2016-06-13 - BlackRock and Roll

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BlackRock and Roll

Summary: Morgana and DM bring Muradin up to speed on what's been happening about possible Horde sightings in Twisted.

Who: Doommuffin, Morgana, Muradin
When: June 13, 2016
Where: Twisted Beach


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It's early evening, and Doommuffin's shop is on the way to being in working order again! Currently, Deathcake is off running around the beach, hunting and pouncing on the little sand crabs skuttling around the place, acting quite a bit more carefree and cat-like than usual. But at the workshop, it looks at first glance like Doommuffin might have a new assistant helping her put up a new wall... except this new help looks very, very charred. It's barely taller than she is, with an oversized, very round head and sharp teeth. Any hair it might have had is gone, burned away in the explosion that originally took its life... Yes, Doommuffin has raised the strange little creature found in the center of the blast that destroyed her workshop as an undead minion.

And where has Muradin been all this time anyway? Why, it seems that he's been nowhere around to be seen ever since he undertook this massive project of building tunnels that connect the TASK building to the beach. But he is around! As one could tell by seeing the dwarf warrior coming running down the hill to the beach heading towards the docks. "Oi!!" He yells and waves his hands when he sees DM. "I'm 'ere!!" He comes to a stop with a huff and takes off his helmet to wipe his forehead. DM might notice that there's a huge axe stuck to the said helmet, looking like he had just gotten into a fight with some brutish fighter. "Wots all this rot I hear about the Horde being in Twisted!?" He yells once he gathers his bearings and stares at the undead helping out DM. "Is that a bloody goblin!!?" Oh, this is just too much for the Khaz Modan thane. "Where's me wife!? Is she okay!?"

The siren had been resting in the shallows, water lapping at her waist as she rests with her tail folded under her on the sea floor. She lounges, half reclined, her expanded belly showing easily just where the water laps at her waist. Dark hair spills around her shoulders and she lazily watches DM and her undead minion. The resurrection of the dead does not bother the siren, she is only staying clear because the safety of her offspring is far more important to her and the fact that its getting increasingly uncomfortable to come onto land. When Muradin comes running over he hill the siren smiles and lifts her hand to gesture to him, then simply opens her mouth and lets a single crystal note spill into the air to let him know exactly where she is and that she is alright.

Doommuffin looks up at Muradin as he rushes in. "Oh, have you encountered the not-orcs as well? They do not appear to have much in common with the orcs of the Horde, if you ask me." She then glances at the undead thing that is currently holding up a peice of corrugated metal. "I... think so? It does not appear to be the same as the goblins that I am used to seeing on Azeroth, and yet it was carrying a message from the 'Goblin Goon Squad,' so your guess would be as good as mine. I suspect, however, that in its world of origin, it is indeed referred to as a 'goblin'." While she spoke over Muradin asking for his wife, she does motion with a hand over to where the Siren is lounging.

"Aye." Muradin takes a moment to pry the big Ork choppa off his helmet. "I've ran into tha' buggers already. Bigger than Horde orcs but even more bloody stupid. Ugh." He grunts and tosses the axe out of the way. "Greenskins by any other name if ye ask me." He makes a face at the zombie goblin from another world and spits to the side. "Dinnae think it was from Azeroth, but ye see one goblin and ye've seen 'em all. I could recognize their ilk no matter from what world they came from." The dwarven warrior hmms thoughtfully at the mention of this Goblin Goon Squad. "Never heard of these particular blokes though." As curious as he is about this new threat, the safety of his mate is paramount and he moves away from DM to rush for Morgana. "Excuse me." Says the dorf as he moves away and to the shallows where his pregnant mermaid wife lounges. Kneeling to her side, he gently scoops her upper torso so he can kiss her lips lovingly. "Got 'ere as fast as I could when I heard there was trouble brewing, me luv." Muradin known plenty well that Morgana can take care of herself, but he still can't help but worry!

Seeing Muradin come toward the water, the siren moves herself even closer to shore, so he doesn't have to come out into the water to far. As he takes her into his arms she wraps her own around his neck and shares that deep affectionate kiss. "Our warrior was here with me, My Chosen, Urus was dealing with some young landed folk when the little , gobblin creature snuck in. Our warrior went of to hunt who or what caused this mess. I was in no danger in truth I believe but our offspring was not amused." As she says this she takes the dwarfs hand and pulls it to her belly and sure enough the small being with in is squirming about making itself known.

Doommuffin shakes her head. "I beg to differ. There are numerous physiological differences and... you are gone." She sighs lightly, but doesn't look surprised as Muradin runs off to his wife. With a shrug, she returns to repairing her shack.

Of course, Muradin more than eagerly touches Morgana's swollen tummy and he even puts his ear to it, feeling the life that grows within the siren with a large, proud smile. "Heh! That's me wee one. Already eager to bash some greenskin buggers!" The dorf says swelling with pride at the strength her newborn demonstrates even still inside their mother's womb. He kisses Morgana's stomach with deep love and then glances at her. "Has Urus been gone long? He shouldn't 'ave gone huntin' these buggers on his own. Tha' goblins may be short and stupid, but they're awfully devious. I should be out there helping the lad out." To be fair, Muradin did listen to a bit DM had to say before he ran off, and he turns to her with an amused grin. "Oh please, donna beg DM. It donna fit ye at all, lass. Hah!" Dorfs and their raunchy humor.

The siren looks serene and pleased as Muradin rubs and kisses her belly, communing with the unborn offspring. She strokes his red-gold hair and beard gently "he had the landed young with him, they said they were fighters and hunters. I suppose it could be so, they all seem like children to me now though My Chosen, so young and easily harmed. He was well armed though and quite cross about the destruction. He intended to find and check on DM, she arrived after he left so I am not sure if he sent her back or if they passed some how along the way. Also, I have been meaning to talk with you about protecting our warrior, he is but fur and flesh and I think he is in need of your armoring skill, will you talk with him when he returns?" She laughs softly at Muradin's cheek with DM then gently pushes him toward the Gnome, seeing as there are dangers to be dealt with.

Doommuffin raises an eyebrow at Muradin's attempt at humor, then shakes her head. "I would not refer to goblins as 'stupid.' Reckless and lacking common sense, yes, but to underestimate their intelligence is to invite disaster. That said, this situation seems to be similar to the not-orcs that I have myself run into. I have found no evidence of any Horde alignment with said not-orcs, though this... not-goblin appears to have been in some sort of pact with goblins from our world... which I can only say with certainty because of what I beleive to have been a horde crest laid upon the ground with what I beleive to have been napalm, not to mention a slight scent of seaforium." She adjusts something on her goggles, then begins welding the sheet of corrugated metal into place. "Yes, I did spot the two human boys wth Urus... one of them I was witness to the fighting ability of. He should be able to handle himself." Yes, she's of course talking about Tidus, not Jaunne.

Muradin listens intently whilst cuddling with his wife and exchanging sweet kisses. He can't help but do so especially after he thought that Morgana and their child might have been in danger. The dorf nods when Morgana explains the situation and just what steps Urus took before going to hunt these critters down. "Took tha' lads with 'im eh? Smart move, it'd be best not to get those TASK blighters involved on all this. They always do tend to muck things up quite a bit." And that's putting it lightly! "Aye, aye, I -should- give Urus some free armor. 'Tis the least I can do when I ain't fightin' by his side and making sure he's not getting killed out there." He turns to DM and just offers another chuckle. "Bah, blighters couldn't make a decent blunderbuss to save their miserable lives. Thing's just as likely to blow their own heads off." Muradin has a very poor view of goblins that's for sure. Though that's not to say he underestimates them! "Aye, the goblins would be smart enough to start making pacts with the local beasties to fight for 'em. We better stop 'em before they get in bloody cahoots with these sodding non-orcs!" Then this talk about Urus leaving with the 'boys' again. "So? who are these lads again? Do I know 'em?" He's been out of the loop for a bit.

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