2016-06-10 - Speaking of Goblins

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Speaking of Goblins

Summary: Urus is paranoid while meeting some old friends, and it seems it might be justified.

Who: Urus, Silencia, Minu, Zelgadis
When: June 10, 2016.
Where: Nowhereto Park


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It is a beautiful day and Silencia has taken the opportunity to do some light training. Today she focuses on her physical abilities instead of the magical ones. She's jogging through the park, hopping over obstacles she set up herself (random little vines shooting up to try and trip her). At first there were a few kids that run along with her because they thought it was fun, but now she's alone. Her wings are folded flat against her back. She even used a ribbon to tie them down to be sure they won't get in the way.

Urus is walking through the park in contemplation of how best to deal with the problem created at the beach, hoping some time away will help. Because of the last time he was here he is looking where he is going. Spotting the vine traps in the walkway he walks around not entirely sure why they are there, well that is until Sil goes by jumping over them like hurdles. He pauses, shifting his weight to the right and watching. He does happen to be more heavily armored than usual, Kevlar vest over his chest. He talks to Sil instead of waving so she can focus. "Hello there Silencia, how are you?"

Zelgadis is hanging around his usual spot on what amounts to a small cliff overhang a bit down the way. He has already noticed Urus and Silencia although since they both seemed busy until just a few moments ago, at least (Silencia is still jogging I presume?), he's decided not to harass them JUST yet. Of course, he isn't being stealthy and it's quite obvious he's hanging out up there. He rubs his chin as he examines the two of them. Urus he knows, barely, but the lady he hasn't seen before. Ah well, new people aren't an uncommon situation here in Twisted anyway.

Silencia doesn't notice Urus' arrival at first, running past the hyena and hopping over one of her hurdles. The greeting slows her down and she peeks at him. She stops running and jogs back to him, waving with a smile. "Hey there Urus! I'm pretty good! How about you?" It's then that she notices the gear. "Why're you wearing a vest? Did something happen?" Even though Zelgadis isn't being stealthy, Silencia doesn't seem to have noticed the fella just yet. Before she had been focused on her training and the children running along with her. It probably won't be long until she notices though. Silencia tugs on the ribbon and frees her wings, using this opportunity to call it quits with her training for the day.

Urus waves back now that he sees that she is not going to go crashing into a tree or anything looking at him. "Doing OK, getting... fresh air." At the mentions of his gear he sighs knowing it would come up and already has an answer. "ehhh, minor problem the other day." He mentions nonchalantly looking around. He looks about to continue but then he sees Zel looking down on them and he is slightly on edge considering that currently he and a few others are having to think about battling a small army. He looks back at sil and murmurs "one second..." slowly taking the 12.7mm Anti-material rifle out of its makeshift holster he turns back to Zel and fires a round at the under hang of the cliff he is standing on, making it dislodge itself and slide down. "And it might just have reappeared..." he says nodding her with him as they go towards Zel. He soon recognizes his mistake that it is not a spy when he gets closer however. "Der'mo. My Bad! Zelgadis you need to not sneak around like that." it does not matter if he was sneaking or not, it was a very suspicious position.

Zelgadis seems about to say something but just as quickly, a large rifle round cuts through a portion of the cliff face and sends it sliding toward the water! He frowns a bit, bringing two fingers up as the cliff falls away under him. "Ray Wing!" The wind whips up around him to form a barrier of sorts that leave him floating there as the cliff crumbles. He floats over a bit closer to the other two and settles slowly to the ground, dusting himself off. He fixes Urus with a stern look. "Hello Urus. Might I recommend that you take to better target acquisition first, before attacking? A regular civilian could have been gravely hurt." He doesn't seem TOO angry, but he can be stern none the less. YOU try traveling with the likes of Lina and Gourry!

Silencia raises an eyebrow at Urus' explanation. "Minor problem? Care to elaborate?" When the hyena-man takes out his rifle and fires, Silencia gasps and covers her ears. Her wings perk up, an instinctual movement that Silencia doesn't have much control over. "What the-! Urus, what the hell did you shoot at?!" She glances between Zelgadis and Urus as they talk and it seems that Urus thought the unfamiliar man was someone, or something, else. Silencia sighs and peeks at Urus. "Now I really want to know what happened, if it makes you this paranoid." Always the nice girl, Silencia does take a moment to introduce herself to Zelgadis. She offers her hand and a kind little smile. "My name is Silencia. I hope you're alright?" He did look like he was alright and Urus seemed to know him, so Sil assumed he wasn't a new arrival.

Urus rubs the back of his neck sheepishly with a free hand. "Yes, sorry about that. Been dealing with a few things and...." as the fairy really wants to know he might as well spill the beans but he attempts to make it sound not as bad as it is. "Apparently some of the problems that a few of my friends thought they left behind in their world have followed them here. But, nothing to be worried about. dangerous, yes but nothing a few bullets won't fix. Nothing to be too worried about on your ends." He stows his rifle, a little smoke still whisping from the muzzle as he puts it back. "But again, sorry Zelgadis, long time no see."

Zelgadis shakes the proffered hand, flushing a bit as he tends to do around the lady folk. He shyly replies, "I'm fine, thank you. It's good to meet you. I am Zelgadis Greywers. At your service." He turns to regard Urus and finally waves it off. "It is alright, Urus. It is good to see you again as well. I must confess that I myself am now troubled if something has you this on edge. Have you reported it to your superiors?"

Silencia doesn't seem to be convinced by Urus' nonchalant explanation. "Urus. Do you want me to go and ask some officers to find out what's going on? If not, I suggest you tell me what has got you so paranoid." Silencia's tone is more joking than authoritative, but she is serious. The fae is a very curious and stubborn one, so Urus will not be able to brush her off that easily. Zelgadis gets another smile and she nods her head while shaking his hand. His shy attitude makes her adopt a very kind tone by instinct. "Nice to meet you too, Zelgadis. I assume you're not very new here?"

Urus why does she always know how to get her way... every time he has to end up with a bargain. Well, could be worse. Could be trying this with Kotal. But first with Zelgadis' question. "Yes I took it up with my superior, she was there when it happened." He sighs. "FINE. There was an attack by a group apparently called the Horde by DoomMuffin and Muradin. It comes from their world. They seem to be focused on the two of them only, well that and the probability that I could be in the line of fire as one of their friends is not beyond question. The only problem is that they seem to be using some extra recruits from other realms. The reason I am this jumpy is I am not entirely sure what I should be looking for and Zel watching from up there seemed suspicious." He nods having that done. Then he remembers "Now I told you, you mind not having half of task waltz down to the beach about this. Or any of them for that matter."

Zelgadis shakes his head at Sil. "I've been here for quite some time now. I was gone briefly but somehow I ended up here once again. I take it as a possible sign that the cure I seek is here...somewhere. It's as good a place to look as any." He peers back at Urus and frowns at him. "I am still failing to see why you intend to keep this as secretive as you are. Not only is such a thing most likely a job for law enforcement here but ALSO, others are in danger for a lack of knowledge. Are you sure this is how you'd like to proceed?..."

Silencia grins victoriously when Urus sighs and gives in to her demands. She knows how to get what she wants. As he explains the situation, her expression grows increasingly more worried. "Oh my... Of course you'd be jumpy then!" She was about to suggest something when Urus asks her not to involve TASK. She sighs and frowns. "I know you and Kotal aren't on the best of terms, but this sounds like a very dangerous situation. You know just as well as I do that I can't leave this alone." She sighs softly. "What if I promise you that I'll keep Kotal away from the matter? Will that help you accept our help?" Silencia obviously doesn't need Urus' consent to make anything happen, but she didn't like waltzing over people like that, so that's why she's trying to find some sort of middle ground.

Urus says, "You see this is why I did not want to tell you." Urus rubs his head with his thumb and index finger. "Kotal is part of the problem. He has a, and no offence to you because I know you and he are." And he interlocks the fingers on both his hands. "but he has a habit of being... what is word, Reckless, I believe saying is Bull in china shop. I think I am saying that correctly." He leans up against a nearby tree and continues. "This is personal, and apparently a matter of opinion as I see it. Two groups fighting it out for what they believe is right." Urus shakes his head disappointedly. "If I did not care so much about the two of them already I would say that it is their problem. They do not seem to remember what they are fighting for but it seems at least half of the combatants are too stupid to listen to reason. I am out here formulating a plan to even the odds, and make this problem nonexistent. Again, no offence but TASK protocol would get in the way, and why risk anyone else when a few can get the job accomplished.""

Silencia waves her hand dismissively and smiles. "None taken, sweety. I understand, but that's why I suggested not involving Kotal." Silencia expression turns serious as she continues. "I don't care about why they're fighting. What I do care about is that this situation might get dangerous for Morgana and her child. And uninvolved people will get dragged into it if the situation drags on. No matter how personal the matter might be, if this can endanger innocent people, I need to do everything in my power to stop it." Silencia crosses her arms and stares at Urus, the girl trying to exude an air of authority even though she probably end up looking a bit funny like that. "If you think you can move the situation to a place where no one else can get involved, then I will not interfere." She wasn't sure how he would be able to do that though. From what she heard, it's an enemy that they can only partially identify because it is unclear who has allied themselves with the attacking party. "If not, then I will step in, along with my fellow TASK officers. The most I can offer you then is to keep Kotal away from the situation."

Off in the distance a woman can be heard screaming. "That thing just stole my purse!" A fast glance can see a small child running away from said screaming woman, purse in his hands! He seems to have an almost bat-like face and light brown skin, and is dressed in a hoodie and pants that are perhaps set a bit too low, but he's managing to run regardless. He also seems to have long fingers with almost claw-like fingernails, in contrast to his feet, which have fairly new looking shoes(if they weren't muddied).

Urus chuckles slightly although a bit worriedly. "the situation will not drag on. Give it a week and it will all be over, one way or another..." he knows full well that either the horde is going to get slaughtered, or there is going to be about 3 less beach inhabitants. "I will keep you posted. If we get things done, I will tell you. If The horde is too much to handle, well, I will still be able to sort of tell you...." he says hoping it does not come to that. that's when a scream rings out. Urus looks to the fairy slightly happy at the misfortune, but only so that he can get out and do something. He tosses Sil his rifle, holster and all. "Try to keep up." He jeers as he drops down slightly into a more hunchbacked position and bolts in the direction of the plea.

Silencia nods slowly, accepting his words for now. "One week. I will give you that. If a citizen gets involved, I will step in though." Silencia blinks and glances at the direction the scream comes from and then peeks back at Urus, meeting his eye. She catches his rifle and frowns as he runs off. She starts running as well, just barely able to keep up with the hyena. While running, her eyes find the reason for the scream. A child? No time. Silencia focuses on the ground and a vine shoots out of the soil, just in front of the little thing, aiming to slow him down by tripping him. If it's succesful, another vine would wrap around the child to keep him from falling and to capture him.

Urus says "deal. Hopefully if it comes to that I will have some information to give you." As he sprints to try to get to get over to the area, he sees the what was originally assumed to be a kid but there are smaller races around Twisted so it is not too much of a surprise when he sees its face. When it snarls at him attempting to look menacing, Urus cackles back in his hyena like way. "hey little buddy, why are we running? Come back and play!" Thanks to Sil's quick vine work he is able to get hot on the tail of the creature. "come on, I don't bite! oh wait, I do." with an outreached claw he is barely outside of the area to grab him. Despite this though it should probably be feeling Urus' breath on the back of its neck by now.

Silencia keeps her focus on the vines, leaving most of the chase to Urus. Various vines shoot up from the ground in almost unpredictable patterns, though obviously aimed at the little one. Silencia is careful though. She does not want to cause unnecessary injury and doesn't want to end up tripping Urus, so it takes more of her focus to grow the vines exactly where they are needed. Also, after a little while, it may become apparent that she's using her attack in a way that tries to steer the little child in her direction. Hey, can't blame a girl for trying to make her job easier, right? By now she has stopped running, but is walking instead, strategizing as she observes the situation.

The thief actually starts swinging the purse like a sling as he runs, and tries to fling it in Urus' direction! His aim, however, is horrible, and it goes nowhere near the merc, and the thief ends up losing even more ground in the process. With what is easily guessed to be a curse in some language, he continues to try to escape Urus. He pauses briefly as he narrowly avoids tripping on a vine, then with a quick glance back at Urus, he keeps trying to run. He no longer seems terribly concerned where he's running to, so long as it's not towards Urus, which, with the guiding hand of the vines, ends up sending him right towards Silencia.

However, sometimes you want isn't so good a thing.

As the thief notices he's running at Silencia, he reaches into the front pocket of his hoodie and pulls out a wicked looking barbed dagger. Sure, it's small, but it certainly doesn't look nice! And now he's running right at Silencia with it!

Finally done with her work for the day, the little elf decided to slip out and go find Sil. She knew her fae love was out practicing again in the park and so off she flies in all her owlet splendor. Winging like an arrow she poofs through the teleporter and into the wooded park. Nearly the moment she arrives she hears a familiar voice cursing and the sounds of bodies crashing through the brush. The tiny owl hovers in place for a moment and then locates Silencia and in that same moment she sees brush being battered and vines shifting and moving. What ever is out there, its coming toward Silencia. However she also hears that thick accented cursing coming from the same direction. Well she isn't sure what the hell is going on but what ever it is, she is not gona let Urus run head long into Silencia. Ok, she's a tiny little owl but we have already seen how freaked folks get when they get an owl to the face. The little owl darts toward the movement coming toward Silencia. She arcs high then dives in hard and fast planning to back wing at the last moment , talons extended a hissing shrill of owlish piss off.

Considering how close he was before the tripping by vines and the winged terror that is Minu, its safe to say that Urus is tired of running after this guy and is close enough to do something about it. Seeing him pull a knife as he runs at Sil he takes the three seconds to make a remark before he actually does something. "Did your mother ever tell you not to run with knives." He says before attempting to wrap his arm around the little guy's neck and hoist him up like a demented version of a hug. "welcome to party Minu, glad you could make it."

Her time in Twisted and the experiences she had here have made Silencia rather fearless in comparison to how she was before. This allows her not to panic when the thief pulls out his knife. She might not be wearing her armor, that doesn't mean she does not have any defenses! Her left wing folds in front of her, acting like a makeshift shield, covering only half her body so she can still reach out and try to grab the little thief. The appendages were tougher than they looked and could easily act like a shield. Minu's arrival does distract Silencia for just a moment. She's standing there with her arms outstretched, meaning to catch the childlike thief in a hug as he runs toward her. She does see that Urus is trying the same thing from the back, so she starts running toward them, just in case her help is needed. Her wings are folded back again, the girl no longer seeing the need to cover herself.

The little creature... whatever it is, it's certainly not human... tries to leap out of the way of the attack he can predict is coming from the closeness of the voice behind him. While he does in deed dodge Urus' grasp, the leap upward puts him directly into the path of a certain incoming owl that he did /not/ see coming. Well, didn't before the hiss, at any rate. With a cry of surprise, he wildly swings the dagger towards the owl, trying at least to scare the bird away! As he lands, he regains his Barings and looks around himself. These people are still chasing him even though he threw the purse away! He looks around quickly, seeing the hyena man on one side, and the assault rifle armed woman on the other, and that BIRD that's (as far as he's aware) trying to claw his eyes out! This simple grab and run has gone horribly wrong for this thief, and he knows it.

"For Maglubiyet!" he shouts as he turns towards the armed woman and rushes at her again, ready to strike! He tries to leap over her wings, but his jump doesn't seem to quite get him far enough to be able to reach past the large appendages.

Its rare that something is other then what Minu expects but this is one of those times. As she is darting in, someone smaller then her natural form is suddenly there and lashing out at her. She has only enough time to do a wing over and essentially fall from the sky. She wasn't that high up thank goodness and so she shifts during that wing over and lands elf rump first on the forest floor. Blinking she is startled as Urus and the little person rush past her toward Silencia.

Urus with his absolute miss of a grab attempt leaves him annoyed especially as Minu crash lands. "THAT IS ENOUGH!" he shouts at the little guy. He rears back and delivers a haymaker with fingers and claws extended to the side of the assailant's head. "If you know what is good for you, you will get down and stay down, unless you want me to use you for target practice for the next month." His slightly heavy breathing can be heard through the threat as well as after it. "You two OK?" he asks the two, Minu still looking confused, so he lets her be. "Can I have that back?" Urus asks sil as he points to the massive rifle she still has.

Silencia gasps when she sees that dagger being swung at that familiar little owlette. Her eyes narrow and the girl lets out a noise that comes close to a growl. She lets out a string of curses too foul for a face that innocent and reaches out. Her hand hits against the handle of the blade to knock it out of the little thief's hand. She slips the rifle off of her shoulder and tosses it to Urus per his request. She then moves to grab the little thief, anticipating his fall because of Urus' attack.

The thief rapidly approaches Silencia again! ...This can happen when one is punched in the back of the head. It's indeed quite easy for her to knock the knife out of his hand, surprisingly... well, perhaps not so surprising when his eyes roll up and he collapses to the ground, just in time for Sil to catch him. He doesn't look like he's going to be moving any time soon.

" agh..." Urus complains shaking his right hand out. "Bastard has a hard head." Urus catches the gun in his left as he tries to allow his right time to stop hurting. He even checks his claws and sees on his ring finger one of his claws actually broke. "that's going to take a while to grow back..." then thinks to check and there it is, the other part of the claw lodged into its right temple. "aaaand that is going to leave a mark." He mentions pulling it out. small dribble of its blood seeping out of the wound. "Well, now what, you have any clue what this thing was talking about? a Mag something-or-another?" he questions. "Mind if I keep him for a day, see if he has any info about my problem, and after that he is all yours. You want me to ship him back in any condition or the same condition?"

Silencia sits down on the ground, holding the unconscious thief in her arms. She carefully checks him for wounds and heals them, her nature of being a caregiver never failing. She then peeks up at Urus and shrugs. "I don't know what he was talking about. Is he one of those creatures that have been attacking you guys?" She peeks down at the thief and notices that he's rather ugly. "I don't mind if you wish to keep him for a day or two, just don't kill him. I can heal him if he's injured. Let's try to keep a certain amount of civility here." She peeks at the broken claw and chuckles. "Does it have any use if I offer to heal that? It'll at least stop hurting..."

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