2016-06-17 - Fallen From Grace

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Fallen From Grace

Summary: A fey learning how to fly and A three headed dog who is teaching and air traffic control. What could go wrong?

Who: The_Trio, Silencia,
When: June 17, 2016.
Where: Nowhereto Park.

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The day is beautiful and Silencia is back to her practicing! She is once again in that secluded part of the park, fluttering her wings like it's nobody's business. Ever since Rayne helped her realize that she was approaching her flying the wrong way, she has started studying how butterflies fly. She shares the wings of the creatures, so the way to fly should probably be the same as well. Various books are scattered around, all of them telling something about the pretty little insects. Silencia seems to be done with the books though, the girl already trying out what she learned. She flutters her wings as fast as she can and as soon as she lifts off of the ground, she swings back and forth with her lower body while keeping her back straight. Even though it looks rather weird, it seems to work! She flies higher and higher, her motions looking more butterfly-like as she goes before she loses her focus and falls back down. Luckily she hadn't been flying that high just yet.

The Cerberus Brothers are there too, Jackson's nose well and firmly planted in a book. That is until Silencia tries to fly, then he watches her. The process of Flight by trial and error had taken the 4 of them the better part of the day, however progress had been made and there was still a few hours of light left to work and read by. "That was really close, you ok... ummm" he says consulting one of about 5 books in front of them. Rex merely watches, hoping to see the Fae take flight. Buster however has his own book, reading of to their left considering the swath of books. Due to Kotal's generosity they have access to training resources and practice. Attempting to dissect the tactics and learn how they could counter them. After 20 seconds or so Jackson pipes back up. "Ok... Should need about 6 degrees further rotation towards your chest, should provide extra lift and make it slightly less strenuous."

Silencia groans softly as she gets up off of the ground. Even though she didn't fall that much, it hurt! "I'm okay, I'm okay!" Silencia peeks in the book Jackson was reading and frowns lightly. "Wait... I think I'm doing something wrong with my wings..." She absentmindedly scritches behind Jackson and Rex's ears while reading. She would've been scritching Buster's ears too, but he was just out of her reach and she would've needed to stop reading and lean over to actually scritch his ears. After she's done she nods lightly and returns to the clearing to try again, but not before petting Buster as well. This time she flutters her wings at a slower pace, still rather fast, but slower than before. The movement causes larger gusts of wind. Again she swings her lower body back and forth while her wings lift her up. This time her ascent seems more controlled and stable. She's able to reach the treetops before feeling tired and settling on a branch. If she had kept going she would've fallen again and would've hurt herself much more. The Fae grins victoriously and waves down at the puppies. "I did it!!" At least she finally learned how she needed to move her body to be able to take flight!

Jackson and Rex both take the love and seem to relax a little as Silencia reads. When Buster gets his however he is too busy in his book to look, he seems to have taken the pessimistic route figuring it will still be a long while. He is soon proven wrong however. "There we go! We have flight, short range... but flight just the same." Jackson shouts standing them up. Rex looks on amazedly calling out "That was awesome!". Due to the movement however Buster is taken by surprise. "What's going on" looking confused for a second and looking at the other two "what are you too looking at?" then he tries to see what they are looking at and notices "Oh... " he says nodding "nice work."

Silencia makes her way down the tree the old-fashioned way, choosing to climb down rather than taking her chances with flying again. She was happy that she finally managed to do it, but she would still need lots of practice to be able to fly around comfortably. Already her abs were sore from swinging her body around to allow her to fly. Silencia grins as she hops back onto the safe earth. "I did it!! And it's all thanks to you guys helping me out!" She traps the puppies -yes that includes Buster- in a happy little hug. She giggles and flutters her wings, the appendages very obvious in showing her emotions. The girl rests her hands on her tummy, rubbing carefully. "I will need to rest a bit before attempting that again though..."

"You are welcome Silencia, I am happy to help." Jackson responds their tail waving back and forth behind them. Buster does not look amused however as they are hugged. Jackson and Rex though seem to embrace it. Putting their heads up against her. Once she lets go Buster fully understands the strain of a workout. "I don't know where it burns when you fly but I know about how you feel after a good run." Jackson starts putting away the books directly in front of him, nosing under the cover and flipping them over." After he is done with that they pad over to beside her and lay down again.

Silencia happily cuddles with the puppies, even the obviously unamused Buster for a little while longer. She reaches out and tickles Buster underneath his chin. "My entire body's aching right now, but it's the worst in my abs... Swinging back and forth like that does put a strain on the ole abdomen!" She stretches her wings, those appendages the only ones who do not seem to ache. Silencia grabs a couple of the books and neatly stacks them so she can easily bring them back later. As the puppies lie down, Silencia reaches out to give them her attention by petting and rubbing the adorable little things! Even Buster seemed endearing to her, even though he was so very gruff. She actually found it funny to tease him. Rex gets a little cuddle while she grins at Jackson. "I'm not done yet though! I've mastered going up, but I still need to learn to maneuver as well. So I'll be relying on you for that as well, sweety!"

Buster shakes his head as he gets free, trying to settle his fur. As they relax Buster puts his head off to the side and sighs, rolling his eyes when no one is directly looking at him. Rex seems perfectly content with staying there for as long as she continues to cuddle him. Jackson meanwhile continues the flight talk. "That is going to be significantly more difficult considering you will have to shift center of balance, rates of flaps for individual wings, and start flying horizontally, you are still at a significant angle for maneuvers and simply moving forward." He says recounting what he had already read not too long ago. "That being said..." Jackson continues, being interrupted by Rex "You did great!" Jackson looks nodding "What he said."

Silencia lets out a little adoring squeak and hugs Rex again. "You really are adorable, Rex!" Silencia giggles and grins at Jackson, petting him as she talks. "Thank you both! And of course it will be difficult, Jackson. That will make it all the more satisfying when I manage to do it properly!" Silencia smiles happily before standing back up. She had rested a little and she was ready to fly some more! Again she lifts herself off of the ground with her fluttering and swaying. This time she manages to accidentally hit a branch with one of her wings, focusing too much on flying to pay attention to her surroundings. She had reached the treetops again, the fall from there being a rather dangerous one! She crashes onto the ground, landing face down in the grass. She had managed to slow her descent by stretching her wings. The Fae groans and keeps her head down. "Damnit! That hurt!" Well, she seems to be alright if she can curse like that!

Rex takes the compliment in stride considering he has been told enough times, it must be fact. They stand back up when she does, Jackson nudging a book into place and nosing it open flipping pages gently. "Ok, Let's attempt to get to altitude..." When her wing bumps a branch and she crash lands, they are quick to react. Rushing over there is a jumbled chorus of "are you alright?" out of the three of them. Rex nuzzles in, putting his head under her wing and arm as a brace for her to get up. Buster is just as quick to come up with a solution. "Maybe having tree cover might not be the best idea. There is the fire escape on the back of the TASK building... nothing above you to avoid and the floors of it can be used as incremental rest points. We could put a mattress at the bottom in case of a crash landing."

Silencia lifts her head up and grins at the puppies to show that she's alright. "I'm alright, I'm tougher than I look!" She slowly pushes herself up to a sitting position. Rex's help earns a grateful smile. "Thank you sweety..." She then slowly stretches her wings and peeks at them to see if they're intact. Luckily they seem to be unharmed. Buster's suggestion makes the Fae look at the gruff doggie in surprise. She seems to hesitate though. She peeks at her surroundings and then returns her attention to the puppies. "I don't know... I always train here... but maybe it is a better idea to do this there..." She folds her wings down though, the appendages dragging behind her like a cloak. "Now I'm really done for the day though... Damn that hurt!"

"Yes." Jackson agrees." I Believe it is time to head home, get some food, and reflect on today's progress." They walk over to a tree and pick up the satchel laying on it, the one they brought with them to carry the books, and the one they are going to use to bring them back. "Yeah, don't forget mine." Buster reminds them, one of the two still open books lying out on the well-manicured grass. "I think Torr is going to get what's coming to him next time we spar...." Jackson shakes his head. "Last time you said that we had our worst session, we didn't last three minutes..." Buster mumbles indignantly "Ashleaf I heff pansf" he says carrying a book and putting it in the satchel. "Winging the battle is not working either if you noticed" he rebuttals.

Silencia chuckles as she helps stow the books in the satchel before she grabs the satchel, intending to carry it back herself. She peeks at Buster and grins. "Have you tried properly working together? I mean, with Jackson's smarts and your brawn, Buster, you have great potential in battle! Against an opponent that's physically stronger, you need to be the smarter one."

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