2016-06-11 - Child's Play

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Child's Play

Summary: Silencia has a little meeting with Flandre that doesn't go too well!!!

Who: Silencia, Flandre
When: June 11, 2016
Where: Nowhereto Park


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It's a beautiful day and where would you find Silencia? In the park of course! The girl is in a more secluded part of the park. The reason for this is because she's trying to use her wings and feels a bit embarrassed about doing it out in the open. The large appendages spread wide and flutter, but are unable to carry Silencia just yet. It just causes a powerful wind to tug at the surrounding nature. Silencia groans frustratedly and tried again, even hopping up in the hopes that it would help, but it seems she isn't making much progress.

Agh! It's a beautiful day outside and that makes it very difficult for a vampire like Flandre to wander about. She's had the day off from work, but since Sae was still busy with some things with school, the vampire girl had no incentive to stay home other than her own social anxiety. Seeing that the once sheltered girl was getting much better at that, she decided to brave the lands of Twisted by herself for once and go out into the blazing sun.

Armed with little more than a parasol and some sun screen to avoid being turned into a smoldering pile of ashes, little Flandre hops about twirling her red parasol looking for fun things to do. Much like Gensokyo, this place has plenty of adventure within, its just a matter of knowing where to look. She's not disappointed in her findings! Looks like she's run into that priestess girl that had been so very nice to her lately and thus she went over to Silencia who seemed to be struggling with something. "Heya there! What'cha up to??"

Silencia didn't notice Flandre's arrival until the little vampiress speaks up. She blinks and peeks at Flandre, her wings folding behind her into a cloak-like state to allow for Silencia to move around easier. "Oh, hey there Flandre! I haven't seen you around in a while! How have you been?" She smiles kindly and gestures to her back. "I'm trying to use these wings, but it seems I still have a long way to go." So many things had happened that Silencia up and forgot about the whole situation with Flandre and Sae. Flandre did seem like she was more calm and collected and that made Silencia rather happy to see.

Flandre approached the girl with a fanged smile and curious red eyes sparkling. It was no secret that the little vampire really liked Silencia, she smelled ever so good and her blood was so tasty! Plus, she was really nice which was always a plus. So what if she told Sae not to allow Flandre to drink from her? People around here had done a lot worse. "Hiii!" The girl chirped and folded her parasol, glad that they were now in a shaded area. "I've been okay. Busy with school, work and playing with my girlfriend." Flandre still has a bit of way to go before she can get over her inability to consider other people as actual people and not toys; to her, Sae continued to be a plaything, if one that was very valuable to her. "Oooh, you have wings now?" Flandre doesn't really question it though. Twisted is a weird place and its wholly possible that someone could spring wings overnight. "I have wings too, you know?" Said she extending her own very odd looking rainbow colored bat wings. "Maybe I can help you." Which is a wonder how seeing as Flandre's wings don't really look functional.

Silencia smiles warmly as Flandre speaks. The little vampiress always tugged on the Fae's motherly instincts, even though she was quite a bit older than the Fae. "Those are nice things to keep busy with! How are things with Sae? HAve you two been getting along well?" Her wings flutter a bit when Flandre mentions them, the appendages still reacting without Silencia's will sometimes. "These wings mean that I have matured for my kind... I would like some help if you're able to. Can you use your wings to fly?"

The girl nods as she's asked on how Sae has been, a cheeky smile passing over her crimson red lips, the kind a mischievous child would do after having eaten all the cookies of the cookie jar perhaps. "Things have been very good." She said with a fanged grin. "I've been taking -very- good care of her!" Again, Flandre continues to talk about Sae as if she were a pet more than a person, but such is the dynamic of the relationship between the vampire and the normal human girl.

Flandre looks on to see Silencia's new wings more closely and she nods again in approval. "They are very pretty. Like a butterfly!" She says astutely pointing out the obvious as usual before turning back to her own wings, the large colorful appendages extending. "Ya huh! I can fly, see?" Flandre flapped her wings gently and slowly began to levitate, though it would be pretty obvious that she's not actually using her wings to fly. They are not aerodynamic in the least! What's really happening is that the wings are emitting some kind of magic to let her fly that Flandre doesn't seem to be aware of. Even someone who had no understanding of magic could notice this, Flandre drips with magical energy, it doesn't seem she can control it in the least! Any wizard at all could probably sense her location from the other side of the city.

Silencia raises one eyebrow at the way Flandre talks about Sae. It seems the little vampiress still has quite a bit of growing left to do. She reaches out and ruffles Flandre's hair though. She couldn't expect the vampiress to change her ways so quickly after all! Silencia spreads out her wings again, stretching them while giving Flandre a good look of the butterfly-like appendages. "You'd be surprised just how many similarities to a butterfly there are!" Silencia chuckles as Flandre shows off her flying abilities. "I don't think my wings work the same way as yours, sweety..."

Silencia raises one eyebrow at the way Flandre talks about Sae. It seems the little vampiress still has quite a bit of growing left to do. She reaches out and ruffles Flandre's hair though. She couldn't expect the vampiress to change her ways so quickly after all! Silencia spreads out her wings again, stretching them while giving Flandre a good look of the butterfly-like appendages. "You'd be surprised just how many similarities to a butterfly there are!" Silencia chuckles as Flandre shows off her flying abilities. "I don't think my wings work the same way as yours, sweety..."

Flandre giggles a bit at the pettings and closes her eyes whilst leaning into Silencia's hand. It felt so very nice and Flandre was very used to being babied around! It was logical that she'd like someone like Silencia who treats everyone as if they were her very own children. "You're pretty like a butterfly!" She reasons again, wide crimson eyes shinning with childish amusement. Silencia saying their wings are different though draws a head tilt from Flandre and a curious thin eyebrow arches. "Well, of course they don't, mine are bat wings." Flandre expressions seems to imply this is very obvious. If she were really a bratty kid she might have said something like 'Duh!' to Silencia. Thankfully she's a bit more polite than that.

Silencia chuckles and pets Flandre more, Silencia overcome with motherly feelings at the adorably childish vampire. "Thank you sweety! That was very nice of you to say!" Silencia chuckles even more at the reaction of the girl. "Yes... that's the reason..." Silencia finally stops petting the vampiress and flutters her wings. Though a breeze does form, it doesn't look like she's fluttering them hard enough to carry her weight. "Maybe I can't fly because these are butterfly wings?"

Flandre giggled some more. She did love pettings and there was nothing that delighted her more than being coddled! Well, maybe candy and ripping her enemies to bloody shreds and feasting on their flesh and blood- but mostly she liked being petted! Flandre surges forth and hugs Silencia with a giggle, kissing her cheek. "You're welcome!" She says happily, though her intentions weren't entirely altruistic since even kissing Silencia made her taste her a little, and the butterfly girl tasted very sweet indeed, even more so after her full turn into a Fae. Rubbing her chin as she disengaged, Flandre thought hard of the reasons why Silencia couldn't use her wings to fly. This is an entirely new conundrum for her since almost everyone in Gensokyo could fly, even the weakest fairy or spirit. "Maybe!" She concludes after a moment of thought. "Butterflies are tiny and you're much bigger than them. Even with the size of those wings maybe they are too thin to carry you." Yes, that's must be it! "Have you tried using magic?"

Silencia returns Flandre's hug and smiles when the cute little thing kisses her. She seems completely oblivious to the little tasting. "Aren't you affectionate today? So adorable!" She giggles and flexes her wings. "I wouldn't know how to use magic to fly, to be honest. My magic is limited to the sun and nature. I wouldn't know how to incorporate flying in that..." She tenses slightly and tries again, this time her wings flapping a bit faster. This time something does happen. She levitates, ever so slightly, from the ground. It is just about 2 inches before she drops down again. Silencia blinks and stares at Flandre with wide eyes. "Was that it? Did I just fly?" She seems to be surprised and even looks like she has troubles believing it!

Despite her apparent innocence, its quite clear that Flandre is more than just a little manipulative. Though she genuinely likes Silencia, she also likes her blood a lot, and she'll shamelessly kiss the priestess if only so she can taste her flesh!

Nevertheless, she's not trying to eat the Fae girl or anything. Gone are the days where Flandre would randomly jump a person in the streets and tear them to shreds with her fangs. She's a lot more focused now, though not nearly enough that she can discern what's Silencia's problem here. "Sun and nature magic?" She asks herself thoughtfully. "Magic is just magic." Power can't be put a label as far as Flandre is concerned. Magic is the stuff she uses to blow people up and thus there's only kind of energy for her, and that energy can be used for anything. She's no sorceress even if she is quite the magical prodigy. Then, Silencia is actually levitating and that causes Flandre to jump up and down clapping in delight! "Yeah! You did it!" Giggles Flandre. "What did you do different this time?"

Silencia giggles at the excited reaction from Flandre, her wings drooping down to drag behind Silencia on the ground. "I tried harder. It seems I have to flap my wings really quickly to allow myself to fly. It is a bit tiring though." It shows from the fact that her wings are already tired from the little bit of flying (if it can be called that) she did. "My magic isn't like yours, Flandre. There are specific things I can do and when I want to learn to do something else, it takes a lot of effort and energy before I can actually do it." Silencia is no magical prodigy. Even though she has the talent to teach herself depite not knowing a thing about her potential, the girl still needs to work hard to book even the slightest of results. At the most she'd be talented, but certainly not a prodigy. "Speaking about effort and energy, I don't think I can fly again today. My wings already feel a bit sore!" Silencia grins and rolls her shoulders a bit. It will take a while before the girl will be able to fly around.

"Trying harder usually gives better results!" Agrees Flandre. "When I try harder things explode better!" So there ya go, the vampiress actually has some prior knowledge that putting effort into things yields nice things. Though in her case its explosions and death. "Hmm, I see." Says the girl when the Fae explains the difference between their magics. It doesn't really looks like the little vampire understood at all but she makes an effort to pretend she did, and that is hard enough on its own!

As Silencia mentions that she's now too tired to fly any more, Flandre gets another cheeky grin about her and floats around the Fae getting behind her. "Do you need a shoulder massage?" Asks she with an ever so devious voice as she places her fingers delicately upon Silencia's shoulders, her crimson eyes bright with restrained hunger. "Maybe I can even bite you." Giggles she in offering. "It'll help you relax."

Silencia chuckles and just lets the comment about exploding things slide. For now. She'll teach Flandre not to randomly blow stuff up next time. The Fae was just about to find a place to sit down when Flandre floats behind her. Silencia peeks over her shoulder at the vampiress and was about to ask what she was doing. Flandre is quick to explain, causing Silencia to 'oooh' in understanding. "A shoulder massage sounds nice, but I'm not a snack-pack, Flandre." Violet eyes meet crimson ones calmly. "Have you been keeping our promise?"

Flandre is rather surprisingly good at giving massages. Prey that is tense and afraid tends to taste really bad after all, and through the many centuries that Flandre has lived, she has learned to give gentle massages to her toys so that may be calm and tender when Flandre feasts on them. Thus, Flandre gives a mirthful giggle and floats behind Silencia, placing her palms on the back of the Fae's neck to massage the broad of her shoulders. Soft palms treading the shoulder blades and the top of the fae's butterfly wings. When Silencia's eyes meets hers, Flandre stares at her with amusement and answers her concern about the promise. "Sae and I love each other very much." She whispers, speaking with the true maturity of her long years. "Though I asked her not to, she said that my comfort was paramount and gave herself willingly to me." Dark red eyes narrow lightly. "She's my thrall no longer. Sae is my lover and she is bound to me."

Silencia smiles ever so slightly. "That's wonderful to hear. I'm glad things are going well between you two!" Silencia relaxes and bends her neck to allow better access for the vampire's surprisingly skillfull massages. "Be sure to treasure her, Flandre. Love cannot last if it's not treated like it's precious." Silencia feels a bit conflicted. Flandre's sincerity about their love did seem like she had grown, but the vampires still showed signs of dangerous immaturity. Silencia sighs and peeks at Flandre. "What do you mean by that, Flandre? She gave herself to you?" Oh my, did they break the promise already? Silencia shivers lightly when Flandre's hands brush over the tops of her wings. She had not expected it, so it surprised her a bit. "D..don't touch the wings please."

"Why thank you." Flandre chirps happily whilst treading Silencia's skin through the cloth of her dress. Delicate, but very strong palms, press across the Fae's muscles, stretching them out so as to release the tension built up within them from the strain of using those wings. Flandre is even more so skilled at treating Silencia since she herself has wings, and knows just which areas to touch to ease the pressure. The vampire girl chuckles darkly after that, one of those moments of hers where she shows her real age. She's no tittering like a child anymore but acts and talks like five hundred year old vampire that she really is. "I do treasure her." She says gently to Silencia's ear. "But just as Sae's blood belongs to me.. so does her body." The girl says strangely just as Silencia shudders when her wings are touched. Instantly, Flandre returns to her childish mannerism as she apparently can't keep that personality for long and blinks in confusion. "Do you not like it when I touch your wings?"

Silencia seems to respond well to the massage, her muscles happy to get some attention after all that work (not to forget; she had been trying to fly for a while now). As Flandre continues to speak with that odd maturity, Silencia peeks at her again, feeling just a bit uncomfortable. It felt odd for Flandre to act so mature. "Just as she belongs to you, you should belong to her." The sudden switch from mature and dark to childlike confuses Silencia as well, but she decides not to dwell on it. "I'm still getting used to them, Flandre. It feels really weird having people touch them. Suddenly having extra bodyparts has that kind of effect." Silencia finally slips out of Flandre's grasp and turns around to face the vampiress. "Answer me honestly, Flandre. Have you two kept the promise or not?" Silencia was getting tired from Flandre's vague answers.

Flandre hadn't considered that at all! Such a revelation surprises her and her eyes blink a bit as she thinks about the sensation of growing extra limbs. "Huh, I suppose you're right." It would be very obvious to do other people but not so much for someone like Flandre. When Silencia suggests however that Flandre should belong to Sae, the vampire tilts her head to the other side giving her another strange look. "But I am not her pet." She reasons with a grin, such a thing feeling like it should be obvious to her. "If you mean that I belong to her because I am her Mistress, then yes, maybe! Although its a strange way of seeing it." Again with that eschewed sense of ownership. Flandre doesn't seem to understand how she can belong to someone. To her, its like saying she belongs to a doll. Even if its her most prized doll, its obvious that girls own dolls, not the other way around.

Once Silencia turns around, Flandre steps back and her features seem to harden a bit more. Not exactly playing around anymore, the girl narrows her bright red eyes that seem full of blood and gives a tiny, evil smirk. "Pinkie promises are important." She says first. "But Sae can't deny me anything. When I felt thirsty she gave me her blood willingly." Then her smirk disappears and twits to a pout, eyes still narrowed at the fae. "If you have a problem with that your are welcome to challenge me to Danmaku."

Her knuckles crack as she clenches her fists as she says something very possessively childish. "No one will keep me from my Sae."

Silencia just listens to Flandre's explanations and watches her cocky attitude. She looks throughorly unimpressed. "So... simply put: You and Sae aren't lovers and you're really weak?" Silencia says that in a very matter-of-fact tone, as if confirming something that Flandre says, even though her words probably do not hold that meaning. At least, not intentionally. Silencia had predicted something like this to happen and Flandre's attitude about the whole thing just confirmed to the Fae that the vampiress really needs some maturing. She reaches out and places her hand on Flandre's clenched fists in a calming manner. "I will not fight with you, Flandre. I'm assuming that's what Danmaku means. Fighting to get what you want is the way of beasts and children and I am neither." Silencia rolls her eyes and sighs in a disappointed tone. "I just thought you wouldn't be one either. I thought you would've been an adult about this, but it seems I'm wrong. You're still just a little kid. I overestimated you." Silencia is reacting in a more provocative manner than she normally would. This is because she wants to hurt Flandre's pride and make her see just how childish she's being. "And you're not even just a kid, you're a kid who can't even keep her promises."

Flandre pulls away from being touched by Silencia. Her eyes wide with barely restrained rage and razor sharp fangs bared. Her wings extend to their full extent and the colorful crystals that adorn the frames of her wings turn red as well, burning with an all too uncomfortable fire.

The vampire begins to levitate as she's scolded giving a very indignant look down at Silencia. Eventually, she curls her lips down in disdain, as if she were looking at a nasty bug.

"You're just like my sister." She finally concludes. "Thinking you know what's best for someone."

"I have news for you butterfly girl!"

"Being an adult sucks and I am never going to grow up!!"

"Because if being an adult means passing judgment over everyone you meet then I rather just keep playing with my dolls forever!!"

Finally she seems to calm down, though she's still floating, that red aura still radiating around her body. "Sae is more than simply my lover. She is my willing toy. That is not for you to decide if its right or wrong, its for you to accept!"

"If you're just jealous that you don't have toys to play with or that no one plays with you, then, that's not my problem! Get your own dolls!" Even when she's being very reasonable Flandre still ends up sounding quite childish.

Silencia tilts her head and watches at Flandre displays her temper. Again her expression betrays no emotions as she simply waits for the girl to finish speaking. "But I don't want dolls. I don't need toys. I have people I love dearly and I have wonderful friends I love and who love me." Silencia smiles, completely ignoring the danger that is Flandre. "I am not passing judgment, sweety. I am trying to help you and Sae. Because you may choose not to grow up, but one day Sae will. It is not a choice. Time will pass and she will grow up. You refusing to grow with her will end up hurting her. I care too much about the both of you to let that happen. I want the both of you to be happy and together for a long time, without unneccesary pain." Silencia flutters her wings, straining to get herself off of the ground so she can face Flandre on the same height. "And did you not just pass judgement on me by assuming I'm exactly like your sister?" Right after she's done saying that, she lands back on the ground, really not able to stay in the air for long.

"I. Don't. Want. Your. Help." Flandre begins to lose her temper again when Silencia switches back to sweet after having scolding her. How typical! Flandre starts to show a bit of her strength and suddenly everyone is nice and sweet! The vampire girl had always found it pathetic about mortals. Even if Silencia shows no sign of acknowledging the danger she's in by pissing off Flandre, the little vampire girl has never been able to stand anyone doing a bait and switch on her. Either they are nice all the time or they are demanding adults, no in between!

As Silencia then goes into her long spill about the power of love and the inevitability of growing up. The vampire girl can only give her a dour look. "Sae won't grow up." Flandre states simply. "When the time comes I will turn her. We have already decided this." Then she gives a very evil cackle. "She will be mine forever!"

That laugh though soon grows silent as Silencia flies up to her and tells her of her double standards to her face. Flandre scrunches up her nose and glares. "I wasn't judging you!" She finally answers with a snarl and begins to fly up. "I was insulting you!" Apparently there's a big difference. "You.. you big poopy head!!" And with that the girl begins to fly up and away!

But then she comes back in a huff and runs past Silencia "I forgot my parasol!" Don't wanna turn to cinders now. She sticks her tongue out to the fae again before flying up in the air.

Silencia sighs and chuckles at the vampire girl's logic. "Insult me all you want, threaten me all you want. Heck, even if you hurt me, I will not stop caring, sweety!" She shouts that after the little vampire as she flies away. Silencia grins to herself as she realises that Kotal and Minu would probably get angry at her for putting herself in Flandre's crosshairs like this. She shrugs and walks back to her apartment. A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do.

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