luring them in with all this crap?" She oh-so-blithely picks up another piece of candy. Just to, y'know, be a shit. She looks up at Korra, "Oh yeah, angels being jerks isn't a thing where you're from? In a lot of ways they're just as bad as demons. Least where I'm from. They're both extreme in every way that isn't really agreeable to humans." Shrug! "Anyway, if you aren't handing out free candy, baiting something in to kill it or just being a couple of weirdos..." She spreads her hands, inviting an explanation with an expression on her face that screams 'what the fuck, guys?'

Stocking eyes Lina suspiciously despite nodding her head at Korra's words. "We have rules because we have demons. Without them people could just do as they please." She becomes more and more tense as Lina begins to refer to her sweets as trash. She watches her hand move back to another piece, literally biting her lip. "...and HEAVEN is free of vices. If I have to be here in this sweltering den of humanity and filth, I'd better get to-" The hand picks up another piece of candy. HOW DARE SHE?!"-ENJOY IT" She's not eating it yet. "-while I'm here." GLAAAAARE. It's worth noting that Lina's words aren't just being ignored by Stocking's actions. She's blatantly trying to talk over her as she explains herself.

Korra is sort of a mute witness to all the chaos that is going on around her currently. Back in the day she'd just bash everyone's head in and be done with it, but not only is that not acceptable in school grounds, she's actually relinquished all Avatar responsibilities and in truth, stopping arguments is not really here jurisdiction anymore. Still, this is not international war, even though one of the participants is an angel and she can't be sure what's the true nature behind the red head, this all really seems like just another petty schoolyard disagreement. Korra is a little rusty in her conflict resolution but she decides to give it a try nevertheless. "Hey, Lina was it?" She addresses the red head first. "You really shouldn't take things without asking first." That, at least, Korra feels is sensible enough. Sure, moments earlier she had also done the daft thing of reaching for a candy bar but at least she announced her intent to all around. "And also, maybe that's how the angels in your world are but chances are Stocking here is probably not where you're from." Korra hazards a guess there but she's -pretty- sure that she's right and goes for it. As for Stocking and her claim that she wishes to enjoy herself whilst she's away from the oppressiveness of heaven, Korra glances at her with pursed lips and a thoughtful look. "I suppose I can understand." After all, that is exactly what Korra is doing too, enjoying her time away from the responsibilities of being the Avatar. "But I'm sure you'll agree with me that its fine to enjoy all you want as long as you aren't hurting anyone else." And mouthing people off is a pretty not-nice move in Korra's book.

Lina Inverse makes a face. Oh, THIS motherfucker. She smirks, barely keeping down her ire as this Angel just goes ON! Like this candy's such a big ass deal! Fine! Just to make a point, establish dominance or hammer home how petty she can be, she holds eye contact with that glare and tears open the wrapper of the second candy bar! What WHAT? She supposed to just stand here and get antagonized by some weirdo with a candy fetish!? Nup! "Yeah, you keep on like you are and someone's gonna send you right back where you came from!" Pause. "If that's even how your weird ass cosmology works!" But really, even if this person and her buff brown cohort are as supernatural as they seem, they're sitting in here with a pile of candy. How can she take that seriously!? "Eh? Well, maybe not I guess." Admitting she was wrong!? Nah, it's a total non-apology. "Really gotta not sweat the small stuff but..." She produces a couple of silver coins from thin air, "Here, I'll even buy it if ya want!" But, eh, being talked over isn't -really- the worst thing that she's ever been subjected to. Her FRIENDS all do that crap and it only really bugs her when it's Serious Time.

Hurting? That gets a strange look from the lone Anarchy, "An eye for an eye, sister. Isn't that supposed to be the way of the land?" She glares angrily at Lina once more. "As in FUCK WITH MY SWEETS AND I'LL HAVE TO MAKE MY THREAT INTO A FUCKING REALITY, LITTLE BOY." SHE EATS IT!! SHE JUST FUCKING EATS IT?!?! There's a hushed 'Oooooh' from the on-lookers. Kicking her chair backwards a halo appears over her head and large glowing wings unfurl themselves behind her back. Let's talk about serious mode a second. With a wink to the still gathered crowd the halo moves down her body turning her outfit from gothic black to angelic white and the angel pulls off one of her stripped stockings with a chanting of "May the thunderous power from the garments of this holy delicate maiden strike down upon you with great vengeance and FURIOUS ANGER" She runs her hand down the back of the stocking, changing it into a shining blade. "Shattering your lonesome impurity and returning you from whence you came. REPENT BIT-!" She stops mid-sentence to stare in confusion as Lina casually throws down money. "Urm..." Somehow the halo, wings and costume are gone leaving her standing in her normal clothes holding the weapon. "Uhh...." Money. For the candy. Stare. "...well." With a shimmering flash the blade becomes her stocking again and the girl drops back into her chair. Hey, who stood that back up? Pulling it back on the angel sighs. "Alright fine. If we're going to do it this way, we'll do it this way." She snaps her fingers and another boy jumps to her side. "Three tiramisus for the women. Chop chop." And off he runs off. Really? What happened to the fight?

Wait, cohort? Since when did Korra go to the lowly ranking of minion? Just because she's muscled and is keeping herself relatively quiet to the gaudy girl sitting next to her doesn't mean she works for her!! Had Lina not being paying attention to how Korra was trying to keep the peace? Anyway, Korra isn't exactly in any position to complain here, not unless she wants to stoke Stocking's fires and unleash an all out brawl here. "Whoa! Hey! Let's all calm down now!" She waves her hands frantically as Stocking becomes really incensed at Lina's attitude. The Avatar herself is ready to stand up and tackle -someone- into the ground, either Lina or Stocking really, whoever it takes to get things under control, and she will tackle both at the same time if she really needs to. Its the monetary exchange that seems to get things under control and Korra stares at Stocking rather surprisingly when the money of all things gets her to calm down. "Well.." The Avatar sinks back on her seat and though relieved that there's no fight now she looks more than a little disappointed. Turns out Stocking is also greedy on top of all her flaws. Some angel she's supposed to be.

Lina Inverse yeah, she caught that. "Little boy...?" The yelling and posturing doesn't really do anything - it's the choice of words that pierces her facade and gets her well and truly pissed off! The intent to fight is plain, hell - she doesn't even do anything but spit the candy out AND put the money back. "Little BOY? Screw you! DIL BRAND!" Stocking has about as much time as it takes her to relent and start sitting before the floor is very suddenly delineated by a threatening magical radiance - marking a radius that includes as few bystanders and as much of the candy pile as possible. Her face splits in a savage grin right about the same moment the floor tears itself open and explodes; sending everything she could catch in the blast flying every which way - mostly up - violently. "I think we're even now." Even as debris and probably ruined candy shower the room she keeps a whole lotta BAD mojo at her fingertips, clearly poised to strike out if she's further provoked. Petty. She's PETTY. She's letting everyone off easy here! In fact, the bystanders are proooooobably the only reason she didn't do something worse. Korra gets a look and she tchs, "You're messin with trouble here. She's gonna push people's buttons and get you caught up in the crapstorm." At least she's showing... a little restraint?

The sword is drawn, and another joins it immediately. With twin stripped blades to match her now transformed stripped stockings, Stocking has leapt upon her chair as the blast radius throws the things she cares about into the air - which for whatever reason is still raining down. How much was there again? People have scattered and the Angel's wings are again showing despite her clothing remaining the same. "I TRIED TO GET YOU ITALLIAN DESERTS BECAUSE YOU SEEMED TO BE BETTER THAN THAT, YOU UNGREATFUL LITTLE BITCH!!!" Yep still raining. "REPENT MOTHERFUCKER!!" And without a moment's hesitation she's cleared the gap between them and put her blades up against Lina's throat. So! Korra! Still doing that saving the day thing?

Eh, no.

Korra may be taking a break from the whole super heroing business but she has by no mean retired completely. Her reflexes are still sharp as ever and as soon as she senses that unmistakable rise of energy around the air she's bolting up her chair in that well practiced fashion of hers when there is trouble inbound. The Avatar is a newbie when it comes to magic, there is no denying that, she is still coming to grips that such an energy even exists. Something that she can sense, however, is the ground beneath her being split asunder and being violently thrown upwards, that is something that she can definitely manipulate. With a forceful movement, Korra throws her hands upwards taking an Earthbending stance which she then uses to bring her fists down to the ground and force the concrete back into the holes where Lina's Dil Brand spell exploded things. These two gals may have a total disregard for the things and the people around them but Korra is very mindful of the students still crowding around Stocking. She's not planning on getting them exploded! Plus, she's also trying to save the candy! Though some of those things fly away, Korra at least manages to push the debris back in place which negates a big part of Lina's spell and essentially muffles the explosion. But, as Stocking might surmise, that's not where Korra stops. Just as soon as Stocking launches into an attack against Lina, Korra dashes forward towards the sorceress as well. Unlike Lina, she's holding no restraint whatsoever. She deliberately launches a devastating side thrust kick directly at Lina's liver with the full intention of knocking the wind out of the red head and neutralizing her. She's also aiming low too which means Korra's taking advantage that Lina is probably going to have her gaze focused on Stocking's blades that are currently going for her neck. Though it may not look it, kicking Lina in the stomach is an entirely altruistic move. As much as she'd just love to get into a three way fight here, if she can just manage to knock Lina out, then not only does she keep this from escalating and getting other students involves, it probably means that Stocking won't feel the need to chop the sorceress' head off with her blades.

Ainnit funny how physics gets all fuckered up around here? Magic and everything else supernatural notwithstanding seems fairly consistent. Lina is prepared for the advance that much should have been clear - she's had enough sword fighters in her face and been ganged up on enough that she knows just how to answer a head-on threat: Three words she can say before anyone's getting in range to land a hit. "BOMB DI WIND!" So that offers some choices. Brave a momentary blast(Not a gust or a blow but a BLAST) of air, negate it somehow or just stop. Either way, her intent is to deny the obvious frontal head-on attack and punish anyone trying to bull through it by putting them out the opposite wall. "Alright knuckleheads, I'm gonna stop and only because I don't wanna kill anyone!" The people in the back might be grateful at least, "But if you EVER call me a boy or comment on my boobs I will...!" RRRG! She doesn't really have much to offer past that, "Pull a weapon over some damn candy!" Really, how she can see that as a ridiculous reaction where hers was so blatantly violent is difficult to explain. Even she'd have trouble rationalizing it in retrospect. Still, this is about as close to a surrender she's going to offer.

And it started out as such a good day for Stocking. She went to school and didn't get detention. The student body is beginning to worship the sisters as they are meant to do. She had a mountain of sweets and might have actually made a friend for a change instead of propositioning people as a temporary fuck toy like her sister always does. And then this red haired little shit comes into the room and fucks it all up. Candy and sweets, not to mention the pastries and ice-cream she was given by the boys all wasted and thrown through the air. The floor of the school damaged to such an extend part of the school wouldn't be standing if not for the previously mentioned almost-friend. And now here in a moment of divine retribution for her injustices she throws up some kind of wind-based wall stopping her forward movement just before she could cu-uh. Just before she could do something really stupid to a non-demon. That would not have gotten her into Heaven no matter how many Heaven Coins she collected. Regrettably she has to yield, dropping to the ground unceremoniously. The tips of her blades clinging against the cracked floor as she lets her arms droop at her sides. "This wasn't about candy. This was about you showing no respect for something that wasn't yours to begin with." Her words are dripping with venom, but she doesn't yell. Not that anyone would notice but she's kept her profanity to a minimum today too. She's trying to be CIVIL, DAMMIT.

Korra grunts as she feels the current of air flow out of Lina's body to act as a shield. Thankfully, wind is yet another thing that she's familiar with. Her entire body recoils when she hits the solid surface of wind but switches stances to Airbending and digs her fingers into the wind barrier, ripping it apart by the middle to dispel the shield. The currents of air shooting out to the sides rather than directly towards her and the angel. Still, the damage is done despite Korra managing to avoid being sent flying backwards by the air barrier spell. She stands next to Stocking adopting a fighting stance, ready to defend the student body from this reckless sorceress if she needs to. However, she sees that there's no need for that when Lina offers to stop. Stocking falls to her knees looking defeated and an indignant tone to her voice which also prompts Korra to drop her stancee and straighten up. She says nothing though, merely staring at Lina with narrowed eyes full of disdain. There's no need to add anything from her part, Stocking already made clear what this was all really about.

Lina Inverse still having a relatively normal day, all things considered. She's not dead, that's a plus! Despite the fact she was more or less poised to stop an attack she wasn't completely sure that it was going to work. Physical bodies in her world behave a certain way when hit with certain forces but here that's all kinds of uncertain. Just don't know how it's going to work on someone until she tries it that first time! And sure, the air spell is only an instant effect - tear it apart as you like but it did what she needed it to. Anyway, great, the crisis is averted and she can get out of this without getting those brain donors from Task involved. "Alright, fine." She crosse her arms defensively and kinda looks away, a little embarassed, "I get that I overreacted but you weren't exactly being a ray of sunshine yourself." Huff. She just had to butt heads! Her ego demanded it! She doesn't want to admit as much but... And Korra? She doesn't even lift her eyes to meet the taller girl's gaze so her derision goes unnoticed. It's all she can do to not attack the obvious cult of personality thing but she continues to attempt restraint, taking a calming breath to push down her white-hot anger. "Anyway, sorry, if I was gonna pay you back for taunting me about anything I shoulda just punched you in the face." Wow. Issues much?

Somewhere during that exposition Stocking sat back down and started pulling her stockings back up her legs. If she can pull them off and on so quickly, why does she need the song and dance with the dancing and the costume changes? "Dream on, bitch." That was meant playfully. "You wish you were fast enough to punch me in the face." Well the peace was nice while it lasted. "But anyways, I believe we asked for deserts and, " she turns to yell at anyone left in the auditorium, "WE'RE STILL WAITING FOR THAT TIRAMISU!!" The angel sighs and huffs as one of the banners falls from the cracked walls around them. "Anyone want to blow this joint and go to the Usual Restaurant? At when you ask them for something they bring it to you." And just like that, crisis averted, right? Right?

Lina doesn't need to meet Korra's gaze, the derision is still there. Just because the sorceress failed to acknowledge the Avatar's look doesn't mean it suddenly stopped existing. Korra has always been quite good about giving people changes to redeem themselves. The very fact that she was defending Stocking when just moments ago she too wanted to punch her jaw off is evidence enough of that. And yet, there is a big difference from being mouthed off and putting the lives of innocent people in danger. In team, Korra might be civil with Lina but by the way she's looking at the red head she'll probably never trust her again, not when she knows that her hair trigger temper can put everyone around her at risk. Lina apologizing doesn't make Korra release her tension but at least it gets her to sit down so as to not instigate things further. Stocking yelling and suggestion that they all leave and go to the UR for a snack finally makes her to stop glaring daggers at Lina though and she turns her attention to her wrist watch. "Umm.. I still got a couple of classes to go to." Surely Stocking isn't suggesting they skip class right?? Although something tells Korra that Lina doesn't even go to school here.

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