2016-06-13 - Of Butterflies and Growth

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Of Butterflies and Growth

Summary: Rayne and Silencia have a nice conversation after Silencia unsuccesfully tries to fly.

Who: Rayne, Silencia
When: June 13, 2016.
Where: Nowhereto Park


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Another day in the park, and Rayne is there! What is she doing? It looks like she's back to some of her old habits; she's up a tree with an art pad, sketching out the scene before her. She's gotten the fountain mostly done, and is currently working on drawing one of the surrounding trees. She lets her right leg dangle from the branch she's sitting on, occasionally bouncing it around, apparently enjoying the feeling of the brass bangle on her ankle being jostled as she does so.

A cheerfully humming voice announces the arrival of a certain butterfly-winged priestess. Today she's wearing her black leggings with a light blue tunic and her black sandals. Through slits cut out in the back of her tunic sprout her large wings that are folded down as usual. She goes straight for a secluded spot in the park, not even noticing the presence of her rainbow-haired friend. Once she's satisfied with the spot she's in, she folds out her wings and stretches them wide. The violet appendages flutter behind her, the movement so quick that they turn into a purple blur behind the Fae. Silencia looks like she's focusing very hard on those wings. She seems to lift up just two inches before she breathes out and drops back down. Damn, getting the hang of this flying thing is going to be difficult!

Rayne blinks and watches in silence as Silencia walks nearly to directly under her. Sure, she's not being particularly stealthy right now... but she is in a tree in very late spring. The leaves of course mask her presense in a manner that didn't happen several months ago. She watches as Sil tries to fly and frowns, trying to remember the first time she flew. Of course, her experience with flight isn't very transferable to the Fae woman. "Hey, you managed to tell gravity to shut up for a second or two there. Not bad."

Silencia blinks and looks up to see Rayne sitting in a tree! The Fae chuckles and waves, her wings stretching lazily behind her. "Oh, hey there Rayne! I didn't see you there!" Granted, she hadn't been paying attention. "It's really hard getting gravity to leave me alone though! I was training all day yesterday and this is all I can do... and my wings were killing me!" Silencia isn't a stranger to hard work and effort, but this was a ridiculous.

Rayne frowns and tilts her head as she looks down at Sil. "That much and you're still not doing much more than that?" She peers at Sil and her wings for another moment. "Maybe you're going at it wrong? I'm guessing you've not had any training in it from another butterfly winged person... But when I think of a butterfly taking off, their body isn't vertically oriented."

Silencia hums thoughtfully "I haven't thought about it like that... Maybe I have been using my wings wrong..." She peeks back at the giant wings and sighs. "The whole 'figure everything out as I go along' thing is really getting old..."

Rayne nods and motions out to the air in front of her. "When I learned, I started with gliding. Not sure how well that would work with you... I had the advantage of having a much lower weight on my wings when I tried that out."

Silencia gasps in an overly-dramatic display of shock. The grin on her face tells that she is merely joking. "Are you calling me fat?!" A giggle escapes her and she folds her wings down. "I think I should do some research on how butterflies fly before I try learning to fly myself..." Silencia walks over to the tree Rayne's in and easily pulls herself up, settling herself on a nearby branch so she can talk comfortably with the phoenix.

Rayne laughs and shakes her head. "No, I mean I'm a bird and a heck of a lot lighter than any adult human when I fly." She inches a bit away from Silencia, giving her a little more room. Let's face it, it's more giving herself room. "It sucks having no clue how to do it, I know."

Silencia sublty moves herself to another branch, allowing Rayne to have more room to sit comfortably without triggering that social anxiety. Her wings droop down and dangle behind her as she sits. "I know, I know! I think butterflies also have a different way of flying compared to birds... I've been flapping my wings like a bird would, so maybe that's what made it difficult for me to fly..." She shrugs lightly and smiles. "But that's something I need to research first! So how have you been Rayne? You seem quite a bit less stressed now!"

Rayne shrugs. "Well, the threats right now are the more conventional sort. I know how to deal with guys that like to fight more than.... strange creatures that want to lay eggs in my stomach." She frowns for a moment before shrugging again. "Not worrying about that has me feeling a bit more free than I have been, you know?"

Silencia nods and smiles, shivering for a moment at the thought of the particular threat Rayne had mentioned. "Ohh, I completely understand..." Silencia swings her legs back and forth, the movement rather childish on the young lady. "And have you been able to delegate properly? WIth the welcome centre, TASK and the council, you will need all the rest you can get!"

Rayne sighs and shakes her head. "I'm seriously considering getting a personal assistant when the council thing happens. That's... gonna be one thing too many." She looks up(relatively to the direction she was looking just before) to Silencia and nods, though. "Yeah, Ren and Sunset are at this point doing more than I am in the Welcome Center... though I think we need a couple more people in there."

Silencia chuckles and sits on her hands to resist the urge to pat Rayne on the head. "You'll do just fine when that council thing happens. There are people ready to help everywhere, so you shouldn't get worried. Get excited for all the new experiences you're going to gain! And the changes you'll be able to make!" Silencia has no doubt in her mind that Rayne will be able to pull everything off. All she would need is to delegate properly! It's almost as if Silencia is more excited for Rayne than Rayne herself!

Rayne doesn't look excited about it at all, so that's not too much of a challange! She instead is sighing an exausted sounding sigh as she shakes her head again. "You know what I was like before I came here? I was the kind of person that avoided responsibility. Four hundred years, and I always avoided management positions, barely got through raising a family, never volunteered to lead any projects... I step foot here and suddenly I get thrown into second in command of the police, get told I'm going to be on the governing council, and then I freaking make a department that I of course end up in the lead position of. All of this stuff is new to me, and a year ago I would have laughed at you if you said I was gonna be giving orders to anyone outside of a restaurant."

"So? Isn't that the fun part of life? Not knowing what you'll get thrown into?" Silencia grins and stops swinging her legs so she can pull them up and lean on her knees. "It's also somehow the nature of this place...I mean, if you'd tell me that I would become a priestess to a god of war and sprout butterfly wings, I would've worried for your sanity, let alone laugh!" Silencia points at Rayne and grins, her expression challenging Rayne's reluctance. "What if you getting in all these leadership positions is part of your fate? Maybe these jobs will shape you into the best version of yourself?" Silencia giggles and hops off of the branch, smoothly landing on the ground. "I should go and see if I can find some books on butterflies before it gets too late... See you around Rayne!"

Rayne laughs and nods. "Okay, okay, you've gotten me beat on that one, I think." She then tilts her head and looks out at nothing in particular as she considers what Sil says about the jobs shaping her. "I guess. I dunno. We'll see, I suppose." Sil dropping from the tree gets a slightly suprised look from Rayne, however. "Alright, then. Good luck!" She waves to Silencia, pencil still held between two fingers.

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