2016-06-09 - Nothing Without a Queen

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Nothing Without a Queen

Summary: There's one last Xenomorph, and it's in one of TASK's containment cells. What to do with it?

Who: Ermac, Ferra-Torr, Kotal_Kahn, Minu, Rayne, Silencia
When: June 9th, 2016
Where: TASK Building - Containment Cells

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Though the war with the Xenomorphs seems to be over and yet another Konflict with the rampaging Orks begins to brew in the horizon, all has not been fully settled with the previous invaders of Twisted. Their hive remains in ruins, and whatever survivors have scattered to the winds of chaos. But, as most TASK enforcers know, or at least those who don't pretend to have forgotten, there is still one lonely Xenomorph that remains alive within the kontainment cells of TASK.

Kotal Kahn has long pondered what to do with it. The logical solution would simply be to put it to death. But even the mighty war god can grow full of bloodshed and would like to explore other solutions if possible. Tonight, he's seen in the containment cells along with Ermac and Ferra/Torr, staring at the creature behind its glass cell. Its curled up in a corner now, seemingly asleep. They look so peaceful when they aren't all up in your face swinging claws madly about.

[TASK] Kotal Kahn says, "I wonder what are we to do with the Xenomorph we captured. Its still sitting in our cells. Any suggestions?"

[TASK] Kotal Kahn says, "I really cannot add more of their skulls to my throne. They are far too.. bulky."

[TASK] Rayne says, "Wait, what? We still have that thing? Why? I thought that thing died when you put Ferra and Torr against it?"

[TASK] Kotal Kahn says, "It didn't. Merely an act to appease the public."

[TASK] Kotal Kahn says, "Bread and circus as the Romans used to say.. I remember those days fondly."

[TASK] Kotal Kahn says, "They used to call me Mars, did I ever mentioned that story."

[TASK] Rayne sighs over the intercom. "Yes. Yes you have. And the Greeks called you Ares, and the Hawaiians called you Ku..."

Silencia was already looking for Kotal when she heard him on her radio. A sigh escapes the girl before she turns to head to the containment cells. Of course he'd be in there with that... thing! She doesn't even bother responding, opting to go to him instead. It doesn't take her long to arrive and the priestess does not look like she's in a good mood. Her wings are folded back, as she usually keeps them, but they seem tense, as if ready to spring up and carry her away, even though she hasn't mastered flying yet. She eyes the contained Xenomorph suspiciously. Though she isn't afraid like she used to be, she still doesn't like these creatures. "I didn't capture that beast so you could play around with it, Kotal..."

[TASK] Kotal Kahn laughs, "So I did mention that story then."

[TASK] Rayne says, "Yes.... But as far as the Xeno is concerned... I don't know, is it still that agressive without its queen? Or is it kinda... just there?"

[TASK] Kotal Kahn says, "The latter, for certain."

[TASK] Kotal Kahn says, "I don't think its moved in days.. maybe it is already dead."

[TASK] Rayne can be heard sighing. "Oh, let me just come up there..."

[TASK] Kotal Kahn says, "Very well."

[TASK] Kotal Kahn says, "Silencia is already present."

Soon Rayne shows up as well, and she doesn't look much happier than Silencia. "We seriously still just ahve this thing sitting in a cell and it's not even doing anything... How can you not even know if it's alive or not, Kotal?" She steps up to the cell and peers into it, seeing for herself.

Kotal Kahn turns to see Silencia approaching and gives her a wide and bright smile, the complete opposite of the fairy's dowry look of apprehension she's giving him right now. "Ah, my love. I am glad you are here." He's says nothing for now, preferring to step forward and give Silencia a warm embrace, leaning down to pull the tiny fae a tight hug and a kiss to her cheek. Its only afterward that he answers her question, her bright smile gone and replaced with a concerned look. "Would you prefer we kill it instead? I am surprised Silencia, it is very unlikely you to be so merciless." Though then again, she -is- the priestess of war so Kotal shouldn't be all that surprised. "I think there's been enough death for now." He says turning once again to the sleeping Xenomorph.

"There is life essence still present." Its Ermac who answers Rayne's question about the Alien being dead or not. "We feel its presence. Weak signs of spirit and mind signatures. The creature still lives."

"It no been eating its food tho!" Adds Ferra whilst sitting on Torr's shoulders. She's lapping at a tray with some murky looking liquid. "Me no surprised, this food no very yummy. Yuck!" Someone get Ferra to stop eating the prisoner's rations.

Silencia hugs the giant god back, her mood ever so slightly improving because of his affections. She's still wary of the Xenomorph though. "I didn't mean that you should kill it...I..I just... ahh I don't know!" It felt odd for Kotal to be the one who has enough of the killing while Silencia is wondering why the Alien is still alive. Rayne's arrival makes Silencia feel a bit relieved. She's glad she's not the only one who's apprehensive about this creature being here. Silencia peeks at the Xenomorph and frowns. "Maybe it doesn't know how to function without its hive?" Silencia perks up and adopts a scolding tone. "Ferra, stop eating that!"

Rayne frowns as she continues to peer into the cell, then turns to look at Kotal. "Has anyone attempted communicating with it since the hive was wiped out? Or has feeding it been the only thing we're doing to it?" She nods to Silencia. "Maybe it doesn't. Maybe it's now effectively brain dead without its hive. Maybe it's now more free to make its own descisions without it. Maybe it just doesn't want to live anymore without its Queen to bring victims to."

The little elf had heard that a Xenomorph had been taken into custody and she was not amused. The creatures were incredibly dangerous and had up till no not shown more then slightly higher then animal intelligence, or at least not a reasoning intelligence. All the research she had done on dead specimens had not led her to be believe they were capable of reason. Word had passed around TASK quickly about the things presence and she for one was not going to give it a chance to break out and cause havoc. Even though there were to be guards aplenty in the containment area, the elf couldn't stay way, she had to assure herself the thing was duly caged. And so it is with basket in tow, clutched in tiny talons that a dainty little elf wings her way through the corridors of TASK and down into the containment area. You would think she would have difficulty getting through doors but its amazing how quickly the ordinary officers will jump to and open a door for a quick flying owl now days.

"Eek!" Ferra drops her tray as Silencia tells her to stop eating that and clumsily spills it all over Torr's head. The giant doesn't seem to care though, he just blinks in confusion and licks at it through the mask he wears. "Torr no like either!" Says Ferra.

Meanwhile, Kotal is chuckling at his love's indecision of the fate of the Xenomorph. Its never easy to judge if a creature will live or die, particularly when it doesn't seem to have a mind of its own as this alien seems. It simply looks so pitiful in comparison to the imposing hunter that it once before. The Aztec cuddles Silencia one last time before glancing again at the imprisoned creature. "I am not certain actually. Ermac and Ferra/Torr have mostly been in charge of it."

"We have tried communicating." Ermac points out feeling that its his cue to speak. "The creature does not seem comprehend any kind of language, not one that we know at least. We sense only lingering traces of thought, not unlike a dog."

"But yeh, we mostly been trying to feed it." Ferra adds. "It no eat any tho! Maybe it want big boss tacos!"

"We're not feeding the thing tacos, Ferra." Kotal scowls.

"Aww!" So yes, it seems there haven't been many attempts to talk to the Xenomorph who currently is still curled in a corner laying still.

Outside the containment cells, one of the TASK guards posted outside does indeed jump forward to get the door open for the approaching owl. Yep, none of them want to get on the elf's bad side. They know what happened to Jim!

Rayne frowns as she looks at it, then shakes her head as she turns away. "Just an animal, then. We should just put it down, in that case. It's a dangerous, invasive species, it doesn't belong here and can't be used in a positive manner. I don't see why we should torture it with continued declining health in a cage." She looks to the others here to see if anyone else disagrees. Not in a confrontational manner, just more to see what everyone else thinks.

As the door to the containment area is opened , the owl swoops in with a hoot and wings her way over toward where the others are. She beak clatters and hisses when she sees the xeno in the cell . The owl back wings, hovering for a long moment looking for a place to hang her basket, out of the reach of Ferra and Tor, they are mentally children and her basket has shiny dangerous things inside.

"I'm not so certain." Kotal answers with a frown of his own at Rayne's suggestion. "Animals can be trained." He suggests and looks towards Ferra/Torr. "And even the most simplistic of minds can be made valuable if given purpose." Then he's glancing again at Rayne. "Provided that there is indeed a mind there."

And just in time, Kotal spots Minu flying in owl form and smiles up to her, offering his muscled arm for her to perch. She can be certain Ferra/Torr won't get near her basket if their Emperor is holding it. "Ah, your arrival is most timely, my love." He says to the owl. "We were debating what to do with the last captured Xenomorph. Care yo share your thoughts in the matter?"

Rayne says, "So you're saying it's not even an animal? That it's a...plant? A mineral?" She raises her eyebrow at Kotal. "Or are you suggesting we attempt to actually train this thing?" She recoils slightly at the thought of that. "If it were something that could be... reasoned with, I'd say give it a shot, but this?!" She motions towards the creature with her hand. "Do you honestly believe we can actually train this?"

As Kotal offers his arm, the owlet arrows toward him. She back wings just enough to dip and "hang" her basket on his fingers before she makes a full landing on his forearm. Minu's head tilts nearly upside down one way and then the other as she listens to first Kotal's words and then Rayne's. She hisses and beak clacks, the feathers all over her small form fluff up and she hisses again. She has actually made a weapon of sorts from xenomorph blood, it really should be no question about her feelings for the things. Hopping off Kotal's arm she takes flight again and flutters toward the glass wall of the cell and rakes it with her talons and hiss chitters. This is the very thing she did to the xeno who had been attacking Silencia and its a test of the things reactions, does it remember her from the minds of others?

"The latter, definitely." Answers Kotal with a raised eyebrow towards Rayne when she gives her list of assumptions. "I believe it has been established in the past that these things at least operate somewhat like insects." He glances at the impenetrable glass window again. "That they can think outside their hive mind however is still yet to be seen." He gives a scoff when Rayne wonders if training a Xenomorph is even possible. "You forget where you are, Rayne." Kotal is quick to remind her. "I have certainly seen stranger here in Twisted and if Morgana managed to tame that braggart of a hyena then I can say with certainty that anything is possible." Minu's reaction to the suggestion draws an amused chuckle from Kotal and he reaches forward to pluck the tiny owl away from the glass and set her back on his shoulder. "So vicious. Do you all crave blood so readily now? Mayhap I have trained you all too well."

If the Xenomorph remembers the tiny owl from the minds of the others or not it doesn't show it. As Kotal mentioned before it hasn't moved for days, and remains still curled up in its corner like some manner of large cat.

Rayne growls slightly. "Kotal. Seriously. It's an entirely different situation. Urus we could at least count on not attacking regular people! Are you forgetting we're not the old TASK? We don't punish people by making them work for us, we're supposed to be a legitimate policing organization!" She holds up her hands in frustration, and walks away from the cell, but still remains in the immediate vicinity. "If this thing showed... any resemblance to being a thinking being... Or even mammalian style thought processes, I'd say it's a possibility, but.... this thing barely thinks at all!"

When Kotal captures her as she flutters against the glass the little owl allows herself to relax in his grasp. When she set upon his shoulder she fluffs her feathers and turns her head to preen them and smooth them with her beak. When Rayne gestures and steps back, she lifts her head and blinks those big golden eyes. With a small huff she launches herself from Kotal's shoulder and shifts, landing with a little hop in the space between Kotal and Rayne. She runs a small hand through her hair and settles it into place then pushes her glasses up her nose. The little elf is wearing a smart little plaid skirt and button down white blouse. "if you mean to keep it Kotal then it needs testing, a safe proving ground where you can assure it can not escape and then we can see if it will respond to training or if it is as broken as it seems."

Kotal actually snarls back at Rayne, lips curling down into a scowl that causes his inner chi to flare out strongly enough to make the walls around him shudder. "But he sure as all the hells was attacking us!!" Oh yes, he does yell back, there's no quicker way of irritating Kotal than defending Urus. He calms down though, controlling his chi so it doesn't escalate and shines a burning ray of light through the TASK's roof. However, he does scoff at Rayne's next comment of comparing what he's doing to the old TASK. "Oh, please, do not be so narrowed of thought, Rayne. I am not trying to enlist the whole colony and I certainly did not even consider offering the Anarchy sisters a position within TASK." He snorts, just thinking about that made him ill. "It is -one- creature that I wish to try and save. Are you not the one who told me that we should stop being so ruthless for the sake of the people?" Kotal looks at Minu as she transforms back to an elf and gives a relieved sigh. "Finally some wisdom." He says before motioning to the cells around them. "There is no safer place than this one, my owl. Not even I could break this glass even with my mightiest of blows." To prove it, Kotal rears back a punch with glowing light and SLAMS it at the glass with an impact that actually causes and Ermac and Torr to stagger backwards due to the unleashed shock wave. This blow actually does make the entire TASK building shudder but the glass doesn't even seem to vibrate after the collision. "See?"

The imprisoned Xenomorph doesn't even seem to notice, its still not moving. Maybe it really is dead already.

Rayne physically backs down as Kotal flares his chi at her and even gets a slightly fearful look in her face, but doesn't seem to be backing down in her words as much quite yet. "Attacking us? When did he attack us? He was rude, sure, but... no, no, we're going off track..." She sighs and puts a hand to her forehead, trying to recenter herself as he defends against her commentary about the old TASK. "You're right, you're right. If we actually were anything like that, I'd not be here..." She didn't exactly enter with a rampage. "But these things are feared by the people. I... I'll concede that it would be better of us to try to save it somehow. But what made the old TASK hated by the people was the fact that it was filled with those former threats... If we take this thing that was killing people and make it our... attack animal, for no better words right now... It's going to bring that fear of us back to the forefront." She looks up at Minu's words and nods, but she seems like she might be about to disagree with Kotal on where to test its ability to be trained when he punches the 'glass'. The resulting shockwave knocks her fully off her feet, landing unceremoniously on her back. "....Was that really necessary?" she asks as she gets herself back up to her feet. "I think we need to get it out of the cell. It could be the reason it's acting so...." She frowns, trying to find the right word. "...Melancholy. We need some place safe, sure, but it might be broken from being in that room for so long."

At the flair of Kotal's chi the tiny elf narrows her eyes and and turns toward him placing her tiny fists on her hips. Kotal's words about Urus bring a little tick to her jaw as she clenches it. Rayne's defense and then her look of fear only set that annoyed expression on her small features. She is silent as Rayne speaks and oddly is barely rocked by the hard concussive blast the is caused by Kotal hitting the glass. She is small but she knew what he was going to do and she braces herself ahead of time. A long breath spills from her and she turns her attention to Kotal. "Beloved Sun of my life, we will talk at some length about your issues with Urus, but Rayne has the right of it. He has never attacked any of us physically. He has only dared to question you and find your leadership lacking for his needs. You on the other hand scared him. That is not what is at hand here though. Now we discuss the beast, one who has caused great harm to many. One who we do not even know is alive or dead in its current state. We can only decide if it is trainable by trying to train it. If though it proves intractable we must be willing to put the beast down as humanly as possible. Since you propose we use this cell, then I propose one of us needs to go in and try to connect with the beast and if needed..euthanize it. Now we could ask Devora seeing as she is insectoid and might be able to communicate. I don't trust her though not to do things for her own ends...I know you do , beloved but...again, something to discuss another time. I could attempt it, take various things with me and see if it can be connected with. I have been training the pups after all. Do we know if the thing eats or what?"

"Yes.." Kotal whispers as Rayne questions if him punching the glass wall with all his godly strength was really necessary. "Yes it was." Slowly does Huitzilopotchli straighten up from his striking stance, a great weight lifted from him as he exhales a stabilizing breath. By his tone of voice, it felt like he was ready to punch something else had he not struck something, talking about Urus in a positive light irritated him -that- much. Fortunately, he looks better now, certainly enough that he can finally listen to Minu's wise owl words. "You are right of course, my owl." He glances again at the bound beast, trapped within its crystal walls. "This beast is a warrior at heart, and being bound to helplessness is a fate worse than death to all fighters." Kotal grows silent for a moment as he mentally concurs with Minu some more. In all truth, D'vorah would be best to approach in this situation and see if she could tame the beast, but he is not yet ready to trust her fully. She had betrayed him in the past after all, giving her the power over this creature could tip her once again to betrayal. He doesn't voice an opinion about Urus, as Minu said, it is not the time for such a discussion. Instead, Kotal opts for the hands on approach as he usually does.

"Stand back." He commands Rayne and Minu specifically and gives both Ermac and Ferra/Torr a meaningful gaze. They know what to do. With a gesture, Kotal opens the glass door and all two and a half of his minions move in to stop the Xenomorph in case it tries to make a run for it.

But the alien does not move, it remains curled up in its corner. Seemingly unaware that the door to his freedom has been opened.

Rayne raises an eye at the suggestion of D'vorah... But then shrugs. D'vorah had the perfect opportunity to backstab her in the past, and Rayne saw no evidence of any betrayal at that time. "Maybe," she says, but she'd definitely defer to Kotal on that one. Even with her current(if minor) friction with the war god. Speaking of whom, she sighs and shakes her head, muttering something under her breath about 'muscle heads.' That said, when told to stand back, she does so, and even puts a hand on one of her blades in case things go wrong. Not that she doesn't think Kotal and his two and a half minions can't take a single xenomorph, but it doesn't hurt to be ready just in case. When the door opens and it doesn't react at all, she actually looks surprised. "Huh."

The elf lady arches on delicate brow as Kotal settles himself and agrees with her. When he decides to go into the cell, she makes a small grumble under her breath. Thankfully Kotal had set her basket aside before punching the cell and then opening it. She reaches for her basket then draws back with Rayne. If things get messy she wants to be able to have her things at hand. The muscle of her jaw jumps as she grits her teeth watching Kotal step into the cell. When the beast doesn't respond she wrinkles her nose "insects are often driven by scent, like bees , they follow the scent of their queen" The little elf makes a face then reaches into her basket and picks up a Teflon taped glass sphere. She looks to Rayne blade.." and holds out her hand in request. Anyone with them on the Kala seed hunt would recognize that the sphere in her hand is a xeno blood bomb.

Silencia sighs softly as she finally steps forward. She kept quiet through the entire ordeal, choosing to observe and listen instead of contribute. Her attention had been on the Xeno at first, the girl incredibly suspicious of the beast. As the tension rose, her attention was brought to the conversation. She tensed ever so slightly when D'vorah is mentioned, but her expression betrays nothing of her thoughts. As the glass doors open, Silencia tenses, ready to react to an attack. When that doesn't happen she relaxes and even smiles ever so slightly. She steps forward and taps Minu's shoulder lightly. "Be careful with that, Minu. The possible reactions to the scent is still too unpredictable." Silencia is using her connection to nature guide her. She felt less scared of the Xeno now that she saw how passive it was. She steps forward, quickly reaching Kotal's side. She was curious. She had felt an odd connection to D'vorah, maybe she could do something similar with the Xeno? Would she even want that? She wasn't sure. She peeks at the beast, one who had been so terrifying to her, but now was merely a sad little pile of limbs. She stays by Kotal's side while humming a soft melody. It was the same melody that had summoned D'vorah before. Maybe, just maybe, the Xeno would have some sort of reaction? Only one way to find out.

Kotal, Ermac and Ferra/Torr all look equally tense. Theirs is a ready stance to spring fort if the beast were to attack. They brace themselves for an attack that never comes, as the Xeno seems completely satisfied with being curled up in its corner like a great, big, lazy cat of some sort. Despite its resting state, it looks sad more than anything. All across its body lies numerous scars of its battle in the arena against Ferra/Torr. It looks like its been hurt a lot.

Kotal glances at Minu at her suggestion and indeed, just as Silencia offered, he arches a surprised eyebrow. "Surely you are not suggesting we use Silencia's pollen, my owl. The scent is far too powerful." Sure, it'd probably will bring the Xeno out of its stupor but who knows what it'd do afterward. The Aztec warrior frowns in recognition when Minu procures that acid bomb, but says nothing, instead he looks towards Silencia as she slowly begins to approach the Xenomorph. Taking no chances, Kotal draws his macuauhuitl, ready to slice the creature in two if it so much as looks at Silencia funny.

The humming.

It drowns the room full of tension and brings a tranquility with it that clashes greatly with the melancholy of the jail.

Slowly, the Xeno begins to move its tail as it hears that song, and weakly does it move its head towards Silencia. Finally it moves. Its noticing the song and showing signs of life.

Rayne raises an eyebrow at Minu and pulls her blade out. "Whaaaaaat do you have in mind, Minu? What is that stuff?" She holds it in a reverse grip as she hands it to Minu, pommel pointed at the elf, when Silencia's comment draws her attention to the fae. "Scent? Is that something off the queen?" She watches as Silencia enters the cell with a slight frown. She'd join as well, but the small room is packed full now, so she has to be content staying outside. "Pollen?" she asks, then shrugs. Of course Sil would have some pollen based ability. She doesn't seem to notice Silencia's humming at first, but tenses up slightly as she notices the Xeno moving, her left hand now gripping her other blade. That blade remains undrawn, however, as she continues to watch what is happening.

The little elf shakes her head "no I would not recommend Sil's pollen." She murmurs "and yes, when we cleaned up that little mess on the edge of the waste where the hive was, I collected some blood. It makes an excellent weapon but right now I am thinking the scent might rouse the beast." When Rayne offers the blade she takes it and uses the back of it to tap off the seal at the top of the glass ornament. The cap hits the ground and it leaves a small amount of the xeno blood exposed to the air , the scent surely flowing into the cell. Minu hands the blade back and watches as the xeno responds to Sil's humming.

That wordless melody, full of light and life fills the room and Silencia's attention is all on the buglike beast infront of her. She kneels down and reaches out a hand to brush her fingertips over its head. Silencia feels pity well up in her heart. She hated these creatures, truly hated them. That night they hunted her down was something that haunted her for way too long. Yet she could not help but pity this creature, even though it had been one of the beasts that had tried to capture her. Silencia's wings spring up when she smells the scent of Xeno blood and the girl looks over her shoulder at Minu and Rayne. Her focus momentarily broken, she stops humming. The tranquility her melody had brought into the cell vanquishes as quickly as it appeared, leaving only the cold and gloomy air of the cell behind.

Kotal glances at Rayne briefly when she questions using the pollen. "Do you not remember when Silencia emerged from her cocoon? It nearly drove all of us mad." He explains trying to jump start her memory.

He has no time to offer more recollections though. All of his attention is focused on the now moving Xenomorph, and he makes no attempt to hide that he's defending Silencia from any sudden movements. His macuahuitl is raised to the side ready to swing at a moment's notice. These creatures were very fast after all, and though the Xeno would not survive a fight against all of them here, Kotal still wants to make sure it won't try to hurt Silencia in one last attempt of vindication.

As Silencia's humming voice draws to an abrupt end when Minu brings forth the vial with Xeno blood, the alien stiffens as well, as if remembering its bestial nature.

It begins to rise, but there is none of his agility left in his withered body. It struggles to move, popping the bones in its joints, and slowly, weakly, crawls towards where Kotal and Silencia stand.

It falls on all fours and lowers its head towards the Aztec and the fairy, exposing the back of its neck. A flash of memory passes over Kotal's eyes. Its the exact same position Morgana took after she attacked Serenity. The Xeno is silently asking to be killed.

Rayne tilts her head to Minu as she takes back her blade with a frown. "I dunno, the smell of your own kind's blood might not get us the reaction we want, really." With a glance back to Kotal, she nods. "Though I'd not have used the word 'pollen' to describe that... more pheromones. Pollen suggests... you know, it doesn't really matter right..." She trails off as she watches the xeno's motions. They're clearly non-threatening, and the odd pose has her confused. "Is it... bowing? What the heck?" She glances to Minu, looking to see if the elf is understanding any more than she is.

Minu makes a little scrunch of her nose "most insects don't differentiate between blood scent and other scent...pheromones are what calls to them and there are pheromones in the blood. Huh!" she exclaims as the xeno crawls over to the pair and offers itself up for execution. "well it seems the beast is smarter then we thought. It seems to be doing just that Rayne, bowing in defeat." The little elf stands quietly watching.

Silencia frowns as she watches the Xeno move. She isn't scared, not anymore. As the creature lowers his head and exposes the back of his neck, her eyes widen and she glances up at Kotal, wordlessly asking him if he sees what she's seeing. Violet eyes return to the creature black as night and she sighs. It seems she decided something. She reaches out and grabs the Xeno's neck and pushes down. Her movements are uncharacteristically violent, as if she's trying to crush the creature to death with that little move. "Kotal... take a step back." For this to work she needed to create the illusion of choice. She starts humming again, this time the melody is different. The song is more energetic, lively. The song encourages one to be enthousiastic and grab hold of ones life. Silencia keeps her hold on the Xeno while humming for a couple of seconds longer before releasing it. She's challenging it, challenging his conviction to die. Every living being has the primal instinct to try and survive, no matter what. She's merely trying to nudge that instinct a bit. She speaks, uncertain if it could actually understand her. "If you wish to die, truly wish to die, then there are plenty who will happily grant you your wish. If you have the tiniest bit of life left in you, if a part of you wishes to survive, then you will be given a chance to a new life, a new purpose. All thanks to this guy." She points up at Kotal. She looks oddly relaxed while kneeling so close to the Xeno, as if she's absolutely certain that she will not be hurt. "The choice is yours."

Oh, Kotal sees what Silencia is seeing alright. Believing it is another matter entirely. The Aztec seems to be in Rayne's boat that he's seeing the Xeno bow and present its neck to be cut off, but he's not sure if he's believing it. The gesture is far too human to be done by what originally was thought to be nothing but a simple minded beast.

Kotal is also not one to step back, and yet he has not choice but comply to Silencia's request. He's never been able to deny her anything and though he seems surprised, and slightly horrified, of leaving Silencia to deal with the Xeno on her own, he does as he's told.

The Xeno is grabbed by Silencia's surprisingly forceful grip and pushed down. It tenses briefly, waiting that blade to come, for death and darkness to overtake it. However, Silencia might notice that the alien is not trembling. Its not scared of the darkness, it simply wants to join its pack in what lies beyond.

Or does he?

A hissing is heard from the Xeno, as they are known to do when they are standing idle. It opens its mouth while still looking down and extends its second mouth whilst hissing some more.

"We hear what it says now." Ermac speaks suddenly whilst he floats at the back. "It is looking for a Queen. The one it served was killed and wishes to find another. The creature says it is nothing without a Queen."

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